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18th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 177) Misha Dobriyal recognizes that the girl with them is not Pia but Maithili

Chand Raichand senses the presence of Werewolf in the Broken House
Episode 177 starts with Haseena standing in front of her Car after Abhay has vanished from there. Chand comes there.
Chand: Where is Abhay? You could not control him? I told you… he won’t listen to anyone. Haseena, why did you not use your powers? Why did you not make him unconscious and take him home? Some times I feel… I see signs of human weaknesses in you. And this weakness will cost us dearly Haseena.
Haseena: Are you done Chand? I had made him unconscious. But he came out of it. He heard Piya’s voice. And Pia told him…Piya told him that Maithili is there.
Chand: Maithili is dead Haseena. We both have seen her dead body remember? When Abhay and Siddharth lost their lives we only bite them both… we only made the two of them alive. But Maithili…
Haseena: Yes but Pia told Abhay that Maithili is there.
Chand: How can that be? Unless Siddharth made Maithili alive. But why will he do that? And if he had hidden Maithili till now why has he bought her now? Ahh…Piya… (Chand Laughs) Pia… Haseena, How could we miss that? How did we miss that? Full moon night… two creatures with the same face…one dead and one human…if the blood of them unites…
Haseena: Then the dead human would get too much powerful. No! Chand, We have to get Abhay out of there.
Chand: We need Abhay,Haseena… We need to unite our powers and end the two of them… That’s it!

Abhay reaches the broken House. He looks around. he says in mind, 'Piya, Where are you? Talk to me Pia... Piya, If Siddharth even touches you...I will kill him. Piya, talk to me... Let me hear your voice Piya... Talk to me!' He enters the House and shouts Piya's name. He goes around and calls her name several times but does not get any response. Abhay recalls Pia telling him, 'The girl who is with my sisters is not me Abhay, It is Maithili'. He then shouts, ' Siddharth! Siddharth... Come in front of me... Where are you? Siddharth, come in front of me. Siddharth...Siddharth...' Abhay then sees the Coffin and lifts the lid. He then screams in anger.

Siddharth and Piya who is wearing Maithili's dress are at some other place. Piya's eyes are tied with a black cloth. Siddharth releases Piya and unties her eyes.
Piya: Where have you bought me Siddharth?
Siddharth: Hanging Gardens, Of course! I had to keep your Abhay away from you. So are you hungry? I am really thirsty (He walks backwards where a sack is kept under the tree. He removes the sack and T tries to make noise. Piya is shocked to see T there) Time for a drink... (T's eyes, hands and mouth are tied. Siddharth unties T's eyes)
Piya: T...
Siddharth: Oh no no no...Not T... (Siddharth has fangs now) It is D... D for Dinner... (Siddharth sits and looks at T smiling )
Piya: Siddharth! Just stop! Don't force me to stop you. (Siddharth signals Piya and says to T, 'Funny Girl!' T tries to get her hands released from the rope and tries to make noise. Siddharth keeps his finger on his lips and signals T to be quiet and looks at Piya. He then gets up and faces Piya)
Siddharth: You will stop me?
Piya: Trust me Siddharth! I know how to stop you.

Chand and Haseena reaches the broken House. They come near Abhay who is standing there.
Chand: Abhay, Where is Pia?
Abhay: Don't know Dad. Siddharth has taken Pia somewhere. (Chand closes his eyes and concentrates)
Chand: He has hidden himself and Pia somewhere. Shields! I am not able to break into it. I can't see them. We have to think of something else. Now it has only been 4 hours. They would not have gone far from here.
Haseena: Abhay, You think something! What did Piya tell you? Any hint...any clue?
(Abhay closes his eyes and recalls Piya's telepathic talk with him , 'Here such things are happening which you have no idea about. The girl who is with my sisters is not me Abhay, It is Maithili')
Abhay: Maithili... Maithili is with Misha... If we get to Maithili we can reach to Pia easily. (Chand hears a growling sound. He signals Haseena and Abhay to be silent)
Chand: We are not alone... (They hear a howling sound on the background and turns to look. They see the shadow of a wolf)
Haseena: I don't believe this! Siddharth got into friendship with our biggest enemy to take revenge on us...
Chand: Siddharth can do anything Haseena. He has a devil in him. I think we need to get out of here. Let's go! (The Raichand's vanishes from there. The wolf howls)

Mr Hasni, Maithili, Misha and Panchi who are in the Forest hears the howling of the wolf.
Panchi: What was it?
Hasni: That was the voice of death dear
Misha: Ah...Uncle...That was not the voice of death... it was the sound of a wolf... In this Forest there are wolves.
Hasni: These are not ordinary wolves. They are very dangerous...dangerous than Vampires... I have to go fast. But before going I will ensure your safety (He takes a pouch from his pocket. Maithili is looking at what he is doing with a smile. Hasni takes some sort of powder out of the pouch and make a circle around the girls) You people are fully safe in this circle.
Misha: Uncle, You also come inside... Then you also will not have any danger.
Hasni: The most dangerous animal in the Jungle is like Fire...not scared of Lion nor Cheetah...But they are scared of a small Mongoose. I am that Mongoose. I have not chosen this work...this work has chosen me...In fact my birth itself was for ending this Vampires (Maithili who is in Piya's clothes looks uncomfortable)I need to save you all from this dangerous creatures even if I have to lose my life doing that... You people do not come out of this Circle... and take care of Pia. God willing we will meet again fast...(The Old man turns and walks from there. Misha's mobile suddenly rings. Misha looks at the caller ID and says, 'Abhay?' and then picks up the call and says 'hello'. Abhay asks Misha where she is. Maithili who is dressed like Pia thinks, 'No! If Abhayender comes here everything would end')
Misha: Abhay, Thank God you called... We are in the Jungle... (Maithili grabs the Phone from Misha and switches it off) Piya, Have you gone mad?
Mythili: Misha, I want to keep Abhay away from all this. I don't wish he comes here. Misha, You know Abhay is willing to do anything for me...but whatever the danger is here Abhay cannot fight with them. Abhay is a can he fight with a Vampire? And I know if Abhay comes here Siddharth would kill him. Please Misha I don't wish Abhay comes here... I don't want him to come here...
Misha: Piya, That doesn't....(Panchi interrupts her)
Panchi: Misha, I think Piya is right...(Maithili is happy that her trick worked) We even did not inform Mummy-Papa...because we don't wish that along with us someone else also gets into trouble. What trouble we are in is a big trouble. It is not beyond anyone's control. It is out of control. I think we should follow what the Tantric says... he knows what he is doing! Till the time we are in the Circle we will remain safe... (Panchi walks to Maithili who keeps a scared and innocent face and tells her, 'Don't be scared. I understand. I am with you, Okay?' Maithili nods. Panchi hugs her. Misha smiles. Maithili thinks, 'Siddharth was talking right! These humans believe on anyone. I can make these two my prey now. I have to wait till morning. Poor Girls, If I was not waiting for morning they would have quenched my thirst already')

T is trying to untie the rope in her hand. Siddharth is walking towards Piya.
Siddharth: Please...please...tell me... Don't hide the secret. How can a human...a weak human... stop me?
Piya: I am not an Ordinary Human Siddharth! I am such a human whom you require very much. In a few hours you and your Maithili are suppose to become very powerful. And because of that I am very important for you... (Siddharth smiles) And so, You will listen to me. I won't listen to you...
Siddharth: I'm... (mocks)I am just so scared Piya! But please tell me why would I listen to you...
Piya: You will listen Siddharth...You will definitely listen because you want to kill me...but at the right time...If I let my precious blood flow before the right time you and your Maithili would not be able to do anything. (Piya picks up a broken bottle from the ground) So... I am the bigger player! And if you don't listen to me...(She keeps the broken bottle pointed towards her neck) I will take my life. (Siddharth goes closer to her)
Siddharth: You do not have the courage to take your life...
Piya: You bet!
Siddharth: Why bet? I bet your life! (Siddharth takes the broken bottle from Pia and throws it away) How much Drama you humans do... (Piya pulls out the silver chain from her neck and puts it on Sid's neck who was facing away from her and pulls tightly. Siddharth screams in pain because of the silver) I know Siddharth that the Vampires get burned by Silver. (She then hits Siddharth with the silver chain. Siddharth screams and tries to shield himself. Piya then runs to T)
Piya: T, Come on...Get up...We need to run...Come on ...let's go! (Piya pulls T up and both of the girls run from there)

Siddharth screams. Panchi, Misha and Maithili hears it. Misha is about to get out the Circle telling, 'What is that?' and Panchi pulls her back to the circle. Maithili thinks, 'This is Siddharth's voice. What has he done now?' Panchi orders Misha to sit there silently. Misha and Panchi both sits down.
Misha: Hey Piya...Where is your chain gone? I have never seen you without Chain.
Mythili: Chain? It got lost...But don't worry, I will buy a new one...
Misha: Oh I am sorry! I know how special that chain was for you...
Pia: Ah Of course! I bought it with my first salary...(Misha becomes alert and suspicious) But I told you it is okay...I will take a new one... (Misha looks at Maithili. Maithili smiles at her)
Misha: Hu... How cold it is... I am feeling very... Are you alright? (Misha gets up and walks to Maithili. She sits and keep her hands on Maithili's shoulders)You also might be cold...You okay? (Misha suddenly gets up. Maithili gets up too) Pia, what is the matter with you? I mean you have become so cold.
Maithili: No, I ... meaning I am fully alright! I am always like that...
Misha: By the way Pia...Today I was coming to you and we had to come here. I just wanted to talk to you. You know I am so happy that the truth is uncovered...and all misunderstandings got cleared. Thank God we are not sisters and are just friends (Mythili smiles) Plus I really want to say I am sorry friend. What all wrong did I talk to you, right? But it is all in the past now. I mean, Think about it... If Momma had come to know that you are Papa's supposed daughter how would she have felt. But it is all over and done with. Thanks God we are not sisters but just friends. (Mythili thinks, 'So these two are not sisters. It's good that Misha herself told me. I did not want to trap in my own lie')
Mythili: I am very happy that now we are friends. Whatever problems was between our families got solved. I always want to stay your friend. (Misha smiles. Mythili also smiles)
Misha: yeah...Right! (Misha then turns and takes her mobile from her Jeans pocket and types, ' This is not Pia but Maithili' She then sends the SMS to someone. (Episode ends)

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