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22nd August 2011 Written Update (Episode 248) Ruhi gets treasure chest with Vintage jewelry from the Forest

Jeh tells Alina that he did not hurt Pia intentionally
Episode 248 starts with Abhay confronting Jeh who had tried to kill Pia. Abhay throws Jay against a tree. Blood is oozing out of Jeh's mouth and he sits on the ground in confusion. Abhay tell Jeh, 'You tried to take my revenge on a girl who trust you blindly. After today if I see you anywhere near Pia I will kill you'. Jeh gets up still looking confused and guilty. Abhay charges on him and send him flying towards a tree. Jeh runs away from the forest.

At the Khurana House, Dipanita is fuming in anger. She says, 'Jeh withdrew from his work? No! No... How can it happen? How can Jeh accept defeat so fast? No! No.... No!' Dipanita pushes open the door of Jeh's room and gets into the room. She gets hyper and says, 'Jeh you cannot do that. My own offspring cheated on me... Jeh had promised in front of his brothers grave... He could not take revenge on a petty girl? This boy has broken my promise. He became weak. There is no place for such weakness in my house. He has no place here... I am disowning him. Jeh... You are not my son... You are not my son from today onwards...' Dipanita goes towards the cupboard and opens it. She throws Jeh's clothes down telling, 'You are not my son... There is no place for you in this house from today...'. Dipanita sees a photograph of Pia in Jeh's cupboard and looks at it. She says, 'Pia... she is the reason of all... You seized my son, didn't you? What is in you? You have kept Abhay and Jeh both under your control. Because of you today a son has caused pain to a mother's heart. You will have to pay a price for this...'.

Jeh comes to where Alina is standing in the Forest. Jeh is looking distressed and looking like a mad man. Alina is shocked to see her Brother in such a condition.
Alina: Brother! (The sack and gloves fall from Alina's hand and she keeps a hand on Jeh's shoulder who is looking around still confused)
Jeh: Alina, Pia... I did not do it intentionally...
Alina: Tell me Brother what happened...
Jeh: Pia I did ... I swear I did it for Mom...I was not doing it. Mom...Mom told me to do it... I did not do it intentionally...
Alina: Brother what you did? tell me... (Jeh sobs and speaks shaking his head continuously)
Jeh: Pia... I...I tried to kill Pia... (Alina is shocked)
Alina: What?
Jeh: I don't know... I did not do it intentionally Alina... I swear I did not do it intentionally...
Alina: Why Brother?
Jeh: Mom asked me to take Brother's revenge... that's all I know... I didn't do... I... (Jeh is crying)
Alina: What did Pia do? What did that an innocent girl do to us? You love her, don't you?
Jeh: I know I ...
Alina: This is the reward you gave to your love?
Jeh: I know... I love Piya ... Alina... I wouldn't do it intentionally... I did not do it on purpose... I swear I tried to stop myself...But there was something which was holding me... I did not understand anything... there was something which made me do it...
Alina: Brother...
Jeh: I did not do it on purpose... I love Pia... I didn't want to do it...
Alina: Mom! All this was done by Mom... You saw Brother... This is my problem... You feel that I am turning my face away from my family? It is not like that Brother... But Mom does not see anyone in front of her... For her only her revenge is important... In front of her dead son her other children has no value. You are just a way for her Brother... a way to take her revenge... that's all!
Jeh: But Alina... Abhay Raichand killed Gaurav... he killed Gaurav...
Alina: Brother, You are forgetting that I was there and part of the fight... If Abhay would not have killed Brother he would have killed Abhay... and who told him to go in between the fight of those two brothers? And in all that... What is Pia's fault brother?  Tell me... In this Vampire and Werewolves fight what did that girl do? Then why trying to kill her? (Jeh keeps his hand on his forehead and cries)
Jay: I am really sorry... I did not want to do this...
Alina: For Mom we are just a pawn in her plan... That is all what we are...that' all...
Jeh: But Alina Mom... What Mom says... (Alina signals him to stop with her hand)
Alina: Brother, I think you should go home... You need rest... (Jeh wipes his face and goes from there. Alina thinks, 'How long will you use your children like the pawns on a chess board Mom? How long?' )
Pia tells Abhay that she hates him
Abhay goes running towards Pia. He removes the vine from her body. Pia pushes him away.
Piya: Leave me Abhay...Just leave me alone! What do you want to do? You want to kill me? Kill me! (Abhay tries to say something but Pia keeps talking) But what did you do with Jeh? (Pia keeps her hand on her neck) Where is Jay? What did you do with him? You want to kill Jeh also?  (Pia touches on her neck again) You know what Abhay? You are a murderer! (Abhay lowers his eyes) You want to kill me because I saw your real face? (Abhay looks at Pia silently) I saw you killing Dipanita... That's why you want to kill me? (Pia again pushes Abhay who tries to go closer to her) You want to kill me? Kill me! Kill me Abhay... Kill me... But don't do like that to me... Just stay away from me... You are a big danger for yourself and others... Just stay away from my life... Get away from my life... I hate you!  (Pia runs from there. Abhay stands there looking with a gloomy face)

Pia bumps into Alina Khurana at the Forest
Pia runs and bumps into Alina who is walking through the Forest.
Pia: Alina...
Alina: Pia... Are you alright?
Pia: Alina... This place is not right...We should go from here... Come... come on... (Pia runs from there. Alina walks slowly and thinks, 'What did Jeh do? How much did he scare this poor girl... How can he attack on a girl like Pia?'

At the Khurana House Dipanita is walking through the upstairs corridor with Pia's photograph in hand. She says, 'You seized my son away from me Pia? You should definitely have done some black magic... What do you think? (Dipanita climbs down the stairs) Just because you got escaped this time you will escape every time? This time you will have to face me Pia Dobriyal... Start counting your breathe Pia Dobriyal... Just a few breathes remain for you...' Dipanita comes down to the Hall and walks straight. Arnab comes behind her.
Arnab: Dipanitaji... I am sorry without informing I came here... (Dipanita turns to face Arnab) In fact I was ringing your bell... I think it's not working... (Dipanita smiles. She crumbles the photo in her hand)
Dipanita: Yeah... I think so too... Please come... Come in!
Arnab: yeah sure!
Arnab Dobriyal reminds Dipanita Khurana about the Puja
Dipanita signals Arnab to sit on the chair near the fire place. Dipanita sits on the other chair.
Dipanita: Come... have a seat... (Arnab sits on the chair)
Arnab: Thank you!
Dipanita: What will you have? Tea...Coffee...
Arnab: Oh no no please... nothing... Don't Bother! I am in a hurry... You got the invitation for today's puja for factory opening, right?
Dipanita: yeah...Got it! In fact we are coming...
Arnab: Very Good! Other than this I wanted to tell you something else also... about the Raichands...
Dipanita: Yeah... Tell me!
Arnab: I have kept a hawan in today's Puja.
Dipanita: Hawan? What is your plan but?
Arnab: Dipanitaji I know that on that night Hasina's reflection was not there in the mirror. But before I could see Abhay broke the mirror. I did some research to clear my doubts and I came to know that Vampires cannot bear sunlight and the smoke of incense... their eyes start becoming blue... And they cannot have human food. And today all those arrangements will be there on the Puja... and the truth of the Raichands will be exposed in front of all... (Dipanita smiles)
Dipanita: That's great! It is a superb plan... I think it should work...
Arnab: I thinks so too! Well...I will take your leave and see you at the Puja... (Arnab gets up and leaves from there. Dipanita smiles but continue sitting on the chair. She thinks, 'At least someone is with me in this war against the Raichands... even if it is a human... Jeh and Pia can wait because tonight something else is cooking...Raichand's truth is about to come out...')

Ruhi is still in the Forest. She says, 'Because of the magic of my mantras... you have made me finally reach near the treasure. Now just one more step is remaining...I have to go five steps from here'. Ruhi counts her steps and walks five steps.  She then sits on the ground and starts digging. Her spade hits on some object and Ruhi is surprised.  She further digs and removes the mud on the ground. She sees the top of a treasure chest and is happy. She lifts the treasure chest from the ground and keeps it to the side.

At the Dobriyal House, Madhu comes into the Hall. She is surprised to see the decorations and arrangements in the hall. She calls Pia and Panchi who comes to the Hall wearing Indian attire. The girls run to Madhu and hugs her. Madhu compliments on how beautiful they look in their Indian dresses. Panchi tells that she is angry with Madhu for leaving them and going for so many days. Madhu tells that she felt that even that was not sufficient for her and tells the girls how she enjoyed her days with their aunt and grand mother. Madhu tells that her mother did not want to let her go. Arnab comes there and tells that he was praying that Madhu's Mom should not let her go. Arnab complaints to the girls that Madhu has come also and brought 100 kg extra bagging also.
Pia: Come on Papa... please... I know that you use to talk to Mom every hour... I know... (Madhu is shy)
Arnab: Well, How do you know? Did you spy or what? She should have been CID... (Madhu fondly touches on Pia's chin. They all laugh) Listen it is 7:55 already... People will start coming... We have to start the Puja... You people go and do the preparations... You got 10 minutes... (The ladies hurry from the Hall. After they go Arnab makes a call to Chand and asks him how far they have reached. Chand replies that they would be reaching in 5 to 10 minutes. Arnab tells Chand that he is waiting for them and cuts the call. Arnab thinks, 'Today the Raichand's truth would be opened in front of all').

Tracker arrives at Dobriyal House wearing Vintage jewelry
T and her Butterflies are at the Dobriyal House. They are making fun of Tracker. Panchi's eyes widens when she sees Ruhi at the door with her friend. Ruhi is dressed up in Sari and is wearing a lot of gold jewelry.
Panchi: Oh my God! (T and her bimbos turn and sees Ruhi) Tracker... such wonderful jewelry... From where did you get it? This looks like vintage jewelry... (T and her Bimbos are shocked)
Ruhi: Think like that Panchi... I got this age old jewelry like the blessings of my forefathers...
Panchi: Okay... But it looks like that your ancestors are from the Royal family... And just look at this... It's so costly and pure...
Ruhi: Of course! By the way... This does not belong to my ancestors... but it reached me by magic...  (Tracker tells Panchi about finding the  Jewelry chest in the Jungle)
Panchi: In the Jungle? Just like that?
Ruhi: Yeah... just like that...  And you know what happened... I went to the city and showed the goldsmith who told me that the entire jewelry is real and old. (Tanushree is angry)
T: No bloody way! How can this girl be so lucky? I send her there to make a fool of her and she really got these much jewelry from there? These should be mine... I showed her that place...  (T's Bimbos make fun of T and goes towards Tracker. T thinks, 'No worries! God is playing games with me? But I am a bigger player... If my plan can help Tracker reach the treasure, my plan can also seize the treasure from her. Loser will lose it all!')

A servant comes and informs Arnab who is in the Hall that the Raichand Family is getting out of their vehicle. Arnab tells the Guy that he would go and receive them and asks him to do the work he is supposed to do. Arnab goes near the place where the Hawan arrangements are made and takes a incense stand with burning incense in it.  He walks to the door and opens it with the incense stand in hand. He greets the Raichands standing at the door and asks them to come inside. Hasina's feels restless and Arnab looks at her to see if her eye color changes. Abhay looks into the room and sees several incense stands placed in the room. Abhay holds on Hasina's hand tightly.Chand communicates to Abhay telepathically, 'Abhay we have been trapped'. Chand holds on to Hasina's hand also. Hasina looks downwards...Arnab says in mind, 'Come on Raichands... Show your real form'. Arnab sees their hesitation.
Arnab: What happened? Is there any problem? (Abhay stands in front of his mother shielding her from the smoke)
Abhay: Mr Dobriyal... I am really sorry! Mom has asthma. She is having problem with this smoke. Please excuse us... we will have to go...
Arnab: Abhay... You people are our Guests... For you people it is the least I can do... I will get all these removed from here...  (Arnab instructs the servant to remove the incense stands. The incense stands are removed from the Hall by the servants. Arnab appologizes and asks the Raichands to come in. Abhay, Hasina and Chand enters the Hall. Chand thanks Arnab. Arnab asks the Raichands to sit and tells them that he would join them in a minute. He thinks, ' You escaped here... but I have planned another move also...') Episode ends.

PreCap: Abhay looks at the Locket Pia is wearing. He  bumps into Pia and steals her locket. He says in mind that he has stolen the locket because he needs it to expose Dipanita.

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