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14th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 330) Arnab Dobriyal returns to Dobriyal House

Kabir and Misha getting Married
Episode 330 starts with Abhay seeing Arnab Dobriyal coming with his daughters. Abhay goes near them.
Arnab: Abhay... What I had to do... I have done...Jeh is no more... Now I have to go...
Abhay: No Mr Dobriyal... You will not go anywhere. You will stay here... with Pia (Pia nods her head) ... with your Family... your family needs you... and the Vampire clan needs my soul...(Pia looks sad) I will get you back your human life in exchange of my soul (Pia looks shocked. Misha and Arnab looks at Abhay) This has to happen... and this will happen.
Arnab: No Abhay... That can't happen. I only have to go...
Misha: Papa... Papa, You are going back? Please...
Arnab: Misha, You will have to take care of Pia and Madhu. They should not feel the absence of me and Panchi in any way. (Arnab touches Misha's cheek and then Pia's. Pia holds on Arnab's hand) Abhay, Take care of Pia... I know that she would stay happy with you. Now I will have to go...
Abhay: No Mr will not go anywhere...
Arnab: All of you should stay happy... (Arnab looks at his daughters. He then turns and walks from there. Misha and Pia are sad).

At the Dobriyal House, Ruhi and another girl is helping Misha with the Jewelry. Ruhi looks at Misha and compliments her on her beauty. Misha thinks, 'Bride? I said yes... But now when the day has come... I can't do it...' . Pia comes there and asks Misha if she is alright. She tells Tracker to tell Momma that she would bring Misha down. The girls go from there.
Pia: Misha... What you are doing is not right at all... What are you doing by sacrificing your love? Misha... There is still time... Let's stop this...
Misha: And hurt Momma again? Till when Pia? I will have to think of Momma's happiness.
Pia: Misha... If you are sad... Will Momma be happy?
Misha: I don't know... But I promise Piya...
Pia: Promise? And what about your promise Misha? What about the promise you did with yourself? The promise you did with your love... what about that?
Misha: I don't know Babe... I don't remember any such promise. (Misha takes a sip of liquor)
Pia: Misha... Waht are you doing?
Misha: Please Pia... I cannot do this marriage if I am conscious.
Pia: Misha...Listen to me... Let's stop this... We can stop this...Misha, Think once again... Actually no... I am going down to tell everyone. (Misha gets up from the stool and turns to face Pia)
Misha: Hold on Pia... Momma is already sad because of Dad's and Panchi's absence. I cannot make her unhappy further. It is decided... I am getting married to Danish. Let's go... (Misha walks from there)
Pia: Misha...Misha just listen to me...(Misha walks down the stairs alone slowly. She says in mind, 'Courage Misha... Be strong!' Misha reaches the foot of the stairs and stands there. Madhu comes near her and keeps her hand on Misha's shoulder.
Madhu: Misha... the auspicious time is about to end... Come... (Pia joins them)
Pia: Momma... I will take Misha there...
Madhu: Alright dear... (Madhu looks at Misha being taken away by Pia).

Abhay is talking to Chand and Hasina.
Abhay: No Mom... All this happened because of me. I have to sort this out.
Chand: Abhay... Mr Dobriyal has already made the decision. Now you have to just fulfill his wish...
Abhay: And I will make a bargain with them... I will ask for Mr Dobriyal's life instead of my soul.
Hasina: Abhay, They will never listen to you. You know our people. They hate every human emotions. They will never accept your sacrifice.
Abhay: they will have to do that Mom... I am definitely a human... But I am not that weak that I will stand here and see the drama. I will go there. I have to go. (Abhay turns and walks from there as Chand and Hasina looks on).

Misha goes and sits near her groom. Piya also sits behind her. Misha then sees Danish, Mr Rathore and Angad standing at a distance and smiling at her. Misha looks at her  Groom and then back at Danish whoa re smiling seeing her confusion. Misha once again looks at her groom and then whispers to Pia.
Misha: Pia... Danish is standing there... and he is also sitting here...I have not drunk that much...
Pia: Look carefully... It is your Groom only who is sitting with you...
Misha: But... How can that happen? (Misha leans closer to the groom) Ssshhh... Who are you? Show your face... (The Groom removes his sehra to one side and shows his face. It's Kabir. (Misha is stunned. Pia is smiling, Kabir smiles at her)
Kabir: That should have been my line, right? (Misha is happy)
Misha: Thakur... What are you doing here? (Danish comes and sits behind Kabir)
Danish: Well... Misha... Heis marrying you... Because I can't control you.
Misha: But how is that possible? Momma... (Madhu comes near them)
Madhu: What did you think? I will let you sacrifice your love? My happiness is in your happiness. (Misha laughs)
Kabir: Come on Champ... You are going to get married... Behave! (Pia and Danish laughs)
Misha: Loser... Why did you not tell me earlier?
Madhu: Loser? He is going to be your Husband...
Kabir: Exactly!
Misha: Whatever! (Kabir puts his sehra down) Come on Panditji... Start the Mantras ( Kabir lifts the Sehra and signals Misha to come close. Misha leans towards him)
Kabir: You are drunk! (Misha nods no) What Misha... On the Wedding Day... I will have to tie you up with a rope to tie the mangal sutra...
Misha: Kabir... I will not run anywhere now... No rope... only love...
Kabir: Hey! Misha has first time said something Romantic... Panditji start start... (The rituals start)

Abhay Raichand and Arnab Dobriyal are standing in front of the Vampire Superior.
Arnab: Go from here... I told you... This is my punishment... I will deal with it...
Abhay: You are giving punishment to your family also along with you. I should be in your place.
Arnab: No! I took this path on my own. And that time I did not have any other way in front of me Superior... You take my life. Finish my life but my daughters life depends on Abhay's life...
Abhay: Pia will be happy with you... Without you, What will she do?
Arnab: Abhay...Try to understand. She will be happy seeing me... But she cannot live without you.
Superior: Enough! That's enough... If I wish I can finish you both...
Abhay: You can't do that. Please let Mr Dobriyal go... He is a good father, husband and a responsible human.
Superior: And what would I get instead of that?
Abhay: You wanted my soul. I have come to you in person. Take my soul and let Mr Dobriyal go. (Arnab nods No)
Arnab: No Abhay... No...(Abhay goes forward and kneels in front of the Vampire Superior) Superior... No!
Superior: This human feelings like always... makes one weak...
Abhay: This human feelings is our way of life... The decision is yours (Abhay bows in front of the Superior)

Arnab Dobriyal joins Madhu for the giving away the Bride Ritual
The marriage rituals are going on at Dobriyal House. The Pandit asks the father of the Bride to step forward to give away the Bride. Danish tells Madhu to take over. Mr Rathore thinks, 'I will have to do the giving away ritual of Misha. Arnab was my friend and today I will have to fulfill this responsibility of his'. Madhu puts her hand underneath Misha's and Kabir's hand. Suddenly another hand holds Madhu's hand. Everyone is happy to see Arnab. Misha is happy. Pia looks shocked. Madhu looks at Arnab.
Arnab: What are you looking at? It's me!
Madhu: But Arnab you...
Arnab: Why? Any doubt? Stop this Question Answers (Pia looks unhappy and lost)
Arnab: Panditji... (The Pandit resumes the rituals. Pia thinks that if Arnab is there that means Abhay has sacrificed his life for the sake of her happiness. Pia gets up and go from there. She thinks, 'Abhay... Before going at least once you should have turned back and looked at me...(Pia has tears in her eyes) There is nothing other than love for you in my eyes...and now there would only be loneliness... emptiness'. She then sees Abhay walking towards her. She is happy)
Pia: Abhay... (Abhay goes near her and touches his hand on the side of her face)
Abhay: Pia... I cannot live without you... I have fought with the whole world just for you. And now... I will never leave you and go...forever...
Pia: But... How did this happen Abhay? (Flashback: The Vampire superior says,' I do not know the answers to questions made with human feelings. But I know that if the creatures hiding in the darkness come out, that world would be different. Maybe it is not acceptable by Nature... I know that Nature has its own law... where light and darkness have their own places. And today I will do just that. You both belong to the world of light. There is no place for you in my World. Go! If along with human life... human weaknesses, diseases, old age and death is acceptable to you ... Go and live the life of a Human. But never turn and look back... Never come back to this darkness'. Abhay says thanks to the Superior)
Abhay: And he felt that human emotions does not suit Vampires... and he allowed us to go back... to our human lives. Pia... I had gone to him to fight a battle of strength. But we forgot that we have the most powerful weapon... love...
Pia: And now Abhay... This same love brought you back to me today. (Madhu reaches there and tells that she wants Abhay and Pia to get married the next day evening with everyone's blessings. Pia is happy and hugs Madhu. Madhu goes from there. Abhay and Pia hug)
Abhay: I love you Pia...
Piya: Love you too!
Abhay: Pia... My life started with you and my love would be complete with you (Episode ends)

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