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15th December 2011 Last Update (Episode 331) Abhay and Pia gets Married

Pyar ki Yeh ek Kahani Star One Aakhiri Salaam - Last and Final Episode Written Update
Madhu Dobriyal is coming down the stairs talking to her self. She says, 'These many years I dreamed of daughters wedding and now that day has come. I don't understand what to do now'. She sees a Guy coming with a Pot of flowers. She scolds him and asks him to put more flowers. She asks the house staff who comes there if the person who was supposed to make sweets have come. She walks forward without looking in front asking him to go and bumps into Arnab.
Arnab: Madhu... relax... relax! Why are you so tensed up?
Madhu: This is the matter. You go and do your part of work.
Arnab: What work?
Madhu: I told that I will do Pia and Abhay's marriage the next day itself but did not think that there would be this much work.
Arnab: There is no problem Madhu. What is the problem for you? You are an expert in arranging parties. If you do with love... everything would happen. (Arnab then sees his garlanded photo on the wall) Everything would happen but you are forgetting one thing (Madhu looks at Arnab)
Madhu: I forgot? (Arnab points to his picture on the wall)
Arnab: You forgot to remove the garland from the handsome's photo.
Madhu: Oh my God...
Arnab: I am alive. (Madhu instructs the house staff to remove the Garland. The Guy removes it) Now it is alright.
Madhu: Arnab...You don't know. After you have gone I did not put that photo there for a long time. I did not put garland on it also. I thought that you would come back.
Arnab: I came back, right? Why are you getting so emotional?(Madhu wipes her tears) I am here, right? Madhu... Now don't go anywhere. I would not be able to tolerate that pain Arnab. (Arnab gives her a one sided hug)
Arnab: I won't go anywhere leaving you all... Don't worry!
Madhu: Now go... There is lot of work left... Go! Get the Garlands for the Bride and Groom. (Arnab goes from there and Madhu continues to supervise the work).

Pia is sitting in front of the Dressing table. She is wearing a red and silver Bridal outfit. She imagines Abhay coming near and leaning towards her saying, 'Pia Raichand... Now you have become mine... forever!' Pia smiles. Abhay kisses on her head. Abhay moves from there. Pia keeps looking into her reflection smiling. Misha enters the room and sees Piya smiling. She makes a sound to get Pia's attention and goes to stand near Pia.
Misha: Pia... You know... You were looking at the mirror and smiling at yourself like a full on loser.
Piya: No way... Shut up!
Misha: I saw it! You were imagining the mirror as Abhay and romancing with the mirror. (Pia keeps her hand on head) Abhay, I love you! Abhay my darling...muah... (Misha gives a flying kiss to the mirror)
Pia: Misha... How naughty you are... (Both of the girls smile) I am really going to miss you... You know that?
Misha: Miss me? Why? Where am I going? I am here only. Anyway, we are going to come here everyday... to eat the food made by Momma. Neither of us know to cook... (Both smile) By the way, you are looking good... Very hot! One minute... Why are you wearing so much Jewelry? Are you Bappi Lahiri?
Pia: Misha... Some people like to dress up on their wedding unlike some people who get drunk
Misha: Shut up Okay... I don't drink that much. And anyway... Kabir doesn't mind.
Piya: Of course... Why will Kabir mind? So then tell me... What happened?
Misha: meaning?
Pia: Of course... Kabir and yours first night alone together... How was it? (Misha blushes) My God Misha You are shy and blushing... Super cool!
Misha: Please okay? I am not shy... I am totally cool about it.
Pia: So how was your first night?
Misha: Why do you give such tacky names? It was like normal. When we went to the room servant bought Almond Milk... I asked Kabir to drink and he drank it.
Pia: Then?
Misha: I sat next to him..
Pia: Then?
Misha: Then I asked, 'Dude, now what?'
Pia: Then?
Misha: Then I laid next to him.
Pia: Then?
Misha: Then we slept!
Pia: What? You slept? What rubbish!
Misha: What you mean by rubbish?
Pia: Misha, How can you sleep on your first night?
Misha: And afterwards... Kabir did something very shocking (Pia's eyes lights up)
Piya: Really? What?
Misha: He started snoring... (Misha laughs) Seriously Man... And that's not all...He also talks...
Pia: Whole night?
Misha: I was sitting and hearing his talk. I feel that I would get dark circles... (The girls laugh. Misha's mobile rings)
Pia: Oh... Looks like it is his phone. Tell him that by getting married he has taken your nights sleep. (Pia laughs. Misha picks up the Phone and makes a snoring sound)
Kabir: Misha, Where are my clothes. I don't have clothes to wear.
Misha: What? Are you naked?
Kabir: What nonsense Misha. I don't have clothes to wear for the occasion today. In the Cupboard it is all your things. I have no clothes.
Misha: I forgot... yeah...I remembered. I put all your clothes in 2 plastic bags and gave to Ramu kaka...
Kabir: You must be kidding me. All my branded clothes you put in Plastic bags and gave to Ramu Kaka? You think of my clothes as garbage?
Misha: Sorry Dude! (Danish comes there and asks if he is going to his sister in law's wedding in Jeans. Kabir gets irritated. Danish makes fun of him and goes from there)
Kabir: Misha... You know what? Everyone is making fun of me. You should have been here.
Misha: Why?
Kabir: Your sister is getting married. So most of the Guests would be yours and I have no clothes to wear. How will I welcome? Come here fast...
Misha: Oh God... So much Drama... I am coming...
Kabir: Alina is already here and that too with full gang. Their first performance is going to start. So please... Come here fast!
Misha: Okay...
Kabir: And yeah... I love you...
Misha: I love you too!
Kabir: Please come soon Baby... Please... Bye!
Misha: See yeah... (Kabir goes from there looking for Danish)

Alina Khurana (Priya Chauhan) and Girls Dance Performance.
Ruhi (Roshini Shetty) Dances next.
Alina and Guys perform next.

The Baarat arrives. A Chauffeur is driving a white decorated Car. Chand is sitting on the front seat. Abhay and Hasina are sitting at the back.
Abhay: Mom... Today how happy everyone is...
Chand: Mr Dobriyal has decorated the House well.
Hasina: Chand... It is a happy occasion. The whole Dehradun should know that today is Abhay's Wedding.
Chand: You were telling right Abhay. In this world there is nothing without human love and feelings. And because of you today I could feel it. I feel so good. Thank you very much. Because of you today I can feel happiness. This is a new beginning for me.
Abhay: Dad, I should be the one saying thanks... For giving a new life... Thanks Dad! Thanks Mom!
Haseena: Today I understood why every Mom feels that her son is the most handsome. Because today there is no one who is more handsome than you. You look very nice in this Sherwani.
Abahy: But Mom... Pia's Mom also send a Sherwani. I did not wear that... Won't she feel bad?
Hasina: Come on Abhay... We are from the Groom's side... They will have to give that much respect to us, right? (Abhay laughs)
Abhay: Now you have become One Hundred Percent Mom... (Hasina smiles) Let's go! Everyone is waiting for us. (The Raichand's get out of the Car)

Ruhi and her friend runs to Madhu and tells her that the Baarat has come. Madhu starts panicking and starts calling everyone. She asks the girls to get the Aarti.  Arnab goes to get the garlands. Misha comes there along with Danish and Kabir. Madhu scolds Misha for not wearing jewelry.She then notices Kabir's clothes and Madhu gets annoyed with Misha. She tells that she has purchased Sherwani and kept upstairs for Kabir and asks him to go and wear it.
Misha: Yeah... Seriously you should be ashamed Kabir. You are wearing such clothes for my sister's wedding. Come on... Go and change your clothes. (Misha takes Kabir from there. Danish comes to Arnab and Madhu and takes them from there. Dobriyals and Party welcomes the Raichands.
Chand: Congratulations Mrs Dobriyal...
Madhu: Same to you... (Madhu takes the Aarti plate and does Aarti for Abhay. Abhay takes blessings from Madhu and Arnab). You did not wear the Sherwani given by your Mother in law.
Haseena: Why? Abhay does not look good in the Sherwani purchased by me?
Madhu: Oh She is looking alright. Actually I had purchased matching outfits for Bride and Groom. (Madhu asks the Raichands to come in and they all walk in)

Haseena gives a Jewelry Box to Madhu telling that she wants Pia to wear it. Madhu gives it back to Hasina telling that Piya is wearing Jewelry matching her outfit and that the Jewelry is a heirloom.

Adhiraj (Nishant Malkani of Miley Jab Hum Tum) comes near Abhay who is talking to some Guys. They hug and have a friendly chat. Abhay asks him if he has come alone. He tells that for the time being he is alone and they have a woman blaming talk. Abhay calls Kabir and introduces the Guy to him. Then they notice Geet Khurana (Drashti Dhami of Geet hui Sabse Parayi) coming alone. She walks to Abhay and congratulates him. Abhay introduces her to Kabir. Geet and Adhiraj says that they know each other. Geet says that she wants to see how beautiful Pia is. Abhay compliments on Pia's beauty. Abhay asks where Maan Singh Khurana (Gurmeet Choudhary of Geet hui Sabse Parayi). Geet tells that they had a parking problem because of too many Cars. Adhiraj tells that he also had that problem. Abhay apologizes to them.  Geet takes Adhiraj forcefully from there and tells him that she has a surprise for Abhay and Pia.

Nishant Malkani and Drashti Dhami Dance performance (Maan Singh Khurana enters in the midst of the performance and sees Geet Dancing.he gets jealous.Khushi (Sanaya Irani of Iss Pyaar ko kya naam Doom) enters the Hall.Maan sees Khushi and thinks of a plan. Maan approaches Khushi and asks her to Dance with him.

Misha sees Pia looking from upstairs to the Hall and asks her to go inside as no one should see her now. Pia tells her that she wants to see how Abhay is looking. Pia forces Misha to get at least a photograph of Abhay for her to see. Misha refuses and goes from there.

Kabir sees Abhay looking upwards. Kabir asks him why he is looking upstairs when the performances for him are going on downstairs. Abhay tells that he wants to get at least one glance of Pia.

Pia and Misha are talking. Pia tells Misha that she is good for nothing and after marriage she has become an Aunty type. Pia challenges her to bring his pictures and Misha goes from there accepting the challenge.

Gurmeet Chaudhary and Sanaya Irani Dance Performance. Geet gets jealous.

Misha stealthily tries to take Abhay's pictures but every time he gets blocked from her view. She finally manages to take the picture and goes to Pia with it.

Kabir asks Danish why he did it. Danish says that just because he lost his love he can't seize Kabir's love from him.

Misha enters the room and Pia seizes the Mobile. She is disappointed to see the picture as only part of Abhay's face is seen. Pia tells Misha that she is no good and after marrying she has become useless. Misha tells Pia that the panditji has said that the time has started. Misha asks Piya if she is nervous. Pia replies that she is not atall nervous and that her dreams are going to be fulfilled in some time. Misha tells that she is happy for Pia and the sisters hug. Misha goes to fetch their Parents.

Pia stands in front of the Mirror. She imagines Abhay holding on to her shoulders and kissing her. Madhu comes there and reveals that both her and Arnab used to watch their daughters sleep and now that both are going to their in-laws they would be seeing empty beds hereafter. They have an emotional moment. They all get ready to go downstairs.

Another Gurmeet and Sanaya performance.

Abhay is looking upstairs. Arnab and Madhu comes in front and they move to a side revealing Pia and Misha who is behind them. The girls get in between the parents and climbs the stairs down together. Abhay and Pia look at each other. (Vivian Dsena and Sukirti Kandpal Dance Performances and memories of the romantic moments of Abhay and Pia.

Abhay and Pia exchange garlands while everyone including the Raichand's throw flower petals on them. Abhay and Pia sits on the mandap and the rituals begin. Misha performs the gadbandhan (tying the knot ritual). Arnab does the giving away the Bride ritual. Abhay and Pia performs the 7 vows ritual. Afterwards they take blessings from Madhu- Arnab and Chand-Hasina.
Chand: You are welcome to the Raichand Family Pia. Finally your love has won.
Hasina: And from today I have a daughter

Madhu finds Hasina alone and tells  her that she is handing over Pia to her and asks her to consider her like a daughter. Hasina tells her that Pia is not like a daughter to her but a daughter. Madhu is happy hearing it. Hasina tells her not to worry and go from there. Madhu gets emotional. Pia comes there and they hug and cry. Ruhi sees it and starts crying. Misha who is standing with Kabir sees it and comments on Ruhi's drama. Misha goes near Pia and Madhu. Misha hugs Pia and cry.

Alina tells Ruhi that it is not time to cry but to dance. Ruhi gets excited.

Abhay and Pia together are talking to guests. Maan and Adhiraj goes near them and congratulate them. Pia tells them that not everyone gets a groom like Abhay. Abhay tells that it is the technique of girls to make the Guys feel that he is the most important person in her life. Alina and Ruhi reminds Adhiraj of the girls vs boys dance competition. Ruhi makes fun of the Guys telling they are scared to compete with girls. Pia also joins the girls to tease the Guys. The Guys accept the challenge and dance together. Kabir teases Ruhi telling that the girls lost. Ruhi tells that it was no competition she issued the challenge to the Guys only for Abhay and Pia. Misha tells the gang that the Bride and Bridegroom should have a challenge too. Misha asks them to kiss and everyone cheers for them. Abhay turns Pia towards him. He leans to kiss Pia. They smile at each other.

Abhay and Pia dance. And others including Maan and Geet joins them. A Guy brings a Cake in which it is written Pyaar Kii ye ek Kahaani Star One Aakhiri Salaam. Pyar ki yeh ek Kahani Cast cuts the cake together. Abhay feeds cake to Pia. (Episode ends)

Vivian Dsena, Sukirti Kandpal, Priya Wal, Gurmeet Chaudhary and Drashti Dhami bids Good Bye and Good Night to the Star One Viewers.

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