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15th December 2011 Last Update (Episode 331) Abhay and Pia gets Married

Pyar ki Yeh ek Kahani Star One Aakhiri Salaam - Last and Final Episode Written Update
Madhu Dobriyal is coming down the stairs talking to her self. She says, 'These many years I dreamed of daughters wedding and now that day has come. I don't understand what to do now'. She sees a Guy coming with a Pot of flowers. She scolds him and asks him to put more flowers. She asks the house staff who comes there if the person who was supposed to make sweets have come. She walks forward without looking in front asking him to go and bumps into Arnab.
Arnab: Madhu... relax... relax! Why are you so tensed up?
Madhu: This is the matter. You go and do your part of work.
Arnab: What work?
Madhu: I told that I will do Pia and Abhay's marriage the next day itself but did not think that there would be this much work.
Arnab: There is no problem Madhu. What is the problem for you? You are an expert in arranging parties. If you do with love... everything would happen. (Arnab then sees his garlanded photo on the wall) Everything would happen but you are forgetting one thing (Madhu looks at Arnab)
Madhu: I forgot? (Arnab points to his picture on the wall)
Arnab: You forgot to remove the garland from the handsome's photo.
Madhu: Oh my God...
Arnab: I am alive. (Madhu instructs the house staff to remove the Garland. The Guy removes it) Now it is alright.
Madhu: Arnab...You don't know. After you have gone I did not put that photo there for a long time. I did not put garland on it also. I thought that you would come back.
Arnab: I came back, right? Why are you getting so emotional?(Madhu wipes her tears) I am here, right? Madhu... Now don't go anywhere. I would not be able to tolerate that pain Arnab. (Arnab gives her a one sided hug)
Arnab: I won't go anywhere leaving you all... Don't worry!
Madhu: Now go... There is lot of work left... Go! Get the Garlands for the Bride and Groom. (Arnab goes from there and Madhu continues to supervise the work).

Pia is sitting in front of the Dressing table. She is wearing a red and silver Bridal outfit. She imagines Abhay coming near and leaning towards her saying, 'Pia Raichand... Now you have become mine... forever!' Pia smiles. Abhay kisses on her head. Abhay moves from there. Pia keeps looking into her reflection smiling. Misha enters the room and sees Piya smiling. She makes a sound to get Pia's attention and goes to stand near Pia.
Misha: Pia... You know... You were looking at the mirror and smiling at yourself like a full on loser.
Piya: No way... Shut up!
Misha: I saw it! You were imagining the mirror as Abhay and romancing with the mirror. (Pia keeps her hand on head) Abhay, I love you! Abhay my darling...muah... (Misha gives a flying kiss to the mirror)
Pia: Misha... How naughty you are... (Both of the girls smile) I am really going to miss you... You know that?
Misha: Miss me? Why? Where am I going? I am here only. Anyway, we are going to come here everyday... to eat the food made by Momma. Neither of us know to cook... (Both smile) By the way, you are looking good... Very hot! One minute... Why are you wearing so much Jewelry? Are you Bappi Lahiri?
Pia: Misha... Some people like to dress up on their wedding unlike some people who get drunk
Misha: Shut up Okay... I don't drink that much. And anyway... Kabir doesn't mind.
Piya: Of course... Why will Kabir mind? So then tell me... What happened?
Misha: meaning?
Pia: Of course... Kabir and yours first night alone together... How was it? (Misha blushes) My God Misha You are shy and blushing... Super cool!
Misha: Please okay? I am not shy... I am totally cool about it.
Pia: So how was your first night?
Misha: Why do you give such tacky names? It was like normal. When we went to the room servant bought Almond Milk... I asked Kabir to drink and he drank it.
Pia: Then?
Misha: I sat next to him..
Pia: Then?
Misha: Then I asked, 'Dude, now what?'
Pia: Then?
Misha: Then I laid next to him.
Pia: Then?
Misha: Then we slept!
Pia: What? You slept? What rubbish!
Misha: What you mean by rubbish?
Pia: Misha, How can you sleep on your first night?
Misha: And afterwards... Kabir did something very shocking (Pia's eyes lights up)
Piya: Really? What?
Misha: He started snoring... (Misha laughs) Seriously Man... And that's not all...He also talks...
Pia: Whole night?
Misha: I was sitting and hearing his talk. I feel that I would get dark circles... (The girls laugh. Misha's mobile rings)
Pia: Oh... Looks like it is his phone. Tell him that by getting married he has taken your nights sleep. (Pia laughs. Misha picks up the Phone and makes a snoring sound)
Kabir: Misha, Where are my clothes. I don't have clothes to wear.
Misha: What? Are you naked?
Kabir: What nonsense Misha. I don't have clothes to wear for the occasion today. In the Cupboard it is all your things. I have no clothes.
Misha: I forgot... yeah...I remembered. I put all your clothes in 2 plastic bags and gave to Ramu kaka...
Kabir: You must be kidding me. All my branded clothes you put in Plastic bags and gave to Ramu Kaka? You think of my clothes as garbage?
Misha: Sorry Dude! (Danish comes there and asks if he is going to his sister in law's wedding in Jeans. Kabir gets irritated. Danish makes fun of him and goes from there)
Kabir: Misha... You know what? Everyone is making fun of me. You should have been here.
Misha: Why?
Kabir: Your sister is getting married. So most of the Guests would be yours and I have no clothes to wear. How will I welcome? Come here fast...
Misha: Oh God... So much Drama... I am coming...
Kabir: Alina is already here and that too with full gang. Their first performance is going to start. So please... Come here fast!
Misha: Okay...
Kabir: And yeah... I love you...
Misha: I love you too!
Kabir: Please come soon Baby... Please... Bye!
Misha: See yeah... (Kabir goes from there looking for Danish)

Alina Khurana (Priya Chauhan) and Girls Dance Performance.
Ruhi (Roshini Shetty) Dances next.
Alina and Guys perform next.

The Baarat arrives. A Chauffeur is driving a white decorated Car. Chand is sitting on the front seat. Abhay and Hasina are sitting at the back.
Abhay: Mom... Today how happy everyone is...
Chand: Mr Dobriyal has decorated the House well.
Hasina: Chand... It is a happy occasion. The whole Dehradun should know that today is Abhay's Wedding.
Chand: You were telling right Abhay. In this world there is nothing without human love and feelings. And because of you today I could feel it. I feel so good. Thank you very much. Because of you today I can feel happiness. This is a new beginning for me.
Abhay: Dad, I should be the one saying thanks... For giving a new life... Thanks Dad! Thanks Mom!
Haseena: Today I understood why every Mom feels that her son is the most handsome. Because today there is no one who is more handsome than you. You look very nice in this Sherwani.
Abahy: But Mom... Pia's Mom also send a Sherwani. I did not wear that... Won't she feel bad?
Hasina: Come on Abhay... We are from the Groom's side... They will have to give that much respect to us, right? (Abhay laughs)
Abhay: Now you have become One Hundred Percent Mom... (Hasina smiles) Let's go! Everyone is waiting for us. (The Raichand's get out of the Car)

Ruhi and her friend runs to Madhu and tells her that the Baarat has come. Madhu starts panicking and starts calling everyone. She asks the girls to get the Aarti.  Arnab goes to get the garlands. Misha comes there along with Danish and Kabir. Madhu scolds Misha for not wearing jewelry.She then notices Kabir's clothes and Madhu gets annoyed with Misha. She tells that she has purchased Sherwani and kept upstairs for Kabir and asks him to go and wear it.
Misha: Yeah... Seriously you should be ashamed Kabir. You are wearing such clothes for my sister's wedding. Come on... Go and change your clothes. (Misha takes Kabir from there. Danish comes to Arnab and Madhu and takes them from there. Dobriyals and Party welcomes the Raichands.
Chand: Congratulations Mrs Dobriyal...
Madhu: Same to you... (Madhu takes the Aarti plate and does Aarti for Abhay. Abhay takes blessings from Madhu and Arnab). You did not wear the Sherwani given by your Mother in law.
Haseena: Why? Abhay does not look good in the Sherwani purchased by me?
Madhu: Oh She is looking alright. Actually I had purchased matching outfits for Bride and Groom. (Madhu asks the Raichands to come in and they all walk in)

Haseena gives a Jewelry Box to Madhu telling that she wants Pia to wear it. Madhu gives it back to Hasina telling that Piya is wearing Jewelry matching her outfit and that the Jewelry is a heirloom.

Adhiraj (Nishant Malkani of Miley Jab Hum Tum) comes near Abhay who is talking to some Guys. They hug and have a friendly chat. Abhay asks him if he has come alone. He tells that for the time being he is alone and they have a woman blaming talk. Abhay calls Kabir and introduces the Guy to him. Then they notice Geet Khurana (Drashti Dhami of Geet hui Sabse Parayi) coming alone. She walks to Abhay and congratulates him. Abhay introduces her to Kabir. Geet and Adhiraj says that they know each other. Geet says that she wants to see how beautiful Pia is. Abhay compliments on Pia's beauty. Abhay asks where Maan Singh Khurana (Gurmeet Choudhary of Geet hui Sabse Parayi). Geet tells that they had a parking problem because of too many Cars. Adhiraj tells that he also had that problem. Abhay apologizes to them.  Geet takes Adhiraj forcefully from there and tells him that she has a surprise for Abhay and Pia.

Nishant Malkani and Drashti Dhami Dance performance (Maan Singh Khurana enters in the midst of the performance and sees Geet Dancing.he gets jealous.Khushi (Sanaya Irani of Iss Pyaar ko kya naam Doom) enters the Hall.Maan sees Khushi and thinks of a plan. Maan approaches Khushi and asks her to Dance with him.

Misha sees Pia looking from upstairs to the Hall and asks her to go inside as no one should see her now. Pia tells her that she wants to see how Abhay is looking. Pia forces Misha to get at least a photograph of Abhay for her to see. Misha refuses and goes from there.

Kabir sees Abhay looking upwards. Kabir asks him why he is looking upstairs when the performances for him are going on downstairs. Abhay tells that he wants to get at least one glance of Pia.

Pia and Misha are talking. Pia tells Misha that she is good for nothing and after marriage she has become an Aunty type. Pia challenges her to bring his pictures and Misha goes from there accepting the challenge.

Gurmeet Chaudhary and Sanaya Irani Dance Performance. Geet gets jealous.

Misha stealthily tries to take Abhay's pictures but every time he gets blocked from her view. She finally manages to take the picture and goes to Pia with it.

Kabir asks Danish why he did it. Danish says that just because he lost his love he can't seize Kabir's love from him.

Misha enters the room and Pia seizes the Mobile. She is disappointed to see the picture as only part of Abhay's face is seen. Pia tells Misha that she is no good and after marrying she has become useless. Misha tells Pia that the panditji has said that the time has started. Misha asks Piya if she is nervous. Pia replies that she is not atall nervous and that her dreams are going to be fulfilled in some time. Misha tells that she is happy for Pia and the sisters hug. Misha goes to fetch their Parents.

Pia stands in front of the Mirror. She imagines Abhay holding on to her shoulders and kissing her. Madhu comes there and reveals that both her and Arnab used to watch their daughters sleep and now that both are going to their in-laws they would be seeing empty beds hereafter. They have an emotional moment. They all get ready to go downstairs.

Another Gurmeet and Sanaya performance.

Abhay is looking upstairs. Arnab and Madhu comes in front and they move to a side revealing Pia and Misha who is behind them. The girls get in between the parents and climbs the stairs down together. Abhay and Pia look at each other. (Vivian Dsena and Sukirti Kandpal Dance Performances and memories of the romantic moments of Abhay and Pia.

Abhay and Pia exchange garlands while everyone including the Raichand's throw flower petals on them. Abhay and Pia sits on the mandap and the rituals begin. Misha performs the gadbandhan (tying the knot ritual). Arnab does the giving away the Bride ritual. Abhay and Pia performs the 7 vows ritual. Afterwards they take blessings from Madhu- Arnab and Chand-Hasina.
Chand: You are welcome to the Raichand Family Pia. Finally your love has won.
Hasina: And from today I have a daughter

Madhu finds Hasina alone and tells  her that she is handing over Pia to her and asks her to consider her like a daughter. Hasina tells her that Pia is not like a daughter to her but a daughter. Madhu is happy hearing it. Hasina tells her not to worry and go from there. Madhu gets emotional. Pia comes there and they hug and cry. Ruhi sees it and starts crying. Misha who is standing with Kabir sees it and comments on Ruhi's drama. Misha goes near Pia and Madhu. Misha hugs Pia and cry.

Alina tells Ruhi that it is not time to cry but to dance. Ruhi gets excited.

Abhay and Pia together are talking to guests. Maan and Adhiraj goes near them and congratulate them. Pia tells them that not everyone gets a groom like Abhay. Abhay tells that it is the technique of girls to make the Guys feel that he is the most important person in her life. Alina and Ruhi reminds Adhiraj of the girls vs boys dance competition. Ruhi makes fun of the Guys telling they are scared to compete with girls. Pia also joins the girls to tease the Guys. The Guys accept the challenge and dance together. Kabir teases Ruhi telling that the girls lost. Ruhi tells that it was no competition she issued the challenge to the Guys only for Abhay and Pia. Misha tells the gang that the Bride and Bridegroom should have a challenge too. Misha asks them to kiss and everyone cheers for them. Abhay turns Pia towards him. He leans to kiss Pia. They smile at each other.

Abhay and Pia dance. And others including Maan and Geet joins them. A Guy brings a Cake in which it is written Pyaar Kii ye ek Kahaani Star One Aakhiri Salaam. Pyar ki yeh ek Kahani Cast cuts the cake together. Abhay feeds cake to Pia. (Episode ends)

Vivian Dsena, Sukirti Kandpal, Priya Wal, Gurmeet Chaudhary and Drashti Dhami bids Good Bye and Good Night to the Star One Viewers.

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14th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 330) Arnab Dobriyal returns to Dobriyal House

Kabir and Misha getting Married
Episode 330 starts with Abhay seeing Arnab Dobriyal coming with his daughters. Abhay goes near them.
Arnab: Abhay... What I had to do... I have done...Jeh is no more... Now I have to go...
Abhay: No Mr Dobriyal... You will not go anywhere. You will stay here... with Pia (Pia nods her head) ... with your Family... your family needs you... and the Vampire clan needs my soul...(Pia looks sad) I will get you back your human life in exchange of my soul (Pia looks shocked. Misha and Arnab looks at Abhay) This has to happen... and this will happen.
Arnab: No Abhay... That can't happen. I only have to go...
Misha: Papa... Papa, You are going back? Please...
Arnab: Misha, You will have to take care of Pia and Madhu. They should not feel the absence of me and Panchi in any way. (Arnab touches Misha's cheek and then Pia's. Pia holds on Arnab's hand) Abhay, Take care of Pia... I know that she would stay happy with you. Now I will have to go...
Abhay: No Mr will not go anywhere...
Arnab: All of you should stay happy... (Arnab looks at his daughters. He then turns and walks from there. Misha and Pia are sad).

At the Dobriyal House, Ruhi and another girl is helping Misha with the Jewelry. Ruhi looks at Misha and compliments her on her beauty. Misha thinks, 'Bride? I said yes... But now when the day has come... I can't do it...' . Pia comes there and asks Misha if she is alright. She tells Tracker to tell Momma that she would bring Misha down. The girls go from there.
Pia: Misha... What you are doing is not right at all... What are you doing by sacrificing your love? Misha... There is still time... Let's stop this...
Misha: And hurt Momma again? Till when Pia? I will have to think of Momma's happiness.
Pia: Misha... If you are sad... Will Momma be happy?
Misha: I don't know... But I promise Piya...
Pia: Promise? And what about your promise Misha? What about the promise you did with yourself? The promise you did with your love... what about that?
Misha: I don't know Babe... I don't remember any such promise. (Misha takes a sip of liquor)
Pia: Misha... Waht are you doing?
Misha: Please Pia... I cannot do this marriage if I am conscious.
Pia: Misha...Listen to me... Let's stop this... We can stop this...Misha, Think once again... Actually no... I am going down to tell everyone. (Misha gets up from the stool and turns to face Pia)
Misha: Hold on Pia... Momma is already sad because of Dad's and Panchi's absence. I cannot make her unhappy further. It is decided... I am getting married to Danish. Let's go... (Misha walks from there)
Pia: Misha...Misha just listen to me...(Misha walks down the stairs alone slowly. She says in mind, 'Courage Misha... Be strong!' Misha reaches the foot of the stairs and stands there. Madhu comes near her and keeps her hand on Misha's shoulder.
Madhu: Misha... the auspicious time is about to end... Come... (Pia joins them)
Pia: Momma... I will take Misha there...
Madhu: Alright dear... (Madhu looks at Misha being taken away by Pia).

Abhay is talking to Chand and Hasina.
Abhay: No Mom... All this happened because of me. I have to sort this out.
Chand: Abhay... Mr Dobriyal has already made the decision. Now you have to just fulfill his wish...
Abhay: And I will make a bargain with them... I will ask for Mr Dobriyal's life instead of my soul.
Hasina: Abhay, They will never listen to you. You know our people. They hate every human emotions. They will never accept your sacrifice.
Abhay: they will have to do that Mom... I am definitely a human... But I am not that weak that I will stand here and see the drama. I will go there. I have to go. (Abhay turns and walks from there as Chand and Hasina looks on).

Misha goes and sits near her groom. Piya also sits behind her. Misha then sees Danish, Mr Rathore and Angad standing at a distance and smiling at her. Misha looks at her  Groom and then back at Danish whoa re smiling seeing her confusion. Misha once again looks at her groom and then whispers to Pia.
Misha: Pia... Danish is standing there... and he is also sitting here...I have not drunk that much...
Pia: Look carefully... It is your Groom only who is sitting with you...
Misha: But... How can that happen? (Misha leans closer to the groom) Ssshhh... Who are you? Show your face... (The Groom removes his sehra to one side and shows his face. It's Kabir. (Misha is stunned. Pia is smiling, Kabir smiles at her)
Kabir: That should have been my line, right? (Misha is happy)
Misha: Thakur... What are you doing here? (Danish comes and sits behind Kabir)
Danish: Well... Misha... Heis marrying you... Because I can't control you.
Misha: But how is that possible? Momma... (Madhu comes near them)
Madhu: What did you think? I will let you sacrifice your love? My happiness is in your happiness. (Misha laughs)
Kabir: Come on Champ... You are going to get married... Behave! (Pia and Danish laughs)
Misha: Loser... Why did you not tell me earlier?
Madhu: Loser? He is going to be your Husband...
Kabir: Exactly!
Misha: Whatever! (Kabir puts his sehra down) Come on Panditji... Start the Mantras ( Kabir lifts the Sehra and signals Misha to come close. Misha leans towards him)
Kabir: You are drunk! (Misha nods no) What Misha... On the Wedding Day... I will have to tie you up with a rope to tie the mangal sutra...
Misha: Kabir... I will not run anywhere now... No rope... only love...
Kabir: Hey! Misha has first time said something Romantic... Panditji start start... (The rituals start)

Abhay Raichand and Arnab Dobriyal are standing in front of the Vampire Superior.
Arnab: Go from here... I told you... This is my punishment... I will deal with it...
Abhay: You are giving punishment to your family also along with you. I should be in your place.
Arnab: No! I took this path on my own. And that time I did not have any other way in front of me Superior... You take my life. Finish my life but my daughters life depends on Abhay's life...
Abhay: Pia will be happy with you... Without you, What will she do?
Arnab: Abhay...Try to understand. She will be happy seeing me... But she cannot live without you.
Superior: Enough! That's enough... If I wish I can finish you both...
Abhay: You can't do that. Please let Mr Dobriyal go... He is a good father, husband and a responsible human.
Superior: And what would I get instead of that?
Abhay: You wanted my soul. I have come to you in person. Take my soul and let Mr Dobriyal go. (Arnab nods No)
Arnab: No Abhay... No...(Abhay goes forward and kneels in front of the Vampire Superior) Superior... No!
Superior: This human feelings like always... makes one weak...
Abhay: This human feelings is our way of life... The decision is yours (Abhay bows in front of the Superior)

Arnab Dobriyal joins Madhu for the giving away the Bride Ritual
The marriage rituals are going on at Dobriyal House. The Pandit asks the father of the Bride to step forward to give away the Bride. Danish tells Madhu to take over. Mr Rathore thinks, 'I will have to do the giving away ritual of Misha. Arnab was my friend and today I will have to fulfill this responsibility of his'. Madhu puts her hand underneath Misha's and Kabir's hand. Suddenly another hand holds Madhu's hand. Everyone is happy to see Arnab. Misha is happy. Pia looks shocked. Madhu looks at Arnab.
Arnab: What are you looking at? It's me!
Madhu: But Arnab you...
Arnab: Why? Any doubt? Stop this Question Answers (Pia looks unhappy and lost)
Arnab: Panditji... (The Pandit resumes the rituals. Pia thinks that if Arnab is there that means Abhay has sacrificed his life for the sake of her happiness. Pia gets up and go from there. She thinks, 'Abhay... Before going at least once you should have turned back and looked at me...(Pia has tears in her eyes) There is nothing other than love for you in my eyes...and now there would only be loneliness... emptiness'. She then sees Abhay walking towards her. She is happy)
Pia: Abhay... (Abhay goes near her and touches his hand on the side of her face)
Abhay: Pia... I cannot live without you... I have fought with the whole world just for you. And now... I will never leave you and go...forever...
Pia: But... How did this happen Abhay? (Flashback: The Vampire superior says,' I do not know the answers to questions made with human feelings. But I know that if the creatures hiding in the darkness come out, that world would be different. Maybe it is not acceptable by Nature... I know that Nature has its own law... where light and darkness have their own places. And today I will do just that. You both belong to the world of light. There is no place for you in my World. Go! If along with human life... human weaknesses, diseases, old age and death is acceptable to you ... Go and live the life of a Human. But never turn and look back... Never come back to this darkness'. Abhay says thanks to the Superior)
Abhay: And he felt that human emotions does not suit Vampires... and he allowed us to go back... to our human lives. Pia... I had gone to him to fight a battle of strength. But we forgot that we have the most powerful weapon... love...
Pia: And now Abhay... This same love brought you back to me today. (Madhu reaches there and tells that she wants Abhay and Pia to get married the next day evening with everyone's blessings. Pia is happy and hugs Madhu. Madhu goes from there. Abhay and Pia hug)
Abhay: I love you Pia...
Piya: Love you too!
Abhay: Pia... My life started with you and my love would be complete with you (Episode ends)

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13th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 329) Arnab Dobriyal kills Jeh Khurana

Episode 329 starts with Kabir talking about Misha in his intoxicated state. Angad tries to silence him but Kabir keeps talking. Danish goes and sits near him.
Angad: Kabir... Your Brother Danish...
Danish: What are you doing? Today we both Brothers will sit whole night and drink (Kabir smiles).
Kabir: Whatever my Brother will say... I will do... (Danish tries to take him from there. Kabir tells that he cannot get up and he would sit there. Danish agrees and sits with him there)
Danish: Misha is a very lovely girl, is it not?
Kabir: Very lovely... She is very sweet... very lovely...
Danish: But don't you think that she talks a lot?
Kabir: Brother, Her sweetness is in her talk. When she talks she looks very lovely. You know Brother she is... (Kabir tries to think)
Danish: special?
Kabir: She is special Brother... (Kabir kisses on Danish's cheek) Love you Brother... Special... that is what... (Kabir kisses Angad on his cheek also) Special... Very special...
Danish: But Kabir... Misha is not that beautiful also...
Kabir: What are you talking Brother? This Brother has lost it...
Angad: He is drunk...
Kabir: No... Misha is very beautiful. Have you recognized her beauty so far? (Danish nods No) No... right? Brother have you ever looked into Misha's eyes? Eye to eye look into Misha's eyes... That is why... Brother how much intelligence shines in her eyes... And her pranks...Her beauty is in her pranks... And her attitude... (Kabir sends a flying kiss) Seeing her attitude lakhs of Kabir's will sacrifice themselves for her... I tell you Brother... She is the love of ... (Angad tries to interrupt and hugs Kabir who leans on him)
Danish: What were you telling Kabir? (Angad signals nothing) She is the love of your... (Kabir lifts his head and looks at Danish)
Kabir: What?
Danish: You were saying something...
Kabir: Yeah... (Angad tries to stop Kabir but Kabir starts talking) Brother... (Angad puts his hand on his head) Misha is the love (Angad again signals Kabir not to talk) of my... I love her...and I love you Brother...
Danish: You love Misha very much?
Kabir: Yes Brother... I love her very much... (Danish is lost in thoughts. He thinks, 'This much?')

A Car comes and stops near Pander Palace. Arnab, Abhay, Chand and Hasina gets out of the Car and runs towards the building. Abhay gets into the room first followed by the Raichands. Alina and Pia are sitting by a pillar and Jeh is standing.
Pia: Jeh please... Leave us...
Jeh: Shut up Piya!
Abhay: Leave Pia... ( Jeh turns and looks at Abhay and the Raichands)
Pia: Abhay...(Jeh is happy and turns to face Abhay)
Abhay: You were waiting for me... (Jeh smiles)
Jeh: Abhay Raichand... Welcome!  Welcome to my Palace...
Abhay: Leave Pia... This fight is between you and me...
Jeh: The first rule of War... Keep the live of the enemy in hand... Here is Pia... Come and Take her... (Abhay goes near Pia and lean towards her. Jeh catch holds of Abhay's neck and throws him to the wall)
Pia: Abhay... (Abhay falls down. Jeh removes his coat and walks towards Abhay)
Jeh: Abhay... Abhay... Abhay... (Jeh throws his coat to the floor) When will you learn... when? (Jeh goes near Abhay) Why do you forget that you are a human now? (Chand and Hasina comes near them. Jeh holds on to Abhay's neck strangling him).
Pia: Jeh... please leave him...
Alina: Jeh... Leave Abhay... (Arnab comes there. Abhay and Jeh sees him. Pia is shocked)
Abhay: Take Piya from here and go... (Arnab looks at Abhay and walks towards the girls. First he releases Alina and then Pia).
Pia: Papa... (Jeh looks at Arnab)
Jeh: Till when will you run? Human...(Jeh looks at Abhay) Now you people cannot run anywhere... (Arnab holds Piya's hand and walks from there).
Chand: You are forgetting Jeh that we are not humans. If you want to fight... fight with us. That would be a fight with equals...
Jeh: Equality? (Jeh leaves Abhay's neck) Well...If you want fight...

Arnab is holding Pia's hand and walking.
Pia: Papa... Papa... (Pia leaves her hand and stops) Papa... I will not leave Abhay alone here and go from here. He is a normal human... He won't be able to fight Jeh...
Arnab: Pia... I have to ensure your safety.
Pia: Papa... What will you do saving me? I am incomplete without Abhay... No Papa...
Arnab: Once I get you at a safe place... I promise you that I will bring Abhay to you...
Piya: But how Papa... How?
Arnab: By fighting with Jeh...

Abhay looks helplessly as Jeh overpowers Chand. Arnab returns to the room followed by Pia. Jeh has his hand on Chand's collar.
Arnab: Jeh... (Jeh looks at Arnab) If you want to fight with an equal... fight with me... (Jeh leaves Chand and looks at Arnab)
Jeh: Arnab? You have got a good army Abhay... Now I will have to fight with humans... (Jeh signals Arnab to come close. Jeh is surprised when he finds Arnab behind him in an instant. Arnab catch holds of Jeh's neck from behind. Jeh struggles to free himself. Alina is shocked. Arnab reveals his fangs and bites Jeh on his neck. Hasina is lying on the floor with her head on Chand's legs).
Arnab: I am not a human Jeh... I am your end... I got these powers to fight with monsters like you... (Arnab reveals his teeth)
Abhay: Mr Dobriyal... (Abhay picks up the stake lying on the floor and throws it to Arnab. Arnab catches it and stabs Jeh with the stake. Jeh falls down. Chand and Hasina gets up. Alina runs to Jeh and sits near him holding his shoulders)
Alina: Brother... (Alina shakes Jeh)
Jeh: Alina...Alina... Please forgive me... (He turns and looks at Piya) Pia... I am sorry Pia... (Jeh closes his eyes and his face falls to one side. Alina cries. Abhay comes near her and takes her away from there. Chand and Hasina also follows them)
Arnab: Now did you understand what was the aim behind my being a monster. Maybe it is for this day I became a vampire.

Misha is driving the Car with Ruhi seated on the front seat and another girl on the back.
Ruhi: Misha... Where are we going?
Misha: A haunted place...
Ruhi: What? I get scared...
Misha: That is the fun... You will be scared... (Ruhi is almost crying. Misha flashes the torch on her face scaring her. Misha laughs)
Ruhi: You have gone mad...

Arnab sits near Jeh.
Arnab: Jeh... I had to kill you to save my daughter. You have got not death but freedom. (Arnab shows of his teeth. Misha enters with a torch in hand and is shocked to see Arnab in that form. The torch falls from her hand. Arnab looks at Misha and comes back to his human form. He gets up and looks at Misha. He then wipes of the blood from his mouth. Misha walks towards Arnab and stands before him).
Misha: Papa... Is that really you? Papa... we thought... (she sobs) Momma gave up all hope... In the House a photograph of yours was put. (Arnab does not looks at Misha) How can this happen Papa? How can this happen?
Arnab: I wish I was really dead Misha...Death is much better than this life of a monster. I am near you Misha but far away from you. I am a copse. A dead human...
Misha: But...How is this possible? Papa... You are dead? (Misha touches one side of his face with her hand and blood tears flow from Arnab's eyes. Misha withdraws her hand) Papa... Do you know... what we went through? After you went... after Panchi went... I... Pia... and Momma... (Misha is crying) Papa... How could you do this? And... Who did this with you? Papa... I can't understand anything... What is going on Papa... Please... Papa, What is going on? (Arnab looks at Misha. Pia comes there)
Pia: Misha... He is our papa Misha...He is our Papa...Just look at him... He is our Father.
Misha: No! Pia... How can everything be alright? Where was he? Where was he when we needed him? Papa...You gave up on us... How could you do that Papa... (Pia holds Misha) How could you Papa...You were our father...
Pia: Misha... (Misha shrugs Pia off) How could you do that Papa? (Misha is crying) You gave up on us...
Arnab: This is a very long story... very long... (The girls look at him)

The Raichands and Alina are walking out. Chand is holding on Alina's hand. Alina tries to resist and calls Jeh's name. Chand stops.
Chand: Alina...Your being here is risky. If the Werewolves or Vampires find out that Jeh has finished... they will come for you. (Chand leaves her hand)
Abhay: Dad is telling right... You have to go from here. Mom-Dad... Take Alina away from here.
Chand: And you?
Abhay: I will have to surrender myself in front of the Vampires. I have to go...
Chand: You can't do that Abhay... You can surrender yourself to the Vampires... You can't do that...
Abhay: If I don't do that they will take my revenge from Mr Dobriyal. And I cannot see Mr Dobriyal separated from Piya. Pia needs Mr Dobriyal... and he needs her...
Hasina: And you? Pia needs you too Abhay... You can't do this...
Abhay: Mom... I had promised Mr Dobriyal that if he saves Pia from Jeh I would give the Vampires my soul... and I would give him back his human life...
Alina: But Abhay... For which love you fought with the whole world... and now when all enmity ends...
Abhay: That is the matter... Now there is no enemy between me and Pia... And... I am not that selfish that after everything becomes alright I separate Pia from her family. Once I did this mistake... and seen the consequences too... Pia will never be happy away from her family. And I... I can never see Piya sad. Maybe in our fate only incomplete love was written.
Chand: What you are doing... you are doing wrong.
Abhay: No Dad... What I am doing... that is right. I am doing this for Pia... How can this be wrong? You people take Alina and go from here... I also have to get out of here... before Pia comes here... Because if she comes here... I will not be able to face her. I have to go! (Abhay walks from there. He recalls his romantic moments with Pia in Mumbai. Abhay thinks, 'For Pia's sake... You will have to forget your life...Today you will have to sacrifice your life for the sake of your love'). Episode ends

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Monday, December 12, 2011

12th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 328) Alina cleverly informs Abhay that Jeh has kept Pia in Pander Palace

Jeh and Pia are at the Pander Palace Fort. Pia is sitting on the floor and looking at her hands. Jeh comes near Pia and tries to hold her hand to look. Pia pulls her hand away.
Pia: Jeh... please! Please stay away from me...
Jeh: Piya... I have not come here to hurt you just show me where you have hurt...
Pia: Jeh ...please stay away from me...
Jeh: I am not here to hurt you... I really love you. Just show (He tries to hold her hand again and Pia pulls back from him)
Pia: Jeh please... Stay away from me... I don't want to see your face. I hate you... (Pia turns her face away from Jeh. Jeh gets up and walks. He looks hurt. He thinks, 'God! I have made a mistake. Till the time I see Pia in pain I will feel weak. I should not have kidnapped Piya. I should have straightaway attacked Abhay'. Jeh calls Kashyap and tells him that he want Abhay at any cost. Jeh tells Kashyap that he is waiting at the Pander Palace and Kashyap has just one hour to do the job. Pia is distraught hearing it. As Jeh is talking Alina sneaks into the room).

3 Girls enters the Poison Ivy Club where Danish's Bachelor Party is going on. The Guys happily welcomes the girls. Kabir and Angad takes the girls from there.

Ruhi opens the door and Misha walks in expecting a grand Party. Misha is disappointed seeing the arrangements. The girls get disappointed further when then see Charlie who is a middle aged man instead of the hot and handsome Dancer they were expecting. Charlie dances with the girls while the 3 girls dance at the Poison Ivy Club. The Guys are having fun dancing and drinking. Charlie sprains his back while dancing and falls down. Danish asks Kabir why he is not drinking or dancing with girls as he is single. Kabir tells Danish that he is not drinking or dancing as he is the host of the Party. Danish tells that it is a good excuse to hide the pain in his heart. In order to convince Danish that he is happy Kabir takes the drink from the Waiter and drinks it. Angad also drinks. After drinking Kabir realizes that he drank from the glass in which he had mixed the intoxication drug which was meant for Danish.

Alina stealthily goes near Pia as Jeh is talking to Mr Kashyap on the other side of the room. Pia is surprised to see Jeh. As Alina tries to untie the rope in Pia's hand, her mobile phone rings. Alina switches on the phone and keeps it down.  Jeh sees Alina and cuts the call.

Arnab Dobriyal is driving the Car with Abhay sitting on the front seat and the Raichands on the back. Abhay has his mobile on his ear.
Chand: Abhay, What happened? Alina told something?
Arnab: Pia told something?
Abhay: One minute Mr Dobriyal! Alina wants to tell me something without talking. We have to meet.
Hasina: But Abhay... what if something happens there...
Abhay: Mr Dobriyal... You are a Vampire and Jeh is a werewolf. You can use your powers and find her. When I was a Vampire I could read what is in Pia's mind. Concentrate! And you do it... (Arnab closes his eyes. Abhay hears Jeh's voice over the phone, 'My sweet dear little sister...'. Abhay informs the Raichands that both Alina and Pia are with Jeh)

Misha and the girls assists Charlie to sit on the sofa. Charlie starts crying. Misha asks why he is crying. He starts telling his story. Tracker encourages him to tell his story. The Girls including Misha starts sleeping as he narrates his story. Ruhi wakes Misha up. Charlie gets ready to go. Ruhi stops him telling that she would bring him food and he should eat and go.  Charlie is happy and says that all the girls there are very good.

Jeh walks towards the girls.
Alina: Jeh... I heard everything!
Jeh: Thank you Alina... How can I forget that I have a traitor in my own house. My Brother would never take my side... Isn't it?
Alina: Jeh... I have not come behind you. I only want to tell you to not come in between Pia and Abhay... Stop this...
Jeh: Will you please shut up? You don't know anything what is happening here Alina so... you just shut up...
Alina: I know everything! My Brother bought someone elses love to Pander Palace. (The phone on the ground is on) Why? What do you wish to do with Pia? What do you think? You will bring her here to Pander Palace... you will be able to find Abhay? Why have you bought her to this Pander Palace?
Jeh: Why are you shouting like that... Just shut up... (Jeh walks to the girls and take them from there forcefully. Alina's mobile is lying on the floor).

Chand: Mr Dobriyal... Any luck? (Abhay is still listening to the conversation at the Pander palace).
Arnab: It is a strange matter... I am not able to find Pia... I can't find her! (Abhay cuts the call)
Abhay: I know where they are...
Arnab: Where?
Abhay: Pander Palace... Alina is a smart girl. She kept the phone on while talking to Jeh and told me that they are at Pander Palace. Let's go! (Arnab drives the Car from there. Abhay thinks, 'To reach Pia... first time I had to take someones help. By being a human have I put myself and Pia in trouble? Without my powers... will I be able to keep Pia safe? Mom and Dad cannot handle Jeh. And Mr Dobriyal alone would not be able to fight with Jeh and the Werewolves').

Ruhi gives a food packet to Charlie. Charlie thank the girls and go from there. A girl tells how boring the Party was. Ruhi is sad hearing it. Misha notices it and tells the girls that at least Ruhi tried doing her duty as a best friend. Misha thanks Tracker. Another girl grumbles and Ruhi asks her to stop complaining in life. Ruhi suggests that  they play games. The girls refuse. Misha interferes and tells that they will play 'the spooky game for the spooky night'. Misha thinks, ' God knows when I will get this chance again to have fun with my girlfriends. I need to make this fun'.

At the Club, Kabir and Angad are intoxicated.  Kabir is sitting on a sofa. He sees a girl and calls her Misha.
Kabir : Where are you going? (Kabir stumbles and goes near the girl. He puts his hands on the girls shoulders)
Girl: Who is this Misha? If you wish I can change my name...
Kabir: Why are you joking... You only are my Misha... Please don't leave me and go... Please...
Girl: Okay... Who is this Misha whom you are remembering so much? (Kabir holds the girls hand and asks not to go. Angad interferes and sends the girl from there. Kabir is angry with Angad for sending the girl away. He falls down and Angad helps him to sit upright and sits with him)
Angad: I am your Brother, right?
Kabir: I have no Brother... Everyone is trying to distance me from Misha...
Angad: Oh no no...
Kabir: I love her very much. Please bring her  to me... Please... Go... Tell Misha whatever she tells I will do like that. Wherever she says I will go... I will be the way she want... please bring Misha (Angad hugs Kabir)
Angad: I will fight with the World... but will bring Misha.  Misha is my sister in law... okay? You love Misha... Misha loves you... (Danish hears the conversation. He says in mind, 'I saw Kabir... You and your pain... Today you will look into my eyes and tell the truth'). Episode ends.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

9th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 327) Arnab Dobriyal reveals himself as Vampire Superior to Abhay

Episode 327 starts with Arnab Dobriyal getting up and going towards Abhay.  Arnab removes the hood from his face. Abhay is stunned.
Abhay: Mr Dobriyal? How did this happen?
Arnab: You are shocked Abhay? All this happened because of you. I did not know that you will get a human life because of the potion. I helped you because I thought that after you become alive you will remove Panchi's pain and make her alright. But nothing like that happened. After becoming a human, you lost all the powers. Everything ended. To save you I sacrificed my soul instead of yours. I made a deal with the Vampires. But for what? I helped such a monster to become a human who could not do anything for us. Panchi left us and went. Misha is putting her life into risk because she is all alone. And Pia... Pia is with such a human whom I hate...
Vampire: Superior... Now we can seize Abhay's soul and set your soul free.
Arnab: What do you think? I accepted this life of a monster to be free?
Vampire: Superior...
Arnab: Powers... Immense powers... Neither love nor human feelings Abhay... Take him from here... (The Vampires forcefully take Abhay from there)
Abhay: Mr Dobriyal... Mr Dobriyal, I need your help... If not for me... at least for your daughter... (Arnab pulls his hood back to his face) Mr Dobriyal please help me... (Arnab walks back to his seat) Mr Dobriyal... Pia's life is in risk... (The Vampire take Abhay out of the room).

Jeh Khurana stops the Car. He gets out of the Car and forcefully pulls Pia out of the Car.
Pia: Jeh please... What are you doing? Leave me Jeh... Leave me... (Jeh holds on her hands and forcibly takes her from there. Alina opens the boot and gets out with a iron rod in her hand and runs behind them stealthily) Jeh leave me!
Jeh: Just come with me Piya...  (Pia falls down with her hand on the ground. She cries in pain. Jeh sits near her and looks at her hand) Pia, Are you okay?
Pia: Jeh... Please leave me...
Jeh: I am sorry... I am very sorry Pia... I am not here to hurt you...
Pia: Jeh please... (Pia pulls her hand away)
Jeh: Why don't you listen to me Pia?  Show me... (Jeh holds her hand and looks at it) Why don't you listen to me? I don't want to do this... (Jeh's expression changes and he almost starts crying) I don't really understand why I am doing all this. What am I doing here... Why I came here... I just don't understand Pia... I just love you Pia... nothing more than that Pia... I love you so much... to the extent that I have never loved myself... But you don't understand... Just give me one chance Piya... I promise you... I will keep you more happy than Abhay. You don't understand me Pia... You never understood me Pia... You never saw how hurt I am... whenever I see you with him... It really hurts me Pia... Pia please... (Alina is watching them from a distance. She says in mind, 'Brother, I never knew that you were so broken from inside. I never understood you').

Abhay is pushed into the room where Chand and Hasina is kept captive and the door is closed. Abhay rushes to Hasina who is sitting on the floor. Chand is standing.
Chand: What are you doing here?
Hasina: What are you doing here? (She touches his cheek) Are you alright? Abhay... we asked you not to come to Dehradun... then why did you come back? Abhay, This people will kill you... You have to go... Chand... Just tell him. He has to go back... You have to go back...
Abhay: No Mom...I will not go anywhere... I will not leave my Parents and go anywhere. This condition of yours is only because of me. I was living my life at ease... and I forgot my Parents? I am so selfish Mom... I should have come here much earlier...You people fought a long fight for me.
Chand: You cannot do anything... It's not safe...
Abhay: But I can give those people something which they need. I will give them my soul... (Chand looks at Abhay. Hasina nods no) I understood Mom... My life is a life of debt. And I cannot leave you in this condition and live a life of freedom with Pia. I can't believe that I got so much involved in my world that I forgot both of you. And you people... You were suffering all this just because of me... You are held captive by this people only because of me... And I forgot everything. How selfish I am...
Hasina: Abhay please... Please don't blame yourself. You have come back for us...
Abhay: But I have come very late... Now your son has come... Now I won't let you bear this torture any more... even if I lose my life doing that...

Misha informs Ruhi and another girl that there will be a Party there in the night. The girls are excited. Misha tells them that she has called super hot male dancers. Misha tells Ruhi that as the best friend of the bride it is Ruhi's responsibility to arrange the Party and invite people. Ruhi agrees.

Abhay gets up and looks around the room for a way out of there.
Chand: Abhay... There is no way from here...
Abhay: No Dad... There should be definitely a way... (Abhay looks at a door. He thinks, 'Maybe this door was not opening because it cannot be opened by a Vampire. But I can touch it'. Abhay turns the door handle and pushes the door open) Mom... Dad... The door has opened... I am a human... and these walls does not mean anything to me... Come on Mom-Dad... Let's go! (Chand extents his hand for Hasina to get up. As Abhay walks out Arnab Dobriyal blocks his way. Arnab looks at him in anger)
Arnab: What did you think? This all is so easy? It was made easy... by me...
Abhay: What do you mean?
Arnab: I wanted to save you from the eyes of the other vampires. I knew that the door would open to your touch. I made it look like that. Now tell me... Where is Piya? I have already lost one child... I don't have the courage to lose Pia too... (Chand and Hasina looks at each other) Where is she? To fight with Jeh... I have to use my powers. But I do not wish that the other Vampires get into enmity with the werewolves again.
Abhay: I knew that you can't lose your humanity...
Arnab: My humanity is on my daughters Abhay... I can do anything for them. We have to save Pia... Let's go Abhay...
Abhay: Come on... (All of them get out of there).

Danish's Bachelor Party is going on. Drinks are being served and music is playing on the background. Angad compliments Kabir for the arrangements. Danish comes there and asks Kabir why he has thrown such a lavish party. Kabir offers Danish a drink but he refuses and goes from there. Kabir thinks that he has to set Danish's mood alright.

At the Dobriyal House, the girls are disappointed seeing  sandwiches and wafers. Ruhi comes there and puts just the dim lights on and asks the girls if their mood is set. The girls say Yes and asks for booze. Ruhi shows a bottle. When the girl starts to fill the glasses Ruhi asks her to fill half as it is ration. The Girl is disappointed and asks if at least the male dancers would come. Ruhi tells that a sexy dancer is coming. The door bell rings and Ruhi tells them that he has come.

The Raichands open the Khurana House door and enters.
Chand: We will not get anything here Abhay... Let's go...
Abhay: We cannot go from here without checking... We will have to check at least once... whatever happens... You and Mom look downstairs... I and Mr Dobriyal would look upstairs. (They all go searching)

Kabir tells Angad that Danish is gloomy and they will have to do something to cheer him up. He tells Angad that he has an idea. Danish is standing alone. He says in mind, 'Kabir... How much ever you try... I know that you are hiding something from me. I am your big Brother... I will get the truth out of you...I will also see how long you will hide this matter'. Kabir mixes some intoxication pills in water and asks the Waiter to take it to Danish.

Abhay and Arnab reaches the store room. Abhay calls Pia's name.
Arnab: Pia... She was here... I can smell her... (Chand and Hasina comes there)
Chand: We looked downstairs... There is no clue...
Arnab: Pia was here... But she is not here now... Jeh... Jeh took her from here. But where? (Abhay takes his mobile out of his pocket and dials a number. He is disappointed as it is switched off)
Abhay: I know how we can get to Pia... Alina... (Episode ends)

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

8th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 326) Abhay asks for Arnab’s help to save Pia Dobriyal from Jeh Khurana

Episode 326 starts with Alina Khurana finding Pia's chain from underneath the door. Alina knocks at the door and calls Pia's name but she does not respond. Alina thinks that she have to see what is inside. Alina goes to the backyard and tries to open the windows of the store room but fails. She looks through the glass but does not see anyone inside. She thinks, 'Nobody is here. Maybe I am just suspecting. Maybe Jeh is telling right... I don't have trust for my family. Jeh is hot tempered but he would not do anything like this. After all he cares so much for me... How can I doubt him?'

The Servant wearing Vampire attire enters the room where Arnab is sitting. He goes to Arnab and handovers the Card.
Servant: Here is the Card Sir...
Arnab: So some human has come to their place. That means someone is trying to get in touch with them. We will have to do something.
Servant: There is no need to do anything. It was just a Guy who worked in their company who had come to give the invitation for the wedding. (Arnab looks into the Card Cover and touches the name of Misha Dobriyal. Blood tears fall on the Card).

Misha is looking at her wedding Card. Ruhi and Angad enters the room happily. But Misha keeps looking into the Card. Angad notices that Misha is crying.
Angad: Ruhi... Misha is crying. (Angad and Ruhi starts crying)
Ruhi: Misha... I know how you are feeling. Wish I could do something...
Misha: Tracker... Why this drama? (Angad keeps crying)
Angad: Misha... No! Don't stop yourself. Today allow your costly tears to flow... Misha, It will take time to forget this hurt...
Misha: Hold on! What? Have you Guys gone mad... (Misha gets up from the cot) Stop it guys...What is wrong with both of you? I am only crying because my wedding dress is a freak show. wish I could get married wearing a jeans. (Angad stops crying. Ruhi goes to Misha)
Ruhi: What? You are crying because you don't want to wear this pretty lehenga but want to wear jeans?
Misha: Obviously!
Ruhi: Misha... Really? You are sad because of this dress only?
Misha: Yeah man...Look at this dress. Anyone will feel sad seeing this... I don't look like a bride... but like a Christmas Tree... One minute... Why are you Guys crying?
Ruhi: Because you were crying... (Angad starts crying again)
Angad: Yeah...Leave it... We both are fools.
Ruhi: Yeah Angad... You are telling the truth... We both are fools... Because of Misha we both cried... that too for no reason...and my make up also got ruined...
Angad: Yeah look!
Misha: One minute... Silence please!(Misha looks at Ruhi's face carefully) This is bad make up?
Angad: Yeah!
Misha: I thought her face is like that... Come on Guys... Don't do drama... (Ruhi looks angrily at Misha) This melodrama is too much for you also... Go to the room and wash your face (Misha turns to Angad) You too! Come on! (Ruhi and Angad goes from there) You Guys have gone mad... Go, Wash your face... Everything is fine... (Madhu watches Misha from the door. Misha says in mind, 'I hate tears! How can I become so weak? Misha... Come on... Be strong!' Misha wipes her tears. Madhu thinks, 'Misha, You can hide from your friends... but not from me. I know your heart is breaking. I am sorry my child. But Kabir does not love you'. Madhu goes from there).

Jeh is sitting and drinkling at the Bar Counter. Alina keeps her hand on his shoulder.
Alina: Jeh...
Jeh: ummm...
Alina: You are telling right! I am really sorry...
Jeh: What for?
Alina: I fought with you... I am really sorry. Jeh... I know that you get very angry these days... But I also know that we both have no one else other than each other. I know I am stupid I am silly.... But the way you got me out of the store room... and you won't let me stay over there... To tell you the truth, I felt that you are hiding something from me. So when you went from there, I went there again.
Jeh: You went there again? (Jeh gets up) Why Alina?
Alina: I got this from there (Alina shows Jay Pia's chain and locket) Pia's locket! (Jeh takes it) To tell you the truth, seeing this locket I started doubting you again... (Jeh looks at Alina for a second and immediately looks down as if guilty) I felt that you have bought Pia here... I did not want to shout at you so I went and looked through the window... But I did not get anything there Jeh..(Jeh thinks, 'Pia is not there? Then where is she?') I am so silly... This locket could have been there earlier also...
Jeh: Maybe...You are right! See Alina... I know that our relationship is very strange.  And the way you suspect me... It just... I am really sorry... I know that my anger has increased a lot these days... But Alina... You have to trust me... And please don't spy at me...
Alina: I am sorry... I know you are right... Okay, I will do one thing... I will give this locket to Misha... She would get it to Piya...
Jeh: It's okay... No problem... I will take care of it...
Alina: Anyways Jeh... I am going there... I will give to Misha... (Jeh pats on Alina's shoulder)
Jeh: Baby, It's okay... It's someone's keepsake...It is with us for a long time... I will get it polished... You go!
Alina: Fine...(Alina goes from there. Jeh wonders where Pia has gone).

Abhay is standing in front of a Building. He thinks, 'How will I reach to him? I need help. I cannot defeat Jeh alone'. Abhay says, 'I will have to meet the Superior... He only can help me'. Abhay goes nearer to the house but gets thrown away. He says, ' I will have to pass through the shield' Abhay tries again but almost falls back. A Vampire keeps his hand on Abhay's shoulder. Abhay turns and sees 2 Vampires in front of him.
Vampire: What are you doing?
Abhay: I have to see the Superior.
Vampire: Why?
Abhay: I  have such a deal after hearing which the Superior would not say no to me for anything.
Vampire: Come with us... (The Vampires walk ahead. Abhay follows)

Jeh opens the door and gets into the store room. He goes near Piya who is lying on the floor and calls her name.
Jeh: Pia... Get up? (Pia opens her eyes. Jeh pulls her up to sitting position). We have to go from here
Pia: Jeh... Where are you taking me?
Jeh: Where ever I am taking you... I am taking you far from here...
Pia: Jeh please... If you take me from here... Abhay will definitely come here. Jeh... You used to love me... What happened to your love?
Jeh: I used to love you? And who made me do all this? You! Did you love me? No! You only used me Pia... always for your benefit... for Abhay... You thought of everything... But you did not think of my heart even once... Then you did not remember all this?
Pia: loved me... At least for the sake of it have some pity on me...
Jeh: Pity? What pity are you talking about? Did you have any pity on me when I loved you like crazy... I was willing to do everything... And what did you do Pia? You only used me... for your benefit and for Abhay... Then you did not have pity on me... So don't talk about pity Pia... let's go from here... (Jeh pulls Pia up and leads her out from there)
Pia: Jeh please...

Abhay Raichand walks into the Vampire Superior's room along with the 2 Vampires. Abahy goes and stands in front of the Vampire Superior.
Arnab: Abhay Raichand...So you have come here... Tell...What made you come here?
Abhay: I wish a favor from you...
Arnab: Why do you think that I will do any favor for you? For a traitor... a human...?
Abhay: The Werewolves have made a human captive. And I wish that you help me in rescuing that human...
Arnab: Who is that?
Abhay: Pia... Dobriyal... (Arnab's fingers on the chair starts shaking) I am weak... I cannot fight them... So I wish that you help me...
Vampire: And why would we do that?
Abhay: I will give you a deal... You help me to save Pia... and I will give you my soul.

Jeh is pulling Pia along with him.
Pia: Jeh please leave me... Jeh you cannot take me from here... Jeh leave me... You will never be able to separate me and Abhay...
Jeh: What do you think Pia? I am interested in yours and Abhay's love story? You are wrong Pia... Not this time... (Jeh rashly holds on both her arms) And what do you think? You will be able to cheat on me like always? That's not done Pia... Just come with me... (Jeh walks from there pulling Pia's hand)
Pia: Jeh... leave me... Leave me! (Alina is watching them stealthily. She thinks, 'Nothing has changed Brother. I knew that you cannot change... I should not have trusted you. This time you have cheated your sister. You hurt my friends... And now I will show you... Like you I have immense powers... I am the superior of our clan... the leader... If I wish I can use those powers which you are using in the wrong way... I will not let you destroy Abhay and Pia... Never!' Alina walks from there)

Kabir organizes a Bachelors Party for Danish. He informs Angad and Danish about it. Angad is excited while Danish does not show any interest at all. Danish thinks, 'What sadness are you hiding behind your smile Kabir? Your lies is affecting 3 lives'.

Jeh is driving the car. Pia is lying on the back seat of the Car. Her hands are tied together with a rope.
Pia: Jeh... Please leave me... Please! Why are you doing all this? Just leave me... Jeh... Please... What are you doing Jeh? Leave me Jeh... (Pia tries to untie her hands. Jeh keeps driving the Car rashly. He thinks, 'I will also see Abhay...till when you will not come to me... Sorry Pia...' Alina is lying on the boot of the Car. She thinks, 'I knew Jeh... that you are doing all this for revenge. And I will never let that happen. Your fight with Abhay and Pia is only yours... nobody else is there in it with you... In the fight of revenge you are forgetting that you are fighting this battle alone. Pia and Abhay always belonged to each other and will remain the same way. And your hatred can never change that. In the battle of Vampires and Werewolves, you won Jeh... but you forgot that you would only lose in this family fight... I am more powerful than you... And this time... I will fight for my friends...') Episode ends.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

7th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 325) Abhay reaches Dehradun to rescue Pia Dobriyal

Episode 325 starts with Jeh entering the room where Pia is kept captive. Pia is sitting on the floor and crying.
Jeh: Hello Piya! (Pia wipes her tears) Oh my God... (Jeh goes and sits next to her) Pia, Please don't cry... Don't cry! (Jeh looks at his watch) Abhay should be coming any time.
Pia: He will never come. He is not going to come. He should not be coming...
Jeh: Oh! Well, He should not be coming... But you know her highness... He is fond of becoming hero. So you see... He will definitely come to save you...
Pia: You will never be able to find him Jay...
Jeh: Well... May be... You know Aarthi?
Pia: Aarthi?
Jeh: Your friend Aarthi... remember? Abhay made her call thinking that I am stupid I will not know anything. But you know I am Jeh Khurana... I know that he made her call... and in fact my every word has reached him. He will be here anytime.
Pia: No! Abhay will not come. I know that he will not come.
Jeh: Well... We will see... (Jeh gets up and walks to the door)
Pia: Jeh... Jeh please... Please don't do anything to Abhay... Jeh, I cheated on you... punish me... Jeh... (Jeh closes the door from outside and locks it. His facial expression show that he is not liking what he is doing to Pia) Jeh... Don't do like that...

Mount College Classroom. Alina walks in. Angad invites Alina to sit next to him. Alina sits on the bench. Angad tells her that he is tensed up as he does not have any idea what to give as gift on Misha and Danish's marriage. Angad pleads to Alina to give him some gift ideas. Alina asks Angad where his wife is who is full of ideas. Then they see Ruhi coming in her typical style wearing a bridal type lehenga. Angad runs to Ruhi.

Danish and Kabir is sitting and choosing Wedding cards for the Marriage. Danish shows some cards to Kabir and Kabir tells him that Misha would not like such cards. Kabir asks for simple cards which are not too girly. Danish tells him that they can choose just any card. The Guy who is showing them the cards mistakes Kabir as the groom and tells Danish to allow the Groom to choose as the groom knows the his bride's likes better. Kabir informs the Guy that Danish is the groom. Danish shows another card and Kabir approves it. Kabir looks at the card. Danish looks at Kabir and thinks, 'Kabir says that he does not love her. But in your heart and thoughts only Misha is there. Am I coming in between you two? What am I doing?'

Angad, Alina and Ruhi are standing in the classroom. Alina asks Ruhi what she is wearing. Ruhi tells her that it is the lehenga she bought to wear for Misha's wedding and since it is very expensive she thought of wearing it to the class at least once. Ruhi shouts at Angad for not wearing the clothes she asked him to wear. Angad tells Ruhi that they can talk of the clothes later also but now thay have to purchase a gift for giving at the wedding. Ruhi tells that shopping can happen in one day and they are taking tension unnecessarily and runs off to show her dress to some one. Angad pleads again with Alina to give him an idea for gift. Alina tells him that there is a beautiful silver antique piece in her family which she wants to give as gift to Misha. She tells him that it is in the store room and she just have to get it polished. Angad is impressed with her choice of gift and tells her that he has to shell out some extra money for the gift.

Pia goes to the door and bangs at it calling Jeh's name asking to open the door. She throws the furniture here and there shouting Jeh's name. She by mistake bangs her head somewhere and falls on the ground pulling a bedding along with her.

Kashyap enters Khurana House happily.
Kashyap: Khurana Sir...
Jeh: Kashyap... Because of you the phone could not be tapped. There was a phone call. (Kashyap and Jeh sits on the chairs. (Kashyap connects the phone to the laptop)
Kashyap: Abhay called?
Jeh: No... Pia's friend Aarthi called... But I am sure that Abhay made her call. Now Abhays knows everything about me. The next call is going to be Abhay. I want you to trace this call under any condition.
Kashyap: I have downloaded such a software in this that any number attach to it can be tapped. You only have to talk for a minimum 30 seconds. The mobile rings and Jeh talks to Abhay.
Jeh: Hello there... How is my dear little Vampire friend? (Abhay is still traveling in the auto)
Abhay: If anything happens to Piya I will...
Jeh: You have become a human... How are you feeling Abhay?
Abhay: Not so easily Jeh... I ahve not become a human completely. I still have some powers...and especially the power to identify my enemy... and especially the power to know that you are trying to trace this call. Too bad Jeh... It's not yet 30 seconds. (Abhay cuts the call. Jeh is annoyed)
Kashyap: 29 seconds...
Jeh: I told you before... He is smart... He is 2 steps ahead of us...

Alina Khurana enters the House and calls the servant but no one answers her. Alina wonders where he is gone. She thinks that she has to take the antique from the store room and get it polished all my herself. She goes to the store room door and pushes it. She sees that it is locked. Alina thinks that Jeh must have locked it fearing of thieves and goes to get the keys which is in her possession. Alina opens the door and gets inside the room. She goes and takes the antique box from the cupboard and admires its beauty. She thinks that Misha would like it very much after she gets it polished. Suddenly her expression changes as if she has seen something or someone.

Danish and Kabir comes to Dobriyal House. They show the wedding Card sample to Madhu who approves their choice.
Danish: Aunty... I was thinking of inviting the Raichands also...
Madhu: Why not? They used to be your Boss, right? Have not seen them for quite a while. I thought they should be out of town... We have not seen them after the incident. Call them... call them!
Danish: Aunty... You know them. They don't mingle freely with anyone. So I am thinking that I will go to their mansion and at least give them the card. Afterall... They have done so much for me...
Madhu: Danish... This is what I like best about you... How much you care for others... (Misha comes there and sits next to Madhu)
Misha: Mom... What is this? (Madhu gives the wedding card to Misha)
Madhu: This Misha is your wedding Card... How is it?
Misha: This is very good Mom...Thank God there is no flower... leaf or sweet box in it... (danish looks at Kabir)
Kabir: Good then...The cards will come in 2 days and after that we will distribute... (Misha looks at Danish and smiles at him)

Jeh comes near Alina.
Jeh: What are you doing here?
Alina: I came to take this... (Jeh takes the box from her)
Jeh: And why do you need this?
Alina: It's Misha's marriage... So I thought I will gift her...
Jeh: What is wrong? (Jeh puts it back to the cupboard) This is from our forefathers which Mom used to keep safely and you want to give this as gift on someone's marriage... If you want to give... just give them some cash... Not this! Jeh thinks, 'Where is this Piya gone? And Alina also had to come at this time?' Jeh spots Pia covered with bedding lying on the floor).
Alina: This house is mine also... And whatever things are here I also have equal rights to it like you... And I am Mom's heir...
Jeh: Just get this clear Alina... You are not Mom's heir but her murderer. Because of you Mom died...Okay? And you don't have any rights on what is in this house or family. Is that clear?
Alina: Enough Jeh...You cannot talk to me like that...
Jeh: Alina... Just get out...Move... (Jeh holds her hand and takes her outside) Don't try to come here a second time Alina... Move... I said go... (Jeh locks the door. Alina goes from there in anger. Jeh thinks, 'Thank God... Pia is here and Alina did not see her'. Jeh walks from there).

Abhay is standing in front of Khurana House gate. Abhay thinks, 'I know who can help me. I cannot fight with Jeh... But there is someone else who can do this. I have to go to that person. And maybe the favor from them might end up costly for me. But for Pia... I am willing to put my life on risk'. Abhay goes from there.

Danish is standing in front of Raichand's Mansion. He says in mind, 'Raichands mean a lot to me. If they come to the marriage I will be very happy. I hope they have returned. Nobody has seen them for 3 months'. Danish knocks the door and a servant opens it. Danish tells him that he was a manager of Raichand Industries and would like to give his wedding card to the Raichands. The servant tells Danish that the Raichands have gone somewhere and he does not have any idea when they would return. The servant asks Danish to give the card to him and tells that he would hand over the card to the Mr Raichand when they come. Danish gives the card to the Guy and asks him to tell Mr Raichand to give him a call if he comes before the marriage. The servant agrees. Danish thanks him and goes from there. The servant walks to the phone with the card and makes a call to Arnab. The Guy informs Arnab that a human had come with a card to meet the Raichand. Arnab tells him that he would like to see the card. The Guy finishes the call and walks from there.

Alina comes stealthily  in front of the store room and pushes on the door. She thinks, 'Jeh is becoming out of control. I only asked for a box... I don't have even that much right? Or maybe... Jeh is hiding something else...'. Alina notices something underneath the door and pulls it out. She recognizes it as Pia's chain. Alina thinks, 'Pia's pendant? How can it come here? Does this mean that Jeh has kept her captive here?' Alina recalls her telling Jeh that Abhay would become a human completely only after 6 full moon nights and till that time he would experience some of his vampire powers also. Alina recalls Jeh telling that he want Abhay Raichand to experience his death coming near. She recalls Jeh telling her, '6 Full moon nights and the end of Abhay Raichand'.
Alina: Oh No! (Alina knocks at the door) Pia... (Pia is lying unconscious on the floor) Pia... Pia, Are you there? (Episode ends)

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

6th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 324) Jeh Khurana kidnaps Pia to get to Abhay Raichand

Episode 324 starts with Abhay switching on the Television and seeing Pia talking to a Reporter regarding the flight delay due to strike. He then sees another Reporter talking to Jeh Khurana who is also stuck up at the Airport. Abhay sees Jeh and Pia passing each other from opposite directions unseen by each other. Abhay becomes worried. He thinks, 'Pia and Jeh at the same place? I will have to warn Pia'. Abhay dials Pia's number.

Mr Kashyap is at home. His mobile phone rings and he picks up the call from Jeh. Jeh tells him that he is coming back to Dehradun and asks if he got any information. Jeh gets angry knowing that the Guy has not got any information regarding Abhay and threatens him of the consequences. Mr Kashyap switches on the TV and sees Pia talking to the Reporter. Kashyap is happy seeing Pia and makes a call to Jeh to inform about her.

Pia is irritated because of the delay in the flight. Her mobile rings and she picks up the call from Abhay. Abhay asks her to get out of the Airport immediately. He tells her that Jeh Khurana is also in the same airport. He asks her to get out of there, take a cab and get back to home immediately. Abhay asks her to be careful and tells her to call him as soon as she sits on the Cab. Pia is annoyed and thinks when Jeh would stop following them.

Jeh talks to someone and asks to send his Car immediately so that he can do his work at Mumbai. Jeh's mobile beeps  and he picks up the call from Mr Kashyap who informs him that Pia is in the same Airport and would be somewhere near him. Jeh says, 'Here I come Pia'. Jeh goes from there to search Pia.

Chand and Arnab are talking.
Chand: There are some rules of the Vampire World. Moreover today I saw something evil in you. (Arnab turns to face Chand)
Arnab: Chand, If you think that I have any regrets about this life... then you are thinking wrong...
Chand: But your family?
Arnab: Arnab Dobriyal is dead! Now he is a living dead... a dead human... no love... no relationship or any human feeling. I only know this... To get back my soul I need your son's soul. Till the time I don't get him, I will keep you and Hasina captive.
Chand: That's a mistake... I will not let you reach to Abhay...
Arnab: You are forgetting Chand... I am much more powerful than you... I will get what I wish...
Chand: Try! (Arnab shows off his Vampire eyes and fangs. Chand also gets into his Vampire avatar to fight with Arnab.
Arnab: I am your Superior who has immense powers. You cannot defeat me. (Arnab lifts his hand toward Chand and Chand falls several feet away safely into the hands of the Vampires. Arnab orders to kill Chand).

Pia gets out of the Airport and waves to a Car. The Car stops and Pia gets in. Pia instructs the driver to take her to Napean Sea Road.  The Car goes some distance and then stops. Pia thinks, 'Why the taxi has stopped here?' Jeh removes the Cap on his head and the sunglasses.
Jeh: Welcome Pia Dobriyal! (Jeh turns towards Pia. Piya is shocked) You are welcome to this journey...
Piya: Jeh... Jeh, What are you doing here and why have you bought me here?
Jeh: Come on Pia... You do not know what I want?
Pia: Jeh... What is wrong with you? What are you doing? (Pia tries to open the door but finds it locked) Jeh, Please let me go Please... What do you want Jay?
Jeh: How much I loved you? But you could not be mine... At least I have to satisfy my heart... I thought how... I felt... by killing Abhay... (Pia nods no) How is it?
Pia: No... (Pia shouts for help. Jeh keeps his finger on lips signaling her to be silent)
Jeh: Ssshh! No body is near... Nobody will come here... Go with me... Happy Journey! (Pia shouts for help again. Jeh drives the Car from there).

Danish comes to Dobriyal House and sees Madhu lost in thoughts. Danish goes to her and asks her why she has called him there. Madhu tells Danish that she wanted to talk to him. She gives him Arnab's tie. Misha and Kabir returns from shopping as they are talking. Madhu tells Misha that she wants to talk to Danish and Misha. Misha nods in agreement.

Abhay is worried and trying to call Pia but finds her mobile switched off. Abhay packs his bag and trying calling Piya again. He is worried thinking where she might be as her phone is switched off. He thinks, ' What sort of helplessness is this. I got human weaknesses also along with human life. I cannot know what is in Pia's mind. Where will I search for you Piya? How will I reach to you? I will have to reach you... I have to reach you...'.

Jeh brings Pia to Khurana House and pushes her into a room.
Pia: Jeh... Jeh please... (Pia falls on the floor) What the hell do you want?  (He goes near her)
Jeh: You remember this house Piya? This is where you played the drama of love with me... Remember?
Pia: Jeh... Just stay away from me , okay? How much ever you wish... I will never be yours... (Jeh runs his fingers at the back of Pia and takes her phone out)
Jeh: I do not wish for you Pia... I need this...
Pia: What? My phone?
Jeh: Your phone... You will make a call from this to your darling Abhay and he will come running here...
Pia: No... I will not phone Abhay... I will never call him here...
Jeh: If you do do that work... your phone will do...
Pia: No!
Jeh: See you around! (Jeh gets up and goes out of the room. Pia calls his name. Jeh closes the door from outside).

Madhu tells Danish that she has spoken to the Pandit and he has given the auspicious time for marriage the  coming Saturday. Danish asks Madhu to ask Misha. Misha tells Madhu that she thinks that things are happening too fast. Madhu tells her that she has been preparing for the marriage for a long time and will handle everything. Madhu tells Misha and Danish that their marriage would happen on the next Saturday. Kabir congratulates Danish and Misha. Madhu takes Misha aside and tells her that her love for Kabir only would bring her sorrow as Kabir does not love her. Misha tries to deny her feelings for Kabir in front of Madhu but fails to convince her. Misha tells Madhu that she was only telling not to hurry about the marriage and wait for some time. Madhu harshly tells her Misha that her marriage would happen in the coming week and asks her to get ready.

Pia is sitting on the floor. She says in mind, 'Abhay, Don't fall into Jeh's trap... please... Do not come back to this city Abhay... Nothing will happen to me... I am alright... But if you come here, this people will never leave you. You and me fought a long fight for our love. Now when we are together... this new storm has come. But Abhay... do not let Jeh win. Don't let him win'.

Jeh is sitting near the fire side. He says, 'Come on Abhay, Call me... What are you waiting for? Call me... (Mr Kashyap comes there)
Kashyap: Sir... You would be happy that I finally did your work...
Jeh: Sit! (Mr Kashyap sits on the empty chair next to Jay). Tell me!
Kashyap: I have come to take the rest of the money.
Jeh: Money...So you are agreeing that you do this all for money... At least for the greed of money  you do your work... I have a deal? Do you wish to double your money?
Kashyap: How Sir?
Jeh: Get me Abhay...
Kashyap: Abhay... Sir, That girl is here. Sir, If you call Abhay from the girls phone ... Abhay will come here on his own...
Jeh: How much I know Abhay you do not know... He is smart... He will not come...
Kashyap: So you talk to him for just 30 seconds... I will track his phone. If he does not come, I will find him.
Jeh: So... You are telling that you can tap his phone... (Kashyap nods)
Kashyap: Yes Sir!
Jeh: For 30 seconds...
Kashyap: Yeah!
Jeh: Okay!
Kashyap: So... I will go and bring the phone tracking software...
Jeh: Okay... (Mr Kashyap goes from there)

Abhay is traveling by auto. He makes a call. A girl who was cutting vegetables in a kitchen lifts the phone.
Girl: Hello Abhay...
Abhay: Aarthi... I want a favor from you...
Aarthi: Tell me...
Abhay: Aarti... Call Pia and ask her where she has kept the assignments file.
Aarthi: Waht nonsense! You stay with her...then why this spying...
Abhay: Aarthi... I don't have time... Do what is said...
Aarti: Okay... Lover's fight...right?
Abhay: Aarthi...
Aarthi: Okay...alright... It is a small favor so I will am doing...
Abhay: And yeah... Aarthi don't forget to put me on conference call.
Aarthi: Wow! This is becoming a spying novel type...Are you spying on Piya or what?
Abhay: Aarthi...
Aarthi: Okay baba done! I am doing... (She dials Pia's number).

Jeh is lost in thoughts. His mobile phone rings. Jeh is angry as Kashyap is not back with the software to tap the phone call. Jeh lifts the call.
Aarthi: Hello! Pia... Aarthi here... Actually I wanted to borrow your HR book from you...
Jeh: Pia is not near...
Aarthi: Who?
Jeh: I am Abhay... (The girl is startled)
Aarthi: That I... wanted book from Pia...
Jeh: No problem... You tell me where you are... I will bring the book there... Hello... Aarthi... (Aarthi cuts the call. Jeh says, 'Abhay... How long will you escape? You will call some time or the other. I am gonna get you Abhay!'

Abhay is in the auto. He thinks, 'I thought right. Jeh has kept Pia with him. He has kidnapped Pia. Jeh Khurana... Don't take me as weak'. (Episode ends).

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Monday, December 5, 2011

5th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 323) Arnab Dobriyal reveals himself as the Vampire Superior to Chand Raichand

Episode 323 starts with Abhay Raichand taking the phone from Piya and informing Madhu Dobriyal that Pia is coming to Dehradun. He cuts the call.
Pia: Abhay, What are you saying?
Abhay: I am telling what is right. Pia... I cannot see you worried for your family like this. I am not that selfish.
Pia: But going there is very dangerous.
Abhay: Pia... Danger came to us here also. We cannot run away from danger. And talking about me... Pia, You left your family and everything and came here with me. But now they need you... You know what is the most beautiful thing about you? You love your family so much. If I come in between you and your family... I will never be able to face myself.
Pia: Abhay... You are very nice...
Abhay: And you... will go to Dehradun... alone...
Pia: Abhay... I will remember you a lot... But your going there is very dangerous... I know Jeh won't do anything to me... But if you come there, I know he will definitely try something. I will miss you Abhay...
Abhay: It is a matter of few days... (They hug)

At the Dobriyal House, Misha is sitting with her hand on her head. Kabir goes and sits near her.
Kabir: How are you feeling now?
Misha: I am okay... But what happened to me?
Kabir: You don't know what happened? (Misha nods no) Idiot... You had taken sleeping pills...
Misha: What? (Misha recalls mixing the sleeping pills in the sweet) Oh God... Kabir... Kabir, Trust me... I did not eat that tablet purposely. I had put this in the sweet for Alina's bodyguards but they were not having it alone... How dumb am I?
Kabir: Are you serious? You were scheming on your engagement day? Misha... what if anything would have happened to you? All the guests thought that you took the tablets for some other reason. On top of that... Do you know what you did in that state of yours?
Misha: What did I do?
Kabir: You put the engagement ring on me... (Kabir shows his hand)
Misha: But this was what had to be done... right?
Kabir: No... No Misha...Your engagement had to happen with Kabir...
Misha: Danish... Kabir, Danish...
Kabir: Yeah... I am sorry... Danish. Misha, I will wait for you outside... You get fresh and come... we have to go for shopping. (Madhu is standing outside the room behind the door. Kabir goes from the room. Madhu says in mind, 'Kabir loves you Misha. Danish... wish you were here Pia... You would have handled everything. Misha, I cannot see you in this condition'. Madhu goes from there)

Haseena is sitting on the ground inside the space in between the lighted candles. She is looking weak and tired.
Hasina: Chand... I can't take this anymore... (Chand is standing next to her)
Chand: No Hasina... You have to hold on... (Hasina falls on the ground) Hasina... Hasina don't let go... (Hasina struggles to get up and sits. Chand looks around like a caged tiger. A Vampire opens the door and looks inside).
Vampire: What happened?
Chand: One chance... If Hasina stays here she will finish... You have to help us, Please!
Vampire: This is what we wanted...
Chand: Look! We need an opportunity to mean the Superior...
Vampire: Traitors do not get a second chance... What you did with us... the punishment is only death.
Chand: We are not traitors... You have to give us one chance... We did what was right at that time. We did not cheat on our clan anytime... (Hasina is miserable) You know that we did it for saving Abhay... We did, moreover, to save our own clan... for that we had to back off from the battle... You are my friend... So I am asking you... Will you allow me one chance? One chance for us to meet the superior...(Hasina is taking harsh breathes)
Vampire: I will talk to the Superior... But do not keep hope Chand... (The Vampire closes the door from outside. Chand looks at Hasina who is miserable and lying on the ground)
Chand: Hasina...

A Auto stops in front of the Airport. Abhay and Piya gets down. Abhay takes Pia's luggage out of the Auto.
Pia: Thank you... Abhay, I am not liking it to leave you here and go...
Abhay: Pia, This is a matter of some days... Can anyone separate you and me? (Pia smiles. Abhay teases her taking another girls name)
Pia: I will hit you...
Abhay: After all the troubles I went through to get you... I don't think I will be able to leave you. I became a human from Vampire for you. I cannot even think of anyone else other than you...(Pia smiles) I love you!
Pia: I love you too Abhay... (She hugs him)
Abhay: Pia, This is a matter of a few days... After that I will become a human completely. After that there would be no one between you and me. And this time your family needs you...
Pia: Okay...
Abhay: Pia, What is your flight number?
Pia: IC 816 (Pia says bye to Abhay and walks from there with her luggage. She then turns and waves at him. Abhay waves back and looks on as she goes from there).

A Car stops in front of the Airport.  Jeh Khurana gets down and walks a few steps. His mobile rings and he stops to attend it. He gets angry and irritated hearing that his flight is cancelled and he informs the caller that he is already at the Airport. Jeh asks when the next flight is and asks the caller when the next flight is. He tells that he cannot afford to be late as he has some important meeting to attend. Jeh asks for the next flight details and he is informed that it is IC 816. Jeh walks from there.

The Vampire Superior sits on his throne like a king. It is Arnab. He is wearing a black cloak and his face is partially covered by the hood. Many hooded Vampires are standing in the room. A Vampire comes to the room.
Vampire: What are you doing here?
Arnab: Now whoever orders... It is me... Your superior has handed over the powers to me...
Vampire: How can this happen?
Arnab: That is none of your business... You just have to obey my order...
Vampire: We have kept two of our members captive. They are getting punishment for being traitors. But they wish for a chance... They wish for justice from you... Our superior had given them punishment. I think we should hear what they have to say... but give them the punishment of death in the end. This is the punishment for Hasina and Chand.
Arnab: This is not your decision. Bring them to me.
Vampire: But...
Arnab: Enough! Don't forget on which chair I am sitting... If you do not obey me, You will be called a traitor.
Vampire: Pardon me Superior... But the way Chand and Hasina has cheated on us... for that even this punishment is less...
Arnab: Could be! But that does not mean that we do not give them a chance... They have asked for justice... and they will get justice...
Vampire: You mean... we give them back their powers?
Arnab: You leave that to me... What ever I do... they will feel that I have done them a favor... I will have to do this for their lifelong loyalty... Go... and bring them... (The Vampire goes from there after bowing to Arnab).

Kabir and Misha comes to a Cloth Shop. The shop attendant leads them to the rack where Sari's are hung. Misha looks through the rack. She does not like anything and looks into more racks as Kabir patiently waits. She looks into a red Sari as if she liked it and then leaves that Sari and goes from there.
Shop Attendant: It is really wonderful... Mam made you roam around the entire showroom... but you have so much patience...
Kabir: She is the bride... She would take time...

Pia comes into the passenger waiting area and sits on a chair. Jeh is seated on the row behind, facing away from Pia.

Misha picks up the Red Sari and goes from there to try it.
Shop Attendant: Sir, You may be tired... shall I bring you a chair?
Kabir: No... I am fine, thanks!
Shop Attendant: Sir... You will take Tea, Coffee or anything?
Kabir: No Mam... please don't bother... You are very sweet. Thank you!
Shop Attendant: Sir, You are the one who is sweet. What you do for your fiancee... that much my fiancee does not do for me... He will go to one shop and go mad...
Kabir: Mam... I... (Misha comes there)
Misha: Kabir, This is perfect!
Kabir: Alright!
Misha: Excuse me... We will take this!
Shop Attendant: Mam... You are very lucky. Your Fiance is very sweet. He will keep you happy always. He loves you a lot.
Kabir: Look...look... Mam... She is not my fiancee... She is my Brother's fiancee.... So if you don't mind...
Shop Attendant: I am really sorry Sir... I thought...
Kabir: That's okay!
Shop Attendant: Mam, I will get it packed... (The Shop Attendant takes the Sari from Misha and goes from there. Kabir and Misha looks at each other and then turns away from each other. Misha imagines Kabir putting his hands on her shoulder and they both happy and smiling. She then comes to reality and turns towards Kabir ).
Kabir: Misha... Let's go!
Misha: yeah! Let's go pay the bill... (Kabir and Misha goes from there)

Chand is standing in front of the Vampire Superior.
Chand: Superior... I have not been disloyal to the clan so far... We did what we felt right. Abhay's existence was in danger. We did not have any other option. Where Hasina is at the moment... if she stays there for more time, she will be destroyed. I am requesting you... Please let us go! (Chand bows Vampire style and slowly lifts his head up. He recognizes the Vampire Superior as Arnab Dobriyal seeing the partial face which is not covered by the hood. Chand is shocked. Arnab lifts his hood revealing himself to Chand).
Chand: Arnab Dobriyal...
Arnab: What happened Chand? Are you not able to understand how I became like you?
Chand: Can I talk to you something? Alone...
Arnab: Why alone?
Vampire: You have no right to talk to the Superior Chand... Your hearing is over... Now go from here...
Chand: I wish to know... What are you doing in this darkness...
Arnab: his darkness is now my Slave Chand... Now this darkness makes me powerful... It gives me power!
Chand: With power comes responsibility... The place where you are now is a very responsible position. Hope you realize that... May I talk to you? (Arnab gives a slight nod and signals with his eyes. The Vampires in the room go from there leaving Chand and Arnab together).

Jeh is walking through the Airport and a girl from media approaches him and asks if the flight delay has affected him. Jeh tells her that he is getting late and not to disturb him. He goes from there. The same Reporter approaches Pia and she answers their query. But when the girl asks if she is Pia Dobriyal who used to do modelling she refuses to acknowledge it and goes from there. A male reporter approaches Jeh and asks how he  is feeling because of the flight delay.  Jeh gives a pissed off answer and goes from there.

Arnab and Chand are standing.
Chand: How did this happen? You were a nice human... A good father... a good husband...and how did you come into this world of dead humans? Why?
Arnab: I did not choose this life Chand. My life was seized away from me.I was given punishment... Punishment! (Episode ends)

PreCap: The Dictative informs Jeh Khurana that Pia Dobriyal is also in the same Airport and she also is a passenger for the same flight. The Guy tells that Pia is near Jeh only and asks him to search her.

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Friday, December 2, 2011

2nd December 2011 Written Update (Episode 322) Madhu Dobriyal finds out about Kabir and Misha’s love affair

Episode 322 starts with Jeh Khurana finishing his presentation. He spots Pia sitting with a file covering her face. Jeh asks her to get up and answer his question. The girl sitting one bench before Pia raises her hand. The girl asks Jay if he would give internship for students in his Company. He tells her that they can enroll for internship. He then thanks the students and Teacher and leaves the class. After Jeh goes Pia puts her file on the table and keeps her hands on head.

Misha is sitting and sleeping by leaning to Kabir's shoulder. Kabir looks at the engagement ring on his finger. Madhu goes near them. Kabir gets up and goes from there not knowing what to say in the situation. Madhu sits next to her. Misha puts her hand around Madhu's shoulders and goes to sleep again.

Jeh comes out of the College and gets into his Car. He asks the driver to go to Colaba. An auto comes and stops next to the Car. Abhay gets down and pays the Auto. The Driver slides the glass down and asks the way to the highway. Jeh suddenly senses Abhay's presence and slides the glass down and looks as Abhay walks from there. Jeh asks the driver to stop the Car and gets down. He runs towards the College. Inside the college he looks around and wonders where Abhay is gone. He says in mind, 'That has to be Abhay. If he is in the College... I will find him. Abhay Raichand, I am coming to you'. Jeh walks from there.

Madhu is walking in Misha's room. She says in mind, 'Today Misha spoiled everything. She insulted in front of everyone...Arnab, If you would have been here today... I would have taken your support. If you would have been here maybe we would have been able to control Misha. She finished everything. She made us look small in front of everyone. (Madhu sits on the cot) Arnab, Where are you? Why did you leave me alone in all this?' Madhu's hand slips underneath the pillow and she pulls out a Diary from there. She sees that it is Misha's diary and wonders when Misha started maintaining a dairy. She reads through the diary in which Misha has written her feelings for Kabir, 'Dear Diary...I always used to think that losers write on Diary. Don't feel bad, Okay? But now I feel that sometimes the thoughts become so complicated that to bring the back to point it is essential to write them somewhere. So you see... I am getting a feeling for the first time which I never got before. Kabir is my best friend. Our friendship is from childhood but today for the first time I got a different feeling on seeing him. It is very confusing man... How can I love Kabir? What will happen to our friendship? But then... It just feels right! It feels like till now whatever I was doing was all pretense. The true life will start now... with Kabir... He loves me. I was thinking that how I could give my heart to someone...what if he breaks my heart? But with Kabir... It would not happen...because one friend would never break the heart of another friend... So I guess that I wish to say that I have fallen in love... I love Kabir'. Madhu is distressed after reading the diary.  She thinks, 'Kabir and Misha love each other and then also... Misha agreed to marry Danish for my sake...What sort of Mother I am that I did not ask my daughter even once what is in her heart...How can I be so selfish? Please forgive me Misha... please forgive me...' Tears flow from Madhu's eyes.

Abhay finds Pia in front of the classroom. He goes near her.
Abhay: Pia...
Pia: Abhay...We will have to go from here (Abhay keeps his hands on her shoulders)
Abhay: Pia... What happened? You are alright?
Pia: I will tell you later... We will have to get out of here...
Abhay: Pia... Tell me what happened...(....) Pia... I was having a feeling from the morning today that something bad is going to happen... and in all that Jeh is involved... and that happened...
Pia: Jeh had come here to give us lecture...
Abhay: What? Jeh was our Guest Lecturer?
Pia: Yes Abhay... But now he has become even more powerful and arrogant. There is only hatred on his face... Even when he was smiling it was looking evil...
Abhay: Jeh has come here for some purpose...
Piya: Yeah... He promised to give internship to 3 people...
Abhay: It is all fake... He is telling lies... I know him very well... He only want to hide his truth. (Abhay suddenly notices Jeh and runs from there pulling Pia along with him. Jeh comes there and looks around. He sees the Principles room and gets inside).

Jeh: Sir, I want to check all your college records. (The Principal looks at Jeh) Sir... I am talking to you... I want to check all the records of this college please...
Principal: Mr Khurana... You have come to my Office without permission and you are ordering me? Our college gave you respect and called you here... And you are behaving like this? You are forgetting Mr Khurana that how much a person becomes big, gain respect or make money... good manners cannot be bought.(Jeh is irritated but composes himself)
Jeh: Sir, I am really sorry... I actually spoke to Mrs Agarwal... Our Company is very interested to give to your students. In this regard... I would like to see some profiles. The matter is that... I am getting late for a meeting... so I spoke in a hurry... I am really sorry... I was a little harsh...
Principal: It is alright. But maybe Mrs Agarwal forgot to tell me...
Jeh: Yeah maybe... maybe she has forgotten....
Principal: I have the records on the computer...I will show you... (Jeh goes to the Principal's side)
Jeh: Then it would be easy... I will looks from here... (Jeh looks at the details the Principal is showing).

Abhay and Pia overhears a girl talking to another girl . The girl says to her friend that jeh Khurana is looking into every student's profile from the office computer and the job would be given to the student with best profile.
Pia: Abhay... Waht will we do?
Abhay: Pia... Jeh will find us in any condition.
Pia: No... That cannot happen... If Jeh finds us he will kill you... Abhay, I am so scared...
Abhay: Pia... Pia relax... There is no use panicking... We will ahve to think of something...
Pia: We will have to think of something fast... We do not have time...
Abhay: Pia... I have an idea...
Pia: What?
Abhay: Come with me... (Abhay holds her hand and takes her away from there)

Angad comes near Kabir who is looking worried.
Angad: Kabir... This all... What Misha has done...
Kabir: Angad...I am not understanding anything... I think she was not in her senses... I will have to go and fix this... (Angad stops him)
Angad: Stop... Just relax... I am your brother... Kabir...This sacrifices and all are old matters... I already told you whatever was happening was wrong. Misha is made for you and you for Misha... And what can be more important than that?
Kabir: Angad... You are not understanding the matter...
Angad: You again started? Just answer one question of mine... This Danish who is marrying Misha... who lost Panchi recently... What do you think? He will be able to keep Misha happy? Look Kabir... I trust you... You will keep Misha happy forever...
Kabir: Angad... You do not understand the matter... Our situation is different...
Angad: Okay... I am not understanding... What you tell I will try to understand... You consider me as a Brother...don't you? Give me an answer... If you are ruining yours and Misha's love... there should be definitely some reason behind it... You tell me that reason once... If I am convinced... whatever you say I will do...
Kabir: Angad...There is no such...
Angad: You love Misha... (Danish overhears this).

Abhay is sitting in front of the Computer. He goes to St Ignatius College site in the Computer. Jeh is looking through the students name list.
Pia: If Jeh sees this he will find both of us... (Abhay makes some modifications in the list)
Abhay: Perfect! Pia... This is the list of those people whose applications were rejected by the College. We are replacing their names with our bio data and hack this and put to server.
Pia: You mean that if Jeh look for us... the names of these people will come...
Abhay: Exactly... And your name will be... Arpita... Arpita Thakur and I Karan Malhotra. (Abhay smiles. Pia is also happy and they give a high five. Jeh asks the Principal to show the list of students whose names start with A. Jeh is disappointed and asks for the names of students whose name starts with P. Jeh is disappointed. He thinks, 'Not in this list also? That means... Abhay is not in this College...How can this happen? I felt his presence... He was here...')

Danish oes near Kabir.
Danish: You lied to your Brother that you do not love Misha...
Kabir: Brother...There is no such matter... (Danish stops him from talking)
Danish: Listen to me... Have you gone mad? I agree to get engaged to Misha because you told me that you do not love Misha. And afetr Panchi going... the responsibility of the family was mine... The truth is that I cannot give Misha love like Panchi. And in this neither can she be happy... nor I... And you... What are you doing? Look Kabir... Life is very long... You cannot pawn your life for the sake of emotions...
Kabir: Brother, I do not understand why you are giving me lecture... I told you earlier also that I do not love Misha. It was just a fling... And that also did not happen with us... We are just friends. We made the mistake of thinking that friendship as love... You marry Misha... By marrying her you can support the family... think of it! Panchi's family needs you. I am telling you the truth... I do not love her... (Madhu overhears Kabir telling again to Danish that he does not love Misha)

Jeh comes out of the Principals Office. He thinks, 'Where would he be? How long will he hide from my eyes? Today is the full moon day... I will find you Abhay...' Jeh walks from there.

Pia: Thank God... If Jeh would have found he would not have left us... (Abhay gets up)
Abhay: Don't worry Pia... Jeh will never be able to find us... Especially with this data... never! (They laugh) I will go and see if Jay is in the College premises or have gone...
Pia: Okay... I will talk to Momma by phone by then...
Abhay: Okay... (Abhay goes from there. Pia also takes her books and walks from there).

Madhu is looking distressed and crying. She wipes her tears. Madhu's mobile rings and she lifts the call from Pia and says hello. Pia senses that Madhu had been crying and demands to know the reason. Madhu tells her that in an unconscious state Misha put the engagement ring on Kabir instead of Danish. Madhu tells that Misha still loves Kabir but she heard Kabir telling that he does not love Misha at all.
Madhu: I am confused... Misha is keeping everything in her mind and got ready to marry Danish...and on the other side... Kabir's behavior... I am not able to understand... Misha and Kabir... were they sacrificing their love for my sake? Or... It is me who did not understand what is in the mind of my children... What sort of a mother am I?
Pia: Momma... Why are you blaming yourself like this? Sometimes such situations come which are not in our control.
Madhu: After your Papa and Panchi has gone... I have become even more alone... I am trying to compose myself... but it is difficult... Everybody has left me and gone...
Pia: Momma... I am very sorry... I left you all and came here... I was very selfish... But what else could I have done Momma? I am really sorry... Wish I was there with you Momma... but don't cry like this Momma... What will happen to everyone? Momma... Listen to me... You... (Abhay takes the phone from Pia's hands to talk)
Abhay: Pia is coming to you... Today itself...  (Episode ends)

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