Friday, October 29, 2010

29th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 10) Abhay insults Piya for Gate Crashing without an Invite to the Raichands Party

Episode 10 starts with Abhay catching Piya from falling to the ground. They keep staring into each other’s eyes. All are worried and come running to check to see if Piya is alright. They all see Abhay and Piya eyelock. Then the light comes on and Piya gets out of Abhay's hands. Panchi asks Piya if she is alright. Piya says she lost balance but she is fine and asks for a 2 minute break which Panchi gives her. Misha makes Piya sit on a chair and offers her water. Tanushree accuses Piya of throwing tantrums and offers to help Abhay in rehearsing the scene. She climbs the Balcony and then starts her fainting act saying "Abhay I'm going to faint, Abhay I’m going to faint" and falls from the Balcony with a thud and Abhay walks away without giving a damn. Misha comes near T who is acting senseless with her dirty socks in her hand and puts it up to T's nose and T gets up.

The scene moves to Raichand Mansion where Haseena is ensuring that the arrangements are complete by ordering the servants. Abhay tells her that he thought they are supposed to keep a low profile and now why they are throwing the party. She replies that the people in Dehradun likes to talk about things and that they are going to give them a topic to talk on by giving a perfect party. The scene moves to the Dobriyal House where Misha’s father convinces his family to attend Raichand’s party. Misha and Panchi are getting ready for the party. Piya refuses to go with them. Kabir calls Piya to attend the Raichand’s party as his date which she politely refuses. Kabir asks her for a date the next day and Pia agrees. Madhu and Panchi leave to the party seeing that Misha would be late and asks her to come with the driver. Misha asks Piya to select one of her dresses for the date with Kabir the next day and she agrees. Misha gets ready and leaves for the Party but she forgets her invitation for the party at home. The watchman refuses to let Misha in without an invite so she calls Piya to come give her the invitation so she can get in the party and her mom will not yell at her for not remembering to bring the invitation. Piya who was trying the dress for the date with Kabir immediately leaves the house with the invite for Misha. But in a hurry to get out she does not notice the invitation falling out of the cover and reaches Raichands house with an empty envelope. Since Misha did not want her mother to know that she forgot the invite at home Misha decides to gate crash for the party with the help of Piya. While they are getting in Piya dress gets torn at the back. Abhay catches Piya and Misha sneaking into the party and insults Piya for gate-crashing into it. He asks her what she doing all is dressed up when she is not invited for the Party. Piya tells him that she came to help Misha and that she is not interested in the stupid party. Abhay does not believe her and tells her if she wants to attend the party she can but do not tell lies. Piya goes back to where she came from with Misha and is confronted by Abhay who further insults her and asks her to get lost.

Precap: Haseena asks Abhay what he was doing. She tells him that she only looks like her but she is not her. She further tells him that if he cannot stop himself then he should try to keep a distance from her. Abhay tells her that he understands and that is why he did not invite her to the party. He adds that he does not even like to see her face. Haseena asks him if that is so what he was doing with her. She tells him that everyone watched it and if such things keeps on happening then everyone are going to start asking questions.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

28th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 9) Abhay catches Piya when she falls from the Balcony

Episode 9 starts with Piya telling Misha and Panchi that Abhay saved her from being hit by the truck using his hands and both do not believe her. Misha tells Piya that she is a great storyteller and jokes that if Abhay is a superman his red underpants are not seen. Panchi asks Piya if she is falling in love with Abhay to which she says that she cannot fall in love with a spoilt brat like Abhay. Misha teases Panchi and both of them start fighting. Their mom comes to stop them and both are still fighting. Madhu asks Piya to stay for dinner when she sees that Piya is ready to leave. Piya refuses saying that she does not want to reach the hostel late and needs to go. She comes to the hall and sees some old pictures of Dobriyal family. She goes for a closer look and Mr. Dobriyal comes from back and tells about the memories attached to each picture. Then he asks that there must be some childhood memories with her also and she says there are some faint memories with my mom. Arnab Dobriyal offers her lift to the Hostel but Piya rejects it. She goes to the door and turn around to see a happy Dobriyal family teasing each other.

The next day at the class the students are having fun in the class when the history teacher comes and asks them about INA. She asks Kabir and T and another girl who could not answer. Abhay comes to the classroom door then and teacher tells him that he is late. Abhay enters the class and proceeds to the bench to sit without giving an explanation. The teacher asks him that you have attitude only or do you have brain also? Abhay then answers the question by giving a brief history of Ina and everyone looks at him in disbelieve. Misha is impressed and says that he has drunk the Wikipedia. Teacher says Good and he goes and sits beside Pia. Piya asks him why he is sitting near her. Abhay replies that if he does not sit with her he has to sit with that girl who will eat his brain (T) and by sitting with Piya he is safe as she is not interested in talking with him. The Class gets over and all of them get out. Abhay also is about to get out when he hears Tracker telling another girl that Abhay saved Piya. Abhay gets mad. The class is empty with only Abhay and Pia in the class. Abhay blasts at Piya as to why she told everyone about how he saved her and why is she making stories about him. He warns Piya of the consequences when he finds out that the students are talking about him saving Piya's life. Piya says that if it is his tactics to talk to her then talk like a normal human being for which Abhay replies that he is not normal and that he saved her life and leaves the class.

At the Drama Club Kabir talks to Panchi and tells her that he has no differences with Panchi over choosing Abhay for the role of Romeo. Tanushree informs everyone that she's attending the Raichands party where charity cases are not allowed hitting at Piya. Abhay comes late for the rehearsal. Piya and Abhay rehearse for the play. They use an alternative balcony as Misha forgot to bring the prop from home. Piya tells Kabir that his balcony is shaky and he assures her that he is there to catch her in case she falls. Pia gets up on the balcony structure and Abhay says his lines. Pia looks deep into his eyes and forgets her lines. Abhay reminds her that she forgot her lines. Just then the Balcony shakes and Piya loses her balance and falls down. Kabir move towards Piya but Abhay catches her from falling and they stare into each other’s eyes.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

27th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 8) Abhay saves Piya from being hit by the Truck

Everyone is angry with T for choosing Abhay to play the part of romeo. While Kabir and Piya is chit chatting Abhay comes and says that they are blocking his way. Abhay comes to the Drama Club and tells Panchi that he heard that she had a problem with him for which Kabir replies that it is not only her but all of them have a problem with him. Abhay asks Kabir to come and talk from front and not the back. Kabir and Abhay have a tiff and Panchi stops them and asks both of them to enact a part of the play so that she can decide who will play the role of Romeo. Abhay insists on letting only Panchi decide about the casting of Romeo. Kabir and Abhay both play their parts as Romeo. The Drama Club members are impressed by Abhay’s acting skills and he wins by 70% votes. But still Abhay insists that it would be Panchi’s decision as to who would play Romeo. Panchi tells that her vote is for Abhay hearing which Danish and Kabir walks off. Piya gets angry at Abhay and accuses him of creating conflict between 3 friends. She asks him what sort of guy he is. For which Abhay replies,'the kind of Man you would never get’.

At Dobriyal House Danish is upset as Panchi's father is trying to help him by setting up a business for him. Danish tells Panchi that he wants to prove himself and doesn't need help. The scene moves to Misha and Piya. Piya is angry and irritated and is jogging with Misha late at night through the forest road. Misha then receives a call from Kabir and asks Piya to carry on but not divert from the main road. Piya is attracted by the bird’s voices and moves into the forest and loses her way. Piya just comes out of the road and was about to be hit by a truck when Abhay comes like wind and stops the truck with his hands. Piya is shocked and asks him how he did it. Abhay replies that he did not do anything he only pulled her out of the way. Piya tells him that she saw it. Abhay tells her that he would not come every time to save her and that she is in shock and imagining things. Abhay asks the driver to leave. As the truck goes away Piya almost faints and Abhay catches her. By then Misha comes and pulls Piya from Abhay. Abhay warns Misha not to touch him again or beware of the consequences and leaves. Misha asks Piya what happened. Piya tells her that she would tell later but first need to get out of there.

Abhay reaches his home and Haseena questions him on why he went to the river side. Abhay replies that if he would not have saved her she would have died. Haseena tells him that by saving Piya he created problem for them and his mistake would cost them dearly.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

26th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 7) The influence of the Raichands

Episode 7 starts with Piya at the door of Raichand’s House to return Abhay’s Mobile phone which he had dropped in the college. Abhay tries to close the door on Piya when she says mobile phone. He seizes the mobile phone from her and is about to close the door on her again when Haseena Raichand asks who it is. Abhay opens the door and Haseena hides her momentary shock on seeing Piya and talks nicely to her. She asks Abhay to see Piya out of the house. Abhay behaves rudely to Piya and tells her that she can now leave. Piya gets irritated by Abhay’s attitude and Abhay tells her that she could have returned the phone at the college and maybe she came to his house to spy on him. Piya replies that if she wanted to spy on her she would have gone though his phone and Abhay gets angry.

The next day Abhay comes to the drama club and says that he will play the role of Romeo. Panchi says that all the parts are been given for which Abhay says that he will be Romeo and takes the script and sits down on the chair. Panchi tells him that you can't get everything because of your power. May be you could get the principal suspended but the drama club is not under the management but governed by Students Body Association so your influence would not work here. Abhay repeats that he will be Romeo. Danish tries to calm him by saying not to stretch the matter as the casting is already done and it is best for Abhay to leave. Abhay replies, ‘Tomorrow same place, same time I'll be ready with my lines’ and leaves. The scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Abhay's parents asks the new Principal who is their friend to make sure Abhay adjusts in the college and he says not to worry I'll make him this year’s best student even if he doesnt try. Haseena asks Abhay if he went to the Drama Club. Abhay replies that he went there and said that he was going to play the part of Romeo but the students were not too happy. The Principal assures Abhay’s Parents that Abhay will play the role of the Romeo.

Next day Principal calls Panchi to his office and tells her that Abhay would play the role. Panchi tells the drama club students that they would not do the play until management says sorry to them. The new principal comes and says that there is no need for that and reminds her that if there is a difference of opinion regarding the role from her side the other President of the Drama Club gets to choose. Principal asks for Tanushree’s opinion and T tells him that Abhay would play Romeo.

Precap : Piya is about to get hit by a truck and Abhay comes and stops the truck with his hands. (Do I need to say that it reminded me of Edward saving Isebella Swan from getting hit by the truck in Twilight?)

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Monday, October 25, 2010

25 October 2010 Written Update (Episode 6) Abhay Raichand at Principal's Office

Episode 6 starts with Abhay Raichand making an entry at the Mount College. The girls are happy at the sight of a hot guy joining college and starts talking about him. Tanushree says that nobody stands a chance in front of her to woo the Guy. T follows Abhay and asks him for a date which he ignores. Abhay enters the Principal's room and sits on a chair opposite him. Principal asks him what he wants and tells him that he did not ask Abhay to sit nor has he called him for a meeting. He asks for Abhay’s marksheet for which Abhay rudely replies that you can ask questions and nothing else. The principal get furious at Abhay's arrogant behavior and attitude. He tells to present his papers and starts shouting while many girls are watching from outside. Abhay turns aside and Principal says you do not deserve to stay here and takes the name plate of the principal in his hands and leaves.

T tries to stop Abhay again telling that she has seen him somewhere and she never forgets a face. Abhay replies that your face is easy to forget. T tells Abhay that he is being rude for which Abhay replies that she is too fast and walks off. Hearing Abhay’s reply Ruhi starts laughing and T says he does not know that he is going to follow me. Ruhi says ‘in your dreams’. Abhay is walking towards his Car when Piya who was standing near it asks if he is the one who saved her life and is about to thank him. But Abhay gets into the car and leaves from there without even talking to her. Piya thinks that he is too rude and mean as well. As Piya was about to walk off she notices Abhay’s mobile fallen on the ground. She picks it out and reads the name on display which is Abhay Raichand.

Students are discussing Abhay’s rude behaviour. Panchi Dobriyal tells them that the Raichands have bought several properties in Dehradun. T tells that he is so handsome and kabir ask if he is a competitor against me?? T says no way. Piya then comes there. She looks upset and Kabir tries to flirt with her to cheer her up. When Kabir asks what happened Piya says Abhay. T asks if the new guy’s name is abhay? Pia says yes and T starts praising him. Kabir asks Piya if he is sweet for which Piya tells he is the most nastiest, rude and arrogant man she has ever seen. Kabir’s Brother Danish informs him that he has been chosen to play the role of Romeo. Panchi tells Piya that she is selected to play the part of Juliet. T is jealous and angry at Piya and walks out. Misha tells T that Kabir’s sister’s role is empty so T can play the part. Kabir says ‘no’ and T thanks him for supporting her. Kabir laughs at her. Just then Ruhi comes and informs the drama club members that the Principal has been fired for denying admission to Abhay. Panchi tells the students that may be Abhay can rule Management but he definitely cannot rule the students and they should boycott him. The scene moves on to Raichand Mansion where Abhay tells his hot and super sexy Mom Haseena Raichand that he does not like to go to the college and the Principal. Hasina tells that the Principal is taken care of and the next Principal is their friend. Abhay asks why we have to do all this. Hasina replies that it is the Question of their survival. Just then the door bell rings and Abhay opens the door. He is shocked to see Piya and tries to close the door.

Precap: Haseena Raichand self thoughts about Piya - this girl can be problem for us. How can be she exactly same like that girl.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

22nd October 2010 Written Update (Episode 5) Abhay Raichand enters Mount College

Abhay's entry to Mount College
Episode 5 starts with the Police taking Piya away. Misha assures her not to worry about anything. Misha calls her father Arnab Dobriyal to speak to the hostel warden. Arnav Dobrial calls the Warden of hostel and asks her to check Pia’s room for proof against seniors. In the meanwhile Piya is questioned at the Police Station and is put inside the prison. The sister gets the proof from the room and comes to the police station with the real culprits. She informs the Police that Pia is innocent. Arnab Dobriyal comes to the Police Station to take Piya away. Pia is shocked to see that Misha’s father is her own father whom she has seen in the childhood.

Arnab asks Piya if she is alright but Pia keeps quite. While on car Arnav tells her that Misha is so worried about her and that she should come to Dobriyal House with him. He tells her that she should think of his family as her own and reach out whenever there is a need. Piya insists that she wants to stay in the Hostel and Abnab says that Misha told him that she is stubborn. They reach the Hostel and Piya thanks Mr Dobriyal. Just then the phone rings and Arnab picks up Misha’s call. While Arnab is talking Pia goes into the Hostel. At the Hostel room Pia thinks about her mom yelling at Arnab for ruining everything. Pia looks at the sky and asks her mom that why she sends her here and Piya where her destiny is taking her. The scene moves to Raichand Mansion where Chand Raichand is talking to his wife Haseena that things are set for them and they have purchased properties like tea estates and hotels in Dehradun. Abhay then walks in and asks ‘What am I?’ for which Chand replies he is Abhay Raichand, the only son of wealthy father. Abhay too like Piya goes to his room and watches the sky.

Next day at college Pia is still thinking of the Guy who saves her. Misha asks her what she is thinking for which Piya replies that she is unable to forget the Guy and his eyes. Misha calls out to Tracker aka Ruhi and tells Piya that Tracker would know who the Guy is. When Tracker comes Piya gives her Abhay’s description and tells her that he has Hypnotic eyes. Just then Abhay enters the College in a Luxury car. When he gets out of the car and walks to the college all the girls are like ‘wow’. Piya sees Abhay and is shocked to see that it is the same stranger who saved her life.

Precap: Pia tries to talk to Abhay. He asks her if she wants to say thanks and Piya smiles.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

21st October 2010 Written Update (Episode 4) Piya Jaiswal arrested by Police for selling Drugs in the College

Piya sings at the Drama Club Auditioning
Piya runs into the forest and overhears a Guy and a girl talking. She recognizes the Guy as the stranger who saved her. The Guy on spotting her asks her to leave and she runs off. After running for a while she stops and thinks that she lost him and turns around to find Abhay standing in front of her.He hold Pia's arms and Pins her to the tree and questions her on what she was doing in the forest. He warns her not to come closer to him and vanishes into the forest. She runs out of the forest.

Scene shifts to the party where Misha comes looking for Pia and asks T about her. T tells Misha that I opened Pia's eyes and showed her the way out as she should not be here. Misha grabs T and Kabir comes and separates them. Misha tells Kabir that Piya left the Party after being insulted by T and that Piya does not know the way to the Hostel. Kabir calms Misha and offers to go in search of Piya. Piya reaches the road when a car approaches her. Kabir gets out of the car and asks her is she is alright. Kabir offers to take her to the hostel and on the way he flirts with her again. When they reach the hostel Pia thanks Kabir and is about to leave when Kabir says that she should not change herself for anybody and she is very special the way she is. Pia says Good Night and goes in. When she returns to her hostel room Pia finds her seniors drinking and doing drugs.

The next morning Misha comes to Piya's room and realizes about the drugs part. Misha asks Piya to be careful and complain to the warden. Piya and Misha goes to the College Arts Club. Piya sings a song from Titanic while auditioning for the arts club. T tells her that she has to sing a song in Hindi. Piya was given the song kaanta laga and when she sings and dances everyone else cheers for Pia. Just then the police comes and asks who is Piya Jaiswal and Pia comes forward. The police says that we are here to arrest her for selling drugs in college. Kabir says that they cant as she is just a student and that cannot be true. Pia says that she has not done anything. Police says that they have talked to College authorities and she should come with them to Police Station for further investigation without any drama.

Precap: The stranger (Abhay Raichand) is shown with a man who says that you are my son, the only son to a millionaire father. Abhay comes to the college in a luxurious car and Pia sees him.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

20th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 3) Piya at Misha Dobriyal's House

Kabir carries Piya after Abhay saves her from falling
Episode 3 starts with Piya falling into the strangers arms. Piya closes her eyes as she falls into the man’s arms but slowly opens them and stares at his eyes as if she is mesmerized. The stranger puts her down. Piya calls out for him but the stranger with the tattoo on his back walks away and disappears into the forest. Kabir and Misha reach the bottom and call out for Pia. Misha is happy to see her safe and hugs Piya. Piya tells them that a man saved her and keeps staring at the place to where the stranger disappeared. Misha tells Kabir that Piya is in shock and eyes him to carry her. Kabir carries Piya and they leave the place.

The scene moves to the canteen where Piya is sitting along with Misha and Kabir. Kabir again tries to flirt with Pia. Misha invites Piya to her house for a her dad's surprise birthday party and both of them leave to the Dobriyal House in Misha’s Bike. While on the bike Misha tells Pia that Kabir is a good friend to her but she does not want Piya to be his flavor of the week as her changes his girlfriend every week. She also compliments Piya that she does not waste her time decorating herself like the useless bimbos and she is really beautiful the way she is. Once they reach Dobriyal House, Piya is touched by Misha's mother's hospitality. Misha’s mother Madhu Dobriyal dresses up Piya’s wound. She also asks Piya to stay the night in the house and not go back to the Hostel.

Misha's sister Panchi also is nice to Piya and offers her a dress to wear for Misha's father's birthday party. Misha gives one of her dresses to Piya. She is amused to see so many dresses in Misha's wardrobe. After getting dressed Piya goes downstairs where the party is. Misha shows her Panchi's boyfriend Danish. When Misha is not around Tanushree insults Piya and she runs out of the house crying. She is out in the dark forest all by herself.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

19th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 2) Piya saved by Stranger when she falls down while Rappelling

Piya and Misha at Rappelling Point
Episode 2 starts with Piya slapping Misha back and they introduce themselves. While Misha is talking to Piya her childhood friend Kabir comes to talk to her but she gets rid of him fast and continues talking with Piya. Pia is excited to see the show fall in Dehradun as she is seeing it for the first time. Misha says this is hill station its usual here. While Piya and Misha are walking a stranger with a tattoo (face not shown) bumps into Piya, Misha calls him an idiot and tells him to watch where he's going. Piya wonders who the stranger is and he disappears by then.

The scene shifts to a college classroom for Journalism where there are seniors and juniors in the class as it is a combined class for both. The professor asks the students to introduce themselves and Kabir and T introduce themselves in the class. When Pia gets up to introduce herself, T and her friends makes fun of her by calling her an orphan. But the professor sides Piya and tells everyone that she is a brilliant student who got a full scholarship and the college is proud to have her. Piya tells the class that she is from an orphanage and that she is here to make a new life and new friends.

Pia goes to her Hostel room and her roommates try to intimidate her. But Misha comes to her rescue. Misha takes Piya for adventure sports where they see Kabir and T. Piya gets paired up with Kabir for rappelling because of Misha’s mischief. Piya's rope breaks while rappelling. Pia is scared and Kabir tries to flirt with her while they go down the rope. Pia’s rope breaks and she falls. Though she catches on to Kabir's hand she soon loses his grip and ends up falling down from the mountain. Everyone in the group tries to get down fast to reach Piya. But before she hits the ground a stranger catches her. Piya closes her eyes as she falls into the man’s arms but slowly opens them and stares at his eyes as if she is mesmerized. The stranger puts her down. Piya calls out for him but the stranger with the tattoo on his back walks away.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

18th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 1) Piya's Entry to Mount College

Piya with her Mom Suganth Jaiswal
The Episode starts with Piya watching the fireworks on Diwali Night and thinking of her Mom. Piya touches the S Initial Locket her mom Suganth Jaiswal gave her as a child and recalls the time spent with her mother and father in childhood.  Piya remembers her Mom telling her when she was a child that she is a special child born out of love and no matter where she would be she would be loved and protected.

The story then fast forwards to Piya leaving the St Mary’s Orphanage where she was brought up from childhood to join Mount College at Dehradun after procuring a Scholarship to pursue her Degree. Pia gets down at the railway station at Dehradun with luggage in her hand and asks for directions to mount college to a kid. He tells her that she can get a Bus to the college if she waits till morning. But Piya tells that she is in a hurry and asks if there is any other way. The kid says that there is shortcut through the forest but it is dangerous to go that way. Piya ignores the warning and takes the short cut through the jungle.  Suddenly she notices the change in weather and the presence of someone but thinks that could be her imagination.

On reaching the college Piya asks for directions to the Principals Office. In the meanwhile some of the fellow students of the college are introduced in the serial (Tanushree Ambolker (T), Ruhi (Tracker), Kabir and Misha Dobriyal). As a part of ragging the junior Tanushree asks points out at Piya and asks Misha to slap her. Misha goes and slaps Piya who was taken by surprise.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ekta Kapoor's Pyaar Kii Yeh ek Kahaani Serial Promo

I have never been a fan of Ekta Kapoor Serials. But I have a feeling that Pyaar Kii Yeh ek Kahaani (A Story of Love) of Balaji Telefilms to be telecasted from 18th October 2010 on Star One Channel from 8:30 to 9 is going to be different. The Promos advertise the story as a dark and forbidden love story. The main Protagonists of this Hindi Serial are Vivian Dsena and Sukirti Kandpal. The supporting cast include Priya Wal, Gautam Gulati, Madhura Naik, Vishal Gandhi, Tabrez Khan, Vahbbiz Dorabjee, Naved Aslam, Kishwar Merchant,Anupam Bhattacharya, Papiya Dey and  Tanvi Thakkar. This Soap is said to be inspired from Twilight Saga Series by Stephenie Meyer and The Vampire Diaries Series by L J Smith. Pyar Ki Ye ek Kahaani tells the story of an Orphan girl Piyali Jaiswal who falls in love with a blood sucking Vampire Abhay Raichand who is disguised as a human. The lead characters of PKYEK, Piya and Abhay, seem to have been inspired from Twilight's Bella (or Elena Gilbert/Lady Katherine Pierce of Vampire Diaries) and Edward (or is it Stefan Salvatore of Vampire Diaries) while the character of Kabir seem to be inspired from Matt of Vampire Diaries (or is it Jacob Black of Twilight). Though this Hindi Serial which can be classified as mystery, romance and thriller is not going to be without flaws as expected from a typical Ekta Serial, But I guess that this Soap on Vampire Romance is definitely going to make an interesting watch.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Episode Written Updates Quick Links

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