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30th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 277) Pia kisses Abhay at the Kiss and Dare Game at the Dobriyal House Party

Damish and Panchi gets engaged
Episode 277 starts with Madhu showing the engagement ring to Arnab Dobriyal.
Arnab: Well, Ladies and Gentleman... finally we are ready for the ring ceremony. Danish and Panchi... Come here please... (Danish and Panchi goes and stands next to Arnab and Madhu. Madhu gives the engagement ring to Danish who puts the ring on Panchi's finger after taking the approval of her parents. The Guests and family members clap. After that Panchi puts a ring on Danish's finger and the crowd claps too. Danish and Panchi look at each other and smiles. Danish pulls Panchi closer).
Danish: Panchi, I really love you! And I wish to spend my whole life making you happy... and I promise I will do that...
Panchi: I love you too... and I am very happy  (Arnab asks for Music to be played and Danish and Panchi dances to the music. While Danish and Panchi dance, Abhay and Pia look at each other. Pia says in mind, 'Look much love there is here... But you and me and separated from each other. Why Abhay? Why can't we announce our love in front of everyone? Why can't we celebrate our love with everyone?  Why this distance Abhay? Why?' As she looks on to her sister dancing with Danish, Piya goes to the dream world. She imagines Abhay going on to his knees and putting a ring on her fingers and saying, ' Pia, I love you very much and will always keep loving you. I will spend my whole life making you happy. And front of everybody I proclaim that I love you...' Abhay kisses her hand and gets up from the floor. Arnab comes there and clap. he puts his hands around Abhay and Pia and says, ' Today I am very happy that my Pia got her Abhay. I know that Abhay only can keep Piya happy'. Arnab then asks everyone to dance. Pia and Abhay dances as the same crowd claps for them. Pia tells Abhay, 'Abhay...By having you... all my dreams have come true...Love you Abhay!' Jeh snaps his fingers in front of Pia bringing her back from her dream world.
Jeh: In which dreams have you lost? I am here only... (Jeh looks at Danish and Panchi dancing) You know what? Today where Panchi and Danish are... I promise... One day you and me would be this... (Pia smiles at Jeh and he holds her closer)

Misha goes to Arnab and Madhu and asks them to go from there as her Party is about to begin. Arnab and Madhu goes from there on Misha's insistence.

Misha shouts, ' Okay Guys everybody come on... come on... the real party starts'. One by one the couples come and takes the seats arranged in the Garden. Danish goes near Kabir who is sitting along with Angad and Ruhi and tells him to play a tune for Misha on the Guitar.
Danish: Hello Guys... Guys... My Brother Kabir has got me an engagement present. He will play a very nice tune for all of us. So everyone... let's cheer for Kabir... (Every one claps and cheers for Kabir)
Kabir: This one is for you too! (Panchi who is sitting with Danish smiles. Misha is also smiling. Kabir starts playing. Pia looks at Alina who keeps her head on Abhay's shoulders. Misha is obviously not liking Kabir's tune. She goes near Kabir)
Misha: Thakur...(She takes the Guitar from him) How much will you get us bored? What happened to you? The old people have gone...This slow type songs are for them (Danish and Panchi are laughing). Come on man... get with it. (She keeps the Guitar on the seat) So Guys... let us forget the boring Kabir and do something interesting...let's play truth and dare...Hold on... actually kiss and dare... (Every one cheers. Misha grabs the liquor bottle from Angad telling that they need it).

Chand Raichand and Hasina are returning home in their Car after the Party.
Hasina: Today what happened at the Party was very stressful. Abhay is very close to the truth... He will soon find out who among us have pushed ourselves into the darkness. You have to do something. Our truth is coming in front of all. You saw right? How Arnab was questioning...
Chand: I know Hasina... But don't worry... I have a plan...We will deal with it...
Hasina: Chand, You are not understanding how dangerous this is... You have to stop it... If you do not stop it then our whole identity would be in trouble...How long can the living dead who drink human blood can survive? You have to do something...
Chand: I know Hasina... That's why I am saying... I have a plan...Wait and watch! I know what I am doing...

The youngsters come to the Garden where seats are arranged nicely and take the seats.
Misha: We are going to play spin the bottle. You Guys know the rules but I will repeat. I will spin the bottle and the two people against whom the bottle points they have to kiss in front of everyone. Misha spins the bottle and runs to occupy her seat. Kabir occupies the seat opposite Misha after asking Ruhi to go and sit opposite Angad. Kabir prays in mind asking the bottle to point to him so that he can kiss Misha. The bottle stops by pointing towards Pia and Abhay.Jeh is unhappy seeing it while the others happily claps and shouts, 'kiss.... kiss... kiss...'.  Tracker is sitting along with Alina.
Ruhi: What do you think? Pia will kiss Abhay? Hey, wouldn't you be jealous?
Alina: No... Why would I be jealous? It's just a game... (Pia gets up and walks to Abhay and kisses him on his cheek as everyone except Jeh claps on. Jeh is angry. He gets up from his seat and goes near Pia)
Jeh: Pia... To hell with all this...What are you doing?
Pia: Jeh come on... it's just a game...
Misha: Jeh just relax... It's just a game...
Jeh: Misha... Keep out of this please... (He turns to Pia) Just because I love you does not mean you take advantage of me...(He turns to others) Guys just grow up... It's a stupid game... Let's go home please... (jeh walks from there)

Kabir and Danish are back home. Kabir goes to hang his jacket on the cupboard while Danish is sitting on the Cot.
Danish: Kabir, my Brother... Today I am very happy... Panchi has come back to my life... Our lives have changed now. You know by staying away from her I was not able to recognize myself... But thank God... Everything became alright... and I got back my love...
Kabir: Stop it Brother... Why are you applying salt on my wound? You got your Panchi but I have no clue if my l;ove will come to me or not. She does not even know how I feel about her.
Danish: Oh Hello Dude! Show this innocent face to someone else...not me.... You are the stud of the College and you need to know till you tell her she would not know what you feel for her.
Kabir: Danish... She is Misha... not just any ordinary girl...and (Kabir sits on the cot) I should not forget that she is my friend first...I am scared... if she says no...our friendship also would be in trouble...I don't understand if I should tell her and how to tell her... I just don't understand...
Danish: Kabir... Go tell her... If you don't you will remain frustrated like this...What are you doing? Be a man! Kabir, Go and tell her...
Kabir: You are right...I have to tell her... I will tell her...(Kabir gets up) In fact I was thinking that I will tell her tomorrow itself. Yeah... tomorrow is the day... Thanks Bro!

Madhu is standing outside Misha's room and shouting, 'It is 8'0'clock. Don't you want to go to the College or not? (She knocks the door) Get up Misha... I have a lot of work... Misha...' The door opens and Madhu is surprised to see that Misha is ready to go to College.
Madhu: You got up this early and got ready too? (Madhu goes near Misha) You got some exam or what?
Misha: Momma relax... If it was an exam I would be pretending fever... Today there is something important in College... (Pia also comes to the room ready to go to College)
Pia: Wow! Look who is ready so early... (Madhu goes from there to get the breakfast ready. When she goes Misha takes some photographs and show to Pia)
Misha: Pia... Look at these photographs man... I will print pamphlets of this photographs and circulate...T would die of shame...
Pia: Misha, Just get with it... Just forget it...
Misha: Are you my sister or T's? Come on man... Don't ruin my day...I have got up with so much hope...
Pia: Okay... Let's go... We are getting late... Come on!

Abhay tests Mahesh
Abhay enters his house with a pouch of blood from the Blood bank. He thinks, 'With the help of this blood from the blood bank I would find out who is that Vampire who is thirsty for human blood. I will expose him today with the smell of this blood. And after that... he would have to face me'. Abhay opens the blood pouch and put it on the sofa and sits beside it. The bearded Vampires passes the Hall.
Abhay: Mahesh...(Abhay points to the phone on the table) Pass my phone please... (The Guy picks up the phone and gives to Abhay. He then goes from there. Abhay thinks, 'The human blood smell did not have any effect on him? How can this happen? He is normal. It looks like he is not thirsty of human blood at all. If Mahesh is not that bad Vampire... who is it? And how will I find out? I need to find this...' Abhay goes from there leaving the blood pouch on the sofa. After he moves from there a male hand moves towards the direction of the pouch).

PreCap: The blindfold is removed from T's face. A Vampire wearing hood catch holds of her and bites her on her neck. T falls down dead with the bite on her neck.

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29th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 276) Panchi’s engagement to Danish gets postponed because of Ruhi

Episode 276 starts with Madhu going near Hasina and asking her if she could talk.
Hasina : yeah sure! (Madhu takes Hasina to an empty corner)
Madhu: Hasina...I want to ask sorry to you... for a lot of things...
Hasina: What such thing happened Madhu?
Madhu: From the time you have come to this town there has been a distance between our families... Business rivalry and then differences between Arnab and Mr Raichand...and then the rivalry between Dipanita and you... a lot of things happened and in the efforts to maintain relationship could not maintain friendship. Despite of it all... your husband saved my child's life... saved Danish... I can't express... I am so grateful. Thank you so much!
Hasina: Madhu, Chand did that what he should have done. Business and Personal Rivalries can wait but a human life is above it all. Well, I am happy Chand could save Panchi and Danish. And now just forget about everything and enjoy yourself.
Madhu: Thank you! And that's why we have kept the Party today so that we can do Danish and Panchi's engagement. And all this is happening because of Mr Raichand.
Hasina: I know! And that is great. You know Danish is a very nice boy. Chand also praises him a lot. In fact, he is like a family member.
Madhu: Danish also values you all a lot. In fact he does not get tired talking about you all. Danish is indeed a very good boy. Danish only can give happiness to my child. May be that was written... and that had to happen... And what we Parents need? The Happiness of the child, what else? And really we are very happy.
Hasina: Madhu...I know... Arnab is not like you...may be he will never be relaxed towards us...
Madhu: I know Hasina... Sometimes he thinks different...but not now.  I will make him understand that now the time has come to strengthen the relationship. I will make him understand.
Hasina: Thank you!
Madhu: I will come in sometime...please help yourself... (Hasina nods and Madhu goes from there)

Arnab comes into his room dialing someone's number. He goes and sits on the cot. He talks to someone over the phone, 'This time I have come out from the Party... in my room. Like we have talked the Raichand's have come here. They are not eating or drinking anything and are aloof from others. We know this that the Vampires cannot even touch human food. But don't understand this matter... If Chand is a Vampire, why did he save Danish's life? Vampires drink blood but why would they safe the life of a human? Is there a chance that we are having a misunderstanding?' The person from the other end asks if Chand is alone. Arnab replies, 'No!He has come with family members and guests'. The person from the other end tells Arnab that the Vampires go in a group when they want to hunt and warns Arnab to be cautious. Arnab says, 'Okay, I will try to find out who the rest of the people are'. The other person responds, 'Sure! Arnab... remember Monday night...' (Arnab nods)
Arnab: Yeah, Okay... (Arnab cuts the call. He thinks, 'Is it true? Are the Raichand's really Vampires? Have they come here to hunt?'

Danish and Panchi are talking to some people. Madhu comes there and takes them to a side. Madhu tells Danish that it's a very happy day and since Danish is becoming part of the family she wishes that he accept Panchi in his life by making her wear Madhu's Mom's ring on her fingers. When Danish calls her Aunty Madhu insists that he calls her Momma. Danish agrees. Madhu tells him that it is time to make him son and calls Misha. Misha comes there and Madhu asks her to look for Arnab.

Madhu goes near Danish and Panchi and makes the announcement of engagement. She gives the ring box to Danish and asks him to make Panchi wear her Mother's ring. Danish opens the box and finds that there is no ring in the box and tells to Madhu. Madhu is shocked.

Angad is standing near the Bar Counter and chatting with the Bartender. Ruhi comes running to Angad and tells him that she needs his help. She tells him that the engagement would not happen as she is having the ring with her. Angad scolds her and then takes her from there. They bump into Kabir and also asks for help.

Arnab gets up from the Bed and is shocked to see Chand Raichand in the room.
Arnab: Mr Raichand... You here? You need something?
Chand: I was looking for you. But looking at you it looks like you have seen some Ghost.
Arnab: Ghost and all are things written on books Mr Raichand. We have heard here of some Vampires which may not be just matters in books. Vampires ... you know... who mingle among humans easily and reaches anywhere within the snap of a finger... Incidentally I know a few people very well who fit that description. (Arnab laughs) I was joking...
Chand: May be you are right! It is possible that I am that dead human who goes here and there in the darkness of the night thirsty for blood. May be I am the Vampire. (Chand laughs) I also was joking... (Misha comes there and informs that Madhu is looking for Arnab)
Arnab: Let's go! (Arnab walks from there)

Misha goes near Madhu and informs her that Arnab is coming. She then notices that Madhu is gloomy and asks her the reason. Madhu tells Misha that her Grandmother's ring has been stolen. Madhu and Misha  tells the crowd that the engagement would be done after some time and asks them to enjoy as the Party is still on.

Arnab comes near Hasina and Chand.
Arnab: Mr Raichand... Mrs Raichand... You are not having anything? Can I offer you a drink or something?
Chand & Hasina: Thank you!
Arnab: How do you like the Party?
Hasina: Like always Mr Dobriyal... very nice!
Arnab: Thank you very much! (Arnab looks around. Hasina thinks that Madhu might have talked to Arnab which may be why he is friendly) Well... I forgot... some Guests were with you... (Arnab spots them) There they are... So who are they? Whose relatives are they?
Chand and Hasina: Mine!
Arnab: Both of yours? Then it should be a very close matter...I am sure... I am sorry Mr Raichand... they are your relatives and (pointing Hasina) and yours too... That's quite a coincidence... isn't it? (Abhay comes there)
Abhay: That's not a coincidence Mr Dobriyal...This is the best part of our family... Mom and Dad has given both the families so much love that we have never found any difference in both the families. Please come... I will introduce you to both the families. (Abhay takes Arnab to the Guest Vampires and introduces them one by one, 'This is my Dad's younger Brother, this is his elder Brother, This is my uncle and his elder Brother and that's my aunt')
Arnab: Right!
Abhay: Confusion clear?
Arnab: Oh yes...There is no confusion at all. Well... nice to meet you all...I hope you enjoy the Party... Excuse me! (Arnab goes from there)

Arnab goes near Madhu and asks her why the ceremony was stopped. Madhu informs him about the missing engagement ring. Arnab calls Danish and tells him to inform Misha, Pia and other people close about the ring and ask them to search without panicking.  Danish sees Pia and Jeh together and tells Pia about the ring. Jeh and Pia goes from there. Danish walks from there and sees Abhay and Alina together.
Danish: I cannot find Kabir... I really need your help...
Abhay: Tell me what happened?
Danish: My engagement ring is lost somewhere. I am not able to find it. Can you please help me look for it?
Abhay: Don't worry! I and Alina would look for it...
Danish: Thanks!

Pia comes to the room and looks around for the ring. She then sees Abhay at the door and both move towards each other. They come closer looking at each other. When Abhay tries to touch Pia's face and she moves away avoiding the touch.

Kabir and Angad tries to remove the ring from Ruhi's fingers. Angad tells her that if the ring does not come out her fingers have to be cut. Kabir also nods in agreement. Ruhi imagines Kabir with a knife comeing to her to cut her finger and gets scared. Ruhi asks Kabir to spare him. Misha sees Kabir and Angad closer to Ruhi and misunderstands. She pushes away Angad and Kabir away from Tracker. Misha scolds them and even punches them. But when she finds the truth she says sorry. Kabir asks Misha to help them. Misha tries to remove the ring from Tracker's finger. Kabir holds on to Misha's waist while Angad holds on to Ruhi's. Kabir falls backward along with Misha. Ruhi and Angad are happy and jumps as the ring has come out. Misha shows the ring in her hand and puts her head back at Kabir's shoulders in relief.

Pia takes a torch and bends to look under the bed. Abhay also bends and looks from the other side of the bed as she flashes the torch. They look at each other. Abhay says in mind, 'Pia, I know that you are angry with me. But I am not hurting you intentionally. Pia please... please understand that I only love you...' Pia responds to his mind talk, 'Abhay, I cannot see you with any one else...' Abhay says in mind, ' Give me some time Pia... Everything will be alright... I promise!' Alina comes to the room and sees them.
Alina: Guys... Got the ring? (Pia gets up)
Pia: No! Nothing is here... (Pia goes from the room. Abhay says in mind, ' Pia... this pain is not yours alone... I am also feeling the pain...') Episode ends.

PreCap: Truth and Dare game... Pia kisses Abhay.

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28th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 275) Chand Raichand asks Abhay and Alina to dance at the Party

Abhay and Alina dance at the Party
Episode 275 starts with Pia coming to the Party Hall and seeing Abhay and Alina together. Alina has her head on Abhay's shoulder and is talking non stop to him. Abhay looks straight at Pia. Misha comes there and asks Pia to go with her.
Pia: Where?
Misha: It is super important... Trust me! Come on! (Misha takes Pia from there)

Misha brings her to the room where Panchi  and Tracker are standing along with Tanushree and Barbie in their Rajasthani Dance attire. Pia is shocked to see T and Barbie like that.
Pia: Misha, Where are you taking me?
Misha: You got to meet Chirmi Bhai
Pia: What the Hell!
Misha: T... What are you doing here? (T does not respond) I said... What are you doing here? T has a big problem with her identity that is why she has worn someone elses clothes and have come to the Party. You know Guys... T feels that if someone clearly gives the message that she is no wanted she should barge in forcefully. There is a limit to everything. First Kabir ditched this loser so she is forcefully trying to cling to him. When we did not invite her to the Party she forcefully entered. T... You have some real issues man...
T: Listen Misha...
Misha: No no no... you listen to me... You know... You are unwanted everywhere and still you land up every where. I mean... Don't you feel shame? Loser!
T: And you are $&$^*
Misha: What? I have not come here to meet you or your sister who gets engaged a thousand times...(Pia, Misha and Panchi are shocked by the insult on Panchi) I have come here for Kabir (Misha gets angry and charges at T. (Panchi, Pia and Tracker pulls Misha back. Misha shouts for the security. When they come into the room Misha asks them to throw T out from there)
T: Nobody would lay a hand on me... I would go from here on my own and that too from the back door.
Misha: Oh no no no! No way! Drag her from here in front of every one... Let every body see that she has crashed into the Party. (Barbie tells T that they would be insulted and even their Parents would come to know about it)
T: Look Misha... Let's make a deal...
Misha: Really? What do you have in mind?
T: You don't insult me in front of everyone and in return I will do anything you want.
Misha: Really? (She turns to Pia and Panchi) Sister Brigade...what should we do with our dear T? (Pia and Panchi starts thinking)
T: Whatever you like Misha...
Misha: You know what Guys... Stop thinking! I have a perfect plan... (Pia, Tracker, Panchi , Pia and Misha laughs).

Kabir is standing at the Bar Counter and drinking. Danish comes near him.
Danish: What's up Bro? Why so gloomy? (Danish orders for a drink)
Kabir: Dude... This T...
Danish: Chill man!
Kabir: What is T doing here? Always she comes at the wrong place at the wrong time... And I don't trust her Danish... definitely she is going to create some big problem...
Danish: Kabir... Kabir... relax! You know that no one takes her seriously.
Kabir: No dude... You don't know her... She was my girlfriend... She keeps on playing new drama's. If she says anything to Misha... I am gone...I don't trust her at all... Till now I have not spoken to Misha and if she speaks to her before then... Danish, everything would be finished.
Danish: Relax Kabir...Have your drink... You will feel confident. Misha hates T and would not listen to anything she says... She will attack her before saying anything... So chill! (Kabir says in mind, 'I know who I have loved. What if she attacks me also? God Misha...Please love me back, please!')

The Girls are waiting impatiently. T and barbie comes there wearing white shirt and white pants. The girls look at them and laughs. Misha tells that T deserves the punishment and asks Tanushree to serve them. T says in mind, 'You will have to pay a price for this Misha. I will not leave you... I will make you pay for this...'

Chand and Hasina are walking.
Hasina: Chand, What are you doing? Why all these talk here? We can go home and discuss this...
Chand: Hasina, I cannot wait till we reach home. Alina is the heir of our age old enemy Dipanita. I want Abahy to trap her in his love, enter Khurana House and finish them... Dipanita has already got out of our hands once... Elina is very important to us... and she does not know this...
Hasina: In that case Chand... we should make sure that Alina is comfortable around us...

Misha dances with Kabir to make Tanushree jealous
Champagne glasses are kept in a Pyramid form on the table. Arnab opens the Champaigne and pours on the top most glass making the champagne flow and fall into all the glasses while the Guest and family members clap. Arnab and Madhu then shares a glass of champagne and move on to the dance floor for dancing. Many couples join them at the dance floor including Danish-Panchi and Angad-Tracker. Chand goes to Alina and Abhay.
Chand: Alina, How good you look with Abhay... Good! Why don't you people dance? Abhay... Alina... come on... No need to be shy... Everybody is dancing... Look at them!  Go ahead...
Alina: Thank you Uncle... So sweet of you! (Alina puts her hand on Abhay's arm and they move to the dance floor and starts dancing. Pia is unhappy seeing them together on the dance floor. Chand and Hasina also joins the dance floor. Kabir goes and asks Misha for a dance. Misha is startled at first and then she look at T watching them and agrees. Kabir and Misha moves to the dance floor and starts dancing. Misha puts her both hands around Kabir's neck and tells him, 'Kabir, hold me close. Why so shy? Hold me like I am the love of your life'. They hug and sways to the music. Kabir is happy. T is angry seeing them together. She says in mind, 'I will kill Misha... I so hate her...'. Misha says in mind, 'Be jealous T... I am enjoying seeing your jealous face'. Pia says in mind, 'Abhay, Is this your love? You told me that it is me in your life and now this?' Jeh comes near Pia and takes her to the dance floor. They starts dancing.
Jeh: You know what Pia? First I use to have a lot of problems about Abhay and Alina. But looking at them I feel that they both love each other a lot. I am really happy for her. (They both look towards Abhay and Alina)

Tanushree is sitting alone. She thinks, 'What does Misha think of her self... I will teach her a lesson. She insulted me in front of every body... seized Kabir from me and now... She is so dead... I am going to kill her...'. Suddenly someone puts black cloth over T's head and takes her away from there. T is thrown on the ground blindfolded. She tries to escape by moving from there and calls for help.

Ruhi goes from the Dance floor to use the Wash room. She comes out of the washroom and sees jewelry kept on the table. She is fascinated by a ring on the table and tries it. Then she realizes that it is Madhu's room and she was trying Madhu's jewelry. Ruhi tries to remove the ring but could not.Ruhi hears someones footsteps and runs from there. She bumps into Pia but goes from there without revealing anything to her when she asks. Pia comes down the stairs to the Hall and sees Abhay and Alina together. She sees Abhay holding Alina's hand to his heart and feels uncomfortable. Jeh comes and stands behind Pia.
Jeh: They both look good together, right? (Pia turns to face Jeh)
Pia: Jeh...You have no problem with this relationship?
Jeh: Not at all Pia... In fact you know I realized that it is enough of anger and fights... I think my anger is very unreasonable...You know what? She is my sister...There is only her in my family for me...I don't have anyone... and I think people thought of me as wrong... and Alina too... If she is happy with Abhay, I am happy...You know what? (Jeh places his hand on Pia's arm) To tell you the truth... my fear is gone...
Pia: Fear? What sort of fear?
Jeh: It's quite silly...but I always use to feel that Abhay likes you...I know it's just stupid... But now I am not scared of anyone... (Jeh holds Pia's hands in his hands)  Because for your love I would even fight... I really love you! And you don't know how much I love you...Maybe because of that I am happy seeing Abhay and Alina together. Now no one would come in between both of us. (Pia smiles. She says in mind, 'Jeh... This love is not yours... This love was always Abhay's and will stay his always...What do I say to you? You are my friend...but Abhay is my love and I am not able to see that love with someone else today').

The bearded Vampire looks at 3 girls who are standing at the Hall and chatting. Abhay confronts him.
Abhay: Where were you?
Guy: Meaning?
Abhay: You know the meaning very well. Just remember, I have my eyes on you...
Guy: For what? I have not done anything...Abhay, You are having a misunderstanding. I am not doing anything wrong.
Abhay: Remember! My eyes are on just you...Till now I did not let you do anything... But remember... One wrong move... I am watching you...
Guy: You are making the wrong move Abhay...I am not the one you should keep an eye on... (The Guy bares his fangs for a second and goes from there. Abhay thinks, ' I have to tell Mom and Dad. He could do anything...He can be dangerous!') Episode ends.

PreCap: Arnab is talking to someone. He informs the person that the Raichand's are at the Party but they are not eating anything. He asks the person on the other side that if Chand Raichand is a Vampire why did he save Danish's life as vampires survive on blood. He asks the person if they are suspecting the Raichand's without any reason.

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27th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 274) Chand Raichand asks Abhay to get closer with Alina Khurana

Ruhi compliments Alina Khurana
Episode 274 starts with Abhay Raichand and Alina Khurana making an entry to the Dobriyal's Party. Alina looks pretty wearing a short red dress and hair open. She is wearing contact lens instead of her spectacles and is without braces also. Abhay is wearing black and black with a black tie. Elina has her hands on Abhay's arm. Dobriyal Sisters watch the couple. While Panchi looks surprised and happy seeing Abhay and Elina together, Pia is unhappy seeing them together. Many girls sends approving glances towards the pair. Tracker is excited seeing them together.
Ruhi: They look like a perfect couple... (Alina holds her head high and smiles confidently) Misha, Come... let's go to Alina...(Misha moves forward to go along with Ruhi but Panchi stops her by reminding her promise of staying with her through out the Party. Misha tells Ruhi to go on as she is stuck by Panchi's side. Ruhi excitedly runs towards Alina and Abhay calling Alina's name).
Ruhi: Wow Alina...Look at you! You have changed... There is so much difference in before and after. You should give an ad. Yeah... like... first I used to wear heavy glasses and now (Ruhi goes and stands next to her) I can see everything clearly... (Alina laughs) But how can you see? There is no specs..
Alina: lenses...
Ruhi: Oh, Yeah! My God Alina... You know Alina how you look... First you used to look like an ugly duckling and now you look like a swan... (Abhay looks at the Vampires gathered together with his Parents) By the way, I tell you something? You and Abhay look perfect together as if you are made for each other (Pia is unhappy hearing the statement and types a message for Abhay on her cellphone and sends it. Abhay's mobile beeps and he reads Pia's message asking him to meet her alone). Are you two girlfriend and boyfriend? (Alina looks at Abhay. Ruhi also looks at him as if expecting him to answer)
Abhay: Yeah Ruhi... That's true! (Ruhi is stunned) Alina...

Abhay admits to Ruhi that he and Alina are Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Alina: yeah?
Abhay: Excuse me...
Alina: Okay... (Abhay goes from there)
Ruhi: Oh my God! Alina you are so lucky... (Ruhi leans on to Alina and Alina steadies her laughing happily. Ruhi hugs Alina)

T and Barbie dressed in Rajastani Dancing attire is walking through the Hall and talking.
Barbie: What I heard... did you also hear? How is it happening? Super hot stud Kabir loves Misha? Misha... yuck!
T: Yeah... T will not tolerate this, understand? He has dumped a Diva like me and roaming around with a dumb? I feel that K's mental condition is not right. I think he has lost it completely. Misha... really? That girl? That dumb... I mean all this friendship drama...Thakur, Champ and hi five and all that... Please! I knew that Misha has a personal problem with me...and that's why she used to poison Kabir against me... Isn't true? Tell me... (Barbie nods) I told you... Everyone is jealous of T... That Misha turned to be a very good actress... I mean... all this time she used to stick by Kabir as friend and she had problems with me... No wonder! You know... She has betrayed me... she is such a snake... and T will not leave her... Misha is going to be dead meat! (T sees Misha coming towards her) Babe... It's time to put out plan to action. (Misha is walking and says, 'I need a drink'. T puts her feet on the way of a Waiter who is coming with a tray with drinks in his hand. He stumbles almost falling on to Misha and the glasses falls down. T and Barbie waits for the response suppressing their smiles).
Misha: Relax Buddy... It's okay... Happens! If there is too much crowd walk carefully  (Misha pats on his shoulder) Don't worry, Okay? (The Waiter nods and go from there. Misha also goes from there. Barbie are disappointed that it did not make a difference to Misha)
T: Babe... This is just a start... See what happens later...

Piya is walking through the Hall. Alina calls her from behind and Pia stops and faces her.
Alina: Pia... I wanted to say Thank you to you... I mean you taught to be confident... gave me so much courage Pia... (Alina holds Pia's hands) today everyone is giving me compliments at the Party... It's just because of you Pia... I really can't tell you how happy I am. The Alina who was always scared and silent... Pia you gave her so much confidence that I on my own went to Abhay's house and proposed him. Can you believe that? Pia, In life first time I feel so good... Today all my dreams have come true Pia... And I feel... (Alina smiles) Pia you know... Abhay held my hand...and I can't tell you how it felt... You know when we were in the car and my hair was falling on my eyes in the breeze... Abhay moved it from my face lovingly...  (Alina smiles shyly and gets lost in thoughts. Pia snaps her fingers in front of Alina bringing her back to present)
Pia: Elina...Where were you lost?
Alina: Pia, I am so sorry... I know I am behaving like a mad...But I think... This is called first love... where everything feels perfect... It is so beautiful Pia... Pia, I am so happy today...  Thank you so much!
Pia: And I am very happy for you Alina... Actually I was going for some work... I need to go...
Alina: Yeah...

Tracker is standing alone wondering where Angad is. The Guy with the Beard who is Raichand Family guest comes near her. The Guy comes and stands behind Ruhi.
Guy: Pretty girl! (Ruhi is startled and looks at the Guy) How are you?
Ruhi: I am good.(The Guy moves his head closer to Ruhi and she moves back scared)
Guy: You smell great!
Ruhi: Who are you?
Guy: How do you know Dobriyal?
Ruhi: Misha is my childhood friend... best friend! Who are you?
Guy: I came with Mr Raichand. I stay in their house. Mr Dobriyal invited us... (Ruhi turns and the Guy places his hand on her neck. Ruhi is scared) Whom did you come here with?
Ruhi: What are you doing? (The Guy brushes of something from Ruhi's neck)
Guy: There was something on the neck... I was removing it... (Ruhi is terrified by the Guy and walks from there)
Ruhi: Angad... I am coming... (Abhay is watching the Guy from a distance. He thinks, So he is the one...who has made himself thirsty for human blood. I have to keep an eye on him'.

The Dobriyal Sisters are standing together talking. The Music starts and T and Barbie dances in their disguise. While dancing T stumbles on Misha's feet or hits her intentionally many times. The dance ends and the Guests claps.

Chand Raichand asks two of his Guests if they are alright. The Guy with the Beard answers.
Guy: We are alright! The Party is very good... (Chand looks at Abhay and Alina. Alina has her head on Abhay's shoulder and hand around his arm but Abhay has a blank look on his face).
Chand: I am sorry I had to drag you here. But coming here was necessary for me.
Guy: No Problem! We told you... We are enjoying the Party very much... (Chand looks at Abhay and Alina. Alina is talking something by keeping her head on Abhay's shoulders. But Abhay does not seem to be interested. Hasina comes and stands behind Chand. Chand says in mind, 'Abhay, you obeyed me... but why do I get the feeling that you will spoil the entire plan?')
Hasina: What happened Chand? Is everything okay?
Chand: I do not understand what happened to Abhay. I had told him to trap Alina in love... opportunity is there but he is not taking advantage of it... I don't know why... (Hasina also looks at Abhay and Alina. Alina is talking nonstop by keeping her head on Abhay's shoulders and Abhay is standing there silently with a blank expression on his face. Alina caresses Abhay's shoulder).

Pia comes to the Hall. She types another message for Abhay and sends it. She thinks, 'What happened Abhay? You don't have time to respond to my message also...'. Pia sees Alina sitting and talking with another girl. Pia walks towards where Alina is sitting. She thinks, 'I have to talk to Alina. I need to know what is happening... Why is Abhay doing like this to me?' A girl comes near Alina and takes the girls away from there. Alina forgets to pick her mobile. Pia goes there and picks up Alina's mobile and sends a message to Abhay asking him to meet in the Garden and keeps the mobile back.Pia says in mind, 'Now let me see Abhay... whom you care for or Alina...'.

Abhay asks Pia not to be angry
Abhay comes to the Garden near Pia.
Abhay: You called me? What happened?
Pia: So you can come to meet her and not me...Why are you doing this Abhay? You told me that this is some game your father asked you to play. But you... What are you doing? Why you came to meet her? You like her? Abhay... You cheated on me... because you found someone else...Why did you do like that to me?
Abhay: No... no...
Pia: I loved you... and what did you do? You cheated on me and broke my love? I hate you Abhay... I really hate you... (Abhay places his hands on Pia's arms)
Abhay: Pia Pia sshhh Pia Pia, Don't get this much angry... What do you think? Can I love some one else? Can I? Pia... I love just you... I love you... I love you a lot... I only love you and not anyone else... (Pia's mobile rings and she pushes away Abhay's hands)
Pia: This is not over Abhay... Now I have to go... But I will come and talk to you... If you love me then don't hurt me like this... (Pia goes from there and Abhay stands there with a helpless look on his face. Chand comes out of his hiding place behind the bushes and looks at Abhay. He thinks, 'What is this Abhay doing here? Why is he not with Alina?' Chand walks towards Abhay).
Chand: I gave you one instruction... one! You can't even do that... What is wrong with you Abhay?
Abhay: I was with her...  I came out here for a little time... How does it make a difference?
Chand: It does make a difference Abhay... Stop running behind Pia Dobriyal... Get closer to Alina... We need her...damn it! (Abhay is angry. He turns and looks at Chand and goes from there)

Misha is walking along with Panchi.
Misha, Madam, if your nervousness has ended... Can I go? I mean I am fed up...standing here and greeting the Uncle Aunties... (T and Barbie comes that side. On seeing Panchi and Misha they walk from there)
Panchi: Cut the crap! Tell me one thing... Who called these dancers to the party?
Misha: I don't know man... But they were damn weird...I mean in the whole dance performance they were dancing on my feet more instead of the dance floor.
Panchi: Okay...let's go and confront them (Misha and Panchi goes looking for the girl. Panchi spots them and stops them). Hey! excuse me... Who are you people? (Kabir and Danish also looks at them) And who called you to this Party? And who are you to bother my sister? Who are you? (T leaves the hand from her head piece and talk in Rajastani accent).
T: You don't know who I am... My name is Chirmi Bhai. I have come from Rajasthan... (Suddenly Angad and Tracker passes from behind T. Tracker by mistake pulls the head piece of T exposing her. Tracker takes it and is about to give it back when she sees that it is T who is dressed as the Rajastani dancer. Misha, Panchi, Angad, Ruhi, Danish and Kabir are startled to see Tanushree in that avatar.
Panchi: T?
Misha: I don't believe this...
Panchi: Ridiculous...
Angad: T...
Ruhi: Mam... (She gives the head piece back to Tanushree) Chirmi Bhai... (She and Angad laughs. T puts the head piece on her head)
Panchi: To what extent you can go? (T is angry and takes the head piece from her head. She also pulls the head piece from Barbie's head)
Misha: Like that's going to help?

Alina thanks Abhay
Abhay comes near Alina and gives a drink to her hand.
Alina: Thanks! (Alina puts her hand on Abhay's arm and keeps her head on Abhay's shoulder) Abhay, Thanks! Thank you for bringing me to this Party. I am very happy today Abhay... (Jeh enters the Party Hall and looks around. Alina is leaning on Abhay's shoulder and talking. Abhay spots Jeh. Jeh also sees him. Alina sees Jeh and removes her hand from Abhay's arm. Jeh walks towards them.
Jeh: So Abhay... I believe you and Alina are enjoying the Party very much... Isn't it? Good! You know what? Alina likes you... and I can't really do anything about it... My happiness is in her happiness. And as her Brother I can do at least that much for her. (jeh smiles at Alina and she smiles back)
Abhay: I must say... That your heart is really big...
Jeh: Look ... Just forget all this. There is only her for me in my family... my sister... I can do anything for her... Take Care of her... mind it! Nicely...
Alina: Thanks Brother!
Jeh: You are happy, right? (Alina nods) I am happy for you...
Abhay: Don't worry Jeh... I will take care of Alina well...
Jeh: Well... I trust you! I will take your leave... you people enjoy! (Alina puts her head on Abhay's shoulder again. Pia sees it and is unhappy. She wonders what Abhay is doing and why he is encouraging it. She thinks, ' Does he love Alina? No Pia... You have to believe in Abhay... He told that he is helpless. God... I need to deal with this...')

Alina has her head on Abhay's shoulders.
Alina: Oh Abhay! I am so happy... Brother accepted us Abhay (Abhay thinks, 'Jeh definitely has some plan. Otherwise he would not accept this that fast...What are you thinking Jeh? What are you up to?') Episode ends.

PreCap: Jeh comes and stands behind Pia who is watching Alina and Abhay together. Jeh smiles.
Jeh: They look good together... (Pia turns to face Jeh)
Pia: Jeh... You don't have a problem with this relationship?
Jeh: Not at all Piya. In fact I have realized that all this anger is enough now . I believe that my anger is unreasonable... it  is of no worth. And she is my sister... I have only her in my family...I don't have anyone. And I think people have thought me wrong... and Alina also...

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Monday, September 26, 2011

26th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 273) Chand Raichand and Hasina arrives at the Dobriyal Party along with Guests

Abhay and Alina makes an entry to the Dobriyal House Party
Episode 273 starts with the telephone ringing at the Raichand House. Abhay Raichand picks up the phone and keep it to his ear. The person on the other side says that someone would be attacked at the Dobriyal House Party. Abhay is stunned hearing this. Hasina comes there.
Hasina: Whose phone was it Abhay?
Abhay: Mom, I don't know who was it. But whoever he was he was talking about the prey. Mom, I told you ... there is one among us who is thirty for human blood. And he was telling that he would attack some human at the Dobriyal's Party. Today night in our city in our presence a human is going to be killed.
Haina: No Abhay! That can't happen...
Abhay: That is happening Mom... Someone among our clan is cheating on us. (Hasina gets lost in thoughts. Abhay thinks, 'I have to go to this Party. I have to stop this from happening. I have to stop them!' Abhay goes from there. Hasina is worried).

Alina is walking to and fro in front of Raichand House door. Only her silhouette is seen from the other side of the door. She thinks of how to face Abhay.
Alina: Okay Alina... Hi Abhay... what's up? Oh No... Abhay, How am I looking? No Elina... What are you doing? Okay... Just take a deep breath... Now will say... (Alina rings the Calling Bell. Abhay opens the door.Only Alina's back is seen by the viewers)
Abhay: Ali... (He looks surprised and surveys her head to toe) Alina...
Alina: How do I look?
Abhay: Gorgeous! You look Perfect! Ready for the Party?
Alina: Yeah!
Abhay: Let's go! (They walk from there)

Many Cars are entering one after the other to the Dobriyal House. Misha Dobriyal is walking towards the Security counter. She greets Guests on the way.  She looks around the beautifully decorated House and surroundings and say, 'Wow! This is a Dobriyal House party man... These many bodyguards with muscles and all...When ever Papa throws a Party he makes a blast. Anyway, time to get to work'. Misha goes near the Security and says showing a photograph to the Security Guy, 'Look at this Photograph carefully... (She gives a photograph of Tanushree and Barbie) Do not let these girls into the Party. It's an Order!'
Security: Okay Madam...
Misha: Great! (Misha's phone rings and she picks up the Call from Panchi and walks towards the House. Panchi asks Misha where she is and Misha tells her that she would come to Panchi's room)

Kabir is driving the Car with Danish seated on the front passenger seat.
Kabir: Danish... How do I look?
Danish: You are looking great! (Kabir smiles) By the way, foe whom all this is for?
Kabir: What for whom? What are you asking?
Danish: Just like that... ut the crap and Say the truth!
Kabir: Let me tell her first...after that I will tell you...
Danish: Anyways, Tell Misha fast... (Kabir is startled) Don't be late...
Kabir: Hey! How do you know it is Misha?
Danish: Dude... Even a blind man can tell... And I am your Brother...So now go and tell her...
Kabir: How do I go and tell her just like that? She is not any girl... She is Misha...Remember, Misha... If I mess with her she would make small pieces of me, wrap me and throw me away. I would not be in a condition to be even recycled... so dude...forget that and tell me how should I go about it...
Danish: Look Kabir! What you had to do, you have done... You have fallen in love and now you have to go and tell her... God forbid! someone else grabs her...and you would sit and watch... Look! This best friend's bracket is very dangerous... Let her not think think that you would stay her friend forever...So please...go and tell her!
Kabir: I am telling you dude... Who can understand her better than me? In fact no one can love her more than me.I am the man for her... I am telling you dude... I am the man...
Danish: Okay...okay... Don't tell me... Tell her! She is your childhood friend... And you Guys have been through so much... Go tell her... and I am here to support you... That is the least I can do for my Brother... You just chill out, Okay?
Kabir: Are you telling the truth? I will go and tell her now! Basanthi... Veeru coming! (Danish laughs)

Panchi hugs Misha when she says that she would not leave Panchi's side throughout the Party
Misha comes to Panchi's room and calls her when she does not find Panchi anywhere around. Misha sees a red scarf on the cot and tries it. Panchi comes there wearing a red long dress and sits wiping her tears. Misha is concerned and Panchi tells her that the party is special and that she is very nervous. She tells that Madhu and Arnab has planned for her engagement with Danish in the Party. Misha is excited hearing it. Panchi tells that she is so stressed out as her luck is so bad and is worried anything bad might happen. Misha reassures her and then tells Panchi that she would stick on by her side throughout the Party so that she would not feel nervous. Panchi is happy and hugs Misha. Misha tells Panchi to correct her make up and meet her downstairs. She picks up the red scarf and goes from there.

Barbie passes the Security area and the security guy stops her telling that her name is not on the Guest list. Barbie tells him that Guest invite is for Guests and she is like part of the family and Misha's friend. The Security Guy still refuses to let her in. Barbie then sees Misha and hopefully waves at her. Misha comes near the Security and pretends that she does not know who Barbie is. She further instructs the Security Guy to throw the girl out of the Gate. 

T is getting ready for the Party and has worn a white long gown. Barbie comes there and tells her about Misha insulting her. T tells her that she has an idea to get into the Party and asks Barbie to follow her.

Raichand's make an entry along with their Guesta at the Dobriyal Party
Chand and Hasina makes an entry to the Party along with the Guests. Arnab and Madhu go to them and welcomes them.
Chand: Thank you so much for inviting Mr Dobriyal. It feels so strange that we have brought along our Guests with us.
Madhu: What is there to feel strange in that? The more the merrier! What you people have done for Danish and Panchi we can't thank you enough for that.
Hasina: You have kept a big Party... What are you celebrating? Anything Special?
Arnab: You can say so... Danish and Panchi's engagement...
Chand: He is a bright lad... one of the best I have...
Madhu: Thank you so much! We are also so happy that we got such a nice boy for Panchi... (Arnab and Madhu leads the Guest inside. Hasina asks Madhu where Panchi is. Madhu tells Hasina that she should be somewhere around. (Madhu sees Panchi coming to the Hall with Pia and Misha on either side holding her hands. Madhu calls Panchi . The Dobriyal sisters go and stand near their Parents. Angad and Tracker imitates the Dobriyal sisters walking style thinking that it is some new trend. Panchi goes forward and stands with Madhu. She greets the guests. A Guy with beard tells Panchi, 'Nice meeting you! You are very beautiful!' Pia and Misha feels odd seeing the Raichand Family Guests.

T and Barbie who are dressed like Rajastani Dancers are stopped by the Security. T and the Security gets into an argument.Danish and Kabir interferes and the Security Guy lets them in. T and Barbie runs into the house.

Kabir sees Misha standing alone and tries to get her attention. Misha takes the drink from the table and drinks it. Kabir is nervous and hesitates. He then walks to her determined to confess his love for her. Misha sees Kabir and greets him. Kabir asks Misha if she would go with her as he has something important to say. Panchi and Pia comes and stands next to Misha.
Panchi: What you want to talk? Tell us also...
Pia: Yeah tell us!
Kabir: No... Why you three are standing together like that?
Panchi: Why? they are my sisters... We 3 want to stand together... You have any problem? Tell what you want to talk...(Kabir waves and turns to walk from there)
Pia: Kabir...Tell what you wanted to talk...
Kabir: No nothing! Forget it...I wanted to talk to Misha... I will talk later... (Madhu comes there and takes the Dobriyal sisters from there. Danish comes there and scolds Kabir. Kabir tells him that he could not talk as the sisters were together. Danish tells Kabir that he has a whole evening and to get the courage to confess his love for Misha he should have a couple of shots. Kabir hugs Danish and orders for drinks at the Bar Counter).

Tanushree overhears the conversation of the Brothers and is shocked to know that Kabir is in love with Misha. T throws abuses at Misha and tells that she will not leave Misha for seizing her Boyfriend.

Dobriyal Sisters looks at Alina who is with Abhay
Angad and Tracker goes near 2 girls. Tracker asks the girls how she looks and tells them it took 2 days to get the dress ready. When she asks again if the dress is good the girls nod. Tracker sees the Dobriyal sisters and waves at them.
Tracker: Panchi... How beautiful you look! I mean you are looking slim and trim... What is the secret of your diet?
Misha: Yeah the diet is Pia-Misha...
Tracker: hello! I am a vegetarian...
Misha: Dumbo! I am talking about diet camouflagia...right? (Suddenly Tracker jumps and screams excitedly)
Ruhi: Oh my God! Look at them! (Ruhi points to Abhay Raichand making an entry to the Party with Alina Khurana. Alina is looking pretty in her red short dress after the makeover. The sisters looks at them in surprise) Oh my God! Look at them! (Alina has her hands around Abhay's arms and looks around confidently. Pia is jealous while Panchi likes them together) They look like a perfect couple... (Abhay has a blank expression on his face while Elina is smiling happily). Episode ends.

PreCap: T and Barbie are dancing in their Rajasthani attire.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

23rd September 2011 Written Update (Episode 272) Jeh approves Alina’s love for Abhay Raichand

Abhay tells Pia that her name is written in his every heart beat
Episode 272 starts with Kabir opening the cupboard and telling Danish that he can use one rack. Danish asks Kabir, 'Are you crazy? Only that much space?' Kabir lifts Danish's bag and tells him that he only needs that much space for the contents of the bag. Seeing the bag Panchi talks of going for shopping for Danish. At first Danish refuses but then gives in to Panchi. Misha goes to the cupboard and attempts to clear stuff for Danish and a dairy falls down along with the clothes. Misha is excited to see it but Kabir takes it back from her. Misha takes it again telling Kabir to let her read it. Kabir takes the diary back again from her telling that touching his personal diary is not allowed. Danish and Panchi watch their arguments with a smile.
Misha: Really? Is this all your friendship is? Is this your best friend contract? (Misha grabs the diary back) Man... what is it that I do not know about you? Come on man... Show me! (Kabir grabs the diary)
Kabir: Misha... No means No... please!
Panchi: Mish, I smell something fishy... The way he is saying no... looks like their is some girl...Kabir...
Kabir: Whatever... (Misha thinks, 'Kabir and one girl... should be Alina. I hope it is Alina. I need to check'. Misha takes the diary from Kabir).
Misha: What if it is about some girl...Come on  (Kabir takes the dairy and hides it inside his Jacket)
Kabir: Hey Misha... No means No (Panchi and Danish smiles)
Misha: What do you think?... I can't find out your secret? Keep it to yourself... (Misha walks to the cupboard and lifts bad to take out Danish's clothes. Kabir goes near her)
Kabir: I will help you Misha (Kabir holds the bag while Misha takes out the clothes. He recalls seeing her  coming the the Coffee Shop for their date and him catching her when she stumbles. Misha snaps her fingers to bring Kabir back to reality. Kabir looks at Misha open mouthed)
Misha: Loser! (Danish and Panchi smiles. Misha walks from there. Danish thinks, 'Oh dear. I do not need any diary. Kabeera, You are gone! The consequences of this love only a fire brigade can answer. But I am very happy. I will take the responsibility of a Brother and Brother in law too...Why did'nt anybody see this happening all these years?')
Jeh tells Alina that he would accept Abhay for her happiness
Jeh opens the door of Khurana house and enters followed by Alina. Alina thinks, 'Oh God! Today Brother will kill me. He will be very angry'.
Alina: Brother (Jeh lifts his finger indicating to stop)
Jeh: Sshhh... (Jeh turns to face Alina) Let me talk Alina... Okay...Listen Alina... I know Mom has been very rough with you in this house. But we have lost Mom. Mom is not with us. Our Brother is dead. We do not know anything about his murderers. We don't know anything. If I have anyone in this family, it's just you Alina. I don't have anyone else with me. I have no one...And I am not that bad as think of me Alina...
Alina: No Brother, When did I say that? (Jeh places his hands on Alina's arms)
Jeh: I know Alina... You never said anything but I am just scared... You are my baby sister... You understand that I am scared for you. I don't wish that in our fight anybody hurts you. I just want you to be safe... that's all... I know very well that when Abhay is with you I cannot tolerate.  I can't tolerate. But Abhay has stood by you always...I know it... and he made a place in your heart...Alina (Jeh hugs her) I don't know but If you are happy with Abhay I am no one to interfere between you. If your happiness is in Abhay, for my sister's happiness I will accept Abhay (Alina looks at Jeh happily).
Alina: Really Brother? Are you telling the truth? (Jeh smiles and nods yes. Alina is happy and hugs Jeh) Thanks Brother. Thank you so much for understanding me... for understanding my feelings... (Jeh says, ' Abhay Raichand, I am two moves ahead of you. Nothing is hidden from me'). Jeh asks Alina to go and sleep and she goes from there. Jeh thinks, 'You have made this mistake Abhay...Now Alina would be with you with her brother's blessings.Alina would be with you and bring you to my home. And it would be fun getting the enemy in my territory'.

Misha gets annoyed that Elina loves Abhay and not Kabir
Pia and Misha are lying on the bed. Pia asks Misha what she is thinking. Misha tells that she was thinking of Alina and thinks that if they make Alina hot, Kabir would fall in love with her. Pia tells that the basis of any relationship should be truth and if any boy has to love Alina he should love her heart and not her face. Misha argues with Pia that it is easy for her to tell as she is hot.
Pia: Shut up!
Misha: No man, seriously! I mean nobody can't see Alina's face, they only see her helplessness. Let them know how beautiful and sweet she is. I mean, it is very single. If her face is seen then only someone would be able to reach her heart. Look... our product is good... but advertising is needed. (Pia laughs. Misha tells Pia that Alina and Kabir are her new projects and to make them fall in love is her new mission. Misha's mobile phone rings and she informs Pia that the call is from Alina).
Misha: Hello... what's up?
Alina: You know what happened yesterday?
Misha: Oh... gossip... one minute hold on (Misha puts the call on speaker phone and tells that she on on speaker phone and she and Pia are listening to her)
Alina: You know yesterday I and Jeh had a conversation. And he was so understanding you know...
Pia: really... that's so sweet!
Alina: Yeah Pia... You know Brother told that if I wish I would hear to my heart's voice.
Misha: Wow! All Brothers should be like him... But what do you mean by that?
Alina: Misha, It is not what... it is who... Brother told that if I love Abhay, he will not come between us (Misha is confused, Pia is startled hearing it) You know Misha... I feel that Abhay has also started liking me.
Misha: Alina... wait wait wait... Abhay... Raichand... When did this happen?
Alina: from forever Misha...He has done so much for me...only a true friend and well wisher can do that. Misha, You will have to give me a makeover... Please I need your help... I want to show him that I can be his friend and companion...Please! (Misha cuts the call telling that she would call Alina a little later. Misha gets frustrated because she needs to find a new girl for Kabir and goes to search the College year book for some suitable girl. Pia is worried thinking how Abhay will explain to Alina that he cannot love her).

Arnab is sitting by the fire place. Madhu comes there and shows Arnab the ring for Danish. Arnav praises her for already getting started on the wedding. Madhu says she is doing it for Panchi. It is her fault that she tried to push Panchi towards Neil. Arnab says it is not her fault but that of the circumstances. Arnav suggests throwing a party for Danish and Madhu tells him that they would have a rocking Party.

Pia and Misha is looking through the clothes thrown on the cot for an appropriate dress for the Party.  Misha takes Alina's measurements.

Arnab and Madhu are getting ready for the Party and Madhu asks Arnab's opinion on which earrings to wear.

Somebody is helping Panchi with her makeup and hair. Panchi is happy with her looks.

The Dobriyal House Hall is decorated beautifully and the servants are busy with the arrangements.

At Kabir's House, Kabir and Danish are getting ready for the Party. Kabir compliments Danish on his looks.

Angad and Tracker looking in the mirror
Ruhi and Angad is ready for the Party. Angad is dressed in white while Ruhi is in black. Ruhi is happy that they are looking good together.

Pia is putting nail polish for Alina.

Panchi is looking through the clothes. First she picks up a yellow dress and then discards it for a red one.

Tanushree looks at the mirror is dressed in white and looking beautiful. She thinks that Kabir would be impressed by how beautiful she looks.

Pia puts the face pack for Alina. She suddenly remembers something and goes from there telling Misha to take care of the face pack. Misha comes near Alina and sees that the face pack is already put. So she takes the hair drying and starts applying heat on the curls.

Madhu asks Arnab if he invited the Raichand's and suggests that they should invite him for the Party as it is  Chand Raichand who saved Panchi and Danish. Arnab agrees and invite Chand over the phone. Chand declines the invitation and tells Arnab that he has guests at home and won't be able to attend the Party. At Madhu's insistance Arnab extends the invitation to Chand's Guests also. Chand agrees to be there for the Party. Madhu is happy.

Pia warns Abhay
Pia is walking with a Cake in her hands. She sees Abhay walking towards her and stops.
Pia: So, Abhay and Alina...
Abhay: Dad's instructions...
Pia: By the way... I feel that you and Alina will make a nice couple.
Abhay: Right! You think so too?
Pia: Yes.
Abhay: In fact I also think so that such a couple has never been seen before. Alina and Abhay... Double A. Sounds so perfect, right? (Abhay grins at her. Pia frowns and goes near him. She grabs his collar)
Piya: Abhay Raichand, if you even look at another girl.. that day, you will see a very dangerous face of Pia Dobriyal.
Abhay: Warning, huh?
Pia: Warning a vampire... I'm not scared of you. (Abhay holds her hand)
Abhay: Pia...You know what? In every beat of my heart, your name is written. Do you really think I can ever cheat you? You think so? If my heart beats... it is only for you... because I love you. I love you a lot. (They smile gazing into each others eyes) Episode ends.

PreCap: Abhay tells Hasina that someone among them are thirty for blood and would be attacking someone at the Dobriyal's Party. Hasina is startled and saying that it cannot happen. Abhay says what he is telling is true.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

22nd September 2011 Written Update (Episode 271) Chand Raichand orders Abhay to play the love drama with Alina Khurana

Hasina asks Alina to come often to the House
Episode 271 starts with Alina Khurana standing in front of Raichand House. She is about to press the calling bell but hesitates thinking that she has come so far to meet Abhay but what would she tell him. Suddenly Abhay comes in front of her and says, 'What are you scared of? Behind the door it is me...Remove the fear from the heart and come... I want to take you in my arms' Alina turns her face shyly. She turns to look and find that Abhay is not there and that was her imagination. Alina presses the calling bell and Hasina Raichand comes and opens the door.
Hasina: Alina, What are you doing here?
Alina: Sorry Aunty I came without informing. Actually Jeh is in the Hospital and I was feeling scared at home. So I thought that I will go and meet Abhay.
Hasina: No Problem!
Alina: Aunty, Abhay is there? (Hasina smiles) Actually Aunty I don't have any friend other than Abhay. he is the one who takes care of me at college. So I thought I will meet him.
Hasina: That's really sweet Alina. But Abhay is not at home. Do you want to come inside?
Alina: Sure! Thank you Auntie... (Alina gets inside the house and Hasina closes the door).

Arnab stops Doctor and gets into a conversation with him.
Arnab: Doctor, sorry I wanted to ask you something.
Doctor: Yeah, tell me...
Arnab: You people had left hope for Danish and then suddenly he recovered... that's quite unbelievable...isn't it?
Doctor: Mr Dobriyal, I don't understand what you are trying to say... and isn't it a good thing that Danish became alright?
Arnab: That is there... definitely! But does this thing not bother you that Danish recovered miraculously...
Doctor: Mr Dobriyal, I am a Doctor. In our profession many times human courage and prayers work better than our medicines. I know that we had left hope... but still the miracle happened... It was as if Danish got the strength to fight from inside... and his body started healing when he started accepting our medicines. But Mr Dobriyal, I am happy about it not astonished.
Arnab: yeah, Of course! I was just thinking because for the past few days some strange incidents are happening in this city... quite unexplained, you know...
Doctor: Yeah Mr Dobriyal...I also read news. But those strange incidents were related to someone's death... but here it is the question of some one's life... This is a miracle in someone's life...(Arnab nods) And secondly, for us what is important is to save a life... How it is saved ... if I saved or God saved ... I don't question it.
Arnab: There is no doubt about it. Danish's life is saved and that's the biggest thing. But miracle... that word is scaring. Good Day Doctor! (Arnab goes from there)

Misha pushes Panchi in her wheel chair. Misha sees Arnab and stops. Arnab comes near them. Panchi tells him that she and Misha is going along with Kabir and Danish. She tells Arnab that since Danish is going to stay for some days at Kabir's place she thought that she would make him comfortable by preparing his room. Arnab gives permission and asks them to come back fast.

Chand and Abhay reaches home. Alina and Hasina who were sitting on the sofa stands up.
Abhay: Alina, what are you doing here?
Alina: Abhay, I.... actually Brother is not at home so I was feeling scared. You know how dangerous this place is... So I thought I will meet you... After all, you are my only friend. You understand me... so I thought... (Abhay goes near her)
Abhay: Good! It's good that you came here.
Chand: So nice to see you here Alina...Come more often...think of this as your own house... (Alina smile. Hasina is startled)
Alina: Thanks!
Hasina: Chand! (Hasina walks from there)
Chand: You look after her Abhay... (Chand follows Hasina)
Abhay: Come... I will show you my House... (Alina walks along with Abhay)

Hasina and Chand are in a room.
Hasina: Chand! What is this happening? Alina? You know from whose family she is...
Chand: Hasina... Calm down! She is from our enemy family... I know... But you saw... She is so interested in Abhay... I have seen them together at College. I think she likes him.
Hasina: And you would not stop it... you would take advantage of this matter, right?
Chand: And I am not going to ask Abhay... I will tell him that he play the drama of love with Alina.
Hasina: And then... the revenge is ours...

Abhay and Alina are climbing down the stairs.
Abhay: It is good to see you. I am happy you came here. (They come to the hall)
Alina: Thanks Abhay! Abhay, your Mom-Dad are very sweet. How nicely they welcomed me... 9Alina looks at the watch) Brother might have reached home... I should go home...
Abhay: Come, I will drop you...
Alina: Thanks! (Chand and Hasina comes near them)
Hasina: Alina... You are going?
Alina: Yeah...
Hasina: I wish you treat this your own home and come here often.
Alina: yeah, sure...
Abhay: Come... (Alina goes along with Abhay as Chand and Hasina looks on with a smile on their faces)
Jeh threatens Abhay of the consequences of meeting Alina again
Abhay is driving the Car with Alina seated on the front passenger seat. They look at each other. Alina smiles. Some strands of hair falls on Alina's face.
Abhay: Alina, your face is very beautiful. (Alina smiles) But this hairs are reducing its beauty. I don't like it. (Abhay lifts his hand and removes the stray hairs from her face) You know what Alina? I have always dreamed of a girl like you...And you... You are the one for me... (Suddenly the Car stops and Alina snaps out of her dream world. Alina looks at Abhay)
Alina: What happened Abhay? (Abhay signals her to look at the road. Jeh is standing on the road leaning on to his Car. Abhay and Alina gets out of the Car)
Jeh: Alina, Sit inside the Car.
Abhay: Alina... I will leave you home...
Jeh: Didn't you hear what I said Alina? Sit in the Car...
Alina: Abhay, Please let me go home... (Alina walks to Jeh's Car and sits on the front passenger seat. Jeh walks to Abhay)
Jeh: Loser! One time you do not understand anything... I have to repeat again and again... Didn't I tell you Abhay to stay away from my sister? This is the last time. If I see you anywhere near after now  I will  (Jeh signals at Abhay's face) damage it all. And remember, you had it!
Abhay: Would love to have it...
Jeh: Ahh... Wait for it then...
Abhay: Very soon! (Jeh gets into his Car and drives from there)

Pia comes near the window and parts the window curtains. She looks at the Moon with a smile. She says in mind, 'Abhay, You made me so happy...Today after so much time you are with me. What more can I wish? I am so lucky that  you are with me'. Pia recalls her hugging Abhay and asking him not to distance himself from her and Abhay telling her that he loves her. Pia turns from the window. She thinks, 'Today for my sake you saved a human... and did not even let anyone say thank you.You took such a big risk for me and went with a smile. I wish I could say in front of everyone that my Abhay saved Danish's life. But you don't want that. (Pia walks in the room) Maybe I cannot tell anybody but can tell myself... Abhay, my happiness is with you... I love you!' Pia smiles. She makes a call to Abhay. Abhay who is sitting on the Hall picks up the phone with a smile.
Pia: Abhay...I love you Abhay... I love you! I love you (Abhay is smiling) I really love you... Abahy, What you did today... I wish I could tell everyone how good you are...
Abhay: Pia, You are the only reason for everything...If you were not there I would never have been able to do this. And you taught me to love... (Abhay hears footsteps) Pia, I will talk to you later...
Pia: No! First tell me that you love me... (Chand is coming down the stairs)
Abhay: Pia...
Pia: No! I will not hear anything... First say you love me...
Abhay: Okay...
Pia: Tell me... Come on!
Abhay: I... love...(Chand comes and stands behind Abhay)
Chand: Finish your conversation...
Abhay: I love you Pia... (Pia smiles happily)
Pia: I love you too! (Abhay cuts the call)
Chand: Who were you talking to? Anyway, It does not make a difference to me. I have come to tell you something. (Chand sits in the chair next to Abhay. Abhay looks at him)
Chand: You have to do something for your clan. You can't refuse...
Abhay: What Dad?
Chand: You would not talk matters of love with anyone else... but Alina...
Abhay: With Alina?
Chand; Yes!The same Alina whose mother you stopped us from taking revenge...same Alina who is the heir of our age old enemy... You will have to play a love drama with Alina. We need a friend in Khurana House... who will enter the house as a friend...and keep the illusion of friendship... Do you understand?
Abhay: But Dad...
Chand: I haven't finished yet...Since when have you started respecting human emotions? One human... Pia... she has made you crazy...Abhay, Our clan is very angry with you. You let the enemy go... they are angry.
Abahy: Dad...
Chand: I am still speaking...It does nort make any difference to me who is in your heart. But from now on there should only be Abhay's name in Alina's heart.
Abhay: Dad, Alina is really a weak girl...and if she find afterwards, her heart will break... 9Chand looks at Abhay and gets up)
Chand: Abhay, Don't forget that we are Vampires. I told you earlier also there is no place for human emotions between us. Why do I get a feeling that human weakness is coming inside you? Why are you forgetting who we are. You have to fall in love with Alina. Give her the impression. Make her fall for you... Get into the Khurana Family... End it! (Chand walks from there. He then turns) And this is not a discussion... This is an Order! (Chand goes from there. Abhay thinks, ' How will I do this? Cheat Alina and give pain to Pia also? What will Pia be able to understand? Will she understand that where ever I go and whom ever I am with ... my love will only be one... And that is Pia...') Episode ends.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

21st September 2011 Written Update (Episode 270) Chand accuses Abhay of cheating on his clan

Episode 270 starts with the Hospital attendant bringing Panchi in a wheelchair to Danish's room and then leaving from there.  Panchi goes closer to Danish on her wheel chair.
Danish: Panchi...
Panchi: Sshh Don't talk to me. i don't want to talk anything with you.
Danish: Panchi please... Look at my condition... at least give some sympathy...
Panchi: Why did you do that? Stupid fool...You did not think about me... If something happened to you what would have I done by living? Idiot...foolish donkey...
Danish: What difference does that make to you?
Panchi: No... I am talking  in Greek, right? Obviously it matters to me...
Danish : Really Panchi? (Danish extends his hand to Panchi and she places her hand on his hand. Danish holds her hand and Panchi smiles)

Madhu is watching Danish and Panchi though from outside. Misha and Arnab comes there and sees Madhu. Misha signals Arnab to go and look at Madhu and Arnab goes near her. Arnab also sees Danish and Panchi together and is happy.
Arnab: What are you doing?
Madhu: Can't you see that I am trying to overhear Panchi's talk.
Misha: Oh! Then it is okay... Psycho Mom!
Madhu: You keep quiet! Your sister has no brains. Instead of talking lovingly with Danish, she is keeping on scolding him. (Arnab also tries to get a glance of Panchi and Danish. Madhu turns and looks at him)
Arnab: What are you looking at me for? This is the story of our home. Look there... she is scolding as if the whole fault is his...
Madhu: Keep Quiet! She is making him understand...that how much she is worried for Danish.
Arnab: Oh! She is very understanding.... right? (Misha smiles. Arnab pats on Madhu's shoulder) Just like her Mom... 9Madhu looks at Arnab in anger)
Misha: If you are going to get angry at Papa, can I on the camera please? I mean ... daily you shower your anger on him... so next time you get angry you can replay saving ehhh... (Arnab points his finger at Misha)
Arnab: Point!
Madhu: I will beat you up!(Misha's expression changes) Come silently and listen!
Arnab: Oh please...Do not involve me in these matters... I am going...(Madhu looks into the room and sees Danish and Panchi still holding hands and smiles. She beckons Misha to come near her. Misha also goes near Madhu and peeps into the room through the door opening)
Danish: I did not save your life Panchi... I saved my life. I was thinking I should have done my accident this much time would not have been wasted.
Panchi: Danish...Don't say like that you crazy...your life is very precious for me Danish.( A nurse comes there with soup. Danish refuses it but Panchi takes the bowl from the nurse telling that she will feed Danish. Panchi feeds his one spoon)
Danish: Panchi, I love you!
Panchi: I love you too!

Chand Raichand walks towards the lift in the Hospital. He presses the button of the lift. Arnab Dobriyal comes there.
Arnab: Ahh Mr Raichand...
Chand: Mr Dobriyal I will take you leave now
Arnab: Mr Raichand I don't understand how to thank you. If you would not have reached in time and bought Panchi and Danish here I don't know what would have happened.
Chand: No please... This is no big deal. We people stay in the same city. So much have happened between us... I am sure that if it would have been my son instead of Panchi... you would have done the same, won't you? (Arnab nods)
Arnab: Of course!
Chand: So, In my opinion... some humanity is left inside you... won't you agree? (Arnab is tongue tied. The lift arrives)
Arnab: Mr Raichand... It would have been good if you could stay back for a little more time. If you would have met Panchi and Danish they would have felt happy.
Chand: No... Another time... (Chand gets into the lift)

Alina dreams of Abhay
Alina comes and sits in front of the dressing table after bath drying her hair with the towel. She starts blow drying her hair and skips to the dream world where she and Anhay come closer to each other. Abhay keeps his hand on Alina's shoulder.
Abhay: Alina, Till now I have seen you only in dreams... but today you are my reality.
Alina: True?
Abhay: Yeah! You are my life's biggest truth.
Alina: I love you Abhay! (She hugs him and he hugs her back. Suddenly the knock sound on the door is heard and Alina wakes up from dreams)
Alina: Who is that?
Jeh: Alina, Open the door! (Alina opens the door) Alina, How long did you take to open the door. I have to go... I have to go to the Hospital...
Alina: Why? What happened Brother?
Jeh: Pia's sister Panchi had and accident. Danish is also with her... So she is really stressed out... I have to leave, okay? (Alina nods) But you are not leaving the House. You are not going anywhere from the house... Get my Point? It is not safe...(Alina nods) I will be back! (Alina nods. Jay leaves from there)
Alina: Panchi's accident? Oh No!

Abhay and Piya are talking outside the Hospital.
Abhay: Pia, I have to go!
Pia: Abhay, Don't go now!
Abhay: Pia please... Don't say like that... I have to go. Dad is waiting for me. He had send me out of the Hospital...because he know that I will come to save Danish's life. If he sees me here it will be a big problem. I have to go!
Pia: I understand Abhay! Abhay, I love you! (A Car comes and stops at the Hospital Parking lot and Abhay pulls Pia along with him to one side out of the view of whoever is in the Car. Jeh gets out out the Car and walks towards the Hospital. Abhay and Pia comes out of where they were)
Abhay: Pia...I have to go now. If Jeh sees then it will be a big problem.
Pia: Okay...
Abhay: I need to go...
Pia: Yeah...
Abhay: Bye!
Pia: Bye! (Abhay goes from there)

Jeh Khurana and Chand Raichand confrontation
Jeh Khurana is walking through the Hospital and passes Chand Raichand on the way. Both of the stops and turns to face each other. Jeh looks at Chand in anger.
Jeh: Raichand!
Chand: Jeh...
Jeh: So the killer has come in front of my eyes.
Chand: That's an illusion. Before opening you mouth you should think what you are about to say.
Jeh: I have though very well Raichand. I recognize my Brothers killers well. I won't fail in recognizing my enemies.
Chand: This is your misunderstanding. What can you do? This is Khurana family style... lies... cheating... Get out of it Jeh... The world have gone much forward...
Jeh: How much ever the world might have gone ahead... by revenge is not over Raichand! This curtain is only in front of the world. Remember...I will not let any Police, Court or human rules to make you get away from me. I will finish your account... remember!
Chand: From where I stand, you look like a child to me...young in age and childish acts.
Jeh: Really? If I was a dead human who lives infinite then I would have had respect for years and age... But that is the difference. I am not a Vampire , you see!
Chand: Don't try to threaten me... It makes no difference to me.
Jeh: It will make a difference Raichand... very soon it will make a difference...because we werewolves believe in strength not in age... and for monsters like you my strength alone is enough. (Chand gives a fake laugh. Pia comes there)
Pia: Jeh... (Chand and Jeh suddenly acts normal and looks at Pia) What are you doing here? You came to meet Panchi, right? Come, I was waiting for you.
Jeh: I am really sorry Pia...I got busy with some old accounts with Mr Raichand.
Chand: I was telling that old things should be forgotten. Jeh... Live in present! Go and see how Panchi is doing.
Jeh: (Jeh bows his head slightly as if in respect) I will Mr Raichand. (Pia goes near Jeh and holds on his arm)
Pia: Jeh, Let's go... let's go and meet Panchi.
Chand: See you around Jeh... Bye Pia... (Chand walks from there)

Kabir comes to Danish's room. Kabir sits on the bed and holds Danish's hand.
Kabir: How are you? Danish... I am really very sorry. I behaved so badly... Forgive me... (Danish looks at Panchi and then looks at Kabir and smiles) Thanks! (Kabir kisses on Danish's hand. Panchi also smiles. Kabir gets up from the Cot as Arnab, Madhu and Misha walks into the room. Madhu sits on the stool by the bed side)
Madhu: How are you Danish?
Danish: I am fine Aunty...
Madhu: Danish, I have come to say sorry...
Danish: What are you telling Auntie? You are elder to me and saying sorry?
Madhu: Son... Sometimes elders also make mistakes and they overlook mistakes of others. Waht you did for my child... put your life in risk... (Misha keeps her hand on head)
Misha: Oh my God! Momma, You should play in drama. I told you... don't see these many serials. It is that effect.. (Misha puts the back of her hand on her forehead and says, 'Danish, you put your life in risk..')
Madhu: Keep quiet! Danish knows what I want to say... Please become alright fast... I promise you a very good dinner (Danish smiles. Doctor comes to the room and informs the family that they can take both Danish and Panchi home. Everyone is happy hearing it. Panchi thanks Madhu. Danish extends his hand to Panchi and she places her hand on his hand).

Abhay is sitting on his Car. Chand comes out of the Hospital. Chand comes near the Car but does not get inside. Abhay gets out of the Car.
Abhay: Come Dad! Let's go!
Chand: Where were you?
Abhay: Outside... You only told me to go outside... (Chand goes near Abhay and stands behind him)
Chand: You did it! Even after I warned you did what you should not have done. (Abhay turns to face Chand)
Abhay: What did I do Dad?
Chand: Oh Come on Abhay! There was no hope for Danish... Doctors had already washed their hands... then how did he survive?
Abhay: I don't know... Maybe surviving was written in his fate... (Chand laughs)
Chand: Only 2 people could save him... You... and I didn't do it... So, where were you?
Abhay: As I said... out!
Chand: Alone?
Abhay: yeah...alone!
Chand: All lies! You feel the necessity to lie to me? Abhay, why? (Chand takes a deep breath) I can smell Pia...
Abhay: So can I...I can smell Kabir, Misha, Pia, Mr Dobriyal... everyone...Every one was here...
Chand: Why are you doing this? (Abhay turns his face away) You have become crazy for that girl (Abhay looks at Chand) You are cheating on your clan...With those people who know you... who are your own... You made Danish alright on that girl's I right? Don't be a fool Abhay! That girl is with someone else and you without any reasons are getting crazy... Why? (Episode ends)

PreCap: Alina walks and get into Jeh's Car. Jeh goes near Abhay and warns him to stay off his sister Alina.

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20th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 269) Abhay Raichand saves Danish Singh at the Hospital

Abhay heals Danish
Episode 269 starts with Kabir coming into Panchi's room and telling about Danish Singh. On hearing that Danish's condition is critical Panchi becomes hyper and Misha, Pia and Madhu tries to console her. The nurse comes to the room and gives sedatives for Panchi to calm her down. Pia, Misha and Madhu comes out of the room. Pia makes Madhu sit on the chair outside the room.Pia: Misha... What is this all? (Pia walks along with Misha)
Misha: Danish and Panchi had an accident and... Danish saved Panchi's life by using his body as a shield. And that is why he is in the ICU...struggling for his life. You know Pia... why Danish and Panchi were together? Because Danish had planned a romantic evening for Panchi. He still loves her! And I feel that somewhere Panchi still loves him too! Even after break up Danish has always wished for the good of Panchi. And I think Danish is like a support system for Panchi. Poor Panchi... I mean... first Sid...then Neil and now maybe Danish...Pia, If anything happens to Danish I don't think Panchi will be able to take it. She would be devastated. Poor Girl! (Misha turns and walks from there. Pia thinks, 'Oh God...Danish has to become alright... He can't go like this').

Chand and Abhay are talking.
Chand: I know what's on your mind Abhay! But you cannot do that.
Abhay: What can I not do Dad? (Chand looks at Abhay)
Chand: Abhay, You cannot save Danish. There is a balance between life and death...and you can't rock that. What will happen if you save him? There will be miracles here. People will get suspicious of us and we can't afford that. Do you understand?
Abhay: Dad, whenever we needed Danish... he was there for us.
Chand: I know that! But don't forget that he is a human...and erasing human weaknesses are not our job. We can't afford to expose our clan... So my advice to you... Let go! Forget it!
Abhay: I will... But how can you forget that Danish had put his life on stake to bring news to us? Not once... but several times he has helped us.
Chand: I am also worried for Danish. That's why I am here. Go away Abhay! (Abhay walks from there. On his way out he passes the Dobriyals. He overhears Misha telling Pia, ' Panchi was given sedatives so that she can sleep. But if Danish does not become alright I do not know what would happen Pia'. Abhay walks from there and Pia notices him going. She goes behind him)
Abhay tells Pia that he can do anything for her
Abhay is coming out of the Hospital entrance and Pia catches up with him.
Pia: Abhay! Abhay Please...We need you... Please don't go now.
Abhay: Pia, What are you saying?
Pia; Abhay... Abhay you know what I am saying. Abhay, you also saved my life. I remember everything Abhay.... Abhay please... Please save Danish Abhay... (Abhay nods No) Please Abhay...
Abhay: No Pia... I can't do this... It is too dangerous. (Pia holds Abhay's hand in her hands)
Pia: Abhay, whatever happens... Danish and Panchi love each other. Abhay, they cannot live without each other. Panchi has suffered a lot in love Abhay...I don't wish that anything more happens with her. Abhay please... You will be saving just not Danish but Panchi's love... Abhay please... Please save Danish Abhay... Abhay, For the sake of our love... Please save Danish... What happened Abhay? Will you not give an answer?
Abhay: How can I give an answer Pia? I can't do this. Try to understand my helplessness.
Pia: But Abhay... What can be bigger than saving someones life? And what is that helplessness that you can't save Danish's life?
Abhay: It is my father Pia... He does not wish that I do it. He says right... Who am I to give anybody life?
Pia: Abhay, You are not giving someone life... You are saving someone's life. It's just a matter of how you think. Just think about it... You will not be saving just Danish's life... You will be saving two lovers from getting separated. And you will not only give life to Danish... You will also save Panchi's love. And this is that Danish who worked for your Papa loyally for 2 years... It is this Danish who saved me from being kidnapped... And Abhay... Is saving Danish some crime?
Abhay: Pia please... Don't say like that... Please...
Pia: Abhay, Please save my sisters love... Please Abhay... (Abhay holds Pia's hands reassuring her. he then places one hand on her arm)
Abhay: When you look it me with those eyes like that... how can I say no? (Pia leans towards Abhay and puts her head on his shoulder)
Pia: Then don't say Abhay... Say yes... for my sake...for the sake of my love Abhay!
Abhay: I can do anything for your sake... And  for the sake of your love I can make the impossible also possible... (They look at each other) I love you Pia... I love you!

Arnab consoles Madhu
Arnab, Misha and Madhu are waiting impatiently at the Hospital corridor. Madhu is sitting while Arnab and Misha are walking to and fro. Abhay dressed in surgical green clothes enters the Hospital with a file in hand. He nods at a nurse who greets him and walks towards the ICU. He looks around and then enters the ICU. Abhay goes near Danish who is lying unconscious on the Hospital bed. Abhay says in mind, ' Danish, I want to save you... that is why I have come here to save you. For one moment I got carried away...I was about to do a big mistake... I forgot that what you have done for me and my family this is nothing compared to that. For what you have done for me and Pia... for what you have done for my Dad...for what you have done for our Company... you never asked anything in return...And I was going from here without saving you...I am sorry Danish! I made a mistake... Today Pia has send me here for you... to save you... and I will not let anything happen to you... Doctors have said that to save you a miracle is needed... I will do that miracle Danish... I am here to save you'. Abhay sits on a stool next to Danish. He places his hand on Danish's head with the thumb in between the eye brows to heal Danish. As Abhay progresses in his healing with closed eyes, Danish starts breathing vigorously and the monitor starts beeping. Danish slowly starts breathing steadily.

On the Hospital Corridor, Madhu who is sitting on the chair is crying. Arnab sits next to her and holds her hand.
Madhu: Arnab, Danish put himself in danger to save our Panchi. I was so wrong about them. That boy... You told that there is something between Danish and Panchi... If something happens to Danish... How can we face Panchi? (Arnab puts his hand around Madhu)
Arnab: Nothing will happen! Have faith in God... Everything will be alright Madhu... (Misha looks at Kabir who is sitting in a chair looking shattered and goes and sits next to him. She puts her hand around Kabir)
Misha: Kabir, I promise you... He will be alright. He has to become alright...
Kabir: Misha...Danish is my Brother and how badly I have treated him... Just look at him now... He gave his life for our forgiveness. (Pia comes and stands in the corridor)
Misha: Hey... He has not given his life, okay? Don't speak like that Kabir... You got to have faith. I mean he will have to become alright... he will get alright... (Pia says in mind, ' Do something Abhay, save Danish!')

A nurse comes running through the Hospital Corridor and informs 2 Doctors that the ICU patient has regained consciousness. She goes from there to fetch Doctor Awasti.

Abhay disguised as Doctor
At the ICU room Abhay (in disguise) and the two Doctors are standing near Danish. Doctor Awasti comes to the room along with the Nurse.
Abhay: Doctor, I was checking the Patient...and now he is regaining consciousness...
Dr Awasti: This is a wonder... Nurse check the Monitor... (As the Doctors check Danish, Abhay withdraws from there)
Sister: Yes Doctor, He is responding...
Dr Awasti: Good! We need to inform his family...

Dr Awasti comes to the Hospital Corridor and informs that Danish has regained consciousness. Chand is startled to hear the news.
Dr Awasti: He has responded to our Medicines (Arnab, Madhu, Misha, Kabir and Pia are happy hearing this. Misha and Kabir hugs).
Chand: How?
Dr Awasti: It is the power of almighty. To tell the truth, we had lost hope. But the way the condition of Danish improved it's a miracle... (Pia smiles and says in mind, 'Thank you Abhay! Thank you...'She walks from there. The Doctor tells the Dobriyals and Kabir that they cannot meet Danish only after sometime and goes from there).

Panchi is happy Danish is Okay
Madhu, Arnab and Misha comes to Panchi's room and informs her that Danish is alright. Panchi is happy and insists to let her to see Danish. A nurse comes there and Panchi requests her also. The nurse agrees to take her to Danish. Panchi thanks her.
Madhu: Go dear... Go and meet your Danish... (Panchi hugs Madhu and smiles. Arnab smiles at  Panchi and Misha gives her a thumbs up sign).

Pia thanks Abhay for saving Danish
Abhay is getting out of the Hospital. Pia runs behind him calling his name. She goes and holds his hand.
Pia: Abhay... Thank you so much Abhay...  (She leans on to his arm) Abhay, I knew that you would not disappoint me. Abhay you know... you know how important this is... Abhay today you have not only saved Danish but you have saved the lives to two lovers. Abhay, You have saved my sisters first love Abhay... Abhay, inside there no one knows who is the angel who saved Danish's life. Abhay, You have always given only... and never left anything for yourself...You did not think about you at all Abhay...and that's why I love you Abhay... (Abhay looks at Pia who look at him with dreamy eyes)
Abhay: Pia... Whatever I did I did for our love. If at least some humanity remains in me it is because of your heart beat.
Pia: To keep this love alive one beating heart is enough Abhay...
Abhay: And now... that heart is mine...
Pia: I love you! (Episode ends)

PreCap: Abhay puts his hands on Pia's shoulder. A Car comes a stops in front of the Hospital and Jeh gets down. Abhay looks at Jeh and Jeh walks towards them.

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