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5th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 323) Arnab Dobriyal reveals himself as the Vampire Superior to Chand Raichand

Episode 323 starts with Abhay Raichand taking the phone from Piya and informing Madhu Dobriyal that Pia is coming to Dehradun. He cuts the call.
Pia: Abhay, What are you saying?
Abhay: I am telling what is right. Pia... I cannot see you worried for your family like this. I am not that selfish.
Pia: But going there is very dangerous.
Abhay: Pia... Danger came to us here also. We cannot run away from danger. And talking about me... Pia, You left your family and everything and came here with me. But now they need you... You know what is the most beautiful thing about you? You love your family so much. If I come in between you and your family... I will never be able to face myself.
Pia: Abhay... You are very nice...
Abhay: And you... will go to Dehradun... alone...
Pia: Abhay... I will remember you a lot... But your going there is very dangerous... I know Jeh won't do anything to me... But if you come there, I know he will definitely try something. I will miss you Abhay...
Abhay: It is a matter of few days... (They hug)

At the Dobriyal House, Misha is sitting with her hand on her head. Kabir goes and sits near her.
Kabir: How are you feeling now?
Misha: I am okay... But what happened to me?
Kabir: You don't know what happened? (Misha nods no) Idiot... You had taken sleeping pills...
Misha: What? (Misha recalls mixing the sleeping pills in the sweet) Oh God... Kabir... Kabir, Trust me... I did not eat that tablet purposely. I had put this in the sweet for Alina's bodyguards but they were not having it alone... How dumb am I?
Kabir: Are you serious? You were scheming on your engagement day? Misha... what if anything would have happened to you? All the guests thought that you took the tablets for some other reason. On top of that... Do you know what you did in that state of yours?
Misha: What did I do?
Kabir: You put the engagement ring on me... (Kabir shows his hand)
Misha: But this was what had to be done... right?
Kabir: No... No Misha...Your engagement had to happen with Kabir...
Misha: Danish... Kabir, Danish...
Kabir: Yeah... I am sorry... Danish. Misha, I will wait for you outside... You get fresh and come... we have to go for shopping. (Madhu is standing outside the room behind the door. Kabir goes from the room. Madhu says in mind, 'Kabir loves you Misha. Danish... wish you were here Pia... You would have handled everything. Misha, I cannot see you in this condition'. Madhu goes from there)

Haseena is sitting on the ground inside the space in between the lighted candles. She is looking weak and tired.
Hasina: Chand... I can't take this anymore... (Chand is standing next to her)
Chand: No Hasina... You have to hold on... (Hasina falls on the ground) Hasina... Hasina don't let go... (Hasina struggles to get up and sits. Chand looks around like a caged tiger. A Vampire opens the door and looks inside).
Vampire: What happened?
Chand: One chance... If Hasina stays here she will finish... You have to help us, Please!
Vampire: This is what we wanted...
Chand: Look! We need an opportunity to mean the Superior...
Vampire: Traitors do not get a second chance... What you did with us... the punishment is only death.
Chand: We are not traitors... You have to give us one chance... We did what was right at that time. We did not cheat on our clan anytime... (Hasina is miserable) You know that we did it for saving Abhay... We did, moreover, to save our own clan... for that we had to back off from the battle... You are my friend... So I am asking you... Will you allow me one chance? One chance for us to meet the superior...(Hasina is taking harsh breathes)
Vampire: I will talk to the Superior... But do not keep hope Chand... (The Vampire closes the door from outside. Chand looks at Hasina who is miserable and lying on the ground)
Chand: Hasina...

A Auto stops in front of the Airport. Abhay and Piya gets down. Abhay takes Pia's luggage out of the Auto.
Pia: Thank you... Abhay, I am not liking it to leave you here and go...
Abhay: Pia, This is a matter of some days... Can anyone separate you and me? (Pia smiles. Abhay teases her taking another girls name)
Pia: I will hit you...
Abhay: After all the troubles I went through to get you... I don't think I will be able to leave you. I became a human from Vampire for you. I cannot even think of anyone else other than you...(Pia smiles) I love you!
Pia: I love you too Abhay... (She hugs him)
Abhay: Pia, This is a matter of a few days... After that I will become a human completely. After that there would be no one between you and me. And this time your family needs you...
Pia: Okay...
Abhay: Pia, What is your flight number?
Pia: IC 816 (Pia says bye to Abhay and walks from there with her luggage. She then turns and waves at him. Abhay waves back and looks on as she goes from there).

A Car stops in front of the Airport.  Jeh Khurana gets down and walks a few steps. His mobile rings and he stops to attend it. He gets angry and irritated hearing that his flight is cancelled and he informs the caller that he is already at the Airport. Jeh asks when the next flight is and asks the caller when the next flight is. He tells that he cannot afford to be late as he has some important meeting to attend. Jeh asks for the next flight details and he is informed that it is IC 816. Jeh walks from there.

The Vampire Superior sits on his throne like a king. It is Arnab. He is wearing a black cloak and his face is partially covered by the hood. Many hooded Vampires are standing in the room. A Vampire comes to the room.
Vampire: What are you doing here?
Arnab: Now whoever orders... It is me... Your superior has handed over the powers to me...
Vampire: How can this happen?
Arnab: That is none of your business... You just have to obey my order...
Vampire: We have kept two of our members captive. They are getting punishment for being traitors. But they wish for a chance... They wish for justice from you... Our superior had given them punishment. I think we should hear what they have to say... but give them the punishment of death in the end. This is the punishment for Hasina and Chand.
Arnab: This is not your decision. Bring them to me.
Vampire: But...
Arnab: Enough! Don't forget on which chair I am sitting... If you do not obey me, You will be called a traitor.
Vampire: Pardon me Superior... But the way Chand and Hasina has cheated on us... for that even this punishment is less...
Arnab: Could be! But that does not mean that we do not give them a chance... They have asked for justice... and they will get justice...
Vampire: You mean... we give them back their powers?
Arnab: You leave that to me... What ever I do... they will feel that I have done them a favor... I will have to do this for their lifelong loyalty... Go... and bring them... (The Vampire goes from there after bowing to Arnab).

Kabir and Misha comes to a Cloth Shop. The shop attendant leads them to the rack where Sari's are hung. Misha looks through the rack. She does not like anything and looks into more racks as Kabir patiently waits. She looks into a red Sari as if she liked it and then leaves that Sari and goes from there.
Shop Attendant: It is really wonderful... Mam made you roam around the entire showroom... but you have so much patience...
Kabir: She is the bride... She would take time...

Pia comes into the passenger waiting area and sits on a chair. Jeh is seated on the row behind, facing away from Pia.

Misha picks up the Red Sari and goes from there to try it.
Shop Attendant: Sir, You may be tired... shall I bring you a chair?
Kabir: No... I am fine, thanks!
Shop Attendant: Sir... You will take Tea, Coffee or anything?
Kabir: No Mam... please don't bother... You are very sweet. Thank you!
Shop Attendant: Sir, You are the one who is sweet. What you do for your fiancee... that much my fiancee does not do for me... He will go to one shop and go mad...
Kabir: Mam... I... (Misha comes there)
Misha: Kabir, This is perfect!
Kabir: Alright!
Misha: Excuse me... We will take this!
Shop Attendant: Mam... You are very lucky. Your Fiance is very sweet. He will keep you happy always. He loves you a lot.
Kabir: Look...look... Mam... She is not my fiancee... She is my Brother's fiancee.... So if you don't mind...
Shop Attendant: I am really sorry Sir... I thought...
Kabir: That's okay!
Shop Attendant: Mam, I will get it packed... (The Shop Attendant takes the Sari from Misha and goes from there. Kabir and Misha looks at each other and then turns away from each other. Misha imagines Kabir putting his hands on her shoulder and they both happy and smiling. She then comes to reality and turns towards Kabir ).
Kabir: Misha... Let's go!
Misha: yeah! Let's go pay the bill... (Kabir and Misha goes from there)

Chand is standing in front of the Vampire Superior.
Chand: Superior... I have not been disloyal to the clan so far... We did what we felt right. Abhay's existence was in danger. We did not have any other option. Where Hasina is at the moment... if she stays there for more time, she will be destroyed. I am requesting you... Please let us go! (Chand bows Vampire style and slowly lifts his head up. He recognizes the Vampire Superior as Arnab Dobriyal seeing the partial face which is not covered by the hood. Chand is shocked. Arnab lifts his hood revealing himself to Chand).
Chand: Arnab Dobriyal...
Arnab: What happened Chand? Are you not able to understand how I became like you?
Chand: Can I talk to you something? Alone...
Arnab: Why alone?
Vampire: You have no right to talk to the Superior Chand... Your hearing is over... Now go from here...
Chand: I wish to know... What are you doing in this darkness...
Arnab: his darkness is now my Slave Chand... Now this darkness makes me powerful... It gives me power!
Chand: With power comes responsibility... The place where you are now is a very responsible position. Hope you realize that... May I talk to you? (Arnab gives a slight nod and signals with his eyes. The Vampires in the room go from there leaving Chand and Arnab together).

Jeh is walking through the Airport and a girl from media approaches him and asks if the flight delay has affected him. Jeh tells her that he is getting late and not to disturb him. He goes from there. The same Reporter approaches Pia and she answers their query. But when the girl asks if she is Pia Dobriyal who used to do modelling she refuses to acknowledge it and goes from there. A male reporter approaches Jeh and asks how he  is feeling because of the flight delay.  Jeh gives a pissed off answer and goes from there.

Arnab and Chand are standing.
Chand: How did this happen? You were a nice human... A good father... a good husband...and how did you come into this world of dead humans? Why?
Arnab: I did not choose this life Chand. My life was seized away from me.I was given punishment... Punishment! (Episode ends)

PreCap: The Dictative informs Jeh Khurana that Pia Dobriyal is also in the same Airport and she also is a passenger for the same flight. The Guy tells that Pia is near Jeh only and asks him to search her.

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