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31st October 2011 Written Update (Episode 298) Abhay and Alina goes in search of the Magical Potion

Hasina tells Pia that she would help
Episode 298 starts with Piya untying the rope with which she was tied to the tree and running away while Hasina's back is turned. Suddenly Hasina comes in front of Pia and blocks her way. Pia is terrified and nods her head as if  pleading not to do anything to her.
Hasina: What did you think? You would be able to escape from me? (Pia runs again. Hasina overpowers her from behind and bites her on her neck. Pia struggles and screams and finally falls on the ground with vampire bites on her neck. Hasina wipes the blood from her  mouth. Hasina calms down after a while and realizes what she has done. She looks at Pia who is lying on the ground and keeps her both hands on her head. She says in mind, 'Oh No! What have I done?' Hasina kneels beside Pia and keeps her hand on Pia's face) Oh No Pia... Pia, I am so sorry... I am so sorry... Pia, Please forgive me... You saved my life and did this much and this is what I did... I am sorry Pia, I am really sorry...
Pia: Aunty, It is not your fault. You were not yourself. (Pia's eyes droops off)
Hasina: No Pia No... Pia, My poison is spreading into your body. This poison has to be removed from your body Pia... You will be alright...
Pia: Okay Auntie...
Hasina: Pia, I can't do this. But we will have to get to Chand or Abhay... Are you with me? (Hasina shakes Pia. Pia opens her eyes) Pia, stay with me, okay? I will help you... You have to get up... and we have to go and get to Chand and Abhay... (Hasina supports Pia and helps her to get up. She takes Pia from there)

Alina rescues Abhay
Abhay gets vision of Hasina biting Pia. He says in mind, 'Mom... What have you done? But Pia still has time and maybe before anything happens to her Mom becomes conscious. But I have to reach Piya... I have to go...'. Alina Khurana comes near Abhay.
Abhay: Now what have you come here for?
Alina: Abhay... I will help you reach the Potion... Come...
Abhay: And this is your new trick... (Alina nods No)
Alina: No Abhay. I know that you will not believe me... But trust me just once... Jeh had told me lies... Just let me help you once... I promise you! Just believe me for once... (Alina unties the silver chain from the tree and makes space for Abhay to get out) Come Abhay (Alina extends her hand to Abhay and he holds her hand and comes out of his silver chain prison)

Jeh Khurana and Dipanita are walking through the Forest. Jeh suddenly senses something and stops.
Jeh: One minute Mom... (Jeh keeps his hand on his head and tries to concentrate. He finds out that Alina has rescued Abhay. Jeh opens his eyes) Mom... Alina... She again cheated on us. She set Abhay free...
Dipanita: What?
Jeh: Yeah... Just give me a moment... (Jeh communicates with Alina telepathically. He says, 'Alina, You cheated on us again... ' Alina who is tending to the wounds on Abhay's back hears Jeh talking to her.Jeh talks, 'You set Abhay free... What did you think? I would not know? Alina, why are you hell bend in finishing our family?' Alina responds, 'Brother, You cheated on me... You told lies... You lied that you wanted that potion to save Mom's life. You only need the potion to finish these Vampires. I know you... and you have no right... I don't believe that our betterment is in finishing the enemies... I don't want this violence. So I will never tell you... I will never tell you where the potion is. I am the keeper of the Potion... the heir of the clan...I do not wish that you reach that Potion'. Jeh is angry. He says to Alina, 'Look! The matter has gone so much ahead... Mom is here... You give me that potion Alina... Listen... Give me that potion'. Alina responds, 'No Brother... I know you... I will never give you that potion'. Jeh tries to reason with Alina, 'Don't be mad Alina... You know very well that we are many and he is alone... Mom would not leave him alive... Give me that potion... I promise you... I promise you that nothing will happen to Abhay...' Abhay gets up and walks to the other side of the tree. Alina asks Jeh, 'You are not lying, Aren't you?' Jeh responds, 'No! No Alina... I am not lying. Listen to me...I promise you... I promise you that nothing will happen to Abhay... Come on Alina... Where are you?' Abhay wears his shirt and comes near Alina. Alina responds, 'We are going towards the Jungle. Very near to our House...' Jeh tells her, 'Okay Alina... I am reaching there... just wait!' Jeh runs to Dipanita).
Jeh: Mom, We will have to reach near Alina... And don't worry... The key to the potion is with me... (Jeh searches his pockets and finds the keys missing).
Dipanita: Jeh... Where is the key?

Alina shows the key to Abhay.
Abhay: The key is with you? (Alina nods) Well Alina... Now where will we have to go?
Alina: The cemetry... (Abhay holds her hand) Come... let's go! (They both go from there)

Misha Dobriyal and Kabir are in the Forest. Misha looks into her mobile.
Misha: She is somewhere here... In fact somewhere around...
Kabir: Man, Your location finder is awesome...
Misha: And Kabir, Wherever Pia is ... she is moving... because GPS is showing that she is running... and her movement is northwards... That means she is alright...
Kabir: Of course she is alright... I told you earlier...
Misha : Come on... let's go! (Misha runs from there followed by Kabir. They both runs through the forest. After a while Misha stops and looks at her phone for the direction. Kabir also stops)
Misha: Kabir this way... (They resume running. They stop after a while)
Kabir: Hey Champs... babes stop... Don't you feel that we are putting ourselves into trouble?
Misha: Come on Kabir... She is my sister... If you want to go... you go!
Kabir: How can I go like that?  Just relax! Okay... let's go... (Misha holds Kabir's hand as they walks)
Misha: Thanks dear!
Kabir: Don't show these formalities with me...

Jeh and Dipanita reaches the place where Abhay was kept imprisoned using silver chains around the trees. They see that Abhay has escaped. Jeh is angry and takes his frustration by pulling the chain.
Jeh: Mom... I told you...
Dipanita: I told you Jay...not to trust Alina. But you did not listen to me... (Dipanita goes near Jeh)
Jeh: You told right Mom... I should not have trusted Alina... I am going to kill her!
Dipanita: No! I will kill her! But where have they gone?
Jeh: I know where they would be...The map to the potion is with me...
Dipanita: Let's go! (They go from there)

Hasina is supporting Pia and they are walking through the Forest. Pia is tired and falls down. Hasina kneels beside her.
Hasina: Pia... (Haina makes her sit upright by supporting her. Hasina pats on Pia's cheek) Just stay with me Pia, please!
Pia: Aunty... Aunty, You please leave me here... I am not able to see anything...
Hasina: No... Pia... No! Pia, I am really very sorry Pia... Just stay with me... just stay with me please... Pia, If Abhay finds out he will kill me... I have to save you... Please stay with me Pia...
Pia: When you meet Abhay tell him that I love him very much Aunty...
Hasina: Pia... Sshhh! Don't talk like that... Nothing will happen to you... Okay? Just stay with me...
Pia: Aunty, Please go from here... If those Vampire find you... they will kill you. Aunty, Abhay can save you... You go from here...
Hasina: No way Pia... I will not leave you alone here and go anywhere...I am not going anywhere...
Pia: If you do not go... all of Abhay's efforts would go waste... Aunty, Please go from here...
Hasina: And what will I go and tell him? That I killed Piya? Pia please...
Pia: You do not have to say anything Aunty...
Hasina: Pia, I know Abhay very well... He can read your heart... he can hear you... By now he also would have known that I have attacked you Pia...
Pia: Aunty, I will not let Abhay read my mind... You have to go from here Aunty... At leat that way I can save you... You go from here please...
Hasina: No... Please don't do this... Just let me be with you...Allow me to stay with you...
Pia: Aunty... Please go for the sake of Abhay... Please... I don't have much time (Pia pushes Hasina) You please go! (Hasina lays Pia back to the ground and goes from there. Pia Flashback: Pia Going to Mount College through the Forest... Abhay saving her when she falls down from the Mountain... Pia watching Abhay's first entry to Mount College... Pia running to Abhay and hugging him at the Hostel room... Abhay cupping her face... Abhay and Pia about to kiss... Abhay catches Pia when she falls down from the ladder during the Romeo and Juliet play... Pia hugging Abhay at the Old library... Abhay kissing on Pia's cheek during the Friendship Day Party... Abhay washing Pia's feet at the Forest... Abhay hugs Pia and says that he loves her... Abhay telling Pia that her name is written in his heart beats and asking her if she thinks that he is capable of cheating on her... Abhay telling Pia that his heart beats for her and that he loves her a lot... Piya smiles and closes her eyes).

Misha and Kabir are searching for Pia by calling her name loudly. Suddenly Misha spots Pia lying on the ground. Kabir and Misha rushes to Pia and sits beside her.
Kabir: Open your eyes Pia... Look at me Pia...
Misha: Pia... (Pia moves her head. Kabir supports her and keeps her head on his lap). Kabir, She is alive... Let us take her to a Doctor fast ... Come on!
Pia: No! Misha... Misha just promise me... what I ask... with out questioning you will do it...
Misha: Okay... But what Pia... (Pia shows the bite on her neck)
Pia: Misha... Look at this bite... The poison of this bite is spreading into my body... (Kabir and Misha look at each other) Misha, You will have to help me...
Misha: yes, Just tell me what to do Pia...
Pia: You need to suck this out of my body Misha...
Misha: What?
Pia: Yeah Misha... you need to be careful...
Misha: But Pia...
Pia: Misha...please... please do this...
Kabir: Mish... Just go for it... Just do it!
Misha: Okay... (Misha does whatever... spits to the side several times. Misha and Kabir helps Pia to get up) Kabir, I can't understand what is happening... but let's take her home... Get up Pia... Let's go (Pia stands up supported on either side by Kabir and Misha)
Pia: No Misha... I will not go home...
Misha: What? Are you mad?
Pia: Misha... I have to find him...
Misha: Him? Pia, you are talking of Abhay, right?
Kabir: Pia... You are very weak... You are not in a position to help anyone... let's go...
Misha: She is not going anywhere... She is going with us... What is wrong with you Pia? Come on!
Pia: Misha... You promised me that you would not ask me any questions... just let me go...
Misha: I did not say anything like that... Pia, let's go home please... I mean... This does not make any sense...
Pia: Kabir, Please make her understand... Misha... I am not going anywhere without meeting Abhay... I have to know if he is fine or not... I am not going to go anywhere...
Kabir: Piya...Pia you know what you are asking us to do?
Misha: She is not telling anything... She is going home with us... and that is the end of the Discussion, Okay?
Pia: Misha please... Go away from here....
Misha: Okay Pia... You want to search for Abhay, right? We will help you... we will go with you... okay?
Pia: No one can help me... You cannot help me Misha...I have to do this alone... Kabir, Just make her understand... just take her away...
Kabir: Pia, Are you sure?
Pia: Yeah Kabir...(Misha gives up) Misha listen... For once Please trust me... I know what I am doing, Okay?

Abhay and Alina reaches the graveyard.
Abhay: There are many graves here. How will we know the secret of the portion is in which grave?
Alina: We will have to try using this key... Jeh has the map which shows the way ahead but...we will have to try our luck.
Abhay: That is not possible... We cannot try the key on all these graves... We have very less time...
Alina: But Abhay... We do not have any other way...
Abhay: One minute... Jeh will come here... And after coming here he will straight away go to that grave... and we will know that the potion is in which grave. 
Alina: Brother knows?
Abhay: yeah! He knows... Alina, We will have to hide and wait for Jeh...
Alina: But if he reaches here... He will kill me alive...
Abhay: Don't worry Alina... As long as I am there nothing will happen to you... (Alina nods) Now let's go from here... We will have to hide in such a place from where we will be able to see Jeh... Come! (Abhay and Alina runs from there holding hands)

Jeh and Dipanita reaches the graveyard. They look around. Jeh's eyes fall on one grave. Abhay and Alina are hiding behind a grave. (Episode ends)

PreCap: Arnab is with the Vampire slayers. Arnab sees a woman wearing Black hood and cloak coming in their direction and points her to his companions. He asks them if they are ready to trap the Vampire. The Vampire is Mythili disguised as Tanushree.

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28th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 297) Mythili stops Jeh Khurana from killing Abhay

Dipanita is proud that Jeh has captured Abhay
Episode 297 starts with the werewolves torturing Abhay Raichand by wrapping silver chains around him. Abhay who is in his vampire avatar screams as the chains touch him. Jeh comes there rubbing his ears.
Jeh: How much you scream... (Abhay is sitting on the ground)What happened? It's hurting or are you scared? (Abhay gets up) What are you scared off? Losing your life or being weak in front of your enemies? (The Werewolves are about to torture Abhay again. Alina comes there and holds Jeh's arm)
Alina: Please... Please Don't do anything to Abhay. You promised me that once Mom is saved you would leave him...
Jay: Shut up! But don't forget that he is our enemy.
Alina: But you promised me... You promised me that you will not hurt him.
Jeh: Yeah, I promised... but forgot... You also forget... (Alina and Abhay looks at each other. Alina backs away from there)

Maithili is talking to Dipanita.
Mythili: Take me to Abhay... now! (Maithili's hood lifts up in the breeze and Pia sees her face. Pia and Hasina are shocked to see Tanushree)
Mythili: Finish her! (Pia is shocked. Hasina nods no. Maithili and Dipanita goes from there)
Hasina: No! No... (Pia thinks, 'What happened to T? Did T hurt Misha? She wants to kill me? Why? How can that happen? I mean T was weird... but she was not like this... She could play games but to hurt someone... She gave orders to kill me... But how? Does she know Hasina Aunty is a Vampire? How? I am so confused...')

Mythili and Dipanita are walking through the Forest.
Alina Khurana keeps a watch of Abhay
Abhay is looking around. Jeh is standing with a stake in his hand. The ladies come from behind Jeh. Dipanita comes near Jeh and hold his arm while Mythili vanishes from there. Alina is hiding behind a tree and sees them. Alina thinks, 'Mom... What is she doing here? Oh my God!'
Dipanita: Jeh...My son! (Dipanita touches Jeh's cheek fondly) You have made is happy today... Finally, Abhay is now in our hands. You have made us wait many years Abhay... Now we will not waste more time... Jeh, Kill him! (Abhay tries to break the silver chains with his hands and screams as it hurts him. Abhay leaves his hold on the chains in pain. Jeh lifts the stake in his hand and look at it)
Jeh: Don't you know what this is? You leeches have only 2 weaknesses. One is silver which I have used to control you and the second this... You will be finished Abhay... (Maithili looks at Jeh) I was waiting for this day. I will end your cursed life. I will finish you! (Jeh charges towards Abhay lifting the stake. Maithili swiftly blocks his way. She shows Jeh her Vampire avatar)
Maithili: No body will kill him... Go from here... (Jeh looks at Abhay and then at Maithili) Go! (Abhay is confused. Jeh and Dipanita walks from there. Maithili turns and walks towards Abhay. Abhay is confused seeing Tanushree).

Pia is tied to a tree trunk. She thinks, 'I need to reach to Abhay. I am a weak human. I will have to take Hasina Aunty's help. Is Aunty in control? I need to check'.
Pia: Aunty... (Hasina turns and looks at Pia. Hasina is in her Vampire avatar with blue eyes and fangs) Aunty... Aunty, Listen to me! Aunty I have to reach to Abhay... Aunty, Abhay needs me. Aunty, Now you are not in control... someone else is controlling you... Aunty come out of this illusion. Do not let any one else control you... Aunty, Abhay is your son. He loves you so much... I have to go to him... Abhay has put himself into a lot of danger for you... Please listen to me... please let me go!
Hasina: Just shut up! Do not awake the animal inside me...
Pia: I am trying to awake the Mother in you... Abhay needs my help Aunty. He is in danger. Aunty, Abhay needs me... (Hasina shows her fangs and looks at Pia in anger. Pia tries to untie the rope by struggling and moving hands. She thinks, 'What has T done? Was that really T? I saw a strange face of her. Why will she do like that? She mesmerized Hasina Aunty in such a manner that she has changed. What to do? I will have to remind her in some manner that who she is. This time it is as if she has gone mad. I will have to awake her... for Abhay... Heavens forbid... it gets late...')

Jeh and Dipanita are walking. Jeh stops walking.
Jeh: Mom, Who is this? (Dipanita also stops walking and faces Jay) How did you agree to her that easily? (Jeh throws the stake to the ground) Mom we were so close to finishing our enemy) Who is she?
Dipanita: She is that power who has the strength to finish all of us... (Maithili is standing in front of Abhay) Only that potion can end her. And till the time we do not get the potion in our hands we will have to obey what ever she says... Till the time we do not get the potion in confront her is foolishness, understand?
Jeh: Alright! Mom, We will have to reach that potion (Dipanita nods) before Abhay gets out of our hands. Let's go! (Jeh and Dipanita walks from there)
Dipanita: It would not be very easy to reach to that potion.
Jeh: Mom, How much ever powerful the Vampires are... we werewolves only would get it. (Maithili is standing behind a tree on their way. Jeh and Dipanita passes that way. Maithili says, ' Thinking of Maithili as weak? That can't happen... I am very powerful. Nobody can win over me. Before them I will reach to that potion').

Kabir comes to Misha's room with a glass of juice. Misha is walking to and fro in the room and trying to phone somebody. Kabir keeps the juice on the table.
Kabir: Very funny! Whom are you trying to call now? (Misha sits on the cot)
Misha: Pia... I am calling her for long... she is not picking up her phone... I don't know where she is...
Kabir: Maybe she is busy...or may have gone on a drive with Jeh... or may be she is sitting and studying at the library. Misha you worry unnecessarily...
Misha: Really? And what about you? You are not worried about me? let me call her...
Kabir: hey Mish! Leave her alone...
Misha: Where would she be? (Misha thinks) Hey wait! I can trace her using that social networking site... with which I traced T. If Piya is carrying a phone I can trace her... (Misha sits in front of the laptop kept on the Bed and punch some keys. Kabir also goes and sits on the bed) Damn! Network problem... I will try from phone... (Misha punches some keys and stop. She looks shocked) What? How can it happen?
Kabir: What happened?
Misha: Kabir, It shows that Pia is in the same Jungle where T was...
Kabir: Mish... Don't think like that. Pia is in the Jungle does not mean that she is where T is. Chill!
Misha: Look Kabir... I got to find out (Misha gets up from the Cot and walks from there. Kabir stops her)
Kabir: Mish stop! Relax...
Misha: You do not understand... she could be in danger...
Kabir: Misha chill... don't panic... We together will go and search her, Okay?
Misha: Okay... Let's go! (Misha and Kabir goes from the room)

Maithili walks towards Abhay.
Maithili: I will not let anything happen to you... Nothing! (Abhay is confused)
Abhay: T... What are you doing?
Maithili: I am reading your face... You forgot me? But I remembered you a lot. How long have I been separated from you... (Maithili reveals her Vampire Avatar to Abhay)
Abhay: T... Who made you like us? Who made you like this?
Mythili: Abhayendre... Identify me with your eyes... (Abhay looks at her and identifies her)
Abhay: Maithili...
Maithili: You identified right! I am your love Mythili. (Mythili smiles. Abhay is shocked)
Abhay: Maithili?
Maithili: I went so far away...But your love called me back.
Abhay: Maithili... what are you doing here? And why are you with the Werewolves? You know who they are... They are our enemies Mythili...
Maithili: You never could recognize me Abhayendre... You never used power... This body... this strength...the monster in us... this is a way to rule this world. Human blood and penance makes us more powerful than anyone... I also did it... You also be with me Abhayendre... Then I and you together will rule this World. You cannot be separated from me... Never! I will never let it happen...
Abhay: You... (Alina is hiding behind a tree and listening to the conversation. She says, 'So this is Mythili... She really is very dangerous. Abhay told right. I will have to save Abhay... One time I have cheated on him...but no more... Today I will not be that scared and silent Alina... Today I will save my Mom and Abhay both from this monster lady. Mythili... I will not let you kill my Mom... and let you mesmerize Abhay').
Pia bitten by Hasina Raichand
Hasina is standing with her back on Pia. Pia is trying to untie the rope with her hands on the back. She thinks, 'Without Aunty seeing I will have to get out of here. This rope is tied so tight... Come on Pia... Focus! You will have to get out of here...'
Pia: Aunty... (hasina turns and looks at Pia. Hasina is in her human form). How strong these Vampires are, right? Some times I also think that If I was a Vampire how powerful I would have been...
Hasina: There used to be a time when the Vampires used to be very powerful... Human blood used to give us the power. (Pia unties the rope slowly) Then Vampire Slayers increased and we Vampires had to hide in the dark. Many Vampires started staying with the humans by hiding their identity. Seeing this... our Vampire clan head decided that we will not live on human blood... Slowly the Vampires who drink animal blood started becoming weak. They still had powers... but not like a man eater... I think that was the mistake... (Pia nods. Hasina turns her back again. Pia unties the rope and frees herself. Pia runs from there. Hasina blocks her way. Pia nods not to do anything to her)
Hasina: You were fooling me? (Pia nods no) What did you think? You can escape me and run off? No way! Now I will not leave you... (Pia is terrified. She runs from there. Hasina follows and overpowers her. Pia screams but Hasina bites on her neck. Hasina leaves her and Piya falls on the ground with vampire bites on her neck. Hasina wipes the blood from her mouth with a satisfied look). Episode ends.

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27th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 296) Alina betrays Abhay

Mythili signals Hasina and Dipanita to stop fighting
Episode 296 starts with Abhay and Alina waiting at the Graveyard. Alina looks upward.
Alina: Abhay, the time has come. (Abhay sees that the moon has risen and places the stone on the ground and gently turns it. From the stone a blue star like objects moves out showing the way) Abhay look! This stone is showing us the way... (Alina and Abhay holds hands and runs behind the star. Abhay and Alina runs through a tunnel following the blue star)
Abhay: Alina, This is that way which will help us reach to the magical potion (Alina nods)... Come! (They run again. They stop after some time) This is that place Alina where we would get the key to that magical potion. (Abhay kneels on the ground and starts searching. Alina stands near by watching nervously. Abhay takes a box out of the soil. Alina is happy and looks on. Abhay opens the lid and is shocked to see it empty. Alina also looks shocked)

Pia is standing near the tree and looking at Dipanita and Hasina.
Dipanita: Piya, You go from here. I do not want to put you in any sort of danger.
Pia: No Aunty, I cannot leave you near Hasina Aunty and go. She is very dangerous now. She is not in control. Someone is controlling her. You will have to get out of here Aunty.
Dipanita: Pia, I know to take care of myself... You go from here... Go! (Pia nods 'no'.. Hasina turns to her and closes her eye reassuring Pia that it is alright. Pia turns to go and Hasina swiftly overpowers Dipanita from behind and bites her on her neck. Pia turns hearing Dipanita screaming and is shocked to see Hasina biting Dipanita. Dipanita falls down on the ground and Hasina wipes the blood on her mouth)

Abhay looks at the empty box.
Abhay: Nothing is in it... If we do not get the key then everything would end. We have very little time... we have to find that key... (Jeh comes there dangling the key in his fingers and a stake in hand)
Jeh: You are looking for this Abhay? (Abhay looks at the keys in Jeh's hand)

Hasina walks towards Pia. Piya is scared. Pia is shocked to see Dipanita who was lying on the ground motionless getting up. Hasina turns and faces Dipanita showing her fangs. Dipanita's eyes turn golden and claws come out of her hands. The ladies stare at each other. Pia thinks, 'What is this happening? Who is she? What is happening to Dipanita Auntie? Is she human? Oh God Abhay... where are you? I need you!' Pia looks scared.

Abhay gets up from the ground and faces Jay. Jeh waves the key in his hand. Abhay and Alina look at each other. The other Werewolves join Jeh. Jeh Khurana walks towards Abhay.
Jeh : So Abhay... (The Werewolves stand in a circle around Abhay and Alina) Friends... meet Abhay Raichand... the great Vampire... What is he doing here? Stealing... What happened Abhay? What such necessity came that you had to steal? (The ties silver chain around the area. Abhay is angry. Abhay charges towards Jeh. Jey points the stake to Abhay)
Jeh: Don't even try Abhay! You know very well that you have been surrounded by us.  Even if you wish you cannot do anything. So, don't even try!
Abhay: How did you reach to that key? How did you? (Alina looks guilty. She goes and stands next to Jeh. Abhay is shocked seeing it) Because of my loving sister Alina... Thank you so much Alina... It would not have been possible without you. I am so proud of you... (Jeh runs his hand on Alina's head. Alina looks at Abhay with guilt on her face. Abhay gives her a 'why did you betray me' kind of look).
Jeh: What did you think? You played the drama of love with Alina and she would not? How stupid Abhay... I was actually playing the game with you. You have been played by my little sister... You could not identify... right? What did you think? The leader of our clan...the heir of the werewolves... would just give you our age old secret just like that? Stupid Abhay... dumbo! You are such a Vampire who...
Abhay: Lies! All lies... all lies!
Jeh: Okay! Then you tell... How did we reach this key without Alina's help? Think!
Alina: Brother please!
Jeh: It's Okay Alina... It's okay... Sorry Abhay! Alina betrayed you... You (Jeh makes an into mark on the air) lost! (Alina and Abhay looks at each other)

Hasina and Dipanita stare at each other in anger. Pia is terrified. They start with a fist fight. Hasina sends Dipanita flying in the air. They both start fighting in the air. Hasina overpowers Dipanita and is about to bite her suddenly a hand shows the stop sign. It is Mythili wearing hood who shows the sign to stop. The ladies see the sign and stops. Pia sees this and asks her who she is to create fight between Hasina and Dipanita. Suddenly Mythili vanishes from where she was standing. Pia looks around.
Pia: Where is she gone? Who are you? (Mythili is standing behind Pia. She forcefully pulls Pia against the trunk of the tree and ties her hands from behind. Pia shouts for help but Hasina and Dipanita does not move at all. Maithili walks from there).
Jeh tells the Werewolves that Dipanita would give punishment to Abhay
One Werewolf: What to do with him?
Another werewolf: What else to do? Finish him!
Jeh: No! Not now! We have made him captive in such a manner that he cannot do anything. He is my Mom's culprit and I wish that my Mom only gets the right to kill him (Alina looks at Jeh in shock)
First Werewolf: Now he is in our hand. Leaving him this time is a big risk who knows when the tables would get turned. Let's finish him now...
Jeh: No! I know you all want to take revenge on him. Our biggest enemy is now in front of us. Everyone want to finish him... I understand. But not now! His existence in this world is like a curse to us. He will be punished... But we won't give him the punishment. We will have to wait for our leader. Without Mom we cannot take any decision. But not an issue... I will not let anyone's anger cool down that fast. I will not disappoint you all. We cannot kill him... but can torture him. (Alina goes near Abhay but he turns his face)
Alina: I was helpless Abhay... (Abhay looks at her)
Abhay: You gave such a big lecture about love... what was all that? That friendship... love... lies? What was that? (Alina nods no)
Alina: That was not lies. Yeah... I mean... all that was not lies Abhay... I have done it to save my Mom just like you wanted the potion to save your Mom like that I also wanted the potion for my Mom.
Abhay: Lies! You are telling lies! You are talking nonsense... The truth is that the blood of you werewolves are bad. You are a traitor! I thought of you as a friend. You loved me... I did not love you... but still I did not break your heart anytime...
Alina: Abhay, Please try to understand... After all she is my Mom... I did all this for her.
Abhay: You were with me the whole time... then how did Jeh find out? How?
Alina: You are forgetting Abhay... Just like you Vampire can read others minds and hear their thoughts, we werewolves also can read each others minds.(Jeh smiles) And anyways, Jeh has told me that he will not cause you harm... just they will keep you captive here till the time my Mom gets saved. Please Abhay... Try to understand! Please...
Arnab Dobriyal in the Forest in search of Vampires
Arnab Dobriyal comes to the Jungle accompanied by red hooded people. He has a stake in his hand.
1st Guy: Arnab Sir, You do not have the powers which are needed to confront them. These people can cause you harm. You please go back...
Arnab: Now it is too late... We cannot go back... These people have attacked my family... now I will go back only after they are finished. (The people stop)
2nd Guy: See this miracle of nature. A Vampire and werewolf... 2 sworn enemies... one snake and the other mongoose...
1st Guy: One hot blooded and the other cold blooded... both are together? You don't know? This is destruction...
Arnab: Then we will have to save our city and family from this destruction... Let's go! (They all walk from there)

Dipanita lifts Jeh's phone call.
Dipanita: tell me...
Jeh: There is a happy news Mom. Abhay is now in our hands.
Dipanita: Abhay... (Maithili, Hasina and Pia gets alert hearing Abhay's name)
Jeh: We have kept him captive. Mom, Where ever you are... come fast!
Dipanita: Keep him with you... I am reaching there now...
Jeh: Okay Mom... (Dipanita cuts the call and talks to Maithili)
Dipanita: Abhay is with us... We have kept him captive... (Hasina is shocked. Pia thinks, 'Abhay... What has he got to do with all this? And Jeh... How did he get involved in all this? And his Mom... and her strange behavior... What is happening? I will have to reach Abhay...I will have to get to him...') Episode ends...

Hasina: Now I will not leave you... (Pia runs and Hasina chases her. Hasina overpowers Piya from behind and bites on her neck. Pia screams and fall on the ground with bite marks on her neck).

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

26th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 295) Pia saves Hasina Raichand from Vampires

Episode 295 starts with Pia walking through the forest. She stops and looks back when she hears Hasina calling her name. Pia sees Hasina sitting on the ground. Pia goes to Hasina and kneels beside her.
Pia: Aunty... Aunty... What happened to you?
Hasina: I can't run anymore... I can hear them... All the vampires together are chanting mantras to find me. I am weak... I can't hold anymore...
Pia: No Aunty you have to come. You have to fight it... let's go! We are very near our destination... come! (Pia supports Hasina by holding on her shoulders)
Hasina: Pia... You have done so much for me... but now you have to go... You just have to go... If the Vampires see you with me they will kill you... They have to punish me and they will... But I have to save you! You have to stay alive for Abhay... You have to go!
Pia: No Aunty... I will not leave you and go anywhere. You come with me...
Hasina: Pia please! Please don't be stubborn... Just go Pia please... For Abhay's sake... Just go... Please just go! (Pia finally gives in and runs from there saying that she will send Abhay)

At another part of the Forest, A bunch of hooded vampires are standing in a circle. One Vampire orders to chant the mantra. The Vampires raises their hands and then starts going in circles.
Voice: Call all those powers...and finish her!
Another Voice: i can feel her... She does not have more life left on her. She has stopped. We have to reach her. Let's go! (The Vampires go from there)

Hasina is sitting on the ground. Suddenly the Vampires surround her.
Hasina: leave me! Just let me go... let me go... Trust me... This all I did not do. Someone is controlling me... I did not do anything. Believe me I did not do anything... just let me go please just let me go!
Voice: If someone is controlling you then it is very essential that we stop you and that power from spreading. By finishing you we will keep that power away from us...(The Guy talking has a stake in his hand)No body would make themselves weak a second time. You should not have run away... You are a traitor... You and your son too! I am sorry to say... now your end has come... (The Guy lifts the stake in his hand. Hasina nods no) Hasina, Your life will end now.

Pia is walking fast through the forest. She stops near a tree. She thinks, 'I will have to save her. I cannot leave her alone like this. Some thing is not right. How can I leave her alone to save my life? Abhay... I had promised you that I will not let anything happen to your Mom. I have to get her. Come on Pia...Think something...There should be some way... You have to think! Save her... Come on Pia!'

Hasina is sitting on the forest ground and the Vampires are standing around her.
Voice: Despite of being our leader your son cheated on us. If he would have helped us in finishing you he would have been a leader in the real sense.But he allowed his emotions to come in between his duty. Hasina Raichand, your life which is filled with darkness ends today... (The Vampire lifts the stake to kill Haseena. Hasina closes her eyes in fear. Pia comes near and sees it. She hits the Vampires with the silver chain and they all fall down screaming. Hasina lifts her head and looks at the Vampires).
Pia: Hasina Aunty... Get out of there... Aunty come on... We need to go... Aunty... Come! (Hasina gets up and runs towards Pia...
Pia: Aunty come... fast come on... (Pia and Hasina runs from there) We need to go... (The vampires are lying on the ground)
Voice: Hasina, You have not done right by taking the help of a human. We will not leave that human also... Chant the mantra... loudly...otherwise this chain would burn us to ash. (Pia and Hasina are walking. Pia is supporting Hasina) Keep courage Aunty... we will reach... (Hasina stops near a tree holding it for support)
Pia: Courage is what you showed Pia. If you were not there today Pia...that Vampires would have killed me.
Pia: No Aunty... Don't say like that... If Abhay was there also he would have done the same thing.
Pia: Aunty... Now there is only little more distance. I will not leave you here and go Aunty. You are a very important part of Abhay's and my life. Aunty we will have to go now. We don't have time... Come! (They hear the Vampire voice saying, 'It is not that easy') Come on Aunty... We don't have time... (Pia and Hasina runs from there).

Abhay and Alina reaches a graveyard in the Forest.
Abhay: According to the Map... this seems to be the place. We have just one more hour. When the moon and the stars come in one line with the help of the stone we can reach the magical potion... after that everything depends on you... Now we have time. (Abhay and Alina sits on a slab) We will have to wait. (Alina looks at Abhay. Abahy senses it and looks at her. Alina smiles at him) What happened?
Alina: Nothing! I was just looking at you... How much you love Pia... and today to save your Mothers life you are playing with your life Abhay... How different you are from the other vampires... Today also your heart beats...
Abhay: This all is because of Pia... I did not have the strength to love her. But she taught me to love. In front of her I and my love both lost. This all was her stubbornness. She is very determined... she never accepts defeat. She has a lot of belief in our love.
Alina: Still that love is hidden. You are not together in front of the World... why is it so Abhay?
Abhay: Because everything can't be that easy... Pia and I cannot live without each other at all... but still Piya cannot come closer to me...
Alina: Why not? (Abhay reveals his vampire avatar in front of Alina. He then comes back to his normal form and gives a sad look towards her)
Abhay: Because I am a monster... a dead human! A vampire... How much ever I hide myself in the day light or roam around in between humans as a human... I cannot hide my reality in the darkness of the night... because the darkness of the night would never stop following me... I am fire Alina... I can only burn...
Alina: We are similar Abhay... the animal who stays in the dark. Whether we stay in between humans or with them... our truth will never leave us. This is our curse Abhay... We cannot live life even if we desire... because we are not alive in the real sense... You knew all this Abhay... still why did you break the rules? Why did you fell in love with Piya? What such thing happened? I wish to know Abhay... I really want to know... What is yours and Pia's love story?

Haseena and Pia are running through the Forest.  Suddenly Haseena stops. Pia also stops and looks at the direction Hasina is looking. Pia sees Dipanita Khurana standing at a distance.
Pia: Dipanita Aunty... Aunty... You here? Aunty we all felt that someone kidnapped you... (Dipanita gives a strange look towards Pia) You are alright Auntie? My God...
Hasina: Pia, Stop talking to her... Let's go!
Pia: Hasina Aunty she can help us. We are in trouble...
Hasina: Pia, I told you... Don't talk! (Haseena and Dipanita stares at each other)
Pia: But Aunty she is Dipanita. She is like family to us...
Hasina: You are wrong Pia... You don;'t know who she is...
Pia: This is Jeh's Mom... They are good people...
Hasina: You just don't get it... Do you? You will never be able to know who these people are and what they are...
Pia: Aunty... (Hasina walks towards Dipanita. Hasina reaches near Dipanita and transforms into her Vampire form. They stare at each other) Dipanita Aunty...
Dipanita: Pia, You go from here...(She raises her voice) I told you... go! Go! (Hasina and Dipanita stares at each other. Maithili is standing near a tree at a distance and watching them. Maithili lifts her hand and says, 'Finish her! Finish her...' Hasina and Dipanita stares at each other angrily).

Alina: I want to know your love story
Abhay: It is a very old story... That time I used to be a living human being. And my name was Abhayendre.. (Abhay flashback: Abhay and Maithili meeting... Maithili's Dad seeing them... The servants setting fire to Maithili's room... Maithili crying for help calling Abhayendre... Mythili dying in the fire)
Alina: Who was Maithili?
Abhay: My love... Abhayendra's love... I lost her in an accident. And then my Mom- Dad, meaning Chand and Hasina, saved me... They made me a Vampire... She was the love of my human life... she was my Mythili...
Alina: And Piya...
Abhay: And maybe destiny had other plans... I had to meet Pia... and because of that I roamed around in this form for ages...till Pia did not come to my life... (Abhay's Flashback: Pia walking through the Forest... Abhay running through the forest... Pia falling from the mountain and Abhay catching her... Abhay's entry to Mount College and Pia looking on... Pia running to Abhay and hugging him at the Hostel room... Pia and Abhay near the water body... Pia and Abhay kissing...) I and Pia were very happy. We were together but she came back...
Alina: Who?
Abhay: Maithili...
Alina: But she was dead...
Abhay: Yeah... I also thought so... But someone saved her from death... and made her a monster like me... a Vampire...
Alina: Mythili is a vampire?
Abhay: yeah... When she met me, she had lost herself in the darkness... She has lost her identity... She had become a man eating monster...she was not my Maithili...because the Mythili I knew was different. And then when she saw Pia... she understood that I have become Pia's... and she could not bear it... (Abhay's Flashback: Maithili asking Abhay why he stopped loving her... Maithili pressing the ice on Abhay's heart to freeze him and saying that she would return when Pia's life ends... Abhay telling Pia that she should forget him and erasing her memory... Abhay leaving Pia on the snow filled ground and going)
Alina: I have never understood this love... And you...You and Pia are made for each other...
Abhay: But when Pia and I unite... Mythili will come back...
Alina: You feel that Mythili is here?
Abhay: Yeah! She had promised me...that she won't let me and Pia become one... And whatever is happening now... I have full faith that Mythili's hand is behind it... (Episode ends)

PreCap: Hasina overpowers Dipanita and bites her. Dipanita falls down on the ground dead as Pia looks on. Hasina wipes the blood from her mouth.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

25th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 294) Alina saves Abhay Raichand from Jeh Khurana

Episode 294 starts with Jeh entering Alina's room and closing the door. Alina in standing in the room with a book in her hand.
Jeh: what are you doing Alina?
Alina: Nothing!
Jeh: Are you alone here? Where is Abhay? (Jeh looks around)
Alina: You know that Abhay was with me for lunch and he is gone...
Jeh: Okay...So you want to play the game... Let's play! I know very well where you have kept Abhay hidden... Under the cot, isn't it?
Alina: What is wrong with you Brother? (Jeh goes near the cot and picks up Alina's mobile phone...)
Jeh: From now your phone would remain with me. So more chatting games...
Alina: What has happened to you? Give me my phone back (Alina takes back her phone from Jeh) You know Abhay needs to save his Mom in any condition. (Jeh forcefully takes the phone back from Alina)
Jeh: I do not have to learn from you how to behave with our enemies, get it? Stay here! (Jeh walks from there)
Alina: Brother! Brother I...
Jeh: I am locking from outside and going... (Jeh gets out of the room and closes the door)
Alina: Brother! (Alina goes near the door) Jeh please open the door! Jeh... Open the door please!

Pia comes near Hasina. Hasina is sitting on the ground looking tired.
Pia: Aunty... Aunty what happened? You are alright? (Hasina gets up)
Hasina: Pia... (Hasina touches the silver chain and withdraw her hand immediately)
Pia: Aunty...
Hasina: Pia, You go from here... Your being here is very dangerous... Pia just leave... just go!
Pia: No Aunty... I know your truth. (Blood tears flow from Hasina's eyes) I know who you are...I am here to help you...
Haseena: What? You know?
Pia: Yeah... I got my memory back. And I know who Abhay is and who you people are... I really want to help you out Auntie...
Hasina: You know that I am a Vampire? (Pia nods) You know everything and then also you accepted Abhay? I love Abhay Aunty... There is no conditions in love.
Hasina: Piya, Abhay is very very lucky... Our existence is cursed. We drink blood and stay alive... We can neither live nor die... And in all this... Abhay has gone against his people and made a new life with you. He found his real love in you. You are his true love Pia who even after knowing everything is not scared to be with him. Abhay is really very lucky.
Pia: I am also that much lucky Aunty. Not everyone gets a  love like Abhay. Auntie, Abhay is my life's biggest truth... and I am willing to accept him in any form. I really love him... and I know Aunty that you are not doing all this on your own... there is some power which is controlling you... and I have come here to free you from the control of that power. (Hasina becomes emotional) I want to help you... I need to free you Aunty...
Hasina: No Pia... This silver... it is a curse... We Vampires cannot touch it. And till I am bound with this silver chains I am helpless and weak. I cannot do anything!
Pia: But Aunty I can do! I am a human and I can touch these silver chains. I know that you can't get through this silver chains but I will get you out of here. (Pia unties a silver chain making some space for Hasina to get out. Hasina gets out and they both go from there)

Alina is in her room. She says in mind, 'Abhay, I will have to reach you at any condition. You do not know how angry Jeh and the other people are. They would not leave you. You are not my enemy. I agree that you are doing all this because you wish an end to this fight... just like me... I know Abahy where you are hiding. I cannot reach you through the painting because everyone is standing down. There is only one way... The secret door from the garden... But how do I get there?' Alina looks around and notices the window of the room.

At the Khurana House Hall, the Werewolves are searching for Abhay Raichand. Suddenly one werewolf stops and orders others to stop. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Jeh asks him what happened and the werewolf replies that the smell is more in that area and Abhay is somewhere near.
Jeh: Here? There is no corridor or anything here... How can he be here?
Werewolf: No! He is here! (That werewolf and Jeh starts smelling the wall near the picture. They touch the painting. Jeh pushes one side of the painting. Abhay says, 'So the danger is here!' Jeh runs his hands through the opening in the wall. Abhay says, ' Today the decision would be made... Either you or me...' Jeh looks through the opening. He thinks, ' How many more secrets are hidden in this house about which I do not know anything?' Jeh forcefully pushes the painting. Alina comes near Abhay the same time and tells him, 'Abhay let's go!' Light from the hall suddenly falls on their face and they go from there. Jeh enters the room followed by the werewolves and look around).

Maithili is talking to Dipanita.
Maithili: Now I can use you. You can help free Hasina. But you are my foul smelling animal... But you can be of help in finishing our people...because a wolf only can finish a dead human. I will use your powers.
Dipanita: As you wish!
Maithili: You are free! (Maithili goes near Dipanita and unties the ropes on her hands) We have to do a lot of work. Come with me! (Maithili and Dipanita walks from there)

Pia and Hasina are walking through the Forest. Hasina is tired. She stops and leans on a tree. Pia goes near her.
Pia: Aunty, keep courage! Aunty, I know that you are very weak... But you have to be brave...It's going to be okay...
Hasina: No Pia... Nothing is going to be okay... I have done bad with everyone. I told lie to Abhay... I let him down and then also he is playing with his life and trying to save me. Pia, I have broken the law of the Vampires. I have become a monster Pia...
Pia: No Aunty... Auntie you are not bad. It is just that you are not in your control but Aunty what happened?
Hasina: Pia, I really don't know... but there is some strength... power which is controlling me... And this power has made me in such a manner that I just can't get out of it... I can't control myself. And there is a strange thirst inside me... the thirst of human blood which is making me a monster. It's just driving me crazy and making me a monster Pia... And Abhay even after all this is trying to save me... (Pia thinks, 'Abhay... without thinking of yourself saving your own peoples life... You really love me Abhay! You know to love...') Pia, You don't know but I am your culprit too. I attacked your sister Misha. But trust me Pia... that time I was not myself... You have to believe me...
Pia: I know Aunty...
Hasina: And then also you helped me?
Pia: Aunty, Abhay has always stood by me. He was always with me against you all. He loved me... He taught me to love... Aunty, don't think of me separate from you... I am also your own... I know that was not you... It was someone who was controlling you...(Hasina nods) But Aunty... We will get you out of this. I am with you... Abhay is with you... We will help you...You will come out of this...  (Hasina touches on Pia's cheek fondly)
Hasina: Pia, Abhay is really very lucky to have you... He is very lucky that he got your love... (Pia smiles)
Pia: We need to go! (Hasina nods and they both walk from there)

At the Khurana House Jeh and the Werewolves are in the secret room.
Werewolf: Where is he gone?
Jeh: He was here... this place...seconds ago!
Werewolf: If he was here where has he gone... Nothing is ahead...
Jeh: One minute! (Jeh runs from there to Alina's room. The werewolves also gets outside. Jeh pushes the door open and shouts for Alina. He gets inside the room and looks around. He sees taht Alina has managed to escape through the window. He says in mind, 'Alina, You cheated on us again... Despite being our clan leader you once again saved our enemy. Why Alina? I trusted you so much and you broke my trust again'. Jeh is angry.

Abhay and Alina comes out of the secret passage holding hands. They look back and again run fun there. Abhay and Alina reaches near the well.
Abhay: Thank you so much Alina! Thank you so much for getting me out of there...
Alina: Abhay, I love you so much. For you I am willing to fight with not only Jeh but the whole world.
Abhay: Alina, I cannot lie to you any more...I need to confess and you deserve... Alina, I love Pia...I played the drama of love with you... I had got orders to stay near you and get that magical potion. Every one knew that the way to reach that magical potion is only you. So I played the drama of love with you. Please forgive me Alina... I caused pain to your heart...I am sorry! (Alina smiles)
Alina: You did not cause me pain Abhay! When I loved you Abhay... I kept no condition that you also love me that much. No, I didn't! Abhay, You remember... that you helped me first... Nobody stood by me... It was only you... You always helped me against my family... You gave me confidence... and so much happiness. For me there is no one more important than you...The happiness you have given me...that is enough for me...(Alina smiles)
Abhay: Alina, You are very nice!
Alina: Yeah, If you would have met me before Pia may be you would have loved me... But that can't happen... But anyways... I am happy... I am happy that you need my help... Like a good friend... I am with you...I love you so much Abhay! (Abhay looks guilty) Come... We have to reach to that potion... Let's go! (They go from there)

Maithili and Dipanita reaches the place where Hasina was kept captive and finds the place empty. They look at each other.
Maithili: Where is Hasina? Tell me where is Hasina...
Dipanita: She is not here?
Maithili: I will not let them finish Hasina...
Dipanita: Kill her? Who wishes to kill her?
Maithili: We have to find Hasina... now! Come with me...  (They go from there)

The hooded Vampires are coming through the Forest.
Voice: We have to take this step without Abhay. When his mother is finished the Raichand family would become weak. And we will stop considering Abhay as our leader. He is not worthy of being our leader. He is more concerned about his family and love. He is weak... (The Vampires reach the place Hasina was kept captive) Some one has freed Hasina Raichand... but whom? None of us can touch these silver ropes. But if the person who saved her is not a Vampire... then whom? Who is that? Who is that who has freed that dangerous man eater from here? She can be anywhere... She can attack anyone... Has Abhay got her out of here? No... It is some human... the smell is still here...
Another Voice: Human! Then it is a pity.  Then that human's life also should be ended along with Hasina. Thant human is also a danger for us and should be killed. (Episode ends)

Hasina: You don't get it... Don't you? You will never find who this people are and what they are...
Pia: Aunty... (Haseena walks to Dipanita. They look at each other. Hasina transforms into her Vampire avatar with fangs and blue eyes. Dipanita also gives her a killing look).

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24th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 293) Pia Dobriyal stalks Chand Raichand and finds out about Hasina

Episode 293 starts with Dipanita asking Maithili who has taken Tanushree's body, 'You did all this for Abhayendra's love?'
Maithili: Yeah, I have burned in that love and now it is Abhayendra's turn.I got Hasina under my control because I knew that it is impossible to bring Chand and Abhayendra under my control. Hasina was weak. She was unable to quench her thirst for human blood... and I took advantage of it... I awoke her human blood thirst and this way I got this human form. Hasina is weak. I finally accomplished my goal... I saw Hasina alone and gained control over her. Now she has become a puppet in my hands... But I needed a new body... and that could be only the body of a human. And then...

Abhay stops his Car in front of the Khurana House and gets out. He walks towards the House. Abhay gets into the House stealthily through a door. He goes and pushes the big photo on the wall which is the secret entrance in the map and gets in. Through the gap on the side of the picture Abhay sees Jeh who comes to the Hall. The door bell rings and Jeh opens the door. A bunch of Guys who were standing at the door step walks inside along with Jay. One of the werewolves take a deep breathe and informs Jeh that Abhay is somewhere in the house and that he can get the smell of the Vampire. Jeh turns and looks. Abhay hides himself.
Jeh: Yeah, He was in this house till some time back... but not now! Forget him and listen to me... You people know very well why I called you all here. That potion which our ancestors have given us... because of which we never became weak in front of the Vampires...the Vampires have come to know about it. They know now that the potion is with us. And one out of that Vampires have become a man eater... thirsty of human blood... And to save that Vampire, they will need this potion. And remember! To reach this potion they can do anything! They can go to any extent... We have to stay cautious in any condition...
Werewolf: But by then they would finish that Vampire... That is their law if anyone gets lost in darkness. If they get the potion they can save that Vampire but they would not want to save...
Jeh: Nah Not this time... Because this time the culprit is bigger than law... or may be away from the law... Hasina Raichand! (Abhay is listening) Abhay Raichand is the leader of the clan. He makes the rules... for his Mom he can break the rules also... (Alina Khurana  opens the door and looks down from upstairs) Even after being a monster, he knows the meaning of love... he has all the weaknesses an emotional human has. For his mother this weakness will force him to break the law.(Alina is looking from upstairs. She thinks, 'So that is why you are looking for this potion... Abhay, you are doing all this for your Mom? Oh Abhay!')

Pia is stalking Chand who is walking through the Forest.Pia says to herself, 'Why everyone is lying to me? Who are they protecting? If Abhay is trying to save the person who bit Misha, I will never forgive him. He can't do it!  For you has your clan become important than your love and my sisters life?Abhay, why are you doing this? Whom are you trying to protect?'

Abhay is standing behind the wall. He says in mind, 'Every werewolf is united outside the door. Jey knows that I need to reach the map. And to reach the map I need Alina's help.And he won't let me reach Alina. I will have to reach Alina at any cost. Without her I will not be able to reach that potion.  I will have to reach Alina by escaping from these Werewolves. Jay is behind me but I won't be in his hand. I will have tofind another way. Why does every door close before me? Maybe it is the magic of this stone. I will have to get to Alina. Only with her help I can get to the potion. I have no other option. It is either death or survival. I will have to fight with these wolves (Abhay's eyes turn blue). I will have to reach to Alina for Mom's sake. I have to fight them!'

Jeh is talking to the Werewolves. Alina is looking at them from upstairs.
Jeh: This time our leader is not present in between us. Mom is not here... but Alina is here, Alina... The caretaker of this potion and my Moms heir... It is not possible to reach the portion without Alina. Abhay also will need Alina in order to reach the portion. Understand? (Suddenly Jeh closes his eye and senses Abhay's presence. He orders the werewolves to find Abhay and finish him. Alina gets into a room and closes the door. Jeh and the werewolves run here and there looking for Abhay but does not find him. Abhay is seeing everything from behind the wall. Abhay tries to get out of his hiding place to fight the werewolves but suddenly stops himself when he remembers what Chand said to him. Chand's voice over: ' Remember one thing Abhay... No need to rush. Don't put yourself in danger... let the danger come towards you and then fight it! You will never lose'.

Maithili is talking to Dipanita.
Maithili: I was looking for a prey. I came to the Dobriyal House for the Party. I saw all the drama there. And I needed a weak link... which I this form... alone... (Flashback: Some one puts a black cloth over T's head and kidnaps her) I ordered Haseena. And she kidnapped this girl. She had become so crazy for human blood. Haseena does not even know what she has done. (Flashback: Haseena biting T and Tanushree falling on the ground dead) And before anyone could find out I and Haseena  together drank all the blood of that girl... and put my soul into her body. Now, it's my time to take a revenge. (Maithali's eyes turn blue and she gives an evil look towards Dipanita who looks scared)

Pia is stalking Chand who is walking through the forest. Chand reaches the sport were Hasina is imprisoned with silver chains tied around the trees surrounding her. Pia hides behind a tree and watches. Hasina is looking drained. She and Chand interlinks theirs fingers through the gap between silver chains.
Chand: I have come... Abhay has gone to get that potion for you. But...
Hasina: But... Those people have safeguarded the potion in such a way that we Vampires could not reach that potion or map in ages.So now what is that Abhay will do that he would get to it?
Chand: Trust Abhay, Haseena... He will definitely come. (Chand and Hasina leaves their hand hold)
Hasina: But when will he come Chand? This chains... this silver... is bothering me Chand. I can't take this anymore. Get me out of here Chand. Do it fast... please Chand... (Pia who is hiding behind the tree feels guilty. She says in mind, 'I am so sorry Abhay... In my sisters love I became so blind that I did not think why you are doing all this. Of course your Mom comes before me... I am sorry!' Pia wipes her tears and looks at Chand and Hasina)
Chand: Hasina, Try to remember...Who was that? What power was it who forced you to do all this?
Hasina: I don't remember anything. I have not even seen her face. But I can remember the voice... That power wants to help me Chand...
Chand: Oh come on Hasina... She wants to help you? What are you saying? See... what has see made you... She forced you to drink human blood. Hasina... That power has used you...
Hasina: That all I do not know but I am not able to control my mind. Just get me out of here please....just get me out of here...
Chand: Don't worry! Abhay and I will not let you die like this... I am worried about Abhay. I think he needs my help. I will come back Hasina... I will be back... (Chand lifts his hand bidding bye and goes from there. Haseena sits on the ground. Piya looks on)

Maithili is talking to Dipanita.
Maithili: I had to do it. I knew that to get Abhayendra I have to play this game. I cannot see him with that Pia. And that Pia... What is that Pia? Just an ordinary human... And I... I am Abhayendra's love... I cannot see him with anybody else... with no one! But in this game there is only one problem... and that is you! What to do with you? I have not reached my destination...and you blocked my way...What do I do with you? What do I do? (Maithili looks at Dipanita and mesmerizes her)
Dipanita: Whatever you wish! (Episode ends)

PreCap: Maithili and Dipanita reaches the place where Hasina was kept captive and finds the place empty. They look at each other.
Maithili: Where is Hasina? Tell me where is Hasina...
Dipanita: She is not here?
Maithili: I will not let them finish Hasina...
Dipanita: Kill her? Who wishes to kill her?

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Friday, October 21, 2011

21st October 2011 Written Update (Episode 292) Maithili returns as Tanushree to put an end to Abhay and Pia love Story

Abhay is sitting in the Car. He says in mind, ‘Mom, I have got the stone with the help of which I will be able to see the way ahead. Now I just have to wait for the twilight. Before the moon vanishes this stone will show me the way ahead’. Abhay turns his face sideways. He sees Pia sitting on the front passenger seat smiling at him.
Pia: Why are you looking at me like that Abhay?
Abhay: Pia… You are here? Are you really here? (Pia smiles)
Pia: Of course I am here Abhay… Touch and see! (Abhay cups her face with his hands)
Abhay: Pia… You love me…right?
Pia: I love you very much Abhay… I have forgotten the whole world in your love. The whole world is one side… and our love is one side… Just you get this potion and your Mom becomes alright… then we would never turn back and look. We will always stay together… no one can separate us Abhay… (Abhay cups her face again)
Abhay: Pia, I was only waiting for this moment… (Pia vanishes. Abhay realizes that she was his imagination. He says, ‘Focus Abhay… focus! Come out of your dream world. Concentrate on your goal! Focus!’)

At the Dobriyal House, Arnab and Mr Kashyap are talking.
Kashyap: So Misha did not see who attacked her… But that boy has seen… Abhay… (Arnab and Kashyap sit on the chairs in the Hall)
Arnab: No Mr Kashyap… he can’t be trusted… because if Abhay knew what happened there… why did he say a lie? Why did he say that it is a snake bite when it was not like that? He is involved in this… it is sure… But in what way… it is necessary to find out.
Kashyap: Mr Dobriyal, Misha knows that Abhay saved her life and you also should be grateful to him. (Arnab nods) Thank God! Abhay saved her… and it is possible that he only removed the entire poison from Misha’s body. If Abhay is not a Vampire then he definitely has seen that Vampire. What is Abhay’s truth I do not know. But I know this much that Abhay is that link who can help us reach that Vampire (Arnab nods). Arnab: But Misha told that she was attacked by a lady. Who is this lady? Why is Abhay lying? What is the connection?

Dipanita is tied in between two pillars using ropes. A lady Vampire wearing hooded gown is standing in front of a well opposite Dipanita and doing some ritual. The Vampire finishes her ritual and goes and lights the lanterns on the pillars. She then removes the hood from her head and it is Tanushree. T turns to face Dipanita who is trying to remove the rope from her hand.
Dipanita: Who are you? (Dipanita raises her voice) Who are you?
T: It’s a long story… an age old story…

At the Raichand’s House, Chand makes a call to Abhay. Abhay who is driving the Car picks up the call.
Chand: Abhay, Where have you reached? Abhay: Why? What happened? Mom is alright?
Chand: Just get home now… I cannot tell you over phone…
Abhay: Okay… (Abhay is driving the Car. He thinks, ‘Now what happened? Dad was never tensed up like this… How will we save Mom?’

At the Khurana House, Jeh is standing in the Hall facing the window. Alina is coming down the stairs to the Hall. Jeh thinks, ‘Mom, You were telling right! Alina cheated on us. Our family has scattered. You should have come back. If the Police search for you let them. But this time I need your help Mom. Protecting the secret is most important than anything. You will have to leave that Vampire. Whoever it is… this time it is not as important as saving the potion from Abhay’. Alina comes and stands behind Jeh…
Alina: Brother, listen to me…
Jeh: Alina… Go away from here… I do not want to talk to you… Leave!
Alina: But I… (Jeh raises his voice)
Jeh: I said leave… (Alina goes from there. Jeh calls Dipanita on her cell phone. The mobile rings but no one picks it up. Jeh tries again but gets no response. Jeh calls someone and tells that he needs their help. Jeh tells that Dipanita is not there and now the Vampires are in possession of the map. Jeh orders the person on the other end that he needs to see everyone immediately and cuts the call).

At the Raichand House, Abhay and Chand are talking. Chand is sitting on a chair near the fire place and Abhay is standing behind.
Abhay: Without asking me how can they take such a big decision? How Dad?
Chand: They gave you a lot of chances… and they knew that you take decisions sentimentally like humans. (Abhay is angry). You let your entire clan for the sake of Pia. And look where you are… You are standing by Hasina against the entire clan… I want you to realize Abhay with success come freedom… and with freedom come responsibility… You tell me… If a Vampire becomes sentimental like a human would you be able to tolerate?
Abhay: I know the laws change with time… and we have to change too! But I do not wish to argue about it now. (Abhay goes and sits on the chair near Chand) You know what Dad? We are running out of time… We will have to save Mom at any condition. But if you want to give it the name of human weakness… so be it! I alone am sufficient for those Vampires… (Chand laughs)
Chand: Just what I wanted to hear… I am proud of you Abhay… Now tell me… what is the plan? (Abhay places the map he drew on the table)
Abhay: This is that map with the help of which we can reach that potion. As soon as we get the remaining portion of this map we will be able to save Mom… After that no one would be able to reach Mom… neither our own people nor the werewolves… or any power… (Chand looks at the Map)
Chand: Are you sure this is the right map?
Abhay: Yes Dad! This map is divided into many pieces. We have two of it which I drew from my memory. Because the first piece of this map is with the Khuranas… and that is a magical one the secret of which only Alina knows. There are many pieces of this map. After finding all the pieces and joining it all a full map will form. And when the full map is formed with the help of this stone and whole map we will be able to reach that magical potion. And the key to reach that magical potion is with only Alina. She will help us reach there. (Chand lifts the stone and looks at it)

Pia enters Misha’s room.
Pia: Misha… (Pia runs and hugs Misha by sitting on her cot)
Misha: I got so many hugs that I feel like I should go to coma again.
Pia: You scared us all…
Misha: Oh Piya… Please don’t start. Now the Doctor has checked and gone. (Misha points to the bite marks on the neck) Only these marks are remaining… everything else is okay… (Pia looks at the mark) You understand the words coming out of my mouth? (Pia thinks, ‘I need to find out whether the poison inside Misha is fully gone or not. But if a Vampire has bitten her then…? No! I am sure nothing would happen to her. But I will have to find out who it is Abhay hiding from me… for whom he even lied to me…’ Misha looks at Pia) Hello! What happened? Have I developed horns on my head? Stop staring man! It’s me! And I am alright…
Pia: I wasn’t staring… I was thinking something…
Misha: About Abhay?
Piya: yeah!
Misha: Well Pia… when you meet him say thanks to him. I mean… seriously man… Abhay saved my life! If he would not have been there… I mean he reached there so fast and he saved me from that woman. Pia, If he would not have been there I would not have been alive. What all have I not talked of him and he was innocent.
Pia: You know what Misha… you are right… that’s enough!
Mish: Oh! So many Dialogues… Stop it now! What is the use of saying it again and again? Just be normal! Pia: Okay Psycho!
Misha: Okay Dumbo!
Pia and Misha together: Whatever! (They laugh. Misha takes a book and starts reading. Pia says in mind, ‘Abhay, What is the truth? If you do not want to tell then don’t tell. I will ask someone else. Like you they won’t lie to me for my safety. I will ask the person who knows the importance of the family’).

Dipanita: You have taken me under your control? How? Who are you? Tanushree: I am seeking revenge for 200 years… (Flashback: Mythili and Abhayendra love story. Abhayendra in imprisoned and Mythili saves him only to be set to fire by her father. Abhay tries to save her but Mythili dies in the fire).
Tanushree: But this story of love did not end there. I never stopped loving Abhayendra. For him I gave up my human life and became a dead human. And when I reached here to meet my love … my love had gone far away from me. Pia… Pia seized him from me. I had imprisoned Abhayendra in ice grave and only his real love could have got him out of there. But I made a promise to him…that I will return in every age and every form... to end the love story of him and Pia... And I will not let Pia's love story to succeed. Never! Never...

Chand comes down the stairs to the Hall. He says, 'Abhay is not at home'. Pia is standing in the Hall.
Pia: Uncle... I have come not to meet Abhay... but Hasina Aunty... (Chand thinks, 'Why has she come to meet Hasina? What does she know?')
Chand: How is your sister?
Piya: She is alright Uncle... She regained consciousness.
Chand: She told you anything? Who attacked her?
Pia: No Uncle... Actually I had some work with Hasina Aunty...
Chand: She is not in town now... She is out of town...
Pia: Okay Uncle... When she comes back ask her to phone me... Something important! (Pia walks from there. She thinks, 'Like Abhay Uncle also would not tell me the truth.. He also will only lie to protect his people... This time only Haseena Aunty can help me').

Chand is sitting on a chair and talking to Abhay on phone.
Chand: Abhay, Where have you reached?.... Okay! I feel Alina can help us. Pia had come here. She was asking a lot of Questions. I am going to Hasina (Pia is hiding outside the window and listening to the conversation) This is dangerous! You take care! I have to warn Hasina and I should be careful too! (Chand walks out of the House. Pia hides. She thinks, 'Haseena Aunty is here? What danger is he talking about?') Episode ends.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

20th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 291) Misha Dobriyal regains consciousness

Episode 291 starts with Abhay running back to his Car parked in front of Khurana House. He gets in and drives the Car from there. After driving for sometime he stops the car. He takes a pen and paper from the Dashboard and starts drawing the map from his memory by closing his eyes. He says in mind, 'Vampires have photographic memory. That map is by heart for me Jeh. I am two steps ahead of you. I have memorized this map now'. Abhay opens his eyes and looks at the map. He says in mind, 'I am sorry Alina... I broke your trust but getting this map is very important to me. I wish to save my Mom before the full moon'. Abhay recalls Hasina trying to attack a girl at the Cloth Store and also her attacking Misha Dobriyal. He thinks, 'I know you saved a dying man's life. More than a son you brought me up like a son... You cannot be bad at mind at all. I have to finish that power which has influenced Mom. I have to remind Mom what is her truth. And once Mom becomes alright with this potion  I will end up all the lies... After that no one can come in between Pia and me... no Jeh... no Alina... no family... no one! I cannot give pain to Pia any more. She loved me knowing what I am. Now I wish to honor that love... I want to see her happy always. And now after doing the duty of a son now I will do the duty of my love. Wait for me... just wait for me...'. Abhay recalls Jeh offering to drop Pia home and her refusing saying that she would go on her own and does not need anybody. He says in mind, 'Pia... I gave you a lot of pain today... but no more! I need you to know that I am only yours... only yours!' Abhay drives the Car from there.

Hasina is in the forest in a silver chain cage. She thinks, 'What happened to me? What am I doing? What all has happened? Save me... someone save me!' Hasina sees Chand coming towards where she is imprisoned.
Hasina: Chand, I am here... Save me please! Chand, Please come here and save me Chand... (Chand stops in front of the silver chain enclosure)
Chand: Ssshhhh! No one should know that I am here... (Hasina nods)
Haseena: Chand, Please help me! Just save me... Just get me out of here Chand please! Just get me out of here...
Chand: After 24 hours... after the full moon night ... they will finish you Hasina...
Hasina: What? No Chand no! You can't let this happen Chand... This cannot happen... You have to stop them... You have to get me out of here... Please Chand please!
Chand: If anyone can save you, That is Abhay... And he has to bring that potion Hasina... Once we get that potion, then we would win! But the important thing is that he must get that potion.
Hasina: But  Chand... why are they against me? What did I do?
Chand: You cheated on your clan Hasina... I tried to stop you... But you did not stop. You have broken all the rules by drinking human blood... you went against every one... (Hasina sheds blood tears) These many ages with which rules we have stayed among humans... you have broken all those rules...
Hasina: Chand, trust me! I did not do anything... I have stayed with you for ages in this human form... I won't do anything like that... I have not done anything... Just trust me... There is someone... some power which is controlling me... something... (Hasina keeps her hands on her head)
Chand: If some power is controlling you... where is it now? Why doesn't she come and save you?
Hasina: Chand... Maybe I am not needed any more... Chand please... just save me Chand! Please save me please... (Chand moves closer to the enclosure)
Chand: You will have to trust Abhay... Abhay only can save you... Hasina, You have to trust him... (Chand extends his hand towards Hasina through the gap in between the silver chains and Haseena interlocks her fingers with his taking strength from him).

At the Dobriyal House, Misha is lying unconscious on the bed. Madhu and Kabir are sitting near her. Kabir is holding one hand of Misha in his hand and with the other hand he is fondly touching her head. Arnab and Panchi are also in the room. Suddenly Misha moves her fingers and opens her eyes slowly. Every one is happy seeing her regaining consciousness.
Arnab: Misha!
Misha: Why is everyone in this room? (Panchi and Madhu hugs her)
Arnab: Madhu what are you doing? She just became conscious. She will get suffocated...
Misha: No... I am loving this daily soap drama... (Panchi laughs. Kabir smiles) I feel like I have gotten up after many years...
Arnab: We also feel like you have regained consciousness.
Misha: Thakur, What are you doing here?
Panchi: Mish, Kabir only bought you home... You know... from the time you are unwell he has not even moved from your side...
Misha: Good... He is my friend... High five Thakur?
Kabir: High five Champ! (They high five. Madhu hugs Misha. Panchi talks in hushed tones to Kabir)
Panchi: When she becomes fully alright ...then tell her!
Kabir: What?
Panchi: What do you think? I am dumb? The whole city knows how much you love Misha...
Kabir: Everyone knows how much I love her... except her... (Arnab goes from there to inform the Doctor that Misha has gained consciousness. Kabir and Misha smiles at each other).

At the Khurana House, Jeh goes and sits on a chair near the fire place and looks at the map. He is angry seeing the black map. Jeh says, ' Mom told that the heir can see what is written in it... That means Alina...' Jeh gets up and shouts Alina's name. He says, 'You did not do right! Once again you cheated... You broke my trust. Not again... I will have to tell Mom'. Jeh dials Dipanita's number.
Jeh: Mom... Mom listen... There is a big...
Dipanita: Jeh... Listen to me... It is very important! I have come to know who is controlling Hasina... what is such power who has made her a man eater... Jeh , we need that woman... With her help we can reach our enemies...
Jeh: But Mom... This all...
Dipanita: Jeh do not interrupt me... listen what I say... I have to follow her... I have to know all her game... You talk to Alina... We need that potion immediately... Take it from her, got that?
Jeh: Okay Mom! (Jeh cuts the call and shouts Alina's name. Dipanita looks around in the Forest)

The Doctor comes to Misha's room and declares that she is alright. Danish comes to the room and he is also happy to see Misha alright. The Doctor asks Misha what had happened to her.
Misha: Well, At the Party I got a which it was written that I come out and meet him... (Kabir lowers his head) I went out and a woman attacked me... and I went blank...
Doctor: Woman? Are you sure?
Misha: Yeah 100%. But why are you all looking surprised?
Arnab: Because we all felt that Abhay attacked you...
Misha: Abhay? No Papa... Abhay saved my life! (Every one look at each other)
Arnab: Abhay?
Misha: yeah! I don't remember everything clearly but I remember... I felt a terrible pain on my neck and suddenly Abhay came there. He was very angry. He pushed that woman and I fainted after that...
Doctor: So you did not see that woman's face?
Misha: No Doctor! I did not see her face... But I know this much that Abhay saved my life... That's all I know!
Arnab: Mr Dobriyal... You come with me for a while...
Arnab: Excuse me! Arnab and Doctor goes from the room
Madhu: Thank God ... my child is alright!
Misha: Oh God Mom... enough of this drama.. (Danish gets up from the Cot and goes to stand near Panchi) I am fed up! And you Thakur... Come and sit here... I want to talk to you... Come on... sit here! (Kabir sits near Misha)I want to speak to you... See your face... It looks like you are acting in a bad play.(Madhu smiles)
Madhu: Don't talk like that Misha... He was so concerned about you... If something would have happened to you...
Misha: Of course Momma... Kabir would be more concerned about me than anyone...It is obvious. I mean I am his bodyguard... If something happens to me who will save him at the College from Bimbos? (Everyone smiles)

At Khurana House Jeh shouts Alina's name. Alina comes down the stairs and stands in front of him. Jeh lifts the blank paper and shows it to her.
Jeh: What is this? (Jeh walks towards and Alina backs off climbing the stairs backwards). Alina, think 10 times before you lie... what you are saying... What the hell is this?
Alina: I don't know!
Jeh: Really? If you do not know what it is... what was it doing with Abhay?
Alina: I don't know! Why don't you ask Abhay?
Jeh: You don't know about this? Let me make it easier for you Alina. This is the map to reach to that potion about which you only know Alina... What it was doing with Abhay... let me tell... My sister gave it as gift on her sweet and romantic date... Why did you do it Alina? Tell me! (Jeh pushes her)
Alina: This is not your Map Jeh... What I want I can do with this...
Jeh: You can do anything? For your kind information this belongs top our ancestors... Mom has entrusted the map with you not for you to handle it to anyone in your foolishness.
Alina: Abhay loves me... I was...
Jeh: What love Alina? Abhay is only playing with you... we all are playing with you... That's it! He does not love you. What do you think? Because of your childish love he will forget our age old enmity? Abhay has come here only for this Map... only for this potion... because he wants to get even with me... He want to win over everybody... Who let him reach that potion? You! Thanks to my sister... Alina, I am asking you one final time... You showed this map to Abhay or not?
Alina: No! (Jeh shows the blank map to her)
Jeh: What is this? Why is this not visible?
Alina: This map... Jeh you cannot see it without my help...
Jeh: So be it! Come!

Jeh and Alina is sitting on the chairs by the fireside. Alina closes her eyes and chants something. She runs her hand above the Map chanting continuously. Suddenly the map becomes visible. Jeh takes the map and looks at it and then at Alina. (Episode ends)

PreCap: Dipanita is held captive by the mysterious lady Vampire.

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19th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 290) Alina and Abhay goes on an Adventure Trip in search of the Magic Potion

Episode 290 starts with Jeh driving the Car with Pia sitting beside him. Jeh looks at Pia who is silent and gloomy.
Jeh: Pia, What happened? Pia, I am here with you. Come on tell me... What is it that is bothering you... I swear I understand Pia...
Pia: Jeh... Actually I do not want to disturb you ... I  just want to be quiet...
Jeh: Okay... But I love you Pia... I am here... Whatever it is just tell me...
Pia: Jeh... I was thinking how strange love is... When a person is in love that person sees every thing in own way. The person who loves feels that the other person is there ... whether the other person is there or not. What is the definition of love Jeh? Pain? One sided feeling?

At the forest Dipanita is hiding behind a tree and looking at the lady Vampire who was talking to Hasina. The vampire wearing the hood and gown turns and Dipanita moves from her view instantly. She thinks, 'Who is this who has kept Hasina under control? She definitely can be of use to me...' The mysterious Vampire walks from there and Dipanita stalks her.

Jeh mobile rings as he is driving. Jeh picks up the Call. Jeh listens to the caller and tells that he will call that person in a while.  Pia asks him what is the matter and Jeh tells that it is a call from the Office and after Dipanita has gone all responsibility is on him.
Pia: Jeh... How strange you might be feeling... handling every thing without your Mom... (Jeh keeps silent. He looks gloomy. Pia notices it) Jeh... Jeh I am really sorry... I didn't want to remind you... I am really sorry Jeh...
Jeh: Leave it! Why are we talking all this? My house has come. You come to my house for 2 minutes... I have a small work... After that I will leave you home... And on the way we will talk about everything... How lonely and boring your lover is... (Pia thinks, 'Abhay will be there with Alina. How will I face him?' Jeh stops the Car)

Abhay and Alina walks towards the picture on the wall holding hands. Alina takes the map from Abhay's hands and they touch the picture to find the secret passage. Alina pushes the paining from one side a secret passage appears in front of them. Alina takes a candle from the Hall and walks into the passage leading to another room followed by Abhay. They enter the room and pushes the picture back into position.
Alina: Abhay...How dark it is here... Can't see anything! (Abhay thinks, 'This was our old home. And how come we did not know that there is such a secret passage? That's strange!'  Alina lights the candles on the candle holder in the room using the lightened candle from the house.  They walk further and reaches jungle through the secret passage).
Abhay: Alina, From your house we reached this jungle?
Alina: I told you... Now do you understand how special I am?
Abhay: Yeah! (Abhay looks at a well in the forest and identifies it on the map. He points it to Alina and they go near it. They see an object inside the well)
Alina: Abhay, This is that magic stone with the help of which we could reach to the key. And that key could help us reach the magic potion. (Abhay jumps into the well though Alina tries to stop him. Abhay picks up the stone and gets a map from there which is part of the map they are having. Abhay joins the maps and looks at it).
Abhay: Alina... These two maps are joined. But there are more parts of this map we will have to find it. Otherwise we will not be able to reach the magic potion.
Alina: Not now! Now we have to go home Abhay. Brother will come any moment... Please... (Abahy gets out of the well. They hold hands and run back. They run through the passage. Alina and Abhay comes to the Hall by pushing the picture to a side. They get in and puts the picture back in position. Alina puts the candle which falls down from her hand to the candle holder and looks nervously.

Arnab Dobriyal is talking to Mr Kashyap over the phone.
Kashyap: Mr Dobriyal... We are trying to find out who attacked your daughter. If that is really a vampire bite we have to look at it and reach that Vampire.
Arnab: Mr Kashyap I only know this much that whatever we need to do... we need to do fast... Before they attack some other member in my family, we will have to reach them... I am unable to Misha's condition. And whoever is responsible for it I will finish them by burning them.
Kashyap: Mr Dobriyal... Be rest assured! Misha is your daughter...She is courageous just like you. Everything will be alright... Only after seeing we will get any clue what to do next.
Arnab: Okay... (Arnab cuts the call)

Dipanita is stalking the mysterious Vampire. Suddenly the Vampire stops. Dipanita looks around and when she looks again she finds that the Vampire has vanished from where she was standing. Dipanita thinks, 'Where has she gone? She was here. Dipanita looks around and is disappointed.

At the Khurana House, Jeh opens the door and walks in with Pia. She has a packet in his hands. They see Abhay and Alina coming to the hall. Jeh notices the candle stand which is still shaking.
Alina: Jeh...what are you doing here?
Jeh: What are you doing here?
Alina: I was showing  Abhay the paintings... You know that Abahy and I was having a date... so I was just showing him around. Ice cream! (Alina goes and takes the packet from Jeh) You know what Brother? You are super cool! (Alina kisses Jeh on his cheek and goes back and stands with Abhay) And anyways, without Ice cream the lunch was incomplete... (Pia thinks, 'How much pain have you given me? How much I loved you... more than me... more than life... still...that was not enough?' Alina has her head on Abhay's shoulder. Abhay responds to Piya's mind talk, ' Some more time Pia... Then everything will be over and I will come back to you. Trust me Pia!' Jeh thinks, 'What am I seeing Alina? You trusted Abhay with our biggest secret? What were you trying to do Alina?' Alina lifts her head from Abhay's shoulder).
Alina: You know Pia... How busy I was from morning... I prepared lunch for Abhay... When you love someone... how nice it feels to do things for them... It's just so beautiful... Okay, Is there such romantic moments between you and Jeh?
Piya: Jeh... Actually I want to leave... I want to go home... (Pia turns and walks from there. Jeh stops her)
Jeh: Pia... I will leave you home... Come!
Pia: No Jeh... I will go on my own... (Pia goes from there.Jeh walks towards Abhay)

Arnab comes to Misha's room with Mr Kashyap dressed as Doctor.  Kashyap asks to be left alone with the patient for some time. Madhu and Kabir leaves the room. Kashyap looks at the bite mark on Misha's neck and confirms that it is indeed a vampire bite. He tells Arnab that someone has already removed the poison from the bite and Misha is out of danger. Mr Kashyap assures Arnab that Misha will gain consciousness soon and then they would be able to find out about the real culprit.

At the Khurana House Alina, Abhay and Jeh are on the Hall.
Alina: Let's go Abhay!
Abhay: No Alina... I should also go home... Mom is not well and I know you will understand... I cannot leave Mom alone for so much time... (Jeh says in mind, 'What are you hiding Abhay?')
Alina: Be here some more time please!
Abhay: Alina...
Jeh: Let him go Alina... After all, Family comes first...right? Nothing is more important than family...right Alina?
Alina: Yeah! Abhay, You will meet me tomorrow? Please!
Abhay: yeah... sure!  (Abhay walks from there. He walks past Jeh and Jeh stops him by calling his name)
Jeh: Abhay! (Abhay and Jeh face each other) have you not forgotten something? (Jeh walks towards Abhay) I am talking to you. You are forgetting something. An important document of our family might be with you by mistake... Yeah? (Abhay takes the maps from his pocket and gives it to Jeh. Jeh says in mind, 'What did you think Abhay? It would be easy to know this secret?' Jeh smiles. Abhay goes from there and Jeh closes the door. Jeh looks at Alina in anger. Alina looks guilty. Jeh looks at the Map and finds nothing. Jeh shows the blank paper to Alina questioningly).

PreCap: Abhay is in the Car. He recalls the map from his memory and draws it on a piece of paper. He says in mind, 'Vampires have a photographic memory. I am two steps ahead of you'.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

18th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 289) Pia is shattered seeing Abhay and Alina together

Episode 289 starts with Abhay Raichand entering Khurana House. Jeh sees him.
Jeh: Abhay, What is the matter? You are so punctual... By the way, Alina was waiting for you for some time. And I must say... Alina made a lot of food for you... lot of it... And she is sending me out of home... to get Ice cream for you...
Abhay: That's sweet!
Jeh: yeah yeah that is sweet... And more than being sweet... It is your magic... that Alina is sending me out of my own home. Just kidding... relax! (Jay smiles) Actually Alina did a lot of hard work... she made a lot of food... But forgot one thing... that you would not eat all these I am going out... If you want a drink of your type... A positive or B positive... Well, Have a nice lunch day... I will see you... (Jeh goes from there. Alina comes down the stairs to the Hall)
Alina: Abhay! ( Alina runs to him and hugs him) Oh Abhay! I am so happy that you are here...
Abhay: How would I have not come Alina... You called me... (Pia is standing at the door and looking at Alina and Abhay)
Alina: You know what Abhay... I have something very special for you... Come! (Alina takes him from there. Pia looks on from outside)

Alina and Abhay comes to a room hand in hand... A table is set and Alina invites Abhay to sit. She tells that she wanted to make it a bit romantic that's why she has candle light in the dimly lit room.
Alina: You know Abhay... All day  I was busy making this food for you...
Abhay: I am sorry Alina but you may have forgot that I cannot eat anything from this...
Alina: I know Abhay... But I was so lost in your love that I even forgotten that how different we both are... (Alina moves closer to him) I guess this is what is love... (Alina moves more closer to Abhay and keeps her head on his shoulder) Some foolishness, right?
Abhay: Yeah... Alina... (Abhay removes the hair from Alina's face) You are very sweet!
Alina: I love you Abhay! (Pia who was looking at them has tears in her eyes. She goes from there)

At the Dobriyal House, Kabir is sitting near Misha. He is running his hand on Misha's head fondly. He says, 'Misha, Please be alright... Without you it feels like there is no enjoyment in life... Please...' (Kabir recalls his moments with Misha. Kabir has tears on his eyes. Madhu comes to the room and looks at Kabir. She thinks, ' From the time Misha has fallen sick... Kabir has not even gone home. Poor Guy is here only...'
Madhu: Kabir... If you go home for some time and take rest it would be nice... You have not even eaten anything...
Kabir: No Aunty... Till Misha does not gain consciousness I will not go anywhere. And Aunty ... Please do not force me... please!
Madhu: Alright! I will not force you... But you can eat something...
Kabir: Okay Aunty... here... I would not go down...
Madhu: That's alright son... I will send the food here... (Madhu goes from there. Kabir runs his hands over Misha's head and says, ' Become alright fast Misha... I promise you... till you do not become alright I will keep sitting here... I will not go anywhere... Please be alright... For me...')

Dipanita is driving her Car. She thinks, 'By calling Abhay like this Alina has again made a big mistake. If he would have seen me everything would have ended. I am absconding in the eyes of the World.  Exposing myself in front of Abhay now would be dangerous. Now again I will have to hide in this Jungle'. Dipanita stops the Car and gets down. She walks into the forest. Dipanita says in mind, ' This is the only way. So I will have to lose myself in the darkness of this jungle'. She walks into the forest.

Hasina is caged in the Forest and Vampires are standing around her. Hasina pleads with them to let her go and ask them why she is been caged there. She tells them that she is thirsty and asks them to free her. She touches the silver chain and gets hurt. Hasina pleads again. She tells that she would not repeat her mistake and would change but the Vampires around her keeps silence. One Vampire extends a bowl of blood towards Hasina. She smells it and transforms into her Vampire form with blue eyes and fangs. Before she could have the blood the vampire takes it back. Hasina eyes the blood greedily. One hooded Vampire says, ' Human blood is calling you even now. The way you have gone it is difficult for you to return. We will have to free you... from this life... Tonight we will end your thirst forever... (Someone hands over him a stake). There is only one way to kill a Vampire... by driving the stake made of sandal wood into your heart we will free you from this life forever'. The Vampires go from there and Hasina screams and sits on the ground.

Dipanita thinks, ' I am seeing something. The monsters are here. I can smell them. Dipanita closes her eyes and concentrates. She sees Hasina standing and screaming in a silver chains cage. Dipanita thinks, 'Hasina... Why is Hasina kept tied by her clan people? Is this possible? Is Hasina that monster who has become a man eater?'

Pia is walking. She recalls Alina hugging Abhay and telling him that he is there and his reply to her. Pia recalls Abhay telling Alina and fondly removing the hairs from her face and Alina telling him that she loves him. Piya thinks, 'This was your love? You told me such a big lie Abhay... Today my sister is lying unconscious there and I need you and you are with Elina not me? Is this just a drama Abhay... or you wish to spend time with Alina? You told that you have no feelings in your heart for Alina. But far from me... and lying to me... why is he there? This game should be ending somewhere Abhay... But you are playing the game with her and me... (A Car comes behind Pia) You don't love me Abhay'. Piya recalls Abhay telling her that her name is written in all his heart beats and asking her if she thinks he can ever cheat on her.(Jeh is in the Car behind)She recalls Abhay telling her that if his heart beats it is just for her and that he loves her a lot. Pia walks lost in thoughts. She thinks, 'Who will I believe on Abhay? On my love or what I have seen? I don't trust you anymore Abhay...' Pia turns and sees Jeh in front of her.
Jeh: What are you doing? You could have been hurt...
Piya: Sorry Jeh! I was just...
Jeh: What is wrong with you?What happened? (Jeh keeps his hands on her arms) I know you are tensed up regarding Misha... we all are. But walking in this empty road... it's not safe for you, okay? (Pia nods) Come on... I will leave you home... Come on... (Jeh leads Pia to the Car. He scolds her for taking too much tension. They both gets into the Car and Jeh drives from there).

Hasina is in her silver chain cage. She looks around and sees a hooded creature coming towards her.
Hasina: Please help me... Get me out of here please... Do something... just get me out of here...please...
Voice: Your people have given you this punishment. They do not wish that a man eater stays in this world. They want to finish you and kept to captive in this forest. Even I can't touch these chains Hasina. But I will free you from here... give me some time. You have been of use to me. I will not leave you alone to struggle... (Hasina looks around. Dipanita is hiding behind a tree and listening to the conversation. She thinks, 'I thought right! Hasina has changed. She has become a man eater. And that is why Abhay is trying to save her. But who is this who is using Hasina like a puppet and making her dance to the tunes? I will have to take advantage of this opportunity. I will have to do something fast).

At the Khurana House Abhay is holding Alina's hand.
Alina: Well, You will not eat food... so I will also not eat in front of you. So what would we do?
Abhay: Let's play a game... You tell me your biggest secret and then I will tell you my biggest secret...
Alina: Okay... You start...
Abhay: Okay... I have never hidden anything from you...and you know that I am a Vampire...
Alina: How boring!
Abhay: Boring? Then you tell me any of your interesting secrets...
Alina: Well, You know my secret... I am a
Abhay: werewolf...
Alina: Well, I am a mysterious girl...
Abhay: That's not enough! You are hiding your secret. I can sense it since I am a Vampire.
Alina: My secret can change the World. Life can take a new turn... Some ones life can be saved also... or can end too...
Abhay: Come on Alina, Stop kidding! Then you awake from sleep...
Alina: You think I am telling lies? Believe me Abhay... I swear! I have a key which can take me to a magic material... Believe me!
Abhay: Like a magic medicine or potion?
Alina: The magic medicine of Indra or you can call it Amrit...
Abhay: Oh come on Alina... stop kidding!
Alina: You don't believe me? I will give you... (Alina gets up and goes. Abhay thinks that Alina is going to tell him the secret of the potion and that he should be careful. Alina come back to the room and keeps a chest box in front of Abhay. She opens it and shows him a paper. Abhay looks at it)
Abhay: Come on Alina... It's a blank paper... What a joke Alina (Abhay gives it back to her)
Alina: It is not a blank paper stupid... There is a big secret hidden inside... which I only can open. Only me!
Abhay: Really?
Alina: Really! Close your eyes... (Abhay closes his eyes. Alina closes her eyes and runs her hand over the paper chanting something. Now there is a map on the paper. Abhay looks at it).
Abhay: That is great! How did you do this? You know Alina... We should test this map... Let us see where it takes us... You and me on an adventure trip...
Alina: Really? You will go?
Abhay: I can go anywhere with you...
Alina: Great! The first step of this map starts from here. Look at this map... (Abhay looks) and look there... (They look at a photograph)
Abhay: Come! let's go! (Episode ends)

PreCap: Abhay and Alina are in a dark room. Abhay wonders how they did not know that there is a secret passage in Khurana House which was once his own home.

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