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7th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 325) Abhay reaches Dehradun to rescue Pia Dobriyal

Episode 325 starts with Jeh entering the room where Pia is kept captive. Pia is sitting on the floor and crying.
Jeh: Hello Piya! (Pia wipes her tears) Oh my God... (Jeh goes and sits next to her) Pia, Please don't cry... Don't cry! (Jeh looks at his watch) Abhay should be coming any time.
Pia: He will never come. He is not going to come. He should not be coming...
Jeh: Oh! Well, He should not be coming... But you know her highness... He is fond of becoming hero. So you see... He will definitely come to save you...
Pia: You will never be able to find him Jay...
Jeh: Well... May be... You know Aarthi?
Pia: Aarthi?
Jeh: Your friend Aarthi... remember? Abhay made her call thinking that I am stupid I will not know anything. But you know I am Jeh Khurana... I know that he made her call... and in fact my every word has reached him. He will be here anytime.
Pia: No! Abhay will not come. I know that he will not come.
Jeh: Well... We will see... (Jeh gets up and walks to the door)
Pia: Jeh... Jeh please... Please don't do anything to Abhay... Jeh, I cheated on you... punish me... Jeh... (Jeh closes the door from outside and locks it. His facial expression show that he is not liking what he is doing to Pia) Jeh... Don't do like that...

Mount College Classroom. Alina walks in. Angad invites Alina to sit next to him. Alina sits on the bench. Angad tells her that he is tensed up as he does not have any idea what to give as gift on Misha and Danish's marriage. Angad pleads to Alina to give him some gift ideas. Alina asks Angad where his wife is who is full of ideas. Then they see Ruhi coming in her typical style wearing a bridal type lehenga. Angad runs to Ruhi.

Danish and Kabir is sitting and choosing Wedding cards for the Marriage. Danish shows some cards to Kabir and Kabir tells him that Misha would not like such cards. Kabir asks for simple cards which are not too girly. Danish tells him that they can choose just any card. The Guy who is showing them the cards mistakes Kabir as the groom and tells Danish to allow the Groom to choose as the groom knows the his bride's likes better. Kabir informs the Guy that Danish is the groom. Danish shows another card and Kabir approves it. Kabir looks at the card. Danish looks at Kabir and thinks, 'Kabir says that he does not love her. But in your heart and thoughts only Misha is there. Am I coming in between you two? What am I doing?'

Angad, Alina and Ruhi are standing in the classroom. Alina asks Ruhi what she is wearing. Ruhi tells her that it is the lehenga she bought to wear for Misha's wedding and since it is very expensive she thought of wearing it to the class at least once. Ruhi shouts at Angad for not wearing the clothes she asked him to wear. Angad tells Ruhi that they can talk of the clothes later also but now thay have to purchase a gift for giving at the wedding. Ruhi tells that shopping can happen in one day and they are taking tension unnecessarily and runs off to show her dress to some one. Angad pleads again with Alina to give him an idea for gift. Alina tells him that there is a beautiful silver antique piece in her family which she wants to give as gift to Misha. She tells him that it is in the store room and she just have to get it polished. Angad is impressed with her choice of gift and tells her that he has to shell out some extra money for the gift.

Pia goes to the door and bangs at it calling Jeh's name asking to open the door. She throws the furniture here and there shouting Jeh's name. She by mistake bangs her head somewhere and falls on the ground pulling a bedding along with her.

Kashyap enters Khurana House happily.
Kashyap: Khurana Sir...
Jeh: Kashyap... Because of you the phone could not be tapped. There was a phone call. (Kashyap and Jeh sits on the chairs. (Kashyap connects the phone to the laptop)
Kashyap: Abhay called?
Jeh: No... Pia's friend Aarthi called... But I am sure that Abhay made her call. Now Abhays knows everything about me. The next call is going to be Abhay. I want you to trace this call under any condition.
Kashyap: I have downloaded such a software in this that any number attach to it can be tapped. You only have to talk for a minimum 30 seconds. The mobile rings and Jeh talks to Abhay.
Jeh: Hello there... How is my dear little Vampire friend? (Abhay is still traveling in the auto)
Abhay: If anything happens to Piya I will...
Jeh: You have become a human... How are you feeling Abhay?
Abhay: Not so easily Jeh... I ahve not become a human completely. I still have some powers...and especially the power to identify my enemy... and especially the power to know that you are trying to trace this call. Too bad Jeh... It's not yet 30 seconds. (Abhay cuts the call. Jeh is annoyed)
Kashyap: 29 seconds...
Jeh: I told you before... He is smart... He is 2 steps ahead of us...

Alina Khurana enters the House and calls the servant but no one answers her. Alina wonders where he is gone. She thinks that she has to take the antique from the store room and get it polished all my herself. She goes to the store room door and pushes it. She sees that it is locked. Alina thinks that Jeh must have locked it fearing of thieves and goes to get the keys which is in her possession. Alina opens the door and gets inside the room. She goes and takes the antique box from the cupboard and admires its beauty. She thinks that Misha would like it very much after she gets it polished. Suddenly her expression changes as if she has seen something or someone.

Danish and Kabir comes to Dobriyal House. They show the wedding Card sample to Madhu who approves their choice.
Danish: Aunty... I was thinking of inviting the Raichands also...
Madhu: Why not? They used to be your Boss, right? Have not seen them for quite a while. I thought they should be out of town... We have not seen them after the incident. Call them... call them!
Danish: Aunty... You know them. They don't mingle freely with anyone. So I am thinking that I will go to their mansion and at least give them the card. Afterall... They have done so much for me...
Madhu: Danish... This is what I like best about you... How much you care for others... (Misha comes there and sits next to Madhu)
Misha: Mom... What is this? (Madhu gives the wedding card to Misha)
Madhu: This Misha is your wedding Card... How is it?
Misha: This is very good Mom...Thank God there is no flower... leaf or sweet box in it... (danish looks at Kabir)
Kabir: Good then...The cards will come in 2 days and after that we will distribute... (Misha looks at Danish and smiles at him)

Jeh comes near Alina.
Jeh: What are you doing here?
Alina: I came to take this... (Jeh takes the box from her)
Jeh: And why do you need this?
Alina: It's Misha's marriage... So I thought I will gift her...
Jeh: What is wrong? (Jeh puts it back to the cupboard) This is from our forefathers which Mom used to keep safely and you want to give this as gift on someone's marriage... If you want to give... just give them some cash... Not this! Jeh thinks, 'Where is this Piya gone? And Alina also had to come at this time?' Jeh spots Pia covered with bedding lying on the floor).
Alina: This house is mine also... And whatever things are here I also have equal rights to it like you... And I am Mom's heir...
Jeh: Just get this clear Alina... You are not Mom's heir but her murderer. Because of you Mom died...Okay? And you don't have any rights on what is in this house or family. Is that clear?
Alina: Enough Jeh...You cannot talk to me like that...
Jeh: Alina... Just get out...Move... (Jeh holds her hand and takes her outside) Don't try to come here a second time Alina... Move... I said go... (Jeh locks the door. Alina goes from there in anger. Jeh thinks, 'Thank God... Pia is here and Alina did not see her'. Jeh walks from there).

Abhay is standing in front of Khurana House gate. Abhay thinks, 'I know who can help me. I cannot fight with Jeh... But there is someone else who can do this. I have to go to that person. And maybe the favor from them might end up costly for me. But for Pia... I am willing to put my life on risk'. Abhay goes from there.

Danish is standing in front of Raichand's Mansion. He says in mind, 'Raichands mean a lot to me. If they come to the marriage I will be very happy. I hope they have returned. Nobody has seen them for 3 months'. Danish knocks the door and a servant opens it. Danish tells him that he was a manager of Raichand Industries and would like to give his wedding card to the Raichands. The servant tells Danish that the Raichands have gone somewhere and he does not have any idea when they would return. The servant asks Danish to give the card to him and tells that he would hand over the card to the Mr Raichand when they come. Danish gives the card to the Guy and asks him to tell Mr Raichand to give him a call if he comes before the marriage. The servant agrees. Danish thanks him and goes from there. The servant walks to the phone with the card and makes a call to Arnab. The Guy informs Arnab that a human had come with a card to meet the Raichand. Arnab tells him that he would like to see the card. The Guy finishes the call and walks from there.

Alina comes stealthily  in front of the store room and pushes on the door. She thinks, 'Jeh is becoming out of control. I only asked for a box... I don't have even that much right? Or maybe... Jeh is hiding something else...'. Alina notices something underneath the door and pulls it out. She recognizes it as Pia's chain. Alina thinks, 'Pia's pendant? How can it come here? Does this mean that Jeh has kept her captive here?' Alina recalls her telling Jeh that Abhay would become a human completely only after 6 full moon nights and till that time he would experience some of his vampire powers also. Alina recalls Jeh telling that he want Abhay Raichand to experience his death coming near. She recalls Jeh telling her, '6 Full moon nights and the end of Abhay Raichand'.
Alina: Oh No! (Alina knocks at the door) Pia... (Pia is lying unconscious on the floor) Pia... Pia, Are you there? (Episode ends)

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