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31st January 2011 Written Update (Episode 86) Piya puts her into danger to find Abhay’s Truth

Episode 86 starts with Abhay and Piya hug and Abhay silencing her by keeping his finger on her lips. Abhay keeps his hand on her shoulder and tells her, ‘You need rest. Nothing will happen to you. I am here… I won’t go anywhere’. Abhay then lifts Pia in his arms and walks towards her bed. He puts her on the bed’. Piya says his name. Abhay tells her, ‘Enough Piya, You need rest’. Piya lays down on the bed and Abhay places his hand on her eyes and makes her sleep. He then covers her with a blanket and off the light. He walks in the room for some time and then goes and sits in a chair. After some time Pia wakes up and sees Abhay sitting and sleeping on the chair. She gets up and says to herself, ‘How much you would do for me Abhay? You saved my life… You supported me in every step of mine… And today you are here…near me… But I wish there is no distance between us… No wall of the past…For our future… I need to understand your past. I need to understand you… Understand the true you… You are hiding the truth Abhay? You feel that I cannot handle the truth? But Abhay, our love is strong. I can handle the truth…Believe me. I don’t need any protection. What I need to know I would find out. Even if it means that I have to put you into any situation. I will put myself in danger and you would come to save me. I know that you would come and this time I would definitely get the answer to my Questions’. Piya gets up to leave the room. Abhay opens his eyes and notice that Pia has covered him. He sees that the door is open and sees that Pia is not in the bed or room. He calls out for her and looks for her. He remembers Piya’s accident and tells to himself, ‘This time I would not allow to even get a scratch in your body… I would not let anything happen to you Pia even if I have to go to any extent for that’.

Scene moves to Piya walking in the forest at night with a bunch of reference papers related to Maithali in her hands. Piya recalls the story of Maithali’s love with Abhayender and that she was being burnt in the middle of the forest by the King and reaches the same place. Scene moves to Misha and panchi in Misha’s room. Panchi tells that her faith in God has increased after seeing how Piya recovered and tells Misha that there is some angel guarding Piya. Misha tells Panchi that is okay but who is that caused the accident and if she sees him she would kill him. Misha’s Phone rings and she is happy to see the call. When Panchi questions Misha ask her to go and picks up Shaurya’s call. When Panchi tries to overhear Misha moves from there. Misha replies that Piya is alright when Shaurya asks about Piya. Panchi wonders what happened to Misha and why she is behaving in a girly manner. Panchi wonders whose phone it could be that Misha is blushing so much.

Scene moves to Hasina entering Abhay’s bedroom and finding his bed empty. Chand tells her that he might be where ever Piya is. Chand and Hasina reach Piya’s room and finds the room empty. Chand tells Hasina that Abhay was in the room. Chand closes his eyes and sees Abhay running like wind in the jungle and informs Hasina that he is in the jungle looking for Pia. Chand tells her that before Abhay finds Pia and blurt out his truth they have to stop him. Chand says that years ago Abhay gave his life for one girl and he feels that Abhay is going to do the same thing again and that he would not let it happen. Chand says that he has given Abhay his life not to be wasted. Chand tells Hasina to look for Piya and that he would end this problem this time forever. Hasina tells Chand that he is right and they should do it as Abhay has already left them for her.

Scene moves to Chand and Hasina in the jungle.
Chand: Same place…same us…same Abhay. You remember? This is the same place where Abhayender’s life ended and Abhay’s started.
Haseena: This is the same place where he lost his Maithali forever.

Scene moves to Abhay in the jungle calling out for Piya. Abhay closes his eyes and tries to find where Piya is. He is shocked to see Piya standing in front of the place where Maithili was burned. He runs shouting Piya to stop and not go there. Piya enters the place. She does a mind talk, ‘I know this place you lost your love… But I have come here to find the truth of my love. I know this is the truth separating us. And I do not want anything to come in between us Abhay’. Abhay is running to save Piya calling out to her. The scene ends.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

29th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 85) Abhay denies that he saved Piya’s life at the Hospital

Madhu talks to Piya and says she wants to tell Arnab about Piya being his daughter. Piya does not want that to happen and tells Madhu that he has no place in her life. Misha tells Kabir that Piya was asking about Abhay. Kabir decides to call Mr. Raichand to ask Abhay to come to the hospital. Later, Piya is stunned when Abhay tells her that he was not with her the previous night.
Due to Kabir's call, Chand and Haseena assume that Abhay was in the hospital with Piya. Abhay's instincts tell him that somebody tried to kill Piya and it wasn't an accident. Chand and Haseena reach the hospital and confront Abhay. Abhay argues with them. Piya overhears Chand and Haseena's conversation and their strategy against Abhay.

Scene starts with Piya on Hospital bed wearing Misha’s clothes. Madhu comes to her and asks how she is. Piya says that she is ready to go. Madhu talks to Piya and says that after seeing Piya’s condition last day she felt that she was cheating Arnab by hiding the truth of Piya. She tells that she tells Piya that she tried to tell him the truth but by the time she dared to do so Piya regained consciousness. Piya tells Madhu that she does not want Arnab to know her truth and tells that he has no place in her life. Madhu leaves from the room.

Scene moves on to Misha and Kabir sitting on the iron chairs in the Hospital. Misha tells Kabir that Piya was asking about Abhay and that she feels Abhay was in the Hospital whole night. Kabir tells Misha that Abhay does not care about Pia and did not even lift his Phone. He tells her that if Abhay is important to Piya he would try to contact him again. Kabir decides to call Mr. Raichand to ask Abhay to come to the hospital because he felt that Abhay may not lift his call. Kabir calls his father and asks for Mr Raichand’s number. Scene moves on to Piya lying on the Hospital bed when she notices Abhay who had come to the room. Pia says, ‘Abhay’ and gets up. She hugs Abhay when he goes near her. Abhay holds her.
Piya: You came Abhay? Thank God! Yesterday night also you were here. Otherwise I would not have been here, is it not?
Abhay: Yesterday night? No Piya, I was not here yesterday night. I just came now.
Piya lifts her head from his chest and looks at him. Pia says in mind, ‘Again lies? I know what happened yesterday. I know that you were here…with me. You only made me alright. Then why this wall of lie Abhay?’ Abhay replies to Piya’s mindtalk, ‘I am sorry Pia. I have to pay a price for what I did yesterday. I have broken so many rules Piya. But for you… to save you… I am willing to take any punishment. But I cannot tell you anything. The lesser you know the better for you. I don’t want to put you in danger’. He sits on the cot and holds her hand.
Abhay: Now I am here… near you. (Both of them move their faces forward to kiss when a nurse enters the room. Piya looks at the nurse and when she turn to look at Abhay she finds him gone. She looks around).

Scene moves to Raichand's new House.
Haseena: He is not here. I looked everywhere but he is not anywhere.
Chand: Guards, Drivers… Anyone saw him?
Haseena: No one
Chand: No idea what he is doing. I hope that he does not do any madness. Where the hell is he?
Haseena: He is not able to forget that girl. We came so far from Dehradun but don’t know what sort of magic is there in that girl. He is not able to forget her.
Chand: If he does not forget her he would repent.
Chand’s phone rings and Kabir informs that Pia had an accident and that she is asking for Abhay. Chand tells him that Abhay is not there and he would inform when Abhay comes. Chand tells Haseena that now he knows where Abhay was all night.

Scene moves to Abhay standing outside the Hospital. He tries to go back to the incidents before Piya landed in the Hospital. He sees Pia being hit by the car and the car speeding away. Abhay realizes that it was not just a hit and run accident but someone has deliberately tried to hurt Pia. Scene moves to Misha coming to the room calling out for Pia and finding the Hospital bed neat and empty. She decides to lie down on the bed for some time and proceeds to do so telling that she had enough of trauma. She calls again for Pia and Pia informs that she is just packing up. Pia comes to the room. Misha asks where Piya is going and she replies that she is going to the Hostel.
Misha: What rubbish! Are you mad. Your health is not good. (Piya gives her a look and Misha corrects herself) Not health but the trauma of this accident. You come with me to home. You need love and care. So please keep your issues and independence in your pocket.
Piya: The issues would not fit into my pocket. There are too many issues. (Piya smiles) I am going to the hostel.
Misha: Don’t you get scared, Piya?
Piya: What to be scared off Misha?
Misha: After all this she is asking me what to be scared off. Anyway I will help you pack.
Piya says in mind, ‘Now there is no fear. I know that he is here with me. The one who takes care of me… My Angel!’
Scene moves to Haseena and Chand in the Hospital walking along the corridor. Abhay wearing hood blocks their way. Chand and Abhay moves to an empty hospital room followed by Haseena.
Chand: What the hell are you doing here?
Abhay: What are you doing here?
Chand: Don’t act smart. Don’t you know that this love relationship with a human could cost you dearly? You know that, don’t you? Because of you we left Dehradun… we left the house… left the city… And look what you are doing.
Abhay: Please! I know everything. I know why you people want to protect me. You are not worried about me… you are worried about them. If they come to know that you did not protect me properly what would happen to you? I would get punishment but you would also not be able to escape it. I already told you. So please tell them that you are not responsible for me. I would be able to take care of myself. Go and tell them that I don’t listen to you…Please go and tell them.
Haseena: Abhay!What are you saying?
Abhay: Yes, I do not wish to stay with you. I will make a place for myself. And I would not go from here. Piya’s life is in trouble. Knowing that… I cannot leave her and go. So please… Leave me alone! (Abhay goes off from there)
Hasina: What is happening Chand? Once again our past has come and stood in front of us.

Scene moves to Misha and Piya walking in the hospital corridor when Piya feels her neck and that she has forgot to take Abhay’s ring. She asks Misha to go and tells that she left something in the room. She sees Chand there and wonders what he is doing in the Hospital. Piya overhears Chand and Haseena's conversation and their strategy against Abhay. Chand tells Hasina that they should inform the Authorities and once they gets to know they would set Abhay right. Haseena asks him what he plans to do. Chand replies that they would stay in Dehradun so that they can keep an eye on Abhay. He tells that once Master comes here Abhay would not have any choice except starting to stay with us again. Chand adds that now Abhay may feel that he has won and let him think so and in the end they would have control over Abhay. Piya is shocked to hear the conversation and runs away from there. She thinks, ‘What are these people doing against you? I will not let it happen. I am with you Abhay! I would not allow you to be alone. I am with you! I need to know your truth. Who are these people and what you are hiding…everything! Only then I would be able to fully help you. And I will find out.’

Scene moves to Piya sitting on her Hostel room cot at night. She thinks, ‘Yesterday night it was only you, right Abhay? You saved my life. It was you only near me and with me… giving me courage… I know… You would deny it… tell me that I am seeing a dream again…But I cannot be wrong. You gave me this life. This life is yours. And there is only goal of this life… to know the truth of your life…free you from the ties of your past…I want to see you happy Abhay! I want to make you forget all the sadness and pain in your life… But how will I do this? How to do that Abhay? How to come close to you? Call me Abhay! Allow me to come near you…’ Abhay then comes to the room door and calls, ‘Piya’. Piya says, ‘Abhay’ and then gets up from the bed and runs towards him. She goes and hugs him tightly. Abhay after an initial hesitation hugs her back. Piya lifts her face and they look at each other. When Piya says his name he silences her by keeping his finger on her lips.

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28th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 84) Abhay kisses Piya to life and saves her at the Hospital

Episode 84 starts with one nurse telling to the other at the reception that some of Pia Jaiswal’s friends have come to donate blood and to have a look. Misha, Tracker, Angad, T, Panchi and Kabir all are sitting together at the Hospital. Kabir is happy to see them. Angad tells him that they are all here for Piya and inquires about Abhay. Kabir gets angry and tells them that Abhay does not care about Piya. Scene moves to Abhay closing his eyes and mentally talking to Piya by standing near the window, ‘Piya, feel me. All my powers and all my love are just for you. I am here Piya and I will never leave you and go. I am here. Hear my voice… come back! Hear my voice’. The scene moves to the Doctor coming out of the room and telling the Dobriyals that Piya’s internal injury has affected the functioning of her liver, kidney and lungs. The Doctor tells them that the bleeding has been control but she is still not out of danger. The Doctor tells them to trust in God and pray as this night is very critical for her survival. Arnab and Misha impatiently walks through the Hospital corridor while Panchi sleeps by keeping her head on Madhu’s shoulder.

Scene moves on to Abhay looking through the glass on the door and then getting inside the room unnoticed. He remembers Piya telling him, ‘I have seen Abhay. The love in your eyes – for her and me. Don’t you love me? You love me… don’t you? Why do you love me so much Abhay?’ Abhay moves towards the bed and sits on the bed. He talks to her mentally, ‘Piya, Don’t leave me and go. I require you. This is what you wanted, right? That I tell what is in my heart to you – Here it is – I am telling you… I do not want to lose you. I cannot see you go away from me. You are the heartbeat of my incomplete and lifeless life. By losing you once again I would die Piya’. The equipment connected to Piya beeps. Abhay looks at it and then places one hand over the other on Pia’s heart and close his eyes. After some time he opens his eyes and removes his hands and check the machine the reading of which had changed. He then looks at her right hand wound and bends to kiss it healing it. He then kisses the 2 wounds on her forehead one after the other and heals it too completely with no marks left. He then removes the oxygen mask on her face and bends to kiss on her lips. Piya’s lips part after Abhay’s kiss and the hospital equipment beeps with the readings returning to normal. Abhay says to himself, ‘Now nobody can keep you away from me Piya. I am here by your side… Till the need be I will be there. But after knowing my truth will be able to accept me and love me? Abhay then lies on the cot on his side along with Piya and looking at her. He then takes her left hand and places in between his hands.

Scene moves to next day Madhu sitting on the chair and Panchi still sleeping. Arnab and Misha are still walking on the corridor. T, Tracker, Angad and kabir are also sleeping. The scene moves to the Main Doctor asking the other two in his room as to who made the reports. The doctor is surprised to know that the Patient in Trauma with organ failure has recovered in one night. Scene moves to Arnab and Madhu. Arnab tells Madhu that he feels a bonding with Piya. Madhu tells Arnab that he shares a relationship with Piya. Scene moves on to the 3 Doctors and Piya. Piya asks the Doctors why she is there and one doctor tells her that she had an accident last night and if she remembers anything. Piya tells him that she was hit by a car. Piya tells him that she is fine now and asks him if she can go. Scene moves on to Arnab and Madhu. Madhu is about to tell Arnab the truth when suddenly they hear the Doctor saying, ‘Now she is fine… You all can go and meet her.’ Arnab sees Piya on the cot and tells Madhu that she looks alright. He calls out for Panchi and Misha. All are surprised and relieved to see Piya conscious and without any sign of injury.

Scene moves to Abhay mentally talking, ‘I don’t want to come in front of all these people… But remember… I am here… I am here…near you… for you…waiting for you…I am waiting’. Piya answers to Abhay’s mind talk, ‘I know you are here. I know you would not leave me and go. I know if I am alive today it is because of you. I know that you gave me the strength to fight yesterday. You are the one who saved me yesterday Abhay. This life is your treasure now. From now on my life is yours Abhay’. Piya smiles. Scene moves on to Piya sitting on the Hospital bed with Misha, Panchi, Tracker, Kabir and T around. Angad comes with fruits for all. Misha throws an apple at Tracker . Tracker asks if Misha would break her head and tells her that she does not eat apple and goes outside the room. Tracker tries to flirt with the Doctor faking illness. Doctor makes fun of her.

Scene moves on to Piya on bed wearing Misha’s clothes. Piya asks Misha if only these clothes were available. Misha tells her that it is her most clean clothes and that she should be thankful. Oiya tells her that it is so clean that it would have spread germs in the entire hospital. Both the girls laugh. Misha tells Piya that everyone was scared for her and that she feels that there is a special hand on her head. Piya says in mind, ‘Yes, Abhay’s’. Misha tells her, ‘The Doctors were telling that your recovery is a miracle.’ Piya says in mind,’ Yes, it is a miracle’.
Piya: Where did Abhay go?
Misha: Go? When did he come? He is strange. I thought hearing your news he would come running. But it looks like your Knight in shining Armor is on leave.(Piya smiles) Anyway, I will go and get the discharge papers. I don’t know why Papa is taking so long. See you…
Piya says in mind, ‘I know you are here. You will not leave me and go anywhere. You only saved me yesterday Abhay. This life is yours now.’

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

27th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 83) Kabir takes Pia to Hospital

Episode 83 starts with Piya calling out Abhay’s name and walking and Danish hitting her with his car and then speeding away. Pia is lying on the road with blood running from her forehead. Abhay at his house feels uneasy at the same time and wonder what is wrong. Scene moves to Kabir coming on the same road in his car and finding Piya in a pool of blood. Piya lifts her from there. He carries her into the Hospital and is quickly taken in by the doctor and nurse for treatment. Kabir is worried seeing Piya’s condition. He ask the Doctor how Pia is. The Doctor replies that the condition is critical and Kabir asks him to please save Piya.

Scene moves on to Abhay in his room remembering the promise he asked from Piya that she would take care of herself. He tells in mind, ‘Piya, Are taking care of yourself? Are you alright? (Abhay feels uncomfortable) Again - the same uneasiness. Something happened… I can feel it (Abhay drops the glass which he was holding. It falls into the ground and breaks.) Something is wrong. Piya…? I need to find out’. Scene moves to Panchi entering her House frustrated and remarking how men are strange and make fools of girls. She comes and sits near Misha who is playing with her mobile phone. Misha asks why Panchi is talking to herself. Panchi tells her that she was thinking of her Boss who is strange and unpredictable. She tells Misha what he does when is difficult to understand. Misha tells her that she is right and that men are weird. Misha tells Panchi, ‘That silly Abhay, you know what happened? So much happened in between Pia and him. They had become so close. And one day, without telling Piya anything Abhay left from the city. I mean- just gone like that. No reason, no news and no warning. One day back both were gazing into each other’s eyes and then he just vanished! Poor Pia!’ Misha’s phone rings and she picks it up and is shocked to hear the news from the other end.
Scene moves to Chand and Haseena talking about the Party they are organizing to introduce themselves at the new place. Abhay comes down the stairs and asks, ‘What Party? Why?’ Haseena tells him that it is essential to get to know the people and he is aware of that.
Abhay: I am sick and tired of all this! I am fed up! Till when we have to do all this?
Haseena: Too bad Abhay! You are aware that in every few years we have to move on to a new city and start a new life there. And frankly, we did not have any problem with Dehradun. We would have stayed there for some more years if you would not have started your new love story there.
Abhay: You don’t have anything to do with whatever happened. So why are you overreacting?
Chand: Shhh! Enough! What you wanted to tell you have told. Now you have to listen to what we have to say.
Abhay: I am just telling that I have no interest in this city or the people here.
Haseena: You have gone mad! You have lost your senses! We have never seen such rebellious behavior earlier. This is because of her, isn’t it?
Abhay looks at Haseena for a moment and then turns and close his eyes. He thinks tries to visualize her and shadowed image of Piya walking on the road comes to his mind. He thinks, ‘Piya… Where are you? Talk to me… I know you need me. I know that you are in some trouble. Where are you Piya? Let me hear your voice’. Abhay then hears Piya’s voice calling out for him. And he goes from there.

Scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal coming into the Hospital running and talking to Kabir about Piya’s situation. Arnab is followed by Misha, Panchi and Madhu. The doctor says that Piya’s condition is Critical. Madhu sees Piya’s condition and decides that she need to tell Arnab the truth that Pia is his daughter. Arnab consoles Misha who is crying. The Doctor comes out and informs that Piya is not responding to their medications and might slip into a coma. Kabir thinks that if anything can make Pia respond it would be Abhay’s presence in the Hospital. Kabir calls Abhay but he cuts the call. Kabir gets angry at Abhay. Scene moves to Abhay landing at the Hospital and then pulling a hood over his head. Abhay says in mind, ‘Piya, I have come’.

Scene moves to Madhu looking through the glass on the door and worrying about Piya. Scene moves to Abhay walking and saying in mind, ‘Where are you Piya? I am here…’. He asks the nurse on the reception, ‘Piya Jaiswal is in which room?’ The nurse replies, ‘ICU 313, But this time she is in a very critical condition and you cannot go in there.’ Abhay turns and says in mind, ‘ Piya, I am here… I am right here. He walks from there. Scene moves to Madhu who is distressed to see Piya in her condition and prays to God to save her. Scene moves to Abhay walking and mentally talking to Piya, ‘ Piya, Don’t give up. Please Piya. Don’t give up this time. Hold on Piya. Nothing would happen to you. Fight Piya… fight!’ Abhay looks at Piya through the window and tells, ‘I have come Piya. Now you would become alright. I would take care of everything’. He moves on to the door when he hears Misha asking the nurse about Piya’s condition. The nurse informs the Dobriyal ladies that there has been a lot of internal bleeding and Piya would need AB+ blood. Madhu informs that her Husband’s blood group is the same and asks Misha to call her Dad. The nurse ask them to go along with her. Abhay looks at Piya through the round glass of the room door and says, ‘Pia I know that you can hear my voice. Pia you will become alright. I am here Piya.You need to become alright. Open your eyes! Look… She how much you are needed here. Feel this love... Please… Take strength from this love Piya… take strength from this love…’

Scene moves to the Police officer inquiring about the accident to Kabir and Arnab. Kabir informs him that he did not witness the accident and he found her in that condition on the road after the accident only. Arnab tells the officer to inquire about who is responsible for the hit and run. The officer assures him that it would be done. Misha comes there and tells Arnab to come with her as Piya requires blood. Arnab leaves from there after asking Kabir to follow up with the officer. Scene moves to Piya been wheeled away and Arnab asks where they are taking her. Doctor asks Arnab if he is the Donor and asks him to come fast. Abhay touches Piya’s hand when she reaches near him.

Madhu looks at Arnab donating blood and mentally talks to Piya that her father has come to give her blood and that she would become alright. Madhu thinks that she would fight the world but would not keep Piya away from her father. Madhu decides to tell Arnab the truth of Piya as soon as possible. Scene moves to Misha talking to Tracker to bring everyone to the Hospital as Pia might need more blood. Scene moves to Abhay mentally talking to Piya, ‘Piya, I am here Piya… near you. I am right here. Nothing would happen to you. You would become alright. I would not let anything happen to you. I cannot lose you Piya.I won’t let that happen’. The scene ends.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

26th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 82) Piya’s Accident - Danish hits Piya by his Car

Scene starts with Piya standing by her room at Dobriyal House thinking of Abhay and mentally asking him to return to her. Abhay is also disturbed and thinking of Piya and the moments spend with her at his new house. He says, ‘No! I cannot meet her.’ He resists the urge to meet her and says, ‘No! This is right! I should not meet her. I troubled her a lot. No Piya! I can’t meet you. No! I cannot meet her!’. Piya is also thinking of Abhay. Abhay is troubled and gets up from his chair. He says, ‘Piya, I cannot be without you. I cannot stay away from you’. When he reaches the door of his room Haseena blocks his way.

Haseena : Where are you going? We did not bring you here so that you can go back there again. Just forget about Dehradun and that girl Pia. DO you understand me?’ Haseena closes the door on Abhay’s face.
Scene moves to next day morning Arnab reaching St Mary’s Orphanage. Arnab is disappointed when the Mother Superior informs him that they have lost all records because of a fire accident. After Arnab goes the nun calls Madhu and informs her that she did as Madhu told her. Madhu thanks the nun and assures that Piya is happy and in safe hands. She tells her that Pia and she does not want Arnab to know about her. The nun tells that Pia had called to inform to hide her secret from her father and tells Madhu that Pia is gods special child and to take care of her. Madhu is filled with gratitude for Piya and assures the nun that Pia would be taken care of.
Scene moves to Arnab entering the Dobriyal House disappointed and telling that he lost his daughter for ever. Madhu assures Arnab that where ever Piyali is she would be happy. Scene moves to Pia and Madhu at Dobriyal House. Madhu thank her. Piya requests Madhu to convince Panchi and Misha to allow her to leave from the house. Madhu tells that she would talk to them. Scene moves on to the Dobriyal Family on the Dining Table. Madhu convinces the family to let Piya stay in the hostel, as she herself wants to. Arnab tries to stop Piya as he feels he should take care of her, like somebody must be taking care of his daughter Piyali.

Scene moves to Piya standing by the Hostel room window thinking, ‘Once again I have become alone. Abhay, why you went away leaving me? I need you Abhay’. Abhay is disturbed in his room. He says, ‘Piya, I need you. I cannot be without you. At least once… once I want to see you. Once I want to hear your voice. I cannot live without you. I cannot live without you…’ Scene moves to Piya standing by her Hostel window saying, ‘Come back Abhay! Come and meet me once…one time Abhay’. Just then there is a knock at the door and when Piya opens it a Security guy gives a piece of paper to Piya and says, “Piya baby, this is for you!’ Piya reads it (it says I want to meet you – Abhay) and says, ‘You came Abhay? Thank God! I am coming. I am coming to meet you’.

Piya is delighted to see the note from Abhay asking her to meet him. She opens the drawer and takes the ring from the hand kerchief and puts it on her chain along with her pendant. He comes out of the hostel gate and calls out for Abhay. Danish is sitting in his car watching Piya looking and calling out for Abhay. He recalls giving the chit to the security guy and looking at Piya from down standing at her hostel window. Danish recalls Piya telling him that she would accumulate proof against him and Panchi slapping him. He starts the car. He also recalls Kabir telling him that he would kill Danish with his own hands if he utters another word and his father telling that he killed them alive. Danish drives the car and hits Piya who was calling out for Abhay and drives away. Piya falls on the ground and lie there bleeding from her forehead.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

25th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 81) Piya is Heart Broken on finding that Abhay has left Dehradun

Episode 81 starts with Abhay walking back after talking to Piya. Abhay says in mind, ‘We have decided that we are leaving Dehradun and going.’ He then turns to look at her and raise his hand to bid a final good bye. Then he turns and walks again saying in mind, ‘I am going Piya. Far from you. Today last time I am seeing you.’ Abhay closes his eyes with a painful expression in his face and then walks away. Piya stands there wondering why Abhay is behaving in a weird manner and why he said bye. She then turns to where she was sitting and notice a red velvet handkerchief and thinks, ‘I think Abhay forgot it here. What is it? (she opens the folded handkerchief)Ring? This looks very costly. If I see Abhay in class I would give this to him’.

Scene moves to Misha and Angad in the Restaurant when she notices Shaurya entering the restaurant. He goes and sits with 2 other people. She thinks it is her imagination but Angad tells her that Shaurya is actually in the restaurant. Misha thinks of a plan to remove Shaurya out of her life and laughs and flirts with Angad. Shaurya notices them and goes to their table and Misha tells Shaurya, ‘Hi! Bye!’. Shaurya asks whether they hav bunked college. Misha tells him that she is here on a date with Angad and no time to chit chat and that she wants to give her full attention to him (kisses on Angad’s hand). Shaurya asks them to carry on and goes back to his table.

Scene moves on to Panchi and Siddharth in Office. Panchi tells Sid that she has fixed his meeting with the editor of some newspaper. Siddharth tells her to cancel the appointment as he had spend the night with the same girl and would not want to see her in the morning also. Panchi goes out of the cabin and is disgusted with her womanizer Boss. Siddharth calls Panchi and tells her, ‘On second thoughts fix my appointment with the 9’0’clock girl’ Panchi replies, ‘With Samiksha?’ Siddharth responds, ‘Whatever… I only remember the number and sizes of girls. It is your job to remember their names’ Panchi feels frustrated. Scene moves to Misha and Angad at the Restaurant and Misha openly flirts with Angad and even sits on his lap. Shaurya notices Misha’s weird behavior. Angad talks about his feelings for Ruhi to Misha and Misha thinks,’What day has come. Angad is rejecting me… and that too for Tracker. This is all because of the SOB Shaurya. Shaurya ke Bacche why are you ruining my life?’.

Scene moves to Piya pressing the Bell at the Raichand Mansion. She thinks that why Abhay did not come to class and she could have returned the ring. She thinks that Abhay must be worried about the ring and press the door bell again. When nobody opens it she pushes the door handle and finds the door is open. She gets inside and looks around and find the house empty and the furniture covered with clothes. She wonders where everyone has gone and calls out for Abhay. A security personnel comes and informs Piya that the Raichand family has vacated from there and left the town. Piya is shocked.Piya recalls Abhay’s conversation before he bid her bye to promise him that she would take care of her, should think of herself first and not interfere in anyone’s life. She remembers him raising his hand to say her ‘bye’ and him walking away. Tears flow from her eyes and she is heartbroken.

Scene moves to Arnab and Madhu Dobriyal in the car. Madhu asks Arnab to stop the car and tells that she cannot support Arnab regarding Piyali and asks him to choose between his family and Piyali. Arnab tells her that if he had to make a choice he would choose Piyali as Panchi and Misha has everything and Piyali has nothing and he ants to give her everything. Scene moves to Mount college where Misha, Angad and Kabir are talking and Pia watching. Misha says that Abhay was an amazing dude who came in suddenly and gone the same way too. Angad talks about how the Principal was fired for rejecting admission to Abhay and wonders why he took so much efforts when he had to go. Kabir tells that he is happy that Abhay is gone. Misha tells Kabir, ‘Come on Kabir, I know why are are feeling happy. But seriously, everything had become alright. He threw a nice Party on his Birthday and invited us all. But it is weird that he did not mention even once that he is leaving the town. And what is that happened that in 2 days the whole family got shifted?’ Piya thinks of Abhay’s conversation after kidnapping her to the jungle, ‘Why don’t you understand that this is not relevant to you.Can’t you leave me and my life alone? You hurt me and put me into trouble with my Parents’. Piya thinks, ‘What have I done? This all happened because of me? Did I create trouble for Abhay that night? Oh God! What have I done? Where are you Abhay? Abhay, where are you?’

Scene moves on to Abhay Raichand in the new house in his room. He is behaving like a caged tiger. He says in mind, ‘ I am so far from you Piya. But I have brought you memories with me.’ Scene move son to Piya standing near her room window thinking, ‘Abhay, Please talk to me. Where are you Abhay? Where did you go? You went without meeting me. I need you Abhay! Please come back to me.’ Abhay thinks of Piya and says, ‘No… I cannot meet her’. He resists his urge to meet Pia and says again, ‘ No… this is right! This had to happen. I should not meet her. I gave her so much trouble. I can’t meet her. No Piya, I cannot meet you. No!’ The scene ends.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

24th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 80) Abhay is upset and heartbroken to go from Dehradun leaving Piya alone

Episode 80 starts with Abhay opening the door and entering his house. Chand informs him that they have decided to leave Dehradun and go from there as they find Piya a threat to their existence.
Chand: It is not safe for us to be here anymore (Abhay goes from there)
Haseena: Things have gone beyond control Chand!
Chand: You are right! Before anything else happens we have to do something.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab Dobriyal is coming down the stairs. He is going to St Mary’s Orphanage and is anxious to meet his daughter. Madhu tells him that she would also go with him and would support his decision.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Abhay is pacing to and fro in his room. Abhay is upset since Chand and Haseena have decided to leave the city. He thinks, ‘Again I am leaving one life and going. It has been ages since I am wandering. But first time the city and this town had felt like my own. I am feeling sad to leave this place. Is the reason you,Piya? Why am I not able to leave you and go? Is it just because you remind me of Maithili? Or is it because you have become something to me? What are you Piya? You are just Maithili’s face or something else? Why Maithili’s memories are becoming your memories now? Why am I not able to remove you from my lifeless heart? When I don’t even have a heart why am I having so much pain? The pain of Maithili and her death and now yours too Piya! What would happen to you without me? Who would take care of you? Will someone take advantage of you and your innocence? How can I live with your worries? How Piya? How? (Abhay remembers his conversation with Maithili before he goes out for some work regarding horses on the Kings Order. He remembers how she did not want to let him go and was worried for him. He remembers her giving a ring to him and saying, ‘For you. It would protect you from all bad and would bring you back to me soon’. Abhayendra tells, ‘I cannot take this, this is yours’ Maithili responds, ‘You are also mine Abhayendra, It would take care of you’. Abhay opens his palm and look at the same ring on a velvet cloth. He says, ‘This ring took care of me but could not bring you to me’.

The Scene moves to Chand and Haseena Raichand at the Principals Office. Chand tells that they have come to inform him to remove Abhay’s name from the college list as they are leaving the city and going. Scene moves to Piya who is remembering Abhay kissing her on her forehead and healing her wound and how they were almost about to kiss each other on the lips. Kabir sees Piya sitting and comes from behind her and covers her eyes.
Piya: (feels his hand) Abhay!
Kabir: It is me! I disappointed you?
Piya: Kabir, I am sorry I …
Kabir: It is Okay. I know that in your heart there is only place for one guy, Abhay!
Piya: Yeah Kabir! I am sorry!
Kabir: It is completely fine. I wish if I could understand what is in him. I mean…from the time he came into your life he has given you only troubles… created problems for you…and you also used to hate him…I don’t understand what happened that everything changed.
Piya: I don’t know Kabir. He gave me so many troubles…still I use to love him. He created problems for me…still I used to love him. I used to hate him Kabir…but still I used to love him. I used to be angry at him Kabir, but I used to love Abhay. I hated him…but I loved him Kabir. Maybe I never confessed this to anyone…but Kabir I have always loved Abhay. And now… even more! Because I understood that the face which gave me problems, the face everyone hates… is just a face. He did all this Kabir because he wants to keep people away from him. He wanted people to hate him… But I know that behind that face is an Abhay who is a really nice Guy!
Kabir: Just look around in the college Pia. What all people don’t do to become popular and make friends…And look at Abhay. Why is he running away from everyone? Why does he want everyone to hate him?
Piya: That is what I am also trying to find out Kabir! I don’t know why he wants people to hate him. As a fact, the more I try to get closer to him the more distant he goes away from me.
Kabir looks at Piya who is lost in Abhay’s thoughts and tells in mind, ‘I wish Piya that he goes away from you. Not because I want to claim you as my own but because whenever I see him I only see more problems for you. He is not good for you Piya! I wish he goes far, far away from you. I wish he just goes away’. Kabir’s phone rings and he excuses himself from there.

Scene moves to Chand and Haseena at the college campus. They notice Piya and go to her. Piya sees them and greets them and asks why they are in the college. Haseena tells that they had some personal work. Chand tells Piya that he hope sthat she enjoyed the Party. Piya tells that it was a nice party and the food was good. Haseena tells her that she did not see Piya eating and that she was not around. Piya tells her that she was there. Haseena bids bye and they go from there.
Scene moves to Angad and Misha. Angad is ready and waiting to take Ruhi out on the date. Ruhi messages Misha and tell her to give Angad an excuse as she is not interested. Misha tells Angad that Ruhi is sick. Angad tells her that he used his 3 months pocket money to arrange a car and book a table at the restaurant. Misha feels bad for Angad and offers to be his date. She tells her that she likes car and food and she would even share his expenses. She pulls a disappointed Angad telling that ‘We will go on date’ and both go from there.

Scene moves to Abhay at the Mount College Campus. Piya is sitting with her back on him. Abhay goes and sits near her. She does not notice him.
Abhay: Piya, I want to talk something important to you.
Piya: (looks at him) Tell me Abhay!
Abhay: Piya, promise me that you would take care of yourself…you will think of yourself before others…will not interfere in anyone’s life…and will not get into anyone’s problems.
Piya: Abhay, why are you telling all this?
Abhay: No Piya,Just promise me you…
Piya: What happened Abhay? Why are you saying all this? (Abhay keeps his finger on her lips to silence her)
Abhay: You ask too many Questions. You never listen to anyone. Remember what I said… (Abhay gets up and walk away. Piya gets up and look at Abhay who is walking. Abhay remembers him kissing Piya on the forehead and then turns to look at her who is standing at a distance looking at him. He remembers putting her feet in water, their first dance and Piya falling into his arms while dancing with Kabir. Abhay lifts his hand saying a Bye to Piya. He turns back again to walk. He says in mind, ‘I am going Piya. Far from you…Today I am seeing you for the last time’. Abhay closes his eyes with a painful expression on his face while Piya stands there watching him go.

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

22nd January 2011 Written Update (Episode 79) Abhay kidnaps Piya from Dobriyal House

Episode 79 starts with Piya sleeping inside the Cave in the morning. When she opens her eyes she finds Abhay looking at her.
Piya: Abhay, you came?
Abhay: I had to come
Piya: I knew that you would not leave me and go
Abhay: I am not that bad Piya. Just when I come near you the animal in me awakens. Let that animal remain inside Piya! Please don’t awake it…Please! Believe me! Maithili is just madness. Don’t ask me…Why? When? How? I won’t be able to tell you. Please don’t try to open my Past Piya! Have I ever asked you what your Past is? (Piya says in mind, ‘Ask me Abhay! My life is with yours. Whatever it is…However it is…I feel like sharing with you’ Abhay replies to her mind talk) I cannot share anything with you. My past is just mine… I will live it alone… Let’s go! (He comes up to where she was sitting and extends his hand for her to get up. He says, ‘Come on Piya’ and helps her to get up and they get out of the cave)
Scene moves to Piya entering Dobriyal House. Misha sees her and questions her. She asks Piya where she was whole night and with whom. Piya tries to tell that she was in the house itself but by mistake blurts out Abhay’s name. Misha asks her if Abhay took her out and kissed her. Piya asks her to stop. Misha then gets a call from Tracker and Piya goes from there.

Scene moves to Mount college campus. Piya sees Abhay and looks at him. Abhay senses Piya and moves backward and looks at her too. They look at each other for some time. Piya remembers his harsh words to her on the cave and rejection of love. She also remembers his telling that he does not want to see her face and want to bury all her memories. She breaks the eye lock and walks away from there. Abhay remembers him leaving Piya in the cave and going away. He thinks, ‘I should not have hurt Piya this much. I talked harshly to her. To hide my hurt… I gave her hurt. Piya forgive me!’

Scene moves to Mount College Class room. Abhay comes inside the class and closes the door. Piya is sitting inside the class on a bench reading some book. She raises her head and look at him. He moves towards where she is sitting. Seeing him coming she gets up from the bench and move backwards till she reaches the wall. He goes near hear and keep one hand on the wall. Piya closes her eyes. Abhay looks at her and says, ‘I am sorry Pia, Please forgive me!’ Piya open her eyes and looks at him.
Abhay: yesterday night I told so many such things which I should not have said. I should not have behaved with you in that manner. I am sorry!
Abhay lifts her left hand and kiss it healing the cut on it. Piya looks at the wound and finds that it has disappeared. She looks at him with surprise. He kisses her hand, palm and forehead also and the wounds disappear. He then brings his lips closer to her lips and she raises her face towards him for his kiss. But Abhay suddenly comes to his senses and feels angry at him. He withdraws himself and walks away leaving Piya who is confused.

Scene moves to Panchi driving the car and suddenly a man crosses the road and she had to halt the car suddenly. She sees a man running with unbuttoned shirt and holding the shoes and jacket in hand jumping a wall. She comes to the car and throws the shoes inside Panchi’s car and gets inside. He tells her, ‘Hello Love, Drive the car Please’ Panchi looks at him and the man tells him, ‘Hello! Please drive the Car’. Panchi looks at him shocked.
Panchi: Hello! Excuse me…Who are you? And what are you doing in my Car?
Man: Drive the Car. I will tell you in detail. Please drive the car now.
Panchi: Just get lost!
Man: You have some lipstick or Makeup Remover? (looking at the lipstick mark on the cheek and neck in the mirror)
Panchi: What rubbish is going on here
Man: Look I am a nice Guy,Trust me! Please drive the Car.
Panchi: I can gather that much by the look of you that how nice a man you are.
Man:Hmm! Snap judgments ehh?
Panchi: Really? Shirt out,lipstick marks…and see the condition of clothes… I know what you were up to. It is so obvious!
Man: Wow! Regular Sherlock Homes ? Look it is not my fault. If the Husband came home early what could I do? I will button up for you. Now Please drive.
Panchi: Whatever! Get lost!
Man: Just get driving!
Panchi: You know what? (She gets out of the driver seat and comes to the side where the man was sitting. She opens the car door ) Out! (He gets out)
Man: This is very rude! You are making a big mistake! Listen to me…I am a nice Guy! (Panchi gets into the driver seat and drives off. She then realizes that the Shoes of the man is in the car and reverses the car)
Panchi: I don’t care! (When the car reaches the Man the man looks at Panchi and asks her, ‘Missed me already? Panchi takes the shoes and throw s it at the Guy and drives off)
The scene moves to Panchi’s new Office. The receptionist is taking to the Boss on the Phone that she is not aware where his new employee is and that she would look. Panchi enters the office and Greets the receptionist. The Receptionist hands over a Diary to Panchi telling that as PR Manager she would require it. Panchi tells her that there are 1000’s of name and that too of all girls. The Receptionist tells her to go and meet Boss. She knocks the door and enters the Cabin. Panchi is shocked to see that the man she threw out of her Car turned to be her Boss.

The scene moves to Raichand Mansion where Chand and Haseena are watching Abhay’s Birthday Party Video’s. Chand and Haseena notices Piya disguised as Maithili in the video. Haseena asks Chand why Piya is dressed up as Maithili. He replies that Piya wants to know everything that needs to be known about Abhay and if this goes on she would find his truth soon. Chand and Haseena feels that Piya could be a danger for them. Chand suggests that they should relocate from there. He tells Haseena that before people find their truth they have to leave Dehradun and go. Abhay opens the door and comes in.
Chand: Abhay?
Abhay: What Happened?
Chand: We were sitting and watching the Video Recording of your Party. Quite interesting! We saw things which where happening there now. Do you think we are fools? I told you to stay away from Piya. That girl is becoming a danger for us. You did not listen to me. First you were chasing her, now she is on your trail…
Abhay: I …
Chand: No…We have decided that we are leaving Dehradun and going! (Scene ends)

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Friday, January 21, 2011

21st January 2011 Written Update (Episode 78) Abhay kidnaps Piya from Dobriyal House

Episode 78 starts with Madhu telling Piya that she is grateful to her for not telling anything to Arnab about her. Piya asks Madhu to convince Panchi and Misha to allow her to go from there.

Scene moves to Misha lying on the cot and eating cookies when someone knocks at the door. She wonders who it is at this time of the night. She wonders if it is a thief and takes her guitar along with her and opens the door lifting the guitar in hand. She is shocked to see Shaurya at the door. He gets inside the room as Misha moves back.
Misha: You! Not again! Why you are disturbing me? I don’t want to see you. (She closes her eyes and says something hoping that he would go away and that he is her imagination. When she opens her eyes she finds Shaurya there looking at her.) Dude! This is full on sickness and it does not go…
Shaurya: Misha!
Misha: Dude! It is also talking! I thought visions don’t talk. (She slaps Shaurya)
Shaurya: Misha, Have you gone mad? You are drunk!!!
Misha: You are real? (She runs off to her bed and sits there and covers her face with both her hands.)
Shaurya: No…No…I am Rajanikant’s Robot. I am going to beat 8-10,000 people all alone. Will you come with me?
Misha: But you were not here earlier?
Shaurya: I am Shaurya (sits on the cot) .What happened to you? How many Beers did you have? Tell me the truth!
Misha: (counts with fingers) only 5.
Shaurya: Five? Cola?
Misha: Please…Okay? Vodka Martini… Bond…James Bond!
Shaurya: Misha, the drinks have gone into your head. You go to sleep.
Misha: I am not intoxicated. I don’t know what trouble I have got. You are confusing. You are here…then you are not here. When you are not here…I see you…and sometimes you are here and I see you. I mean what?
Shaurya: Misha, I think you should sleep now. You need sleep. I will come tomorrow and talk to you in leisure. But talking is very important, Okay? (He gets up and goes)
Misha (to herself): What is this new drama? When it is true when it is dream? I know what… next time I see him I will give him a hard kick.If he shouts then he is real and if he vanishes like Kasper then he is not. Misha you are so smart! (She falls into the bed)

Scene moves to Piya on the cot at Dobriyal House sleeping at night. Abhay enters the room through the window and look at her sleeping. He is angry. He says in mind, ‘You cheated me Piya. You took advantage of my weakness. I did so much for you and you… I was wrong! You did not deserve it Piya. To know my past you played games with me. I hate you! I will never forgive you for what you did to me. Never!’ Piya senses his presence and opens her eyes. She says his name. Abhay who is angry does not allow talking further and ties her and carries her from there. He puts her down near a cave and unties the shawl with which he covered her mouth and tied her hands.
Abhay: What are you doing with me? Where have you bought me? Abhay what are you doing? (Piya takes steps back while Abhay walks towards her) What are you doing with me? What have I done? (He pins her to a wall and holds on her arms)
Abhay: Why? Now you want answer for this question too?
Piya: I don’t understand Abhay!
Abhay: Yeah, You don’t understand! Look at my eyes and tell me that you don’t know what you have done with me.
Piya: Abhay I was just…
Abhay: You were just what Piya? What were you doing? You were trying to understand me? You were trying to help me? I already told you that I am beyond anyone’s help, thought or understanding. I told you (curses) stay away from… (He pushes her and walks from there)
Piya: (follows him) Abhay! Abhay please give me the answers to my questions. Abhay wait! Abhay you are leaving me and going? Abhay I was just trying to help you.
Abhay: Help? No Piya…No one can do anything for me. Just because your face resembles Maithili does not mean that you would be able to help me. Only your face resembles her… You are not like her… You are not her!
Piya: You know her very well? Because you and she have the relationship of research, is it not Abhay? That is a lie. There is no research. You were also telling a lie… then why this much hatred towards me? Maithili…Maithili…Maithili…who is this Maithili? You and your family…you can’t even stand her. Your Mom does not want to even hear her name? What is your relationship with her Abhay?
Abhay: Why can’t you understand? Even now why don’t you understand that this is not relevant to you? Can’t you leave me and my life alone? How much you have hurt me… How much difficult situation you have put me in front of my Parents…I am not in a position to say anything to them.
Piya: They are not your Mom-Dad Abhay!
Abhay: (shocked) What? How can you say that?
Piya: Because I know my face resembles Maithili’s. And yours… with Abheyender. Or maybe you are Abheyender.
Abhay: Piya, Have you gone mad? Do you know Math? Do you know science? Do you know logic? Maithili died 200 years ago…
Piya: And you too! (They look at each other) Maithili died in 18th century and that night she did not die alone. You only told that you were waiting for her. What happened with you that night Abhay? What happened that night? (Abhay keeps silence. Piya comes forward to him) I can feel Abhay! Your eyes cannot lie. There is a heart inside you which beats for Maithili. You have feelings for her. I have seen Abhay… love in your eyes… for her and for me. You love me, don’t you? Why do you love me so much Abhay?
Abhay: I don’t love you.
Piya: Why do you love me so much?
Abhay: I don’t love you.
Piya: Why do you love me?
Abhay: I don’t love you. I can never love you. I cannot love a cheat and lair like you. You cheated me. You don’t value any relationship. Because you don’t care!
Piya: I do, Abhay! If I am here it is because of you. Whatever I did I did it for you. I wanted to know the truth because I did not want to lose you Abhay! Abhay, Can’t you see what you are to me? Can’t you see it in my eyes? Don’t you know why I am looking for the answers to these questions? Abhay, Can I not see that your heart’s peace lies in the answers to the Questions?
Abhay: Enough! Ages have passed since I have had peace. Enough!
Piya: Why can’t I ask you Questions? I want to know.
Abhay holds on Piya’s arms and says, ‘Enough Maithili…enough!’ He leaves her hand.
Abhay: What nobody could do in years, you did. Piya you have opened an old wound of me the healing of which is difficult now. I don’t want to even see your face. I want to bury all your memories here. This place…Here…
Piya: What are you going to do…Abhay?
Abhay: Don’t fear Piya! I am your friend…Is it not? So how can I cause you hurt? Look around you Piya. Carefully… Here..this very place…is the residence of Vampires about whom you are doing your research on. So this is the best time to test your theory. It is said that in ancient times Vampires used to come here to hunt. Who knows may be they come now also… So Piya… Do your research with full concentration. Because nobody wuld hear your voice. Have fun! (Abhay goes from there leaving Piya alone in the cave) She calls after him, ‘Abhay, You are leaving me and going? Abhay,Abhay!’ Abhay runs out like wind while Piya is shouting for help in the cave.

Abhay reaches Maithili’s grave. He falls in front of the grave on his knees and shouts, ‘Maithili’. Piya sits in the cave by the fire and mentally calls Abhay, ‘Abhay, Please come back! I did not cheat you. I did not want to hurt you. I want you to be happy. I cannot see you burn in the fire alone…I just wanted to bring out of there…Please Abhay,Come back to me! Come back Abhay!
Abhay lies down on the ground looking at Maithili’s grave. Piya sits in front of the fire with tears in her eyes. Abhay suddenly hears Piya’s voice calling out for him and he gets up and closes his ears. He remembers how Piya duped him. The scene ends with the close up of Abhay and Piya’s faces.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

20th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 77) Abhay finds out that he was fooled by Piya as Maithili

Scene 77 starts with Piya in Maithili’s costume standing in the Garden. She thinks that she has to change out of the costume before any one notice her by standing behind a bush. Abhay spots her and calls out for her. He walks towards her. Piya picks up the phone as if she is talking to someone.
Abhay: What are you doing there alone? People inside at the Party are looking for you.
Piya: Actually, the Music is so loud inside. I am on the Phone and I could not hear anything. (She pretends like she is talking and then tells Abhay who stands at a distance, ‘Abhay you go inside. I am on the phone… it is something personal.’ Abhay turns and goes off. Piya notices Tracker coming towards the Garden and call her. She fools Ruhi into singing back to back songs for 20 minutes in whispers on the mobile telling that there is a contest she could win if she does so. Piya as Maithili comes in front of Abhay who was in the Garden. Abhay gets suspicious as to if it is Maithili or Piya. He runs to where Piya was standing earlier and seeing Ruhi with her back and talking on phone mistakes her as Piya. He thinks,’Piya is here… That means she is Maithili’. He runs back to where he saw Maithili but does not find her there. He looks around for her and says in mind, ‘That was Maithili… because Piya is on the phone. Where are you Maithali? Come near me… Talk to me…’
Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Madhu opens the door after hearing the door bell ringing. The nun introduces herself as Sister Agnes and tells that since she could not speak properly over the phone and as Mr Dobriyal was worried she came there to give details of Suganth’s daughter personally. Arnab comes out asking who it is.
Scene moves Abhay wondering where is Maithili while Piya gets into the same room she had hidden earlier. Abhay unlocks the door and is stunned to see Maithili.
Abhay: Maithili… Maithili… Do you know how long I have waited for you? How many years I waited for you? For ages… remembering your promise… I have been wandering in this earth. I could not save you Maithili. Why you left me and went away? Why? Your father burned you in fire. I could not save you. I also wanted to die in that fire. What would I have done without you in my life? But fate had something else for me. You don’t know Maithili…what happened that night.
Piya as Maithili: What happened?
Abhay: I would have come behind you. Without you in life what would have I done? But something else happened with me. I got into such darkness that I could not get out of it till now. In my world now there is no difference between life and death. I have become a living dead.
Piya as Maithili: I don’t understand what you are saying
Abhay: How will I make you understand Maithili?
Piya as Maithili: Make me understand. I want to know.
Abhay: You left me and went away and I became this! Look at me…understand… I became this…
Piya as Maithili: What? You what?
Abhay: I… I… (Haseena opens the door. Piya is hidden from her view.)
Haseena: Abhay! Who are you talking to? (She tries to enter the room but Abhay move sforward and stops her from getting in)
Abhay: (Blocking her way) No one! (Piya runs away from there. On the way she hurts her hand)
Haseena: Your friends are going. Just come down and see them off! I am sure you can do that.
Abhay: You called them… So you handle them. I don’t want to see off anyone. (Haseena goes off. Abhay closes the door and finds that Maithili has vanished. He says, ‘Maithili where are you? Don’t leave me and go. He then notices the open door and blood on the broken glass. He smells the blood and his eyes turn blue. He is angry.

Scene moves to downstairs Party where Shaurya tries to find out who Misha likes and is trying to impress. He asks T, Angad and Panchi but everyone laughs off. Scene moves to Piya in the garden and Misha finding her in Maithili’s costume. Misha asks her like Tracker did she also get the spirit of the dead Princess that she is dressed like that. However Misha does not ask for an explanation and goes from there when Piya tells that she would go to the loo and change the dress.
Scene moves to Dobriyal House where the nun and Arnab are sitting and talking. Arnab thank the nun for coming. Arnab is shocked to know that Madhu was informed about Piyali’s whereabouts but covers up for her. The Sister gives Arnab the details of Piya’s Orphanage. After the nun goes off Madhu tries to explain but Arnab does not blame her and tells her that he understands why she did what she did. He tells Madhu that he cannot ignore Piyali and is determined to find her and goes from there.

Scene moves to Piya wearing a Shawl getting into the Kitchen and taking one glass of water. Arnab notices her and ask her if they have come back from the party.
Piya: Yes Uncle! You are working so late?
Arnab: Not work. (He asks her to sit down and Piya sits in the chair). There is some place I am trying to find out. (He tells her the details as St Mary’s Orphanage in Indore where he is trying to reunite his friend with his daughter. Arnab asks Piya if the inmates are treated nicely at the orphanage and which orphanage she belongs to. Piya lies to him that the Orphanage she belongs to is St Catherine’s instead of St Mary’s. Arnab is happy that Piya was happy at the orphanage and that her upbringing was good. He tells her that Piya is such a lovely child and hopes St Mary’s also turns to be a good Orphanage. Piya says Goodnight to Arnab and go from there.)

Scene moves to Abhay who is angry with Piya. He closes the door of his room and takes Maithili’s Photo from his cupboard. He looks at it and says, ‘She made a fun of my life. She knew Maithili that you are my biggest weakness. She cheated me’. Abhay thinks of Piya appearing in front of him as Maithili at several places in the house and also his confrontation with Piya regarding Maithili’s earrings and then at his room where he almost told her the truth. Abhay is furious to realize that Piya was playing games with him. He says, ‘You woke the animal in me Piya. You should not have done that. I would never forgive you. I will teach you a lesson for playing this game. I am fire Piya, you have played with me… you would burn. You will have to pay for this.’

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 76) Piya finds out that Chand and Haseena Raichand are not Abhay’s Parents

Episode 76 starts with Abhay turning a looking upstairs and seeing Piya dressed up as Maithili. She goes of from there and Abhay screams, ‘Maithili…’ All at the Party are shocked seeing this. Kabir comes near and ask Abhay if he is okay. Abhay does not respond. Mr and Mrs Raichand come near Abhay and take him away. Kabir asks Misha if Abhay is mad. Misha signals that he might have been drunk. Kabir asks for Piya and tells Misha that he will go and look for her as he does not want Piya to go near Abhay in his condition. Kabir goes up and call out for Piya. Piya who is dressed up as Maithili hides from him. Kabir comes down looking for her and comes near Abhay who pushes him and says, ‘Just get away from me’ Kabir asks him, ‘What is wrong with you Man?’ Haseena comes from behind and by catching on his arm take Abhay upstairs. Chand tells Kabir, ‘Young Man, Go ahead. Enjoy the Party’. Chand follows Haseena and Abhay. Piya wearing the Maithili costume sees them coming and hides in a closet in the room. All the three comes into the room.
Chand: What happened to you? Are you forgetting who you are?
Abhay: Just leave me alone!
Chand: What was it downstairs? What was the need of all that Drama? Why were to calling that girls name in front of everyone?
Abhay: The name of that girl is Maithili.
Chand: I know. I have been hearing the name for years. I don’t want to hear it anymore
Abhay: You don’t have a choice. She is my life. (Piya is stunned)
Haseena: Abhay, You are forgetting yourself. And along with you… you are putting us in danger.
Abhay: If you find staying with me a problem then get lost! (Haseena comes forward and is almost about to catch hold of Abhay’s neck, but Abhay catches her hand and removes it)
Abhay: Don’t you dare! You are not my mother.
Chand: Abhay!
Abhay: Why? Have you people forgotten? And you people expect me to remember? You people are so involved in the game that you forgot the reality. Remember, This is all a game. You are not my real parents. (Pia is shocked and keeps her hand on her mouth). We are just together. I am here because of you. You are not my real parents. You are not my real Parents. (Abhay goes from there. Chand and Haseena go out of the room too. Pia comes out of the closet and says, ‘What was all this? What is the meaning of this? (She remembers Haseena attacking Abhay) What were they doing? How can they talk like that? Like animals…If they are not Abhay’s Parents, then who are they? What is Abhay doing with them? Piya keeps her hand on her mouth again. Chand and Haseena are standing outside the room.
Haseena: Chand, You saw how he talked to me?
Chand: He is changing.
Haseena: I am not his mother! He throws that on my face. After this many years, what is happening to him?
Chand: Nothing! He is getting mad for that girl! He is getting sucked into the abyss.
Suddenly Chand senses somebody’s presence and says to Haseena, ‘Someone is here’. Piya hides in the closet again. The open and look into the room. Suddenly Kabir comes running up the stairs and calls, ‘Mrs Raichand!’
Kabir: Excuse me! I was looking for Piya. Have you seen her?
Haseena: Piya? She might be down. Come…I will help you look for her.
Kabir: Thank you! (Kabir and Haseena goes down while Chand closes the door and lock the door with the key and goes away from there after taking the key with him)

Scene moves to Dobriyal house. Madhu picks up the call of Sister Agnes who wanted to talk to Arnab as he was in the bathroom. Sister Agnes informs Madhu that she wants to talk about Suganth’s daughter. Madhu tells her to give the details and that she would inform Arnab. The sister tells that Suganth’s daughter was taken to St Mary’s orphanage at Indore. Madhu erases the call details from Arnab’s mobile and tells him it was a call drop.

Scene moves to Abhay Raichand’s Birthday Party downstairs. Angad notices Shaurya with girls around. Kabir and some other guys encourage him to go and fight for Tracker. Angad goes to Shaurya.
Angad: Hey Shaurya! You might be feeling old in the company of these teenagers, right?
Shaurya: Not at all friend
Angad: Tell the truth! Don’t you feel big and out of place here?
Shaurya: I am not a teenager to feel awkward. We men do not lack the confidence like you kids.
Angad: Good! Why not see who Man is and who is kid?
Shaurya: Challenge Accepted! Now tell me what to do. (Tracker and the girls side with Shaurya while Misha sides with Angad. Misha whispers something into Angad’s ears.)
Angad: Make a mustache on T’s face.
Misha: And whoever wins will take Tracker for a date (The girls cheer)
Shaurya goes to T and tries his level best to fool her but T gets disgusted by the way Shaurya talks and goes from there. Shaurya gives up. Angad tries with the help of the special coin given by Misha and succeeds in fooling T and making her draws a mustache by herself.

Scene moves to Piya in Maithili’s costume coming out of the closet. She looks for a way to get out of the locked room and finds another door. At the Party Misha and Kabir are happy that Angad won the challenge. Tracker is angry. Scene moves to Piya in the garden thinking that she needs to change out of Maithili’s costume before anyone sees her. She then hears Abhay calling her. She hides behind the plant so that her costume is not visible. Abhay walks towards her.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 75) Piya fools Abhay by dressing up as Maithili

Episode 75 starts with Abhay blowing the candles on the Birthday cake and then lifting his head up to see Maithili smiling at him at a distance. She goes from there. Abhay turns to follow her but Chand and Haseena stops him from going. He cuts the cake while everyone sings ‘Happy Birthday’. Abhay thank everyone. T goes and kisses on Abhay’s cheek saying, ‘Happy Birthday Abhay!’
Abhay: Thank you!
Misha: (shake hands with Abhay) Happy Birthday Dude!
Abhay: Thanks Misha! (Panchi and Tracker also wish him. Kabir goes to Abhay and extends his hand for Abhay to shake and Abhay says, ‘Thank you’. He is followed by Angad. As Abhay turns to go Piya comes to him and says,’ Happy Birthday Abhay! It is not that bad to smile and meet people, is it not?’ Abhay does not reply but looks around and then go from there. He climbs the stairs up to go to his room. He thinks, ‘May be Mom is right. I have gone mad! But how can I help it? For me this day did not bring new life but Maithili’s death. (He remembers Maithili on fire in the closed room). Maybe because of that I am seeing Maithali everywhere. I have been living without her for years now. But why today she has come several times in front of me?’ Abhay closes his eyes and then opens it. He then climbs the stairs and suddenly notices something on the ground. Abhay is very happy to know that Maithali's spirit is back for him, as promised years ago. Later, he realizes how the earring can be there if Maithali's spirit was here. He feels Piya is playing games with him and gets angry at her. Abhay comes down and takes Piya who was talking with Tracker away from there telling, ‘we need to talk’ while T and friends look on. He brings her to one corner and by showing the earring asks her, ‘What the hell is this Piya?’
Piya: What is this Abhay?
Abhay: Don’t you Know? Is this not yours?
Piya: No! Abhay this is not mine.
Abhay: Really Piya?
Piya: Yeah! From where you got it? And whose is it?
Abhay: Yeah! Someone else’s. And you know very well who’s…
Piya: I don’t know what you are talking Abhay. If you know whose it is go and give her! (She turns to go and Abhay stops her)
Abhay: Don’t act smart Piya! This earring had fallen from you, right?
Piya: I am telling you Abhay! Why will I wear this earring? It is so old fashioned. And moreover, it does not go with my dress. Why will I wear it? (Abhay checks both her ears and find her wearing white stoned earrings which match with her dress.)
Pia: What are you doing Abhay? Happy Abhay? Now you might have understood that I am not telling lies. Now go and spoil some other girl’s mood in the Party. You know what? Try your antics on T or any other girl… may be they will get impressed. (Piya turns and walks away)
Abhay thinks, ‘Really was it Maithili? Must be! I saw Maithili only. She is here. Maithili…’ Abhay looks around. Piya who is downstairs thinks how she was almost caught by Abhay. She remembers noticing one earring missing while changing back from Maithili costume and then wearing another pair of earrings.

The scene moves to Abhay who is happy. He thinks, ‘If Piya is telling the truth… if Piya did not play this game… It means… Maithili is back?She is somewhere here… near me… and want to meet me… Yeah, she is here… yeah!’ He smiles. Piya watches Abhay by hiding behind a pillar wearing Maithili’s dress. She thinks, ‘Abhay, you desire her this much? The thought of her brings a smile on your face. How lucky Maithili is that you are in love with even her thoughts’.

The scene moves to downstairs where Misha is avoiding Shaurya. Shaurya wonders why Misha is behaving in a weird manner. She even fakes receiving a phone call but he catches her on her lie. He asks her if he did anything wrong but Misha runs off telling that she needs to meet a friend. Tracker tries to flirt with Shaurya who tells that Misha is different and that he has never seen a girl like her. He says that he noticed that Misha is not a fashion victim like other girls and wonders what happened to her today.

Tracker thinks of impressing Shaurya. She gets angry at Angad who comes near her. She tells him how hot she finds Shaurya. Angad decides to change from his construction worker get up to formal goes to the wash room while tracker goes to another one to change her get up. Both of them come out to the hall together and everyone looks at them.
Panchi: Both are jokers! Can’t they see that they are made for each other?
Piya: Exactly! They are perfect for each other! In fact they are so perfect that if they would have been together their relationship would have lasted forever! I can imagine… Angad and Tracker forever and ever.
Panchi: Everyone used to tell about me and Danish also the same. But neither the relationship exist nor the love. Only a pain… But I don’t feel sad about it. I feel sad that I saw so many dreams and wasted so many years on it and it all broke in a minute. I feel half my life is a lie.
Piya: Panchi…Atleast think this… If this all happened after marriage you would have felt worse.
Panchi: I know Piya. But after what happened to me I have lost belief in relationships.
Piya: You are thinking wrong Panchi! You know in everyone’s life true love is written. We have not come alone… for everyone somebody is been made… (Abhay is coming down the stairs looking at Piya)What is essential is to believe in it…to look for it… (She notices Abhay) to recognize him… (Panchi smiles and says that she hopes so) Abhay keeps looking at Piya as he walks down the stairs and Piya walks too forgetting everyone around and just by looking at him when she hits on T. Abhay also hit at a vase at the same time. Piya runs away to upstairs washroom while Abhay is distracted and Abhay comes down and looks for her. Piya changes into Maithili’s costume. Abhay thinks of him and Maithili together and at the end of his thoughts he sees fire around and no Maithili. He turns to see Piya dressed in Maithili costume upstairs and fire rising. Piya goes from there. Abhay extends his hand and screams, ‘Maithili…!’ As he looks on he sees that there is no fire or Maithili there. Everyone at the Party is shocked. Chand and Haseena hear it and look at each other.

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17th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 74) Abhay Raichand’s Birthday Party

Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani Serial 17th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 74) Abhay Raichand’s Birthday Party

Episode 74 starts with a Car entering the premises of Raichand’s Mansion. Abhay opens the door and get into the house which is in darkness. Suddenly the lights come and the group says, ‘Surprise!!!’ Abhay acts surprised and thank everyone. The Raichand's go near Abhay and wish him. He thanks them.
Haseena: How did you like the surprise?
Abhay: Superb!
Tanushree: Abhay, I organized this Party for you. Happy Birthday Baby!
Abhay: Thanks T
Piya: Happy Birthday Abhay!
Abhay: (ignoring Piya’s wishes) thank you everyone for giving me such a Big surprize. Thanks! Mom (looks at Haseena) I’ll just come.
Haseena: Please Guys have fun! Abhay will join us.
Abhay walks to his room. While going to his room he feels he saw Maithali. He looks at the place he saw her but does not see her. He searches for her around but does not find her. Abhay thinks, ‘What happened to me? How can this happen? What am I imagining?

Scene moves to Haseena confronting Abhay who comes out of the room.
Haseena : What are you doing here. Everybody is waiting for you down. Don’t you think you should be downstairs?
Abhay: Not my problem! You called them…so you deal with them. I will not meet anyone.
Haseena: Abhay!
Abhay: No…You should not have called…not at all. And that too today!
Haseena: I don’t care what date is today. You have to come out of your past. Maithili is dead! And whatever you do… she can’t come back. So forget about her and come down! Now…! Do you get that? (Haseena goes away)
Abhay: No Mom! She can come back… I saw her. She is here. Or… what did I see? Oh no! Piya…? (He runs to look down. He sees Piya in conversation with Panchi.)
Abhay thinks, ‘Piya is down. So…Maithili is back. She is back. She kept her promise. She has come back for me’.

Scene moves to Misha and Shaurya. Misha has her arm around Shaurya’s neck and Shaurya has his arm around Misha’s waist.
Shaurya: You know Misha, I have always noticed you (Misha says in mind, ‘Because I love you’) because you have always been a crazy kid (Misha says in mind, ‘And you know I love you’). You are cute,sweet, fun loving and little bratty (Misha says in her mind, ‘And I totally love you’).And you know what Misha? It is so good to be back in touch with you (Misha says in mind,’Because I love you’).
Misha realizes that Shaurya bought her near the dance floor and she takes her hand from his shoulders. Shaurya takes Misha on the dance floor, after much resistance by her. She stamps on Shaurya’s feet several times. Shaurya gets them out of the dance floor and tells Misha now he knows why she did not want to dance… it is because she did not know to dance. She tells him how uncomfortable she is in her attire and heels. He asks her then why she wore them. He tells her that one should be real and the way they are. He looks at her and then asks her if she is trying to impress anyone and asks her whom she has taken all this efforts. He tells her that he would find out for whom she has become a ‘wedding cake’.

Scene moves to Abhay coming down the stairs. He says in mind and walks looking for Maithili, ‘Where are you Maithili? Am I seeing a dream? Now she was here. So near to me… where are you? Where are you Maithili? Where are you?’ Piya comes near him.
Piya: Are you Okay?
Abhay: Yeah…
Piya: What is wrong with you Abhay? This Party is for you. We all are here to celebrate with you. And look at you. What are you doing? But your mind is not here. What are you doing? Why are you doing this?
Abhay: Because I don’t care! (He turns to go away but Pia stops him)
Piya: You don’t care Abhay? Wow! Your Parents threw such a nice Party. Your friends are here. They made an effort. Look around you Abhay! All of this is for you Abhay. But you are not mentally here. Are you looking for something?
Abhay: What do you think Piya? Am I some book that you would read through the pages and find answer for your Questions? Whom I am looking at, who I am searching for or why I am not happy is none of your Business.
Piya: Fine Abhay! Since it is your Birthday I thought I should do something for you…something special…Anyway I got you this book (she holds out a brown paper wrapped packet to Abhay) which I got form the library. It is a very nice book. It is very interesting and I am sure you would like it. It is on your research topic. Maithili! (Abhay who was not looking at her during their entire conversation, looks at Piya)It is a very interesting book. (Piya smiles and Abhay takes the packet and open the wrapper. He sees the History on Pander Book) There are so many interesting pictures.(Abhay feels the Book and then opens the pages and feels them. He touches the script as if reading it. He turns the pages and then he sees Maithali’s Picture. He remembers Maithili and him meeting and the king seeing them which made his run away from there. Piya is observing him while he is looking into the book. Piya says in mind, ‘At the mention of Maithili’s name there is a look of pain on your face. What is in this name that reaches your heart? I can feel Abhay, you feel hurt. And maybe that is because of me. I am sorry Abhay! But I want to know who is behind this hurt and for the sake of past why you are breaking all the relations of the present. Wh is this Maithili… who is in between you and me today?’ Abhay keeps looking at Maithili’s picture and then raise his face with a sad expression while Piya observes him.

Scene moves to Misha and Panchi. Misha is frustrated about the heels and Panchi teases her asking why she has suddenly changed to girly. Misha sees someone and asks,’What the hell are you doing here?’. Danish walks to Misha and Panchi who are sitting near the bar.
Danish: How are you Panchi?
Panchi: What are you doing here?
Danish: I just came to ask about you…that is the least I can do…
Misha: Get lost … Okay?
Danish: Mish Please… Calm Down!
Misha : Panchi let’s go from here (She holds Panchi’s hands and then walk away from there. Danish blocks the way0.
Danish: Panchi… I want to talk to you
Panchi: I don’t want to listen anything. There is nothing you can say to me! (She moves from there along with Misha. Danish says, ‘Panchi please… listen to me’. Abhay comes in between the Dobriyal sisters and Danish blocking his way. Abhay pushes Danish away).
Abhay: Let go Danish! You have no work here
Danish: You leave me… you freak!
Abhay: You leave these girls alone
Danish: Why? Have they appointed you their rescuer? Move from my way!
Abhay: You are the one who should move! You are not invited in this Party.
Danish: Oh really! Before insulting your Guests… know your facts Abhay!
Abhay: I don’t care! You can just leave…
Danish: At least ask your Dad… because he called me to the Party.
Abhay: Oh yeah? Well, this is not his office. This is my house and this is my Party. And you are not invited… So get lost! (Danish remembers Abhay lifting him using one hand on his neck and Abhay banging the car bonnet. Chand comes near them).
Chand: Abhay!
Danish: I am not required here… I am going (Danish walks from there)
Chand: Danish!
Danish: Sorry Sir! I will see you later.
Chand: What is wrong with you Abhay? He was my Guest
Abhay: Dad I think you need to think before choosing a Guest. Because of your Guest my Guest was having a problem.
Chand: Ah…Interesting! The whole evening you did not have time for them and now they are your Guests?
Abhay: This Party is not as per my wish but the Guests are here because of me. (Abhay notices Maithili and walks from there. He looks for her but does not find her. He comes near Chand).
Abhay: Dad… She was here! She was right here. I just saw her.
Chand: Stop it! Don’t make a fool of yourself. People are here and they are seeing you. What is the big deal about this date? It is just a date in the human calendar! Come on!
Abhay: Date? Only a date? Today’s date is written in stone. This day everything was taken away from me. This is the day when my Maithili left me. And you are saying ‘Just a date’…? Only a date? (Abhay turns and walks. Pia asks him, “Abhay are you okay?’ Abhay goes up. He says in mind, ‘Where are you Maithili? Is this just my imagination? Have you come back? Will this date again be written on stone? If you have really back ,please come in front of me. Please come near me Maithili.’

Scene moves to downstairs where Mr and Mrs Raichand thank the group for coming for Abhay’s Party.
Haseena: After coming here Abhay made so many friends. And you all have come here and given us so much love. Thank you so much! And now let’s wish the Birthday boy a very happy Birthday. (Haseena goes to Abhay who is standing from a distance from the group)
Haseena: Enough Abhay! Now you play your part. Smile! Go and cut the cake! Come on… (Abhay goes and stands in front of the cake and in between his Parents. He bends and blows the candles on the cake while the Happy Birthday Music plays and group claps. He lifts his eyes and see Maithili at a distance looking and smiling at him. The scene ends.

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15th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 73) Misha arrives at Abhay’s Birthday Party wearing a Short Red Dress

Misha day dreaming about Shaurya in Towel
Episode 73 starts with the Guy continuing with his narration of the Story of the Pandher Princess Mythili. He tells Piya that Maithili was locked in a room and set fire to the room. He tells, ‘When Abhayendra found out he came running to the Palace. When he saw the room burning he also got into it. The fire was so much that he could not save his love. He also died in the fire. ’ The Guy tells Pia that the Love Story ended there and closes the book. He says, ‘Even today in Pandher’s Forests a shadow is seen calling Mythili’s name. And some people say that they saw the shadow in the same place where Abhayendra and Mythili used to meet. In that Jungle at the same place there is a grave of Mythili (Piya recalls seeing the grave of Mythili). But these all are not written in the Book. These all are the stories of the Villagers which is half truth and half imagination. If Abhayendra and Mythili died in the fire, then who made the grave at the same place…and that too at the same place where the lovers used to meet up. And the wandering shadow on the grave… all these are the villager’s tales…half truth half imagination!’ Piya turns and looks at Maithili’s Picture.
Misha day dreams about a bare chested Shaurya looking at her
Scene moves to Doibriyal House. Misha opens her cupboard and starts thowing out her clothes. Panchi comes there and what she is doing. Misha tells her that she is looking for clean clothes for Abhay’s Birthday Party.Panchi tells her that she should be looking in the washing machine. Misha asks Panchi when her new job is starting. Panchi tells her that she has to start in 4 days. Panchi tells her that she is excited and would be meeting her Boss for the first time. Panchi asks Misha to clean up the cupboard and goes from there. Misha closes the cupboard thinking that she is not likely to get anything there. She is shocked to see a bare chested Shaurya standing there. Shaurya smiles at her.
Shaurya: Hey sweets! What is this? Now you have to go to the party and you are not ready…Why? Now go fast and get ready! Go and take a shower.
Misha: I don’t want to take any shower okay?
Shaurya: Why not baby? (He takes the clothes from Misha’s hands) What is this? You will wear this? You are my girlfriend and you are not supposed to wear clothes like that, Okay? (Shaurya throws the clothes away. He then walks of and throws the towel he is wearing. The towel hits Misha’s face and she screams. Panchi comes running there and asks Misha what the matter is. Misha looks around and then runs to check her temperature telling that she has gone mad. She finds the temperature normal and hugs Panchi)
Misha: Normal? How can I be normal? Panchi save me please… 9Panchi pushes her away)
Panchi: Stop it you Drama Queen… (Panchi goes from there and Misha inserts the thermometer once again to her mouth)

At the Pander Palace, Piya walks around. Piya tries to connect the missing links about Abhay and Maithali. Piya thinks, ‘Maithili, what is the end of your sad love story? Ages have passed by people could not forget you. Your story…how is it connected to my life. Your face resembles mine. Did Abhay get the face of Abhayendra? Is Abhay and Abhayendra the same person? Is Abhayendra looking for his Mythili even now? But how can this happen? How is Abhay connected today with this 200 year old Story? If Abhay’s face only resembles with Abhayendra why is he connected with Mythili’s name and memories? Why Abhay is so lost thinking of Mythili? I have seen pain in Abhay’s eyes for Mythili…He is affected by her memories…She haunts him… Is this just a research or something more? Is Abhay obsessed by her Picture? Or does he have an old relationship with Mythili? How many Questions I have the answers to which are with Abhay. But Abhay won’t give me the answer. Maybe he won’t even talk with me regarding this. If Piya cannot get the Answers from Abhay…Maithili can! Maithili, you have to come in front of Abhay. Seeing you near maybe Abhay will tell that secret which he may not tell anyone else’. Piya thinks, ‘Abhay I know…Maithili’s thoughts torture you…To know the truth Maithili and Abhay has to meet each other. Mythili has to come in front of Abhay’.
T tries to Impress Haseena by taking care of Birthday party Arrangements
Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. T is supervising the arrangements for the Party and ordering around. T tries to impress Haseena and tells her to leave all the arrangements to her. Hasina thank her.

At the Dobriyal House Tracker comes to Misha’s room dressed up in a Pink Barbie Doll type of dress. Misha teases Ruhi on her dress. Tracker tells that she has dressed up for a super hot stud and asks not to break her confidence.
Misha: Does the super hot stud like Barbie dolls?
Shaurya: But Barbie Dolls are cute… (Misha sees Shaurya sitting on the Cot) So I would say…
Misha: Shut up! I am not talking to you… (Ruhi looks around and asks whom she is talking to. Shaurya comes to stand in front of Misha)
Shaurya: Darling for me…Please wear Pink! I want you to look cute like Tracker. Just like cotton candy?
Misha: Yuck…I don’t wear pink.
Tracker: I did not ask you to wear pink. Am I mad to tell you to wear pink?
Shaurya: Pink…please!
Misha: I told you…I won’t wear pink…
Tracker: I am not asking you to wear pink. (Shaurya keeps his hand on Misha’s arm)
Shaurya: Darling for me please… Please wear…
Misha: Please okay…You and Papa are just the same…
Tracker: Me? And your Papa…are you mad…
Misha: okay, Fine! If I wear…will you go away from my mind? (Tracker feels that some ghost got into Misha and chants something) Promise?
Shaurya: You look cute when you are angry (He gives a flying kiss)
Misha: Hey you…don’t kiss me, okay (Tracker is shocked and jumps)
Tracker: Kiss? I will come later Misha (She runs from there but Misha holds her asking her to wait. Misha looks around and sees that Shaurya is not there. Misha tells Tracker that she would get ready in 2 minutes. She then corrects herself telling that she would be ready in 20 minutes and runs from there. Tracker is shocked thinking Misha taking 20 minutes to get ready and thinks that something is wrong with her)

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Many Cars come in and there are many people in the Hall. Kabir comes in. He is shocked to see Angad dressed up like a Construction worker. Angad tells that Ruhi like Construction workers which is why he came like that. Kabir tells Angad that he and Ruhi are made for each other couple. Kabir goes from there.

Haseena comes there and sees Angad. She mistakes him as staff and tells him that the staff should be entering from backside. She asks him if the watchman did not tell him. Piya comes there and saves Angad.

Haseena calls Abhay and tell him that everyone has come and asks him to come. She reminds him to behave all surprised and act normal. She tells him that he should smile when talking to all.
Shaurya catches Misha from falling
Haseena tells everyone that Abhay is on his way home and would be reaching soon. They switch off the lights. They hear the sound of a vehicle and tell that it should be Abhay. Everyone hides. The door opens and the lights are switched on. Everyone is surprised to see Misha wearing a short red dress standing there with Ruhi and Panchi. Misha tells them that the Birthday boy has not come and asks them to go and hide. Ruhi sees Shaurya and hopes that he comes to her. Shaurya walks and passes Tracker without noticing her. Misha sees Shaurya coming towards her and tries to run away. She slips and Shaurya catches her. They stare into each other’s eyes. Angad comes and stands behind Tracker. Shaurya takes Misha from there.
Chand and Haseena wishes Abhay Happy Birthday
Haseena tells everyone to hide as Abhay is coming. She orders to put the lights off. Once again everyone hides. The door opens and the lights come on. The gang shouts ‘surprise’ as Abhay walks in. Abhay acts surprised. He tells thanks to everyone. Haseena and Chand go to Abhay and stands on either side of him.
Haseena: Happy Birthday Abhay!
Chand; Many many happy returns of the day Abhay!
Abhay: Thanks Mom…Thanks Dad…
Haseena: So…How did you like your surprise?
Abhay: Superb! Thanks Mom! (Episode Ends)

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Friday, January 14, 2011

14th January 2011 Written Update (Episode 72) Piya finds out about Maithili and Abhayendra’s Love Story

Abhayendra and Maithili
Episode 72 starts with Piya scanning Mythili’s Picture from the Book on Pandher History and finding Abhay in it. She wonders how Abhay could be in a Picture with Maithili which is over 200 years old. Piya recalls her conversation with Abhay as his answer to why he is carrying Maithili’s picture in his wallet. Piya is shocked and confused.

Scene moves to Ruhi entering the Construction site to meet Shaurya. Tracker goes to him and tells him that she has been looking for him as he has chosen him as the subject for her research. She then explains that she has chosen restoration as her subject and to know about it she needs to meet him often. Ruhi tells him that she is going for Pizza and Shaurya excuses himself telling that he does not have the time. He is shocked when Ruhi takes everything out of her bag and sets a table with Pizza in Restaurant style. She tells, ‘If Shaurya can’t go to Pizza, Pizza would come to Shaurya’. Shaurya tells that since she has come to the site she has to wear helmet and makes her wear it. He then sees Misha and calls her showing 2 invites of Abhay’s Birthday party. Misha thinks, ‘Oh God! He also got invited for Abhay’s Party, Loser’ Misha turns her back at Shaurya and he gets confused seeing her behavior. Misha thinks, ‘Misha… why your heart is beating fast…Did you also get the same disease as Tracker? Calm down Misha, calm down! Behave yourself and don’t behave like Tracker number 2’. She runs away from there.

Scene moves to the Library. The Librarian comes there. Piya ask the librarian about the script of the book History of Pandher. She tells that it is an ancient language and also gives the details of one Mr B R Sinha who is knowledgeable in the script. Piya thank her and go from there. Abhay watches Piya going.

At the Campus T is distributing invitations. T tells her friends that she would be the perfect host for Abhay’s Party. Pia is walking through the college corridor and Abhay is following her. T sees Abhay and stops him.
T: Hi Baby, where are you going? Abhay where are you going?
Abhay: My House! (Abhay watches Piya walking to a Car. T thinks that Abhay can’t get home now as it will spoil the entire surprise. She thinks the Party would be a perfect opportunity for her to get back to Abhay’s life and has to stop him from going home)
T: Abhay you can’t go home
Abhay: Why?
T: Because I want to say something important to you.
Abhay: What important thing? (Abhay watches Piya getting into the Car and the Car going off)
T: I am a Virgo
Abhay: So…
T: Abhay, I am a Virgo… I and you are compatible! I mean we make a perfect couple (Abhay stares at T)

Piya comes to the Residence of the Guy whom the Librarian had told her and requests him help regarding reading the book. But she is turned down by him. Piya is disappointed and goes from there. After Piya goes from there, Abhay who is inside the house speaks to the man who knows how to read the script, ‘There is no need to read that Book. There is no use of opening old things. You will never read that Book…never! Please forgive me…’ (Abhay goes from there)

Piya is walking thinking that who would help her in reading the book and find out what is the connection between Abhay and the picture in the Book. She hopes that someone in Pandher palace could help her with the Book.

Piya reaches Pandher Palace and sees a man who is warming his hands in the fire nearby. He is shocked when he sees Pia. Pia introduces herself and tells him her purpose of visit. The guy tells her that it is written in Pahadi script which is only known to very few people. Piya is happy to know that the old guy knows the script too. The Guy looks at Maithili’s picture in the Book and asks Pia if anyone told her that she looks like the Princess. Piya tells that she is aware of the similarity. The guy takes Pia inside the Palace to narrate the story of Mythili as it is cold outside. The Guy tells her, ‘Princess Mythili was very beautiful that people used to come from long distances to see her. The King was proud of his daughter’s beauty and called princes from all over the country for her to choose as groom. But the Princess disappointed everyone because there was someone else in her heart. But he was not a king or prince but an ordinary stable hand at the palace whose name was Abhiyan. (Piya thinks, ‘Now I will know the secret behind Abhay’) Their love developed hidden from the King’s eyes. Both used to love each other a lot. But one day someone informed the King about it. The King could not tolerate his daughter loving a servant. On the other side the Princess decides to leave her money and comforts and go away with Abhayendra. The King could not bear it and the king separated them. He locked the Princess in a room and put Abhayendra in prison. The King decided to kill Abhayendra. When the Princess comes to know about it she reaches the prison and asks Abhayendra to run away from there. But Abhayendra was not scared of death and he was not the type who would leave behind the Princess. But he goes from there after the Princess promises that she would meet him where they meet at the Jungle every day. When the King found out he became angry and to save his and his country’s honor ordered to kill the princess. He put the Princess in a room and ordered to burn the room’ Piya thinks, ‘what happened to Maithili after that? Could Abhayendra save her? What happened to their love story?’ (Episode ends)

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