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Pyar ki yeh ek Kahani Maha Episode 16th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 221) Abhay Raichand punches Neil Khurana who interferes in the Boxing Match to save Chirag Doshi

Hasina watches Chand losing his life slowly
Episode 221 starts with Hasina Raichand standing by the window and thinking, 'Today is very important to us. Abhay's plans have to work. All my powers are with you Abhay! You will have to win'. Hasina hears a sound and turns and looks at Chand. She goes near him and keeps her hand on his head and says, 'Chand...just some more time.Chand, I am here... near you. Today Abhay will definitely save you Chand (Chand opens his eyes wide. His eye balls are blue in color. He bends his head back) Chand! Chand... Don't you dare give up...okay? (Hasina sees evidence of Chand slowly losing his life and realizes that Chand Raichand is sinking) Chand... Chand... No!'  She makes a call to Abhay. Abhay who is walking through the Mount College corridor picks up the phone.
Abhay: Yes Mom!
Hasina: Abhay, We have only 2 hours.We have time only till 12:30...that's it!
Abhay: Are you sure Mom?
Hasina: Yeah Abhay! I calculated the time...from the time of the wound till now...We have very little time Abhay. What are we going to do?
Abhay: Mom... Mom... Just relax! Don't worry...Match will start at sharp 12...It won't take me much time to bring his blood. I will be on time. Don't worry! I won't let anything happen to Dad.
Hasina: Don't be late...Abhay, don't be late...
Abhay: Yeah Mom! (Abhay disconnects the call and sees that the time on the Clock on the wall is 10:45)
Neil Khurana tries to find out who send Danish for spying
Neil Khurana comes to Trinity Hospital. He says in mind, 'Danish Singh, you have to give me a lot of answers today'.He tells the nurse at the Reception that he is Danish's Brother and asks for the room details of Danish. The nurse informs that Danish is in the ICU and asks him to enter his details in a register. Neel writes on the register and then goes to the ICU. Neel says in mind, 'Now I will find out Danish that on whose Orders you came to our Office'. Neel looks at Danish through the glass on the door and then enters the room. Danish is unconscious and has an oxygen mask on his face. Neel sits on the stool beside the cot. Neel looks at Danish and gives a sarcastic smile. he then pats on Danish's chin waking him up. Danish looks at him.
Neel: So you are Danish...You sure have not done this own this own...You are doing it for someone else. So tell me...who told you to do it? (Danish at first refuses to tell anything. But when Neel uses third degree tactics he tells the name of Abhay Raichand. Neel leaves the hold on Danish) If you would have told earlier, life would have become easy for you. (Seeing Danish having trouble to breathe, Neel puts back the oxygen mask he had removed from Danish's face and pats on Danish's chest) Okay here... don't die... enjoy! (Neel gets out of the room. He says, 'You have no idea Abhay Raichand whom you are dealing with. I would not let you go. You reward for your deeds is death...only death!'. Neil then makes a call to Dipanita Khurana, ' Mom... I came to know who send Danish to spy on us...Abhay Raichand... Yes Mom! Mom I promise you that I will finish this Raichands. This story has to end right here...yeah Mom!' Neel finishes the call and leaves from there).
Abhay and Misha pretends

Abhay asks Misha to give the protein shake to his opponent at the Boxing Match
Abhay is walking through the College corridor. He hears Misha calling, 'Abhay... Listen up!' and stops. Misha comes running to him with a thermo flask in hand. She walks along with him and says, 'Drink this protein shake... you will get full energy. You will finish him in one punch.' Abhay pulls Misha towards him with a soft expression on his face.
Abhay: That's so sweet of you. But I don't need it!
Misha: Hey you baby...Told you...don't be this clingy, okay...what?
Abhay: It is needed... Pia is standing near by...(Abhay signals with his eyes. Misha also looks at Pia who is looking at them. (Misha brings her face near his ears and talks in hushed tone, 'You could have told me earlier'. He then puts bothe her hands around Abhay's neck)
Misha: Abhay, my hero! I know that you will win the match... because you have...what you call it? My love... right? (Abhay nods)
Abhay: And with your love I can do anything! (Chirag comes that way and stops when he sees Abhay. Abhay also sees him) And this Protein Shake you give him to who is going to compete against me. Because I will give a fast and swift punch (Abhay stares at Chirag as he talks. He touches the point between the eyebrows with a finger) right here...between the two eyes...and he will be dead! He won't get up for 7 days!
Misha: My hero! (Pia goes from there. Abhay touches Misha's face with the back of his hand. He withdraws his hands when he sees that Pia is not there. Misha is also relieved). That was close! (They both walk together from there. Misha puts her hands around Abhay's shoulders. After they go from there Pia comes out from behind the pillar. She looks at Abhay and Misha going together).

Chirag Doshi is standing at the College Corridor with a gloomy face. Jay comes from behind and hits on his shoulder.
Jeh: What's up Tyson? Ready for the match? Very less people do it for just 10 marks. I am really proud of you (Jeh taps on Chirag's chest encouraging him)
Chirag: Don't tell like that please! You saw that Abhay's muscles! He will crush me...Misha told him to drink Protein Shake. he said he does not need it. What a confidence friend...I am my parent's only son... (Chirag moves towards Jeh who tries to keep a distance between them) What will happen to me?
Jeh: Relax...relax! How much do you cry yaar? You know that I am with you... I will help you...relax! (Chirag looks scared) Do you see films? The fights in films...Are they real? (Chirag nods no) They just pretend. When someone is about to hit you before that back out as if you got hit...Simple! I will teach you...come here! (Jeh gives Chirag some field tactics tips and then goes for a practical section. Chirag does not defend or move away as Jeh instructed and gets punched on his face by Jeh. Chirag keeps his hand on his mouth. Jeh goes near him and looks at the damage. he then scolds Chirag for not following his instructions).
Jeh: I have another idea for you. You keep crying like this may be Abhay will take pity on you and leave you. Best of Luck! (Jeh turns and walks from there. Chirag stands there looking at the blood on his hands).

Danish is lying on the Hospital bed. He thinks, 'I need to talk to Abhay. I need to tell him that Neil Khurana is furious. These people are definitely hiding something'. Danish removes the Oxygen mask from his face and the IV needle from his hand. He gets up from the bed and walks out of the room. A Doctor and Nurse sees him. When danish tells him that he has top go the Doctor tells him that he is very weak and going out would be dangerous for him. Danish tells him that if he does not go some on else life would be in danger and that he does not wish that some one dies because of him.

Students come and stand around the Boxing Ring to watch the boxing matches. Someone announces that there is just 15 minutes for the match to start. The students are fighting mock matches. Abhay is sitting and tying a bandage around his hands with a determined look on his face. Chirag Doshi sees Abhay and is terrified. He wipes the sweat from his face.

Angad is walking around funnily wearing yellow shorts and T shirt. Ruhi is angry as she had to wear a dirty color like yellow because of Angad.T talks to her sarcastically. Angad and Kabir are also comes and stands near the girls. T tells that Angad will not need to fight as K will defeat him with the first punch itself. Ruhi defends Angad. T tells Ruhi, 'Look at my lean mean hot machine... and your pumpkin like boyfriend' .Kabir laughs. Ruhi gets angry and gets into a fist fight with T. The principal and teacher comes there. As soon as the girls sees them they stop fighting. All of them act friendly and goes from there.

Jay compliments Pia
Piya is walking by the side of the Boxing ring wearing a green top and black tights. Jeh comes from inside the ring and sits on the side.
Jeh: Wow! What's up?(Pia smiles at him)You are looking very nice. Black and green suits you...
Pia: Thank you!
Jeh: So you are cheering for me? (Jeh starts to tie the bandage on his hand)
Pia: Are all Guys color blind? Can't you see? (Pia walks from there)
Jeh: Hey! Come on! I was just asking...because anyone can wear clothes... (Pia stops hearing the remark and turns and looks at Jeh) Whom do you wish to cheer from the heart? Me or Abhay?
Pia: Don't you see how much efforts I am putting? (She goes from there and Jeh tells to her from behind)
Jeh: Okay...Cheer for me... Cheer for me! (He smiles)

Abhay is hitting at the punching bag. He thinks, 'Only 40 minutes is left to get to Dad with blood. Whatever I have to do, I have to do fast'. Pia looks at Abhay who is hitting at the punching bag and remembers the boxing match where Abhay stopping before hitting Kabir seeing Pia nodding her head in a no and getting hit by Kabir who uses the opportunity. Pia wonders were the love is lost between her and Abhay.

Angad approaches Kabir and asks him to do a favor by losing at the boxing match. When Kabir refuses Angad asks him not to hit him at least in the match.Kabir tells him,'Inside the ring no friendship... so will see!' Angad falls on Kabir's feet pleading. Kabir goes from there and Angad lies on the ground crying.

Abhay is hitting on the punching bag and Misha goes near him. Abhay stops seeing Misha.
Misha: Abhay, I just wanted to talk to you. I mean... Are you sure that we are not being a little over? I mean...I don't want to hurt Pia. And when she saw us hugging she was shattered. And I thought that I cannot do like that. She is my sister after all and I love her.
Abhay: Misha, Just relax! You know why we are doing this... (Chirag looks at them) For the good of Pia...We are doing this so that Piya stays away from me. You don't want to hurt her, right? Because if Pia stay even near me she would be hurt. Do you wish that Pia gets hurt? (Misha does not answer. Abahy turns and looks. He sees Chirag Doshi running from there. Abhay gets out of the ring and follows him)
Abhay threatens to kill Chirag Doshi if he backs up from the Boxing Match
Chirag Doshi is running through the College Corridor. Abhay runs behind him and catches up with him. Abhay pins Chirag to the pillar. Abhay keeps his hand on Chirag's neck and Chirag struggles to loosen the grip. Abhay tells him, 'Chirag Doshi, If you play the match with me then maybe there are chances that you would escape. But if you leave the match and runs away from the ring then you will be surely dead. What is your choice? Life or Death?' Chirag nods his head and Abhay takes his hand from Chirag's neck.
Abhay: Shall we? (Abhay and Chirag walks back together)

At the boxing ring the judges of the Match, Panchi Dobriyal and Neel Khurana, are introduced. Panchi and Neil sits next to the Principal and Teacher after greeting them. The students clap and cheer for the judges. Neel tells Panchi that he thought the match would be boring but now that he sees that it would be interesting because of the hot girls there. Panchi looks at some Guys and tells to Neil that the men there are also very hot and asks him to look at their muscles. Neil is not happy hearing the remark.

At the Raichand's House Chand's condition is deteriorating. Hasina tells him, 'Chand... I will not let you go!' Hasina looks at the clock and finds that it is 5 minutes to 12. She thinks, 'I have to do something'
Jeh Khurana declared winner in first round of the Boxing Match
The match is about to start. The referee tells the rules to Jeh and his opponent. The match starts and Pia cheers for him. Jeh wins the match in no time. Jeh Khurana is announced as winner. Jeh puts his hand around the shoulder of his opponent and leaves from there.

The next match is announced between Kabir Singh Rathore and Angad. After some funny act from Angad trying to avoid getting punched by Kabir, Kabir is declared as winner.
Panchi asks Danish if he is alright
Danish comes there with a bandage on his head. Seeing Danish, Neel looks restless. Danish stares at Neel and then moves from there. Panchi thinks, 'Why is Neel looking scared after seeing Danish? Does he know that Danish is my ex-boyfriend? Wow! Then I can use this! Now let me see who will make who jealous Neel'. Panchi gets up and goes near Danish as Neel watches her.
Panchi: Hi Danish! (Panchi hugs him) How are you? (Panchi keeps her hand on Danish's arm) How come you are here? (Neel looks upset)
Danish: I don't have time Panchi.
Panchi: Are you alright? What happened? (Panchi keeps Danish's hand in her hand)
Danish: No! I need to talk about Neil's truth to you. You listen to me! (Panchi leaves Danish's hand)
Panchi: God! Not again...What is your problem/ Every time whenever I am happy with someone you come back... and talk bad about that Guy. Just leave me alone man!
Danish: Panchi you know that last time also I was right. I am sorry you had a heart break but I would not let that happen again. Neil is a wrong man. He is dangerous! This family and him are strange people. What they are from outside... they are not in reality. And what is there they are not showing.
Panchi: What nonsense are you talking Danish?
Danish: Panchi, Listen to me! He and his family are staying here using someone else identity. Their real name is not Khurana.
Panchi: I don't believe you. Danish you know that I have no interest on you. Whatever you do I will not come back to you. So just leave it!
Danish: You know what Panchi? I have not come here for you. I just told you the truth. (Hasina comes to the room) If you want to believe the truth or not is your problem, Okay? (Danish turns and looks at Neel and then leaves from there. Panchi waves saying, 'Okay, Bye! Take Care... catch you later, See you!' She then sends a flying kiss at Danish's direction. She then looks at Neel who is looking at her.)

Panchi comes and sits next to Neel laughing and looking happy. Neel looks uncomfortable.

Hasina comes near Abhay.
Hasina: Abhay, Chand has very little time.
Abhay: I know Mom! We have just 10 minutes. But don't worry. The fight would start in a short while. And I will defeat him and bring his blood. You control yourself! A lot of things can happen in 10 minutes. And you know that he cannot win over me.
Hasina: 10 minutes...just 10 minutes...
Abhay: Mom!
Hasina: After that everything would be over Abhay!
Abhay: Mom...Nothing will happen! I will not let anything happen to Dad. (Hasina nods. Abhay goes from there. Hasina stands there looking lost.)
Abhay declines Jeh's Challenge
Chirag is sitting at one corner of the Boxing Ring getting ready for the match. Jeh Khurana enters the Boxing ring and requests something to referee. The referee makes an announcement, 'Okay, Guys and Girls...There is a new twist to the tale. Jeh Khurana has challenged Abhay Raichand. And like you all know that in this match against Chirag Abhay only will win. So why waste time. Let's cut the chase and let's have the match between two biggies... Jeh and Abhay. The students clap and cheer. Pia is tensed up. Abhay gets inside the Boxing ring and takes the mike in hand and speaks to the audience.
Abhay: Sorry Guys...You can't predict the result of the match before the match. Chirag should get a fair chance. After all it is about college rules. (Jay seizes the mike from Abhay)
Jeh: Nah... Come on Abhay! Be a man! You are are behind that poor guy? If you want to fight... fight with someone who is an equal. Real fight? Fight me! (Pia is tensed up) You scared? Is Abhay Raichand scared? (Abhay takes the mike)
Abhay: Guys I think that Jeh likes me a little too much. He was behind me for one week to fight the boxing match with me. He want to play the boxing match with me. But Jeh... I am so sorry, I am not the kind you are looking for. First let me play with Chirag and afterward two rounds with you... till then go and pump your muscles! (The referee announces the match between Abhay Raichand and Chirag Doshi. Jeh gets out of the Boxing ring after his failed effort to save Chirag from fighting Abhay).
Abhay pulls Chirag up and asks him to fight
Abhay hits Neil Khurana
The students cheer for Chirag and Abhay. Chirag looks terrified. The referee introduces the players and asks them to fight fair. The match starts and Chirag falls on the ring edge with Abhay's very first punch bleeding from the mouth. Jeh goes near Chirag and keeps calling him. The referee starts the count down to announce the winner. Before the count down ends Abhay goes near Chirag and pulls him up to fight with him. Everyone is shocked. The referee tries to interfere and shouts, 'Stop it!'. Abhay tells Chirag that he has to fight otherwise he will not go alive. Someone in the crowd says, 'It is not personal Abhay!'. Hasina tells him, 'Abhay, there is just 2 minutes...leave him...leave!' Neil removes his jacket and comes running to the boxing ring shouting to stop.
Neel: Abhay Raichand... (Abhay turns. Chirag falls down on the ground.) The match has ended... Stop it! (Neel moves towards Abhay to fight him. Abhay punches him and Neel falls on the ground bleeding from the mouth. Every one is shocked).
Jeh Khurana hits Abhay Raichand
 Jay goes running to the side of the boxing ring where Neel has fallen. He kneels on the ground next to Neil touching and shaking him.
Jeh: Neel... Neel! Are you okay? Neel get up! Neel... (Jay is furious at Abhay and jumps inside the ring. He looks at Abhay in anger and then looks at Neil who is lying on the ground. Jay runs to Abhay and punches him sending him across to one corner with blood dropping from his mouth. Abhay gets up slowly and touches his mouth with hand and looks at the blood in hand. He then heals the injury with hand and straightens up looking at Jay angrily. He then punches Jay sending him across to the corner of the ring with blood coming out of his mouth. The students stand there shocked. Hasina tells him, 'Abhay, get out of here... You don't have time. Get out of here!'  Abhay comes and kneels near Chirag Doshi. He tears open the T shirt and is shocked to see that there is no wound mark in his body. Abhay thinks, 'How can this happen? I injured the werewolf on his chest. There is no mark on his means I have been behind the wrong person for these many days...No!' Jay steadies himself with difficulty. Neil Khurana gets up and is ready to charge at Abhay. Pia shouts, 'Abhay! Watch out!'  Neel runs to him. Abhay gets up and stops him by putting a hand on Neils chest. Abhay then lifts him up and throws him to the ground. Neil falls down with his shirt open on the ground revealing the marks on his chest. Abhay looks at the clock and watches the time moving. The clock reaches 12: 30 and Abhay lets out a cry of agony. At the Raichand's house Chand's life is about to end. Abhay looks at the clock and sees one more minute to go for 12:30. (Episode ends)

PreCap: The Doctors carry away Chirag from there. Jeh is angry and tell that he will not leave Abhay. Kabir tells him that the Raichands are influential and no one can do anything to them. He tells that they have so much contacts that Abhay will escape the law. T tells, 'Not this time! (everyone looks at her) He won't be able to escape!'

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