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31st August 2011 Written Update (Episode 255) Jeh asks Abhay for Dipanita’s life in return to Pia’s life

Jeh tells Alina that she is a disgrace to their family
Episode 255 starts with Pia Dobriyal removing her Pendant and handing it over to Alina Khurana. Alina holds the pendant in her fist. At the same time Abhay senses that Pia is without the pendant.
Alina: That's great! I will take this tomorrow to the jeweler and will tell to make one for me also.
Pia: Jeweler?
Alina: Don't worry! Will just show the design and bring it back.
Pia: Alright!
Alina: Pia, Do you have a towel? I got to freshen up!
Pia: Sure! Wait here... (Alina goes from the room. She comes to the forest side where Jeh is waiting for her and gives him the locket. (Jeh is happy getting that locket in hand)
Jay: Thanks Alina, Now Abhay will do whatever I wish.
Alina: Save Mom but please leave Abhay. (Jeh looks at Alina in anger) Don't do anything to him.
Jeh: Alina, You have gone mad. Don't you know why I am doing all this? This is for my Mom, okay? And you are concerned about Abhay... If he listen to us, okay. If he does not then I don't even know. And this time more than your feeling my enmity is dear to me. (Jeh looks at the pendant and says in mind, 'Abhay Raichand, the real fight will begin now...' Alina looks at Jeh as if she read his thoughts. She says in mind, 'Oh No... I do not wish that anyone hurts Abhay'. Alina and Jeh goes from there.

Pia comes to her room with the towel and calls Alina's name. Pia calls Alina's name again but does not find her. Pia wonders where Alina has gone.

Kabir and Misha are happy to see each other
Misha pushes open the door of Kabir's room and greets him in her signature style. Kabir is surprised to see Misha and  puts down the book he was reading. He rushes to her and they both hug.
Kabir: How are you dear? You know it was boring at College without you...
Misha: I had gone for the Sports trip dude and won 4 trophies for the college...
Kabir: Of course (Kabir cups her face) my darling... You are College Champ.
Misha: By the way... (Misha takes a gift wrapped packet from her bag and gives to Kabir) Take this...This is for you...
Kabir: Really? (He starts to enthusiastically unwrap the gift) What is this?
Misha: For you... I thought you could give it to your tacky girlfriend (Kabir's expression changes. He stops what he was doing) You will get brownie points (Kabir puts the gift down without looking at it) Dude... What are you doing (Misha picks up the gift) I am serious man... There is some awesome jewelry in it... Your T will see it and be happy...
Kabir: Mish... Now she is not my T, Okay? (Misha looks at Kabir open eyed)
Misha: What? You guys broke up? I mean... what are you saying? (Kabir nods)
Kabir: Yeah... I left her, okay? (Misha laughs)
Misha: You? Don't try to fool me...You were crazy for T. I am sure she only dumped you and you are willing to do anything to get her back. (Kabir lifts a finger at Misha signalling her to stop)
Kabir: Mish! It's over dear...
Misha: Ahh... (Misha tries to conceal her laughter) I am so sorry for you dude...
Kabir: Very funny right? I am sure you are enjoying it a lot...
Misha: Hey...No dear... I only am (Misha touches Kabir's heart ) worried about my friend's broken heart... (Misha then turns to a side and show a crying sign. She then laughs)
Kabir: You know what Mish... I will hit you...I will catch hold of you and hit you...
Misha: Oh my God... I am so scared... I am scared! (Misha runs. Kabir runs behind her to catch her. After a little time Misha accepts defeat and sits leaning to the headboard on the cot ) You made me tired! (Kabir also sits on the Cot) So chapter is over? Don't worry... We will start a new chapter for you...a very fresh chapter) some sweet...innocent type of girl... what say? (Kabir shows a face)
Kabir: T was not that bad Misha...
Misha: Okay...You are having T's drug addiction... It will take time for detoxification. I am going, Bye! (Misha gets up and walks from there)
Kabir: Bye! (Misha turns and talks to Kabir again) Now I am going... but from tomorrow onwards the hunt for Kabir's girlfriend starts... just for you! (Misha shows a for you sign. Kabir swings the pillow as if he is going to throw it at Misha) Misha!

Pia comes out of the Dobriyal House gate calling Alina's name. Pia looks around calling Alina's name. She says, 'Where did she go? How did she come? There is no Car...' Pia turns. Suddenly someone puts a blanket over her head and lifts her up. She screams. The Guy puts her in the trunk of the Car. Misha is coming from the opposite side and looks at the direction of the Car as she passes by. The Guy gets into the driver seat. Misha stops in front of the Gate and turns to see the Car going from there. She thinks, ' God! What was that? Don't tell me that this tacky poachers have caught some live animal and taking it from here. Will have to give a complaint' . Misha drives towards the house.

At the Raichand House Chand sees Abhay rushing out.
Chand: Abhay, Where are you going?
Abhay: Dad, I have to go!
Chand: No...You are not going anywhere... You will stay here... Nothing is more important than our people...
Abhay: This is more important Dad...
Chand: We have to finish Dipanita. You can't go... This is an order...
Abhay: No Dad... not today... (Abhay is about to go)
Chand: Wait! You are going for Pia... am I right? (Abhay looks at Chand) Abhay, You cannot do that...understand?
Abhay: No Dad! You only told that it is all written that I am your leader... that I am the chosen one? So I choose Pia... (Abhay goes from there before Chand could stop him. Chand says, 'You are going to regret this!)

Alina asks Jeh to leave Pia
Jeh is driving the Car with Alina sitting on the front seat.
Alina: Jeh, Pia is such a nice girl... Why are you doing like this to her? You love her, don't you? You got the locket and now why are you doing this?
Jeh: Alina, sometimes you have to forget your love and do your duty...
Alina: I don't believe this! Jeh...such big cheating with your love?
Jeh: What do you know about love Alina or about your duty... You are a dark mark on our clan. Mom says right... You are the natural leader of our clan. But look at you! By looking at you can anyone say that you are our future leader? No! What do you identify about yourself? About your identity... about us ?
Alina: Why? Because I understand the meaning of cold...because I do not wish blood shed or is it because I do not want to continue the age old enmity? This is not called is called understanding... What if we wolves make friendship with Vampires... (Jeh stops the Car suddenly)
Jeh: Never Alina! You know what? Out...
Alina: Jeh...
Jay: I said out! (Jey gets out of the Car and goes to Alina's side)
Alina: Jeh... what are you doing?
Jeh: Out Alina...Get out of the Car...Move out! (Jeh opens the Car door and pulls Alina out of the Car) Mom says right... You are a dark mark on our family... You are a disgrace... (Jeh walks towards the driver's side)
Alina: Jeh what are you doing? You cannot leave me like this Jeh... listen to me...
Jeh: Shut up! (Jeh drives the Car away from there)

Alina is standing on the middle of the road. The sack on the back of the car starts moving. Abhay is running in his supersonic speed through the forest. Pia pokes her head out of the sack. She has plaster fixed on her mouth. Abhay jumps into the road and keeps running. He comes to a halt when he sees Alina standing at the middle of the road.
Abhay: Alina, What are you doing here? Where is Pia? (Alina is crying)
Alina: Abhay... Abhay... Jeh took Pia away...
Abhay: Where?
Alina: I couldn't say anything, I am sorry! I tried to stop him but this all happened so fast that... I asked for Pia's locket and she was unprotected... Jeh kidnapped her and took her away... I am sorry! I tried my level best to stop him but he did not listen to me... I am sorry... (Abhay goes near Alina and holds on both her arms)
Abhay: Alina, Where is Pia? Tell me...Where is Pia?
Alina: I don't know... I don't know anything... Maybe Jeh has taken her to the Coffin room in our house... (Abhay says in mind, ' Pia... Don't fear! I am coming! I am coming for you'. Abhay resumes running leaving Alina at the middle of the road).

Dipanita is sitting in her jail cell. Suddenly she senses Vampires coming to her her. The group of Vampires in their hooded attires are walking through the road. Dipanita says, 'They are coming?' Dipanita gets up and shouts for the Inspector. Two Police people come near the cell and asks why she is shouting.
Dipanita: Inspector, Those people are coming!
Inspector: Which people...
Dipanita: Inspector leave me...they are coming to get me...
Inspector: Madam, Please keep peace... There is no one there...
Dipanita: There are a lot of people... Inspector leave me... (The Police Guys do not take her seriously. A bunch of hooded creatures enter the Police Station. They freeze those around them on their  way using their powers as they walk in. Dipanita senses them near and stands in the cell helplessly. She says, 'They have come...' The hooded creatures comes near Dipanita's cell. They freeze the inspector and the constable standing near Dipanita's jail cell. Hasina who is in front of them lifts her hood. Dipanita is scared)
Dipanita: Hasina!
Hasina: Ages have passed to bring you alone and helpless like this... Tell me Dipanita... If you would have got me alone and helpless would you have left me? No, right?
Dipanita: Please... please... Please leave me... (Hasina smiles)
Hasina: Finish her!

Abhay jumps into the Khurana House Coffin room through the window. He goes near the Coffin and lifts the lid. He puts the lid back when he finds it empty. Abhay is about to go from there. Suddenly his mobile rings. He looks at the caller identity and says, 'Pia?' (Jeh is sitting in his Car)
Abhay: Pia... Pia where are you?
Jeh: What happened Abhay? You got shocked seeing her name?
Abhay: Where is Pia?
Jeh: Not so easily Abhay...
Abhay: Where is Pia?
Jay: You have very little time...(Jeh looks at his watch) 7 minutes... Only 7 minutes oxygen is there with Pia...
Abhay: What do you mean by 7 minutes?
Jeh: Yeah 7 minutes... If she screams and shouts may be even less... So hurry up!
Abhay: So what damn it? What do you wish?
Jeh: What do I wish? A life in return of a life... This time Pia is okay... But if you wish to see her alive return my Mom. And if anything happens to my Mom Abhay... then you should forget Pia...
Abhay: Alright! I am bring your Mom... Where to come?
Jeh: the place where you attacked my the middle of the Jungle... And make it fast Abhay... because this time you have very little time Abhay! Make it quick... (Both of them cuts the call. Abahy is angry. He rushes out of there)

At the Police Station, Dipanita is shouting to leave her and is calling for help. She shouts, 'Hasina, leave me! Please somebody help!' Chand and Hasina smiles. Dipanita is lying on a wooden bench and she is tied up in the middle. The Vampires lift their hands and uses their powers on her. Dipanita twists and turns helplessly. Dipanita is being tortured by the Vampires.

Jeh tells Abhay that he would get Pia once Dipanita is back home
Abhay is running in his supersonic speed. Abhay stops in between. he says in mind, 'Pia I don't know where Jeh is taking you. But I will not let him hurt you...Nothing will happen to you Piya... I am coming!' Abhay resumes his run. Abhay is running through the road. He halts when he sees Jeh leaning on to his Car.
Abhay: What do you wish?
Jeh: Ahh... straight to the point...
Abhay: Where is Pia?
Jeh: Come on Abhay! If every thing in life was that easy... you ask me and I tell you... So what is the fun?
Abhay: I asked... where is Piya?
Jeh: And I said to get my Mom safely home... You will get Pia...
Abhay: Is is what is love for you? You love Pia, don't you? This is what you call love? (Jeh is angry and goes closer to Abhay)
Jeh: How much I love Pia it is better that you don't know about it... Till my Mom does not reach home, you would not get Pia... (Abhay tries to open the boot of the Car) hey...hey... come on come on... relax! Let me help you... (Jeh releases the boot lock. Abhay opens it and finds the space empty. Jeh comes near Abhay) Didn't I tell you Abhay? Nothing in life is easy... Can we talk over this? (Abhay nods) What to tell... Me with me and Pia with you...
Abhay: Alright! But if even a scratch happens to Pia (Jeh points his finger at Abhay)
Jeh: Sshh! You are forgetting Abhay that I too love Pia...and it is not in my capacity to hurt her... But this time you also do not have any other option Abhay... because here it is not Pia's boyfriend who is standing but a son... So go! (Jeh shows his watch) You don't have time... Move! (Abhay goes from there. Jeh is angry at his own helplessness)

PreCap: Abhay is at the Police Station.
Chand: I will not let you do it. I know why you are doing it.  (Dipanita opens her eyes) You are doing it for that girl Abhay... You are doing wrong! You are cheating on your clan. (Dipanita turns her face)

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30th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 254) Jeh asks Alina Khurana to get Pia’s Locket to save Dipanita

Jeh questions the Inspector
Episode 254 starts with Dipanita Khurana being taken into the cell by a Lady Constable and Hasina Raichand being brought out of the Cell. When the Ladies reach near each other they stop and look at each other. Hasina has a smile on her face while Dipanita is angry and annoyed. The Police woman takes Dipanita from there. Hasina says in mind, 'Let me see Dipanita who comes and saves you from here. Not every son is like Abhay. I know he trapped you very cleverly. And I am so proud of him'. Hasina walks from there. Inspector asks his collegue to go and look at Dipanita and he goes from there. Jeh comes into the Police Station.
Jeh: Inspector Sir... On what basis have you arrested my Mom? Do you know who she is? You know very well what is the truth...then why have you arrested my Mom? If you need money you tell me... How much money Abhay Raichand gave you to do all these you tell me Sir...
Inspector: Listen Mister... For your own good go from here... Before accusing me you talk to your Mom. She accused an innocent lady. She brought law in between personal rivalry... and now it has been proved. The murder was not done by Hasina Raichand but your Mom. And Yes, now it is not one case but 2 cases on her. One for misguiding the law and the second for murder. And listen Mister, I can put you behind bars for offering me bribe. This is Police Station... not your house.
Jeh: Sir, please understand me
Inspector: Look Mister... I am warning you... Go from here otherwise I will put you behind bars too...
Jeh: Alright! This time I am going Sir... but whatever the game Abhay is playing  I will bring out the truth in front of you. (Jeh turns and walks back. He thinks, 'Now what did Abhay do? How will I get Mom out of here? God...' Jeh walks out of there)

Abhay insults Pia who comes to meet Hasina Raichand
Abhay comes down the stairs. Pia is standing in the Raichand's Hall.
Abhay: Pia... Waht are you doing here?
Pia: I came to meet Aunty... As soon as I came to know that she was released I came to meet her because I don't wish that she feel alone in this city (Abhay comes near Pia)
Abhay: Why? What is the need?
Pia: Why Abhay? Can't I help you? You have saved my life many times so can  I not be concerned about your family? After all what is wrong it it?
Abhay: It's wrong Pia... I did not ask you for any help. There is no need for you to help me. If you want to help go and help your boyfriend Jeh because he is very much in need of help at this time. Yeah... the murderer is not my Mom but his Mom...and this time his Mom is in jail.
Pia: What? It cannot be.. Dipanita Aunty no...
Abhay: That only happened Pia. Dipanita did the murder and put the blame on my Mom. And it has been proved that Dipanita is a murderer.
Pia: No! That cannot be... it's not right!
Abhay: Whatever you want to think... you can think... It does not make any difference to me. I do not wish that any member of Khurana family comes near my family. Leave! (Abhay points to the door)
Pia: Abhay, you made me a stranger just like that... Is there no relationship left between us? Not even that of humanity? I had come to meet your Mom and you are talking to me like this?
Abhay: That relationship was not a relationship Pia... That was just a dream. It's all over... (Pia looks at Abhay for a moment with a hurt expression and then goes from there. Abhay says in mind, 'Go away. If you even say one word to me with love I will break down. Forgive me Pia and go away from me. All this I am just doing for you. There is no relationship between us... not even that of humanity... because this monster cannot show any humanity to you. So Pia... Leave!')

Jeh comes it his house. He is tensed up and shouts for Alina and Neil to come down.
Jeh: Alina... Just come down Guys... I need your help (Alina and Neil comes down the stairs)
Alina: Why are you looking so worried?
Neil: What is the matter?
Jeh: You did believe me... I was mad... I told you that Raichands are up to something... Did not believe face this... (Alina and Neil comes to the hall)
Neil: Jeh will you calm down and tell what happened?
Jeh: Mom... Mom has been arrested (Alina and Neil looks at each other) Abhay got some witness who saw everything... and Mom is all under problem right now...
Neil: I don't believe this...
Jeh: We will have to do something. Abhay has to take his statement back at any condition, that's all!
Neel: Will he do it? Now you tell what we should do for that... (Jeh goes and keeps his hand on Alina's shoulders)
Jeh: Alina, we need your help Alina...
Alina: But Jay
Jeh: Please don't say no please... Alina, This is for Mom Alina...please understand! This is for our family Alina...You are an important part of our family... I know you can do this... Please for God's sake!
Neel: Alina...Do you understand what Jeh is saying? You are with us or not?
Alina: Yeah, I am with you...
Jeh: I think I have a plan.

Hasina and Chand comes upstairs. Abhay is standing there.
Hasina: Congratulations Abhay! Once again you won...
Chand: I am proud of you Abhay! What you have done today the whole clan is happy... Waht we could not do in ages... you did it in a day.
Abhay: No Dad! This is not over... (Chand and Hasina comes and stands on either side of Abhay. Some strange voices comes from downstairs. They all look down. Many hooded figures enters the Raichand's home) Who are these people Dad?
Chand: They are our family...our friends...the Vampires...

Jeh is standing near the window. He closes his eyes and concentrates.He suddenly turns his face towards both sides.
Neil: What happened Jeh?
Jeh: Vampires smell Neil... Neil I can feel them ... they have come...they are in a group...
Neil: What crap? How is it possible Jeh?
Alina: But Brother, How can that happen? Vampires never roam around in groups. To escape from the world they stay in pairs... (Jeh closes the window)
Jeh: They have taken a big risk and come here because they know that we are weak. And as soon as Mom is away from us they have made a plan to attack on us. Neil if we don't do anything fast it is going to be too late.
Neil: Jeh... What will we do? (Jeh goes near Alina)
Jeh: Alina... that locket... you have to bring that locket from Pia at any condition.
Alina: But Jeh how can I do it? That locket is very dear to Pia and she has already lost it once. She will never let me reach that locket Jeh..
Jeh: Alina...Do whatever... Steal it... seize it from her... I just don't know. Alina, This is for Mom... You know that if that locket is not with Pia she is unprotected against Vampires... and Abahy will do anything to save her... No matter we do not want to do this... it is essential... It's for Mom Alina... Just do this for Mom please! Get me that locket at any cost... I just request you... (Jeh walks a few steps ahead and Neil comes and stands beside Alina)
Neil: Alina, You understand what Jeh is saying? You will have to do this for Mom.
Alina: yeah... Yes Brother! (Jeh says in mind, 'You have to withdraw all your accusations on Mom Abhay, at any cost')
Alina: Jeh... I will bring that locket from Pia but you have to promise me that you will not hurt Abhay (Jeh turns and looks at Alina in anger)
Jeh: What? Here our Mom's life is in danger and you are worried about Abhay? What do you know about Abhay? If it is in his power he will finish our Mom, family and everyone...And you are taking his side? What is wrong with you?
Alina: I only...
Jeh: Just don't! This time I only need Pia's Locket. Just please go and get it... just go!  (Alina goes from there)

At the Raichand House Chand and Hasina are at their Vampire outfit with hoods.
Chand: Go ahead Abhay...Extend your hand ... They want to honor you...
Hasina: Today you are going to do a big thing for the family...You made us proud my son!  (Abhay moves forward)

Alina is standing in Pia's room and crying. Pia is peacefully sleeping on her bed. Pia wakes up hearing the sobs and switches on the table lamp. She is surprized to see Alina there and goes near her.
Pia: Alina, What happened? Alina... what's wrong? Why are you crying and what are you doing in my room? Alina, You are really getting me worried. Tell me... What's wrong? What happened? (Alina sobs)
Alina: Pia... You know what happened right?
Pia: Yeah I know but what's wrong with you? I know what happened with Aunty... it is really very sad...
Alina: Neil took off all anger on me...what all he told me...I got scared Pia that's why I came here...I am very scared of my Brother's anger...
Pia: Alina...But where was Jeh... he did not say anything to Neil?
Alina: Jeh is busy...He is busy running to the police and all that he could not talk to you also. It is as if Neil has decided that I am responsible for everything. I can't stay there.
Pia: Alina, relax... sit down (Both the girls sit on the cot) Okay? Just calm down! You do one thing... you stay here today...okay? Calm down! Trust me everything will become alright by morning, yeah? (Alina nods)
Alina: I am so happy that you and Jeh are together. None of Jeh's girlfriends showed interest on me... You are a very nice care for me... understand me too! I am so happy...
Pia: Alina, Leave all that... You just relax... Okay? (Alina looks at Pia's Locket) What happened Alina?
Alina: Nothing! Your locket is very beautiful.
Pia: Thank you so much! Actually this is my lucky charm. I never take it out
Alina: This is very nice...very unique... one in a million... (Alina extends her hand and touches the locket. She feels an electric shock type sensation and withdraws her hand)
Pia: What happened Alina?
Alina: Nothing! Pia, Can I get a glass of water please?
Pia: Actually, I will go and bring some milk for you (Alina nods) It will calm you down. Feel at home, Okay? (Pia goes from there. Alina takes her mobile phone out and calls Jeh)
Alina: hello Jeh...
Jeh: Yeah Alina tell me...
Alina: Jeh, what work have you given me... I can't get it...
Jeh: Why?
Alina: Jeh... That locket... Touching it is not within our capacity. When I touched it I felt like current passing through me...
Jeh: Listen... Alina, there is a way to touch that locket. If Pia gives it to you with her own hand then you can touch it . Convince Pia in some way or the other to give you that locket. Just do it some how...
Alina: What? She will never do it Jeh...
Jeh: Then you make her do it Alina... I don't know how. You know how important that locket is for me. This time for Mom's life this locket is very very important. Just do it somehow please! (Alina cuts the phone)

Abhay walks down the stairs and comes to the Hall.
Abhay: Whatever is happening is not happening right... (Chand is sitting on the chair near the fire side. Abhay goes and occupies the empty chair)
Chand: Abhay, What is not happening right? You have trapped our age old enemy. She is powerless. She is in jail where her powers will be ruined. What is wrong in that?
Abhay: Dad...I did all these just to save my Mom not to become the head of Vampires. No Dad! I did not become a Vampire on my own will. I was helpless. I never chose to be one. As long as I can stay a Vampire I will stay... And all this... I can't do! I can't do this!
Chand: No one is asking you to do anything different Abhay! You have survived this existence till now your own way...without your wish... in a true sense you became a monster and came in between us... and decided to end the age old rivalry. After the death of Dipanita not only our enemy will end but they will end up as a story. It is all written... Who and when will do what...Karma! (Chand laughs) Abhay, you are the chosen one... Maybe you became a Vampire for this... So that you stay in the midst of us and finish it. Our people are happy with you. They want to say thanks to you. You have served your purpose!(Chand gets up and walks a few steps) May be it is written for me that I will be called the father of a leader. I am so proud of you. I wish that you stop running from yourself. Accept yourself. Take the reins of your existence in your own hands... Recognize yourself! Just like how we identified you...

Alina asks Pia for her Locket
Pia comes to the room with a Glass of milk in a Tray.
Pia: Alina...Here take it... (Alina takes the milk) The milk is hot... drink it!
Alina : Thanks! Pia, What do you think... This locket would look good on me?
Pia: This locket... Actually Alina this locket is very special to me... I never take it out...I lost it some days back and it really got me worried...
Alina: I will wear it carefully I promise... (Pia thinks, 'Come on Pia... It is just the matter of a locket... Give it to her... otherwise she will feel bad'.
Pia: Okay! (Pia removes the locket and chain and gives it to Alina. Alina smiles and closes her hand with the locket. At the same moment Abhay senses that Pia is without protection. He says, 'That locket! Pia...')Episode ends

PreCap: Dipanita tells the Inspector that they are coming to take her. The Police Guys tells that no one is there and goes from there. Hooded Creatures enter the Police station and freezes every one there with their powers. Dipanita is scared. One of the hooded figures remove her hood and that is Hasina. Dipanita asks Hasina to spare her. Hasina orders to finish Dipanita.

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Monday, August 29, 2011

29th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 253) Dipanita Khurana gets arrested for Mr Tyagi’s Murder

Jeh and Abhay at the Police Station
Episode 253 starts with the Raichand Family reaching the Police Station. Dipanita Khurana and Jeh are seated in front of the Inspector. The Inspector tells that Chand and Hasina are accused for the murder of Mr Tyagi. Dipanita tells the Inspector that now that he has proof against the Raichands he should make sure that the Raichand's should be punished for their crime. The Inspector assures Dipanita that he would do full inquiry and let her know of the developments. The Inspector gives Dipanita a paper to sign. Dipanita signs the papers and walks from the room after looking at Chand and Hasina. Jeh also follows his mother, Before getting out of the room Jeh comes near Abhay and tells him, 'Round two goes to the Khurana's'. Jeh winks at Abhay and goes from the room.

Ruhi and Gaurang at the Coffee Shop
Gaurang is still seated at the Coffee Shop. A Waiter is taking his order. he orders for Chicken Club Sand witch, Brownie and Ice cream. He gives money to the waiter and tells him to keep the Kitchen open as there will be more orders. An excited Ruhi comes and sits across Gaurang.
Gaurang: Ruhi, What is told me I did for the sake of our friendship otherwise not to impress such a hot chick is not in my rules.
Ruhi: For our friendship sake no need to even think of her. Now tell me what happened...
Gaurang: What to tell dear? Madam is a gold digger. When she found out I am penniless, she ran away (Ruhi laughs)
Ruhi: I knew that she will be like that... You are my sweet.... (Ruhi pulls Gaurang's cheeks playfully)
Gaurang: That is the least I could do for a best friend. And now is your turn. I dumped a hottie for your sake... so search and bring a good one for me. But not someone insane for money... someone proper...
Ruhi: Done dude! (Ruhi seals her word by shaking hands with Gaurang) I will get it done for you...
Gaurang: What?
Ruhi: Marriage... (Gaurang laughs) What did you think? You idiot... (Ruhi punches on his arm playfully)

Abhay Raichand is seated in his Office Room. He speaks over the intercom and asks one Mr Philip to come to the room.
Philip: May I come in Sir?
Abhay: Yeah! (The Guy goes and stands near Abhay)
Abhay: Philip, I want the entire video footage of the house of 24th August.
Philip: Sure Sir! (Abhay signals him that he can go. Mr Philip goes from the room. Abhay thinks, 'This time we have to handle the matters very carefully. One wrong move and everything can end')

Abhay watches the video footage. He sees Mr Tyagi going out after his interaction with Chand and Hasina. Abhay switches of the video. He thinks, 'On what basis the accusation is made? This man has gone out of here walking on his own legs. What proof is Dipanita talking about? Or has Dipanita shown this CD to Police? And on what basis is she saying it a murder? This man has gone out of here alive. We have to deal with this carefully. If Dipanita has laid the trap then there is definitely some plan behind it. We have to be very careful!'

The telephone rings at the Police Station. Inspector picks up the Call.
Inspector: Hello!
Abhay: Inspector, This is Abhay Raichand speaking. I have checked the entire video footage of the house and no murder has happened anywhere there. In fact the Guy who was murdered went out of our house alive. How much money did Dipanita offer you?
Inspector: Mr Abhay Raichand... It would be better if we meet and talk. I am reaching your office in 10 minutes.
Abhay: Alight!
Tanushree tells Pia about Hasina Raichand's arrest
Pia enters a Restaurant. She is talking over the phone to Misha, 'Misha, leaving all the yummy food of Mom... you send me here' Pia holds the phone and orders sandwiches, blackforest pastries, brownies, cold coffee etc. Tanushree comes there and greets Pia. Pia cuts the call.
Pia: Hi T! (Pia starts doing something with her phone)
T: Hey Pia...You are looking stressed and eating this much food...
Pia: What?
T: I mean when I am stressed I too do stress eating. I think even I am in your plight.
Pia: What? You know T... I am not interested to hear your nonsense.
T: Of course! Why would you be interested in my nonsense? In fact, why would you be interested in my talk? Because you do not have time... You have too many problems and two guys to handle... It is not easy to handle two Guys.
Pia: T, Just don't bother. Don't feel bad for me...Please!
T: It's okay Pia... I just feel bad for you ... if sometimes Jeh...then sometimes Abhay... I mean, It must be difficult, right?
Pia: T, Jeh is my boyfriend and Abhay... I am not interested in Abhay in any way...
T: Oh Yeah? So you have no interest in your Ex-Boyfriend's life? Even if he is in problem... You don't want to stand by him at all, do you?
Pia: What? What are you trying to say?
T: Nothing! I just feel very bad for Abhay. Poor Guy... He is in so much problems, But... what difference does that make to you? (T is about to walk away from there. Pia stops her)
Pia: T...One second... Just stop playing your games and tell me what has happened. What are you saying?
T: Actually you only told that you are not bothered so why do you care? Abhay Raichand'd Mom has been arrested by the Police for murder. (T goes from there)
Pia: What? (Pia makes a call to Abhay from her mobile but does not get any response from Abhay's side. Pia is worried)

Abhay switches on the light after showing the video footage to the Inspector.
Abhay: You saw it Inspector? This is the same video in which my Mom met with that Guy the last time.
Inspector: Look!
Abhay: You look Inspector... On what basis did you arrest my Mom? Whom did you take money from? (The Inspector gets up)
Inspector: Stop it Mr Raichand! You feel that the Police people can be purchased? If we did not have proof we would not have arrested your Mom.
Abhay: Waht sort of proof?
Inspector: We got a note from the victim's house in which it was written that if anything happens to him Mrs Raichand would be responsible for it. Now you tell me... On what basis should we leave her?
Abhay: Inspector, I am sure that note also would be fake.
Inspector: That's enough Mr Raichand... Do not teach me my work. The handwriting of the note matches with that of the Guy who is dead and we do not need any other proof. Mr Raichand... If you would not have accused me of taking bribe I would not have needed to come here and give you clarification. I have solid proof against your family and it cannot be erased by you, your father or your legal team. Remember one more thing, If you argue with me another time I will put you behind bars for harassing a Police Officer. Understand? (The Inspector goes from there. Abhay says in mind, ' Dipanita Khurana... From where did you bring this proof?')

Pia meets Haseena at the Jail
Pia comes hurriedly into the Police station and asks for permission to meet Hasina Raichand. Chand is standing in front of the Inspector. The Inspector on seeing her worried grants her permission to meet Haseena. When Pia is about to go the Inspector asks her what is in the bag she is carrying.
Pia: It is food for her. It's just some food items... Please!  (Inspector says okay. Chand too stands there silently. Pia comes in front of Hasina's cell)
Pia: Aunty... Aunty... How all this happened?
Hasina: Pia... What are you doing here?
Pia: Aunty, I just came to see you. Actually I got some food for you... Please!
Hasina: It's Okay Pia... I am alright!
Pia: Aunty, as soon as I came to know that you are in jail... I came to meet you. But I am sure this is part of a very big misunderstanding. I mean you have done nothing and I will do everything to help you.
Hasina: Pia, Just calm down. Abhay and Chand are putting full efforts... and when I have done nothing they really can't keep me here for very long, right?
Pia: That is correct Aunty but if you need any help then I will talk to Papa. Papa knows a lot of people in the Police force. He can get you out.
Hasina: Pia, You and your Dad should not get involved in this. The person who has accused me of murder is Dipanita Khurana... and she is your sister's to be Mother in law. You should not get involved!
Pia: I totally understand that Auntie but I know that you have not done it. I just know it! (Hasina smiles)
Hasina: Pia, You are a nice girl. You cannot think bad of anyone. And I really wish that you could be part of my son's life. But unfortunately, that isn't so... Pia, I don't know whether I should say this but I want you to know that you and Abhay are made for each other. In some other life...In some other circumstances ... you both would have stayed together and would have been happy . But it is not like that... and that's really sad.
Pia: I take your leave Aunty... You please take care of yourself.  (Pia goes from there)

Dipanita visits Tyagi's House. There are a number of people assembled there wearing white clothes mourning for the loss of Tyagi. Dipanita goes and sits next to Mr Tyagi's mother and consoles her. Abhay Raichand comes there. Dipanita points to Abhay and tells to Tyagi's mother that it is his mother who is responsible for Tyagi's death. Tyagi's mother asks Abhay to go from there. Abhay goes from there and a girl comes in. She tells Tyagi's mother that she is Amita, Tyagi's girlfriend. She tells her not to blame the Raichands and that she is aware who is responsible for Tyagi's death. Dipanita hears the conversation and is worried.

At the Khurana House, Neel is sitting and reading a book. Jeh comes and occupies the chair next to him.
Jeh: Neel, There is a problem Neal. Mom's phone came... Mom is telling that there is a girl... the girlfriend of the Guy who knows everything about the murder. Neel, I think she knows.
Neel: The lesser the girls know the better (Jeh seizes the book from Neel's hand and keeps it on the table)
Jeh: Neel, when will you get serious? What I am trying to say... do you understand? If this girl opens her mouth how much big trouble Mom would get into you don't have any idea. (Jeh gets up) I think we need to silence her. There s no other option.
Neil: What? (Neil gets up) Jeh you have gone mad. Do you have any idea what you are saying? How can silence be an answer? You are being stupid... nothing else...
Jeh: Neil... Do you even have some idea what I am trying to say? Or do you want to take everything jokingly and do not want to be serious? Neel... This time our Mom is in trouble. She needs us. If that girl opens her mouth how much big trouble Mom can land into you have no clue Neil. And you are standing as if all the problems would be solved on its own. What's wrong with you? (Neel keeps his hands on Jeh's shoulders)
Neel: Chill Brother... Anyway, till now what you and Mom has done after asking me? And anyways... how much brain you got (Neel keeps his hand on the back of Jeh's head) ... Use it and solve this also... (Neel goes back to his seat)
Jeh: You know what Neil? Fine! Whatever is possible to be done I will do everything and anyways with this attitude of yours I am not interested to talk to you now. You know what? Just... just let it be! (Jay walks from there)

As Dipanita is about to leave Tyagi's House, Tyagi's girlfriend stops her.  The girl tells Dipanita that she wants to talk to her in private. The girl tells her, 'I know who murdered him'.
Dipanita: Really?
Girl: Really! You are behind it. When my fiance reached home he was with me on phone... and that time you killed him. I heard everything. The way he was mercilessly you killed him... I have that recording with me...
Dipanita: What do you wish...
Girl: This time just 5 lakh...
Dipanita: Fine! Meet me in half an hour at the Jungle... at 27 Marker Road.
Girl: Mrs Khurana... Please come alone... If I die the CD would reach the Police on its own...

The Girl is standing near a Car and waiting for Dipanita Khurana. Dipanita reaches there in her Car. Dipanita thinks, 'Where is that girl? I will give the money to her and save myself'. Dipanita gets out of the Car and goes near the girl. The ladies look at each others eyes.
Dipanita: CD?
Girl: Money? (Dipanita gives a briefcase to the Girl. The girl goes and opens the Front seat passenger door to keep the briefcase. Dipanita looks at the Girl who is standing with her back on Dipanita and charges at the girl with her clawed hand. But before Dipanita could attack the girl, Abhay holds on her hand.
Abhay: Not so fast Dipanita... Not so fast! (Dipanita and Abhay stare at each other. Suddenly the Police Vehicles come there. Abhay gives Dipanita a sarcastic smile. The Police force gets out of the jeep and go near them. A lady constable catches Dipanita by her arm)
Inspector: Mrs Khurana, We are arresting you for the murder of Tyagi.
Abhay: You are curious? Do you want to know how all this happened? Tyagi's Mother refused to recognize Amita. And you did not make any efforts to find out why she did that. And after that, Amita came to you. She told you that she knows everything and you believed it. Why? Because you were guilty. And you knew that this murder was committed by you... (Dipanita is furious) So it did not take any time for you to accept it also. But you would have inquired properly you would have known that Tyagi did not have any girlfriend. And talking of Amita, I know her from before...(Two lady's constables forcefully takes Dipanita to the jeep. Dipanita shouts, 'Abhay Raichand...I will give the answer to this after coming back' . Dipanita gets into the jeep and the Police goes from there). Episode ends

PreCap: Hasina is brought out of the cell and Dipanita is taken towards the cell by a ladies constable. When they come near the ladies gaze into each others eyes. Hasina gives a smirk and Dipanita turns her face away and goes with the lady constable.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

26th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 252) Abhay returns Pia’s Locket

Episode 252 starts with T's Butterflies taking about the Dahi Handi.
Barbie: these Guys you know... they have finally arranged something suitable for our college. (A student asks, 'Babes what is this Dahi handi?')
Skipper: These Maharashtrians break the Dahi Handi on Janmashtami day. I mean they make a human pyramid and break the dahi handi which is hung above. It is like a challenge you know. And then whatever the prize is there in the Dahi Handi, the Guy who breaks the pot gets.
Girl: So basically we throw water on the guys and distract them so that they do not break the Dahi Handi.
Barbie: You know... we are going to really enjoy it... (Abhay comes there and looks at the Guys making the base circle for the human pyramid. He thinks, 'What is this Jeh going to do? What can he do? He is up to something'. Abhay walks from there. He is walking through the College corridor. Abhay recalls his conversation with Jeh where Jay tells him that Abhay would understand the sly wolf's sly point in some time. Abhay thinks, ' Jeh has definitely planned a trap... but what? What would he do?'

Pia comes to the Campus and curiously looks at guys preparing to break the Dahi Handi. Jeh joins her.
Jeh: Amused?
Pia: Yeah... what is that?
Jeh : This is called Dahi Handi.
Piya: Dahi Handi? What is Dahi Handi?
Jeh: Pia... Dahi Handi is a festival which we celebrate on Janmashtami, that is on the day of Lord Krishna's Birthday. It is very famous in Maharashtra.
Pia: In Maharashtra?
Jeh: Yes! And I specially imported all this from Mumbai...
Piya: Wow! From Mumbai?
Jeh: yeah... All the arrangements are done. We all are going to have fun... Specially there are some people in this college who will not be able to forget this festival at all (Abhay overhears the conversation)
Pia: Some people... who?
Jeh: I mean you... we all... (Abhay watches Jeh talking) We all have not seen this... so it's going to be fun...
Pia: Looks like fun... let's go!
Jeh: Let's go! (Abhay thinks, 'Now what new plan are you trying Jeh? I think I know!')

The students are dancing below the Dahi Handi. Angad tries to join but he is pushed away every time. The students starts making the human pyramid.  Angad tries to climb and falls breaking the pyramid. So someone pushes him from there. Abhay starts running through the corridor in his supersonic speed. Angad tries again to climb and is thrown out again. The third time also Angad ends up breaking the pyramid. Abhay is running towards the pyramid formed by students.  He reaches nearby and stops. Abhay says in mind, 'I know where he has hidden the locket. I know! (Abhay looks at the Dahi Handi) So Jeh has hidden the locket in the Dahi Handi... He thinks that he can get the locket without touching it in front of everyone. No Jeh... Like you I am not scared of touching the locket. You are not winning this one...' The students have already made a 3 level pyramid. Abhay runs towards the pyramid super fast and climbs on top of it a second. He breaks the Dahi Handi and jumps down fast. Abhay lifts his hand with which he broke the Dahi handi and looks at the locket and chain in his hand. Jeh and Pia are looking at the students. Jeh has an unhappy expression on his face.

Mr Tyagi is lying on the Cot next the the bundle of notes. He laughs and says, ' Thank you Mr Raichand... Thank you very much!  I enjoyed it very much... I enjoyed a lot'. Suddenly the light switch is turned on revealing Dipanita who is sitting on a chair with her back on Tyagi in the room. Mr Tyagi gets up and sits on the bed.
Tyagi: Mam... you? (Dipanita switches of the table lamp)
Dipanita: Where are you coming from Tyagi? (Dipanita switches on the lamp again)
Tyagi: Mam...I... You here... (Dipanita continues her light switching on and off game)
Dipanita: Tell me which news you would like to listen? Good or bad?
Tyagi: Mam... Mam... I don't understand what you are saying Mam... (Dipanita gets up from the chair leaving the lights on and walks towards Mr Tyagi)
Dipanita: It's okay... No problem! (Mr Tyagi gets up from the Cot. Dipanita goes and stands near him) First I will tell you the bad news. And the bad news is that my eyes are very sharp. I keep an eye on all my employees. Who... when... where... and goes to meet whom and where... I know everything! (Mr Tyagi sits down and touches on Dipanita's feet)
Tyagi: Mam... please forgive me... I am very sorry Mam... I will not do such a mistake again... Mam, I had gone mad mam...
Dipanita: There is one good news also Tyagi... We will take advantage of your friendship with the Raichands now... It is time to prove your loyalty.
Tyagi: Mam...I will never do the mistake a second time Mam...(Claws come out of Dipanita's hands) Please Mam... give me one chance... (Suddenly Tyagi sees the claws on Dipanita's hands and is scared). It's time to do something. Tyagi looks at Dipanita in fear. Suddenly his cry is heard in the room and Dipanita switches off the table hand with blood on her clawed fingers and goes from there).

The students are walking in a group through the College corridor. Pia and Tracker are also in the group. Jeh calls the students from behind.
Jeh: Guys...hold on! You guys have to see this... (Jeh stops T's butterflies) Did you guys see how Abhay did it? (Jeh walks along with the students showing the mobile in hand) It is not even human. I have a video guys... You got to see this! Abhay flew to the Dahi Handi... look at this... look at this (Jeh gives the mobile to Pia's hands and the students look at the video) You guys won't believe... This is not even human... (Abhay comes to the end of the corridor and how can anyone do this? (Pia and group looks at the video awestruck) No one among us can do this...and he went up like that
Ruhi: Oh my God! Looks like an alien...
Jeh: I don't know what it is but in is not something a human can do... none of us can do it.. I don't know... (Jeh looks at Abahy who is slowing walking towards them) Abhay... Why did you do that? None of us can do like that... I mean I can't believe this...How did you get there like a super hero? (Pia looks in disbelief) We are also quite strong... Angad, me, Kabir all... but we cannot break the handi like you...How did you do this Abhay? I mean... you don't have superman type of powers, right? In fact is it like... you are not a human Abhay. We need to know... How did you do this? Because none of us can do like that... tell Abhay... Guys, we have a super hero with us in college... This is superman... What are you? Superman? Spider man? Come on... Tell us Abhay... Every one is shocked here... (Jeh asks the students, 'Shocked?' and the students reply , 'yes') Just tell us ... How? (Abhay goes from there without answering. The students are still looking at the video. Jeh has a victorious expression on his face).

Tanushree comes and sits on a chair in a Restaurant.  She says in mind, 'Today is a new day in your life T. Today you could get a Prince of your dreams'. Tanushree looks at a couple who is sitting. The Guy also looks at T.  Tanushree turns her face away and thinks, 'Oh God! such losers! Don't these girls understand that all the Guys in the world are loyal but only till they does not see T. Every one loves me'. One Guy comes near T's table and sits across her.
Gaurang: Tanushree... I never thought that you would be this beautiful.
T: Really now?
Gaurang: Really Tanushree... You look hot in pictures...but in real life you are out of this world... (Tanushree smiles)
T: Every one says that... That's T... ( They keep talking. After some time Gaurang is holding Tanushree's hand and they laugh. The Waiter comes to the table with the bill. Gaurang looks at his empty purse)
Gaurang: I am sorry T... I don't have money. Please... You handle this...
T: How tacky... You don't have 200 Rupees for coffee? You are a rich Guy, right?
Gaurang: I was... Last year there was a lot of loss in Business...There was an income tax raid also and I was kept on house arrest for 2 months... Government has seized all my accounts... Please pay... (T takes 200 Rupees from her bag and gives it to the Waiter. The Waiter goes from there)
T: So what do you do then? (Gaurang holds T's hands again)
Gaurang: I sell pirated DVD's. (T is shocked) I had kept 200 Rupees as my budget for our date. But I had to spend it. I had to refill the phone... T thinks, 'Oh God! This is my biggest nightmare... and I am living this. Save me!
T: Guarang... I ... i will see you... (T withdraws her hands and rushes out of there)
Gaurang: But T... Listen! (He then laughs and call the Waiter)

Abhay is walking through the College Corridor. Jeh is standing nearby leaning on to a pillar. As Abhay passes by Jay calls him.
Jeh: Abhay! (Abhay stops but does not turn. Jeh also continues standing where he is) So... How was your day? Because the sly wolf has played his trick... (Jeh goes near Abhay) otherwise I am sure your day was good. And I am glad because of a locket you showed your real form in front of everyone in such an irresponsible manner. You are fond of becoming super hero, right? Here people think you as super freak... crazy!
Abhay: Really?
Jay: yeah!
Abhay: I don't thinks so Jeh that your childish act is working. You know what? It was just a game... and I won! And people will only remember this... that I won...
Jeh: Congratulations! on your victory (Jeh claps sarcastically) Till when will you win Abhay? Till when? What you did with my Mom Abhay... that payment is balance... And trust me... This is not over...
Abhay: I know Jeh... This is not over... because I will finish it...with you and your family... (Abhay shows a 'watch out' sign and walks from there. Jeh looks towards the direction Abhay went in anger. Pia comes from behind the pillar she was standing and says in mind, 'What? What are they talking about? Jeh told me that Abhay did nothing to his Mom. And this...What is this enmity between the two? And what real form? What end? What is he talking about?' Jeh turns and walks from there. Pia hides from his view as Jay passes from there. Pia thinks, 'Before this matter becomes worse... I have to do something')

T is standing outside the Restaurant. She thinks, 'I was thinking that I would go back home in ferrari and send the driver off...I tell you that loser messed my entire plan... Gaurang poor'. Suddenly T sees a Car and waves  by getting to the middle of the road calling Kabir's name. Kabir applies the brake.
T: Kabir... My hero Kabir... (T opens the door and sits in the Car and looks at him)
Kabir: yes, Madam T... Anyways you see all as your servants... Tell me where to leave you...
T: At my home please...
Kabir: Okay... By the way, how come you reached up to here...
T: I came for a date... (Kabir looks at her ) Ah No no...I came to meet a friend.
Kabir: It is okay T. Even if you have come here for a date with someone also it does not make any difference to me. Anyways, We have become free of each other. ( T thinks, 'Oh my God! What have you done T? Show some damage control').
T: You have become free of me, apparently. But I have not become free of you K. And anyways, by dating me you have made your standards very high...and I don't think anyone can match me...I am the best that happened to you...
Kabir: yeah? I will do one best thing for you (Kabir stops the Car) I don't think you should sit in the vehicle of a loser like me, right? So just get lost!
T: Excuse me? K... I was just joking.
Kabir: T... Out now!
T: I am sorry K... Enough?
Kabir: Only for the lady, okay? (Kabir starts the Car again)

Pia is walking through the College corridor lost in thoughts. She stops near a pillar. Misha comes from behind and closes Pia's eyes with her hands and says in a rough voice, 'Guess who?'
Pia: Misha... (Misha leaves her hand and the girls laugh)
Misha: What yaar? Allow me to win sometimes... You spoiled my surprise...
Pia: You know what? Today local police had issued a notice saying the danger is back
Misha: Really... I went out for 5 days and you learned to talk. You better watch out I will... (Misha raises her fist playfully as if she is going to punch. Pia turns her face) I was just joking... what is wrong?
Pia: No Misha... It is not you. Actually you don't know what is happening here.
Misha: What's happening? I mean... What's going on?
Pia: Misha... I am very confused between Abhay and Jeh... Sometimes I like Jeh so much that Abhay looks like a villain to me.And sometimes Abhay feels so close that Jeh looks like a stranger. I don't know I am so confused... It is so confusing...
Misha: Oh my God... Nothing changed... You are still trying to write that spy novel. Leave it... You are not going to get anything. Jeh is a little of hero and Abhay... everyone knows... You listen to me... Stay away from both!
Pia: No Misha you don't know anything... I lost my locket also...I don't know where it went.
Misha: Hold on! Locket... (Misha keeps her hands on head and acts as if she is thinking) Locket... look in the purse. Because most things are found in obvious places.
Piya: Misha, It is not in the Purse... I looked everywhere... (Misha insists again and Pia checks in her bag. Pia is surprised when she sees the locket and chain in the bag. Misha kisses Pia on her cheek and goes from there. Pia thinks, 'This locket... How did it come in my purse?This was lost that night. I did not keep it in the purse... How did this happen?')

Hasina and Chand are sitting at the Conference Hall. Abhay greets them and joins them.
Hasina: You gave back that locket?
Abhay: What time is the Board meeting?
Hasina: Abhay, I asked you... Where is the locket? (Abhay recalls putting the chain and locket in Pia's bag as is passes through the students without answering to Jeh's questions. He recalls standing behind a pillar and thinking, ' Pia... You require this locket more than me. This locket would keep you safe. I will protect myself on my own. You need this more than me'. Abhay keeps silence to Hasina's question)
Chand: There is order from higher ups... It is very precious... we can easily use it against our enemies.Where is it? (Chand and Hasina looks at each other for a moment) Pia?(Hasina's mobile rings. Abhay is about to get up and go. Hasina stops him)
Hasina: I am not done with you... (Hasina picks up the call and is shocked to hear the news from the other end. She tells the caller that she will reach there immediately and cuts the call) Chand... There is a problem. We have to go...

Hasina, Chand and Abhay reaches the Police Station. Jeh and Dipanita who are sitting in front of the Inspector turns back and look at the Raichand Family. Hasina lowers her voice and asks Chand, 'This time what has she done?'
Chand: Officer, Is there any problem?
Inspector: There is a complaint against you two for the murder of a man named Tyagi... (Hasina looked shocked while Abhay is angry. Chand looks calm) Episode ends

PreCap: Hasina comes out of the Cell accompanied by a constable while a lady constable is taking Dipanita to the cell. The ladies look at each other when they come face to face. Hasina smiles. Dipanita is angry and turns her face.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

25th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 251) Alina Khurana decides to save Abhay Raichand from her family

Jeh tells Alina and Neil that Abhay Raichand is becoming a danger for their existence
Episode 251 starts with Neil and Alina Khurana coming to the room where Dipanita is resting. Jeh is already in the room.
Neel: Mom... How is she Jeh?
Jeh: Now this all won't do. This Abhay Raichand is becoming a danger for us in every step and it is very essential to finish him.
Dipanita: Abhay's death is the solution to this problem.
Neil: It is not going to be that easy Mom... Jeh it won't be easy and we need to take this step very carefully...
Jeh: I know... I know it is not very easy...But this time... This time we three would be together... with our full powers... Mom! Mom... this time your three children would be with you... To finish off that Abhay Raichand the three of us will support you (Alina looks at Jeh with a not so happy expression on her face. Dipanita opens her eyes)
Dipanita: The three of you?
Alina: Ah... Of course Mom! (Alina says in mind, 'Abhay, I cannot go against my family. But what you have done for me... they way you have helped me... I will never forget it! I will definitely be with my family and work... but not for your death... to save you from my family... I will save you in any condition...')

Panchi blames Danish for her plight
Panchi comes out of the Dobriyal House gate with her head covered using her duppatta. She comes running and gets into Danish's car. Danish drives the Car from there. Danish notices that Panchi is crying.
Danish: Panchi, Are you okay? (Panchi nods) Panchi...please say something and stop crying...Please Panchi... I am sure everything will be alright.
Panchi: Alright? Nothing can be alright in my life...  I am just fed up Danish... I will go mad! I don't love Neel. And just because I rejected him he insults me so much... He bothers me and in front of me he flirts with other girls...I am just fed up...
Danish: Panchi, Why don't you tell this to your parents?
Panchi: And... what will I say? That I am about to break my 3rd engagement? That Guys are not worthy of me or am I not worthy of that Guys? How can I tell them?
Danish: Panchi please... Please don't say like that...
Panchi: Why Danish? Why not? All this started because of you... If you would not have cheated on me... we both would have been together... and all these would not have happened. I would not have had to face all this... It is all because of you... The beginning was with it is as if I have changed... No body loves me... I am just unlucky... (Danish suddenly stops the Car)
Danish: Panchi Please... I love you so much...Till now I have not stopped loving you even for a moment. I really care for you. (Panchi looks at him). I made a mistake... and I have been suffering the punishment of that mistake till now...
Panchi: You are also suffering... I am also suffering...
Danish: Panchi... You do one thing... hit me... shout at me... scold me... do whatever you want to do. But for once remove your anger... For once... for once please forgive me Panchi... Panchi please... (Panchi nods no. Danish keeps his hand over Panchi's hand. He gently lifts her hand from her lap and holds in between his two hands. Panchi takes her hand away )
Panchi: Danish... Please stop this... please... This time I have to think of Neil. If this all keeps on going like this then I will commit suicide...
Danish: No Panchi... You won't! And I promise you Panchi that I will not let you do that... I will not let anything happen to you... I will make everything right Panchi... Panchi... I will not let Neil give you sorrow like this... I promise you... you will be happy... I promise!

Kabir romancing with a girl at the College Campus
T is walking through the Mount College Campus. T's Bimbos greets her and walk along with her. T is irritated.
Barbie: What happened babe? All okay?
T: I don't know...  (Barbie touches on her hand)
Barbie: Come on Babe...
T: Hey! Don't touch me... I will get a skin infection... And anyways I don't know where my jewelry went...
Skipper: Jewelry? You kept the whole jewelry in your bag... and full evening your bag was with you only...
T: My bag! (T recalls Pia bumping into her and taking the bag from her after pouring the cold drink on her dress) Oh my God...that little charity case... she stole the jewelry from my bag... I knew it she would do that...This Pia Dobriyal is such a thief... I would not leave you... (T and her bimbos then notice Kabir romancing with a girl. Kabir sees them and the girl looks at them too)
Kabir: Hey girls!
Barbie and Skipper : Hi K... (Kabir goes back to romancing the girl)
Barbie: wow... babes... K really dumped you?
T: Excuse me! K came begging to me... I dumped him... after all who want to acknowledge Kabir...
Skipper: Great! So you are sure that you don't have any interest on him?
T: Excuse me... and you also should not have any interest on focus!
Kabir: By the way girls... We are going for movie... you want to join? (Barbie and Skipper run to Kabir) Come come come fast... (Kabir hugs both of them. T is angry) How dare they? they wear my clothes... they use my make up tips... bloody losers! (Kabir and the girls go from there) You Guys are so ungrateful... cheaters! Don't ever come back to me... never! (Tanushree walks from there).

Ruhi asks T if she has met her Husband Angad
Kabir's new girlfriend
Angad is sitting on a wall and studying. Ruhi comes there wearing an Anarkali suit and lots of jewelry.
Ruhi: Angad! Angad... how do I look? (Angad replies without looking)
Angad: You are looking okay Ruhi... (Angad looks at her and is shocked) Ruhi... You are looking very good but (Angad gets down from the wall) what are you doing in this College wearing this much jewelry? Ruhi... what is the need of wearing this much jewelry when coming to college?
Ruhi: Of course I will show when I have... Why not show? Everyone should know that I (Angad signals her to keep quiet by keeping his finger over the lips. T comes that way)
Angad: Hi T... How are you?
T: Losers! (As she passes by T notices Ruhi wearing the jewelry. She thinks, 'How did this jewelry come to Tracker? Oh my God... It is better that I don't ask her) Thanks Angad... see you soon! (Angad is startled) I need to study for the test.
Ruhi: Stop T...  (Ruhi goes and stands next to Angad) I will take your test here itself... You met Angad? I mean... my husband? (Angad smiles) You recognize him? (T nods) Can you see or shall I get you a spectacles for you? (Ruhi puts her hand on Angad's arm) Actually I was thinking that we could go for dinner... What say? I mean double date? I and Angad and you and Kabir...
T: Oh...I have stopped eating... and especially with that loser K... It's not worth the calories you know...
Ruhi: You broke up T? How sad!
Angad: I was thinking that you and Kabir would have quarreled just like that... Now look at the poor thing... how so sad!
T: It's not sad at all! In fact this question you should ask your friend. You know what? Because he needs all the sympathy... Poor Guy! (Angad and Ruhi looks at Kabir romancing the girl)
Angad: Actually... I feel pity on him...
T: Whatever! (T goes from there) Losers! (Angad and Ruhi laugh)

Dipanita asks her employees to be obsessed in getting information about the Raichands
Dipanita Khurana comes to her Office. She calls one Mr Mishra and orders him that in 5 minutes she wants everyone at the Board room. Dipanita addresses her employees at the Board room.
Dipanita: Raichands... Other than this name no other name would be taken in this office... and won't be focusing on any work...only Raichand Company files would be looked into...This time I will not tolerate any mistake.Gather all data against them. Am I right?
Employees: Yes Mam!
Dipanita: If they are hiding anything... we need to know it first...I want you all to be obsessed. We should be familiar with their every movement. Am I clear to you all?
Employees: Yes Mam!
Dipanita: Please leave... (The employees leave one by one) Mr Tripadi... Make everyone understand about their departments...
Tripadi: Okay mam...  (one Guy halts and listens to the conversation)
Dipanita: And the Raichands Studio File should come to me... and no stone unturned...
Tripadi: Okay Mam...

Tanushree is sitting alone at the College Campus. T's Butterflies comes and sits on either side of her.
T: You people came back? You had your fill of Kabir? And if your brains are working, I need to tell you something. Tracker got all that jewelry back.
Barbie and Skipper: What?
T: And I couldn't even confront her...
Skipper: Babes... Pia! You feel that she would have given all the jewelry back to Tracker... (Tracker hides behind a pillar and overhears the talk)
T: Obvious!
Barbie: But why did you give your bag to Pia? (Tracker thinks, 'T turned to be Queen of the thieves. It is good Pia told me'. Tracker recalls Piya giving her back the jewelry T had taken from her and telling her that T had lied to her that the jewelry is fake).

Jeh and Abhay confronts each other
Jeh Khurana is walking through the College corridor. He bumps on Abhay who was coming from the opposite side. Jeh resumes walking without saying an appology.
Abhay: Usually in such situations... (Jeh stops but does not turn back) humans say sorry... But I forgot... You are not a human at all... You are an animal.
Jeh: You know what Abhay. Show your attitude to someone else... otherwise let that not happen one day that I will finish you and your attitude together...
Abhay: What will you do? (Jeh smiles. Both the Guys turn and walks towards each other. They stop when they are at an arm's length) I would love to know what you can do...
Jeh: You consider yourself high on the basis of a locket? (Abhay keeps a plain expression) Don't act Abhay... You know very well which locket I am talking about. And anyways, You are happy because that locket is with you even now?
Abhay: I think if that locket is with me I should be happy...
Jeh: You should be happy... but only when that locket is with you... not now!
Abhay: Really?
Jeh: As usual you will not believe me... Check it for yourself... (Abhay puts his hand on his jacket pocket and finds it empty) What did you think Abhay? Powers are only with you? (Jeh smiles)
Abhay: That was quite a trick... my sly wolf... Now you want to prove your point... and what's that?
Jeh: Well you would understand this sly wolf's sly some time... (Jeh smiles and leaves from there. Abhay is angry)

T and her Butterflies are sitting and talking.
Barbie: Look T... forget Tracker's jewelry... You know what? You have not heard the biggest news.
Skipper: Yeah Babe... let me tell you Gaurang is back...
T: What? (Ruhi is listening to their talk) Rewind...You mean Gaurang... that super hot Senior who was king before Kabir? You mean he is back?
Barbie and Skipper: yeah!
Barbie:  Yeah Babes... You know what? He is so hot... (T thinks, 'There is such a Guy in this city who is worthy of T. And I am sure he would also looking for T... the only girl for a guy like him!' T sees that her butterflies are smiling and thinking)
T: Hey losers! Whom are you thinking about?
Barbie and Skipper: About Gaurang...
T: Why don't you think about Guys of your status? (Ruhi thinks, 'Today I will give you punishment for each and every sin you have committed T. How much you have troubled me I will give an answer to it now. You will learn a lesson' (Ruhi types something on her mobile phone and sends it. Ruhi then hides behind the wall again. Tanushree's mobile phone beeps. T looks at the message)
Barbie and Skipper: Who is that? (T smiles)
T: As I said before pick out guys of your standard. (Ruhi smiles and says, 'Dearest now see... It's going to be fun. You have broken many hearts. Watch now Queen T what's going to happen').

Hasina: So this is her plan... against us... (The Guy who halted and listened to the conversation between Dipanita and Mr Trivedi speaks, 'Mrs Raichand I came here and told you the entire truth. I have put my life in danger (Hasina goes and sits on a chair). In fact by speaking against the Khuranas I have taken a big risk... (Chand Raichand is sitting on a sofa)
Chand: Don't worry Mr Tyagi... The help you have done against Dipanita... the Raichand's are not going to forget about it... (Chand Raichand opens a briefcase filled with Rs 500 currency notes and shows it to the Guy) A little token of thanks from the Raichands to you...
Tyagi: Thank you Sir! (Mr Tyagi comes near Chand and takes the briefcase) Thanks Mam! (Mr Tyagi goes from there and another Guy comes to the room).
Hasina: Mr Rao... Dipanita Khurana is gathering information regarding what's happening inside our company. Make sure that there is no loophole even by mistake... You will see all work... Don't trust on any stranger... I do not wish to give Dipanita Khurana any opportunity.
Chand: Hasina, We have to stay very careful... If they do one attack we have to do two...
Rao: May I go Sir? By today evening...
Hasina: Not evening... Right now! Call an urgent Board meeting... Till evening don't know how many moves Dipanita would do... We have to act first... Leave! (Mr Rao goes from there)
Hasina: I have to call Abhay... (Hasina dials the call and talks, 'Abhay, Dipanita is spreading her claws. She is preparing to attack on our Business. I have called for an urgent Board meeting. So you... Be here by 2'0'clock, Okay?' Hasina cuts the call)
Chand: Don't worry Hasina... This time we (Chand climbs up the stairs super fast and stops) we be 2 steps ahead of them. She has no idea what is waiting for her. She will lose! (Hasina smiles) Episode ends.

PreCap: Chand, Abhay and Hasina comes to the Police Station. they see Dipanita and Jeh sitting in front of the Inspector. Dipanita and Jeh turns and looks at the Raichand Family.
Hasina: What has she done this time?
Chand: Officer... Is there any problem?
Inspector: Yes Sir! There is a complaint against both of you... for the murder of Mr Tyagi...

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

24th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 250) Jeh Khurana saves Dipanita from being exposed as Werewolf

Abhay tells that the Pendant is dangerous for some people
Episode 250 starts with Chand Raichand taking a piece of Ladoo offered by Arnab Dobriyal and putting it into his mouth. Abhay thinks, 'Oh No! I will not let this happen...'. Arnab offers the rest of the sweet also to be eaten by Chand but suddenly Abhay interrupts, 'Dad... Client's phone...'. Chand leaves from there saying, 'Excuse me Mr Dobriyal...'
Abhay: Excuse me! That client was from a client in US so he had to go...
Arnab: Fine! (Arnab nods. Abhay also goes from there after excusing himself from there. Arnab is annoyed).

Abhay tells Chand that he will finish Dipanita
Chand comes to the small bridge outside the house with his mouth closed with a hand kerchief. He removes the handkerchief and gazes into the water. Chand's eyes are blue. He then comes to his normal form. Abhay comes there.
Abhay: Are you alright?
Chand: Dipanita is crossing the limits. By taking human help she is putting the humans in danger. She has to be stopped.
Abhay: Yes Dad! She has crossed all the limits.I will put an end to this game.
Chand: Finish her! Just put an end to it...Will you?
Abhay: I will Dad! After today nothing like this would happen. I will put an end to it.

Dipanita creates suspicion in the mind of Arnab Dobriyal
Arnab and Dipanita are standing in the Hall.
Arnab: Dipanitaji, He ate the prasad...
Dipanita: Did he eat or do a drama? Arnab... Abhay came and saved him at the right time, is it not? Today you tried to trap both Hasina and Chand. And both the times Abhay saved them. Think about it! (Arnab recalls Abhay breaking the mirror, saying the excuse that Hasina has asthma and sending Chand out to attend the call). Are you getting what I am trying to say? Abhay... Abhay is responsible for everything... We should expose him... We should trap him...If Abhay would not have come and saved them by now we would have already tested our theory.  (Arnab nods) Catch him! He is the one...(Arnab nods again).

Pia showing the Picture of the locket to Jeh
Pia is looking around in the Hall. Jeh follows her and mimics her.
Pia: It is not funny Jeh...(Pia continues searching)
Jeh: Piya... What are you searching? Why are you roaming around in the whole house? Is everything okay? What happened?
Pia: No Jeh... My locket... I lost it... I don't know... I can't find it...
Jeh: Okay! Chill... It's just a locket... I will get you a new one...
Pia: It is not an ordinary locket Jeh. It was very special to me. I have never taken out that locket and it was one of the kind and I don't know where I lost it... I use to feel that the locket is keeping me safe... It was very special to me...
Jeh: Locket taking care of you? Pia... You are being very superstitious! Relax! It's a locket... Anyways, You have a picture or something of it which I can see to know how it looks like?
Pia: I think I have a picture... (Pia zooms a picture of her wearing the locket and shows it to Jeh. Jay is shocked to see it. He thinks, 'This locket? This is the amulet of vampires for protection against us').
Jeh: You know what Pia... I think you were right. We should look for the locket right now. You were right... (Jeh goes to search)
Pia: What happened Jeh?
Jeh: Pia ... you only told that it is we need to search for it, right?
Pia: Till now you were making fun of me? And now you are looking this much tensed? (Abhay comes there)
Abhay: What happened Pia? What are you searching? Something is lost Jeh? Whay are you looking so worried?
Piya: yeah, My locket... (Abhay takes the IPad from Jeh and looks into the picture)
Abhay: This one? This looks precious (Jeh seizes the IPad back from Abhay) Special and dangerous... for some people... Actually Pia... I will also search...

Madhu comes near Panchi and asks what is cooking between Abhay and Panchi.
Madhu: I am warning you... If something like that is there then there would not be anyone worse than me...
Panchi: But Momma...
Madhu: What do you think of yourself? Even after making you understand this much you are again doing the same thing? This is your third engagement. Panchi... What will people think of us? Which family would like to get into a relationship with us? Have you thought about your position anytime? Have you thought of your sisters anytime? We have given you freedom... Not for you to do anything... This marriage would happen... and do not make us regret about the freedom we have given you... We don't want to regret this! Do you understand? (Madhu goes from there. Panchi thinks, 'Oh God Momma... How will I say that this is not in my control? Everyone can see my 3 engagements...and not that 3 times my heart was broken... Please Mom, I need your support... Please Mom...')

A girl goes and stands near Neil Khurana who is sitting near the Bar Counter. The girl smiles at Neel.
Girl: Hi!
Neel: Has anyone told you that your smile is very sexy? (The girl faces Neil)
Girl: Well... You are also very hot... It's reflecting on you. (A hand taps on the girl's shoulder. Panchi tells the girl, 'Excuse me...the hot dog you are showing interest on is my fiance...') Ahh... Sorry! (The girl goes from there)
Neel: What happened Panchi Dobriyal? How come you remembered suddenly that you have a Fiance also?
Panchi: I remembered and now I am reminding you also... get straight!
Neel: This much love...suddenly? How has this happened Panchi? I am not getting it...
Panchi: Then I will make you understand... I won't become a joke alone... If you are not going to leave me easily then I will claim to be your fiancee...
Neil: Oh baby... I feel so bad for you...You don't know Panchi how much efforts you have to put on... This was just one... there is such a long line... how are you going to manage?
Panchi: If you have that much problem break the engagement... leave me alone! (Panchi walks from there. Neil catches her hand)
Neil: Not so easily Panchi... You will have to stay with me in this hell...on your own wish... Deal with it!

Jeh asks Dipanita to hide her hands
Abhay walks towards Dipanita who is standing and talking with another lady. Abhay comes behind her and walks slowly toward her. He says in mind, 'Come on Dipanita... let me see the animal in you. You are fond of bringing out the truth of others... to bring out their real form... lets do it!' Abhay turns his back on Dipanita and takes the pendant out of his pocket. He then turns and keeps the hand with the pendant on Dipanita's back as if he bumped into her by accident.
Abhay: Oh... I am so sorry! (Abhay walks away from there. Dipanita's expression changes. She is feeling uncomfortable.Dipanita turns away from the lady with whom she was talking to. Dipanita now has claws on her hand)
Lady: Are you okay Mrs Khurana? (Abhay looks at Dipanita and says in mind, 'And now presenting a true werewolf leader!')
Dipanita: Water please!
Lady: Sure... I will get water for you...wait a minute... (Jeh comes there and realizes what happened. He takes his jacket out and puts it over Dipanita).
Jeh: Mom! Compose yourself! Hide your hands. We need to go home... Let's go! (Jeh adjusts the jacket and Dipanita hides her claws underneath it. Abhay is angry that his plan is spoiled and goes from there. The lady returns with water).
Lady: excuse me... Water for you...
Jeh: Auntie...No need of water... Actually Mom is not feeling well... so I think I will have to take her home...
Lady: Okay... take care Mrs Khurana...
Jeh: Yeah... thank you... (Jay takes Dipanita from there by putting his hands over her shoulders. He comes near Neil and tells him, 'Neel... We have to go... fast! Please...')
Neel: yeah... I will get the Car out Jeh...
Jeh: yeah! (Neel goes from there)
Panchi: Aunty, You are alright?
Jeh: She is fine Panchi... Actually her BP has gone low... So she is feeling weak. I am taking her home. I will see you! Come... (Jeh takes Dipanita from there as Panchi looks on)

Pia comes to the Wash room. She looks around. Suddenly she hears sobs coming from the loo. Pia goes and knocks the door.
Piya: Excuse me... Who is that? Are you okay?
Alina: You go please...
Pia: Alina? Alina, you okay? What happened? Alina... Alina... (Alina comes out. Pia keeps her hand on Alina's shoulder) Alina, What happened? Why are you crying?
Alina: Nothing happened. Just let it be...
Pia: Alina please tell me... You are getting me worried...
Alina: Nothing!
Pia: Oh! So you are feeling bad about what T said. Alina...You should not be listening to what they say. First I also used to listen to them...then I realized that they are mean. Some times I feel that being mean is their second nature... They don't even realize...So just forget...
Alina: It matters to me Pia... It's not only T ... I use to hear it before and I will have to hear it always... Just look at me... I am a total nerd... look at these braces... spectacles...I feel awful!
Pia: What if you are wearing braces Alina? I mean you put it for some reason, right? But I am sure... When you teeth becomes alright and the braces are removed... you are going to look really nice... You don't have to listen to idiots okay? And coming to your spectacles and styling... Don't worry...I am here... I will do your styling in such a manner that not only T but everyone would admire you. And then T has to take her words back, okay? (Alina nods) Come on now...Cheer up! Give me a smile... let's go!

Abhay comes near Chand and Hasina.
Abhay: Mom Dad... I touched Dipanita with that Locket...
Hasina: Well done Abhay!
Abahy: No Mom! Jeh came there and saved her...
Chand: Abhay... Don't worry! We will find an opportunity to trap her. There should be some time when there would be no one to save Dipanita... (Hasina smiles)
Abhay: You are right Dad... We will find an opportunity... and we have to...
Chand: yeah!

Jeh supports Dipanita and brings her near the Car. Dipanita is making funny noises.
Jeh: Carefully Mom... (Neal gets out of the Driver seat.  Jeh gets Dipanita seated on the back seat and closes the Car door).
Neel: Jeh... Who did this?
Jay: Abhay...
Neel: How dare he dude? I will not leave him!
Jeh: This time a wrong move from our side can make the situation worse... So please calm down!
Neel: But what did he do?
Jeh: Neel... That talisman... which they keep to escape from us... He touched Mom with that so that Mom gets exposed in front of all... It's good that I reached there in the right time otherwise I don't know what would have happened. We have very little time now. Alina is inside. You bring Alina along and reach home fast... I am taking Mom home... Just do it as fast as possible... (Jeh drives the Car from there and Neel rushes back to Dobriyal House)

Abhay interferes when Neel tries to take Alina by force
Pia is coming down the stairs to the hall along with Alina.
Pia: Don't cry okay... Alina, I have some work to do... You take care, alright? See you around! 
Alina: Bye! (Neel comes to the Hall and looks around. He spots Alina and goes near her. He pulls her by hand)
Neel: Alina, we have to go... Come
Alina: Where?
Neel: Alina, Come with me right now
Alina: Why Neil? And where?
Abhay: Neil... There is no need to force her... Leave her!
Neil: Listen Abhay Raichand... this is my family matter. And I don't want anybody to interfere in that. I don't wish that any outsider interferes in it... you get it? (Neil pulls a resisting Alina and tries to walk from there. Abhay interferes separating them)
Abhay: If you wish to keep family matter within the family itself behave decently outside.
Neil: You know what Abhay... Give this lecture to some one else... And right now just lay off... It would be good for you if you don't come near me...
Abhay: One time let us come face to face... Let us finish it off...
Neil: Alina, Are you coming or not?
Abhay: Alina, You are an individual. You can take your own decisions... If you want... I can drop you home...
Alina: No... Thanks Abhay... It's okay. If Brother is saying then I should go home. Let's go Brother... (Neil and Alina walks from there. Panchi stops them)
Panchi: Hey Guys... Where are you going this fast?
Neil: Panchi, if you mind your business it would be good for you... just stay out of it...
Alina: Neil... She is your fiancee... at least behave properly with her
Neil: I am behaving with her the way I should behave with her... You just come with me... (Neil takes Alina from there. Panchi is sad)

Panchi is standing near the small bridge in the garden and sobbing. She recalls Madhu telling her that it is her 3rd engagement and that the marriage would happen. She also recalls Neil asking her to mind her business. Panchi's mobile rings and she picks up the call. Danish is on the other side.
Danish: Hello Panchi... I am talking... Danish... (Panchi sobs) What happened Panchi? Why are you crying? Please... please tell me...
Panchi: I don't know anything Danish what is happening. Nothing is going good...
Danish: But... Panchi tell me what is happening...
Panchi: What harm have I done to anyone Danish? I don't get true love at all. I always get hurt in love. What did I ask God? Only true love... and this time I only asked for respect... i did not even ask for love... But why why is this all happening with me?
Danish: Panchi...You stop crying. Please stop crying and don't be sad...
Panchi: What is that I ask for? Is it a crime to ask for true love? Tell me Danish...
Danish: Okay Panchi...You please stop crying first... and tell me where you are... I am coming to meet you now...
Panchi: I am outside my house...
Danish: Okay...I will be there in some time, okay? (Danish cuts the call and says, 'Is life giving me a chance to go back to Panchi? I really hope so!')

Panchi looks at the sky and says, 'God please... don't make my life a joke... I want my simple life back. Please help me! Please....' (Episode ends)

PreCap:  Jeh, Neil and Alina are standing in front of Dipanita.
Jeh: This Abhay Raichand is becoming a danger to us in every step. It is very essential that we finish him.
Neil: Jeh it will not be that easy...
Jeh: This time we three will be together... with all our powers... Mom! We three will support you in finishing off that Abhay Raichand... (Alina looks startled. Dipanita opens her eyes)

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