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30th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 209) Abhay Raichand decides to rejoin Mount College to search for Werewolves

Pia tricks Jay into giving her his Jacket
Kabir's Mobile rings. He hides behind the tree and switches off the Mobile. Abhay and Hasina are startled hearing the mobile phone ringing sound and gets up. They look at the direction were Kabir is hiding.
Hasina: Some one is here. Someone is watching us. (Kabir runs from his hiding place. Abhay and Hasina sees someone running but they do not follow him)
Abhay: Mom, This place is not safe. Werewolves should be near us. We should get out of here. Let's go! (Abhay and Hasina kneels beside Chand again) Mom, we have to take Dad home as soon as possible. We have just one last hope. We should not lose it (Abhay and Haseena tries to lift Chand from the Ground)

Kabir is running. After some time he stops near a tree. His Phone rings again. He picks up the phone call from Tanushree. Kabir looks around fearing if someone has followed him.
Kabir: Yes T
T: K, I have been waiting for you for a long time. You have left your girlfriend and romancing the Trees? (Kabir still looks around) Come on K, This is not fair Okay? I am ready long time back. Just come and pick me up right now!
Kabir: T, I am really sorry baby. Just give me 10 minutes...I am coming!
T: Okay! (Kabir cuts the call. Kabir is looking scared and he is sweating. He says to himself, 'Relax Kabir, relax...relax'. He calms down a little and tries to recollect what was happening in the Forest. He says, 'What was happening there? And Kabir... why are you so scared? That was just Abhay... Abhay Raichand... But he was behaving very strangely. And that third person... If he is wounded why did they not take him to Hospital? Why was he and Mrs Raichand touching him? It was as if they were doing some black magic... Bloody weird people. And this Raichands... what were they doing in the jungle this time of the night? Why was Mrs Raichand looking scared? And on top of that she was crying... What happened there? And if the Raichands have come back to the City then why they are hiding in the Jungle? (Kabir looks back again) Brother Kabir, There is something really wrong here. You have to find out. But who will be able to help me? Who has the answers to these questions?')
Neel compliments Panchi as Dipannita and Arnab looks on
Dipannita and Neel walks in to Dobriyal House. Dipannita and Neel looks around and is impressed by the arrangements.Dipannita: Wow! Nice...
Neel: Very nice! (They come near Arnab)
Arnab: Welcome Dipannitaji...We were waiting for you. Hello Neel! (Arnab shake hands with Neel)
Neel: Hello Papa...How are you?
Dipannita: I must say...Panchi has thrown a very nice Party and that too without Madhu's help. In fact all important people in Dehradun are present here. She has done a good job!
Arnab: Oh Yes... In fact I was at home and went out for some work. When I came back the house was transformed completely. (Neel and Dipannita smiles) She is efficient. That's good, right? I am thinking that I will leave everything and get retired. (Dipannita laughs)
Dipannita: Neel, You are lucky...
Neel: I know Mom...By the way Papa...Where is Panchi? She is not seen anywhere...
Arnab: Panchi... (Panchi comes down the stairs to the Hall wearing a beautiful Green Sari and golden color blouse. Arnab points to Panchi.)There she is... (Neel looks at Panchi without blinking an eye. Panchi also looks at him and walks towards him. She says in mind, 'Today night everything will end. Tonight in front of everyone your truth would come out Neel'. Arnab hugs Panchi. Neel goes near Panchi and holds both her hands)
Neel: Panchi, You are looking very pretty today. I am getting impressed by that...
Panchi: Thank you!
Dipannita: Panchi, You are looking very pretty. Sari suits you.
Panchi: Thank you Auntie... (Neel holds Panchi's hand again and Arnab notices it)
Arnab: Dipannitaji I think it is a signal for us to move from here. Come on I want to introduce you to my friends.
Dipannita: Okay... (Dipannita and Arnab goes from there)
Neel asks Panchi how come she is suddenly interested in his Game
Neel turns Panchi towards him. Panchi removes her hands.
Neel: So how come you suddenly got interested in my game? You hate me, right?
Panchi: Why are you doubting baby? I am just doing what a happy Couple does... Everyone should feel that we are perfect for each other. (Panchi turns and goes from there. Pia catch holds of her and whispers to her, 'Panchi, Don't react in front of Neel. Jay had stolen that CD'.
Panchi: What? (Pia turns to Neel and smiles. Panchi also composes herself and turns to Neel smiling).
Pia: Neel Hi!
Panchi: Yeah Neel... This stupid Caterers...Can't they work properly? Idiots! (Pia goes from there) Neel, I will be back in 2 minutes. Somebody is trying to spoil my Party. And I will not let it happen. I will just be back! (Panchi smiles and goes from there. Neel thinks, 'Panchi is looking too happy. She is definitely planning something. I have to keep an eye on her'.

At the Raichand's residence Chand is lying on a Cot with White Cloth. Abhay is applying some sort of paste on Chand's wound from a bowl.
Abhay: Come on Dad... you can heal yourself...Come on Dad...Come on...
Hasina: You told right Abhay! The Wolves who attacked Chand where half human and half wolves...Werewolves. There is only one remedy for these wounds...One drop of blood from a werewolf.
Abhay: We have to get that one drop of blood.
Hasina: We have to do everything within 7 days otherwise we will lose Chand forever...
Abhay: We will bring that one drop of blood...
Hasina: But how? From where? We don't even know who they are... They can be anyone...they can be anywhere...
Abhay: I will bring that one drop of blood.

Tanushree and Kabir makes an entry to the Party. Tanushree sees someone she knows and abandons Kabir to go and meet her. Kabir goes to Misha who is standing behind the Bar Counter along with the Bartender and inquires where Arnab is. Kabir asks the students group if they have seen Mr Doriyal. They point out to Arnab who is talking with guests. Kabir goes near Arnab.
Kabir: Excuse me...sorry! Uncle (Arnab excuses himself from the Group to talk to Kabir)
Arnab: Yeah Kabir...
Kabir: Uncle, I wanted to ask you something...just a small thing...
Arnab: Ask me...
Kabir: Actually it's nothing very important. But since you are an expert of this area I thought you would know...
Arnab: Yeah, Tell me...
Kabir: Uncle, Actually I am doing some studies regarding the Mountains in Utharanchal... especially regarding the treatments...
Arnab: yeah...There are all types of herbs in these mountains. From ancient times the people here use it as medicines. The mountains and jungles here are full of Ayurveda stuff.
Kabir: No Uncle...not that. I am talking about the tribal times...even before Ayurveda... Uncle, Is there such healing where the wounds become alright by touch? Just by know...
Arnab: Kabir, What are you talking? Does someone become alright by touch? These mountains are known for the herbs...not for black magic... (Arnab smiles. kabir smiles too)
Kabir: I am sorry uncle. I might have made a mistake while researching... Anyways, Thanks for the Information and enjoy the Party.
Arnab: Alright, No Problem! Any time...
Kabir: See you Uncle (Kabir goes from there. Arnab thinks, 'Not black magic but there are some type of people who has this heal wounds by touch... Vampires! Kabir...Poor thing...He was already looking very nervous...He doesn't need to know about the dead humans roaming in these jungles... The lesser the people know about vampires, the better').

Pia is talking to Panchi.
Pia: Jay has taken the CD from there. He was in a Waiter's Dress and stole the CD from there.
Panchi: What? This is ridiculous! I kept this Party in order to expose Neel...don't know where he would have kept the CD.
Pia: I have doubt that the CD is in his Jacket. (Misha comes there and apologizes for drinking alone and makes fun of her sisters. Pia tells her that Jay has stolen the CD and that they have to deal with him smartly and get the CD back. Pia then notices Kabir putting his coat over Tanushree and tells her sisters that she will ask Jay for his Jacket in front of his Mom and Neel. She tells Panchi and Misha that no Guy would refuse to give his Jacket to a pretty gold who is feeling cold. Panchi is impressed but Misha tells her that Jay would not be that much stupid to handover the CD is put efforts in stealing just that.
Pia: You know what Misha? No Guy will give a problem to a damsel in distress...So you wait and watch... (Pia goes from there to where Khurana Family is standing and talking with Arnab while Misha and Panchi watches her).
Jay takes his Jacket out to give to Pia
Jay puts his Jacket on Piya
Pia hugs Jay thanking him for the Jacket
Pia: Hi Auntie...
Dipannita: Pia...the pretty girl...
Pia: Thank you so much... (Pia suddenly acts as if she is cold)
Dipannita: You okay?
Pia: Yeah Aunty, I am just feeling a little cold...
Jay: If you insist I will increase the central heating system...
Pia: No, I think it is only me and T who are feeling cold. (Pia thinks in mind, 'What manners is that Jay? A helpless girl is feeling cold and you are thinking of increasing the central heating system'. Pia looks at T's direction and says, 'Oh Wow! Look at that... So chivalrous! Kabir gave T his Coat (Everyone looks at Kabir and T. Arnab and Dipanita smiles) So nice... (Pia rubs her hands as if she is feeling cold)
Dipannita: Jay, Give the Jacket to the lady...
Jay: Why?
Dipannita: Because I taught my sons manners... And you are a gentleman, right? So don't embarrass... Come on... What will people say? That I did not teach you anything?
Jay: Okay Mom..., Okay! No need to get emotional for everything...
Pia: No no no Auntie... I am perfectly fine... I am fine... (Jay removes his Jacket)
Dipannita: That's my son!
Jay: Yeah! (Jay puts the Jacket over Piya. (Misha and Panchi smiles. Misha tells Panchi, 'Wait and watch and learn!' Pia hugs Jay. T watches them.)
Pia: Thank you so much Jay... ( T thinks, 'The Dobriyal sisters catch the rich boys as soon as they see them. Pia is not trying to attract Jay. The elder sister caught hold of one Khurana Guy and second one this charity case will catch. If there was a third son Misha would have gone for him. So cheap!' Pia looks at Jay and smiles. Jay is looking unhappy.)
Dipannita: You are okay now?
Pia: Much better! (Arnab and Dipannita smiles. Pia winks at her sisters.)Excuse me Please... (Pia walks to her sisters. Piya hands over the CD to Misha. Jay sees it and watch them helplessly.

Misha goes near the CD Player with the CD and addresses the Party
Misha: Okay Guys, Listen up...listen up... (The people who are sitting also gets up) I mean respected Uncles and Aunties... We have prepared a surprise for you and this surprise has come from Neel's hands for Panchi. Neel has expressed his feelings of the heart through this CD in a big, big way. He has shown how terrific and awesome he is... and how lucky Panchi is that she got this CD.
Dipannita: So sweet Neel...
Misha: Screen Please! (2 House staff comes and puts a big screen on the Party Hall.) Seeing this CD everyone will know Neel and Panchi... Like I said enough of this talk...time to get to work... (Misha puts the CD in the Player. Neel thinks, 'What is this CD? I did not make any CD. Then what are they showing?')

At the Raichand's Residence Abhay and Haseena are walking to and fro in the room.
Abhay: 7 Days... We have very less time in hand. we have to find about these werewolves who are living in this City in human form.
Hasina: But how Abhay? Where will we search them? How will we find out? They could be anyone!
Abhay: I will go back there. In that that that College...I will make friends there and I will find out...
Hasina: You will?
Abhay: Yeah Mom! Abhay Raichand would go back to College. In this College the children of all important people in the City study. I will find the werewolves from among them and bring the blood.
Hasina: This time how much Chand needs that...
Abhay: I know that. But this time I am here! I know what I have to do. This time I am not in this City to make friends or make a name in the society but for another purpose. This time I will know it all! Because this time it is the Question of my Dad's life... I will find those Werewolves within 7 days. Mount College...I am coming!

PreCap: Jay tells Neel that if the CD works then they have to do a serious damage control. Jay reveals that the Pictures Panchi has taken of Neel and a girl at his Bedroom are going to be shown at the Party. Neel is worried and embarrassed. The Pictures starts getting displayed. Arnab and Dipannita is stunned seeing the Pictures.

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29th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 208) Abhay Raichand and Hasina finds Chand unconscious and bitten by Werewolves

Hasina and Abhay are startled hearing the sound of mobile phone ringing
Episode 208 starts with Abhay opening the door and entering his home. He goes and sits on a couch. He notices Hasina worried and restless and asks her, 'What happened Mom? You look tensed'. Haseena sits on a chair.
Hasina: It's Chand! He is not lifting the Phone. It is 3 Hours since he has started from the Site. I don't know where he is.
Abhay: He had gone to see the protest at the Site. He keeps telling that none of us should go anywhere alone and now he went alone. When I asked if I can go with him he refused. I just don't get this... So stupid!
Hasina: Abhay, He wanted to keep you away from danger because you have the maximum danger. He made this rule because of you...because he cares for you...
Abhay: I am sorry Mom. I am just... a little worried.
Hasina: Me too! I know that in this circumstances anyone of us being alone is dangerous. I am so worried. I think we should go and look for him.
Abhay: Yeah...I will go and look for him. ( Abhay gets up to go. Haseena too gets up)
Hasina: No Abhay! I will also go with you...We have to stay together. (Both of them rushes out from there).

Misha and Pia returns home. Pia is impressed seeing the arrangements made by Panchi. Misha is happy seeing the Bar fully loaded and goes and stand behind the Bar Counter. Arnab comes and asks the girls what they are doing wearing the Jungle Protest clothes and tells them to go and wear some nice clothes. Arnab tells them that since Madhu is not there they only have to take care of the guests at the Party. Misha tells Arnab that she will take charge of the duty at the Bar. Arnab scolds Misha and tells her that she should not be seen anywhere near the Bar. After Arnab goes from there Misha tells Pia, ' Basically I have to wear clothes which has deep pockets. If I cannot go near the Bar, the Bar should come to me'. She runs away from there. Pia says, 'You are hopeless Misha!'

Arnab comes down the Stairs to the Hall dressed up. He tells Ramsingh to finish the decoration work as the Guests are about to come any moment. He looks around and thinks, 'This looks Great! How nicely Panchi has arranged everything. The Khuranas are doing so much for us... It is our responsibility too... I just wish Madhu was here'. He turns and looks to see Jay walking in. Arnab rushes to welcome him.
Arnab: Hello Jay
Jay: Hello Uncle... (They shake hands)
Arnab: How are you? You are very came on time. Come come come...
Jay: Nothing like that Uncle. My work was near by so I thought that I would come home and help you.
Arnab: It's sweet! But there is nothing to be done. Panchi has handled everything. She has made all the arrangements.
Jay : I see!
Arnab: Like them we do not need 2 hours to get ready. So we have time...let's have a drink...
Jay: Drink? No no Uncle Not before the Guests come. By the time they come if I would drop at a corner it would not look nice... (Arnab laughs)Uncle not seeing others...
Arnab: They might be getting ready upstairs. In fact, why don't you go up and meet them? You will get bored in my Company.
Jay: No Uncle...Come on...I love your Company...
Arnab: That's sweet! But still you go and see what they are doing. I am sure Misha is getting ready and Pia is pulling her legs.
Jay: I think then Pia will need my help! (Arnab laughs. Jay smiles)I will see you. (Jay climbs the stairs up. Arnab looks him going and says, 'Jay...Pia...Should talk to Dipannita').
Jay Khurana overhears the Conversation between Dobriyal Sisters
The Dobriyal Sisters are assembled in a room.
Misha: What? Neel... Panchi I am not understanding anything. You make me understand the entire story properly.
Panchi: I told you. Even I was shocked. I caught Neel red handed with a girl and both of them were naked. Shameless people...I threw the Jewelry on his face. How dare he do this to me? He was disgusting. Imagine how I felt when I saw him like that. And how many times I saw him with other girls. He is just sick!
Misha: Bloody f-ing moron. I will go and tell papa... (Misha turns to go)
Panchi: Misha wait! Listen...This drama is very will not get solved that fast. I need your help Guys!
Pia: Of course Panchi! Whatever you will say... we will do...
Panchi: Okay Listen... these are some photos (Panchi shows them the photos of Neel with the girl in Bed) of Neel and Sana...and there is a CD too (Panchi shows the CD) Tonight we will show this CD to all the Guests, Okay? (The girls nod) I am going to expose him tonight! (Jay is overhearing the Conversation) I will defeat Neel at his game. Neel ruined my life by getting engaged with me in front of everyone...and now I will show the same people his true face... Piya, you put this CD on the Player and check the Projector properly, Okay? I am going to show this to everybody...all the Guests tonight. (Pia takes the CD from Panchi)
Pia: Okay Panchi... I will do it! I didn't know that Neel would turn to be a big Moron.
Panchi: Pia, You don't even know anything. From the time my engagement happened Neel has ruined my life (Jay is stunned). In front of me...he with other girls... I mean it's disgusting...I just hate him!
Misha: Poor Birdie! First in order to get married to him you did this much dieting...You know what? (Jay hides himself. Misha gives a Burger to Panchi) You eat Burger... forget me! He is a Moron!
Panchi: My God! Wow! (Panchi takes a bite as if she has not eaten anything for ages. Pia watches her wide eyed) Hmm... I have not enjoyed so much since the engagement...Yum... (Misha makes fun of Panchi telling that the dieting has no effect on her. Panchi tells them that she has decided that she would not change herself for any boy) I am what I am!
Misha: So no Boys!
Panchi: No, not at all... And after what Neel did to me no way...
Misha: Relax Panchi! We will teach him a lesson... Don't worry about it... You change your clothes... (Pia and Misha goes out of the room talking about Neel. Pia tells Misha, 'Misha, we have to teach him a lesson. Don't know what he thinks of himself...'. Jay who is hiding behind the door says in mind, 'No Pia, You will not inult my Brother in front of everyone. What ever he did he did... He is my Brother. Family is family Pia...'Jay goes from there).

Abhay and Haseena comes to the Jungle. They stop near a tree. They hear the howling of Wolves.
Hasina: These wolves have reached till this... I hope they did not reach Chand... Chand! Chand! (Abhay raises his hand signaling Hasina to stop)
Abhay: Ssshhh! Control yourself! If they have attacked Dad we need to be sensible. You are attracting the wolves to yourself by shouting like this. Just calm down...
Hasina: But Chand... (Abhay closes his eyes concentrating and inhaling. He then runs from there followed by Hasina. They stop at one place and drop on the ground)
Hasina: Chand's Blood! That means the Wolves attacked him...We should not have left him alone...
Abhay: Mom...Relax! I will try to reach him... (Abhay concentrates and tries to connect with Chand. He keeps trying)
Hasina: What happened Abhay?
Abhay: He is not responding...He is in danger...let's go! (They get up from there and searches for Chand again)

At the Dobriyal House Pia comes down the stairs with the CD in hand. She is wearing a short dress now. Pia reaches the Hall and inserts the CD into the Player. Jay watches her from upstairs. After inserting the CD on the Player Piya goes from there. Jay says in mind, 'You can't remove the CD in front of them Jay ...Do something! Think...think...' Jay notices that no one is near the CD Player and comes down the stairs to the Hall. Suddenly Arnab comes near the Player and keeps his hand on top of the CD Player. He is talking to someone by standing there. Jay circles among the Guests for sometime. He then notices the Waiters putting the Food on the Buffet Counter. Jay follows the Waiter and comes to the Kitchen area where the Chefs and waiters are busy. He notices a pair of uniform kept at the Kitchen counter. Jay stealthily comes and picks the Uniform from there unnoticed. He notices the coal which is kept there.
Jay disguised as Waiter
Jay comes to the Hall disguised as a Waiter having a dark complexion and wearing glasses.He even shows his teeth and smiles at Guests offering the Snacks he is carrying. Piya is standing in the Hall taking to a Girl. He comes near them and offers the Snacks. When he notices Pia he turns and walks from there.
Pia: Excuse me! (Jay stops but does not turn and look at her.) Look! You not only have to carry the plate and roam around guests ...You also have to serve the Guests telling the name of the Dish. Tell me...What is the name of this dish?
Jay: kakaka khosla ka kabab!
Pia: What? Khosla Kabab...What sort of dish is this?
Jay: That's made on coal...that's why...
Pia: Okay...Go and serve! (Jay turns and go from there. Pia thinks, 'This Waiter was un-presentable and dirty...And what is Khosla Kabab? The Waiter was weird... something is wrong!' Pia follows Jay but Arnab stops her.)
Arnab: Pia, Where is Panchi? Is she getting prepared for the Marriage? This is just a normal Party. When will she come?
Pia: Come on Dad! It's her big day...Let her take her own time and then make an entry like a Princess... (Arnab nods his head as if he made a mistake)
Arnab: Made a mistake...asked you... (Arnab goes from there. Pia looks around and finds that the Waiter is not in the Hall. She thinks, 'Where is this Waiter gone? Definitely there is some problem...I need to find out!')

Jay is in the Kitchen now and without disguise. Pia opens the door and peeps in. Jay is standing with his back towards Pia. She thinks, 'Why this Jay was roaming around as Waiter and that too in such a bad disguise...' Jay wears the Jacket over his white shirt. Pia thinks, 'Why would he... Oh my God! I am sure he is up to something... And I think I know what he is doing'. Pia goes from there. At the Kitchen Jay shuffles his hair and sets his jacket right. He thinks, 'Game set! Match Point to Khuranas!' He smiles.

Pia comes to the hall. She goes near the CD Player and checks for the CD. She finds the Player empty. She says in mind, 'What do you think won? You have not seen the rest of our strategy'.

At the Jungle Abhay and Hasina are running. Suddenly Abhay notices someone lying on the ground with face hidden by the tree.
Hasina: Chand... (Both of them runs to Chand and kneel beside him. Chand has deep stratch marks on his cheek and seems to be unconscious. Abhay and Haseena calls Chand but he does not give any response.
Abhay: Dad get up Dad...Get up! Don't worry Mom... We will make him alright! We will fight this situation...We will not accept defeat with any wolf. Dad... come on dad...Dad, you can do it Dad... Mom, I will try to heal him.
Hasina : Come on Abhay... (Abhay tries to heal by touching the wound with his hands but it does not heal. He tries again and again but is not able to heal the wound. Abhay is frustrated and angry) Chand...Abhay, do something...What is happening to him? Why are we not able to heal him? His wound should have been alright by now... Abhay, why is the wound not getting alright?
Abhay: Mom, What Dad was afraid of that has happened. He had told me that it would happen. Yeah Mom, These wolves are not wolves. The day when they attacked me I told Dad that their eyes was not like that of wolves but like that of humans. The Age old Story has become true. Our biggest enemy who like us are monsters in human form... who live in between humans...that wolves are not wolves but werewolves...
Hasina: No...No...Chand... Come on Get up!
Abhay: Come on... Dad... ( Kabir is standing at a distance behind a tree looking at them. He thinks, 'Abhay Raichand...Abhay Raichand has come back? And his Mother too? What were they doing here? And why do they look so tense?')
Abhay: Mom...We should take Dad home. This place is not safe... Let's go!
Hasina: Abhay, How will we fight these wolves? Werewolves...No one has seen them for ages...Wolves in human form...We have to save our lives from them. But how will we fight with this unseen and unknown enemy?
Abhay: Mom, We cannot handle this situation alone. Whenever Dad was in any trouble he used to consult with the Vampire Council. We will consult with the Vampire Council...they are ancient than us...Older than us... They are in this earth for ages... They will definitely have some solution or the other for this. Yeah Mom, We will talk with them. They will give us a solution for this...
Hasina: You are right! (Kabir tries to get a clear view of the Raichands. Suddenly his Mobile rings and he hides himself behind the tree switching it off. Abhay and Haseena looks at Kabir's direction after hearing sound of the mobile ringing).

PreCap: Hasina tells Abhay that there is only one remedy for the wounds on Chand and that is a drop of the Blood of the Werewolf. Abhay vows to save Chand by bringing the blood of the Werewolf.

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28th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 207) Werewolves attack Chand Raichand

Tanushree and Misha after the Cooking Disaster
At the Cooking Class the Teacher tells the students, 'Today we will make Fajitas. This is a Mexican Dish, Okay?' Tanushree interrupts, 'Why are we making exotic dishes. We are all beginners so we could make something simple... Indian Khichadi?' The Teacher agrees and asks them to start the Cooking. Misha puts water into the Cooker and then adds all the Vegetables uncut inside the pressure cooker to cook while T wonders what to do by looking into the Vegetable Basket. Misha tries to light the gas stove and then realizes that she did not on the gas. She lights the stove and keeps the Cooker on the flame. The Teacher notices Misha's Open Cooker and asks her what she is doing. Misha replies that she is cooking the Vegetables. The teacher takes the Vegetables out of the Cooker one by one. She shows the unpeeled onion to Misha and asks her, 'Without cutting...without peeling... you put it just like that?' Misha replies, 'Mam, It is in water so it would get washed automatically. And as far as the peels are concerned I have read that peels are very good for health'. The Teacher corrects her, 'Fruit Peels Misha... not onion peels'. The Teacher then demonstrates to her how to cut Onions.

The teacher notices Tanushree standing near her counter and texting on her Mobile and smiling. The Teacher asks T what she is doing. T replies that she was waiting for help. The Teacher takes T's mobile from her. T shows a lady's finger and asks the Teacher if she should cleanse it with face wash or cleanser. The Teacher tells T that the vegetables are cleaned with water. T and Misha cuts the vegetables and put them to the Cooker with the other ingredients. Both of them closes the lid of their Pressure Cookers. After some time the whistles of both the cookers start blowing. They keep continuously blowing but both the girls do not off the stove. After sometime both the Cooker's burst leaving both the girls black on their faces.

A Doctor is putting some cream on Misha's face and T is attended by a Nurse. The Teacher is talking to a Doctor. She tells him, 'Thank God! No body is dead! If I would have been dead it would have been nice, I would have got freedom from these two girls. Thank you Doctor, now you can go'.
Misha: No no no... Don't send the Doctors away. If someone ate T's Khichadi by mistake they will get food poisoning.
T: Shut up Misha...Your Khichadi is on the ceiling. (Kabir comes there. Misha waves at him)
Misha: Kabir Hi!
Kabir: Who are you?
Misha: Me Misha...
Kabir: Misha? Can someone tell me what is wrong here?
T: Baby,it was a small accident
Kabir: This is a small accident T? This much a big emergency and you were texting and calling me? You could have called me, right?
T: K, It was an urgent work. I was making Khichadi for you... see!
Kabir: This was your urgent work T? This disaster! There everybody is getting ready for protest and you are making Khichadi for me here?
T: K, This is for you...
Kabir:, won't I love it if you make Khichadi for me? But in the middle of this important day... T, I need you for the Protest...not Khichadi...
T: Okay K, I will come with you and bring along Khichadi too... (T asks her friend) Where is Khichadi? (Misha points to the ceiling and says, 'Khichadi'. T is sad. Kabir looks at the ceiling and says, 'Wow'.)
Tanushree tells Kabir that they will go for eating Khichadi
The students are sitting in the Forest in front of the Fire. The students shout, 'Save our Land'. There is a save our land Banner tied in between trees. Kabir, Misha, Angad and Pia are all there. All of them are wearing T shirts in which Save our land is written.
Pia: You know what Kabir...This is such a nice thing to do...All this happened because of you...
Kabir: Not at all! There is the efforts of all students.
Pia: But you took the initiative... You started all this! (T comes there and greets Kabir. She sits next to him and puts her hands around him)
T: Hi Darling! I came to support you.
Kabir: Thank you!
T: You know what? I am so proud of you K. You did a very good thing and after this thing you and me
Kabir: You and me?
T: Yeah, You and me you know...
Kabir: You and me?
T: You and me will go to eat Khichadi...
Kabir: Come on T...Khichadi? (Suddenly the students notice a Car on the Road and Dipannita Khurana getting out of it).
Dipannita Khurana offers support to Mount College Students
Pia walks to Dipannita Khurana.
Pia: Aunty, you here?
Dipannita: Pia, I knew that you would be definitely involved in this protest. The idea of saving the Jungle is yours, right? You are so sensitive Piya and I am so proud of you (The other students also come near Pia)
Pia: No Aunty! This is not my idea... I have just participate din this movement. Actually the idea is of my friend Kabir. Meet the brain behind all this...Kabir that's Aunty...
Kabir: Hi Mom!
Dipannita: Hi Kabir! Dipannita...I am here to support you all! We bought the Eastern side of the Jungle from the Government who was allotting plots one by one. Because of our buildings the greenery of the Jungle or the environment would not have any compromise need to be done...But College has auctioned the land... and that too without much thinking...without doing research on how they can affect the nature. And for what? Money... disgusting! Anyways students...whatever help you need from Khurana's we will give. We are there with you!
Pia: Thank you so much Auntie! We are here for one hour and no one has come. The Owners have not come...they are just not bothered about it...
Dipannita: Then bother them Pia... And don't worry! I will make sure that all news channels cover this protest. Anyways it is the talk of the town... and don't give up! We are there to support you! You will definitely get justice. I came here to tell you this. All the Best! Keep it up!
Pia: Thank you so much! (Dipannita goes from there. The students go back to where they were sitting by shouting, 'Save our land'. Piya looks at her watch)
Chand in Vampire form trying to scare the wolves
Chand is standing near a tree. He says in mind, 'Khurana's are taking advantage of the innocence of students. I know you Dipannita Khurana... For your Profits you are making these students aim at me. You don't know that the Raichands does not accept defeat so fast'. Chand hears the howling of wolves and turns and look behind. He sees the wolves eyes shinning in the dark there. Chand thinks, ' They came up to here? I did not see them coming. They are here...' Chand comes to his Vampire form and make faces at the Wolves. He thinks, 'Oh No! I won't be able to handle them alone...'. He tries to communicate telepathically with Abhay, ' Abhay! Can you hear me Abhay? I am in the Jungle!' Chand realizes that he could not reach Abhay and thinks that he should now handle the wolves alone. The wolves come running towards Chand. Chand runs fast through the Jungle with the wolves chasing behind closely. After some time Chand stumbles and falls back and the wolves jump on him one after the other.

The students are sitting on the Ground around the Fire. T is sleeping by leaning on to Kabir. Misha is also dozing off. All students are looking tired. Pia thinks, 'Oh my God I is Panchi's dinner...But how will we go? We will have to go for Panchi. We will have to do something'. Piya She taps Misha and wakes her up. Pia: Listen Misha, today is Panchi's dinner... What will we do now? We are stuck! How will we tell them all that we are going from the midst of the protest. They are protesting and we go for the will they feel? What will we do?
Misha: I will handle it! ( Misha tells Kabir that no body bothers about the protest. Kabir tells her that they cannot accept defeat so fast. They here the howling of the wolves. Angad tells Kabir that it is better to go and have dinner than be the dinner of the wolves. Misha also supports Angad and gets up to go along with Pia. T is happy that she would be able to spend time alone with Kabir. Kabir is angry at the students and calls them selfish. Pia also tells Kabir that the protest at night does not make any sense and they would come next day morning with a new strategy. Kabir tells that everyone can go and that he would be there alone. T tells Kabir to pick her up in 2 hours for the Party. Misha and Pia gets into the Bike to go home).

The arrangements for the Party are going on at Dobriyal House. The House is decorated. Arnab comes there and is surprised to see the House. Panchi gives instructions to the House staff regarding food, drinks etc...
Arnab: Panchi...
Panchi: Papa...
Arnab: Has Madhu come back? What are these preparations of Party?
PanchI: No Papa, Mom is not back but I thought I will throw a Party from my side for Neel's family. Actually Dad how many gifts they keep sending me so I thought I should do at least this... They should not think that we don't care...
Arnab: Smart thinking! I am impressed. You have really become matured. (Arnab goes and sits on a sofa and Panchi goes and sits on the arm of the sofa) Madhu is not here but your training is good. (Panchi laughs)
Panchi: Thank you!
Arnab: Isn't this a little on short notice?
Panchi: Yeah Papa! It is short notice but everyone is coming. everyone has confirmed. Our engagement guests from the side of Khuranas...all are coming...
Arnab: Very good then! So may I go and get ready?
Panchi: Yes! Come on... You have to look handsome tonight... (Arnab goes from there. Panchi walks to a house help and gives him instructions. Panchi thinks, 'You started the game in front of these people Neel by getting engaged with me. Now I will end this game in front of these people... You will see'). Episode ends

PreCap: Abhay says, 'The age old story has become true! Our biggest enemies...who like us are monsters in human form... who live in between humans... These wolves are not wolves but werewolves'.
Haseena: (Chand is lying on the ground. He has deep scratch marks on his cheek. Haseena and Abhay are kneeling near Chand)
Abhay:! (Kabir is standing near a tree and he sees them)

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Monday, June 27, 2011

27th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 206) Arnab Dobriyal decides to use the Yantra to subdue Vampires

Neel holds Panchi closer
Episode 206 starts with Arnab Dobriyal searching for something in the Book Shelf by standing on a ladder held by a house staff. He finds what he was looking for in the top shelf and climbs down with the object. He look at the object which resembles a mini camera and says, ‘The Yantra to bring the Vampire under control...This is the yantra which is used by tantriks...I will use this! Let me see who you are and where you are hiding. Now you won't be able to hide. I will use this and then you will have to come in front of me... The effect of this Yantra would be such that you won't be able to bear the pain and I will recognize you. Now I will not let any Vampire to come near my daughters. Now you won't be able to hide from me. I am ready to meet you. I am ready!'

Piya comes to the Mount College Car Parking lot where the Dobriyal's vehicle is parked. She thinks, 'What happened to Misha suddenly? Sure Misha is hiding something. I have not seen her getting angry like that. (The Chauffeur opens the Car door for Pia) What's happened to her? What is she hiding?' Piya asks the Driver if he has seen Misha's bike and when he replies in negative she asks him to stop the vehicle if he sees her on the way. Pia gets into the Car. The Chauffeur drives the vehicle from there. The Driver stops the vehicle suddenly in front of a Building. Pia asks him why he stopped and he replies that the Car cannot go further as it is Traffic Jam. Pia suddenly notices Misha's Bike in front of the Building. Piya asks the Driver to go home and tells him that she would come on her own. She gets down from the Car and goes and stands near the Bike waiting for Misha to come. After some time Misha comes out of the Building and is stunned to see Misha. Pia questions her as to why she is in the Building. Misha lies to her that she comes there daily as she likes a certain Guy called Venkiteshwara Ramaswamy. Piya makes faces and mocks hearing the name and Misha argues with her and tells her that a rose will be a rose even if it is called a pumpkin. Pia asks if the Guy likes her. Misha tells that she comes there to find out about that and would have shared with Pia if she was not so self involved. Misha tells Pia that it is her fault and tells her not to ask anymore questions. Pia tells sorry to Misha. Misha tells that she would forgive her if Pia treats her to an Ice cream. Pia agrees and they go from there. Misha is happy that she could save the situation.

At the Mount College Campus students are busy with Placards and other arrangements for the protest. Kabir tells T and Tracker that it is not a Fashioon Show but a Social Cause and tells that the College won't waste money on their costumes. He tells that he needs plain T Shirts on with it is written 'Save our land'. Tracker tells that she would not take it and goes from there. Kabir tells T that it is her turn and asks her if she would not make the T Shirts for him. T tells that she is bored of the Project and do not want to do the T Shirts. T tells that she has an exciting topic to think about. Kabir asks her what it is and Tanushree replies that she was thinking of going with Kabir to eat Mexican Food at the Restaurant near by her house the next day night. She informs him that she has booked a table for them already and asks him to pick her up from her home.
Kabir: It is ridiculous T. Don't you think that we have a more important thing to do other than dinner. (Tanushree rolls her eyes in disinterest) It is such a big problem. Instead of sorting that out you want to take me to eat Mexican, Wow! And what is this daily exotic food? By eating the happening food do we become the town's happening couple? (T is irritated) T...I am your Boyfriend. You should consider my likes and dislikes. You know what? I hate Mexican. I don't like Italian or Japanese or whatever you experiment on me. Do you know what I like?
Tanushree: No!
Kabir: Exactly! You know I like plain simple Khichdi (Indian version of comfort food)...simple khichdi
Tanushree: Khichadi... you mean khichadi...
Kabir: Why? You have a problem? But Babe I am sorry...this is how it is...Your Boyfriend likes Khichdi... whether it is today's fashion or not. But you know what? I am wasting my time. Now apart from me I have to think of others. I have to save the Jungle. So see you T (He gives a salute and turns and walks)
Tanushree: K...., K....
Kabir: T, I said see you later, Bye! (T is frustrated)

T is sitting in the Campus looking unhappy. T's friend comes there and gives her a report of the latest gossip updates. She tells, Rohit Bal's entertainment Party yesterday was a super hit. Aiswarya Rai and Abhishek Bachan are going to have a child. Now listen to this one...your favorite color dress is now available in Dehraduns one and only store. And now your love scope... Your Boyfriend will dump you today for your biggest enemy'.
T: Excuse me! What sort of stale news you have got...Get some new ideas! If you are this useless go and become Tracker's friend. Get lost! Go... please go.... (The girl goes from there. T thinks, 'I will not let my K go to my enemy. Piya will never get K. Khichadi...Yo! No problem Baby!'

Misha stops her Bike in front of a Shop behind a Car (Haseena Raichand is in the Front passenger seat of the Car). She tells Pia that she has to take an USB and goes insides the Shop. Pia sits on the bike waiting for Misha. While Pia's face is turned the other side Abhay comes there and sees her. He looks at her. The wind blows suddenly and Pia thinks, 'What's that? Why do I feel that the person I am waiting for is here'. Abhay gets into the Car and Drives from there. Pia turns her face and then looks at the Car. Piya thinks, 'I have seen this number of Car somewhere, It feels like I recognize this number very well'. Misha comes out of the Shop and Pia asks her if she knows a Car with 111 Number belonging to some acquaintance. Misha tries to evade the Question and tells, 'let's go'. Pia tells that she knows that it has some connection with her past life. Misha thinks, 'This is crazy... In this city everything reminds Pia of Abhay. And now he has come back. How will I hide this?'
Misha: Piya, in this city there are so many important people... Some one would have got a special number, what's the big deal? Okay, Listen...
Pia: No, You listen Misha...I know... it's connected to my past. There is something to it. Let's just follow it... It went just now. (Misha puts on the helmet)
Misha: No no no... Are you mad? I am already late for class. If I bunk this class Mam would hang me upside down...
Pia: What class?
Misha: yeah! It's my extra class... Otherwise I won't pass for exams. How much big problems we kids have of studying and passing... Move! ( Misha gets into the Bike. Pia thinks, 'What is happening to me? I keep bothering myself over small small things. That day near the Old house also I felt like how I felt seeing the Car. I felt the same way near the Ice grave in the middle of the Jungle also. Are this things connected to each other? Does all these really have a connection with my life? And if Misha is not helping me I have to search for the answers myself').

Tanushree Ambolker comes to the Cooking Class.
Teacher: Tanushree Ambolker, what are you doing here?
T: Mam, I have come to join your class. Mam, You remember right? In the First year your literature class used to be my favorite. SO I thought in this subject also you could inspire me. And nowadays, cooking is so glamorous. Master Chef T... sounds good, ehh?
Teacher: First attend the Class. You can become Master later! Go to table number 3.
T: Thank You Mam. (T goes to her Table. her friend is also in the Class. Misha comes there hurriedly)
Misha: Sorry...sorry... Am I late?
Teacher: Misha... what are you doing here?
Misha: Attending the class
Teacher: Are you joining the cooking class? (T looks suspiciously) There can be only one reason to it. Come on tell me the truth!
Misha: No Mam! Mam am getting failed. And to attend the class there is five grace marks. I really need it...please!
Teacher: See how well I know you...
Misha: Mam, You are a genius!
Teacher: Apply the butter on the dish and not me. And if the food is not prepared well the marks would be minus (Tanushree is trying to figure out what to do with the Apron)
Misha: Don't worry about it Mam. You know how much a foodie I am so cooking will be easy for me...
Teacher: We will see...Table number 1... (T's friend helps her to tie the Apron) Come on girls...quick (T claps her fingers and 3 chefs come for her assistance. Tanushree tells the teacher that she would concentrate on learning while the Chef's do the practical stuff. The teacher asks Tanushree to leave the class room. T thinks, 'I need to make Khichdi for K. I hope the love scope not become true...It is a matter of one class. Make Khichdi and then straight to the Salon for Manicure!'T sends her chefs off and tells the Teacher that she will do everything. The Teacher asks all of them to start the Cooking.

Neel comes to Dobriyal House. Arnab is sitting on the sofa and working on the Laptop. Neel knocks at the door.
Neel: Hello Papa!
Arnab: Hello Neel! What a surprise... Come come come... (Neel walks in and sits on the chair next to Arnab)
Neel: Actually, Mom gave this for Panchi (Showing a Jewerly box). So I thought I will give this and also use it as an excuse to have coffee with you.
Arnab: Any time! Actually I don't understand this ritual of the Khurana family. You are making us ashamed with all this gifts.
Neel: Not at all... It is the tradition of the family we are following...that's all
Arnab: Panchi... (Panchi comes down the stairs with a glass of juice in hand)
Panchi: Papa, How many times I told you that I don't want to drink this Orange Juice... (She sees Neel)
Arnab: From your in-laws a gift has come. One more gift...
Neel: That's for my beautiful Bride...
Arnab: Come, You two sit and talk... I will make Coffee for you two... Ramsingh! (Arnab walks from there. Panchi walks and stands in front of Neel)
Panchi: Why have you come here? Your time pass girls got bored of you?
Neel: Not even close Baby! It is just that Mom told me to take some time out for my to be I took little time out for you that's all...
Panchi: Keep your Gift and your time with you...(Neel is about to get up. But Arnab comes there and informs that the Coffee is on the way so Neel leans back to the chair.
Arnab: Tell me Neel...What's up!
Neel: Nothing Dad! Panchi was telling me how much she loves Maang Tikka (an Indian hair jewelry worn on the forehead). In fact Sweetheart...why don't you try this maang tikka along with the Necklace?
Panchi: Will do later!
Neel: Panchi Please...I want to see how it looks on you...Please!
Arnab: Come on Panchi... Wear and show...He is asking so lovingly...
Neel: yeah Panchi... let me see how my family heirlooms look on you... If not we will get it changed...
Arnab: No no no...of course not... Go Panchi...Go and wear the necklace and come.
Panchi: I will come ( She goes from there. Neel follows her telling that she will need his help to tie the necklace. He tells her, 'That is what husbands are for, right?' Arnab looks at them going with a smile on his face and says, 'sweet!')
Neel tells Panchi that she has no idea of his game and plans for her
Panchi comes to her room followed by Neel. Neel looks around appreciating the room
Neel: Nice Room...
Panchi: Shut up! Listen Neel...It's enough...I am fed up with your drama. I know that you wish to take revenge on me but now you are crossing the damn line. Stay away from my family.
Neel; If your family is not in the game how will this game be thrilling?
Panchi: What the hell! You are playing with my family?
Neel: Ofcourse! I learned it from you...
Panchi: You know what? I also learned to deal with you. What you want to do do...It won't have any effect on me. I won't let you win! (Neel smiles and comes closer to Panchi telling her name and pulls her to him by putting a hand on her waist. Panchi tries to free herself but Neel holds her closer)
Neel: Panchi, Don't even think that you know anything about my game. Because this game has just started Panchi. And what all I have kept planned for you... you have no idea!
Panchi: Leave me!
Neel: Gladly! (He leaves her)Panchi, Anyhow I am not interested in you. You are so boring and cold...For me you are that Bird who flutters the wings in the cage... (Panchi's mobile rings and she picks up the phone. Neel's face suddenly becomes serious. Panchi talks to someone and tells him, 'Not a problem! Now only my engagement has happened. And everyone knows that Neel Khurana is a big loser. And this engagement is just a business deal...well not a problem, I will see you tonight! I will see you today...Bye...muuaahh...' She cuts the Phone.
Neel: Who was that?
Panchi: None of your Business!
Neel: Panchi, You really think that I cannot find out?
Panchi: Why? Just now I was boring...cold... Now you are suddenly interested? You know what Neel? You started this game...and I will end it! Get it? So...You may leave...

PreCap: Chand Raichand being chased by Wolves through the Forest.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

24th June 2011 Written Update (Episode 205) Hasina Raichand wins the bid at the Auction for Forest Land

Misha sees the Raichand Family
Episode 205 starts with Arnab Dobriyal going towards the stairs of the Hall and Pia coming to the Hall. Arnab sees Pia and greets her. Pia is trying to put the clasp of her chain.
Arnab: Good Morning! Where are you running of this early in the morning?
Pia: Hi Dad! I am going for a job. Dad just help me... I am not able to do it (Pia comes and stand with her back to Arnab)
Arnab: See this! All the daughters in this house are strange. The one who should run is going by Car and the one who should not be running is going running off.
Pia: Papa Come on! Mom also keep calling her fatty fatty Don't call Panchi like that. At least you don't start...
Arnab: Atleast by telling some change has happened. She has become a little slim, right?
Pia: Of course...(Arnab puts the chain into the clasp. Pia removes the hair from the back and puts it to the front. Arnab is shocked to see that the Vampire Breathe mark which he noticed at night is no longer there). Papa, Over?
Arnab: ha...yeah...
Pia: Okay! Thanks...Bye! (Pia goes from there. Arnab thinks, 'That sign...Where has that sign gone? It was there yesterday night...but today...' Arnab hurries to his Book shelf and takes the Vampire Book out. He goes and sits with the book on the chair and look into the page where it is written about Vampire breath. He reads, 'Vampire Breath...Dead human's shadow...If a Vampire touches a human this sign stays up to 4 hours on the human and vanishes on its own after that'. Arnab thinks, '4 Hours? That means Pia met some Vampire last night. No! How is it possible? Siddharth is dead. Or has he returned? Otherwise someone else? No! No... It cannot happen. Who is this Vampire? (Arnab thinks) A Vampire touched Pia? Yesterday Night... How can it happen? That danger had passed from our lives. But this... No! This time I will not let the shadow of a monster fall on my child. I have to stop any circumstances... (Arnab leans back on the Chair) But how? How? What will I do?' )

At the Auction hall a Guy makes the Announcement regarding the Auction of 27 Acres of Forest Land which goes till the Boundary wall of Mount College. Haseena thinks, 'This land I have to buy at any cost. This success is very essential for the return of the Raichands'. Dipannita talks to Jay, 'Jay, this Raichands will fight for this property a lot'.
Jay: I know Mom! But don't let them win.
Dipannita: Never! This property value would go up to 6 Crores which this Raichands would not be able to afford.
Jay: Yeah... (The Announcer of the Auction shows a slide show showing the 27 Acres of land in the Eastern Forest Area in Dehradun belonging to the Mount College Trust. Once the presentation is over the Bid begins with an opening bid of 4.5 crores. Hasina and Dipannita keeps outbidding each other. Dipannita bids 9 crores and Haseena raises the bid by .5 crores. Dipannita tells Jay, 'You know what? It is not worth it!' The land gets sold to Hasina Raichand for a price of 9.5 Crores. Every one including the Khurana's clap.)
Haseena: Congratulations Abhay! We are back! (Dipannita Khurana walks to the Hasina Raichand and is followed by Jay)
Dipannita: Congratulations! (Haseena smiles) But you know what? But you know what? By increasing the bid you made this deal costly. Looks like you do not know to bargain. The value of this Property is utmost 6 Crores. And buying it at a higher price you have made it a loss making proposition. That is why I did not increase the bid (Haseena is sitting on the chair cool and composed with a slight smile on her lips)because it is the Business protocol to know where to stop.
Hasina: You seriously think(Hasina gets up and faces Dipannita. Abhay also gets up)that I made a loss making transaction?
Dipannita: Of course!
Hasina: But the land I bought is on the way of the land bought by you. When the way from my land will be closed for you that day the value of my land will increase on its own. So I have benefited, right? Because when there is no way how will people reach your Studio? You have to give me toll tax for your Construction. You have to pay me tax for each brick. (Abhay is smiling while Jay is taken aback just like his Mom) So in that case, I got this land at a very cheaper price. Excuse me! (Haseena turns and walks from there. Abhay follows her)
Dipannita: Not so soon! Dipannita Khurana does not accept defeat this fast. Come... (Dipannita leaves from there followed by Jay who is looking unhappy).

At the Mount College Campus Kabir is calling students for an emergency meeting at the College Canteen. Kabir stands on top of a chair and addresses the students. Misha, Pia, Tracker, T, Barbie and Skipper - all have assembled around Kabir.
Kabir: Guys Listen up...Listen up! Guys, There is a bad news. Our College Authorities have sold the empty forest land belonging to the College. They have sold this properties for a few Rupees where they could have made a stadium, football ground or anything else for extracurricular activities. They have just sold it off.
Tracker: No way! What the hell...How can it happen?
Kabir: And on top of that they sold the 25 acres of forest area also (Students are shocked). There some Construction Company is going to start their construction. So Guys, what about the Forest? What about all that trees in the Forest? What about our environment? Will we allow these money hungry people to seize our legacy? (Students nod 'No') Till when? Till when will we tolerate our elder's selfishness and ruin our future? Guys, By next week from the land all the trees will be taken off. And we have to stop it. We have to protest against this...We will not let this happen! Khurana's Excel Builders Company has already ruined the Western Forest area. This land is of the College and we will not let this happen. We will not let then build a Cement mansion there. We will tell them and the College Authorities that we know very well to preserve our legacy. So what say Guys? Are we there?(The students say yes) Cool! Okay Guys... For doing all this we need to go with full planning...placards, street drama, costume, banners... we have to use all this. We will make a task force and divide the teams. So Guys, Let us go and save our land.( The students shouts 'Save our our land...')

Kabir is walking through the Campus and Tracker catches up with him. She tells him that she will design the Costumes for the Forest Rescue Mission. Trackers friend also comes there. Kabir tells her that he want the help of all students and asks Tracker to do a good job with the costumes. Tracker is excited and runs off from there along with her friend.

Misha and Pia comes near Kabir. Misha appreciates Kabir and tells him that she did not expect the leader type behavior from him.
Kabir: That is why judge less and work more
Misha: Okay, Tell me what work I have to do? (Kabir thinks) Tell... I mean do you want me on an aggression mode?
Pia: You know what? I feel that we have to protest at two places. One at the College land and the other at the Office of those who have bought the land. I mean I am sure there are rich otherwise they cannot buy the land atonce.
Kabir: That is what we need to find out. Other than the Khurana's who has bought the rest of the land? You know what Guys... You both find out who bought the rest of the land.
Misha : Yes Sir! (Misha gives Kabir a mock salute)
Pia: Okay, So let us do this...At the College Office it would be lunch break. We will go there and find out, okay?
Misha: Yes Mam (Misha salutes Pia. The Girls say Bye to Kabir and rushes from there. Misha keeps shouting 'Save the Jungle' on the way).

T comes there followed by her friend and hugs Kabir.
T: You should have been the President
Kabir: Thank you Baby!
T: Okay, You do your preparations, I am going. Okay, One remember about tomorrow's date, don't you?
Kabir: But baby, How can we go on a date tomorrow? I mean from tomorrow we have to start the Protests. All the College students are making Banners, Tracker is taking care of the Costumes...and in between all this if I go on a date how will it be?
T: That you should have thought before. And moreover, if Tracker is designing the Costumes T and her army will not wear the costumes. Baby, you should have used your brains. You could have asked me to design the Costumes... I would have done.
Kabir: Actually Baby, This thing came to my mind but...
T: Will the Press be there?
Kabir: Of course! I have told Dad and called the whole Press.
T: So it is fine! I will be this movements Chair Person and dress designer. This will be my first public launch. It will be so amazing. And tell Tracker that we don't need her anymore. (T kisses Kabir on his cheek) I am going to go get ready and... ( T goes from there with her friend talking to her. Kabir touches his hand on his cheek where Tanushree kissed him and says, 'How sweet'. He then looks up and goes from there).

Tracker and T both are busy with their preparations of the Costume and dress up their Models.

Misha and Pia comes in front of the Office Room. There is a Board on the door in which it is written lunch time 1-2 PM. Piya tells Misha that it is 2:15 already and they would be coming anytime. Pia tells her that she would go in and look for the information while Misha stands outside. Misha tells Pia, '! If somebody sees me guarding the door they will think that definitely Misha is up to some prank. And we will get caught. So, do one thing I will go in and you guard the door...nobody will suspect seeing your innocent face...'. Piya agrees and Misha goes in. Misha searches on the table but does not find the file regarding the College land. She then opens a drawer and looks into the files there. Misha finds the file and looks into the details of the purchased. She is shocked to find that the land has been bought by the Raichands. Misha thinks, 'Raichands bought the land? This means that they are back in the City. How will I tell Pia? Before telling Pia I have to do some spy work. Yeah...Raichands new Office Address...'

Misha comes out of the Office Room.
Pia: You came to know something?
Misha: No! All the Drawers were closed. Afterwards I will find out from the Secretary.
Pia: You know what? I could have gone. At least I would have got something or the other. (Misha fakes anger and responds to Pia. She tells Pia why she has to do everything on her own and not trust others. Misha looks at the address written on her hand and thinks that she should go to that address fast.)
Tracker's Models show off Costumes
Tanushree's Models do a ramp walk wearing their costumes
Tracker comes to Kabir and tells him that he cannot do like that. T also comes there and sits next to Kabir. T insults Tracker. Kabir tells the girls that it is not for a fashion show that he wants the costumes but for a cause. Kabir asks both the girls to present their costumes after which he will decide which one to choose. Trackers friends who are holding umbrellas show off the costumes with leaves and flower theme ramp walk style. Kabir is not impressed. T tells that the dresses are tacky and calls her friends to present the Costume she designed. T's friends are wearing dresses like fashion models with no connection with the Cause they want to use the costume for. Kabir is in a dilemma as to whom to choose as he did not like the costumes of T or Tracker. He tells the girls that he want basic type t shirts on which Save the land is written.
T: So that means you did not like my dresses
Kabir: No no no T Baby...It is nothing like that. I was just thinking that the design you made for the fashion show...I mean would be very expensive.
T: No K! I mean I don't keep any profit margin. It is just 15000 bucks... (Kabir and Tracker are shocked. Tracker tells that her cost is only 14500. Kabir fakes surprise. He then gives a fake smile. He then says in mind, 'Oh God! Tell the Builders that along with the Jungle they take me up also'. Kabir asks them both to give him some time to think after which he will tell the decision. Kabir touches the chin of both the girls playfully. T kisses Kabir on the cheek again and tells him, 'K, after your decision I will thank you alone'. T goes from there and Tracker too runs off embarrassed.)

Misha looks into the Board displaying the names of the Companies in the Building. She sees that Raichand Industries is in Level 6. She says, 'I hope this is some other Raichands. If Abhay has come back to the City and Pia comes to know...Oh God, what would happen'. Misha presses the Lift Button. The lift is coming down from the 6th Floor. Misha notices Chand Raichand on the lift and runs and hides herself behind a wall. Chand Raichand comes out of the lift followed by Abhay and Hasina. The stand out side the lift together.
Chand: I am so happy. Now nobody can stop us. (The Raichand family goes from there through the other side. Misha curses herself and says, ' They are back... How will Pia react?'). Episode ends.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

23rd June 2011 Written Update (Episode 204) Jay Khurana defends Pia Dobriyal in front of Abhay Raichand

Panchi catches Neel red handed with another girl
Episode 204 starts with Arnab Dobriyal sitting near the Fire Place on the Hall reading a Vampire Book. He thinks, 'How many times I have read this Book. But every time I read I find something new (He looks at a picture on the book and reads out the description). When a living dead touches a human he leaves a mark on the human. This mark is called the shadow of the dead human or Vampire breathe'.Suddenly the wind blows through the window and the logs at the fireplace die out. Arnab covers his with a hand because of the intensity of the wind. Suddenly a lamb shade falls down in the wind and breaks. Arnab thinks, 'Calm down Arnab...calm down. This is not a horror movie...this is just a book. Oh God...It's too late in the wonder. Just I will see my 3 daughters once and then straight to bed'. Arnab gets up from the Chair with the book.

Misha is walking to and fro in the room. She says, 'Damn it! It's 2 in the Night and no news of Pia...and on top of it her phone is also not reachable. I don't believe it. She has become more irresponsible than me. I should not have let her go with those Guys. If something happens to her Papa would murder me. Oh God!' Misha sits down hiding her face on her palms in frustration and worry.

Arnab opens Panchi's room and looks at Panchi who is peacefully sleeping on her bed. Arnab looks at Panchi with a smile and says in mind, 'Ahh my sweety fatty...Madhu tells right before marriage she has to lose some weight. No more ice creams with Papa... sorry!'Arnab closes Panchi's bedroom Door.

Misha goes to the table and picks up glass of water kept there saying, 'Oh were is she?' She walks sipping the water from the glass and bumps into Arnab who opens the door and walks in. She screams and switches on the light in the Room.
Arnab: Ah Misha, What are you doing? You scared me... And why are you walking to and fro in the room? Why have you not slept? (Misha shows the water to Arnab)
Misha:Papa Water... (She drinks water from the glass and then talks with Arnab nervously)I have drunk too much water, now I am going to sleep Papa.
Arnab: 2'o'clock in the night you... Please go and sleep.
Misha: yeah, Goodnight Papa. Goodnight... (Arnab closes the door and goes from there. Inside the room Misha starts walking to and fro again and curses. She then switches off the light. She gets into her Bed groaning and covers herself head to toe with Blanket).

Arnab opens Pia's bedroom Door and looks at Pia's Bed. He sees that Pia is not in the Room and that her Bed is neat. He calls out for Pia.
Arnab: Pia...Piya, Are you in the bathroom? (He gets no response. Arnab closes Pia bedroom door)

Misha is sitting on her Bed trying to call Pia on her Mobile. She says, 'Come on Pia...(She curses) Still unreachable...'. Arnab opens the door and Misha immediately lies on the bed pretending to sleep. Arnab comes near Misha's bed and pulls the Blanket from her body.
Arnab: Misha, Get up! Don't pretend to sleep...get up! (Misha gets up and stands in front of Arnab looking guilty)Where is Pia? I know when ever there is some problem in the house your involvement is definitely there. Now I am asking you...where is Pia?
Misha: Papa, I don't know
Arnab: What do you mean you don't know? You are telling lie. Pia is not in her is 2 at night already. You are saying excuses? What is all this nonsense? I want to know where is Pia.
Misha: Papa I swear... I swear I don't know. I mean... (Misha tells Arnab something. The voice is mute)
Arnab: What?
Misha: I was trying to call her through out...
Arnab: God...I don't believe you Guys...
Misha: I don't know what to do... (Arnab raises his voice)
Arnab: What do you guys keep on doing? What am I suppose to do? Where to search her? (Misha bows her head in guilt. Suddenly they hear the sound of Car horn and sound of a Car stopping. Arnab walks out of the room and Misha follows).

Misha opens the front door with Arnab standing behind her. They see Pia in a drowsy state standing there supported by Jay Khurana who is looking guilty.
Arnab: Pia... What happened? (Pia's eyes is closed. She keeps her hand on her head and then leans to Jay) Pia, Look at me! (Pia tries to but she is unsteady and almost stumbles) Are you drunk? Oh my God! She is drunk. Misha comes near Pia to take her inside supporting her)
Jay: Yes...Careful...
Arnab: Carefully... I don't believe it... (Arnab and Jay follows them to the House) 2'o'clock she comes home all drunk. I have given more freedom for you people which you take wrong advantage of. I will stop everything. The same goes for you Misha. (Misha takes Pia up while Jay and Arnab are standing in the Hall)
Jay: I am really sorry Uncle. I don't mean to interfere but in this there is no fault of Pia Uncle. Uncle, she has not consumed Alcohol. Those 4 Guys mixed something in her drink. I don't know what it was. It's good that I reached there are the right time otherwise you never know what their intentions were. And by the way Uncle... I am really sorry but Pia is a little scared...and what punishment she had to get she already got it. Ahh I just want to say I am really sorry...Just take Care!
Arnab: Alright! Jay, Whatever you have done I am really thankful and I really appreciate it.
Jay: Good Night Uncle...Please take care, Bye! (Jay goes from there. Arnab thinks, 'How much Jay thinks for Piya. How much he cares for her. That is really very sweet. He is a good boy. I like Pia and Jay as a couple. I must do something then).

Arnab opens the door and gets into Pia's Room. Pia is in the Bed sleeping. Arnab goes and sits on her Cot and fondly runs his hand on her head. He thinks, 'Pia my daughter... How many more times life will test you. God, Please remove this shadow from my child's life'. Suddenly Arnab sees the same mark on Pia's neck about which he read only sometime back in the Vampire Book and recalls what he read. Arnab looks at the mark carefully and thinks, 'Vampire Breath? Because of Siddharth Pia has come into the shadow of a Vampire. Siddharth...Because of you what all Pia had gone through. Vampire Breath on my child... Siddharth, I shall never forgive you'. Arnab gets up from Pia's bed.

Next day morning Arnab is sitting at the Breakfst Table sipping his Tea. Panchi comes to the room and greets Arnab.
Arnab: Good Morning! (Panchi occupies a chair next to Arnab)
Panchi: Oh Cholai... (She picks up the Bowl) Today Mom is not there. No diet... (Arnab takes the Cholai from Panchi)
Arnab: Who told you? Mom is not there so more diet... Come here Ramsingh...
Panchi: Papa you are joking!
Arnab: Yes. (The Kitchen Staff comes and keeps a glass of Juice in front of Panchi. He takes the Bowl of Cholai away)
Panchi: Papa...What is wrong with you Papa... I won't drink this...Yuck! What happened to you?
Arnab: Morning Juice and afternoon Vegetables... (Panchi grumbles while Arnab starts reading the newspaper. Panchi tries to butter Arnab but it does not work. Arnab takes the Jewelry Box from the table and hands over to Panchi. Panchi opens it and looks at the Jewelry).
Panchi: Oh my God! Papa, This is so beautiful. Thank you so much!
Arnab: Don't thank me. This was send by Neel and Dipannita. Your In-laws sends gifts and all...You are very lucky! They are very generous. (Panchi thinks, 'Loser Neel...this is enough! This is getting serious. I have to stop this Drama of engagement'.
Panchi: Well papa... I have some work. I will go running and be back running.
Arnab: Go running only!
Panchi: Why?
Arnab: For your own benefit... No Car...
Panchi: Come on Papa, Stop it! Bye...
Arnab: Bye!

At the Khurana's house Dipannita Khurana is looking into a file and smiles. She says, 'That's great! The forest authorities are in my hand. In the Auction I will buy the entire land at a cheaper price'. She makes a call from her mobile. Jay picks up the Call.
Jay: Hi Mom!
Dipannita: Jay, Where are you? This is the first auction in your life and I am sure you are going to enjoy it. In Business you might not have seen things like this earlier. Are you ready for it?
Jay: I know Mom...I know. I am just reaching...Okay? I will see you.
Dipannita: That's great! I will see you there. (Both cuts the phone. Jay says, 'Pia' and then dials her mobile number. He gets no response and tries again. He then says, 'Not available? Okay...Misha...let's try!'He dials Misha's number.

Misha comes into Pia's room and talks to Piya.
Misha: Majnu Singh's phone came. He was asking about you got up...the hangover is gone...etc etc etc... Hello! Don't make a face. You and I both know that if he would not have been there what would have happened. He saved you!
Pia: If he was not here at the first place... all this drama would not have happened, Okay? (Pia goes and sits on her bed. Misha follows)
Misha: Excuse me! Did he keep a Gun on your head? Did he force you? You went on your own to meet those Guys. He dared you and you went. Don't you have brains?
Pia: Misha, You are telling me this...You? When I dressed up in those dirty tacky clothes and went...then you did not tell anything...You were all nice that time.
Misha: When did I tell that I have brains? I am an idiot from childhood. And now the whole world knows that you are an idiot too! (The girls laugh) Thank God Pia, jay was there. And I really think that you should give him a chance. Because I am sure of it that he is trying to give you a chance. Ummm...Just think about it, okay? (Pia smiles) See ya! (Misha leaves the room. Pia thinks, 'How will I tell you Misha that it is not Jay but my Angel who saved me. But I cannot tell about him to anyone. But I know what I have seen. He was there...I know...but I just can't prove it...'.

The door bell rings at the Khurana's Residence. A House staff opens the door. he recognizes Panchi. Panchi tells him that she has come to meet Neel. The Guy tells her that Neel is not at home. Panchi thinks, 'His Car is parked outside'. Panchi gets into the house and tells the house staff, 'I got something for him. I will keep this myself inside'. The Guy tries to stop her by telling Panchi to give it to him and that he will give it to Sir. Panchi thinks, 'This much costly jewelry I cannot entrust with him. I will keep this in Neel's Cupboard myself'.
Panchi: Well, No Problem! I will keep this myself. (The Guy tries to stop her by calling her but Panchi climbs the stairs towards Neel's room).
Neel attends to his bed mate while Panchi is talking
Panchi opens Neel's bedroom door. She sees Neel in a compromising position with another girl and is shocked.
Panchi: Neel! (Neel and the girl both sits upright leaning to the headboard covering their naked bodies with the blanket. Neel puts his hand over his partner's shoulders)
Neel: Panchi, Don't you know to even knock? This is such bad manners! I mean, You Mom-Dad did not teach you even this much? (Panchi walks in to the room)
Panchi: So your servant is also with you in this... The entire family is involved (Neel gives attention to his partner while Panchi is talking). He told you that you are not at home so I did not think it necessary to knock).
Neel: So then Panchi...
Panchi: So then...What are you doing with this girl? If you don't bother about my reputation think of your reputation. You are engaged!
Neel: When my fiancee does not have interest in me...what is with other girls Panchi? I mean, I thought you wouldn't mind, do you? (Neel is still attending to his Partner and not looking at Panchi)
Panchi: Yeah, I don't mind at all. But when (She takes her mobile to click a picture of the Couple)my and your family see this photo, then they would definitely mind.
Neel: Go ahead Panchi! Baby, Let's pose for Panchi(the girl nods)... Panchi, You go there and take. From there you will get a good picture. Come on...let's pose!
Panchi: You disgust me!Are you not ashamed? I did the right thing breaking up with you. Don't you see that in order to teach me a lesson how much you have fallen? Next time... Don't send me expensive gifts like this.(Panchi throws the Jewelry Box at Neel and heads to the door) You cannot buy me, Stay away! (Neel twists a strand of the girls hair with his fingers and smiles)

Abhay and Hasina Raichand reaches the Auction Hall. They are standing in the Hall and talking.
Hasina: Chand's plan is well made. By making me stand against Dipannita Khurana, he is making sure that we get good publicity. And I am happy that now I am doing something more for my family. And moreover, what can be a better way than this to enter the high society?
Abhay: Controversy... is high society's best friend. I am sure that you will win in this auction.
Hasina: Not me... we... (Abhay looks at her questioningly) I know that you need this forget your pain. (Abhay notices a guy ushering Dipannita Khurana and Jay in)
Abhay: There you go...your biggest competitor.
Hasina: Don't worry! I will not let her win. Let's go! (Hasina and Abhay goes and takes a seat at the auction hall. Abhay looks sideways at jay who is sitting with his Mom at the table near by and thinks in mind, 'And here is my competition. But I have to let him win...for Piya. Pia, even by staying closer to you I have to stay away from you'. Abhay looks at Jay Khurana and thinks, 'Now it is time to see you Jay...if you really care about Pia or not'. Abhay notices Jay walking away from the table after talking something to his Mom. Abhay gets up and follows him).
Abhay: Excuse me! Jay...Jay Khurana...
Jay: Exactly!
Abhay: Hi! I am Abhay Raichand. (Abhay and Jay shake hands)
Jay: Abhay Raichand...Nice! Our biggest rivals in this auction...
Abhay: Competition eh?
Jay: Well, yes!
Abhay: Coffee?
Jay: Ahh, why not? Come on! (Abhay follows Jay. Dipannita and Hasina looks at each other as if sizing up the competition).
Jay and Abhay bond over Coffee
Jay hands over a Cup of Coffee to Abhay.
Jay: So...You are joining your Mom's Business, right?
Abhay: Yeah (They walk towards the chairs in the room. Jay sips his Coffee. She feels it's high time (Abhay and Jay sits on the Chairs) and I need to join the Business.
Jay: Thank God! My time has not come still. Now I still want to chill for a while. And anyways, Mom made Neel...Neel, my Brother...join our Business... So not for now!
Abhay: You mean your elder Brother Neel
Jay: Ummm...My big brother...
Abhay: I heard that he is going to get married to Panchi Dobriyal. (Jay laughs)
Jay: Yeah! True story...
Abhay: Poor Girl! She is very sweet...but life has been very bad with her. She has gone through a very bad phase. She deserves a nice Guy unlike her younger sister Pia... She is little problematic. (Jay suddenly sits upright keeping the Coffee on the Table with a stern face as if not liking what he is hearing) She is one of those bitchy types.
Jay: Hold on! What do you mean?
Abhay: You know what I mean...She is like one of those bitchy girls. I heard that she met some Guys at the Pub and got out of there with those Guys... Where she went and what she's really disgusting!
Jay: Ahh Just shut up! I...I really don't know you. Abhay...Abhay, correct! I just know this much that you don't know Pia at all. And about the girl whom you do not know there is no need of talking all this nonsense. How much do you know Pia? Buddy, Pia is a great girl. He loves her friends, family and even her team more than herself. For your kind information, She had gone with the four guys because she was doing a favor on them and nothing else. Why are we even talking? You and me are... so just get lost! (Jay gets up and walks out from there. Abhay thinks, ' You saw it Abhay? This is what you wanted to hear...that there is someone who cares as much about Pia as you. And now that you know that such a person is there in Pia's are feeling sad? Can't bear it? Why? For Pia this is right... So then, Leave her alone. In her life there is such a friend ... such a love... who will always protect her...Will take care of her...She is safe! And you also wish only that, right?'). Episode ends

PreCap: Arnab is standing behind Pia helping her with her chain. he looks at Pia's neck and sees that the mark he saw in the previous night is not there.
Pia: Papa, Over?
Arnab: Hmmm
Pia: Thanks, Bye! (Pia leaves the room. Arnab thinks, 'Where is that sign gone? Yesterday night it was there...But today...')

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

22nd June 2011 Written Update (Episode 203) Pia’s dates spikes her drink and misbehaves with her

Abhay runs off leaving an unconscious Pia at the middle of the Road
Episode 203 starts with the 4 geeks waiting for Pia at Poison Ivy Night Club. Pia reaches the Club wearing the short black dress and waves at the guys. The guys eye at her. The Guy with the specs tell the others, 'What a hot chick Pia is. We got a lottery. Will not leave her today'. The Guy with a teeth missing says, 'Yeah, She has come all prepared. You also be ready'. The Guy with the specs tells, 'I am always ready life time. This much good opportunity...will not leave her today'. Piya is really uncomfortable being there. She then thinks,'Yo! This tacky boys...Pia are you stuck up? But there is no other opportunity to teach Jay a lesson. Come on Pia...Courage!' Piya flashes a fake smile at the Guys and walk towards them. When she reaches the table all the Guys pull a chair for her. Piya says thanks to them and occupies one chair.
Guy with Specs: What will you drink Pia?
Toothless Guy: I have heard that Whisky gives a high (Pia laughs)
Third Guy: So, shall I get you Whisky?
Pia: No no...I don't drink Whisky. Coke!
Forth Guy: Okay, I will bring... (The Guy goes from there. The Boys who are standing behind her almost fall on her. Pia laughs)
Pia: Boys! You are so cute... (At the Bar counter the drink is spiked by the Guy. He comes to the table and offers Pia the Coke)
Forth Guy: This is for you...
Pia: Thank you so much. Cheers Boys! (All the Guys says Cheers. Pia takes a sip of the Coke) Anyway, you will dance with me? (All the Guys say, 'I'. Pia picks the Guy with the specs and gets up from the Chair with the drink in hand) Let's go...Come on...I will see you Boys! (At the dance floor Pia feel uneasy and keeps her hand on head. The Guys with the specs is dancing and holds Pia's hand to make her dance. The Third Guy comes to the Dance Floor with another spiked drink and gives to Pia. All the 4 Guys are dancing around her. Spiked Drinks are again offered to Pia which she drinks despite of feeling heavy headed and giddy. The guys dance close to her and touches her. Pia asks for water. The third Guy insists that Pia drink another soft drink but she refuses. The Guys tell her to enjoy with them and try to make her dance with them. The Guys insist but Pia moves out of the dance floor and goes and sits on a Sofa at the Night Club. All the four Guys comes to her and insists again that they all enjoy. A Guy goes to get coke for Pia while the other Guys sit on her feet. One guy tells her that they would drop her home. When the Guy comes with the Coke Pia refuses it and pushes it away. Pia tells them that she will go home alone. She gets up from the sofa and starts walking with unsteady steps. The Guys also gets up and tell her that they will drop her home).

Jay is driving the Car. He is angry at himself. He reaches the Poison Ivy Night Club and walks in. Inside the Club the Guys are supporting Pia and stealthily taking her out of the Club. The Bouncer of the Club stops them and asks who the girl is. One Guy tells him that she is their friend. The Bouncer asks if the girl is alright. The Toothless Guy replies that she is drunk and they are going to drop her home. The Guys leave from there with Pia and Jay comes into the Club from another side. Jai looks around for Pia.
Abhay shows his Vampire Avatar with Blue eyes and Fangs to the Guys
The Guys come out of the Club with Piya. One Guy tells the others, 'Hurry up! We have to go Ridge Road'. Another Bouncer who was standing outside watches them and goes inside. They all get into the Car. Pia is at the back with the toothless Guy and the Guy with Specs on either side. They drives the Car off from there. While on road, the Guys on the back starts misbehaving with Pia. Pia tries to push them off and pleads, 'Stop' continuously but the Guys keep misbehaving with her. She again says,'Stop it!' and Abhay who is standing in the Jungle hears her. Abhay runs through the Forest like wind. The Guys are drinking inside the Car and all Guys except the one driving are misbehaving with her. Abhay is running towards the Car through the middle of the road. The Guy on the Driving seat sees and curses him. In the next moment Abhay is standing on the bonnet of the Car and the Car comes to a halt. The Guys in the Car are shocked. Abhay stares at them and then reveals his Vampire form with blue eyes and fangs. The Guys are scared. Abhay jumps down from the bonnet of the Car and thrash the guys. The Guys are beaten black and blue and thrown on the road by Abhay. Abhay then lifts Pia out of the Car and walks from there. The Guys flee away from there leaving the Car.

Abhay is standing on the road with Pia in his arms. Abhay's face and head is covered with a black cloth bandit style with his eyes only visible. He says in mind, 'Piya, whenever I try to go away from you, fate brings me nearer to you. How will I stay away from you when I think of you only all day and night?' Pia opens her drooping eyes and asks him, ' came? (She struggles to keep her eyes open)
Pia: I knew that you would definitely come. Whenever I am in a problem you definitely come. You are my Angel! How do you know what is in my mind? How do you come to know that I need you. Please, don't leave me. Please...Stay this time...Please!
Abhay: Ssshhh! I am hear Pia, near you. We cannot be together. But I will never leave you. I will hear your every call. I will watch on you. I know that there are a lot of Questions in your mind but I cannot give you the answers to those Questions Pia. But I promise you that I will always be with you. For a life with you I can sacrifice thousands of my lives. I wish our lives were easy and I was a normal human like you. (Pia opens her eyes with difficulty)
Pia: I need you...
Abhay: Pia, I am with you. I will not leave you alone... (Pia gives a slight smile of relief)
Jay is worried for Pia and curses himself
At Poison Ivy Jay is looking around for Pia. He walks to the Bartender and inquires about Pia, 'Did you see any girl here? Black color dress...curly hair...'
Bartender: No Sir! (Jay notices the Bouncer who was outside the Night Club and stops him)
Jay: Excuse me! Did you see any girl here? Black color dress...curly hair... with four Guys?
Bouncer: That girl? She was drunk. She left along with the 4 Guys ten minutes ago
Jay: Do you have any idea where they might have gone? Which direction... Did you hear anything they talked?
Bouncer: Maybe towards Ridge Road
Jay: Thank you! ( Jay is angry and worried. He thinks, 'What the hell Pia... Why did you have to go with that Guys? I don't even know the Guys. This is bad Pia...this is really bad'. Jay walks from there. He comes out of the Night Club and runs to the Car. Jay drives the Car from there. Inside the Car he calls to Pia's mobile but there is no response. He says, 'Pick up the phone Pia...Pick up the phone God damn'. He calls again but does not get any response. Jay is frustrated and worried for Pia. He says, 'I am damn stupid. Why did I pull this stunt with Pia? dumb can you be? You don't even know the Guys. I just hope that nothing happens to her').

At the Road Abhay holds Pia closer and kisses on her forehead. Pia looks at him struggling to keep her eyes open.
Pia: Please... show your face...tell me your name...
Abhay: There is no use Pia. What would you do knowing me?
Pia: Who are you? What is our relationship and why are we not together? What is that reason why we are not together?
Abahy: It is such a long story and there is so to tell that life may come to an end. You just remember this that you are not alone. Any danger or trouble comes to you I will be there in front of you.
Pia: You will save me from any danger?
Abhay: Yeah, from any problem.
Pia: And if... if I jump from any mountain then also will you save me?
Abhay: Even if you jump from any mountain...then also...
Pia: But why are you so concerned about me?
Abhay: Promise me that you will not get into any problem on your own. Just promise me Pia, please! Promise me...
Abhay carrying an unconscious Pia in his arms
Jay comes to Piya
Jay is driving his car fast through the Road. Pia is unconscious in Abhay's arms. He puts her down on the middle of the road and runs away from there. Pia is lying on the road unconscious as Jay's Car is approaching her. Jay stops the Car and few feet away and goes running to her. He kneels beside her and calls her name repeatedly gently patting her face to bring her back to consciousness. Piya opens her eyes slowly.
Jay: Are you okay? (Jay gently caresses her forehead)
Pia: Jay...It's you?
Jay: Yes's me... You okay?
Pia: Jay, He was here...My Angel Jay...(Jay pats on her head fondly)I don't know why it happens... whenever he is near you are also there. Why it happens? Jay, He was here
(Jay thinks, 'Pia is again talking of some unknown Guy. She has no idea what she is saying. This time there is no use arguing with her. Just say Yes...')
Jay: Okay Pia, okay! Yeah...yeah... (Jay lifts Pia from the Road and takes her to the Car)
Jay carries Piya to the Car
Jay asks Pia to calm down patting her head gently
Jay is driving the Car with Pia sitting on the front passenger seat with the safety belt on. Pia's eyes are closed and she struggles to stay conscious. Even her talks are not clear.
Jay: Pia... Pia, what is wrong with you? Do you have any idea how much you have drunk?
Pia: No Jay, I didn't drink. I was just drinking soft drink. I was having Coke.
Jay: What? Coke? Pia...Those Guys mixed something in your drink? Pia... Did they mix something in your drink? (Pia nods 'Yes')
Pia: Yeah... But Angel was there...
Jay: Yeah yeah of course sure...
Pia: He always comes to save me. When ever I am in any trouble...
Jay: Hmm...How sweet!
Pia: He promised me that he will always come to save me...He has promised me...
Jay: How sweet! We will go and meet your Angel tomorrow...Okay Pia? And for now it is necessary that you go home. Till then relax...Sshh...!
Pia: No...He does not meet anyone Jai
Jay: I know... I know...
Pia: When I am in problem...he is my angel Jay...
Jay: Yes...he is your Angel Pia...Okay now Sshh...relax...Relax, Okay?
Pia: He saved me...
Jay: Yes, He saved you Pia (Jay puts his hand on Pia's head gently stroking and patting her head) Just calm down... We will meet that person who saved you tomorrow... just relax...Sshh Okay?
Pia: My Angel!
Jay: Yes, your Angel Pia...He is your angel... We will meet him. Sshh...just calm down...calm down...

Abhay comes out from the side of the road to the middle. His face is uncovered now. He comes and stand in front of the abandoned Car of the Geeks. Abhay says in mind, 'Make it a habit Abhay! You have to move behind and give space for Jay. He has the right to be near Pia...not you. This is right for Pia...This is right for you'. (Episode ends)

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