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31st May 2011 Written Update (Episode 186) Jay Khurana warns Neel to stay away from Panchi Dobriyal

Arnab scolds Misha and Pia for being late
Episode 186 starts with Misha asking Pia, 'You sure you are okay?' Piya replies, 'Yeah, I am fine. Pia thinks in mind, 'No...I am not Okay! Don't know what is happening with me. This strange face which is coming in front of me again and again... who is he? What is the Story hidden behind this face?' Jay looks at Pia as if reading her thoughts and she looks back at him. Misha's phone rings and she looks at the Caller ID. She says, 'Oh...It's Mom's phone (Misha looks at her watch and realizes that it is too late) We are already late. Come on Pia let's go!' (Misha pulls Pia by hand and both rushes out of the Club)

Madhu is worried and goes and sits by the fire place in the hall. Arnab switches on the light and comes to the Hall and notices that Madhu is worried.
Arnab: Madhu, What happened? You are sitting worried here at this time of the night? You should have woken me up. Any Problem? All Okay?
Madhu: Nothing happened to me Arnab. I am totally fine. Do you have any idea where your girls are? They have not returned till now. (Arnab sits on the Sofa)
Arnab: They did tell that they are going for a Party at some Poison...something...
Madhu: Gone for Party? Isn't there a time to come back home? Misha is crossing the limits. She knows that from the time Pia has returned she is not okay...she is not well...she is not mentally stable...She is remembering old memories and we have to be extra careful. We have to see to it that she does not have any stress (Arnab smiles). Misha even after knowing all that took Pia with her. Let her come...I will take her into task...
Arnab: You love Piya so much, don't you?
Madhu: Obviously Arnab. Waht stupid question you are asking.
Arnab: No, It is true. I feel that there was no necessary for you to give place for Piya in your life... your house and accept her...Be good with her. But you accepted her. Madhu... (Arnab takes Madhu's hand in his) You are great!(Madhu looks at him) It is true...I really mean it. After this I feel that I really don't deserve you (Madhu suppresses a smile)And now I feel that you should go and sleep that you don't get dark circles. (Madhu tries to give excuse) They will come... Come...Come on...(Arnab takes Madhu from the Hall)

Jay Khurana is driving the Car with Neel sitting on the front passenger seat. Neel is checking the Music.
Neel:Is there only Rock Music in your Car? Don't you have any slow Romantic Songs?
Jay: You won't get anything slow in this vehicle...this is an action packed Car. By the way, for make out sessions Rock Music is awesome...Yipee! (Jay smiles. Neel finds Once upon a time in Mumbai CD and inserts it into the Player. The song 'Pee loon' plays and Jay tells that the CD should be Mom's. Neel asks when she is returning and Jai tells that he does not know.
Neel: By the way...what stunt you did today...don't repeat it!
Jai: What stunt?
Neel: With Panchi's sister... Dude, What's with you? This is not some kinder garden that when you wish you put water on some one. Why are you spoiling my relationship with Panchi... (Jay stops the Car)
Jai: Listen Brother, You are my Brother and that is why I am trying to make you understand that you stay away from Panchi Dobriyal. She is not a nice girl. And moreover, she cannot be one Guy's. You are my Cousin and I will not let Panchi Dobriyal play with your heart, get it? And if by behaving meanly and rudely with Pia she stays away from you then that is what I want.
Neel: You know Bro? You have lost it. Your brain has stopped working. I hope you know that I am older than you and I can take care of myself. Who are you to interfere in my love life? I have been trying to talk to Panchi for the past 6 months and now when I got a chance you are trying to spoil it. So let me tell you...this is not happening...this is not happening at all!
Jay: Not bad!
Neel: Listen! let me tell you...Panchi is a very very sweet girl. It is just that she has not got a good Guy till now...And I am going to try getting her... and you lay off...you just lay off...
Jay: Not bad! From your point of view the matters have become that serious...she is only playing with you, you will see
Neel: Really...Let us do I thing. Let's see right now. The number she gave me let's try it...
Jay: Sure! (Neels messages Panchi from his phone, 'It was real sweet meeting you. When are we meeting next?' Neel gets a message back and he reads it for Jai, 'Me too! Hugs and kisses'
Neel: Now you mind Driving? (Jay starts the Car again and drives off).

Misha is driving the Car with Pia sitting on the front seat.
Misha: What? He told you like that? Who is he? Loser...You are a dumbo..you should have told me there and I would have slapped him...Bloody...
Piya: That is why I did not tell you...Already they was enough Drama that I did not want to add more.
Misha: But who is he? I have not seen him before in this city...
Piya: I don't know. He is in College. We will find out fast... (Piya looks at the forest side) How pretty these forests look at night, right Misha?
Misha: Whatever!
Pia: Come on Misha. You know Misha when ever I pass this forest I feel as if it is calling me towards it...as if it is waiting for me...
Misha: You know why?
Pia: Why?
Misha: Because... Pia was Mowgli in last birth (The girls laugh)
Piya: Can I tell you one thing seriously Misha...?
Misha: yeah...
Pia: I don't know what you would think...When I fell and that Jay saved me I don't know what happened...I have lost it or it was out of panic...But that eyes felt very familiar to me...they seemed so familiar to me...I don't know it was so strange...
Misha: It is very simple...You know why?
Pia: Why?
Misha: Because you have become a despo. You can see only Guys on all four sides... just like Birdy. From today onwards you have a new name...Despo Pia (Misha shows a kissing sign)
Piya: Misha, I am serious, Okay?
Misha: And I am also joking despo Pia...
Pia: But seriously Misha you know I feel that there is something remembering which is very important. I have to remember it. And you know what? I will search and find it for sure.
Misha: Oh Sherlock... If you wish I can be your Dr Watson. (The girl laugh) But seriously man...you have become like a Psycho...I have to find what is not there (Pia and Misha laughs. Pia thinks, 'I know Misha is telling right. This looks like a joke but how can I ignore what I feel... again and again the same feeling...the same eyes...something is there'. Misha thinks, 'What is she looking at? What is she thinking? Piya, how will I save you from your own memories?')

T is driving the Car with Kabir on the front passenger seat.
Kabir: T... T I know you are angry but drive slow.
T: Just shut up K! You will teach me how to drive? Nonsense! I saw you. I saw the look you gave her.What do you think...I am dumb? I don't understand anything? Don't deny anything I say and don't doubt my intelligence, Understand? I see you...It is not even 2 days since she came and you are already in her trap. Very smart. That b@#$% has taken you once away from me and not again Kabir...
Kabir: T, Just Calm down...you are over reacting...
T: Just shut up! K...Don't defend her, Okay? Maybe you are forgetting that you are in my closed fist...Don't forget that I own you. Your remote is in my hands. And pray that I don't get bored with you. And if I become bored you and I both know what would happen. So just watch it... (Kabir is angry and frustrated by his facial expressions)

Misha and Pia stealthily enters Dobriyal House and climb the stairs. The light suddenly gets switched on and they see Madhu standing at the bottom of the stairs. Madhu scolds them and tells them that for the next one week they are not permitted to go anywhere other than College. Misha complaints to Arnab but Madhu stops Arnab from defending his daughters. Pia tries to defend Misha telling that since she was depressed Misha took her out but Arnab tells Pia, 'I am your father. You are not my father. Don't try to make us understand. It is about time...You guys behave yourself...especially you Misha...' Misha complains that no body gives her a chance to prove her innocence and cooks up a Story about Pia.
Misha: You know what happened today? Today Pia fell from the railing in the Club today. She almost died and one random dude saved her... See how she is shivering now...(Pia puts a poor face and acts. Arnab looks on suspiciously. Madhu becomes concerned and goes near Pia)
Madhu: Piya... Pia dear, Are you okay?
Pia: Yeah Momma...My shivering was not stopping and Misha got me Coffee and our Car got problem and we got late...
Misha: And when we come back...I am hearing this...grounded...grounded...
Madhu feels bad and apologizes to Misha. She then scolds Arnab for not stopping her from scolding the girls. Arnab looks at Pia and Misha who smile at them. When Madhu looks at her she goes back to her cry act.
Madhu: Baby, Go to your room. I will bring you Chocolate Milkshake...
Misha: Double Chocolate please... (Misha and Pia goes upstairs)
Pia: Mishu...You are the limit okay?
Misha: No Baby I am limitless... (The girls laugh)

Piya is in her room wearing Night Clothes. She takes the laptop from the table and sits on the bed with it. She opens the laptop. She thinks, 'Who was he? That face...that eyes...(she recalls Abhay's eyes)... so familiar...Abhay? Oh God... was it Abhay? Can that happen? (She checks her friendsbook account and browses through her friend list. She then types 'Abhay Raichand' as search query in Loogle but do not get any search results. Then suddenly on her friends book account a friend request from Abhay Raichand appears.

Scene moves to another room. Only Jay's hands on the laptop is shown. He is sitting in front of a laptop. He says, 'Come on Pia...Accept the request, Come on! You know you want to... Let the game begin...'

Piya accepts the friend request. She thinks, 'Did I do right? If Misha is telling right and Abhay is really in my life I should not have done this stupidity. Oh God! Should I unfriend him?' Jay then impersonates Abhay and chats to Pia, 'Hi Pia...it's been a long time'. Pia asks, 'How do I know you?' Jay replies, 'We both used to love each other. Not just love...I could not live without you nor you without me'. Piya replies, 'No, I heard something else. I heard that to live you need me and lot of other girls' Jay responds, 'How did you believe that Piya? What does your heart say?'Piya replies, 'Whatever my heart says the fact is that I and you are not together. I am sorry...I have to go!'.Jay types, 'It should be Misha. She always had a problem with me. What lies she told you' Piya replies, 'Excuse me...That is my sister you are talking about' Jay talks bad of Misha and Piya gets annoyed and messages him, 'I don't want to talk anything to you'. Piya says,' Who the hell he think he is...Misha was telling right. He is an a@#$$$%!' Misha then comes to the room and does some drama in front of Pia and both the girls laugh. Misha notices that Pia is checking her Friendsbook.
Misha: Friendsbook? This late at night who are you chatting with?
Pia: No actually, I was searching for information regarding today's class project.
Misha: Project? We did not get any homework at class today.
Piya: We got...You were not paying attention.
Misha: I know that I stay in coma most of the time in the class but I will always know about home work. What are you hiding Pia? Is it a boy? (Misha tries to peep but Piya stops her)
Pia: No Misha! It's nothing...I am doing project and it is Fashion Week so I was just...
Misha: Oh!Then tell that... Anyway I will leave you alone, Okay?
Pia: Okay (Misha gets up from the bed and walks towards the door. She thinks, 'Pia, what are you up to? Maybe you don't know how fragile you are these days...This is not the time to keep secrets. I will have to watch you very carefully'. Misha goes out of the room. Piya thinks). Episode ends.

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30th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 185) Piya Dobriyal kisses Jay Khurana at the Night Club

Panchi dancing with Neel Khurana at the Night Club
Episode 185 starts with Panchi Dobriyal and Neel Khurana sitting and having Coffee at a Coffee Shop.
Panchi: Nice Coffee! I had Coffee with you but what's your name
Panchi: Nice name...
Neel: Thanks yaar...(Neel is in thoughts and hesitating if he should ask Panchi to the Night Club or not. Panchi notices Neel's nervousness.)
Panchi: Is everything okay?
Neel: Yeah...yeah...I am good...I am good...
Panchi: Okay! (Neel thinks, 'I think I better ask... the worst she may say no')
Neel: Panchi...Panchi...You know what? I have not till now seen a more beautiful girl than you... and I mean it.
Panchi: Thanks... How sweet!
Neel: You know what I mean to say...The dream girl of every guy in the town is having Coffee with me...You know how lucky I feel right now. Panchi...I was thinking...I mean only if you are comfortable...We could go to some Night Club... Poisonlvy...
Panchi: Oh...What's the big deal...such a small matter. Well, I heard Poisonlvy is a very good place. We could go! I thought you are going to ask my Kidney. Come, Let's go...
Neel: Thank God!You made my day... So, shall we go?
Panchi: Definitely... (Neel and Panchi leaves the Coffee Shop)

Neel and Panchi arrives inside the Poisonlvy Night Club. Panchi looks around and says, 'Nice'. Neel's eyes seek Jai. Jay is standing in a Corner with a girl. Jay sees Neel and silently gives a 'go ahead' signal by lifting his glass. Neel and Panchi goes to the Bar Counter.
Neel: So what will...
Panchi: red Wine! (They sit at the Bar Counter. Jai orders the drinks. Then suddenly a song plays and Panchi tells that she loves the song. She tells him that she loves to dance and asks him to go with her to the dance floor. Neel tells her that he does not know how to dance. Panchi insists and pulls him to the dance floor. Panchi starts dancing excitedly and tells Neil to dance and he too starts dancing.
Panchi leaves after seeing Misha and Pia at the Night Club
Misha and Pia come into the Club.Misha is excited to see the Club and pulls Pia along with her to the Dance Club. Misha starts dancing in her signature forest style and a crowd of youngsters follows her moves. A little distant from Misha and Pia, Panchi pulls Neel towards her and put her hands around his neck. Panchi suddenly notices Misha and Pia dancing in the Club. Panchi goes out of the Club hiding behind Neel. Neil and Panchi comes out of the Night Club.
Neel: Hey Panchi...Panchi...Listen yaar...What happened to you? What happened to you suddenly?
Panchi: I am going home please...
Neel: Panchi yaar Come on listen...I told you that I do not know to dance, right?
Panchi: It is not that...Actually inside there are my two sisters. If they see me they will ask a thousand questions.
Neel: They might have seen you earlier also with many Guys... Come on!
Panchi: It's not like that... You are a stranger and I even don't know your surname...Please I really have to go...Understand...understand...see you...see you... Bye(Panchi walks from there while Neil stands there looking disappointed)
Neel: Okay Panchi listen... When will you meet me again? (Panchi turns and looks back at him and replies, 'I will think and tell you'. Neel says to himself, 'So close...' and then walks back to the Club)

Jay and the Girl is at the Bar Counter getting their drinks. Neel goes behind Jay and touches his shoulder to get his attention and then occupies a stool at the Bar Counter.
Jay: You here? Where is your date?
Neel: Ran off... She saw her sisters and went off before they see her
Jay: I told you all this Dobriyals are just the same.
Neel: You cannot judge like that. She came with is and that is more than enough
Jay: Judge? Are you kidding me? Judging? Look at the place...you look at yourself...you looks so smart (Asks the girl who nods) Doesn't he look smart? Leave her and you should enjoy seriously... (Jay asks the girl to fix Neel with some hot friend of hers but Neel rejects telling that no girl can compete with Panchi)
Jay: Panchi...compete...You have to be kidding seriously...If she was a nice girl she would have not left you midway in the party, Correct? She would have spend the entire evening with you. Look at you. You are smart. You are an eligible bachelor man. You will get any girl. I don't think this Panchi Dobriyal... she doesn't deserve you seriously. You look around. Which ever girl you like we will fix you up, get it? (Jay sees Misha and Pia dancing and his expression changes. He looks at her without removing his gaze from her. Pia also sees him and looks at him.)
Piya kisses Jay Khurana
Jay asks his date to kiss him on the cheek
Pia and Misha comes out of the dance floor.
Piya: Misha, you are mad okay? (Piya sips her drink)
Misha: Some madness is good goody two shoes...
Piya: Excuse me! I am not goody two shoes. I also can do mad stuff
Misha: really? You don't have the guts.
Pia: I have lots of guts...at least more than you...
Misha: I see...Then we have to search for something to prove your guts... (Misha notices a fat Guy getting into the gents loo and smiles)Piya, see there... That's the Mens loo... Whoever comes out of it first...you got to kiss him...Done?
Piya: And done...
Misha: Aha, So what are you waiting for? (Piya goes near the loo area with a drink in hand while Misha watches smilingly. Pia keeps her drink near the wash basin and waits. Kabir comes behind Misha and asks her what she is doing. Misha tells him that if he stays there silently he would get to see some fun. Misha tells Kabir that Piya is going to kiss whomever comes out of the Mens loo first and that she has a strong feeling that it would be some fat guy. Pia signals Misha and Kabir to watch. The loo door gently opens and Jay Khurana steps out of it much to the amazement of Misha and Pia.)

Pia is startled to see Jay. He signals her to move aside and she moves. He washes his hands at the wash basin. Pia thinks, 'No way! Not him! Anyone but not this loser! (Piya looks at Misha and Kabir) Come on Pia, bet is a bet' She goes near Jay and taps his shoulder. Jay turns to face Pia. Pia suddenly moves forward and placing both her hands on his shoulders kisses him on his cheek. Jay is taken aback by her behavior and he has a 'what the f@#$' look on his face.
Pia: Sorry! Nothing personal... It was just for the sake of a bet... (Pia looks at Misha and Kabir with a victorious look on her face. Jay picks up the glass of drink which Pia had kept near the wash basin and throws the drink on her dress. Piya is shocked.
Jay: Nothing personal. I also had a bet to keep.(He then takes her hand and keeps the glass on her hand)And moreover, I treat unwanted and uninvited people like this. The drink was cold, right? Don't worry! Not more than you. (The girl who was with Jay comes there. Jay shows the same spot Pia kissed and tells her that he wants her to kiss him there. The girl asks him, 'Why?') Mostly after eating something bitter you need something sweet and sexy. The girl kisses him and he compliments her. They both go from there.
Piya: Stupid! (Misha and Kabir comes to Pia)
Misha: What the hell. What does he think of himself? Hell man...
Pia: I don't know. So stupid my dress got spoiled. (Kabir bends on his knees and wipes the dress with a wet tissue where Jai has thrown the drink. Suddenly T comes there and stops Kabir from what he is doing.
T: You sl@#! Keep your scrubby hands off my Boyfriend, understand? You may be some photographer's muse. But your Super Model attitude would not work here, understand? just because you offers does not mean that he is interested in you. (T turns and walks from there. Kabir follows her calling her, 'Baby'. Pia also is about to follow T and calls her name but Misha stops her)
Misha: Hold on! Let it be man. Let her go!
Pia: No, she has not of misconceptions regarding me. Let me just solve it okay, please... (Pia goes from there)
Piya Dobriyal and Jay Khurana after Jai saves Pia from falling
T and Kabir are walking upstairs. Piya hurries after them.
Pia: T... Just listen to me please... (T sees Kabir and tells him, 'What are you doing here? Just go get the Car!'Kabir goes from there)T...Listen Please. We were not doing anything, okay? Kabir was just help...
T: Listen, Pia Dobriyal...I know you very well. You want every man who is mine. Not this time!If you are that desperate go search for another Guy. Leave my Boyfriend alone... (T turns to walk away but Pia stops her)
Piya: T,listen to me...
T: You bloody man eater...You like to keep an eye on other peoples boyfriend, right?
Pia: Hold on! I don't remember you...Or you are not worthy of being remembered...You are so affected that you are ashamed of even your name. T... what kind of a name is that? I don't know if Kabir left you for me or if he could not tolerate you...But I want to tell you this that if he left you for me, too bad. And if he left me and came back to you...then I am very sorry...I mean how difficult it could be T that people compare me with you.. Silly girlfriends like you would always be petty in front of me. And...So bad is it not T... Poor T always second never the first?
T: Listen you bloody man eater...
Piya: Oh Rest assured T! If I had to take your men away from you I do not need to try hard at all. All I have to do is look at them and they would be mine! (T rolls her eyes)  T, I don't know what happened in this one year...how I lost my memory...But I know maybe some innocent Pia would have listened to your nonsense. But this Pia...No way! You better don't mess up me! I have forgotten one year of my life. But I remember well my life before and after that. I know that I grew up in an Orphanage without Parents love. And what ever I did I did on my own merits. Then I went to Paris and become a Super Model there. You know what T...these clothes you wear designers make it keeping me in mind. I get paid to wear them. Teenage Girls like you go to their Dad with my photograph and tell that daddy get me dress like Piya...So Darling, You are the fake and I am the Original. I don't need my Dad's money to buy my clothes. And coming to Kabir, In front of Kabir you and thousands of other girls would be nothing in comparison with me. Because I am Pia... and I don't need a surname. Kabir was just trying to help me. But a loser Bimbo like you got insecure. Too bad for you, you treat him like a dog...If you wish to keep your Boyfriend with you learn to treat him nicely...Poor thing! He can't even see your shallowness. You know what T...Go ahead and keep him because you would not get a better boyfriend than him anywhere.
T: How dare you insult me
Pia: You know why? Because you inspired insult...
T: You freak! (T pushes Piya and she is about to fall when someone catches Pia's hand and pulls her back. Piya looks into Abhay's eyes mesmerized. She smiles)
Pia: Thank you... She just pushed me
Jay: Of course the whole world is behind you...Right, Ms Dobriyal? (Piya's expression changes when she finds Jai in front of her. Piya moves back) You would do anything for a bet... Listen...If you are so much desperate, show your desperation in front of some one else... Falling into my arms in front of everyone...that all drama is cheap...
Piya: Listen, I don't know what your problem is but...
Jay: But what? Listen Dobriyal...You may be some Super Model...but at your own house...Your attitude...at some one else...
Pia: Listen!I don't have attitude... you do! And what is your problem? What have I done to you?
Jay: Seriously...what have you done...You don't know anything, right? So innocent... You can do anything for sympathy. To kiss me in front of everyone first and after that this...
Pia : Listen!
Jay: Sshhh! (He keeps his finger on her lips silencing her. Misha sees Pia and Jay) That's it Ms Dobriyal... Your charm... Jay Khurana, not interested! Good Bye!(He turns and walks from there. Misha comes near Pia)
Pia: Stupid!
Misha: What was that? Are you okay?
Pia: Yeah I am fine...Nothing just...
Jay and T gets friendly at the Night Club
T is sitting and drinking at the Bar Counter. Jay goes and occupies a stool next to her.
T: Pia Jaiswal...I want to kill her... (Jay thinks, 'So I am not alone against this Pia...there are others too...Not bad!')
Jay: So...You too...
T: Me too what?
Jay: You just now told that you want to kill Pia...You know what? I agree! She only needs other peoples attention and for that attention she would do anything. Anyways, There is no point in telling about just one Dobriyal... And that Panchi...She is a b@#$%. It is as if she has taken the responsibility of making all guys dance to her tunes. And Piya, she plays innocent. Ans the other one...Jungly Misha...she is damn annoying...
T: Sorry but I didn't get your name...And why have we not met before?
Jay: Well...Jay...Jay Khurana...
T: The Jay Khurana of Khurana Empires...
Jay: Exactly! And we have not met each other before because I was in London. I was doing my studies there. Since Mom and Dad wanted to set the Business in India...so I thought I would help them. (T extends her hand for shake hands)
T: And I am...
Jay: T...(Jay shakes hands with T) I know! Who does not know you? Quite known...aren't you? (Jay notices Pia and Misha coming down from upstairs and points them to T) You see them ...there... The Drama Queen Pia... She feels like after doing some 3-4 modeling assignments she is the Princess.
T: Piya Dobriyal...she has too many problems. She likes to keep an eye on others boyfriends.
Jai: Others Boyfriends or your Boyfriend? well...it's sad...
T: Sad?
Jay: Ummm! If a girl like you already has a boyfriend it is sad...isn't it? And...You know what? I don't think you should have any problem with Piya...how much ever modeling she does... she cannot compare with your natural beauty. Look...that Guy would be mad who left you...
T: I like you...
Jay: Not as much as I do...
T: Cheers! (They touch their drink glasses. Jay watches Pia who is gloomy now.)
Misha: You sure you are okay?
Piya: Yeah, I am fine... (Piya thinks, 'No, I am not Okay! Don't know what is happening with me. This strange face is coming again and again in front of me...Who is he? What story is hidden behind this face?' Piya looks at Jay too) Episode ends.

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27th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 184) Panchi Dobriyal becomes Drama Club Teacher of Mount College

Jay Khurana using his charm on a girl at the Night Club
Episode 184 starts with T selecting students to perform different characters. She sees the 2 Guys whom she had rejected earlier there and asks them to go out of there. They go half way when the Principal Mr Mehra enters the Drama Club.
Principal: Hello Students! I hope you are enjoying the Drama Club. (He comes near T) And T... I see that you are handling the Drama Club well.
T: Thank You Sir! Where T is there would be perfection.
Principal: Perfect! And to complete this perfection we have a surprise.
T: Surprise?
Principal: You all know Ms Panchi Dobriyal...who was our ex student and earlier Drama Club President. And she would be from today onwards your new Drama Teacher (T and Gang is irritated hearing the news). Miss Panchi Dobriyal...(Tracker is excited and claps. Panchi enters the room and all students except T and Gang welcome her by clapping and cheering)
Panchi: Hi Everybody! (The students greet Panchi back) Thank you so much!
Principal: So Miss Dobriyal, Take your charge...
Panchi: Yes Sir! Thank You...
Principal: Al right! Enjoy everybody (Principal Mr Mehra leaves the room)
Panchi: You all will get equal opportunity in the Play. So please make a line... (Panchi notices 2 Guys standing apart and tell them, 'You too...Come on!'. One of the Guys tell her, 'Mam, T Mam removed us from the Play')
Panchi: And why did T do that?
T: Because I have lot of reasons for it
Panchi: But here now my reasons would work. Maybe you did not listen carefully. stand in the line. You will also give audition along with them.
T:Excuse me! Don't you know that I am the General Secretary of this Club? (Panchi shows a do not care face. T and her friends walk out of the Drama Club)
Panchi: Anyway Guys, Please get into a line. (Pia, Misha and Kabir enters the Drama Club. The stranger Pia met at the Jungle also makes his entry. Pia looks at him and thinks, 'What is his problem?' Panchi greets them)Hi Piya...Guess what? I was thinking why don't you give a demo of lead role?
Piya: Sure, What am I to do?
Panchi: Good! Well, Two years back you were the lead of Romeo Juliet. I am sure you won't be remembering the lines but you can use the script. And we all will watch this play with light effects. This way we will learn soliloquies... soliloquies means Solo Performances...Okay? So here Pia (Panchi gives script to Pia)...This is the script and there you go... Lights! Come on Guys...Come!(the lights are switched off except 2 spot lights. Pia stands under one spot light looking at the script. Panchi gives another script to the new Guy. He asks, 'Me?' Panchi points to the stage and tells him, 'All the Best'. The Guy gives the Book in his hand to Panchi and walks from there with the script)

Pia is in the Drama Club Stage ready to say her line. Suddenly she visualizes her old self on the stage saying the Romeo Juliet dialogues and Piya starts telling her lines automatically without referring to the script.
Piya: Romeo...Where are you my Romeo? What is this fate of ours that we cannot come closer to each other? In front of these World's relationships are are unable to keep our relationship of the heart. Where are you Romeo? (Pia looks around. Suddenly as if in vision Piya sees Abhay's eyes. She closes her eyes as if she could not bear the power of Abhay's intense looks. She then hears a voice, 'Juliet' and looks to see the new Guy saying the Romeo lines. He says, 'Juliet my love, Even if the sun goes dark today, then also people can see you. I will forget everything, my looks, my relations and my name'. The Guy and Pia look at each other. The light is switched on and all the students clap on for the performance. Panchi and Misha look at each other and Panchi goes from there dialing someone's number to talk. Piya goes near the Guy and smiles at him. He tells her, 'So... You were good')
Piya: Thank You!
Guy: You did this Play 2 years back, right?
Pia: Yeah!
Guy: And you remember all the lines even now (Pia nods no) Not bad...not bad...But how fake is that? So you are also like that pretentious girls who when they get out of the exam hall say that my exam papers did not go well and I will fail...when they are suppose to be not failing but becoming first... What did you feel? You will make of these people fools with your stupid lies...FYI Princess, Not impressed! And anyways, you are a Dobriyal...And what can anyone expect from you?
Pia: Excuse me you just...
Guy: Ah...ah..Now you will tell that there is a problem with your memory and that you don't understand. You know what? Let it be! Because I don't think you need to understand. I don't think you would understand either...All the best...all the best... (The Guy goes from there)
Piya: You stupid... (She also goes away from there irritated and in anger)

Arnab Dobriyal cuts the Phone down after talking to someone. He then comes and sits opposite to the Doctor.
Arnab: Doctor, That was my daughter Panchi's phone. She is telling me that Pia remembers all the lines of her College Play which she did 2 years ago. How can that happen? That is the reason I came to meet you... I noticed that she is slowly slowly remembering the lost memories.
Doctor: Mr Dobriyal, I have been doing Medical Practice for so many years but I have not seen such a strange case. There is no outside wounds... There is nothing shown in the CT Scan... and we don't understand the reason why she lost memory... This is a strange type of selective memory loss...like there are some rules as to what Piya should remember and what she should not. Mr Dobriyal, are you not hiding something from me?
Arnab: No, There is nothing like that...She had an accident... She did not have any outside wounds but you will never know...
Doctor: You said right! You never know. There is some deep part of her life which is forcefully coming in front of her. But if she remembers anything that is a good thing. And there is nothing for you to worry about it.

Scene moves to Abhay who is lying buried underneath somewhere in the Forest.

At the Drama Club.
Panchi: Pia, Are you alright? You are looking lost
Pia: What okay? Actually not...Who was he? Why was he talking to me rudely? And what happened to me? I said that lines as if I have told thousand times.
Misha: Yeah, You have told it thousand times...i mean two years ago at the rehearsals...It's like a habit so you might have remembered...
Piya: No Misha, It was not like that. I felt that someone else also was there on the stage. I felt some ones presence... (Misha and Panchi looks at each other. Misha acts as if she is scared)like
Misha: oouh... I am scared Pia...
Piya: Shut up silly!
Panchi: You don't worry... Don't think too much. I think you are tired. You just need some rest.
Pia: I thinks so too...
Panchi: By the way, where is that new Guy gone?
Piya: Let him go! Arrogant guy...ehh... (Misha thinks, 'Oh! Another rude arrogant love story has started...')

Piya is in her room walking to and fro. She thinks, 'Was that Guy telling the truth? Did I really lose my memory? It's so selective. Some places look familiar to me... some places feel close to my heart...It is as if I left something here and gone... As if someone is calling me... And today those lines and those eyes... Someone is there... Abhay? How will I find out when no one is willing to tell me anything?' Pia goes and sits on her bed. She opens her laptop and types some search query in Loogle. She gets to a page displaying the Mount College Play details. She reads, 'Pia Jaiswal Juliet... Abhay Raichand Romeo... I knew it! But who is this Abhay Raichand? And why am I getting pulled towards him? I need to find out... But who will help me? Who is he? And what is Misha hiding from me? I need to find out'.

The new Guy is driving the Car and talking to someone on phone, 'She has started remembering. We have to do something fast!'

Piya comes into Misha's Room with the Laptop. She sits on the Bed and keeps the laptop in front of Misha showing her what she found.
Pia: What is this Misha? (Misha sees the page and is speechless) Misha, Abhay played the role of Romeo with me in the Play which means I knew him...and you are hiding this matter from me. Why the lying?
Misha: Piya, You are taking the matter too far without any reason. I mean it was such a stupid topic that I did not want to discuss it. Just a waste of time.
Piya: You know what Misha? Maybe it is stupid for you but not for me. For me one year of my life is missing and I don't even know what happened. And on top of that T... I heard your talk...I heard your conversation. You people were talking about me and Abhay and she was threatening you...What is the matter? Why are you hiding information from me?
Misha: Wait...wait...Hold on! Too many question together...Just breathe man...
Piya: Misha please, don't take this matter as a joke...I mean everyone knows Abhay except me. Who was with him don't know him...If there was something between Abhay and me... why don't I remember and why are you not telling me? (Misha looks guilty)

Scene moves to Panchi coming to a Shop and asking for an 80 GB IPod. The Guy at the Counter tells her that they sold the last piece a few minutes ago. Panchi requests the Guy to check as she wanted to give it as a gift. The Guy tells Panchi maybe she can request to the Guy who purchased the last IPod and points to a Guy standing with his back to her in front of another counter. Panchi goes to the Guy and touches on his shoulder.
Panchi : Excuse me! (The Guy turns and looks at her. He faces her and smiles at her)Hi!
Guy: Hi!
Panchi: Well, I needed a favor...
Guy: Tell me...
Panchi: I want to purchase this IPod. Actually I wanted to purchase it for my sister. And I promised her. And last piece you took... So...I mean...If I have to order online she will get very upset...
Guy: Chill! But I must say that your sister is damn lucky. I mean for her one gift you are fighting so much...Nice...I don't mind giving this IPod but there is a condition...
Panchi: Condition? What condition?
Guy: That Ms Panchi Dobriyal should go with me for a Coffee...
Panchi: You know me?
Guy: Who does not know you Panchiji? In this City there cannot be any Guy who would not have wanted to go on a date with you. I mean you are the most popular girl in town. So the deal is... I will give you this IPod and you will go with me for Coffee...
Panchi: Okay, Coffee for sure... (The Guy gives the IPod to Panchi) Thank you so much!

Jay Khurana(the new Guy at College) is at a Club and is talking on the Phone. The Guy Panchi met at the Shop(Neel)who is now at some Coffee Shop is talking to him.
Jay: What's up Brother?
Neel: Guess what Bro? I met Panchi Dobriyal...Panchi Dobriyal...
Jay: Ah...
Neel: And Guess what? And I have come to have Coffee with her. Can you believe that?
Jay: Nice! Good going! Anyways you have been trying to meet her for a long time...And finally...
Neel: Our first date... Isn't that great?
Jay: By the way... You know what Brother...I have heard that Panchi Dobriyal does not meet anyone for more than one or two dates. If you ask me make that Coffee a take away and run away from there.
Neel: Bro Trust me... Panchi is not like that! What ever we heard about her reputation...she is not at all like that. In fact she is very sweet.
Jay: Cool! If you say so... So why don't you bring this sweet Panchi here? Bring her here.
Neel: Bro, I asked her for Coffee. If I say about Night Club she would run off. Isn't it that too soon?
Jay: Anyways, I have heard that Ms Panchi Dobriyal is not that sweet. Ask and see... ( A girl comes and stands near Jay touching him) Maybe she will say yes. You never know! And even if she does not say yes what is the problem. We two are there...we will enjoy the Party.
Neel: Okay, I will see you at the Night Club... See you Man Bye!
Jay: I will see you (Jay disconnects the phone. The Girl and Jay are standing very close to each other looking into each others eyes)
Girl: What is your name?
Jay:Well...What do you want it to be?
Girl: Can I call you Spider man?
Jay: Ummm... Sure (He kisses on her hand and leads her away from there)

Misha and Piya in Misha's room.
Misha: You want to know about Abhay... So here we are...Abhay was a big loser. he was behind you. He wanted to date you. And when you started liking him he started dating other girls behind your back. He was cheating on you. I mean he just did not care about your feelings. And when you came to know Pia you tried to break up with him. And Abhay got really angry... He just completely lost it... He asked you to come for a drive and he was driving very rashly. You asked his to drive slow but he did not listen. And you met up with an accident and you lost your memory. He has taken one year of your life. And you know Papa got very angry and filed a Police Complaint. But you know Abhay's reaction? He just did not listen.(Misha gets up from the bed and walks to the Mirror in the Room) He and his full family... they just vanished into thin air...
Piya: Misha, How can that happen?
Misha: That is what exactly happened Pia... And may be it was for the best...I mean Abhay troubled you so much and made you so sad. It is good that you along with your memory you also forgot Abhay. It just worked out fine.
Pia: The way you are describing him he sounds like a very horrible person. But when I hear his name I get a different feeling...It's very different
Misha: Of course you will feel different Piya...You use to love him... So somewhere inside that love still remains... You made up your mind to break up with him but a heart is a heart. It takes time to move on... Piya just look at this... when you tried to break up with him just see his reaction...he left the city and vanished. You know what? It's the best thing that when we came back he was not in this city. It would have been a disaster. Ahh Pia... Look at you Man! You are super model...You have come back from Paris. The whole world is waiting for you and a brand new life. And just don't think about him. Guys are always like that...first they will run behind you and demand your attention...hold your hands and then kissy kissy and then they will ultimately hurt you. You should not give importance to any Guy.
Piya: Will give importance when I get out of here. I am here all day...that is why we are giving too much importance to each other (Misha smiles)
Misha: You are right Pia. Let's look for a solution for this problem. Ahh... We could go to the hot new Dance Club. Lets do one thing. I and you will go there and we will dance.
Piya: Wow! That sounds fun! After coming from Paris we did not go anywhere.It will be a lot of fun.
Misha: So you do one thing...you start getting ready because you would need 2 hours to get ready. I will just go and fresh up... Ssshhh! (Piya smiles. Misha goes from there. Piya goes near the Mirror and looks at her reflection. She thinks, 'Abhay Raichand! I dumped you because you were a loser. But why am I feeling that some part is missing in Misha's Story?' The wind blows and Piya goes near the window. She tries to close the window but stops when she feels a calling from the Woods. She looks out of the window to the Forest and then closes her eyes). Episode ends

PreCap: Piya and Misha are dancing at the Night Club.Jay notices Pia dancing and looks at her intensely with out taking his gaze away from her. Pia also sees him.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

26th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 183) Kabeer tells Misha that he is in love with T

Entry of the new Werewolf Character - Piya takes Stranger's help to go to Mount College
Episode 183 starts with Piya looking at her Childhood photo with her mother Suganth which is on the Wall of her Room. Misha comes into the room calling for Pia so that they can go to college together.
Misha: Let's go to College
Piya: Oh! You are ready?
Misha: Why? What do you think? Come on dear...
Pia: College and in this Pajamas
Misha: Why? What do you think? It would be too hot? Shall I wear shorts?
Pia: Misha, 1 second. I am not going with you if you are wearing these cloths.
Misha: Dude... I am not going to change my clothes now. So stop behaving like this and come...
Pia: Misha please... Since I have to get ready (Pia signals the door)...
Misha: Okay Bye loser! (Misha goes from the room)

Piya: You loser... (She turns from there)
Panchi asks Kabir if he did not get anyone other than T to date
Scene moves to Mount College Campus. There is a Banner in the College Campus which reads, 'Welcome Freshers'. There are many new faces in the College Campus. Barbie and Skipper comes to the College in a Jeep with their Boyfriends. In the College Corridor they see Ms D and Ms Mehra and compliments on their looks. Principal Mehra looks from his Room door towards the Campus and says, 'Again another new year has started'. Kabir comes in his Car to the College and goes around happily greeting students. Suddenly he gets a call on his Mobile. He picks it up and talks to the caller, 'Hello Darling... (Kabir sits on a concrete bench in the Campus)Yeah, Of course Darling I have reached the College. Yeah Darling, We two will go together (Misha comes behind Kabir and listens to the conversation with interest)...Of course Sweety today we will announce in front of the whole college that we are Boyfriend and Girlfriend...Yes Baby,I love you too!'
Misha: And I love you three... (Kabir gets startled and cuts the Call. Misha comes and sits on the Bench with Kabir) Hi Babe...Sweetu...Jaanu...Darling...
Kabir: Just shut up Misha...If she would have heard... (Kabir signals that she would have killed him)
Misha: Oh...Kabir's new girlfriend is a Hitler or what? (Misha acts as if she is scared and then laughs) Come on friend tell me who it is...Tell me who is that Mystery Women who ...
Kabir: Will you go from here? You will get me beatings... Anyways, In some time the whole College would know who my Girlfriend is.
Misha: Oh Hold On... All will come to know means... Are you going to announce your engagement? Come on Tell me who.. (Panchi comes there)is your super duper new Girlfriend man... (T and her friends Barbie and Skipper comes walking towards them)
T: I...
Kabir: Baby... (He signals Tanushree to come near)
Misha: No Bloody no (Kabir nods at Misha and Panchi that it is her)
Panchi: What the hell...you have gone sick... (Tracker and Angad also hear this and cannot believe it. Kabeer gets up from the bench)
Kabir: Guys,I was about to tell you all that my new girlfriend is T
Panchi: You did not get anyone else to date? You only got her?
T: Watch it! Last year you used to roam around in College...even after the College ended and this year also the same thing? If only people knew your secret. But I know your every secret. So beware! Because I can tell them all
Misha: Listen Chicklet! She is my sister. Speak to her properly otherwise...
T: Otherwise what? You watch out too! Because now I am not the old T anymore. I don't bark, I bite. So if you don't want to chop it on your first day, Shut it!
Misha: Really?
T: You like Video streaming, don't you? So if you are not careful you can watch your videos tomorrow on youtube. How you stole your Papa's Alcohol...how you served everyone...I have all the proofs baby! (She then looks at Tracker) And you...Misha's tail... You stay away from me at 20 feet distance. If even you shadow falls on my path, you will be dead. But yes, If you want Social status leave that Pajama girl and can join T's gang. K... (Kabir runs to T and the students look at him shocked)
Kabir: Yes, Baby!
T: My Bag...
Kabir: Baby, I am here... Give it to me (He takes the bag from T) From tomorrow do it on your own... otherwise you will do it on your own. T turns and walks from there. Kabir follows her)
Misha: Looks like T got wings...I have to cut it...
The new Man and Protector enters Piya's life
Pia is walking on the Road on the side of the forest. Her Mobile rings and she picks up the call from Misha.
Pia: Hello!
Misha: Dude, Where are you man? You know I have to give you the latest goss. Actually you won't be remembering what is goss but still this goss is worth knowing. Where are you?
Piya: Misha, I just had some work. Now I have finished and coming. I am coming. I am coming to college, Okay?
Misha: Fine, But come fast. You got to hear this man... (Misha cuts the phone)
Piya: Hello! (She finds the Phone cut and dials a number. The keeps the phone to her ear and she hears a voice mail recording, 'Hi! This is Abhay! You can't reach me now. I will call you back but don't wait for me because there no guarantee of next moment'. Piya thinks, 'Who was that? How did I get this number? Do I know him? Who could be this Abhay?' Pia walks backwards unconsciously and bumps into a stranger.
Piya: Oh! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to (The guy removes his glasses and looks at her)
Guy: It's okay!
Pia: No, I was not watching and walking...It was just an accident.
Guy: In life nothing is an accident. We have met because of one reason or the other.
Piya: Actually, Could you please tell me the way to Mount College? I have lost my way. I told my sisters that I would meet them there but it seems like i have just lost.
Guy: Well, I don't think you should be going through this way.
Piya: Actually I came walking from the road and landed up here. If you would help me that would be great.
Guy: Yeah, Of course. I am also going there.
Pia: Really?
Guy: Really...
Piya: That is such a coincidence!
Guy: Nothing in life is coincidental. Shall we? ( Piya nods and they walk together)
Pia: It's good that I got your company.
Guy: I don't know about that but I always go alone... (Piya thinks, 'What a strange person... I had to meet such a weirdo on the College first day itself')

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Misha sees T and walks towards her saying, 'T, You are dead!'. T also walks towards her and meets Misha halfway.
T: You know what Misha? You little Brat...This year don't come near me otherwise I will not leave you. So don't act smart or breathe in my space.
Misha: Listen Bimbo! I was thinking that from outside you are foolish and a fashion victim. But since when you have started being horrible? What happened to you?
T: You... You happened to me...and your horror sister...That is what happened. Oh Yeah... Also tell that Pia that her memory is gone...not mine... Just because she has forgotten Abhay does not mean that she would get Kabir. Tomorrow if she even come close to Kabir, I will teach her a lesson. And remember, I remember all your sisters details and all her dirty filthy secrets and Abhay's too... (T goes from there. Misha also walks from there. Piya who overhears the conversation thinks, 'Abhay? Who is Abhay? Who is he? I need the answers to my Questions Misha Dobriyal. I need to know who is this Abhay')

Piya sees Misha going to the wash room and follows her. Pia thinks, 'Who is this Abhay? Hearing his name why my heart flutters? And Dirty Secrets? What does it mean? What such secrets are there which can spoil the reputation of my family? I know Abhay' Misha comes out of the Loo and sees Piya standing outside.
Misha: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...our Piya is the fairest of them all...
Pia: Misha!
Misha: If you have finished admiring yourself let's go. It's time for first lecture. What happened? Why are you looking so serious?
Piya: Misha, Who is this Abhay? (Misha remembers the Doctor talking to her family, 'We don't know how she lost her memory but we definitely know that she has to be kept away from all painful memories in her life')
Misha: Abhay? Why are we talking about him?
Piya: Misha, Don't avoid the topic. Who is he?
Misha: Not very important man. An acquaintance of ours.
Pia: Are you sure?
Misha: Obviously! Why should I tell a lie? Come on Snow White... Remove yourself from near the Mirror. Let's go to the Class.
Piya: Okay! Which class is first?
Misha: Drama... (Pia thinks, 'What are you hiding Misha? Some time or the other, the truth has to come out.') Hello Drama Queen...Your audience is waiting for you.
Pia: Okay, I am coming!
Misha: Come on Move it...
Pia: Yeah... (The girls go out from there)

The new changed and heartless Panchi breaking a Guy's Heart
Scene moves to the College Campus. A Guy is pleading with Panchi, 'Panchi Baby Please! At least read my Card once. (A Guy is on his knees in front of Panchi) I also got your favorite flowers. Have I done anything wrong?)
Panchi: Listen! (Panchi pushes his flowers and Card) I am just bored of you, Get it? (The guy gets up)
Guy: Baby, Don't break my heart. It is only a week since our relationship started and you got bored now itself?
Panchi: I got bored in 3 days itself. But I thought I will keep your heart.The Guy before you got out on the first date itself.
Guy: Baby, I can prove that I am not a bore. I can do anything for you.
Panchi: Anything?
Guy : Anything!
Panchi: Okay, Leave! Leave... Fine! I leave... (Panchi walks away from there. She says in mind, 'Now go and tell everyone in the city that Panchi Dobriyal is a heartless girl. She uses Guys. But Panchi Dobriyal would not come into the trap of any Guy. Now Panchi's heart would not beat for any Guy. Nobody would ever hurt me again. First Danish cheated me and then Siddharth used me. I was so foolish that I let them use me. Now I will never let anyone do that again!'

A Peon tells Panchi that Principal Sir is calling her and goes from there. Panchi says,'T wanted to know what I am doing in College...I am here to protect Pia. Misha alone cannot handle it. In that matter Principal Sir would help me'

Many Students are assembled at the Drama Club including Angad and Ruhi. T and her bimbos come there. T goes to the mike along with the Bimbos and address the students, 'Today is the first day of Drama Club. Everyone knows that getting an entry into Mount College Drama Club is a big thing. Because every year we win the Competition. And we are the State champions! (The students cheer and claps) So trust me entry would be given only to those who are versatile. And after giving entry I am going to expect a very high quality out of you guys. (A student who was listening T's speech asks his friend, 'Who the hell is she?' T hears it and responds, 'And if you do not know who I am... Get the hell out of here. I am T and I am General Secretary of this Club. And in this Club one my word would be final')

Principal Mr Mehra and Panchi is talking by sitting at the Principals Room.
Principal: Your word would be final on everything. And I am very happy that you are back with us. That is an honor. (Panchi smiles)
Panchi: Thank you Sir! (Panchi gets up) Actually the honor is mine Sir! I have spend my life's best days in this College. And it is only fair that I do something for this College. (Principal also gets up)
Principal: Shall we?
PanchI: Yes Sir!
Principal: Come! (Mr Mehra opens the door for Panchi) Please... (Panchi gets out of the room. Principal Mr Mehra follows her)

At the Drama Club T tells all the ugly ones can go from there. T's Bimbo's tell T that it is not fair and even ugly people could be good actors. T asks the girls to handle the ugly people and threaten that if they don't do that they would be put in the ugly group also. Barbie and Skipper goes from there to handle the students. T suddenly remembers about Kabir and goes looking for him.

Kabir is walking in the College Corridor and talking on the Phone, 'No Babe I am here...Yeah Baby I am coming now...right now...love you' Misha stops Kabir.
Misha: Spit it on... Come on Tell the truth!
Kabir: What? What truth?
Misha: Come on Kabir, This is me...Misha! I know all your dirty secrets. Your first crush...Your first girlfriend...your first date and your first time you...
Kabir: Hey..relax!
Misha: Okay I won't tell. But at least you tell me...I mean...What is going on...Did you lose any bet? What is this latest goss... K and T... T and K...the story of the year. How did it happen?
Kabir: What K and T and T and K? What are you trying to say Misha? We love each other (Misha laughs)
Misha: Hey Come on Kabir! I just had lunch I would throw up.(Kabir laughs)
Kabir: Okay do it! But be careful let it not fall on my Shoes...
Misha: It is not a joke Kabir. What the hell is matter with you? I was about to plead your loser case in front of Piya that she gives a small piece of her heart to you now that she has forgotten Abhay. And you are in some random fling with T. I mean...Of course you don't deserve Pia.
Kabir: Mish...I love T
Misha: You are such a liar...Kabir, I don't know what is going on. We were gone for one year and you have become brainless. You have become T's toy boy! She is a real monster man. You know what? I don't care! You keep serving T...Yes Mam I want to pick up your bag...I want to polish your Shoes...You do what you please... Idiot! (Misha walks from there)
Kabir: Mish...Mish.... (Episode ends)

PreCap: Piya at the Drama Club stage with her script. Suddenly she sees herself as she was one year back.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 182) The Jungle beckons Piya Dobriyal to where Abhay is buried

Piya faints on the Ground underneath which Abhay is buried in the Snow
Episode 182 starts with Misha asking Panchi, 'Birdie, Where is Kabir? Man, What's up with him? He did not come to the Airport also'. Panchi replies, 'Misha, I don't think Kabir would come'.
Misha: Ahh...Why?
Panchi: because his new Girlfriend would not let him come to Pia's Party.
Misha: Hold on...hold on...Kabir has a Girlfriend? When...How... What.... explain...
Panchi: Okay, Relax, Chill...There is lot's to catch up... (Piya who was hearing the conversation between Misha and Birdie excuses herself from there and goes to the Bar Counter.She asks the Bartender for a drink and he gives the to her. Kabir is sitting at the Bar Counter drinking a Punch. Piya sees him and greets him saying, 'Hi'.)
Kabir: Hey! (Pia smiles) You are alright? You are looking lost...
Piya: How strange it is... here everyone knows me but I don't know any one...
Kabir: Actually same here. I also don't know much people here...
Piya: There ... see my foolish sisters (Piya points to Misha and Panchi. Kabir turns and look at them). They are reminding me of some Guy called Kabir...like there was some connection between us. And he did not come here today because he got a new girlfriend.
Kabir: How dare he? I mean...How can someone ignore you?
Piya: Because someone else has come to his life...Simple...
Kabir: You know what Pia? If I was in your place I would not have wasted much time thinking of Kabeer. I mean when you can hug him, what is the point in thinking of him? (Pia looks surprised and Kabir smiles at her) So...you want to hug him?
Pia: Oh my God! Kabeer... (Kabir nods. Pia and Kabeer hugs) I am just so sorry I don't remember you... really sorry!
Kabeer: It's Okay Pia... Don't worry! You don't need to recognize or remember anybody. Leave it to us!
Piya: You know what? You are really funny... Tell me this... were we really girlfriend and boyfriend?
Kabir: Well, you were dating me but I really used to love you.
Piya: And then... you got someone else...
Kabeer: No Pia...Not me!
Piya: One second. Are you trying to tell me that I found somebody else?
Kabir: Nothing like that...Maybe we were not meant to be...
Pia: May be... (Kabir recalls his conversation with Panchi. Panchi tells him, 'Pia has forgotten everything Kabeer. So for her sake we have to hide her past from her. Where Abhay is...no one knows. So why make her remember him? Promise me Kabir that you won't tell Pia anything'. Kabeer responds, 'I don't believe that Pia forgot Abhay' Panchi tells him, 'You have to believe me Kabir. Pia really has forgotten everything. She does not remember anything. And we have to save her from these memories. Please!') You know what? It is sad that I left a cute guy like you. But don't tell me why our break up happened (Kabir smiles). I think I will know on my own. So Cheers to new memories! (They bring their glasses together) Now tell me seriously... Did our break up happen because you were interested in someone else? (Pia laughs) Jokes apart...Will you excuse me?
Kabir: Sure! (Piya leaves from there. Kabir gives a sad smile)

Pia is alone in a room looking out of the window. She fondly looks at the Pendant on her neck and encloses it in her hand. She then looks at the Moon. She says, 'I know they all know me. They are my own people...my friends...Still why do I feel that my life is incomplete. Like someone has kept a puzzle in front of me...Like I am waiting for someone...Like he was supposed to be here this evening... But who am I waiting for?' She closes her eyes enclosing the Pendant in her hand trying to remember. (She sees a silhouette of a man. Pia opens her eyes. Piya nods her head and thinks, 'I think I am tired'. She looks at the moon again and turns to walk back from there. But Pia's scarf on her neck flies out of the window in the breeze.)
A Mysterious Guy carries Pia from the Jungle to Dobriyal House
Piya comes out of the House to pick her scarf. But every time she comes near the scarf moves further. Piya thinks, 'Where is it going...like someone is pulling me towards him... Why do I feel as if someone is waiting for me? (Piya goes behind the scarf). Even in this darkness I feel a closeness...like this darkness is mine...' The scarf stops at one place and Pia bends on her knees near that ground. She touches the ground with her hand and is surprised. She thinks, 'My God! Why is this ground so cold? How can it happen. In this hot weather the coolness of snow. Like this has been going on for ages...' She picks up her scarf. She thinks, 'How can this happen that only this place is so cold. There should be some reason'. Piya looks around. Then she suddenly keeps her hand on her head and falls on the ground unconscious.

Someone comes near the unconscious Piya and lifts her up in his arms. He then carries her and walks from there with only his backside visible. He walks with her in his arms for some distance and puts her down on the mosaic floor gently. Then he presses the calling bell (The face or identity of the Guy is kept mysterious as of now).

Misha is standing at the Bar Counter and drinking one drink after the other. Kabir comes to her.
Kabir: Hey Champ, What's up? (Misha is happy to see him and hugs him tightly. She then gives Kabir a long lecture on drinks. Kabir makes fun of her.)
Misha: You saw her? She again broke your heart, right?
Kabir: Misha,One minute. Which heart are you talking about? Whose heart...
Misha: My super model sister...She has rejected you so many times that it is painful.It hurts man... So to forget the sadness come let's drink together... (Misha offers a drink to Kabir)
Kabir: You know what? In order to get a drinking buddy you talk any nonsense...right? Anyway, What is the use of all that...It's all good...
Misha: It is all good? It's awesome! Kabeer... (She hugs him again) Just think about it okay, That is a wonderful reason to celebrate... You are single... she is also single...And FYI...the new Pia is super hot and super, super sweet...
Kabir: I know. This I checked out but the Single matter is not true.
Misha: Ahh?
Kabir: I am not a single... (Kabir smiles shyly)
Misha: You are seeing someone? (Kabir nods) Who is that?
Kabir: Someone is there... (Misha persists but Kabir does not reveal the name or details of his girlfriend. Panchi then comes there and tells them, 'Misha, Somebody has brought Pia'.
Misha: Meaning?
Panchi: I really do not know. She is unconscious. Someone left her on the porch and left after ringing the bell. listen we need some help. Kabir, Please help (The three of rush out of there)

Piya is lying on the porch. Panchi sprinkles water on her face and wakes her up. Pia regains consciousness and asks, 'What happened? How did I come here? What happened?'
Kabir: As far as I remember you were talking to me and then excused yourself. After that I was in the Party and got distracted by this drunkard...
Misha: You called me a drunkard? Come on yaar
Panchi: Will you shut up? This is not the right time for it. Piya, Do you remember who left you here?
Pia: No, My scarf has flown out of the window and when I went to take it I felt as if someone is calling me from the Jungle (Misha is irritated)...like there is something...(She gets up) You hear? Do you hear it? It feels like there is a part of my past in the Jungle...Like all the answers to my questions are there... Can you hear it?
Panchi: Piya, You might be tired. You have come traveling 18 hours. Kabir, Can you please drop Pia to her room? You please tell everyone the Party is over...
Kabir: Sure! (Kabir takes Pia from there. Panchi tells Misha that she is going to talk to Arnab and Madhu and tells Misha to call it a night)

Panchi is talking with her Parents.
Madhu: Are you serious? Panchi, How can that happen?
Panchi: Momma, I don't know and I did not know what to do. So I stopped the Party and came to you.
Arnab: Okay, We will do something about it. We have to take care of one thing that Pia knows nothing about her past especially not about Abhay. She would be very hurt.
Panchi: Don't worry Papa! I will not tell Pia anything. I will make it a point that no one tells Pia anything. It's a promise...
Madhu: Why all this has started again? Now only these two have come... Oh God!

It's Morning. Madhu opens the window curtains and sunlight falls on Pia's face waking her up. Piya gets up and sits on her cot. Madhu goes and sits on the cot.
Madhu: Good morning Pia
Pia: Good morning Aunty! Aunty you put Momma's picture here. Thank you so much!
Madhu: Okay, Tell me first... How are you feeling now?
Piya: I am Okay. But I just keep thinking what happened. I even don't know how I met you all. How Papa accepted me...and you too... (Madhu smiles)
Madhu: Piya, I want to tell you one thing... You call me Mom not Auntie... From now I am your Mom, Okay?
Pia: How good you are... You gave me place in your heart. And you gave me equal love like Misha or Panchi. I can't complain!
Madhu: Of course not! What do you think we accepted you because we love you? No! You are our support in Old age...Our investment... When we become old and are on wheelchair... who will come to push us? You only will come... There is no hope from Misha... And Panchi is fed up of us... Who else remains? You, is it not?
Pia: Of course! Me...

Arnab comes to the Room
Arnab: Good Morning! (Arnab has something in his hand)
Piya: Papa... Good morning Papa... (Piya hugs him)
Arnab: Yeah...This is for my lovely Princess
Pia: Wow Papa... New Phone? Thank you so much...This is so cool. Papa, You know what happened yesterday? (Arnab and Madhu look at each other)
Arnab: Yeah... But I feel you were tired and so you were little confused. Leave what happened yesterday...think of what is going to happen. You are suppose to go to College. It is your first day. How much your friends would be missing you and want to meet you... They may want to gossip with you. They want to see your new look. So get ready and get going...
Pia: Okay!
Madhu: Get ready fast Pia... I will get you the breakfast... Come soon...
Pia: Okay... I will see you... (Madhu and Arnab goes from the room. After they go Piya comes and looks at her Photo with her Mom Suganth and smiles) Episode ends.

PreCap: Misha calls Pia and tells that she has a new Gossip. Misha asks Pia whee she is and Pia replies that she has some work which she will finish and then come to college. Misha cuts the Phone. Piya who is standing on the Road near the Jungle thinks that the call is not over and dials a number. She then hears a recorded message, 'Hi! This is Abhay. You can't reach me now. I will call you back but don't wait for me...' Piya thinks, 'Who was this? How did I get this number? Do I know him? Who is Abhay?'

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

24th May 2011 Written Update (Episode 181) Panchi throws a Welcome Party for Piya and Misha at the Dobriyal House

Episode 181 starts with Pia and Misha waiting outside the Dehradun Airport. Piya tries to remember her memories related to Dehradun. But she would not remember anything after asking the way to Mount College to the small boy at the Tea Stall. The boy tells her that if she goes through the jungle she can reach in 15 minutes and advices her not to choose that path as the Jungle is very dangerous. Misha sees Pia deep in thought.
Misha: Are you Okay?
Pia: Misha, I remember that I came to Dehradun... but after that it is a blank. I don't remember anything. Misha, what had happened?
Misha: I told you thousand times. You came to College as a scholarship student. You met me... we became friends...and one day I suddenly I came to know that you are my sister. Then Momma-Papa met you and accepted you...Then you became an even more closer friend to me...sister to me. And one day we were both going in a vehicle and we met with an accident. You lost your memory...partial memory loss...full drama... just like on TV.
Piya: Tell me Misha, What else happened?
Misha: A lot of things happened...we fought for samosas in the Canteen...Parties on Rose Day...Mount College Festival...and for the past one year you have been asking exactly the same questions. Give it a rest man! (Misha thinks, 'How would I tell you that Papa, Momma and we all... whatever we are hiding from you... it is for the good of you. You won't be given any information because of which you may feel sad. You won't be told anything about Abhay...because you yourself does not know where he went off...') And then Papa send us to Paris. And now we are back... Guess what? We are going to be the hottest Gossip in the town. The boys are going to love our french flavor.
Pia: Misha, Now also you are too much Indian. I think I have lot of fresh flavor.
Misha: Fine Miss...Okay boys will die for you...as if earlier there were less. And talking about the fact where is Kabir? I thought he would put a tend outside airport waiting for us. (Pia laughs) He is crazy about you Man. He should be somewhere here (Misha looks around)

Kabir is in his House talking to someone. He says, 'Of course I love you...Yes Baby, I do... You thought I will go to Airport? How can I do that? I am coming to pick you up. Of course baby, how can i forget you? After all, You are my girl...right? yeah... Bye!' After finishing the call Kabir goes and sits on the Cot. He takes Piya's photo and looks at her. He says, 'I will never forget you Pia...I promise!' He smiles.

The Dobriyal Family reaches the Airport and get out of their car. They look for Misha and Piya. They spot Misha. Misha runs to them and Piya follows her. Madhu tells Arnab that even after spending one year in Paris Misha is still like a jungli. Misha hugs Arnab, Panchi and Madhu. Misha accuses Arnab of Drinking that even Madhu believes it. Arnab asks where Pia is and Misha points to Pia. The Dobriyals are awestruck seeing Piya in her glamorous avatar. Pia goes and hugs Arnab and Madhu.
Arnab: You have changed so much...
Piya: I have not at all changed Papa...I have only changed from outside. But inside I am your own Pia...
Panchi: Pia you look fabulous...beautiful...You are going to take Dehradun by storm. (Panchi and Pia hug. Misha comes and join the hug)
Misha: Papa is crying...
Arnab: No... I am not crying...Tell me where are the baggage's of you two.
Pia: There it is Papa... (Arnab sees the luggage and says, 'This! I should have got a truck instead of Car' Panchi and Madhu laughs)
Panchi: Okay girls once second, I forgot...I got a present for you two
Pia: Wow! (Misha jumps in her signature style saying, 'Present! Present!')
Panchi: Here you go...(Panchi puts garlands on Misha and Pia's neck) In this Country we say welcome like this.
Misha: I see! (She throws flying kisses to the air and then folds her hand saying 'namasthe'. They all get into the Car and Arnab drives from there.)

In the Car Panchi is seated on the back seat at the middle with Pia and Misha on either side. Pia removes her flower garland and keeps it on her lap. She gazes at the forest throw the Car window.
Piya: Papa, Have I come to this Jungle before?
Arnab: No...no... Nobody comes to this Jungle. You may be feeling it because it near the house. (Pia thinks, 'then why this jungle is looks so familiar...it's strange..' Suddenly the Car stops because of engine getting hot. Everyone gets out of the Car. Arnab lifts the bonnet of the Car to cool it. While Madhu, Panchi and Misha are standing near Arnab and chatting Piya walks towards the Jungle as if pulled by some unknown force. She remembers the small Guy at the tea shop telling her not to take the short cut through the Jungle as it is very dangerous. Pia thinks, 'What is happening? I don't remember anything after this... Is Misha hiding anything to me? (The wind blows) What happened to the climate suddenly? What is in this Jungle that it is pulling me towards it? What is behind this? What is this jungle hiding from me? It is as if it is trying to say something to me. I am Pia Dobriyal. When did I complete the journey from Piya Jaiswal to Piya Dobriyal? How? what was my World? I made a name after going to Paris but still why do I feel that my true identity is hidden somewhere in this Jungle?'

At the Road Arnab Dobriyal tells his family to get seated in the Car as the vehicle is okay. They then notice that Pia is missing and the family starts looking for her.

At the Jungle Piya bends on her knee and is about to touch the soil on the ground when she hear's Misha's voice. She withdraws her hand and gets up.
Misha: Pia, Where are you Pia? What the... (Misha comes to her) Piya, what are you doing here?
Piya: Misha, I ...
Misha: You know what? This jungle is very dangerous...I mean there are panthers, leopards and God knows what else... Let's go from here...Come on...Come on lets go... (Misha and Piya goes back from there. Piya turns and look and thinks, 'If this place is so dangerous...why is it pulling me towards it? Why do I feel like this is my destination?') Come on Pia, Let's go... Come on! (Misha turns and looks around)

It's night and the Dobriyal family reaches their house. Misha exclaims, 'Home sweet home!'
Piya: But... Why is it so dark here? (Panchi pushes open the door saying, 'Guess what?'. There are a lot of Mount College students in the decorated Hall. Saying Piya and Misha they say, 'Surprise...Welcome back!' Panchi hugs Piya and tells her, 'Welcome Home... Mount College Junglees have reached here specially to welcome you two')
Misha: Welcome Home indeed
Piya: This is so awesome... (They all get in and the Party begins. Arnab notices two Guys going with Fruit Punch in hand and suspects if they have put alcohol in that. Arnab stops them and inquires but Madhu interrupts and let the Guys go.

Misha asks the Guys if Papa checked their drinks. She pours alcohol to their fruit punches. when the Guys go she drinks what is left in the bottle. Panchi comes there and scolds her. Misha Offers Panchi a drink but she refuses telling that one person is enough in the Family.

Arnab notices all Guys drinking Punch and expresses his suspicion to Madhu. He tells that he feels something is fishy and needs to check. Madhu tells Arnab to leave the Guys alone and takes him away from there.

Panchi is introducing T's Bimbo's to Pia.
Panchi: And this is (Misha interrupts. She keeps her hand on Piya's shoulder and introduces the girls)
Misha: Barbie and Skipper... And these people follow every popular girl in College... (T's bimbo's are irritated. Misha takes Pia away from there) Anyway, I want to introduce you to only one girl...But she is not seen anywhere...
Pia: Who?
Misha: Tracker...
Pia: You know this does not look like a girl's name but like some detective agency name...
Misha: Well, Think it is something like that... (Tracker comes to them all excited followed by Angad. She hugs Pia again and again. Tracker is super impressed by Piya's looks and compliments her telling that she looks hotter than Hilton. Tracker poses with Piya for a photograph and chats with her non-stop. Ruhi tells Piya that she would call her Paris. Piya asks her if she is tracker. Tracker replies that she is Tracker only for the Boys and for Pia she is Ruhi. Ruhi sympathizes with Pia that she lost her memory and tells her that so many things happened the last summer like Vampires sucking blood...Tracker is about to say Abhay's name Misha closes her mouth with her hand. Piya gets confused and asks questions. Misha and Panchi tries to cover up the situation by telling that lastt summer there was an Abhishek Bachan film shooting. Misha takes Ruhi aside and tells her, 'Tracker, You Dumbo! We should not tell Pia anything... especially about Abhay'
Tracker: How rude Misha...How can you do that...He is her Boyfriend...Imagine... You know what? You are not a true friend... True friend will not hide things... I mean they are made for each other...
Misha: Tracker, Can you shut up? Keep Quiet! Pia has forgotten everything. And where Abhay is no one knows... So what is the use of telling her and troubling her. Don't give her a heart ache okay.
Ruhi: You could have told this all first... I would not have told about Abhay... (Misha and Ruhi goes back to Pia. Ruhi tells Pia, 'Paris, I will not tell you here after about Abh... (Misha closes her mouth again and takes her aside)

A girl compliments on Pia's Pendant and asks her if she got it from Paris. Piya tells her that it was with her always and it is her lucky charm.

Misha goes to Panchi and asks her, 'Birdy, Where is Kabir? He did not come to the Airport also...'
Panchi: I don't think Kabir would come...
Misha: Why?
Panchi: Because his new girlfriend would not let him come for Pia's Party... (Misha and Pia looks at Panchi. Episode ends)

PreCap: Kabir is sitting and drinking. Piya is sitting with him. She asks him, 'Really we were Boyfriend and Girl friend?' Kabir replies, 'You were dating me but I loved you' Piya guesses, 'Then you got some one else?' Kabir responds, 'No Pia...not me!' Pia says, 'Wait a minute... Are you telling me that I fall for somebody else?'

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Monday, May 23, 2011

23rd May 2011 Written Update (Episode 180) Abhay hypnotizes Piya so that she forgets him

Pyar ki yeh ek Kahani Season 2 starts with Piya and Misha returning from Paris
Episode 180 starts with Abhay and Pia meeting each other. Snow is falling and Piya runs towards Abhay calling his name. She touches him on his shoulders and arms checking if he is alright.
Pia: Abhay, What happened? Are you alright?
Abhay: Piya, You know Vampires have such power that they can hypnotize anyone and the hypnotized person forgets everything.
Pia: Yeah Abhay! But why are you telling this now?
Abhay: You have to forget my memories. You have to forget me. You have to forget me Piya...
Piya: No Abhay! I don't wish to forget you. I don't want to forget you. I love you.(She hugs him. Abhay hugs her back. When Piya withdraws from the hug Abhay fondly touches the side of her face)
Abhay: Whatever happened with you today...whatever Mythili did with you... she did because of me. Mythili may come back and I don't wish that anyone hurt you because of me. Piya I am doing all this for you. (He cups her face with both hands) Piya you have to forget me and memories related to me (Piya nods no). And I will freeze in this Snow. I will freeze forever!
Pia: No Abhay! I will...
Abhay: Nobody can do anything Piya. Maithili has put me in this condition and she only can release me from it. Didn't I tell you that you and i cannot be one?
Piya: No Abhay! (She leans on Abhay and he embraces her)
Abhay: May be that's our fate...that I and you separate...Our love is cursed...
Pia: Don't say so Abhay! Don't talk like that
Abhay: If only it is false...If only I could change our destiny...If I could stop your tears...If I was a human like you... But the truth is that I died two hundred years ago...I am a dead human. Piya, I could not kill Maithili... nor could she kill me. You know why? When you love someone you cannot take their life (Piya cries). No one can erase your memories from my heart. After today, neither can I live nor can I die (He cups her face again)...But you have to live Pia...(she nods no) ...Your life has just begun. Yeah Pia, You have to live...and for that you have to erase my memories (Piya nods no)
Piya: No Abhay! I cannot forget you...
Abhay: You have to forget me Piya. I am dead...but you are alive... Your life is remaining... (Piya cries silently) Pia, Try to understand. I am fire and you are the air...I am the darkness and you are the light. You are a delicate beautiful fairy and I am the darkness of death...(Piya nods no) Pia, life and death cannot go together. When death comes life has to go. And now is time for you to live.(Pia nods no) I will erase all memories from your mind with my powers (Pia nods no with tearful eyes)...You will forget everything...You will forget that you ever loved me...You will forget when you first met me...You will forget that you loved me...You will forget that there was someone named Abhay in your life...(Piya nods no with tears in eyes)Yes! You will forget everything. You have to forget Pia! You have to forget me...(He cups her face fondly) And then again you will be able to start a new life... Yeah Pia...You have to start a new life Pia...You have to start a new life...
Piya: Don't do that Abhay! Forget me Pia...Forgive me Pia (He looks into her eyes and hypnotizes her. He erases all her memories after landing at Dehradun) This time you choose the other way Pia...this time do not choose my way...(He takes a pendant chain from his pocket and puts it on Pia's neck while Piya stands expressionless). After I go this will protect you. It will safeguard you from bad things and evil eye. (With a sorrowful heart he hugs her closer and kisses on her forehead. He then lays her down on the Snow. He fondly touches her face on last time and walks back from there slowly)
Abhay puts a Chain Pendent on Piya' neck for her protection
Abhay gets buried under the Snow after he meets Pia for the last time
Piya is lying on the Ground unconscious with snow falling over her. The Search Party reaches there calling her name. They see her. Arnab lifts her and carries her out of there. Hidden from everyone's view Abhay sees her been taken from there.He says, 'When you regain consciousness you would have forgotten everything. But I would never be able to forget you. Days, Weeks and years would pass... and you would move ahead in life... but I and my Story would stay here. No body would say... nobody would hear...this story of love...' Abhay falls back on the ground and gets covered with Show.

Scene moves to one year later. The small guy at the tea stall serves tea to the Baba. Seeing the Baba happy the guy asks him, 'Brother, you are so happy after so many days?' The Baba laughs and says, 'I am seeing this Mountains. This Mountains...this Jungle...all these are my own... They have bought me up. And today they are so happy that I am also happy seeing them'. The small guy asks, 'What special thing has happened Brother?' The Baba replies, 'This Mountain is waiting with some hopes...it has hidden some secret... which is supposed to open again today. Maybe someone who has gone from here is going to return. And then... It feels like there was some story which did not complete... maybe that story would start again...' Scene moves to the Jungle and the breeze is blowing.

Arnab comes to the window and looks outside. The window curtains are flying in the breeze. He says in mind, ' The wind is blowing so fast. Strange! Why is there a cold climate feeling in this hot climate... as if there is going to be a snow fall. Very strange!' He closes the windows. He looks at the watch impatiently and says, 'Madhu, How long does it take for you people to get ready? (Madhu comes down the stairs)It is getting late you know...they would be waiting there. (Madhu comes to the hall)
Madhu: Arnab, Don't get too hyper... We won't be late. Moreover, to claim the Baggage it would take at least half an hour
Panchi: Hello! (Madhu and Arnab looks at Panchi who is standing on the staircase top looking gorgeous different in new hair style and modern dressing)
Madhu: Oh my God! (Panchi walks down the stairs)
Panchi: Check me out Mom and Dad... (Madhu hugs her)
Madhu: You are looking so beautiful!
Panchi: Thank you Momma... Of course they two are coming after a year. I don't want to look Indian in front of them. And Papa... tell me... I have lost weight, right?
Arnab: I am thinking...to tell you the truth or do buttering... (Panchi laughs)
Panchi: Papa, You are so mean. Anyways,these days I have stopped eating so some buttering would not hurt.
Arnab: You look so slim i can't tell you
Panchi: Thanks! (Laughs)
Arnab: Looks like you have not eaten for years... Should I apply more butter?
Panchi: So mean Papa! But anyway I am so happy that 2 of them are coming to share your love. You have pampered me so much in this one year that it had become a little too much... seriously...
Arnab: I don't think there is any matter like that... You were enough for us so...
Panchi: Yeah Papa, I know...Don't lie... I know you really missed them.
Arnab: Of course, I missed them. Don't know how this one year passed. Don't know how will be those two. When the Doctors said that Piya's memory is gone I felt there is going to be a lot of difficulty. But Misha told that she is fully alright.
Panchi: How strange... is it not Papa... partial amnesia... it's like she lost only some of her memories... It is very strange! She does not remember the one year spend in Dehradun..
Madhu: What ever happened ...that one year... I think we should forget about it... Piya only remembers that much which we have told her...that she came to Dehradun looking her father...met us and became part of our family... In one way it is good that she has forgotten that one year. we have to remember this much that she does not remember anything. She is now our daughter... part of our family...and it is very important that we remember this.
Panchi: Anyways, we are getting late... (They hurry from there)

The flight lands at the Dehradoon Airport. Misha comes out of the Glass door saying, 'It's good to be back... Ahh... (She hugs a Guy standing with his back on her) Papa... (She is embarrassed seeing that it is not her father Arnab Dobriyal and acts as if she is blind. She takes a small bottle of liquor and starts drinking. She is annoyed that they have travel 18 hours and 8000 kms from Paris to reach Dehradoon and the family is not there to receive at the Airport in time.)

Piya comes out of the glass door in her glam avatar wearing jeans, t shirt and boots. She wears her glasses and walks confidently out. People around looks at her admiringly. He is now having her curly hair back and is wearing the pendant Abhay had put on her neck after hypnotizing her to erase her memory. Misha watches her half-sister with a smile and then looks around at the people looking at Pia. Pia comes near Misha.
Misha: Piya, Momma-Papa would be shocked to see you. You have changed so much... (Misha teases that Piya has become a hottie now)
Piya: Come on Misha... This one year passed just like that...
Misha: My foot! It's gone just like that... You have become a Super Model... After the Paris Photographer discovered you ...your life has changed... (Misha shows false anger towards Piya and tells her that she did not give her good Pocket Money. Piya tells her that they have left Paris behind now and are at the home town Dehradun)
Piya: This is home...I am so happy! Where is Papa?
Misha: Exactly! We went away for one year and our home people forgot us...
Piya: You know what Misha? Your patience level is always in red mark...bare minimum... (Misha drinks liquor from the small bottle and Piya inquires about it. Misha tells her that she stole it from the Plane. Piya tells that she would tell about it to Papa. Misha tells her that Pia has not changed at all. A small girl comes there and asks if she can have a photograph with Piya. Piya poses for the Photograph and Misha grumbles. Misha is annoyed that their Parents have not reached to pick them up. She tells Piya that it definitely might be the fatty Panchi's fault and that she would be getting ready to impress them.
Misha: Papa never is late...I don't believe this...No one loves me... Nobody came to pick me up!
Piya: Oh Drama Queen... By the way Misha... I have been to this city early, right?
Misha: Yeah...
Pia: And all my memory is gone...
Misha: Yeah, You don't remember anything!
Pia: So strange... I don't remember anything... I will just try... (Piya closes her eyes and tries to remember. She remembers leaving the Orphanage to study at Mount College at Dehradun. She also remembers asking the small guy at the Tea shop the way to Mount College. She remembers the small Guy telling her that she can reach within 15 minutes if she opt for the path through the jungle and him warning her not to go through there as the Forest is very dangerous. Piya opens her eyes). Episode ends.

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