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31st March 2011 Written Update (Episode 137) Abhay bites Pia before Siddharth could bite her

Abhay bites Piya
Episode 137 starts with Piya asking Abhay to go away from there. Abhay notices that Siddharth who is standing behind her has fangs now and is about to bite Pia. Abhay thinks, 'Oh No! If Siddharth bites Piya everything would end. I will not let this happen. If Siddharth attacks Piya, after three full moon nights she would also become a vampire like him.Before Siddharth bites Pia, I would have to bite her so that she does not become a bad Vampire like Siddharth. I have to save Piya...I have to bite Pia...Yes, I have to do this!' Siddharth charges at Pia from behind but before he could get his fangs into Piya's neck Abhay moves towards her and bites on her neck. Siddharth stands there shocked and Abhay makes an unconscious Piya to gently fall on the ground. Abhay shouts with blood on his fangs. Siddharth is shocked and angry at Abhay. Abhay comes to his normal form. Siddharth jumps in anger. ''
Siddharth: What did you do? Do you know what would be the outcome of this? (Siddharth catches Abhay on his collar)Why did you do this?
Abhay: If I would not have done this you would have done it. I would not have allowed that. Piya is mine! She is my prey. I have bitten her. Now you cannot do anything. Now there won't be any effect of your bite on her.
Siddharth: You did a big mistake Abhay! You don't know how bad I can get...
Abhay: Till now I allowed you to exceed all extents and I did not do anything. Not anymore Siddharth! Now Pia can't be yours...She is all mine! Now my strength has increased even more...

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Chand and Haseena are on the Hall. Chand is looking at the full moon by standing near the window with a drink in his hand. Haseena climbs down the stairs and comes to the hall.
Chand: Today is full moon night! Tonight is quite difficult for us vampires. You know Haseena that we get out of control.(Haseena comes and stands behind Chand) I hope Abhay is at home...safely... (Haseena goes and sits on the chair. She thinks, 'It is too late Chand, something bad has happened already. Siddharth! Wish you listened to me and gone far away from this city. After tonight I would not be able to save you. And what if something happened? I won't be able to save you from Chand and bigger powers than him'.

Scene moves to Abhay kneeling on the ground and lifting Piya on his arms. Siddharth shouts, '' Abhay carries Piya and gets up turning to Siddharth.
Abhay: This is my strength! My failure is my biggest victory (Abhay walks away carrying Piya in his arms. Siddharth is frustrated and angry. He throws things on the floor and shouts.

Scene moves to Abhay with Pia's head on his lap sitting by Maithili's grave. He shouts, 'Ahh...' He then touches Pia's face and says, ' Forgive me Piya...forgive me...You saw the punishment for coming near me...Did you see what the punishment of loving a living dead could be? It's not you fault Pia. the fault is mine that I let you come near me. And I caused you hurt! Still...waht would I have done Piya? I was helpless. If I would not have bitten you, Siddharth would have bitten you and gained control over you. I did not have any other option...I did not have any other option. Knowing everything I allowed you to come this closer to me...the fault is mine...I am sorry Pia...Please forgive me... Please!' Abhay thinks, ' I need to wake you up Piya...before you get lost into the darkness forever I need to wake you up. And I won't be able to do this alone. I need help! We all need to pay a price for what has happened already...' Abhay lifts Pia in his arms again and walks from there.

Scene moves to Panchi reaching the Jungle. Panchi sees Siddharth sitting on a chair looking worried and lost. Panchi calls his name. He does not look at her.
Panchi: What is happening Siddharth? Waht are you doing here?
Siddharth: Who called you here?
Panchi: Pia messaged me...(Siddharth thinks for a while and then looks at Panchi)
Siddharth: Piya should not have called you. You were not part of my plans. (He again turns away from Panchi)
Panchi: I understand...That I can see! that I was not part of your plans...And where is Pia? Where is she? (Siddharth recalls Abhay biting Piya before he could bite her. He signals Panchi to go away with his hands without looking at her)Okay! I don't want any answer. Panchi turns from there and thinks, 'Pia...all this happened because of you. You cheated on me...I hate you Pia...i hate you!' Panchi walks away from there. Siddharth who is sitting on the chair has frustration and a defeated look plastered on his face. He takes the red rose and shows it to the candle flame.

Scene moves to Shankar and Shaurya at the dinner table. Shankar is putting curry into his plate while Shaurya who is wearing an apron on top of his shirt is watching Shankar fondly. Shaurya thinks, 'This is life. Staying this close to the for him and making a perfect dinner...I love it!' The door bell rings and Shankar goes and opens the door. Shankar touches his mothers feet and then hugs her.
Shankar's Mom: Shankar, How are you son? I missed you...(Shaurya comes with a Bowl of fried Chicken in hand and sees Shankar's mother with Shankar. Shankar also seeks blessings from Shankar's mother and she blesses him. Shaurya tells her that he knows her from the photograph at Shankar's bedside and asks how she is. Shankar's Mom asks Shankar who he is and Shankar tells her that he is Shaurya , his room mate. They get inside the house and Shankar and his mother sits at the dining table. Shaurya tells Shankar to have chicken as it has protein and is good for the body.He then excuses himself and goes inside. Shankar's Mom inquires about Misha. Shankar tells her, 'Thinks are not good! But you don't worry...I have not lost courage'. Shaurya comes by humming a tune and keeps a Bouquet of flowers on the table saying, 'Darling! Dinner time...your favorite flowers' He then looks at Shankar and says, 'What is this? You have not eaten anything so far...(Shaurya serves Shankar curry and chicken. He then pours water in Shankar's glass and adds 2 ice cubes. Shankar asks for one more and Shaurya refuses telling that he had sore throat the previous day. When Shankar insists Shaurya asks him to shut up and tells him, 'I will make Chapatti and bring baby' Shankar's mother looks at Shaurya and thinks, 'What is happening? Who is this boy? Why is he behaving like this? I don't understand anything!')

Scene moves to Raichand House. Abhay opens the door and comes inside the house by carrying Pia. Chand and Haseena calls him but he heads straight to the stairs with Piya in his arms. Chand and Haseena follows him.
Haseena: Abhay, what is this? What is this girl doing with you? Abhay...Abhay... (Abhay gets into his room and puts Pia on the bed. Chand and Haseena also reaches there. Abhay looks at Piya. Chand goes closer to Abhay followed by Hasina.
Chand: Abhay, What is this? (Chand looks at Piya) She is unconscious! What happened to her? (Chand and Hasina notices the bite mark on Pia's neck) Wow! Siddharth is made his move...(Chand looks at Haseena and then back to Abhay who is silent)Did Siddharth...?
Abhay: No, Me...!
Haseena: What? (Chand and Hasina are shocked)
Chand: Are you out of your mind?
Abhay: I had to take this step Dad! Siddharth was about to bite Piya. You know if Siddharth would have bitten Piya, she would also have become a vampire like us.(Abhay and his Parents look at the bite mark on Piya's neck. Abhay is angry at himself by his looks. Haseena goes to Abhay and demands to see Abhay's hands. She forcefully looks at his hand)
Haseena: What is this all? In the enmity between you two brothers everything would end.
Chand: Do you know what that means Abhay?
Abhay: I know Dad! But now I have to save Piya. Tell me how could we save Piya...I don't wish that tonight has any effect on Piya...I just want to save Pia...Tell me Dad, tell me...
Chand: Alright! Get Sandal wood, Candles and some ash...
Abhay: I will do it! I will save Pia...
Haseena: Abhay, your hands are already burned...The moment you touch Sandalwood it would pain you a lot...and you would not be able to tolerate it.
Abhay: Yeah, Mom! I have to bear this pain.(Abhay looks at his bite marks on Piya's neck) I deserve this pain.(He looks at Haseena)This is the punishment for what I did with Piya. I did not have a choice.Siddharth was about to make Pia a Vampire for him against us. I have to do this! I have to save Pia... (Chand laughs)
Chand: I like...the way he plays his games! Now it is time that we speak to our superiors. Meanwhile...Haseena...It's time to wake her up! Let's go!(Abhay looks at Piya with a disgusted look on his face)

Hasina places a tray on the Table near the Fire place. She walks towards Abhay.
Haseena: The age old game is going between you two brothers even today...and today also this girl is in between you two...
Abhay: Last time i and Siddharth gave our lives...and Maithili too! But this time it is only Siddharth...I will finish him!
Haseena: We should have left the town this girl came into our lives. I knew that this girl has brought a storm to our lives. But you and Chand did not listen to me. First you and now Siddharth! (Haseena looks at Pia) Just because of this girl...
Abhay: Now you have to decide whom you are with...
Hasina: Are you asking me to choose Abhay?
Abhay: yeah!
Hasina: I did not give birth to you. But I am still your mother. I have done the mistake once...won't do it a second time...
Abhay: No Mom! You won't do that mistake again because I would not let you do that mistake again. Siddharth is your son later...first he is my Brother...I have a blood relationship with him. I know him better than you. I know him too well. Today he was going to bite Piya. He was going to make her a bad Vampire like him. But's enough! It is time to end Siddharth. He should be finished!

Precap: Siddharth enters the room by breaking the glass. He is angry and shouts and throw things. Suddenly he realizes something and laughs. He says, 'Wow! Well...well...well little Brother...By biting Piya now your blood and her blood has become the same...and blood will call for it not?

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30th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 136) Piya supports Siddharth against Abhay

Ruhi fights with T for insulting Angad
Episode 136 starts with Panchi pacing around the hall of Dobriyal House. Panchi thinks, 'I should have understood on that day itself when I saw Piya with Siddharth for Dinner. I cannot trust her. Pia took me for a ride. Piya also loves Siddharth and is playing the game to keep Siddharth away from me. How could she be so selfish? I just hate her!'

Scene moves to Misha at the Prom Night Party Venue walking around. She recalls Shaurya's conversation with her telling that he is in love with someone else. Misha sits on the stairs depressed and looking gloomy. Shankar comes there and sits next to her.
Shankar: What happened Misha? Why our Prom Queen is looking sad...somebody would tell us?
Misha: Queen my foot! I am a loser that I allowed somebody to play with my heart so easily that I did not even think that I could be rejected. What is the difference between Tracker and me? My love rejected me. I am hurting. How can I be so stupid Shankar? (Shankar hugs her)How can I be so stupid? Am I so bad that nobody would love me?
Shankar: Everything would be alright...Don't tell like that Misha...Don't cry...Everything would be alright! (Shankar thinks, 'Today I know Misha that I really love you because today forgetting my broken heart I am worried about your heart. I don't care that I am hurting, I care about your hurt. I just care about your hurt') Listen Misha! (Shankar separates her from him by keeping his hand on her shoulder)There is nothing like that. You are very good...very lovely...And you deserve this love. So don't cry! I will make Shaurya understand. I am sure that he would love you too. he would be yours. Maybe he never thought of you that way. I will tell him that how good you are and how lovely...and so lovable...And he will be yours, I promise!
Misha: Shankar, How good you are and I have always been so rude to you. How much I have troubled you?
Shankar: No, Not at all Misha!
Misha: Thanks a lot! You have been really sweet!
Shankar: Can we go now?
Misha: Yeah! (they get up from there)

Scene moves to T and her Bimbo friends walking through the corridor. T has a crown on her head. Angad comes from the opposite side. He sees the crown on T's head and stops her saying, 'Hey T, What's with the crown. You stole it?' T tells him that he does not have the license to talk to T like that and that she is the true Prom Queen of the College. T tells Angad that no one would believe that Misha won the crown as she is ugly and she got it only because her sister Panchi sleeps around with the Trustee Siddharth Mehra. Angad tells T that everyone at college makes fun of her but he feels pity on her and says that she needs the help of a Psychiatrist. He tells her that she is so scary and that she thinks of herself so high that she has forgotten the truth. Angad tells her that there is a life outside the college also and if she goes out nobody would even ask of her. T gets angry and insults Angad telling that he is ugly and that if Tracker would not have been desperate to get a Boyfriend she would not have even looked at him. She tells him that he does not have money also and that he would not have been able to come to the Prom Night if her friend would not have done him a favor. Suddenly T gets slapped by someone. Angad and T are shocked to see Tracker. Tracker gives T a verbal lashing for speaking to her Boyfriend like that and takes the crown from T's head and crushes it under her foot. Angad is happy to know that Ruhi loves him very much. Tracker tells T that she might have been the Prom Queen of the College earlier but she is not now. Ruhi tells T that every one knows what she is and called T an 'ugly chick'. Ruhi warns T and tells her that she should not see her anywhere near her boyfriend and T asks her to shut up. Tracker hits T on her leg using her foot. T limps away with the help of her friends and Angad- Tracker goes the other way with Angad's hand on Ruhi's waist and Ruhi's hands around Angad's neck.

Scene moves to the Jungle where Piya is still busy lighting the candles around. Siddharth is sitting on a chair and has set the table. He notices Piya mobile on the table and puts it inside the purse. He tells that he is going to the car and would put her purse inside. He tells Pia that he can't wait to see Panchi. Pia tells him not to worry and that she would come fast. Siddharth goes from there.

Scene moves to Abhay driving the car. He stops the car and gets down. He thinks, 'I can feel it...You are somewhere here Pia...Piya, I am coming! I am coming Piya...I am coming!

Scene moves to Siddharth coming back. He secures the silver chain again with his gloved hands. He thinks, 'Tonight would be a very beautiful night' Piya sees Siddharth and asks him when Panchi is coming.
Siddharth: I don't know! I did not want to spoil the surprise. That's why I was a little vague about it. I thought her let me meet her here and did not give her the time. She might be on her way (Siddharth signals her to sit and both sit). What do you think?
Piya: I think Panchi might be getting ready for the occasion.
Siddharth: I really hope so...Piya I am very grateful that you are helping me...for giving me courage. To tell you the truth I am becoming nervous thinking if she would come or not. I am really glad that you are here with me.
Piya: My pleasure! (Piya thinks, 'I hope Panchi comes. Let is not be that we sit here and she does not turn up. I think I should send her a message' Siddharth, you kept my phone on car?
Siddharth: Yeah...
Piya: I just go and use my phone?
Siddharth: Use mine...
Piya: No Thanks! I will go and use mine...
(Piya goes from there)

Scene moves to Piya who opens the Car door. She takes her mobile phone from her purse and sees 11 missed calls from Abhay. She thinks, 'This Abhay too...what does he want to talk to me? Surely he is going to talk bad of Siddharth. I don't want to hear it. This time I only have to think of the good for Panchi. If Abhay has a problem with Sid, that is his problem'. Piya types the Message for Panchi on her mobile phone saying, 'Hey Panchi! Sid and I are at the Forest near the Kumber turn and I must tell you that this place is very very romantic. I just thought you should know' Piya sends the message and thinks, 'Sorry Sid! I gave up some surprise. But you know I don't know about Panchi's mood. If she reads this and understands...then she would definitely come' Piya puts back the mobile in her purse and puts the purse in the car. She then returns to the Forest.

Scene moves to Panchi pacing to and fro in the hall. She thinks, 'Where is Misha? This is all because of her. She does not choose her friends right. she only bought Pia to my life. I have always thought of Piya as a friend and told what is in my heart to her. And today she is playing with my own heart? She knows how much I love Siddharth and she is roaming around with Siddharth behind my back...? What is this game?' Panchi recalls Siddharth wiping Piya's mouth with a tissue at the Restaurant
and holding her hand. She also recalls seeing Pia's hand on top of the table at Siddharth's cabin. Panchi thinks, 'You are such a fool Panchi! Don't you understand that Pia is taking advantage of you' Panchi's mobile beeps and she reads the message from Piya. Panchi is shocked reading the message and says, 'How dare she? One thing she is having romantic dinner with Sid at the Jungle... and she is messaging me? She also is fond of taunting like T or what? Piya, today I will see'

Scene moves to Abhay reaching near the spot. He says in mind, 'Pia I have come! I will not let anything happen to you. Today all the powers would get united in me because it is essential to remove this darkness!' Abhay runs to the spot.

Siddharth is sitting on a Chair. He is happy and thinking that he has blocked Abhay with the silver chain and he would not be able to come there. Abhay lands there and Siddharth is shocked to see him. Siddharth gets up and walks towards Abhay.
Siddharth: Well...well...well...snoop dog! So you found us...I am surprised...the silver chain did not stop you.
Abhay: No Siddharth! No one can stop me from reaching Piya...neither you nor your silver chain! (Abhay keeps both hands on the Silver Chain trying to break it. He shouts with his fangs visible. Siddharth is terrified. Abhay throws the chain away exposing his burned hands. Abhay comes back to normal. Siddharth for a moment looks frightened and shocked but he hides it cleverly.
Siddharth: Well, Josh machine! We don't need your testosterone's here. From where you have come, go back there, okay? Come on now! About turn...left right left right
Abhay: Enough! The game you are playing you have to stop. Right here and right now! Just stop this thing.
Siddharth: (smiles) what? (Looks around) What are you talking about Brother? We are here for a Picnic.
Abhay: Yeah right! I know you too well Siddharth! I know what you want to do this full moon night. But you have completely forgotten that the effect of this would be on the full Vampire community. How long will you keep on talking revenge for the age old enmity? How long Siddharth? I did not love Maithili...Maithili loved me...(Siddharth's face becomes gloomy) She never liked you! How long Siddharth? (Siddharth notices Pia coming and runs towards the chain. He keeps his hands on the chain and screams. He then goes and falls on the ground. Pia runs towards him)

Scene moves to the Raichand Mansion. Haseena is sitting on a chair while Chand is near the fire. Chand asks Haseena what happened and she replies, 'it's nothing'. Chand sits at another chair having his drink and Haseena is tensed looking at the burn on her hand. She thinks, 'This can only mean one thing. One of my sons is injured. Siddharth! Abhay is becoming too much to handle for Siddharth. Where will this end?' Chand asks her if she wants to say something. Haseena nods,'no'. She thinks, 'Where are these two? What are they doing? Something is going to happen! I can feel it!'

Scene moves to the Jungle. Siddharth is on the ground. He puts a brilliant act in front of Piya.
Siddharth: Who are you? What are you? You are not a are a monster! (Pia comes there calling for Siddharth and gives Siddharth a hand to get up) Pia ...He had changed1 Don't know what happened to him. I tried to tell him that you are helping me to surprise Panchi but he did not listen to me Piya. He got jealous. Piya...He is a monster! He attacked me! See what he did to my hands. His eyes was becoming strange. He was about to bite me like a crocodile with his fangs Piya...
Abhay: Stop it Siddharth!
Pia: Abhay, what are you doing here?
Abhay: Pia...You don't know what you are about to do...
Pia: Just shut up! Who called you here? Go from here... (Siddharth keeps on talking non stop telling that he wanted to give Panchi a romantic dinner and that Abhay wants to kill him) You have it in you or gone...Like this everyone would know about you. What's wrong with you?
Abhay: Stay away from Pia
Siddharth: You run away from here Piya your life (He pushes Piya behind him) I will sacrifice my love for you Piya. Just tell Panchi that I loves her.
Piya: Relax...As long as I am here he won't do anything,okay? I know Abhay...You be here...he won't do anything! Abhay Please! Just leave, Okay! I need you to leave now...please leave... (Siddharth who was behind Pia now has fangs. Abhay sees it) Abhay, I want you to go...Abhay just go...What are you looking at? Just go! (Abhay thinks, 'No! If Siddharth bites Piya everything would end. I will not let it happen. If Siddharth does this after 3 full moon nights she will also become a Vampire'

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29th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 135) Abhay Raichand and Misha Dobriyal becomes Prom King and Prom Queen

Siddharth and Piya at the Jungle
Episode 135 starts with Principal Mr Mehra greeting Siddharth Mehra. Siddharth asks the Principal if he had decided who the Prom King and Prom Queen would be. The Principal tells him that the decision is made. Siddharth tells him that in his opinion Abhay Raichand is the clear winner. The Principal Mr Mehra tells him that he was about to announce Abhay's name too. Siddharth tells him that their opinions and names match. Sid remarks, 'Great minds think alike'. The Principal excuses himself from there and asks Ms Dasgupta to go along with him. The Principal and Ms Dasgupta goes to the stage to announce the winners. The Principal asks to stop the music and tells the students that it is announcement time. T and her friends are sitting at one table and T is confident that the crown would be her's. The Principal asks Tanushree Ambolker to come on stage and join him. Tanushree goes to the stage and tells thank you in her signature style. T's friend sends a flying kiss to T and T sends a kiss back. Siddaharth is standing behind Piya. Principal tells the students that Tanushree was the Prom Queen of College the last 2 years and that she has made the college proud. Tanushree grabs the mike from the Principal and starts giving a winner's speech thanking everyone and thanking Parents for DNA and clear complexion. The Principal takes the mike back from her and tells that he has not finished talking. He tells Tanushree that she has won the Prom Queen title the last 2 years and that this year she has to make someone else wear it. The Principal announces the name of the winner as Misha Dobriyal and T is shocked to hear it. Misha is excited and the students cheer for her. Misha comes to the stage to receive her crown. Ms Dasgupta handsover the crown to Tanushree who looks at it and tries to fiddle with it. Misha grabs the crown and wears it on her head. Siddharth who was standing behind Piya bends and tells something to her. Abhay keeps a watch on them. Ms Dasgupta gives the title badge to Tanushree who keeps it in her hand. Misha grabs it and wears it on her own. T walks away from the stage angrily and goes out. Her friends also follow her.

Siddharth extends his hand to Piya and she keeps her hand on his. Siddharth and Piya walks out of there with Piya holding on to Siddharth's arm. They pass Abhay on their way out and Siddharth signals at Abhay with his eyes. By then Abhay Raichand's name is announced as winner by the Principal as Prom King of the year. Abhay goes to the stage to receive his title. The Principal asks the last years winner Kabir Singh Rathore to come on the stage and give the title for Abhay. Kabir does so without making any fuss.Students get into the stage to congratulate the winners and Abhay walks out from there. Misha looks for Piya but does not find her around. Misha then gets a call from Panchi and Misha informs her that she won the Prom Queen title and tells her that she would tell about everything once she reaches home. Panchi is happy to hear it. Misha turns and sees Pia with Siddharth going towards the Car and says 'strange'. Panchi tells that sometimes Misha does strange things. Misha tells Panchi about seeing Piya and Siddharth going together. Panchi asks twice to Misha trying to confirm if she has seen Sid and Pia together. Misha gets irritated and cuts the phone. Abhay then comes there and asks Misha if she has seen Pia and Siddharth and if Piya told her where she is going. Misha gets irritated and goes from there without giving a proper answer to the question.

Abhay looks at the moon and thinks, 'It's full moon night and Piya and Siddharth are together...This time you have gone too much ahead Siddharth. This time if you even touch Piya I will kill you. Don't you dare touch Piya'. Abhay rushes out of the place.T's friends are looking at the moon and admiring the beauty of the full moon. Abhay comes near the car. he thinks,'This cannot happen! You cannot take such a big step Siddharth. You feel that you can get Pia. How?  No! You will bite Piya on full moon night...knowing that if a Vampire bites a human continuously on 3 full moon nights and not kill that human...the human also starts becoming a Vampire... No, Siddharth...we don't have the right to make a human to Vampire. What are you doing? What are you doing Siddharth? No...I will not let you do it. I will not let you make Pia a Vampire... I will not let you do this Siddharth...I am coming! I will not let you do this' Abhay gets into his Car and drives from there.

Siddharth is driving the Car with Pia on his side. Sid eyes at Pia while driving and Piya smiles at him. He stops the car after some time and tells Piya that they have reached. Both get out of the car. Piya walks into the forest with Siddharth with her hand on Siddharth's arm. Piya is impressed by the tent and arrangements Siddharth has made in the forest. Piya tells him that it is beautiful and that Panchi would love it. Siddharth tells that it is a very small gesture from him for Panchi. Piya thinks, 'Panchi is so lucky. How much Siddharth loves her. What can be more romantic date than this. So sweet!'
Piya: You know what Siddharth! Panchi is just going to love it. I mean...this is perfect...You did not miss out any detail. it's just perfect. (Pia notices the chain around the place) But why did you put the chain?
Siddharth: So that we get peace (Cheyan) from four sides. (Piya laughs)
Piya: You are very funny! (Pia run to look at the arrangements. Siddharth recalls him putting silver chain around the place using gloved hands. He tells, 'My little Abhay line'

Scene moves to Abhay driving the Car. Abhay thinks, 'Where is he taking you? Why am I not able to see you? Why can't I see you?' Abhay closes his eyes and tries to concentrate. He sees shadowy images but nothing clear. he thinks, 'I know Piya that you are with him, but where? Where? This is frustrating!' He tries to concentrate again still no use. Abhay thinks, 'No! You have planned everything in detail Siddharth. I hope you did not forget me in your plans because the biggest reason to make your plans fail is me'. Abhay concentrates again and this time he sees a little more clearly. Abhay sees the silver chain and is shocked. He says, 'I am coming Siddharth! I am coming to stop you...'

At the Jungle...Piya looks at the Orchid Flower arrangement and tells Siddharth that Panchi likes Orchids a lot. She tells Panchi should have a special Perfume by name Wild Orchids. Piya goes to the trees to light the candles kept there. Siddharth looks at Piya and thinks, 'First I thought of using you to take revenge from Brother. But you know what? You turned out to be a wonderful game. Tonight you will be of great use to me. But I won't kill won't kill you...I will use you...I will make you a vampire today.(Pia looks at Siddharth and smiles while lighting the candle) After tonight you will get powers like me... Your color will change...blood will get reduced in your me you will also not feel will get a strange thirst...and then I will attack you the next full moon will start becoming a living will not get sleep on will feel a strange will feel like an animal who only knows it's thirst. You will want to will not understand why...and then I will do my last attack. I will drink your whole blood and then give you a new life...the life of a living dead...who has a heart but no heart beats... whose body does not have breathe only thirst...(Piya looks at him and smiles again) You too with the 3rd moon like me will become the living dead. A beautiful vampire...lady devil in disguise!'

Scene moves to Abhay in his Car. He recalls the silver chain around the place and thinks, 'Because of the silver chain I am not able to see anything. You have thought of everything Siddharth but you are forgetting my powers. I will make every plan of yours fail. I will not let you make Piya a Vampire. I will not let you end her life. I will not let you do this! (He tries to concentrate) Focus Abhay! Feel Piya...She is here...she is somewhere here' Abhay dials Piya's number but it keeps ringing. Abhay thinks, 'I know there is no use of calling you. Siddharth would have thought of that too. But if I cannot reach you with my powers I can try to reach you with the help of your phone's vibrations'. Episode ends.

Precap: Abhay reaches the place where Siddharth and Pia is. Siddharth is shocked for a moment but then walks to Abhay and says, 'Well...well...well...shrewd dog...You found us! Surprised...the silver chain did not stop you?'  Abhay tells him, 'No Siddharth! No one can stop me from reaching Piya...neither you...nor your silver chain'. Siddharth looks angrily at Abhay while Abhay walks towards the chain barrier.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

28th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 134) Misha confesses her love for Shaurya

Siddharth-Piya and Abhay-T at the Dance Floor
Episode 134 starts with Misha seeing Shaurya standing with a drink. She decides to confess her love for him and goes to him. She tells Shaurya that she wants to tell him something. Shaurya asks her if she played the prank on T. Misha tells him that it is not what she wanted to say and tells Shaurya that she is in love with him. She tells him that she dreams about him and think of him the whole day. She tells him that everyone thinks that she is gone crazy as she behaves strangely in front of him. Shaurya tells her that she is mistaken and that he never looked at her in that manner. Shaurya tells her that he has given his heart to someone else. Misha asks him who is the person he loves but Shaurya does not reveal the identity of the person. He tells that the person is very special to him and he is always lost in the thoughts of that person. Shaurya tells Misha that he is sorry. Misha is heartbroken and runs away from there. On her way she bumps into Shankar. Shankar asks her where she is going and she replies that she needs a drink.Shankar thinks that Misha is becoming sentimental and that it is the right time to confess his love for her. Shankar follows her. Misha gets a drink from the Bar counter. Shankar tells Misha that he likes her. He tells her that he dreams about her and think of her always to the extent that his parents think that he is crazy. Misha is shocked to hear it. Misha tells him that he is a good friend to her but she loves Shaurya. Shaurya comes there and keeps his hand on Misha's shoulder and asks her, 'What happened Babes?' Misha excuses herself from there. Shankar tells Shaurya not to hurt Misha and that she deserves a lot better. Shaurya thinks, 'I will do any thing for you. I will never hurt Misha if that would make you happy'. Shaurya goes to Misha and tells her that he does not want to hurt her and let them start with friendship and then see where it leads to. Misha thinks that she would turn around friendship into love and decides to find out who is the person Shaurya has fallen in love with. Misha hugs Shaurya and Shankar also comes there and join their hug with all of them thinking, 'I will make you mine' about their love interests.

Piya is dancing with Kabir and Abhay is sitting on a chair and watching Piya. Abhay thinks, 'I cannot stay. With you so near, I cannot stay away from you. I want to go away from here where this pain will not reach me. But I have to stay here. I will have to stay close to you because darkness is coming closer to you. Siddharth has planned something and he has put a curtain in front of Mom's eyes also. he is definitely doing something. He is up to something' Abhay recalls Haseena asking why he has not gotten ready so far. Abhay tells her that he is no interested in going for Prom Night. Haseena gets up from the sofa and goes upstairs. Just then Haseena's mobile which she had left on the hall rings and she gets a message from Siddharth. Abhay reads the message in which Siddharth thanks Hasina for the advice and tells her that he would do what she wants him to do after the night. Abhay gets ready and rushes out. Haseena asks him about it and Abhay replies that he has changed his mind. Abhay thinks, 'Piya I don't know what is going to happen. I only know that I will not let anything happen to you. I will not let anything happen to you...anything!'

Scene moves to Dobriyal House where Panchi is sitting on a chair and applying nail paint on her nails. Arnab comes with a drink in hand and sits next to her on a chair. He asks Panchi why she has not gone for Prom night and she replies that she is not a college kid and has better things to do. Panchi tells that her plans have changed and gets up from there and occupies another chair facing away from Arnab. Arnab notices that Panchi is upset and asks her if her plans changed or it has something to do with love.
Panchi: papa,I don't know what to say. I feel that my fate is bad. How many times I get hurt and still don't learn from it. (Arnab goes and sits on the arm of Panchi's chair and hugs her)
Arnab: Panchi, You should not say like that! You know what is truly special about you? Even after so much happened in your life you never turned your face from love. And what I have learned in my life is that you should not give up on love. Because once love is lost, you will not get it back.
Panchi: Papa, who are you talking about?
Arnab: Someone that I have loved truly! But my love did not work out because of my foolishness. Everyone was against my love. This world...this society...and everything was wrong about it...but it was right for me! So I went against everyone and loved her. I made relationship with her but could not take it to the end. Because when the time came to fight for her I allowed the world and society to come in between our love. And I lost her forever!
Panchi: Papa, who was she? And what happened with her?
Arnab: It's too late! She has gone far away from me Panchi. She is no more... And if anything has remained it is only guilt. Now also I think. What would have happened if I did not accept defeat in love? What would have happened if she was here now? What would have's too has become too late! But Panchi, you don't need to give up on love. I have always taught you to be very independent. You are confident and you have the support of your family. What ever your problems and troubles in your love I wish that you would face it and fight for it. If you made a decision, back it up! Yeah? Don't give up!
Panchi: Yes Papa! (They hug)Love you...

Scene moves to Misha who sits on a stair at the party hall and making a call to Panchi. Misha tells Panchi that she told Shaurya that she is in love with him and that he told her that he loves someone else and just wants to be her friend.Panchi tells Misha that she also was heart broken and that Arnab had told her that he had not taught his daughters to accept defeat. Panchi tells Misha not to back off but to make him realize that he is doing a huge mistake. Panchi boosts her confidence by telling Misha that so fat there is no Guy who is born who can reject Misha. Misha is happy and tells Panchi that she would not give up.

Everyone is dancing with their Partners. Kabir-Piya, Misha- Shaurya, Shankar-Ruhi and Angad- T's friend... all are at the dance floor except Abhay-T when Siddharth Mehra makes an entry to the Prom Night Party. Siddharth walks down the stairs thinking, 'Nice! How these humans get happy by simple pleasures. Piya, enjoy while it lasts. Tonight I would change your smile forever! Nothing in your life would ever be normal!' Siddharth looks at Abhay smiling and makes a camera sign. Abhay is angry.

Misha gets a call from Panchi asking if she is alright. Misha tells her that she is fine and tells that Siddharth has come to the Party. panchi is shocked to hear this. Misha cuts the phone.

Siddharth walks to Kabir-Piya and asks Kabir, 'May I cut in?' Kabir nods and go from there. Siddharth asks Piya for a dance and they dance together. Abhay is irritated and angry. He goes to T and asks her to dance with him. He pulls T to the dance floor and dances with her near Siddharth-Pia. Abhay thinks, 'Piya were wrong. Siddharth is not interested in Panchi. I can see that now. His plan was always to come closer to you. He was only using Panchi to come near you. How can I make you understand all this?' Siddharth thinks, 'Now you are annoying me little Brother! Your muse feels like an irritating fly to me who is not dangerous but better to be knocked off. I cannot see you surrounding me like a fly. It is pissing me off. I will have to do something!' Kabir comes back and Siddharth leaves Pia and go from there. Kabir and Pia continues dancing. Abhay watches Siddharth going and talking to the Principal who comes to the venue.

Precap: Abhay notices Piya and Siddharth going out together.

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26th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 133) Prom Night Party at Mount College

Abhay and T makes an entry at the Prom Night Party
Episode 133 starts with Abhay pressing the calling bell of T's House. T who is wearing a white flowing gown dressed like a Diva in 70's hair and makeup opens the door. T sees Abhay on the door in black attire and tells that what he is wearing does not go with the retro theme.
Abhay: Let's go!
T: Abhay,If you have to go with me at least you have to put some efforts. Look, I am going to be the Prom Queen and arm candy does matter.
Abhay: I am not interested, go! (Abhay turns to go)
T: I mean Abhay...You felt bad! Actually you are looking good. But your theme is like 'the angry young man'. I am looking so in contrast it would look very good, right? So I think it is okay. So let's go Prom King!
Abhay: Let's go...(T holds on his arm and tells him to smile. She then takes a picture of them together)

Scene moves to Misha who is dressed up like Dimple Kapadia in the film Bobby in front of the House. She thinks, I know it...I can feel it...I know I am looking very cool...I don't need to tell Shaurya anything...he would become mad and propose to me' Tracker waves at Misha and walks towards Misha by limping with bandage on one leg. Misha runs to her. Tracker is dressed up similar to Neetu Singh.
Misha: Oh God! You are looking one piece...all set!
Tracker: very funny yaar! Stupid...Even with this bandage I set one man in my life. Moreover I do not like immature college boys. I need a man! Man... (claps)
Misha: Great!That is very good news. Because I use to feel that you need a lot of men.
Tracker: For now it's enough! And moreover I don't like guys like Angad.He is so immature! I like level headed matured guy who likes my cuteness and hotness!
Tracker tells Misha that if she did not have to go as a date with a Guy on Prom Night she would have gone with Misha. Misha plays along and begs Tracker to take her along with her. Shankar and Shaurya comes out of the House and walks towards the girls. Tracker greets them and ask Shaurya if he is going for boy's night out. Misha walks to Shaurya and puts her hand around Shaurya's shoulders and tells Tracker that she also has a man as date. Tracker is angry that Misha fooled her. Shaurya tells them that they should go and Tracker grabs Shankar. Shaurya looks at Tracker who is clinging on to Shankar and gets angry and jealous.Misha makes fun of Shankar telling that she feels pity on Tracker that she is going for a special event like Prom Night with someone boring as Shankar. Tracker then calls Shaurya and Misha near by and they take a Picture together on Tracker's mobile phone.

Scene moves to Piya coming out of the Hostel dressed up like the yesteryear actress Mumtaz and wearing 1970 style makeup and accessories. Kabir is waiting for her near his car wearing Elvis Presley style costume. Kabir opens the car door for Piya.
Kabir: Welcome Madam, Your humble servant is at your service...
Pia: Elvis Presley! Very funny Kabir...You are embarrassing me!
Kabir: not at all Piya...You are my Princess! You know I am the luckiest man this night. After all you are going with me...I am honored Pia...
Pia: Enough Kabir! Don't flatter me this head will blast and then your Princess would look like a pumpkin! (Both Laughs)
Kabir: You are very cute! I don't think that you know that.And you know Piya...Your cuteness is your biggest appeal.
Piya: And your appeal is that you are a very big charmer! (Pia goes and sits in the car. Kabir closes the door for her. He thinks, 'I hope this is not a dream Pia! I hope that you are not going with me to make Abhay jealous. I hope this dream does not break the next day morning. (Piya smiles at him) I hope Pia...I hope' Kabir gets into the driver's seat. He then takes his mobile and click a picture of them together)

Scene moves to the Prom Night Party Venue. Kabir and Pia make an entry together first followed by Shaurya and Misha, Shankar and Tracker and Angad and T's friend. Angad is dressed up like Rajesh Khanna. Principal gives a speech to the students and tell them that Prom Night is a very important night for the College and it is going to be a memorable night to remember. The students are all seated in chairs. Kabir and Angad are near the bar counter. Angad tells Kabir that he needs drink for courage. Shaurya eyes at Shankar from one corner of the room while Shankar looks at Misha is is with Piya. Misha looks at Shaurya who is standing with a drink in hand.Piya and Misha are talking when Abhay makes an entry to the party venue with T clinging on to him. Piya and Misha sees them. T sends a flying kiss to the room while Abhay keeps a hand on T's waist. Abhay thinks, 'I am so near you Pia...yet so far from you. But what will I do. I am helpless! I need to stay away from you. This time there is a big game going on and I need to play my part. It is my duty. I need to bear the pain of staying away from you'.Abhay and T walks down the stairs. t tells Abhay that she can feel the crown on her head. She then starts telling bad about other girls. She tells that Pia is wearing some servants clothes and Tracker does not even know the f of fashion.

Scene moves to Angad with T's friend. The girl asks Angad for a drink and he follows her. Tracker stops Angad and makes fun of his date. Ruhi tells Angad that the girl is wearing a hand kerchief or hairband as her skirt and goes from there. Angad thinks that it does not matter to him what the other girl is wearing and that only Ruhi matters to him and that he loves her a lot. Ruhi goes to Shankar and clings to him. Angad is sad to see them together. He goes to Kabir and drinks his drink. He asks Kabir to make another drink for him. Angad looks at Ruhi clinging to Shankar and flirting to him. Shaurya also looks at Ruhi and gets annoyed. Shankar moves away from Ruhi and go from there. Shaurya is happy seeing that. Shankar comes near where Kabir and Angad were sitting and watches Misha from there. Angad also goes and stands next to him watching Tracker.
Shankar: Heart problem?
Angad: Yeah...yours?
Shankar: Same problem! (Kabir finishes his drink and tells to them, 'Let's go Guys'and they go from there. Misha who was standing and talking to Shaurya turns to a girl who offered her a drink. Misha refuses the drink and turns back to find that Shaurya has vanished from there. The lights go off and Pia comes and stands near Misha. The lights come and the Guys perform to the song 'Om Shanthi Om'.Everyone cheer and clap for the guys. When the performance ends T comes to the stage and makes fun of the Guys and tell that they would get some consolation prize definitely. T tells the students that T and her team would show what it is like to be a star. T and her friends get into the dance floor ans starts dancing to the tune of Sheela ki Jawani and suddenly the music changes as Misha plays a prank. An old time funny song plays forcing T and Party to change their steps. Angad and Kabir joins the girls in the dance floor and T's performance gets messed up. Misha calls T and tell her, 'You were right! Boys would get consolation prize but you will get all our consolation'. T gets angry and all the students laugh.

Scene moves to the full moon. Siddharth tells, 'Today is full moon night and there is darkness behind the shadow. Tonight will see the monster in me. The 3 bites of death! Continuously for 3 full moon nights I will bite you, but won't kill you.! I will make you a living dead just like me! 3 Moon...3 Nights...3 Bites...and you will become a Vampire like me. Piya, I can feel your breathe. I am coming to stop it. I will turn you Piya...'

Precap: Abhay watches Pia and Kabir dancing together. Pia looks at Abhay too. Siddharth comes to the venue. Sid comes down the stairs and looks at Abhay who is sitting on a chair.

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Pyar Ki Ye Ek Kahani New Promo - Abhay bites Piya

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25th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 132) Panchi finds out that Piya was the girl hiding in Siddharth’s Cabin

Shankar and Ruhi
Episode 132 starts with Haseena entering Raichand’s Mansion after seeing Siddharth. She goes and sits on the chair and Chand comes near her.
Chand: Are you alright?
Haseena: Yeah! Actually I had gone to Mall Road and in between so many people I was getting restless. (Chand sits on the arm of the chair next to Haseena)
Chand: Haseena, You should not go to Mall Road alone. You are not strong enough to resist the temptation of being alone amidst so many people. (Haseena nods)Did you meet Siddharth there? If you would have met him, you would be called a traitor! And I am sure that you don't want our small family to have any sort of trouble, Am I right?
Hasina: Right! Siddharth knows about that ring. I would not give him any such opportunity because of which he becomes a danger for us.
Chand: Very Good! I love you! (Haseena gets up from the Chair and climbs the stairs. Abhay looks at her. Haseena stands in the Balcony looking outside. Abhay goes closer to her thinking, 'I don't believe you Mom. May be you are forgetting everything in your emotion as a Mom'
Abhay: What did you buy from Mall Road?
Haseena: Nothing! I was just very restless to buy anything.
Abhay: This time with Siddharth would be treated strictly. This is important for our survival. We have to think about ourselves. And for that Siddharth has to move out of the way. In this war we need to know our place. Because this time either he would remain or me! (Abhay goes from there. Haseena thinks, 'I know what it means to give so much power to Siddharth's hands but I also know that I am not ready to give him this much big punishment. I can't save him but I can't hurt him either. I hope Siddharth thinks of what is good for him and go far away from here'.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus where the students are doing the decorations for the Prom Night.T scolds a student asking if she would put all the banners in one place. Misha is standing on top of a ladder hanging blue, white and red balloons.
Misha: What day has come! Brainless bimbo queen is asking us to use our brains! Why don't you shut T?
T: Why don't you shut up Misha because I am the Prom Queen and you better know... (T and her friend go from there)
Misha: No sweety! You were the Prom Queen because Kabir was always with you. But tonight it is going to be all about me because I have Shaurya. Shaurya and I are going to be the best couple of the College'

Tracker is trying to hand blue glitter balls on the campus ceiling. She complaints to God that he should have given her some height along with her beautiful face and she would have participated in super Model Contest. Shankar who comes there sees Misha hanging the Balloons by standing on the ladder. He thinks, 'Oh my God Misha...You are so sweet. I have not seen a girl like you. Tonight I will tell you what is in my heart. For you I would not only fight with my Roomie but with anyone. You will be mine Misha, I promise!' Ruhi sees Shankar standing near the pillar and calls him.Tracker asks him to help her and he goes to her.Tracker asks him to hold the chair so that she would not call and they could dance together on Prom Night. Shankar holds the chair and looks at Misha and thinks that he would make Misha jealous. Tracker thinks how sweet Shankar is as he did not tell anything bad about her short skirt like Angad and that the only couple who would be fired up on the dance floor would be her and Shankar. Tracker asks Shankar to hold on the leg of the chair. Shankar looks at Misha and thinks, 'You come in my dreams wearing Kancheevaram Sari walking slowly and smiling. You then tell me...Shankar you are my only one!' Shankar looks at Misha trying to blow the balloon and smiles. Angad who comes there sees Ruhi and Shankar. He is angry thinking that Shankar is staring his girlfriend's legs and that Ruhi could not understand him. Angad runs and knocks Shankar and both fall on the floor dis-balancing Ruhi who falls and hurts her leg. Shankar shouts at Angad asking what happened to him. Both the Guys then notice Ruhi on the floor waving and before Angad could move Shankar runs to Ruhi.Tracker shouts at Angad telling that he did it deliberately so that she would not be able to dance in Prom night and that she would not forgive him. Ruhi tells him that Angad cheated her in love and he would pay for his betrayal. She gets up with the support of Shankar and Misha and tells that she would dance with her injured leg. Angad tells her that he knows that she can do it. Ruhi asks Shankar to get her bag so that they can go from there and tells Angad that at night Shankar and she would dance and show. Ruhi goes from there limping with the support of Shankar and Angad gets angry. Misha asks Angad that if he has gone mad.

Scene moves to Siddharth Mehra at his cabin. There is a knock at the door.
Siddharth: Come in Piya!
Piya: Hi Sir!
Siddharth: Hi! Come in and sit (Piya comes in and sits on the chair)
Piya: Sir, You called me?
Siddharth: Piya, I have taken a decision and wanted to know your opinion.
Piya: Yeah Sir, Tell me!
Siddharth: Well, First I thought that I would wait. But honestly I am not able to wait more now. I have lost patience. I have decided that I would propose to Panchi (Piya smiles) I will tell her how important she is to me. I will confess my love.
Pia: That is great Sir, It is fantastic! Panchi would be so happy! Sir, Do you have a plan on how you will propose to her? Something...
Siddharth:Well, I want to surprise her1 In fact she should not know that I am going to propose her...She should feel that I am not interested in her at all. She would get annoyed and be angry and when she would not be expecting anything at all then I would give her this (Siddharth opens a Jewelry box and shows Piya a diamond bangle and gives it to Pia. Pia looks at the Bangle)
Siddharth: You did not like it? Do you think it is not Panchi's style. I can get it exchanged...
Pia: No Sir, I think it is a very good one. Panchi would like this and your proposal too!
Siddharth: I just want her to be happy1 (The phone on Siddharth's table rings and he picks it up. Panchi tells him that she wants his sign on some papers and that she is coming)Panchi should not see you here... you will have to hide! (Piya tells Siddharth that she would go but Siddharth tells her to hide underneath the Table fast. Pia hides herself under the table. Siddharth opens the jewelry box and keeps it in a manner that Panchi would see it easily when she comes to the room. Panchi opens the door and comes with a file)Ahhh Panchi...Come! (Panchi gives the file to Siddharth and sits on the chair opposite him. She then notices the jewelry on the table and thinks that Siddharth has again started buying jewelry for random girls) How did you like it? The person whom I bought it for would like it? (Siddharth signs some papers on the file)
Panchi: Yeah Sir, it is very nice! (Piya who is sitting underneath the table tries to suppress her laughter. Siddharth smiles and keeps the file on the table. He takes the jewelry box and closes it)
Siddharth: Panchi, There is a little change in plans! I would not be able to go for Prom. So if you want to make any plans just go ahead.
Panchi: But why are we not going for Prom?
Siddharth: Because something important has come up. And I don't need to give you a reason Panchi! (Piya smiles and thinks how Siddharth is making Panchi annoyed)
Panchi: Okay! No Problem... (Panchi gets up and goes from there. Panchi comes out of the room and tells, 'What does he think of himself? That I am his back up plan? But this time I will not be silent. How could I think he changed? How foolish of me!' She turns to go to the Cabin again.

At Siddharth's Cabin Siddharth lets out a sigh and says, 'That was close ehhh...' Piya tries to get up. Only her hand and watch was visible on top of the table when Panchi opens the door of the cabin again and says, 'Sir, I want to...' She then notices the hand with the watch and Pia withdraws her hands from the table top.
Siddharth: Oh... Panchi... (Panchi thinks, 'Oh my God! When he was talking to me he had another girl hidden here. God! He is such a creep! Panchi you are a big fool. You are so damn stupid!' She turns and walk away)
Siddharth: Panchi... (Pia gets up from her hiding place)
Piya: Oh God! Sir, Panchi did not see, right? So what is the next step?

Scene moves to Kabir and Angad at the Cloth's Store. Kabir tells Angad that today someone would definitely kidnap him. Angad tells Kabir that in his life there is only one girl and that is Ruhi and if she is set his life would be set. Kabir tells Angad that he is also a one woman man. Angad makes fun telling that in the entire college there are no losers like them. Kabir tells him that when they dress up and go they would be on spotlight. They give a high five and go to get ready.

Shankar is also trying out a shirt and asks Shaurya how he looks. Shaurya replies, 'Perfect'. Shankar says that the shirt is not suiting him. Shaurya thinks, 'On you everything suits my dear'. Shankar removes his shirt to try another shirt and Shaurya eyes at his biceps and body. Shankar wears another shirt telling that the night is very important and that he should look his best for the sake of love. Shaurya adds, 'Yes, for the sake of love!'

Scene moves to Pia who is out at the road. she thinks, 'How lucky Panchi is...How romantic Siddharth is! He does not have a problem to confess his love and there is my love story in which there is no romance at all! May be it is my fate there is this much problems but Panchi... she is so lucky!' Panchi calls Pia from behind and tells that she could drop her. Pia tells her that she is going to the mall to buy dress for Prom night and excuses herself from there. Panchi looks at a walking Pia and thinks how happy Pia is and that her love story is not like her. Panchi thinks that it is better to stay single and that there is only pain in love. Panchi sees Pia waving for a taxi and recognizes the hand as the same she saw on Siddharth's table. The taxi stops near Piya and she gets into it after waving at Panchi. Panchi is shocked to know that Pia is a backstabber who has fooled her by being friendly with her and meeting Siddharth behind her back. She feels betrayed by Pia. Siddharth comes and stops his car near Panchi and asks her if he needs a lift. She replies angrily that she would go on her own and walks away from there. Siddharth thinks, 'Oh! This is so much fun! Everything is so easy, so simple and so enjoyable...happy Hunting Sid!' (Episode ends)

Precap : Siddharth tells that he would bite Piya on 3 Full Moon Nights and turn her into a Vampire like him.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

24th March 2011 Written Update (Episode 131) Abhay agrees to be T’s date at the Prom Night Party

Shaurya agrees to be Misha's date on Prom Night
Episode 131 starts with Abhay walking in a hurry at the Mount College Campus. T comes from the opposite direction and tries to stop him.
Abhay: I don’t have time
T: Abhay, Please listen to me!
Abhay: I think you have already made it clear that you do not have any interest in me, right?
T: I saw what happened yesterday night between you and Sid. I saw it all! (Abhay goes close to T)
Abhay: What did you see? Tell me T…
T: Everything! I would tell you when you take me along with you for Prom Night. Look Abhay, for the past 2 years I have been Prom Queen. And I don’t want to give up my crown to some charity case. (Abhay turns and looks to find Pia and Kabir sitting and talking) I always win! Always…! So I need you because to go to prom I need the best boy in college. And that is you…so simple!
Abhay: Okay, I will go with you!
T: Thanks Abhay! You won’t forget this (T hugs Abhay while Abhay looks at Pia and Kabir)

Scene moves to a bare-chested Shaurya wearing a towel practicing in front of the mirror for confessing his feelings for Shankar. While Shaurya is practicing Misha opens the door and comes inside the room.
Shaurya: Hey Misha! (Misha eyes at Shaurya’s perfect Abs and think, ‘Misha, hats off to your choice. No wonder you don’t have any interest in the college guys. Look at him…he is so perfect!’ What’s up?
Misha: Shaurya, I was telling… you know boys are stupid!
Shaurya: What is new in that?
Misha: What I meant is the boys at the College are stupid. So boring and such silly fools! So I don’t want to go with any of them for Prom Night. So I was thinking… will you save me? I mean…will you be my date? I promise that it would be fun…we would enjoy!
Shaurya: I don’t mind!
Misha: That means you would come? (He nods) Whoa… Shaurya I swear…I promise…I won’t wear any such thing which you would not like. I promise! (Shaurya thinks, ‘Done! Tonight will be fun! By being Misha’s date I would be able to be part of Prom night. And on that context I will get to spend time with Shankar. That is a great idea. I won’t feel jealous of Shankar and Misha and finally I would be able to tell what is in my heart to Shankar’ Misha thinks, ‘Great! Tonight, I will tell you!’) Okay Bye! See at night…
Shaurya: Okay, see you! I will come and pick you up.
Misha: See ya, bye…bye!

Scene moves to Misha and Tracker at the College Campus. Misha asks Tracker to help her and tells her that the 70’s theme is very confusing. Tracker tells Misha that Piya helped her in choosing the dress for Prom Nite. Misha tells her that she too wants something cool and she only has her Dad’s old clothes. Tracker tells Misha not to wear such rubbish clothes and that T would make fun of her the whole year.
Scene moves to Shankar stopping Misha and asking her to be his date on Prom Night.
Misha: Dude… Are you crazy? How will it look if I go to the Party with College Councilor as date? Bimbo’s would laugh at me and normal people would run away from me. And anyway, I am going with Shaurya. You can hang with us.
Shankar: Shaurya? He is not from the College. Why did you call him here?
Misha: Big deal! For Prom night you can call anyone. And for your information Shaurya asked me out. So what is the big deal? (Shankar angrily walks from there) Misha thinks, ‘What’s with him... Anyways, I have no time for him. I need to get ready for Shaurya and not in Papa’s old clothes’

Scene moves to Tracker and Angad. Angad tells Ruhi that people tell that how cute they are together. Tracker shows Angad her Prom Night dress with is a very short one. Angad tells her that at the Prom Night he wants her to look like a Princess but in those clothes she would look like the Princess Maid. Ruhi gets angry and annoyed with Angad. She calls him an MCP and asks him to get another girl. Angad tells her that he would bring someone else as his partner on prom night and they break up. Angad goes angrily from there and on the way he hits on Kabir. Kabir stops him and asks him what is the matter with him and Angad tells about his fight. Kabir tells them that they are a made for each other couple. Kabir tells that every girl wants her guy to fight for her and pamper her. Kabir tells Angad to appreciate the girl and keep patience. Kabir tells Angad that he had been trying to get closer to Piya for long and finally she has agreed to be his date. He tells that he would impress her at Prom Night and Pia would be his. Kabir gives a secret plan for Angad to follow. Angad runs to where T’s friend is choosing a Partner for the Prom Night. She agrees to be Angad’s partner for Prom Night. Tracker sees it and she is angry.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Chand is standing near the fire with a drink in hand. Abhay opens the door and comes in. Chand calls Abhay.
Chand: Abhay, I met with His Highness. I told him where Siddharth is and what he is doing. The decision is that no one would give shelter for Siddharth. He shall be treated like a traitor. And he has to leave the city and go.
Abhay: Great! His highness has taken the right decision. Alone he is not as powerful as he is with support. Alone he would become weak.
Chand: I know! But I am worried that he has seen the ring and he would do every possible thing to get to that ring. The decision would be conveyed to him tomorrow but if he does something tonight which puts us all in problem, what would happen?
Abhay: Don’t worry Dad! I would not allow him to do any such thing. Tonight is Prom Night. The entire college would be there. In front of me…in front of everyone…he would not do any such thing. I would keep a strict watch on him.
Chand: Right! If Siddharth is controlled today, tomorrow he has to leave! This forest… this area… this city…he has to leave everything and go. He will have to leave! (Haseena who is standing on top of the stairs overhears the conversation. She thinks, ‘Such a big punishment! What if they take the powers and throw you out? Where will you go? What will you do? I can’t let this happen! Siddharth, now I have to do something!’

Scene moves to Mount College Campus where Ruhi looks around trying to find a date for her. She sees Shankar and goes to him. She asks Shakar if he would be her date for Prom Night. Shankar thinks that it would be a good idea to go with Tracker on Prom Night and make Misha jealous. Shankar tells Tracker that he would go with her for Prom Night. Tracker promises that they would have great fun together and they would be the happening couple at the party.

Scene moves to Siddharth Mehra’s Office. Haseena is talking to Siddharth.
Haseena: If Chand finds out that I came here you know what would happen. Leave this city and go Siddharth! Before those people seize your powers…just go! Leave this personal enmity and go… I don’t want your one weakness to be the reason for your death. And yes, tonight is prom night…you won’t do anything there… Abhay is going to keep an eye on you…Just be careful! (Sid nods. He thinks, ‘Hey little Brother, my powers would be taken away from me tomorrow but today I am much stronger than you. You won’t be able to even touch me. Your goodness makes you weak while I am a devil. Human Blood gives me more strength than you. So tonight… you and me! You will lose! You will lose tonight!’
Siddharth: You are telling right! I have to go from here. I will leave from here tonight.
Hasina: Thank you! (Haseena goes from there. Siddharth thinks, ‘You saw Abhay…what did you do now…Now I have to hurt you! So bloody sad!’ Siddharth dials a call on the mobile and Piya who is in the College Campus picks it up.
Pia: Yes Sir!
Siddharth: Piya, Come here fast! I need some advice regarding Panchi.
Pia: Yes, Of course…I will be there…
Siddharth: Okay (He cuts the call and says in mind, ‘Yeah Pia…I need advice…will she be that yummy like the way she looks’.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

23rd March 2011 Written Update (Episode 130) Siddharth asks Panchi Dobriyal to be his date on Prom Night Party

Piya agrees to be Kabir's date for Prom Night
Episode 130 starts with T who was the Prom Queen of the previous year making an announcement to the students regarding the Prom Night Party at the Mount College campus. She tells the students that the theme of the party would be that of the 1970’s. T tells them that Prom Night is the most important event in College and they all have to look their best. T also challenges the students telling that she has been winning the Prom Queen title for the past 2 years and she would win this year also.

Kabir thinks that the only girl whom he wants as Partner for Prom Night is Pia and though Piya had already told him that she and Abhay are not together he needs to find the truth. Kabir sees Abhay coming his way and stops him.
Kabir: Hey Abhay! Need to talk to you yaar
Abhay: What?
Kabir: Are you and Pia together? I mean I just want to know Piya and you are a couple or not.
Abhay: No.
Kabir: Okay…What happened Abhay? Is it a break up or is it a break? In Mish’s Party you were together that’s why I am asking.
Abhay: I and Piya are not together nor will ever be…
Kabir: Well, if Pia is not with you I would like to take her for Prom Nite (Abhay keeps silence) Abhay, who are you coming with?
Abhay: Me? Prom night? Not interested… Piya has already cleared that I and she are not together. Whatever she wishes she would do that (Abhay goes off)
Kabir: Well…great! He clearly told that he does not want to go with Piya…thank you! I hope that Piya does not keep any hopes because of him…

Scene moves to the Dobriyal House. Panchi tells Misha that Prom Night is a very important night and memory for ever so she needs to go with full preparation. Panchi tells her that Misha cannot go there in her normal attire and tells her that she would help choose a dress for Misha for the Party. Arnab comes to the Hall calling the girls and tells them not to go anywhere because Doctor is sending an assistant for taking their blood samples for some tests. Arnab tells them that the whole family has to do it and it is for some insurance related problems. Panchi tells him that she would not do the test as she is scared of needles. Arnab tells her that more than her the Doctor Uncle is scared whose hands she bit in childhood for giving vaccination. Arnab thinks, ‘Misha, I hope your test does not bring any surprises to me. I hope that woman told wrong about you because if it turns true, I would go mad’.

The Doctor’s assistant comes and takes Panchi’s blood sample. She cries and screams while her blood is taken. Panchi runs off from the room after seeing the sight of blood. After that he takes Misha’s blood sample also. After the blood is taken Misha also escapes from the room. The assistant asks Arnab Dobriyal that either than routine test if he want to do any other tests. Arnab tells the Guy to do a Pregnancy test for just Misha. Misha overhears the conversation.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Tracker and Piya are walking. Tracker asks Piya to suggest what she would wear for Prom Night as she is shattered by T’s confidence. Piya suggests that she should wear the dress Prachi Desai wore in Once upon a time in Mumbai and that would suit her very well. Tracker hugs Pia and thanks her for the idea. T and her two bimbo friends hear it and say that whoever has whatever ideas it does not affect her. She adds that it is a loser’s thing to do to go for a Prom night without a date. T and her friends sit down.
T: I know some people who do anything to get attention. When she did not get anything she tried to attract the Boss. (Piya and tracker listens) Super despo yaar!
Friend: On the Boss? That’s bad!
T: Yeah Babes! (T turns and looks at Pia) Someone thinks that if she goes out for Dinner with the Boss she can trap him. Don’t know what all she does…actually they should know that Sid and Abhay are interested in T because both of them were fighting for me yesterday night. And they were fighting over for me for a while now!
Friend: Wow Babes! Who will you choose? Tell us...
T: I don’t know Babes. Those 2 boys by showing interest on that charity case have proved their bad taste. So I don’t know who I will choose. But what to do…Boys would be boys only, is it not? If the girl is throwing herself on them, they need to oblige her.
Friend: It is okay Babes, forgive them now. Anyways, both have come back to you fighting over you and all that…
T: By the way friends…Today library is open? Pia…Library is open. If you want you can go and take a book from the Library because you may need something to pass your time at night. (T’s friend’s laugh)
Piya: T… Thanks…but I am fine…
T: Are you sure you are Okay? I mean alone…no man interested in you… (T’s friends laugh. Kabir then comes there with a red rose’s bouquet in hand)
Kabir: Hey Piya, Ignore her! Don’t give importance to her crap (Kabir turns to Pia) Ms Piya Queen… (Kabir goes on his knees and offers the Rose Bouquet to Piya. T and her friends are shocked seeing it while Tracker looks impressed by the romantic gesture) Will you go with me for Prom? Please…
Piya: Kabir…
Kabir: Do me this favor Pia… Last year’s Prom King wants to go with his true Queen this year for the Prom…Will you go with me?
Piya: Yeah, I will! (Tracker jumps in joy and Pia accepts the Bouquet from Kabir. Kabir gets up and places his hand around Pia)
Tracker: Oops! Now it feels like someone else is going to become charity case! (T and her friends are angry and walk away from there)

Scene moves to Misha confronting Arnab.
Misha: Papa, your brain got damaged? You think I am…Oh God! Yuck…
Arnab: Listen Misha…
Misha: No…no…no…no…Don’t even speak, okay? If you wanted to know something about me you should have directly asked me. What was the need of doing all this drama? So…I was right! You were punishing us! And Panchi…what was her fault in all this? And Papa…what happened to you? Don’t you know your daughters? Don’t you trust us? (Arnab looks at Misha)
Arnab: Trust? How am I supposed to trust you? For the past few days you have been acting strange. I was trying to understand and you were getting weirder and weirder. You are roaming around wearing ladies clothes. From Hotel without telling you vanish…You exchange clothes with sweeper…and you go to some Guy’s house wearing Sari and sing Bhajan there… The people there tell me such a nice daughter in law… Daughter in law? You are pregnant? (Misha keeps her hand on forehead and go and sits on the arm of the chair with her hair fully covering her face) Am I not supposed to find out? Mish…Mish…looks like I talked too much (Arnab goes and sits on the chair next to Misha and puts his arm on her shoulders) don’t cry Misha… Listen…It’s okay…sometimes mistakes happen…not a problem…I (Misha lifts her head and laughs. She gets up from there and lies down on the sofa)
Misha: Come on papa, I am not crying…I am laughing! Don’t you know me? Come on Man… Bhajan-Keerthan and me… Straight forward daughter in law and me…? How stupid you are Papa… (She laughs)
Arnab: Then what was all this… (Misha gets up and sits on the table facing Arnab)
Misha: This is all a drama…It is a drama I am forced to do because in love you have to do such things sometimes.
Arnab: That is true…love… who is in love?
Misha: Papa…me…Misha…
Arnab: You …love (Misha sits next to him and puts her hand on Arnab’s shoulder)
Misha: Can you believe it? I mean…I am in love… You know I tried to fight it a lot but it still happened. And all these Drama is happening because of love.
Arnab: You mean to say that Misha Dobriyal is in love?
Misha: Yeah Papa…I am trapped!
Arnab: Oh…That’s wonderful… (Hugs Misha)…that’s great… (Misha pushes his hand away)
Misha: Papa, what is great? I don’t even know if he loves me or not.
Arnab: Oh…there is a simple way to find out. Go and ask him!
Misha: As if…
Arnab: What do you mean as if? If you don’t ask…how will you know? Listen to me…leave all this drama and ask him… If he loves you he will tell you otherwise there are other ways…I mean a Dobriyal family kid would not give up on love that easily…
Misha: Right! Now I need to tell him. I mean…it’s enough! I will invite him for the Prom Night and then…
Arnab: (Extending his hand on both sides) Misha will live happily ever after! (They hug)

Scene moves to Siddharth Mehra’s Office. Panchi is sitting at her desk. A lady walks into the office and asks for Sid. Panchi asks if she has an appointment. The lady barges into Siddharth’s cabin and gets in before Panchi could stop her. The lady asks Sid that why he told her that he is going out for a month to London when he is here. He shouts at him telling that he canceled his date with her 3 times and what he thinks of himself. Siddharth tells the lady that he cannot date her as he has fallen in love. (Panchi is happy hearing it) I am in love! I remember that I told you that I believe in casual relationships. But I guess I was wrong! I fell in love and I am loving it! (Panchi goes from there) But look at it this way…If I can fall in love…you also have hope… (The lady goes from there. Sid thinks, ‘Panchi darling, In order to get close to Piya impressing you is very essential’ He picks up a black diary and goes to Panchi)
Siddharth: Panchi… Panchi, this is my Black Book. In this there are the name of all my special friends’ phone numbers and addresses. Do me a favor, burn it! (He gives the Diary to Panchi)
Panchi: Sir…
Siddharth: Or give it to some matrimonial service…Everyone should find their soul mates (Siddharth goes back to his Cabin with a smile on his face and Panchi smiles too)

Scene moves to Shankar in telephonic conversation with his mother. The Menon’s are sitting at their house while Shankar is sitting on his cot.
Shankar: I know Amma…Misha is a nice girl…very nice girl. I have seen her and understood her. She is the one!
Shankar’s Mother: We are happy son! But are you sure? Look…family is very good. We would not get a better match than this. But that girl…
Shankar: Trust me maa…
Shankar’s Mother: I trust you son! Ok leave it! Now tell when are you going to introduce us to our daughter in law?
Shankar: Maa, I have not told anything to her so far.
Shankar’s Mother: So…Tell her! What are you waiting for? Son, when you love someone you need to tell what is in your heart to her. If she loves you, great… if not…make her fall in love with you!
Shankar: You are right Amma! I think I need to tell her everything…Today I will invite her for the Prom night Party and then tell her everything…Thank you Amma…Thank you so much! (Shankar keeps the phone down. Shaurya comes into the room through the window cursing the land lady. He goes and sits on the cot)
Shaurya: What Buddy? You are looking very happy today?
Shankar: Nothing friend! I was talking to Mother. Today she taught me an important lesson.
Shaurya: What lesson?
Shankar: That whomever you love tell the matters of heart openly! Just tell them that you love them! Because they too have the full right to know what is in your heart. Right, Shaurya?
Shaurya: Hmm…you are right! (Shaurya thinks, ‘I also wish the same Shankar and you see, I will tell what is in my heart on Prom Night')

Scene moves to Panchi looking into Siddharth’s Black book. She thinks, ‘My God! Siddharth’s life was rocking…but he is willing to leave all this for me…I am really lucky. Sid is the most eligible bachelor in the city. And he loves you Panchi…you! Papa and Mom would be very happy. How much pain did I give them by loving a wrong person like Danish? But now Sid will give me all that happiness which my Parents wish I get. I am sure Siddharth would keep me very happy’ Siddharth opens his Cabin door and comes to the room. He smiles seeing Panchi in thoughts. He goes to the receptionist Poonam and asks if she have sent the couriers. Then he goes to Panchi.
Siddharth: Ahh…Panchi… Panchi you know that I am the new Trustee of your College and along with that I have certain duties which I have to do. I don’t know if you know but there is going to be a Prom Night in College. I was thinking in order to make it little more bearable I will go with someone. (Panchi picks up the phone)
Panchi: So whom should I call? (Siddharth stops her)
Siddharth: Hey, no need to phone…I want to go with the person with whom I will never get bored.
Panchi: Okay Sir, I still have the Diary…I will call someone?
Siddharth: No, I told you to burn it or donate it… Panchi I was thinking that if you are not doing anything and getting bored…and if I also get bored what is the point in both of us getting bored? So, let’s go together?
Panchi: Sir, me? (Siddharth nods) But Sir I might have some plans. Actually…can I check my Diary and then tell you?
Siddharth: Panchi, save me…Please!
Panchi: Yes!
Siddharth: Great! (Episode ends)

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22nd March 2011 Written Update (Episode 129) Arnab is shocked to hear that Misha is Married and now Pregnant with child

Abhay warns Piya against Siddharth
Episode 129 starts with Siddharth telling Chand that the ring shall be his. Siddharth then vanishes leaving Chand and Abhay.
Chand: Abhay, Let’s go from here.
Abhay: Dad, I have to leave her home (Chand looks at T lying on the ground unconscious)
Chand: She is none of your business.
Abhay: No Dad, If I leave her here Siddharth would come back and kill her.
Chand: That is your problem, you don’t listen! (Chand goes from there and Abhay picks up T from the ground. T thinks, ‘Oh my God! Abhay kidnapped me…So much drama…why didn’t he tell earlier that he likes me and cannot see me with Siddharth? This guys also I tell you …they have a complex…’
T: Abhay, Where are you taking me?
Abhay: I am leaving you home. After today never come in this forest alone.
T: But…Where is Sid? I was with him…
Abhay: Sid ran off. After today never come to the jungle with him.
T: But…
Abhay: Just shut up!

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Misha comes down the stairs wearing her usual clothes and bag on shoulder. Arnab is sitting on the sofa in the hall with newspaper and drinking tea. He thinks, ‘Let me see now Misha what you are up to’. Misha goes near Arnab and hugs him. She tells him that she is going to College. Arnab tells her that why she should go alone when he is also going that way and could drop her. Misha tells him that she is not going alone and that Pia is coming and that they would go together.
Arnab: Pia? Whose Hostel is so close to the college and she is coming here to go back to college with you?
Misha: Right! Actually she has some work here so… Pappa,It is complicated…you won’t understand! Don’t worry about it. Bye! (Misha hugs Arnab and leaves. Arnab thinks, ‘I understand everything. You are telling me lies? Now I am going to find what you are doing and where you are going’

Scene moves to T and her friends in the washroom gossiping. T tells them that she rejected Siddharth’s proposal and he kidnapped her and took her for a moonlight walk in the jungle. She tells them that Abhay turned up there telling that he would do anything for T’s love and fought with Siddharth. T tells them that Abhay won the fight and that she has decided to go back to Abhay.

Scene moves to Chand and Haseena. Haseena inquires about what happened the previous night. Chand tells Hasina that Abhay and Siddharth are safe. He adds that Siddharth has seen the ring and has also told the reason behind coming to Dehradun. Chand tells her, ‘So from now on…we are at War and you have to decide whose side you are on’.

Scene moves to Siddharth's Office. Panchi is at her desk and lost in the thoughts of Siddharth. Panchi thinks, ‘Panchi and Siddharth… Panchi weds Siddharth… Mrs Panchi Siddharth Mehra… So cute!’ Siddharth opens the door and enters to the room. He goes to Panchi and leans to her chair.
Siddharth: hello beautiful!
Panchi: Good morning Sir!
Siddharth: Good morning Panchi! I hope you were thinking about me…otherwise it is a great waste of imagination. My God Panchi, is it you (removes his coat) or the AC here is not working? (He removes his neckband and Panchi sees a lipstick mark on his neck) God! So bloody hot …call maintenance please… (Siddharth goes to his cabin. Panchi thinks, ‘God…on Sid’s neck…stop it Panchi…don’t think like that…it may be anything else…it could be anything…Oh God! I hope Sid is not involved with any girl. Please God!’ T walks into the room calling for Sid.
T: Where is Sid? (Panchi does not respond) Ahh… never mind! (T walks into Sid’s Cabin. Panchi follows her. Sid is sitting on his chair fanning himself with his hands)
T: Sid…Yesterday night where did you vanish? (Siddharth looks at her. Panchi is out hearing the conversation) Whatever Sid…You left me on the middle of the jungle and vanished. You just left? It is understood that you could fight for me…but you lost and ran away…What kind of a man are you? And you did not even think that in the jungle if that killer would have found me… (Siddharth smiles) And…I helpless in the jungle alone…what would I have done…You never thought of all of this?
Siddharth: Look! Calm down T…Nothing happened to you, right? (T leaves from there. Panchi thinks, ‘you saw Panchi…you are such an idiot…how did you even think a flirt and Casanova like Siddharth would change for you in one day? He is just a charmer and wants to put you also in his Sunday-Monday girlfriend’s list. He doesn’t give a damn about you. How can I be such a fool?' Panchi turns and walks away.

Scene moves to Misha driving a White Car and Arnab Dobriyal following her in a black Car. Misha stops the car in front of Hotel Park Inn and goes inside. Arnab stops his Car a little away from Misha’s Car and wonders where she is going. After some time Arnab is confused seeing Misha coming out wearing a Sari. Arnab thinks, ‘Oh God! What has happened to Misha? Wearing Sari? (Misha gets into the Car) She is going home wearing Sari?’ Misha starts driving again and Arnab follows her Car. Misha stops the Car in front of Shankar and Shaurya’s House. She gets out of the Car and walks into the Building. Arnab looks at the building and thinks that something is wrong. Arnab gets out of the Car and walks into the building. The Land lady is at the entrance of the building receiving a courier. She sees Arnab looking and asks him who he is.
Arnab: Sorry! I am Arnab Dobriyal.
Landlady: Tell me, how can I help you?
Arnab: I wanted to ask you something. Just now a girl went inside…
Landlady: Who…Misha? She is a very nice girl. She has done magic on all of us here. The 2 of them only got married recently… (Arnab’s smile vanishes and he is shocked. He hiccups.) Both are very lovely children… What happened? You want water?
Arnab: No, I am okay!
Landlady: And I am telling you these days where we get such children. She is so involved in ‘puja paad’ and ‘bhajan keerthan’… I tell you… God give such a good daughter in law to everyone!
Arnab: Bhajan?
Landlady: She sings Bhajan very well. I go into trance. I am telling that the couple is young but cultured. And God also has blessed this lovely couple (Arnab wipes his forehead) in the house more happiness is about to come… Misha is expecting…
Arnab: What is she expecting?
Landlady: That..which is going to come…
Arnab: (points outside) Someone is going to come?
Landlady: Oh… don’t you understand? Misha is Pregnant with child (Arnab hiccups again) You want water? Hey, someone get water for him … (Arnab turns and walks away)

Scene moves to Siddharth who is sitting in his Cabin. He looks at Panchi from there who looks annoyed. Sid thinks, ‘Careful Sid, Careful! How much ever thirsty you are…in order to reach to that ring you should plan carefully. Temporary forget T, I need to get to Pia though Panchi and through Pia …to that ring. So be careful! You have been searching for that ring for a century and now that ring is so closer… Don’t make Pia your weakness like Mythili, Sid…She has to be your strength. Pia only could help me get near that ring…So for that I need to put a full stop on T and my other activities’ Siddharth calls T on the intercom and asks her to come to his Office. T enters the Cabin and occupies a chair.
Siddharth: Water?
T: I am good! (Siddharth presses a button on Phone)
Siddharth: T, What happened yesterday was a mistake! (Panchi hears the conversation) I took you for a drive so that I could tell you that you and I… it is not going to work (T is annoyed, Panchi is happy) Look T, you are great! It is not you…it’s me! The earlier Siddharth might have been interested in you. But I have changed…love changed me… (Panchi smiles) T, Panchi is very important to me (T gets up) Relax! Alright? I want to change for her. I want to be capable of getting her and maybe one day she would also see something good in me… (Panchi is happy)
T: No… how Gay are you? really! (T walks out of the Cabin. Siddharth says, ‘Oh Panchi…I am in love with you’ He relieves the phone button.

Scene moves to Pia browsing on the Internet by sitting in her Hostel room. She is irritated with the slow connection as she needs to find all information about Siddharth. Suddenly she senses Abhay’s presence and turns to look. She finds Abhay standing in her room. She gets up and go near him.
Pia: Abhay you…
Abhay: What is this you are doing? By going near Siddharth you are putting yourself in danger. Can’t you understand?
Piya: What do I understand Abhay? Or do you ever make me understand anything? Why should I not talk to Siddharth? Because you are telling me? I told you Panchi and Siddharth likes each other. I am only helping them. But you know what Abhay? You won’t understand…because you don’t know the meaning of friendship. You only know to give orders!
Abhay: Yeah! Right…What do you think? Siddharth likes Panchi… No Piya! I know him very well. He is up to something! It is his plan…He is trying to get you through Panchi…He is trying to get closer to you…
Piya: Really? You know him? What do you know about him?
Abhay: A lot…everything!
Piya: You know what Abhay? I don’t understand this half baked stuff. I cannot be like you and hate someone like that. And I will do anything for my friend’s happiness. And Panchi… she is my sister! And if she is happy with Siddharth, I will do everything to bring them together. And if you have a problem with him…I don’t care!
Abhay: Piya, If only I could say that I don’t care…if only I could say that if you get hurt not to come to me…but this time I cannot even say that…Because both of us know that whenever you need… I will be near you…with you… (Abhay goes from there. Pia thinks, ‘Abhay…If only I could tell you that your nearness does not matter to me…but I can’t’ Piya sees Abhay’s wallet on the ground and picks it up. Abhay who had reached outside the Hostel suddenly senses something. Piya opens the wallet and sees Maithili’s photo. Abhay turns and runs towards the Hostel. Piya thinks, ‘Maithili! Abhay, will one day come when there will only be you and me in this love story and no one else…?’ Piya notices that there is a Picture underneath Maithili’s picture and tries to pull it out. Abhay comes and seizes the wallet from her.
Abhay: What were you doing? Why are you touching my personal things? Fine…You only now told that you don’t care…Stay away from me and my life, okay? Get that? (Abhay turns and walk away from there. At the Hostel corridor he opens the wallet and takes the photo underneath Mythili’s photograph which is a picture of him with Siddharth)

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Monday, March 21, 2011

21st March 2011 Written Update (Episode 128) The Vampire Brothers Abhay and Siddharth fights in the Jungle

The Family Re-union
Episode 128 starts with Siddharth driving T’s Car and T sitting by his side. T puts her hand around Siddharth and leans on to him saying, ‘Sid…’
Siddharth: T… Hmm T… You smell really good! What are you wearing? (T sits upright and puts her hand on his arm)
T: Sid…This is my own smell…
Siddharth: It’s your own smell? Well, it is intoxicating! (Sid stops the car) You know what T? Your intoxicating smell is getting overwhelming in this closed Car. Come… let’s get outside for a walk.
T: In this jungle?
Siddharth: Yes, in this Jungle (Holds her hand) don’t worry! I know this jungle very well. You can say I was born over here… In this Jungle I know a very romantic place…a secret place…and honestly so far I have not taken anyone there…So, will you go with me?
T: Wow Sid! Really? I am so flattered…Let’s go!
Siddharth: Okay, let’s go! (Both gets down from the Car and walk into the Jungle with T clinging on to Siddharth’s arm. Siddharth caresses her hand)
T: So Sid…You know…t has a lot of experience with boys. And after I met you my search came to a full stop. So you know what I mean, right? (Sid nods no) That Sid you are the man for me…
Siddharth: Well T, You will not regret this…
Scene moves to Abhay driving the Car. Suddenly Abhay senses something and stops the Car. He closes his eyes and concentrates.
Abhay: What are you doing Siddharth? I can smell you… What is happening? What are you going to do? Who are you going to make your prey? (Abhay sees a White image of Siddharth and T together walking with a Car in the background. Abhay starts his Car again)

Scene moves to the Dobriyal House. Misha is standing in front of the mirror wearing Shankar’s clothes and folding the sleeves. Panchi comes near her.
Panchi: Misha, What’s going on? Whose clothes are these?
Misha: Mine…
Panchi; Shut up you liar…I know your whole wardrobe…This is not your clothes. This is some Guy’s clothes and it is not even fit for you…
Misha: As if Okay…I need to wear tight clothes and do ramp walking… I like it…it is so comfortable…
Panchi: Shut up Misha! Tell the truth! This is some Guy’s clothes…
Misha: hahaha…very funny! Misha’s clothes are like that of Guys…that’s what you want to say? It was bought only today…stop bugging me…
Panchi: Misha, tell me the truth! Are you dating someone?
Misha: Come on Birdie! My brain is not like the bimbos! Dating is not for me!
Panchi: Misha, shut up yaar! Tell the truth. You even went away from Dinner…what is going on?
Misha: Why are you making such a big deal of it? I was with Piya!
Panchi: really! You were with Pia?
Misha: Yeah…she called me…
Panchi: That’s why Piya called you to the Hostel and was sitting in the same restaurant with Siddharth? Enough! Have you gone mad? These days so many attacks are happening in the Jungle. Three bodies were discovered. Can you be more responsible? And if you are in some stupid mission…please stop it right now!
Misha: Oh my God! Today’s Lecture is over! See you tomorrow. Till then…Thank you…Goodbye! (Misha go from there)
Panchi: Misha…

Scene moves to T and Siddharth in the Jungle. T walks feeling the breeze.
T: Wow Sid! It’s so cool here…I Love it! Wow! (Siddharth thinks, ‘Okay then…Dinner time!’ He takes a spray out of his pocket and sprays on him) Sid, What are you doing? ( Siddharth goes to her and hugs her from behind)
Siddharth: Well my Tasty T. You are having such an amazing smell that I thought I should touch up.
T: Sid…otherwise too you smell so cool. You don’t have to impress me…Be yourself! (He thinks, ‘but I have to make myself invisible. With this spray I will become invisible for other Vampires. And that time my being invisible is very important. Because of what I am about to do the other Vampires will wake up’.
Siddharth: Come with me… (He takes T further inside the Jungle)

Scene moves to Abhay who passes by T’s car. He stops the Car and gets out. Abhay thinks, ‘This is T’s car. Siddharth…you were here? What are you going to do with T? (Abhay again visualizes the white images of T and Siddharth) Where have you gone Siddharth? Why am I not able to sense you?’ Abhay walks in the jungle concentrating and trying to catch the scent.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. A tensed Arnab stops Panchi who came down the stairs.
Arnab: What did she say?
Panchi: Papa, I don’t want to talk now…
Arnab: One minute…one minute…I need to talk. What’s going on? What’s happened to you two? We go for a family dinner from where Misha vanish saying rest room. And I am talking and then turn to find that you are gone…And then what I find…a sweeping is wearing Misha’s clothes and roaming around…and Misha…don’t know whose clothes she worn…What is this happening?
Panchi: Papa please…will you trust me…I am trying to find out. Give me some time. You know…Misha is so naughty…she might be playing some prank…So please! Chill and trust me… (Panchi walks off from there)
Arnab: The matter is not that of trust but of safety…And this time I will not let you do according to your will…

Scene moves to Raichand House. Chand feels tensed.
Chand: Oh…No!
Haseena: What happened?
Chand: Today something very dramatic is going to happen. Can’t you feel it? Where is Abhay?
Haseena: Abhay is not in the House.
Chand: There is something very bad going to happen between Abhay and Siddharth…And I have to stop it…
Haseena: How? (Chand opens a closet and takes a jewelry box out of it. He then takes the ring and holds it)
Chand: Today I feel the need of this ring very much…
Haseena: But if Siddharth sees the ring on your finger he may attack you…he can attack you…
Chand: But that’s a risk we have to take Haseena… (Chand wears the ring) Don’t worry Haseena…nothing will happen to Abhay…I know to stop Siddharth…

Scene moves to Piya in front of the Computer in her Hostel room. Piya thinks that she need to find all the details about Siddharth like his likes dislikes etc if she needs to do his match making with Panchi. Piya’s mobile rings and Pia picks up the call from Panchi. Panchi wants to know the details of Pia’s meet up with Siddharth. Piya informs Panchi that Siddharth told her that he likes Panchi a lot but want to approach her slowly as Panchi had gone through a bad relationship. Piya tells Panchi that Sid is super sensitive and wants her to give the updates of Panchi’s likes and dislikes.Piya tells Panchi to go with her for window shopping and tell her what she likes so that Siddharth can get it for her as present. Piya tells Panchi that though she got cheated in love she never lost belief in love which is why love has come in search of Panchi. Piya tells that she would get all the happiness she deserves. Panchi thank her and cuts the phone telling that she would meet Piya the next day.

Scene moves to T leaning on a tree and calling for Siddharth.
T: Sid…Sid where are you? I am waiting…Sid…where are you? (Siddharth is leaning against the back of the same tree)
Siddharth: Patience my tasty T! Just feel this moment…You will never get this feeling again… (Siddharth is having blue eyes now and fangs) Just live in the moment (Siddharth senses Abhay and thinks, ‘So you found me… Daddy dearest… a family re union is about to happen’

Scene moves to Abhay running through the jungle.
T: Sid…Where are you? (T walks forward. She slips and hit her against the tree and becomes unconscious. Abhay’s run through the forest and stops in front of Siddharth. Both brothers in their Vampire avatars bare their teeth)
Abhay: Today the judgment will happen! Either you or me… One of us has to end today.
There charge at each other and fight baring their fangs and growling. Then they raise themselves from the ground and fight in the air. They again land on the ground.
Abhay: The war has been going on for a century and this has to come to an end today…with you…
Siddharth: It has to come to an end little brother…but not with me…You are telling me that I am fighting with you in my real form and you…you have put a curtain of goodness on your reality. Today you will learn that nice don’t last. Come on little Brother…I have been waiting for this moment for 100 years…let’s fight!
The Vampire Brothers fight again and Abhay lifts and throws Siddharth on a tree. The tree falls down. Siddharth growls. He inserts his hand on his pockets and takes it out wearing gloves.
Siddharth: Do you know what is the difference between you and me little brother? You are good but I am thoughtful! You forgot that I don’t like to play fair. (Siddharth takes a silver chain out of his shirt pocket and rotates it…) The moment this silver touches you…I don’t need to fight with you…one touch and your living dead body will melt like butter.

Siddharth rotates the chain and signals Abhay to come closer. Abhay closes his eyes for a moment and then turns and charges at Siddharth. The Brothers are so closer to each other and Chand comes in between them suddenly. Abhay and Siddharth growls at each other.
Siddharth: Well, if it isn’t a family reunion…So nice of you to join us Dad…Welcome Daddy dearest. Today one of the lives you gave is going to end…And isn’t it funny? You taught us power is… (Chand shows Siddharth the ring he is wearing… Siddharth looks at the ring with desire in his eyes and thrusting his tongue out like a snake. Chand then moves his hand towards Abhay offering the ring. Siddharth changes into his human form and moves back.
Abhay: No Dad! To fight him I do not need any special power. I can fight with my brother on my own. (Siddharth thinks, ‘I came here to see this ring. Oh…it is all into me…’ He shouts in excitement)
Siddharth: Wow! What did you do Dad? Oh…By showing this ring you have added nitrous to the fire inside me… I am on fire! Now no one can separate that ring from me…The ring shall be mine! (Scene ends)

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