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28th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 110) Piya is hit by Abhay’s Car

Episode 110 starts with Siddharth and Panchi at the interview room. He looks at one file and puts it aside.
Siddharth: Next one!
Panchi: Piya Jaiswal, She is a very good student. In fact, she has won this year Scholarship Award. I think she should be our best candidate. And most of all, she is very sincere.
Siddharth: Good! Send her in… Panchi, I have come to your college, won’t you offer me some Coffee?
Panchi : Oops! Sure Sir! I will just be back. I will get it for you.
Siddharth: Panchi…Send Pia in!
Panchi: Yes,sure! (Siddharth says, ‘Pia Jaiswal, I was waiting for you’ A girl just then enters with her back to Siddharth and closes the door)
Siddharth: Piya Jaiswal, I was anxiously waiting to meet you. (The girl then turns. It was T and not Piya)
T: Excuse me! I am not Piya Jaiswal (T walks towards the table). Do I look like that loser? No bloody way! (Siddharth has a disappointed look on face. T comes and stands in front of the table and puts her hands on the table. I am T, short for Tanushree. And I don’t need this job. But I heard that the Owner of this Company is very handsome and charismatic. So I thought you… (Siddharth smiles slightly) I mean… we…could make a good Team, right?
Siddharth: Of course my dear.(Siddharth gets up from the chair and leans towards T) I want professional girls like you in my program.And I feel that you stand a very good chance(Panchi comes in with coffee and keeps standing at the door) to come into my team.
T: You won’t regret the decision.
Siddaharth: Regret?I don’t regret any of my decisions. And this decision, there is going to be a lot of fun! (Siddharth notices Panchi) T…is it?
T: Yes (Siddharth goes to the side where T is standing)
Siddharth: Your confidence…Your attitude…Your personality…suits this job description perfectly. You can expect a call from me sometime tomorrow.
T: I will wait for your call. (She smiles and leaves from there)
Siddharth: Nice! Oh Panchi… all done?
Panchi: Yeah…One more candidate was there who was better than this loser. But she could not come because of some problem. (Gives Coffee to Sid)
Siddharth: So call now!
Panchi: Her phone is out of reach.
Siddharth: No Problem. Call her again. We will wait for her.
Panchi : Okay (The Principal Mr Mehra comes in)
Principal: Mr Siddharth?
Panchi: Hello Sir!
Principal: Panchi I suppose your work is done. We have to close the college at 6. So…
Panchi: Yes Sir, Just give me a while. We are wrapping up.
Principal: I believe you got your Interns.
Siddharth: Yes, we got some interesting Potentials.
Principal: Good! Excuse me! (Principal goes off)
Panchi: I just clear, okay?
Siddharth: Call her back again…

Scene moves to Mount College Hostel Room. Misha enters the room calling for Pia. Piya is sitting on her back to Misha on her cot.
Misha: What the heck? Why did you come away from there? You know how much big job opportunity you missed. (Piya is crying) And you know that among all candidates you were the best qualified and you would have easily got the job. You got mad? Are you gone Psycho? You know… Panchi saved your internship till the last moment. She was looking for you. Piya…since when you have become moody like me? Hello…will you say something or sit like that? Piya you are just driving me mad… I just (Misha notices that Piya is crying. She sits next to Pia) Piya…you are crying…what happened?
Piya: Nothing!
Misha: Come on Piya Tell me…You are getting me worried!
Piya: Misha…Abhay messaged me
Misha: Again Abhay? Please don’t tell me that you left the Interview and went to meet Abhay…and now sitting and crying! Something is wrong. Come on Piya… I just don’t understand what is in between you and Abhay.
Piya: Nothing!
Misha: Nothing? That is why when he calls you go running to him…leaving the important things in life. Piya, Is he your Boyfriend? (Piya nods ‘no’)Then what?
Piya: Misha, I am sorry but I should not have gone like that on Abhay’s calling. Maybe this job was not in my destiny that is why it went like that. I promise Misha…hereafter I will not do such stupidity.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion, Abhay’s Room. Abhay gets into the room and searches for something in his cupboard. He turns the pages of some books and then throws it down. Haseena enters the room. Abhay then finds what he was looking for. It was a picture of Abhay and Siddharth together, both wearing similar types of cloths and smiling.
Haseena: What is the matter Abhay? You are looking very troubled…
Abhay: You remember Mom? How you and Dad saved me and Siddharth from the face of death and gave us new life…the life of a Vampire…And today, He has forgotten everything. He has forgotten that he had a brother. He has forgotten that there was a relationship between us. He has forgotten everything…every damn thing!
Haseena: How is he?
Abhay: He is full of hatred. Hatred for me!
Hasina: No Abhay, He always had a place for you in his heart
Abhay: No Mom, No…He never loved anyone…except you! For me there is only hatred in his heart. I had forgotten. I had forgotten how dangerous he is. And now, with time he has become even more dangerous. I have a very strong feeling that he has come to show us a very bad time. But I will not let him spoil our lives. 200 years back I gave my life for my love. Now time has changed…If required I would even give up my soul. I will do anything for my love. I will not allow him to play with our lives. (haseena looks really worried. Abhay goes near his window and looks at the moon. He thinks, ‘ I gave up my life for Mythili’s love…Today for Piya’s love I am willing to fight any war…I will not let Siddharth go near her.

Scene moves to next day at Siddharth’s Office. Shenaya is also sitting in Siddharth’s room. Siddharth is looking into the Job Applicant’s Resume file.
Siddharth: Who is Piya Jaiswal in this?
Shenaya: Her Application is not there. (Siddharth puts the file aside)
Siddharth: Interesting!
Shenaya: I can get her information and give to you. Let me try! (Siddharth signals Shenaya to go and she goes away)
Siddharth: Little Baby Brother Abhay, Why are you hiding this Pia from me? You are scared of me, no? Yes, because you know if I see her, her half cloths would be at my house. Insecurity would kill you (Laughs and takes a red rose from the table and throws petals down one by one telling she loves me- she lusts me… When only a few petals remain Siddharth says, ‘She loves me… You can keep her love…I just want her lust…He bites the flower and eats it).

Scene moves to Mount College. Misha sees Shaurya inside the Campus and comes to him.
Misha: Hey! Did you meet Shankar?
Shaurya: Yes Misha, I met him. But I just need little more information about him like…where is he from? What does he do? Any family background …I just need to know something about anything…what happened?
Misha: You want to ask anything else? What happened to you? You got Shankar’s illness? You are asking so many questions. You met him onetime and you have changed. You could have asked these questions to him.
Shaurya: Misha…Don’t worry about Shankar. I will handle him. I know how to handle him just want to know something about him. By the way he is very hot looking…good looking guy…isn’t it? (Misha thinks, ‘Oh my God! This stupid Shaurya is getting ‘j’. Good! This is the opportunity to make him even more jealous’)
Misha: I think Shaurya…he’s hot!
Shaurya: Yeah, He is very hot!(Misha thinks, ‘Yeah Shaurya, You are feeling jealous? Poor Baby!’)Misha, the college girls might be asking about him and …
Misha: You know about this College girls. They do not leave anyone. They like him because they find him different. (Shaurya thinks, ‘This College girls… I will! Misha…I hope you do not like him’)
Shaurya: Misha, Do you like Shankar? (Misha thinks, ‘Oh my God! He is becoming senti…’)
Misha: Yeah! He is okay…
Shaurya: Thank God!
Misha: What you mean thank God?
Shaurya: I mean it is a very good thing…a very nice thing that you don’t like him. (Misha thinks, ‘Super Duper Great! Out of jealousy towards Shankar, Shaurya has started liking me…Nice!)

Scene moves to Siddharth’s Office. Panchi is sitting on a chair across Siddharth doing some work.
Panchi: Sir, I know it is not my place. But in my Opinion we have not got a perfect Intern so far.
Siddharth: Yeah? Who is the perfect intern in your opinion?
Panchi: Pia Jaiswal! I told you about her.
Siddharth: Yeah, But she could not come for the interview.
Panchi: Yes Sir, Unfortunately she had some problem that she could not come. But Sir, Trust me…This girl is very deserving! You should give her one chance…
Siddharth: Yeah? If you are insisting this much then okay… Do one thing…ask her to come here…we will see her talents…
Panchi: Really Sir? Thank you so much! And I promise you…you would not regret this! (Panchi goes off and Sid says, ‘So little red riding hood comes knocking on my door’ He smiles)

Scene moves to Piya at Hostel. Her mobile rings and she picks up the phone. Panchi calls Pia and informs her that her Boss has called Pia for an interview. Piya is happy and she tells Panchi that she is coming immediately. Panchi warns her not to be influenced by Sid’s flirty talk before keeping the phone down. Piya remembers that she did not take copies of the resume. Piya reaches the College and the library is about to close and she requests Madam to permit her to take a printout so that she can go for the interview. Anbhay sees her and he tells in mind, ‘No Piya, Don’t go! I have to stop you’

It is night and Pia is walking on the road with a file in hand and bag. Suddenly a Car comes from behind in full speed and hits her and the drives speeds away. Pia screams and falls to one side of the road. Abhay stops the car a little ahead and says, ‘I am sorry Piya! It was necessary to hurt you. I have to keep you away from Siddharth in all conditions. I know a storm is going to come and it is difficult to stop it. But I will try my level best to stop it. I will fight Piya…I will fight for you…and this is going to be a big War!’ Abhay drives off as Arnab Dobriyal’s Car comes there. Arnab sees Abhay. He runs to Pia lying on the road trying to get up. Arnab helps Pia to get up.
Arnab: You are alright? You have lot of injuries. I will take you home and we will call the Doctor there.
Piya: I am alright! I don’t need a Doctor.
Arnab: Of course you need a Doctor! Don’t argue please…
Pia: I am alright! If I need a Doctor, Warden would call. I have to go back.
Arnab: If you want to go back to the Hostel, I will drop you to the Hostel, No arguments! (He picks up the things which had fallen on the ground and walks with Pia towards the Car)

Scene moves to Abhay running like wind in the forest. He stops near a tree and shouts, ‘Yaaa’ He hits 2 trees on either side of him, one tree after the other and both falls down. He kneels on the ground and shouts, ‘Why???Why Siddharth why? Why did you do this? Why did you come back? Why? I will not let you go near Piya. I will not allow you to hurt her. Pia is not alone…I am with her. I will not allow you to win! (Shouts) I will not let you win!’ He gets up and runs again. He stops near a tree. He says, ‘Pia, Forgive me! You are the one who is hurt but I am the one who is having the pain. I am sorry Piya! I did not have any other option. I am sorry Piya! I am sorry! (Scene ends)

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26th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 109) Siddharth Mehra arrives at Mount College Campus along with Panchi to take Interviews

Episode 109 starts with Abhay stopping Siddharth's car with his bare hand. Siddharth gets out of the Car and comes near Abhay.
Siddharth: Hmm…I thought you would be very eager to meet me. I am kind of disappointed in you.
Abhay: Why have you come here?
Siddharth: Where is the love?
Abhay: Why have you come here?
Siddharth: To annoy you…To take away your happiness…To ruin your life…and then to enjoy the drama…(Abhay charges at Siddharth but he stops Abhay with a finger) Temper…temper…little Brother! Calm the f*** down!This city is enough for both of us…unless of course you are hiding something from me.Come now…Tell me! Are you hiding something from me?Hmm…? You can trust me! After all, we are cut from the same cloth. You and me are similar.
Abhay: No Siddharth! Not at all…You and me are not one, nor can ever be.
Siddharth: You are so right! I am smart, devilish,dark,daring and you are a weak creature in the name of Vampires! You neither belong to Vampires nor belong to humans. You are quite an apology for a Vampire!
Abhay: That does not even matter to me! Stay away from my friends, understand!
Siddharth: Friends? Which friends? I heard that you have a special friend.
Abhay: You…
Siddharth: Come on now! What’s her name?
Abhay: Stay away from Piya! You get that?
Siddharth: Pia? (Sings)Someone’s got a Girlfriend! (Laughs) She is very special, is it not? After all after ages you have fallen in love! Wow! She must be special! Tell me…How is she? She reminds you of someone? Oops! (Keeps his finger on mouth) Sorry…sorry…touchy topic, is it not? (Laughs again) Don’t worry little brother. I will stay away from her…but the Question here is…will she be able to stay away from me? (Siddharth sarcastically lifts his eyebrows and goes back to the Car smiling. He opens the car door) Ah…by the way that is a nice jacket! It is funny, is it not…that our likings are so similar…After all, we are Brothers! Our choice would be one…but the only difference is you usually bought it…and I have always got it!(Smiles and bends back by holding on to the car door) So good to be back! Back to the hunting ground…And now that I am here I am going to make sure that the Vampires can get back their bad name! Brothers promise!!!(Laughs and get into the car) Fangs is back! (Looks at Abhay and shows a biting sign and then drives off the car)Abhay watches with a worried expression.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus where Misha is asking General Knowledge Questions to Piya. Piya asks Misha to attend the interview with her but Misha tells her that for that she needs to take the permission from her dad. Piya notices Abhay on the campus and goes to him after excusing herself from Misha. Piya calls him from behind.
Piya: Abhay! I want to ask you… (She opens a book and look into it)
Abhay: (without turning) what happened now Piya? Now you have fallen into what such problem that I have to save you? Piya, Can’t you behave like normal girls… who do not without reason fall from mountain…lose themselves in the jungle… (Turns and look at Pia)Or are you doing all these to seek attention? Piya, I have read that those children who do not get the love of their Parents often have attention problem. I am fed up of saving you always. I am sick and tired of you and your problems. (Tears form in Pia’s eyes) Now you will say that I am heartless. Piya you forgot…I told you several times that I don’t have a heart. You and I can never be together! (The Book Piya was holding falls from her hand. Abhay and Pia both bends down to pick the book. Abhay picks it up.)Here…take it! (Pia takes the book) last time I am helping you. Learn to take care of yourself!(Abhay notices Shenaya walking and goes behind her)
Abhay: Excuse me Mam!(Shenaya turns and Abhay goes near her)
Shenaya: Hi Abhay!
Abhay: I wanted to tell you something but somebody was distracting me.(Piya watches them)
Shenaya: No Problem! So tell me…You may be doing workouts daily
Abhay: I will be there Mam!
Shenaya: Don’t call me Mam… (Shenaya goes closer to Abhay. Piya watches with tears in her eyes) my name is Shenaya! (Piya runs away from there) Come with me! (Abhay goes off with Shenaya)

Scene moves to Shaurya sitting on his Bike and talking to Misha over phone.
Shaurya: Listen Misha, I just talk with Shankar… You don’t worry okay? (Shankar walks into the restoration site) I will straighten him today…either this side or that side…Okay…now you take care…I will let you know about it.(Shaurya says Bye and cuts the phone. He then sees Shankar walking to him. Shaurya imagines Shakar wearing a white vest and yellow cap. After that he imagines Shankar vest less. He looks at Shankar awestruck (I am in love music plays on the Background and Shankar wakes Shaurya up from his imagination by snapping with his fingers).
Shankar: Shaurya, You called me?(Shaurya is unable to tell even a word) What do you want to talk to me?

Scene moves to T and her friends. T tells her friends that she does not need to do an internship and it would suit charity cases like Piya. Tanushree says that she is the princess of her Dad and a Secretary Job is the last thing she wants to do. T’s friend clarifies that it is not a Secretary Job but a PR Internship and that she heard that the pay would be very good. T tells that she does not need a job but needs a man who would do job. She tells, ‘Moreover with my hot looks, middle class things like jobs does not suit me’ she adds ‘And T’s job is to look glamorous which I do…right?’(T then notices Panchi and Siddharth near the college notice board.
T: Who is with Panchi?
T’s Friend: Panchi’s Boss Siddharth Mehra…The job you are refusing… the interviews are supposed to be taken by him. I have also heard that Panchi is with her Boss…you know like a couple…
T: What? No…No…No… couple? Panchi is T’s old enemy. And how can T leave such a hot Guy (Panchi and Siddharth is walking together) with this Guy a fat homely girl like Panchi does not suit at all. He is my Type!
Siddharth to T and friends: Well, Hello…hello!
T: You must be Siddharth Mehra, right?
Siddharth: Guilty as Charged! But you lovely ladies can call me Sid.
T: And you?
Panchi: College Bimbo! (T is angry. Siddharth looks at Panchi. He suppresses a smile)
Siddharth: Excuse us! (Sid and Panchi walk from there) College Politics…How I missed it…This idea of Campus Placements was very good! Something tells me that today I am really going to enjoy, right Panchi?

Scene moves to the girls who are sitting waiting for their turn for the interview. Misha is sitting with Piya who is tensed up. One by one girls go out disappointed from the interview room. T and her friends also come to attend the interview. Misha tells Piya not to worry as Panchi is on her side and assures her that she would get the job. Misha tells that the company is looking for 3 interns and she is sure to get the job. More girls go out of the interview room disappointed and there is only 15 more minutes for the interview to be over. Misha sees Piya tensed up and asks her to close her eyes and meditate for a while. Piya closes her eyes and Abhay talk comes into her mind about her being an attention seeker. She opens her eyes and turns the pages of the book she has in hand and comes across a note from Abhay asking her to meet him at the Gym Locker room at sharp 5:40. Piya thinks, ‘what are you saying Abhay? You did not want to talk to me…but this note? It should definitely be something important. Oh God! How can I not go? I have to go…’
Abhay is pacing in the Gym locker room. He looks at the clock the time of which shows 5:35. He says, ‘Come on Piya…Come on’.

Piya gets up from where she was sitting. Misha asks her where she is going and Piya tells that she would come in 2 minutes and that she needs to use the washroom. Misha tells to hurry back fast as there are only 2 girls left out for the interview. Piya goes off.
Piya is happy and thinks that whatever Abhay talked to her earlier could not be true. She enters the Gym locker room which is dark. She gets inside and does not find anyone there. Then suddenly Abhay come slowly from behind and hugs her. He tells, ‘I knew that you would definitely come’. Piya turns and looks at him. Abhay moves back as if startled.
Abhay: you? What are you doing here?
Piya: Abhay! You only called me with that note.
Abhay: for you? I did not write that note for you. I wrote that note for Shenaya. Piya, don’t you even have a little self respect? I told you so much in the morning and even that did not make any difference to you? I don’t believe you. You’re disgusting! (Pia looks at him with tears in her eyes and then runs away from there while Abhay hates himself for having to behave and talk to Piya in that manner. He says in mind, ‘Please forgive me Piya, I cannot allow Siddharth to meet you in any condition. I have to keep you away from him. You don’t know what he is. You have so far not seen a real devil's face. Siddharth is that devil from whom I need to save you’. He goes to the window and looks at Piya who is running through the corridor. He says in mind, ‘I cannot permit you to go there for the interview. Because if Siddharth sees you everything would end there’.

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25th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 108) Siddharth’s Company Offers Campus Placements for Mount College Students

Episode 108 starts with Sanaya telling Siddharth that Abhay is in love with a girl.
Siddharth: Abhay is in love with someone? Well…Well…Well…Then I have to meet with this love. She needs to be punished for loving Abhay. Abhay is in love with somebody…that’s unexpected…Shocking even!
Sanaya: Shocking…why?
Siddharth: What to say now? Abhay and me parted because of one girl. From then till now Abhay is grieving for that girl. Silly! But I never thought that Abhay would be able to forget that girl and become someone else’s. What is so special in this girl? I have to find out now! Who is this girl and what is she all about?

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Misha is sitting on the sofa. Panchi comes and sits there too. Madhu comes and tells them that they would not go anywhere out without Drivers. Madhu tells that Misha especially would not go anywhere in her bike. Misha argues with her and tells her that all the drivers are scared of her and would not take her anywhere. Panchi asks Madhu what the matter is and Madhu tells them about the news of a girl being murdered in the jungle and the police could not find out what sort of animal was responsible for that. Panchi tries to reason with Madhu and Misha tells that no animal would eat Panchi as they may want fat free food. Arnab comes in and supports Madhu. He tells Panchi and Misha that till the Police finds out the murder was done by a human or animal the rule applies for both of them. Arnab is worried about Piya as her Hostel is very near to the jungle. He calls her and talks to her. Arnab tells Piya that after the previous day’s incident he is worried as Piya’s Hostel is near the jungle and tells her to come and stay at the Dobriyal House for a few days. Piya asks him if he is taking all the girls in the Hostel to his house. She tells him that she is okay and she has lived without the concern of the family till date. She cuts the phone. Piya packs her bag for college and takes the phone in hand. She thinks, ‘Abhay, I need to thank you. My Uncle and Mr Dobriyal does not know that I could have been in the place of that girl if you would not have saved me from the jungle’. Piya dials Abhay’s House Number.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. The Phone rings and Chand Raichand picks the phone while Abhay is coming down the stairs.
Chand: Yes?
Piya: Hello! Can I talk to Abhay Please… (Chand tells Abhay, ‘Piya…she wants to talk to you’ Abhay tells Chand, ‘Please tell her that I am not in the house… and you do not know when I would come’ Pia listens to Abhay’s conversation with his Dad).
Chand: Abhay is not in the House. (Piya keeps the phone down with a worried expression. Chand puts the phone down too and tells to Abhay, ‘I know that you did not talk to Pia not because we don’t wish. Whatever be the reason I am glad…What you are doing…you are doing right’. Chand goes from there.Abhay thinks, ‘Wrong or right…I only know this much…I am doing this to protect Piya. If Piya has to remain safe she has to stay away from me. If Siddharth sees Piya everything would end. And I would not let that happen.

Scene moves on to Mount College. Misha is walking backwards and hits a Guy. She says sorry. By then Tracker comes near. She is wearing Rudraksha Beads Rosary on her neck and even on her hair. She tells Misha that her Mom gave it to her for her protection. They then see Angad who is wearing a Rudraksha rosary too. Ruhi is happy to see Angad and goes and hugs him. Misha hits her head on the wall and then looks at them and smiles. Tracker tells that Babaji told that some spirits entered animals and they are killing People. Misha tells them that it could be the work of some Psycho killer and not any animal. Misha thinks that it should be some Psycho killer who moves around normally and takes girls to the jungle and kill them. She wonders if it is Shankar as he roams around her and thinks that maybe he could be planning to make her his next victim. Misha calls Shaurya on the phone and asks him to come and meet her as she has something very important to say. She then sees Shankar asking a Guy where Misha is. Misha hides behind the pillar.

Scene moves to Siddharths Office. Panchi is sitting and doing some work. She notices that Siddarth is worried.
Panchi: Sir, you don’t seem to be here.
Siddharth: I am thinking about one girl. (He turns a paper weight around with his fingers)
Panchi: Speaking of girl…Sir, did you watch the news? The dead body of a girl was found and nobody could make out if she was attacked by an animal or human. In the news they even said that the girl was outside the jungle with a man and after that…nothing! (Siddharth who was not facing Panchi till then suddenly turns to face her. Siddharth looks at Panchi with a weird expression. She lowers her eyes and then looks at him) what?
Siddharth: Today you are looking very yummy.
Panchi: What rubbish Sir? Now you have changed from Casanova to Dracula?
Siddharth: Dracula? Why not? I will look a very cool Vampire, is it not? After all I always wear Black. (Panchi laughs)
Panchi: No ways, you would not look cool. Vampire roam in the jungle by feet and you cannot stay without your Car. But…Sir…DO you think that girl was attacked by a Vampire? (Sid laughs and gets up from his chair and walks towards where Panchi is sitting).
Siddharth: Come on Panchi. Since when you started believing in such things? Next you would say that you are waiting for Prince Charming.
Panchi: Oh Please! I know Prince Charming and Vampires do not exist. In fact may be somewhere there may be some Vampires… But Prince Charming… exists only in dreams and story books. (Siddharth sits on the vacant chair next to Panchi facing her. He looks into her eyes.)
Siddharth: That Garnish hurt you so much? If you tell…shall we get rid off him? If only he was little edible…
Panchi: What? (Siddharth shows a biting sign. Panchi laughs. Siddharth joins too) Sir, you… (Siddharth suddenly gets serious)
Siddharth: Anyway, I was thinking that we need to bring new energy to this company. You know… new blood.
Panchi: Okay, in the sense…?
Siddharth: Young interns…new energy…new ideas
Panchi: Wow! That would be great!
Siddharth: What do you think about College Placements?
Panchi: Superb!
Sidharth: Finally! You felt something great about me (Panchi smiles). This is the start. Speaking of which…you should get started. Start with your Mount College. (Sidddharth walks back to his seat and sits on the chair)
Panchi: Okay Sir! I will get to work right away! (Panchi gets up and go from the room. Siddharth closes his laptop and says, ‘Come up, Come up, wherever you are!’

Scene moves to Mount College where Panchi is putting a notice regarding Campus Placements on the Notice Board of the College. Piya comes running seeing Panchi.
Piya: Hi Panchi! How are you?
Panchi: Hi Piya! Read this notice. (Piya looks at the notice) You know why Piya? This internship could be of great use to you. My Boss Sid is a very good paymaster. Above all, you would get work experience. I think you should think about it. It is really very good for you.
Piya: You know what? Doing work along with college… It is very challenging…I think I will definitely come.
Panchi: But listen Piya…just be a little guarded. My Boss is talks are a little strange. He is a little weird. So be careful.
Piya: Why so?
Panchi: No, I mean to say he is very charming and he is a big flirt. But he is a master of talks. The effect of his talk can create an impression in anyone’s heart or mind. I mean to say that he is too charming in his own way.
Piya: Meaning… the effect of his talk has an effect on you too?
Panchi: No…No way! Nothing like that! In fact I know him very well. And his girl friend’s list is with me only. I am too immune to his charms. It does not make a difference to me.
Piya: Oh…really?
Panchi: Really…I mean I don’t even care about him (both the girls start walking)
Piya: Okay, tell this…What is his favorite color?
Panchi: Black!
Piya: Oh…Black! How do you know?
Panchi: I know everything about him dear.
Piya: I am sure…
Panchi: Yeah…Now you understand a little too much.There is nothing like that.
Piya: I? What did I say? I did not say anything (They laugh).

Scene moves to Misha in conversation with Shaurya.
Misha: So Please Shaurya…we have to keep an eye on this Psycho. The attack which happened in the jungle was not done by any animal.(She moves her head towards Shaurya’s ear and says,’it is some serial killer type’) And I think that serial killer is Shankar.
Shaurya: Yeah? Okay… If you are telling…just to keep your trust, I would find out (Misha smiles)
Misha: Thanks!
Shaurya: Anytime Babes (Shaurya walks off from there and Misha watches him. The girls in the campus watch him as he walks. Misha looks at Shaurya from behind and says, ‘My God,what a piece you made! Perfect 10’ She smiles.)

Scene moves to Panchi at Mount College talking to Siddharth who is in his Office. Panchi informs him that she has put the notice and that lot of people seems interested. Siddharth says, ’Good job’ and cuts the phone. Siddharth says, ‘Game on! Brother…Now where will you hide your little pet? She is going to be all mine…Till the time I don’t get bored with her. Game on!’
Scene moves to Panchi at Mount College Campus. She sees Abhay and calls out to him.
Panchi: hey…Abhay! (Abhay stops walking and turns around. Panchi goes near him). Tomorrow some students are coming for internship. And my Boss is taking the Interview. Pia is also coming. So why don’t you come? (Panchi walks off from there. Abhay with a worried expression goes to the notice board and reads the notice. He thinks, ’I have to stop Pia from going to the interview. Siddharth should not meet Pia. I would not let it happen’. He strides away from there.
Scene moves to night. Abhay is running through the road like wind. A Car is coming from the opposite direction. Siddharth is driving the Car. He sees Abhay. When the car reaches near Abhay he bends slightly and stops the car with his hand. Both the Brothers look at each other. Siddharth has a devilish grin on his face.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

24th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 107) Abhay decides to leave Piya to keep her safe from Siddharth

Episode 107 starts with Siddharth and Chand sitting and talking at the Auction Hall. Siddharth tells Chand, ‘What will happen next, I don’t know’ He then notices Abhay. Both the Brothers stare at each other.
Siddharth: (with a smirk on face) I will see you around, Daddy dearest. (Siddharth gets up and walks from there singing, ‘Daddy, Daddy cool,Daddy, Daddy cool… Hums the tune. He reaches near Abhay and stops. Both the Brothers look at each other. Siddharth then gives a sarcastic smile and goes from there humming the Daddy Cool tune)

Scene moves to Piya at her Hostel room sitting on her cot and remembering her Mom talking to her. She remembers her Mom telling her, ‘Piya you came to this world because of love. Before you came to this world itself your Mom loved you. Before you opened your life your Mom dreamed of your life…such a life where there is only love. Wherever you go, you will find love’. Piya turns and takes a Photo frame with the photo of her Mom and her as a kid from the side table. The looks at it and remembers her moments with her Mom. She looks at the photo and says, ‘What will I do Mom’ and hugs the photo frame to her chest crying.

Scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal entering the Mount College Hostel corridor with a bag in hand and looking around. The Warden who comes there with a book in hand notices him.
Warden: Mr Dobriyal? You here?
Arnab: Oh, Mam. Actually I was looking for you only. For the past few days it is too cold here in Dehradun. Here I got some warm clothes for Piya. Please give it to her.
Warden:Sure! How much you take care of her. I am happy that because of people like you an Orphan like Piya…
Arnab: She is not an Orphan.
Warden: Meaning?
Arnab: I mean it is a very rude word Mam. It does not suit us… to take her near her reality. I don’t want it to sound that way. But you don’t tell her that I got this for her. She won’t take any charity from anyone. She won’t accept. (Gives the bag to the Warden)
Warden: Of course not! As you say…
Arnab: Thank you very much!
Warden: You are most welcome
Arnab: I will take your leave
Warden: Sure! (Arnab walks off from there)

Scene moves to Siddharth driving the Car with Panchi beside him.
Panchi: At the bidding you lost you control…It became a little over with Mr Raichand, is it not? I felt that who people would have a fist fight. (Siddharth keeps a serious expression and keeps quiet) I don’t get it. Is it just a Business rivelry or is there any personal problem?
Siddharth: (talks in a harsh tone) The relationship between me and Mr Raichand is a very old one. I have to settle some old scores with Chand Raichand. He and his son both…
Panchi: Abhay? You know Abhay? What did he do? (Siddharth is serious and keeps silence) I get it. (Siddharth looks at Panchi) You were taking revenge in this bidding!
Siddharth: (becomes his normal cool self again) Oh No! I went to the bidding only for entertainment.(uses a harsh tone again) That was certainly not my revenge! (Panchi’s mobile rings and she picks up the call which was from Misha. Misha asks Panchi where she is roaming around like a loser and that she needs to talk something very important with her. Panchi tells her that she is at work and asks her to show her childishness somewhere else and keeps the phone down).

Scene moves to Misha cursing and telling that it is no use to have a big sister and that she should have kept a parrot instead. Misha is frustrated and wondering who to ask whatever is happening between her and Shankar is normal or not. She wonders why he keeps fighting with her.

Scene moves to Shankar (Pintoo) in conversation with his Mom Dad at his House.
Shankar: My problem is that I want to get to know her my way.
Shankar’s Mom: But Shankar, In the Dobriyal House such a Drama happened. The elder daughter’s engagement broken… and the younger one…
Shankar: Don’t tell me anything Mom. I came from London to meet Misha. And I wish I meet her my way. I have seen her and understood her… She is not the way you are telling at all. There is something in her that is very good. And there are some things that I need to find fast. I just really like her. I feel that she is just made for me. That’s all I know.
Shankar’s Dad: (laughs) well done my son! When you go behind her this daringly she would never be able to say no to you. Poor Girl! She does not know what you think for her.
Shankar: Dad, I know what feelings I have for her. Just I need to understand her heart faster and make her feel for me. (Shankars Dad wishes him best of luck and his Parents go from the room. Shankar takes out the paper cutting of the Dobriyal Family with Danish and looks at Misha’s picture and smiles)

Scene moves to Raichand House. Haseena is sitting on the sofa with a drink in her hand. She is tensed up. Chand is standing behind Haseena sipping his drink while Abhay stands a few feet away.
Abhay: This is not coincidence.
Chand: We don’t have any place for him between us. Our doors are closed for him. And he knows this very well. (Haseena gets up)
Haseena: What is he doing here? And whatever he told you…you know that he can do anything! He has not come here to ask forgiveness or correct his mistakes. Doesn’t that scare you?
Abhay: I know him very well. He has come here definitely with a plan. And believe me I will find out what is in his mind and what he is planning to do. (Abhay thinks, ’this is the danger I was seeing repeatedly. If he is keeping an eye on me that means Piya is in danger!’ Abhay closes his eyes and remembers the vision he saw about Piya’s hand being held by a hand wearing an emerald ring. Abhay remembers telling her that it is necessary for him to be near her and him warning her of danger. Abhay opens his eyes to reveal his blue Vampire eyes. He says in mind, ‘What you want to do … you do Siddharth. But this time I am ready for you’.

Scene moves to Siddharth’s car reaching Dobriyal House.
Siddharth: Ah! The Dobriyal House eh? Quite nice!
Panchi: Thank you Sir! (Siddharth leans towards Panchi) Sir… I am sorry… I can’t!
Siddharth: (leans back a little) For the first time I was being a gentleman. I was only opening your door. The door is locked… it is jammed… You would not have been able to open it. But…!
Panchi: I am sorry…Sir! I thought you…
Siddharth: Don’t worry Panchi, what you were thinking I was about to do. But I thought maybe some other time.
Panchi: Sir, I don’t like such behavior.
Siddharth: Panchi, You talk too much! Something needs to be done to keep you silent. (He leans again and then moves back)
Panchi: Sir, I don’t understand what you are doing.
Siddharth: I mean…the talking…something needs to be done… (Leans towards Panchi)
Panchi: Nope! Goodnight… (Opens the car door and gets out. She leans from the passenger side of the window) Sir what you did for me…Thank you very much! That was very sweet of you. (Siddharth smiles) You saved me from Danish…That was very thoughtful of you.
Siddharth: By God Panchi! What did that Radish do with you?
Panchi: He broke my Heart! But that is over now… Goodnight! (She goes off. Sidharth is saying, ‘Human…They are made so weak! A big mistake has been done by giving them heart. I also had a heart once… but not now! And look how happy I am! I am glad to be heartless! (He smiles).

Scene moves to night. Abhay is standing in front of Piya’s Hostel Gate looking at the window of her room) He says in mind, ‘Piya, Staying near you has become even more dangerous now. I need to go away from you. Being away from you would break me Piya! But I need to suffer it. I can handle the beast inside me but now he has come back! Siddharth! He is very dangerous. And if he finds out that you are my life, everything would end. I will not allow him to come closer to you. He is such a devil that wherever he goes he brings destruction. He will end everything! And I…I will not let it happen. I need to go far…far…far…away from you Piya! Very far from you… in such a place that even my shadow would not fall on you. And I…I need to stop Siddharth…Piya, don’t hate me! But other than leaving you and going I don’t have any other option’.

Scene moves to Siddharth driving the car. He stops the car on seeing a girl standing on the road waving her hand for the car to stop. Siddharth stops the car and looks at her. He says, ‘Hello Love!’ The girl says, ‘Excuse me! I need to reach the city fast. Would you be able to tell me a short cut from here?’ Siddharth replies, ‘Well, There is one way. But it goes from the middle of the jungle. It is a little dangerous. You are sure you want to take it?’ The girl says, ‘Yes, I have to reach the city at any cost. Danger…? All is fine. Nothing will happen to me. Someone is waiting for me…’ Siddharth tells the girl, ‘Okay, the way is there’. The girl says thanks and goes off. Siddharth is in the car and he smiles. He says, ‘Again it came in between…heart!’ (He smiles and get out of the car. He twists his neck and says, ‘Ah…it is good to be back! (He removes his tie) Oh yes! Let the hunt begin!’ He runs into the jungle like wind as the girl is seen walking… and suddenly there is a scream of a girl from the Jungle.

Scene moves to Piya entering a room where Pravin Jaiswal is sitting doing some work. He sees Piya and tells her, ‘Piya, Come in’. Piya walks in while Pravin Jaiswal also gets up from the chair and meet her half way.
Pravin: Piya, I was thinking that you should shift to the College Guest House. There are servants, good facility of food and people to take care of you. Look dear, I only come twice or thrice a year and you can stay there in comfort.
Piya: Why? Where I am I am alright!
Pravin: Piya, I understand that there is a lot of distance between us. But relationship is a relationship. You are like my daughter. Why not today forget everything and move ahead? You have a Grandfather…Uncle… 2 sisters…brother and your full family is there.
Piya: Till now it was not there. Please don’t take me wrong. I made my own world…with my own hands… and maybe I will not be able to keep this relationship. I am happy in my world, Thank you! (Piya turns to walk away)
Pravin: Piya, I wanted to ask about Abhay… I mean he came to fight with me for you…
Pia: Abhay is only my friend.
Praveen: Good! This time you need to concentrate on your Career and studies. Do not get involved with any Guy, it would only create problems!
Pia: Thank you for the warning! I will keep it in mind! (Piya thinks in mind, ‘Without Abhay how many problems would have been there in my life you do not have any idea’. She remembers Abhay saving her when she was hurt in the forest)
Pravin: Piya??? (She looks at him) Piya, if you want to stay in the Hostel, I respect your decision. But take care of yourself. These days a lot of incidents are happening in this jungle. One incident happened… a girl was dead… she was killed…
Piya: Don’t worry! I will take care of myself. I will be fine!
Pravin: These forests only look good from outside. But there is so much of darkness inside. Be careful! (Piya goes from there)

Scene moves to Sanaya walking in the jungle. She stops in front of a man.
Sanaya: I tried a lot! But it is not easy to trap Abhay Raichand. He is with some girl and to the extent I understand he loves her so much. (Siddharth who was with his back on Sanaya turns and smiles)

Precap: Abhay runs fast towards a car coming on the road and stops it with his hand. Siddharth is in the driving seat and both the Brothers look at each other. Siddharth gives a devilish grin.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

23rd February 2011 Written Update (Episode 106) Siddharth Raichand – Abhay’s Vampire Brother revealed!

Episode 106 starts with Abhay shouting at an unconscious Piya and asking her to get up.He then remembers Chand’s words about Vampires being cold blooded animals who does not have any body heat in them and that if they wish their blood can create heat in others. Abhay covers Piya with his jacket and shirt. He then lifts her up to a standing position and hugs her tightly. He thinks, ‘I can do this! I will bring you back.My love is stronger than me.My love is so strong Piya that I would put the animal in me to sleep.Get up Piya, I am your friend. Get up!’ He hugs her again. Piya opens her eyes and Abhay removes the stray hairs and touches her face. Piya looks at him and thinks, ‘Abhay, you have really come to my life for me as an Angel’. She hugs him again and he hugs her back.

Scene moves to Siddharth and Panchi entering the Auction Hall.
Siddharth: Did I remind you how important this bid is? (Panchi nods) Bidding is suppose to start at 1 crore.
Panchi: Yes, Your upper limit is 4 crore. You will not bid more than that.
Siddharth: Oh really? You would keep me in control, won’t you? Sometimes I get carried away. You will take care of me, won’t you? (Siddharth’s phone rings and he looks at the number and tells to Panchi) Go grab a chair, I have to take this call. (Panchi goes and occupies an empty chair and then looks into the file when someone keeps a hand on her shoulder. Panchi turns and see Danish).
Panchi: Danish!!! What are you doing here? (Panchi continues looking into the file)
Danish: I have come here with Mr Raichand. (Danish goes and sits on the chair next to Panchi and holds her hand in both his hands. Panchi tries to pull the hand away. Danish does not leave her hand.)
Danish: How are you?
Panchi: You have lost the right to ask that Question
Danish: Panchi are you perfect? You never made any mistake? (Panchi is still trying to remove her hand)
Panchi: Danish don’t make a scene in public
Danish: Listen to me Panchi. What I want to say you (Suddenly someone places a hand on Danish’s shoulder. Siddharth taps at his shoulder again)
Siddharth: You! Wherever we go, you come behind my Fiancee (Panchi rubs her hand which was tightly held by Danish before) Leave all this! Anyways, this is a business meeting. We will settle this Drama later. Okay? No go…move ahead! You are sitting on my chair. (Danish gets up and looks at Siddharth) Look! Radish…right? I will not try to become a hi-man like you. It’s not my style. I am a lover not a fighter. But if you disturb Panchi again, I will kill you. (Panchi looks on) Panchi… (Danish hold Siddharth by his arm)
Danish: You stop coming in between me and Panchi. (Siddharth smiles) She was my Fiancee. And in between us there are still some Questions incomplete. So you need to back off!
Siddharth:You know the keyword being here is ‘was’. Whoever was in Panchi’s life earlier (Siddharth points finger to Danish) is now no more. And who is there now… that is more important. So you need to learn to let go and move on (Sid taps with his finger on Danish’s chest and he gets angry) in life. (Danish catch hold of Siddharth’s hand)
Danish: Hey! Watch it!!!
Siddharth: No…No Radish! You watch it! If I see you again, I have got to kill you! (Siddharth turns to Panchi) Let’s go Panchi, This table is started to smell a bit. (Panchi gets up and follows Sid. Siddharth turns to her) come on love! (He put his hand around her waist. Danish gets angry and charges at Siddharth from behind. Siddharth punches him by turning at lightning speed hitting on his nose and Danish falls on the ground. Danish is taken by surprise and his nose and lips starts bleeding from the hard punch Siddharth delivered. Danish touches the blood on his lips with his hand and look at it).
Siddharth: Oh Radish! Fight not from behind but from the front. (Panchi looks at both men. Danish lowers his eyes. Siddharth looks at Panchi).Come on Panchi, the bidding is about to start. (They walk away together leaving a stunned Danish on the floor).

Scene moves to Piya in her Hostel room packing her bag. Madhu comes in.
Madhu: Piya, Where are you going?
Piya: Far from here.
Madhu: No Piya, Please listen to me…
Piya: I don’t want to hear anything. Aunty Please! You go away from here.
Madhu: Dear, without you your father will break down.
Piya: He did not break down then when he did not come to see my Mom in the Hospital even once. Then he did not remember me when I spend 9 years in the Orphanage. When my mother died of Cancer and he did not feel anything. Where was he when we needed him?
Madhu: Daughter, All makes mistakes! And your father was helpless.
Piya: (Piya turns to Madhu) He was helpless?? He also cheated you. How did you forgive him? If it was me I would never have forgiven him.
Madhu: Piya, You could not understand him. He is a nice Guy. It is true that we had to suffer because of his mistake. If I can forgive him, you also can forgive him dear.
Piya: I don’t have a big heart like you. I will never forgive him.
Madhu: Piya, How will he live without you?
Piya: Till now he was living, is it not? He is not dead and he is not going to die…
Piya: He does not need me. He wants to accept me only because he wants to show that he has a big heart. But I am not a toy that when he feels he will lift me up and when he feels he throws me away. I am sorry! I don’t want to become part of his happy family picture. I don’t have the strength to forgive him. (Piya turns and walk away).
Madhu: Pia, This much bitterness? (Pia turns to look at her)
Piya: I don’t care! I don’t care about him. (Piya walks away while Madhu stands there)

Scene moves to the Raichand Mansion. Abhay walks in while Haseena is seen sitting on the sofa.
Haseena: Abhay! You should have gone with Chand for the meeting. It is important for Business. He needs your support.
Abhay: Yeah, right! He is getting full support. From Danish! Why does he need my support? Hmm?
Haseena: You have changed Abhay! That girl distanced you from us. (Abhay walks ahead and stops when he hears the TV news live reporting about the Carson Bid. Abhay looks at the TV and vanishes from there)

Scene moves to the Auction place. The bidding of the statue is about to start by the auctioneer who starts with a base price of one crore. The bid goes on with Danish and Siddharth bidding against each other. The bid crosses Siddharth’s upper limit of 4 crores but he still continues to bid after telling Panchi to relax. Siddharth makes a bid for 5 crores. Finally, the statue gets sold for 5.5 crores to Chand Raichand’s Company.
Panchi: Thank God! You gave up…
Siddharth: Oh Panchi! You hurt my ego! I gave at at 4 Crore itself…I was just trying to make your Protein Shake Boyfriend to spend some more money. That’s all! (People in the hall go off leaving Danish-Chand and Panchi-Sid. Sid turns and looks at Chand Raichand from across the table. Chand looks at him too.)
Chand: Danish, I will see you in a minute.
Danish: Sure Sir! (Danish gets up and goes off)
Siddharth: Panchi, You go ahead. I will see you in some time.
Panchi: Okay Sir! (Panchi takes her laptop and file and goes off from the room. Siddharth gets up from his chair and walks towards Chand. He stands in front of Chand).
Siddharth: Hello Dad!
Chand: What are you doing here? (Siddharth smiles and sits on a chair facing Chand)
Siddharth: What do you think? I am here to ruin your life…That’s all!
Chand: I suggest you go away!
Siddharth: (smiles) Oh! Come on now you Daddy dearest… You have lost the right on that day when you threw me out of the house. Come on now… Let’s not forget. Now I am not your son. Now I don’t need to follow your instructions. I know what you must be going through. The anger… (smiles) But you know very well that if we have a fight who will be heavy on whom. You also have to take care of your precious reputation that no one recognizes your face, right Dad? Dad… What is it? What have you done to yourself? What happened to your standards? One loser son and a good for nothing assistant… Come on Dad…And this game…You paid 5.5 crores for it? What is going to happen next (Abhay walks in), I don’t know. (Abhay comes forward. Siddharth is about to get up and he sees Abhay. They look at each other and the scene ends there).

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

22nd February 2011 Written Update (Episode 105) Abhay the Lover fights the Vampire in him to save Piya

Episode 105 starts with Arnab Dobriyal looking at Piya being lifted by Angad. Misha sees Arnab and runs to him calling Papa. She goes and hugs him that Piya won the scholarship. Arnab looks at the scholarship certificate and sees Pia’s name as Piyali Jaiswal. He realizes that Pia is indeed his and Suganth’s daughter. Piya also sees him looking at the certificate and finding her truth. Arnab first looks at her with shock and then he is happy that he has found his daughter (and sad and confused as to why Pia preferred to hide her identity from him). He turns and walks back trying to control his emotions. Piya follows him.
Arnab: Piya, Do you know how long I have been wandering looking for you? You are my daughter, you knew that. How long?
Piya: Forever… (Arnab turns and look at her) From the very first time I saw you…
Arnab: And you did not tell me. Piya, I am your father! You did not feel like meeting me even once? (He moves towards her but Piya steps back)
Piya: I know to control my heart Mr Dobriyal! In my heart there are my Mom’s memories. In her life there was a person who left her to die alone. Such a person who did not turn and look at her…such a person who did not bother if his daughter is alive or dead… My Mom taught me to live life alone… I can live without you… (Piya turns to walk away)
Arnab: But dear, your father did not learn to live without you…
Piya turns to face him and says, ‘These all are mere words, if you loved us you would not have left us. You remember Mr Dobriyal? My Mom left her house for you…broken relationship with her brother and you… did not even turn and look at her.
Arnab: Piya, There are so many things…
Piya: I do not want to listen anything… I don’t want to keep any relation with you. I am an Orphan and have lost my Parents long back. And it would be better for you too that you forget that you have one more daughter. (She looks at a Misha who is sharing the joy of her victory with friends at a distance) For Misha’s sake… for Panchi’s sake… Do not fall in front of their eyes. They do not know that their Papa had left a Women and her daughter to die alone. Don’t kill their Hero. Don’t make them an Orphan like me. Please don’t take this curtain away from their eyes!
Arnab: Don’t tell like that Piya!
Piya: I am not your daughter! I don’t need you. Please stay away from me. (She runs off from there)
Arnab: Piya…
Misha comes and hug Arnab and asks where Piya is. Misha tells her Dad that she is so happy that Piya won the Scholarship.

The Scene moves to Piya running through the forest. She remembers watching Arnab telling her Mother who is crying that he cannot do that. Piya falls down. At the same time Abhay who is at Mount College senses Piya in trouble. Scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal driving the car remembering him extending his hand to little Piya to hug her but Piya moving away and hiding behind her mother. He also remember Piya telling him that she does not want to keep any relationship with him and that she is an Orphan who lost her Parents long back.

The Scene moves to Piya who had fallen down calling out to her dead mother. Piya says, “Call me near you Momma… I don’t want to stay here…I don’t want to stay here… I am not bold enough to face that man… He was calling me daughter today…when he was not there all those years …How? Mamma I was happy in my life with my love …then why did he come to my life? Mamma tell him to go back from my life…Mamma…I hate him…I hate him… I hate him…I hate him.. (Piya gets up)
The Scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal sitting on a chair by the fire at his House. He thinks, ‘My daughter hates me… What I have done? How many life's I spoiled? How to tell my Pia that how much I love her and how much I am ashamed of what I have done. How to ask forgiveness? How?’ Madhu comes and sees him looking worried.
Madhu: Arnab, What happened? You look terrible…
Arnab: Madhu, Piya is my Daughter with Suganth. I met her today. All these days she was with us, near us and between us and we did not recognize her.Now what will happen Madhu? What to do now?
Madhu:Arnab, We need to bring Piya to our House. (Arnab gets up from the chair and faces Madhu)
Arnab: Madhu, You really mean it? You don’t have any objection that she stays in this house?
Madhu: Piya is your daughter.Now she is alone… and she needs us.
Arnab: She will not come here Madhu. She hates me! She considers me a culprit. She would not forgive me. She will not listen to me.
Madhu: Arnab, She is angry …after all she is a child… She is emotionally disturbed…Arnab,We need to bring her here. I will go and talk to her.
Arnab: Thank you Madhu…Thank you!

Scene moves to Piya running through the forest and she hits a tree and falls down. In the meanwhile Abhay is also looking for Piya in the forest. He stops and says, ‘Piya…Piya where are you? Piya where are you’. He tries to sense her and then proceeds to run. He runs and stops by a tree. He sees Piya at a distance on the ground with blood oozing from her chin and forehead. He transforms to a Vampire at the sight of Blood. His fangs sprang out and his eyes turned into a violet-blue. He makes animal noises. Abhay remembers Chand’s conversation to him, ‘You feel that you can love a Human, It is not in your nature Abhay! The blood of the human you love most will attract you most towards them. Will you be able to stand by that person when they are in trouble? What will you do then? How will you move back? How will you manage your love and thirst both?’ Abhay tries to control his animal instincts and move forward to Piya from the tree he was holding on to. But the animal in him overtakes the lover in him and his fangs sprang out again. He goes near Piya and fall on his knees. He makes animal sounds again. He remembers Chands words, ‘Your love will attract you the most towards them. How will you move away from your love? Abhay, you are a living dead. Your life is cursed. That is your life’s biggest truth. A Vampire cannot love a Human. Her blood will keep on calling for you, Abhay!’ Abhay lays down next to Piya looking at her. Abhay moves his face towards Piya with an urge to bite her and suck her blood to quench his thirst. He remembers Chand saying ‘There cannot be love in between a Human and a Vampire. The more you go near her the more you would put her in danger. The more you go near her, her blood would call you near her’. Abhay resists his urge and gets up. He says, ‘No! I have to control myself. This is Piya. I love her. I will control myself. I can control myself. Piya, I will save you. Yes Piya,I can save you! No… I need to control myself… I need to stop the beast in me. I can stop the animal in me. Yes, I can control myself. I will control myself’. Abhay tries to fight his animal instincts. He goes to the tree nearby and scratches it with his nails marking them and howling. Abhay controls himself and then walk towards Piya. He kneels down and places his hand over her wounds healing them by keeping his face up and eyes closed. Piya turns her face slowly and opens her eyes. She says his name. Abhay tells her, 'No Piya. Nothing will happen to you. Just you have to go away from me. (she again mutters his name) No Piya, No. You will be alright! I will not let anything happen to you. Piya! No!' (Piya tries to get up but faints) Abhay calls her and tries to wake her. He finds that she is cold. He remembers Chand’s words to him, ‘Vampire is cold blooded…like a corpse. We don’t have any heat in our body. But if we wish our blood can create heat in others’. Abhay puts his jacket on Piya. He then unbuttons his shirt and put that on her too. He then lifts her up making her stand and embraces her. He hugs her tightly running his hand over her back and hair. He says, ‘I can do this! I will bring you back. My love is stronger than me. My love is so strong Piya that I will make the monster in me go to sleep. Get up Piya! I am your friend! Get up!’ The scene ends.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

21st February 2011 Written Update (Episode 104) Arnab Dobriyal finds out that Pia is his daughter Piyali Jaiswal

Episode 104 starts with Abhay getting into the Principal’s Room and checking the Scholarship File on his table. Abhay notices that Piya’s Scholarship Form is rejected. The Principal then comes into the Room. He asks Abhay if he can help him. Abhay asks the Principal Mr Mehra that why he has rejected Piya’s Scholarship Application. The Principal tells him that he knows that Piya is a deserving candidate but he is helpless as that it was the decision of the Trustee decision to deny Piya Scholarship. He tells that if Mr Privin has rejected the Application there is nothing he can do about it. Abhay tells him that he does not believe him. The Principal tells Abhay that Piya is the most deserving candidate for the scholarship and that he is unable to understand as to why Mr Pravin has denied Pia the scholarship. He adds that he is sure that if Mr Pravin has done it there sure must be a problem and that he would not be able to do anything. Abhay tells in mind, ‘Pravin Jaiswal, I know why you are doing this injustice with Piya’. The Principal suggests that if Abhay has a problem with the Trustee’s decision, he should go and speak to him. Abhay says, ‘Okay’ and goes out of the room.

Abhay looks for the Trustee in the college Campus and spots him walking. Abhay’s calls from behind, ‘Mr Jaiswal’ and Pravin stops. Abhay goes to him.
Pravin: Yes?
Abhay: My name is Abhay Raichand. I want to know that on what basis you rejected Piya’s scholarship.
Pravin: Can I ask you on what basis are you asking me this Question.
Abhay: You cannot just take a one sided decision. You have to answer the students.
Piya: Really? As a Trustee I am answerable to such a student who instead of accepting my decision sends goons to me… threatens me…? Are you telling that such a student should get the scholarship?
Abhay: Please Do not bring Piya in between. Every student in the College would oppose your decision because there is no other deserving candidate than Piya in the College.
Pravin: Abhay, You deserve the scholarship.
Abhay: I am rejecting this Scholarship. I don’t need it!
Pravin: Okay, Reject it! But because of your rejection Pia is not going to get the scholarship. Your sacrifice would go waste. (Abhay turns and walk away)

Scene moves to Panchi getting to the house after her trip with Siddharth. Madhu and Arnab Dobriyal are in the sitting room and talking when she gets in. Arnab sees her and asks, ‘Hey Fatty! What’s up?’ Panchi cries and goes from there. Panchi gets into the room crying. Misha asks her what is wrong. Panchi asks her if she is fat, ugly and boring looking. Misha tells her that she says such things only to pull her leg. Misha tells Panchi that the person who should get an inferiority complex is her because from childhood she has been hearing from people that her sister is beautiful and talented and why she is not like Panchi. Madhu comes to the room and asks Panchi what happened. After some persuasion she tells Madhu that she has lost her self confidence. Madhu is angry at Danish for Panchi’s plight.

Scene moves to Chand and Danish sitting in front of a Blue Print at Raichand House. Chand asks Danish to look into it carefully and tells him that they need to strike the deal. Seeing Danish absent minded Chand asks him what the matter is. Chand tells him that Arnab would not be bidding for the project this time but they would have a new rival, another Company as volatile as its Owner Siddharth. Chand tells Danish that he is a young guy and it would be interesting. He adds that whenever there is a new player it changes the dimensions of the game.
Chand: So, Are you ready?
Danish: Yes, Sir! And thank you… I only hope that Abhay does not create any Drama because of my presence here. After all, he does not want to see me here.
Chand: Danish, Abhay is my son at home. What my Office what happens… why it happens… I decide! You don’t have to worry. (Both of them get up from their seats) And…You are a very important part of my Company (Chand shakes hand with Danish. Then they hear Abhay’s voice, ‘Dad’. Abhay walks toward them.
Abhay: Don’t you think before giving someone an important part in the Company you need to check his criminal record?
Chand: Abhay! I suggest you behave yourself! (Abhay looks at Danish and goes from there) You don’t worry Danish! You concentrate on what you have to do. (Chand shakes hand with Danish again) right?

Scene moves to next day. Siddharth is sitting at his room. Panchi knocks the door and comes in. She gives him his mails. He asks her to come after half an hour and tells her that he needs to dictate an important letter to her.
Panchi: Yes Sir
Siddharth: You may leave…
Panchi: Sir did you mean what you said?
Siddharth: Yes, when I said come back after half an hour and that I have to dictate an important letter…I Obviously meant what I said…
Panchi: Sir, I am not talking about that.
Siddharth: Then what are you talking about?
Panchi: That day what all you told about me… You told that I am ugly…I am horrible (Siddharth tries to suppress a smile)… You did not even think once what I would be hurt? (Siddharth smiles and gets up from his chair. He comes near Panchi)
Siddharth: My dear little naive Pinky! You really do not know anything about Guys. The number one rule: If any Guy says bad things about a girl in front of her… say she is ugly… or horrible… There can only be 2 reasons. Number 1: He is not interested in the girl at all or He is interested in the girl a little too much (comes more close to Panchi). You have to decide who I am. (Panchi smiles and Siddharth asks her with an innocent expression, ‘Now,Can we get to work?’ Panchi tells him, ‘Yes Sir’ and goes from there.) I will see you in half an hour.

Scene moves to T and friend in the Ladies locker room. T is applying lip-gloss while her friend is watching. T tells that with no money, no parents and no scholarship Piya should be in some Mahila Niketan type of place. She closes the locker door and notices Misha and Piya standing there and looking at her. Misha gets into a fight with T for spreading gossips about Piya. Shankar sees the fight and takes Misha away from there.
Shankar: Misha, How can you talk to people like that? Fighting in the locker room…Is that how you behave?
Misha: Go to hell! It is none of your Business. (Misha turns to walk away but Shankar catch holds of her arm and turns her towards him).
Shankar: Your Business is my business.
Misha: What?
Shankar: I am telling that I am your Councilor. If a student behaves badly or misbehaves with teacher it is my responsibility to solve it. Got it?
Misha: Whatever, Okay? What you want to do you do…Don’t give me lectures! She had it coming. Excuse me… I got to call my father. (Misha walks off and calls Arnab)
Misha: Papa, Please find out. T was telling that Piya will not get the scholarship this year. How can that happen? Papa, please find out… There is no one more deserving than Piya…
Arnab: I understood… I will do… Hello! (Misha thinking that she is stuffing the mobile into her back pocket mistakenly leaves it where she was sitting. Piya notices it and calls out for Misha)
Pravin: I need to talk to you, come with me (Arnab listens to the conversation as Misha had forgotten to switch off the mobile phone)
Piya: Why are you doing this to me? For what are you seeking revenge at me?
Pravin: Your mother blackened our faces in front of the society and spile dou family name. Instead of listening to her big brother she believed in the love of that Arnab Dobriyal. Because of her sorrow my Mother died. Everything ended… (Arnab who is listening at the conversation recognizes Pravin’s voice)
Piya: Just because my mother chose her love and not your false pride? What did my mother do… She only loved… And you…what did you do? Did you take the responsibility of a brother? You made her stand on the street… threw her out of the house…You did not allow my Mom to live and now when she is not alive you are seeking revenge on me? What are you seeking revenge at me for?
Pravin: I don’t want to even see your face.
Piya: Okay, if you do not want to see my face, I would not stay here. If you do not want to give me scholarship don’t give me. May be you won’t give me the scholarship but you won’t be able to close the doors to my life. I will not fight anymore.
Pravin: Really? If so, why did you send that Abhay Raichand to me? (Piya thinks, ‘Abhay went to fight with him for me?’) If that many doors are open for you, go away. You will not get the scholarship… because this is just my decision. (Piya goes away from there. Arnab who had listened to the conversation realizes that Pravin knows about his daughter and that she is studying at Mount College. Arnab decides to meet Pravin immediately).

Scene moves to Mount College Campus where Pravin, Mr Mehra and a teacher are sitting. There are several students around like T, Tracker, Angad, Misha and Piya.
Principal: Today the name of the Scholarship student who gets the scholarship for next year would be announced. And this student would be paid in full… (Abhay comes there too) the expenses of stay…the full college fees for the year…everything would be borne by the college. This prestigious scholarship would go to such a student who would not only deserve but also who would bring name to the College. And the Harrison’s Scholarship goes to our most deserving student… Piyali Jaiswal!

Misha hugs Piya and Abhay is happy too. Every one cheer and claps for her while T is irritated. Pravin claps too! Piya goes to him and look at him. Pravin says, ‘I see my sister’s picture in your eyes. How long can I stay angry? I am fed up with it. This scholarship is yours dear, you deserve it. Well done, Take care!’ He gives her the certificate and Piya smiles. Piya is congratulated by the Principal and teaches. Abhay watches from a distance and smiles. Misha takes the Certificate from her and jumps around showing it to everyone while Angad lifts Pia up. T and her friend walk away. Arnab comes there the same moment. Misha runs to him and shows the Certificate. Piya sees Arnab looking into the scholarship certificate which had her name as Piyali Jaiswal. Arnab is shocked to find out Pia is his own daughter Piyali Jaiswal. Arnab and Piya looks at each other. Misha takes the certificate from Arnab and goes and hug Piya again. The scene ends.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

19th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 103) Piya meets her Uncle Pravin Jaiswal, the Trustee of Mount College

Episode 103 starts with Panchi looking out of the Hotel window looking at Siddharth sleeping in the car. She notices that he is uncomfortable. Panchi says to herself, ‘Poor thing! He is sleeping in the cold in the car. How much he irritates me, but eventually he respected me and gave me the room.’ Then she turns from the window and thinks again, ‘Oh No Panchi! What are you thinking? Since his old tricks did not work on me maybe he is trying new tricks. His intention is definitely wrong. Nobody can change him.But on second thoughts… Poor thing might be freezing in the cold.No, I don’t think I should do that. One second!’. Panchi wears a shawl and goes out. She comes near the car and knocks on the window. Siddharth opens his eyes and lowers the car window. He asks Panchi what she is doing there. Panchi replies that she thought that he might be feeling cold and bought him coffee. Siddharth asks her if it is morning. Panchi replies, ‘Not yet’. He looks into the watch and asks her, ‘What will I do with this coffee? Is it not enough that I am tortured inside the car that you do not let me sleep in peace? What is it? I am the one who is in cold… but I feel that your mind has frozen’.
Panchi: Sir I was just trying to… (Siddharth gets out of the car.)
Siddharth: I will tell you…I will tell you what you were trying to do. You were unable to bear the comfort of the room so you came to take the sympathy for free. I know … I know… I know… Poor Panchi, her Boss is trying to flirt with her.Oh poor Panchi… She has to sleep in one room with a man. Oh poor Panchi… Oh my God…You know what ? You cracked it. Business was just an excuse. I bought you here so that I could sleep with you in one room. That is it… Oh God… You found the reason… You are a regular Sherlock Homes’. Panchi throws the coffee on the ground along with the cup. She tells him, ‘ Stop it! What nonsense are you talking? Insensitive… inhuman… horrid man!’
Siddharth: Inhuman! Inhuman me? You are sleeping alone in the room with heater and humanity is not in me?’ Panchi goes away from there angrily and Siddharth gets into the car. He tells that he should not have told to remove the face pack and could have taken her with the face pack so that it could have been fun.

Scene moves to next day morning at Mount College class. The teacher tells the students that the assignments given to them last week should reach her table and no one should be late. The students nod and the bell rings. The teacher tells that for some students it is a very special day as the college trustees are going to decide who would get full scholarship for next year. T makes fun and tells that who need a scholarship as her parents can afford her education and some poor charity cases might need it. Misha tells her that that they may not be able to afford brain transplant. The teacher calls aside Piya and tells her that as a teacher she cannot take sides but she is sure that Piya would get the scholarship. She adds that she has not seen dedicated students like Piya and that she really deserves it. Piya thank her and tells her that her fingers are crossed and that she has not received the scholarship yet. The teacher says says that piya would be lucky and would win the scholarship.

Scene moves on to Piya getting out of the classroom and she hits into a gentleman coming from the corridor and her books fell to the floor. They both bend to pick the books. He hands over a book to her. Piya remembers the confrontation of her mother Suganth when Piya was a child with the man who is her uncle.
Suganth : Then where will I go?
Uncle: I don’t know. Go anywhere! Go to hell! Did you even think of this family? Did you think of yourself? Do you even know what you are to him? Listen… By staying under my roof you cannot do it. Go anywhere. And after today do not show your face. Enough! (He walks away from the room leaving Suganth and little Piya there).
Suganth: Brother, Please listen to me!
Piya looks at the man who is standing with her. He tells her, ‘Be careful when you walk dear… you may get hurt.
Piya: Thank you (she walks off)
The man says, ‘It’s alright! It’s Okay’. The teacher come out of the class and greets him. She asks the man if he met their star student. The teacher tells him that she is a scholarship student and is very hardworking. The man says, ‘let’s go’ and the teacher and the man walk together. Piya turns and look at them walking.

Scene moves to college canteen where Angad and Ruhi is having some Public display of affection while T and friends are watching. Misha looks at them smiling. T tells her friend so that so much of PDA is disgusting and tacky. She remarks that what sort of day has come that even tacky people are having boyfriend. Misha reaches T’s table and tells her, ‘Very true! Even tracker has a boyfriend. But poor T was all alone even on the Valentines day with no friends and boyfriend. And too desperate that she had to flirt with a Professor.’ T tells Misha that the Guy is not a Professor but a Career councilor. Misha tells that then it is awesome and he would be required as T has to find her non existent career. T and her friends get irritated and walk away from there. Misha then goes and sits along with Tracker and Angad and jokes with them. Angad reminds her that Misha has an appointment and she remembers that she has to see the so called T Boyfriend and Career Councilor and goes from there.

Scene moves to Abhay coming walking from the corridor and noticing Piya sitting with her back. Pia has tears on her eyes. He goes near and Pia wipes her tears.
Abhay: Pia, what happened?
Piya: Nothing Abhay! (Piya walks from there and Abhay follows her)
Abhay: Pia, Pia what happened? What happened?
Piya: Maybe next year… I would not be able to study in this College.
Abhay: Why?
Piya: Abhay, This year I got scholarship. But…next year I do not know how will I manage to pay the fees. (Abhay turns her towards him)
Abhay: Don’t be silly Piya! You are the best student of the college. Apart from you no one can get the scholarship. And I am sure that you would get the scholarship. In fact I heard the Principal telling the Trustee that you are a scholarship student.
Piya: Abhay, Do you know who the trustee is? (Abhay nods ‘no’) Pravin Jaiswal Abhay, my Mom’s Brother. My uncle! Abhay he threw my Mom out of the house when he came to know about Dad… That relationship was not acceptable for him Abhay … And he broke all ties with us. He never came to see Mom Abhay…ever after she died.
Abhay: Piya, I am so sorry! I can understand your pain. And I know that you have suffered so much. And I promise.. no more! I would make everything right for you.You will not go anywhere.
Piya: Thank you Abhay! Thank you for everything!
Abhay: Pia, Always remember one thing. I am here for you always. You are not alone! I am always with you. (They look at each other. Piya keeps her head on Abhay’s shoulders and Abhay hugs her)

Scene moves to Misha in conversation with Shankar. Shankar tells her that she is not one of the top students. Misha tells him that she is not in the bottom students either. He asks her if she would tell something about her.
Misha: Okay,shoot!
Shankar: You got a Boyfriend? (Misha is startled and sits upright) How many Boyfriends now … And how many earlier? And what do you see in them?
Misha: Hold on! Who are you to ask this questions? How can you ask personal questions to me?
Shankar: I just wanted to see your full personality. I just wanted to know you so that I can understand what sort of a girl you are.
Misha gets up fro her chair and by putting both her hands on the table looks at a smiling Shankar and tells him, ‘Excuse me! What sort of a girl I am …You leave it. I am clearly seeing what sort of a man you are. If you want to know me better ask my Papa. He would pick me up from the college. Let him also know what sort of Lecturers come to teach in this college’. Misha curses Shankar calling him several names and leave the room. When she goes out Shankar takes a photo of Misha (wearing the Indian Dress and Misha getting the proposal from a couple for their son Pintoo) and says,‘My God! She is a firecracker!’ and smiles.

Scene moves to Siddharth and Panchi in the car.
Siddharth: I think you should not tell anyone about this trip, especially that nothing happened in between us.
Panchi: Why?
Siddharth: Look Babes! My reputation is a little too much exciting. No body would believe you. Everyone would tell that you are telling a lie. And without reason you would get into my list. And honestly, You don’t deserve to be in my list. People will tell, ‘What happened to Siddharth’s taste? When did his taste become so bad?’ It is bad for my reputation.
Panchi: Excuse me! Please don’t be full of yourself.
Siddharth: Full of myself? You have my diary. You have met my girlfriends. Some are hot … some are super hot… But you are the homely type… The kind of boring!
Panchi: Stop the car!
Siddharth: What?
Panchi: Stop the car!
Siddharth stops the car and Panchi removes her seat belt.
Siddharth: What do you think? Someone would give you a lift? Do you know how terrible you look? Ah…somebody would give you a lift. Definitely some drunk driver who had a cataract operation would definitely stop for you. And moreover, I do not leave any girl on the middle of the way. It is not my style. How much ever boring she is. (Siddharth drives the car)

Scene moves to Mount College. Arnab Dobriyal sees Pravin Jaiswal. He thinks that Pravin definitely might know about his daughter but may not tell him anything as he hates him. Arnab thinks he has to take a chance and ask him. Arnab confronts Pravin Jaiswal.
Arnab: Where is my daughter Praveen?
Praveen: Whoa Mr Dobriyal! You could not take care of my sister and even you lost your daughter. You are an irresponsible person. First you spoiled the life of my sister and did not even give the girl your name. You even don’t know if she is alive or dead. Even if I know I would never tell you Arnab.(Misha sees them and comes closer) Actually I am thinking that I would tell you so that the High society people in Dehradun would know what sort of a person Arnab Dobriyal is.
Misha: Papa? (Arnab turns around and sees Misha)
Praveen: Is this your Daughter? How many you have? (Pravin walks off)
Misha: What the heck was that? What a strange man he was Papa.
Arnab: Don’t worry about that. It is an old business rivalry. You go and sit in the car.
Misha: I will kill him Papa. I swear! (Arnab thinks that let Pravin not know anything about my daughter and that he may seek revenge).

Scene moves on to Pravin Jaiswal in the Principal room and looking into the Scholarship File. He looks at Piya’s Application and sees that she is daughter of Suganth Jaiswal. He says to himself, ‘So this is Suganth’s daughter… Piyali Jaiswal’. Scene moves to Abhay walking and saying to himself, ‘Piya, Don’t worry! Leave everything to me. I will handle everyone’. Piya’s application is marked as ‘Rejected’ by Pravin Jaiswal. Abhay gets into the Principals room and looks into the scholarship file and sees that Piya’s application was rejected. Abhay tells to himself, ‘Piya’s application was rejected? Mr Mehra, you did wrong!’ The scene ends.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

18th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 102) T’s Valentine’s Date Shankar turns out to be the New Economics Professor of the College

Episode 102 starts with Piya and Abhay being called to the stage for Valentine’s day Couple competition. Abhay gets first into the stage and then offers his hand for Piya to climb to the stage. Piya puts her hand in his and looks and smiles at Abhay lovingly. Abhay tells her, ‘Piya this is all a lie for this world. This is not real’. Piya’s smile fade and she gets into the stage. Abhay tells her, ‘Piya, control yourself. Don’t get carried away by this lie’. Piya tells him that she is not carried away and that she is aware what she is in his life and why they cannot be together’.
Abhay : Because Piya we both…
Piya : I know that you are doing all this to protect me
Abhay: This is important
Piya : I know Abhay…I understand
Abhay : No Piya! You don’t know how important my being with you is. Piya trust me. I can feel it. Something very bad is going to happen.I can feel it.
Piya: I understand Abhay.Trust me! (She smiles)
Abhay and Piya joins the other couples on the stage. The girl says, ‘Just look at them such perfect couples. Give them a big hand’. Every one claps.
Girl : I welcome all the couples on the stage. Angad and Ruhi, T and Shankar and last but not the least Abhay and Piya…
Guy : Now we will play a game and let’s see who knows what about their love. And they have to give the right answer. We will start with Angad and Ruhi…
Angad answers all the questions related to Ruhi (color,perfume and flower) correctly. T tries to tell the answers to Shankar. When Ruhi’s turn comes she could not answer even one. The girl remarks that it seems that Ruhi does not love Angad. Angad tells that Ruhi does not know anything about him but he has been in love with her for several years so he knows everything about her. Angad tells the group that Ruhi just started loving him and that their life has just started. Ruhi hugs Angad. T is irritated.

The scene moves on to Panchi hitting on the Hotel Receptionist desk with face pack on face.
Panchi : How dare you? I need to tall to your Senior now!How dare you give my room keys to someone else? (The reception guy stammers…. But…but…Mam)
Panchi: What mmmm Mam…I want to talk to your senior right away!Is this the hotel reputation? (Siddharth comes running from behind and puts his hand on Panchi’s arm.) I want to talk to your senior right now.
Panchi shakes off Siddharth’s hand and tells him, ‘ Stop it! With you I will deal with later. I want to talk with him now.’
Panchi (to the reception guy) : Call your seniors right now!
Siddharth: Panchi serious…
Panchi: What?
Siddharth: Face pack
Panchi : What face pack?
Siddharth: On Your face. Beautiful green around your face.
Panchi touches her face and realizes that she did not remove her face pack. She curses and runs away from there.
Siddharth : The green brings out your eyes and the eyes of everybody else around.
He tells the reception guy that he would sort it out and follows Panchi.

The scene moves on to Mount College Valentine’s Day special.
Girl: Now it is time for our 3 year Champion T and Shanker, Give them a big hand.
T tells the group that she would not waste the people’s time and proceeds to tell the answers of Questions asked to Ruhi and Angad about Shankar. But the Girl cuts T and tells her that the questions are different for couples. They ask Shankar about T’s favorite holiday spot, channel and designer and he tells them he has no idea. The same questions are asked to T about Shankar and T gives some answers. Shankar tells them all as wrong. The girl sarcastically asks Shankar to tell at least what T’s full name is. Shankar tells, ‘T’ and explains that ‘T tells everyone her name as T’. Everyone laughs and the girl says, ‘What sort of love story is this?’ Suddenly the Principle comes and tells, ‘Mr Shankar, What are you doing in the stage?’ Shankar replies , ‘Waiting for you’. The Principle says, ‘Come let’s go..’ and walks from there. Shankar tells everyone that he is the new Economics Professor of the college. T almost faints and Angad catches her. The girl says, ‘She was dating a Professor!’ Everyone laughs. T and her friend is embarrassed.
The scene moves to Siddharth and Panchi in the car.
Siddharth: Good job at the meeting today
Panchi: Thank you so much Sir
Siddharth: Here we are Hotel Grande
Panchi : Thank you and Good Night! (Panchi gets out of the Car)
Siddharth: (After she goes) Sleep well. Sleeping alone at midnight… not my style… (He tries to make himself comfortable trying to sleep inside the car)

Scene moves to Mount College Valentine’s Special.
Girl: Now it is time for our hottest and latest couple Abhay and Piya… (everyone cheers for them) Give them a big hand. Come on say something
Guy : Let’s start with Abhay… how much he knows about Piya. Abhay, What is Pia’s favorite color?
Abhay: Purple
Girl: So Pia, Is it right? (Pia nods) Wow! Excellent! (everyone claps)Now Abhay your next Question is …Pia’s favorite flower?
Abhay: Orchids…
Girl: So Piya, Is it right?
Pia: Right!
Guy: Right Answer! (everyone claps)
Girl: Okay, The next Question is … Abhay, What is Piya’s favorite Book?
Abhay answers it right too. The girl remarks that Abhay know quite a lot about Pia.
Girl: Okay Pia, Now it’s your turn! First tell us which is Abhay’s favorite color.
Piya : Black.
Girl: Abhay?
Abhay: Right!
Guy: The second question is what is Abhay’s favorite flower?
Piya: Lillies
Girl: Abhay?
Abhay : Right!
Guy : Wonderful!
Girl: The last Question is …What is Abhay’s favorite Book?
Piya startles Abhay by giving the right answer for that too.
Girl: Is she right?
Abhay: Right!
Every one cheers.
Girl: Now I would like to invite our dashing hot couple to come forward and dance with us. Come on!
Abhay offers his hand to Pia and they walk together to one corner of the stage. They dance together remembering some old romantic moments together in between. They take a head bend with Pia looking at Abhay lovingly. Abhay brings her back to reality telling that, ‘Piya, the music has stopped. But you are still immersed in the lie… Piya moves away from Abhay and walks off.

The scene moves to Misha sitting on a wall looking at a hand mirror.
Misha : Roses are Red…Violets are blue… You and me are like Rubber and glue… (Pia comes near her)
Piya : What is this you are doing?
Misha : Composing a Poem for Shaurya…
Piya : What? You are alright?
Misha: No Piya, I am not right. Poetry and Romance is not for me… Whenever I try something stupid is happening.
Piya : Exactly Misha! This is not for you… This is not you…What happened to you? Just be yourself. If you like some one go and tell him that you like him. (Abhay stops on hearing what Piya is telling to Misha) This is not for you. And this drama (Piya picks up the mirror) this is not for you. Leave this for T or Tracker (Abhay smiles)Okay? (Piya keeps her hands on Misha’s shoulders) You know what Misha… Plannings never work. Love just happens.(Abhay looks with a smile on his face) And you know what? You need to be honest with yourself. If you are truthful with yourself you would be honest with him too! Feel love…And don’t be so worried. (Piya shakes Misha’s shoulders and then takes her hands off. (Misha and Piya laughs).
Misha: Okay
Abhay: Misha? (he comes near her) You want to tell someone that you love him?
Misha: Yeah…
Abhay: Then go and tell him that whenever he comes near you , your heart beat stops. Whenever he is near you your life becomes more bright. Without his love your life is incomplete. And this world… Without love is not worth living. Love is the greatest strength in this world. And without love we are nothing!
Misha smiles and says ‘Dude!’ and then turns to Pia and tells her, “Now I understand why you like Abhay so much. He is so romantic’. Misha extends her hand and touches on his chest and then tells, ‘Thanks Dude! You made my life easy!’
Abhay: You are welcome! … always… (He walks off)
Misha looks into the mirror and practice what Abhay said and then laughs and says, “Shaurya is all mine!’ Both girls laugh.

The scene moves to Abhay and Piya in the night walking.
Piya: Abhay, Abhay! I want to ask you something.
Abhay: Tell me
Piya: Will you give a truthful answer?
Abhay: I would try!
Piya: What you told Misha about the strength of Love… Do you really believe in it?
Abhay looks at her and says in mind, ‘It is the strength of love that binds us together. You don’t have any idea about the strength of your love. But our love an never be complete…’
Piya: What happened Abhay? Give me an answer…
Abhay: Pia there is nothing like love. It is just madness. It is such an attraction that a human forgets himself. There is no value for love. Maybe Misha saw us together and thought that we love each other so much. But she saw a lie. Is it not? We are just acting. Trust me Piya… There is no value for this love. Piya, in this path there is a lot of darkness. I have walked through this path. In this path except sadness and hurt there is nothing. Piya and Abhay’s unbreakable love story is a lie…
Abhay walks off while Piya just stands there. The scene ends.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

17th February 2011 Written Update (Episode 101) Valentine’s Day Celebrations at Mount College

The scene starts with Panchi Dobriyal entering the Office and telling how boring the Office looks on the Valentine’s Day and they should decorate the Office. She instructs the peon to bring lots of flowers including red roses and decorate the office. She tells him that he can tell the cashier that she told him. After some time Siddharth walks into the office decorated with flowers and asks Panchi who was sitting and doing some work, ‘What’s up with this Flower’s Shop?’
Panchi (Panchi gets up from the chair): Oh…Actually Sir it is Valentine’s Day, so I thought…
Siddharth: Ah…This wrenched Day.. (He sits on Panchi’s chair) …You know this day is a conspiracy against me. On the other days the girls are very calm…They feel happy with a stupid phone call or a coffee. But today… no, no, no (Panchi smiles) Today they need flowers…After that they need personal attention…after that they need candle light dinner… and after that they need romantic talk and after that they need… Well after that they need ….that I have no problem with. But poor me find it difficult to handle the ladies in this city all alone. Because of that every Valentine’s Day I get out of the city. Problem solved!
Panchi(sarcastically) : I understand, How romantic! (Siddharth gets up from the chair)
Siddharth: Come to my Office… There is some work for you.
Panchi: Okay (she sits on her chair)
The scene moves on to Siddharth’s office where he is looking at some brown cover with a difficult to read expression. There is a knock on the door and Panchi’s voice, ‘May I come in Sir?’ Siddharth rolls the brown cover and puts it into his jacket pocket.
Siddharth: Yeah…Come in. Take the notes. It is very important.
Panchi: Yeah
Siddharth: Buy 72 Bouquets and send it to all my Girlfriends. You have the list, right?
Panchi: Yes Sir.
Siddharth : (signals with his eyes to the door)You may leave.. (Panchi leaves)
Siddharth holds the cover he was looking and says, ‘Happy Valentine!’ He then burns the cover by lighting a lighter.

Scene moves to Mount College which is decorated with Balloons, flowers and Valentine’s Day signs. Piya looks around and thinks, “Oh…Today is Valentine’s day. Today there would be a lot of activity in the college. I need to be away from all this. Today whole day I would close myself in the library... Piya walks into the library and finds Abhay sitting there reading a book with his back on her. She smiles and goes near him and tells, ‘So you are also sitting here to escape from the madness of outside.’ ‘College is all pink… It is like a circus.’ He keeps looking into the book. Piya replies, ‘Yes I know. Anyway, I will use this time to finish my some other work’. Piya keeps her bag on the table near where Abhay is sitting. She takes some papers and after looking at it put it back on the table. She goes and looks at the book on the shelves. After that she climbs the ladder to look at the books on the higher shelf. While she is tries to pull something she falls from the ladder. Abhay who senses her in danger moves in lightening speed and catches her on his arms. They have an eye lock. While they are looking at each other with Pia in Abhay’s arms some students come to the library door and one girl says, ‘Hey Guys, Come on! (Abhay puts Pia down) There is no need to romance secretly at least today. Come out… the next number is yours, (she looks at another guy and says) isn’t it? The guy nods.
Piya: Number? What number?
Guy: Couple competition is happening Pia, Come on!
Piya: Competition? (She looks at Abhay)
Girl: Couple Competition of Valentine’s Day. All the couples in the college are participating. And we think that you should also participate. We think that you would win some prize or the other. Come on friends! You should come.
Guy: 6 PM sharp at the College Campus. See you, Bye! (The group leaves)
Abhay and Piya leave the library. Abhay holds Piya’s hand. Tracker looks at the couple from a distance lovingly. She says to herself, “OMG... How cute these both look. I wish I also have someone…this cute…To share this day… (Suddenly she remembers) Oh my God! There is Angad in my life… I forgot… This year I do not have to wait outside the Boy’s locker in a line…I have someone…I hope he does some cool romantic thing for me…’

Scene moves on to T and her friend standing in the college campus and Tracker talking to Angad, “Angad where are you…I have been waiting for you for long’. T thinks, ‘Till now T never spends a Valentine Day alone. This year even this despo has a boyfriend and not for T? This is so not happening. Boys roam around T. Think T think!’ T suddenly notice a new Guy in the campus and thinks, ‘Oh …new Guy! He will do for now. Hold on Guy… Here I come. Today is your lucky day.’

Scene moves on to Dobriyal House where Panchi is packing her suitcase. He puts her clothes in a big Trolley type red suitcase. Madhu comes in and asks if she is going for overnight stay for office work. Panchi tells that it is a dinner meeting so she would have to stay in the night and would be back in the morning. Madhu asks what sort of a job it is and if the meeting would go all night. Panchi tries to reason with her. Madhu asks her if everything is alright and whether her Boss treats her right. Panchi tells Madhu to call hear once in every 2 hours and leave the room with her suitcase. Madhu gets suspicious and asks what is the matter and follows Panchi who says there is nothing.

Scene moves to Mount College where Ruhi is slowly walking. Suddenly Angad drives in a Bike with heart shaped balloons fixed on it. Both are happy to see each other and show all their teeth. Angad gets down from the bike and takes a big card and gives it to Ruhi telling that, ‘This is for you.’ Ruhi opens the card and is very excited. Angad says, “one second’ and gives a box of chocolates for Ruhi. He then takes a bunch of roses, goes on his knees and gives to her saying,’ My love this is for you’. Ruhi is so happy and says ‘So romantic’ and smells the roses. Ruhi says, ‘I feel as if I am flying… (Angad throws rose petals on her)… I feel as if I am a Princess…Angad tells her, ‘You are my Princess…my love’. Ruhi tells him that today they would be able to win the competition for sure. Angad asks which competition. Ruhi tells him, ‘best couple competition’. Angad tells her, ‘Ruhi and Angad are made for each other.. . And apart from us no one can win the competition. ‘T and her friend who was watching them walk out from there. Angad gives Ruhi a bunch of balloons and keep another bunch of balloons with him.

The scene moves on to T and her friend walking and the new Guy coming from the opposite direction. T stops the Guy and asks what his name is. He says Shankar. T makes a temporary arrangement with Shankar to be her boyfriend for the day. She gives him a ring and asks him to give her in front of everyone. She also hands over to him and buy 1 kilo rose petals from the market and puts them down as she walks. She further instructs him to memorize some poems from the internet and walks from there leaving a confused Shankar standing.

Scene moves to Siddharth driving the car with Panchi sitting by his side.
Siddharth: You left the house and came?
Panchi : No
Siddharth: So you know that we are going for just a night’s trip.
Panchi : Yeah!
Siddharth: Good! I thought maybe you are going to some refugee camp. This big a bag…(He laughs)
Panchi : Very funny!
Siddharth : Do you see that Briefcase? All my things are in it.
Panchi : But Sir…what about your night clothes?
Siddharth: Night clothes? What is that? Darling I never need night clothes. (He smiles. Panchi is embarrassed)
Scene moves to Panchi and Sid at Hotel Grande Reception. Siddharth introduces himself and Panchi at the reception. The guy takes a key and says ‘114 and’. Panchi seizes the key from him and tells to Siddharth that she would meet him in the lobby in an hour and goes off. The guy at the reception asks Siddharth if he knows that there is only one room available. Siddharth tells him that he is aware and there is no need to shock Madam at this time. He tells the guy that she would know about it and that she likes to be surprised. Scene moves on to Panchi coming out of the bathroom with face pack on her face. She notices Siddharth lying on the bed and says, ‘What the hell?’
Siddharth : Hello! Relax…relax… I was not doing any strip tease. I was just removing my shoes.
Panchi: But what are you doing in my room?
Siddharth : Ah… The situation is… Since we did the booking at the last minute we got only one room. So this is not your room but our room.
Panchi : What?
Siddharth: You know… Valentine’s Night and all. It is houseful. Don’t worry… it is going to be all business. We will sleep like in tacky Hindi films… I would sleep on the bed and you sleep on the floor.
Panchi : No way! Get out! Please get out… Leave right now… (Panchi catch holds of his hand andSid gets up) If you think that I am like your other girlfriends… You are mistaken. I am not going to be a victim of your words. Out!
Siddharth : How rude! I would meet you in the lobby in an hour. (Walks out)
Panchi: I don’t care! God I don’t believe this Guy!
Siddharth: FYI (For your Information)… I like your face now. It is a big improvement.
Panchi : Shut up! Leave…
Siddharth laughs and closing the door says, ‘Going…going’.

Scene moves on to Mount College. The Guy and the Girl who told Abhay and Piya to participate in the couple competition comes to the stage and says together, ‘Welcome all! How are you Guys? The students cheer. The girl says, “Alright Guys! In Mount College Valentines Special we are welcoming the hot couples! The Guy says, “In this competition 3 couples are selected.’ He introduces T who is the 3 times winner participating along with her new love Shankar. T pulls Shankar to the stage. T asks him where is the ring is. When he takes the ring from his pocket T seizes it and puts on her finger and shows it to everyone. Then the Guy and Girl introduce the second couple as ‘Angad and Ruhi’. Angad lifts Ruhi up and carries her to the stage. The Guy then tells, ‘The last and the hottest… The dark and the smart Abhay and Piya.’The Group claps and cheer for Abhay and Piya and they walk to the stage. Abhay gets into the stage first and offers his hand to Piya to climb up. Abhay puts her hand on his hand and looks at Abhay lovingly with a smile. Abhay tells her, ‘Piya, what are you doing? This all is a lie for this world.. Do not get carried away by your emotions and forget yourself. This is not real!’ Piya’s smile vanishes as she looks at him and the scene ends there.

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