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30th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 33) Danish Singh Rathore proposes to Panchi Dobriyal

Episode 33 starts with Piya trying to enter Maya’s room but the nurse stops her telling that Maya needs rest. Piya gets out of the Hospital and sees Abhay putting his jacket to his car back seat. She thinks, ‘I need to see the jacket and ring closely’. She goes and stands in front of Abhay.
Abhay: Yes?
Pia: Yes? This casually you are saying yes? Because eof you how many problems we had in the play, do you know? And you did not have any thought of your Play?
Abhay: I had work which was important more than the Play!
Pia: I am seeing your important work. (Pia looks at his hand, but sees that he has kept it in his pocket)
Abhay: Great! (He gets into the Car)
Pia: Abhay, I know everything!
Abhay: Good! Good for you…congratulations! (He drives away leaving Pia in the snow. Pia says, ‘How long will you hide, Abhay Raichand? The day I will see you in the coat and ring I will expose you in front of everyone!’
Panchi is looking at the snow fall outside the window when Danish comes in. She tells him that she is happy with their normal relationship and does not need any excitement. She also tells that the entire Maya episode is worrying her and wants to do something about that. She asks Danish where he went and he tells her that he had gone to office as he is only a small servant. He asks her will she be able to adjust with his life and she replies that she loves him. Danish then tells her that then let them make their relationship official… and proposes to her. Panchi accepts. Arnab and Madhu come to the room and congratulate them. They decide to throw an engagement Party to celebrate.

Scene moves to Piya who comes to her room and sits on her bed. She looks at Maya’s picture and tells, ‘Maya, when this will become alright?’ She closes her eyes and falls asleep. She is awakened by someone’s voice calling her ‘Pia’. She opens her eyes and asks, ‘Who is it?’ Again someone calls, ‘Pia…’ Piya goes to the window and opens it. She sees Abhay standing down with snow falling on him.
Abhay: Pia come near me…Come to me Piya… (She runs from the room and comes in front of him in a second. He touches her cheeks and then pulls her close hugging her) Enough Piya… I can’t hate you anymore…I can’t stay without you…I have lived without you for long…but now…Now I do not fear myself and from telling you I love you Piya…I love you! Tell me Pia that you love me too! Please tell me Pia…If you reject me I will not live (Pia closes his mouth with her hand)
Pia: I love you Abhay! (They look at each other. Seeing that Piya is feeling cold Abhay removes his Jacket and gives to Piya. Piya looks at the jacket and realizes that it is the same jacket she has recorded at the hospital)
Pia opens her eyes to find that she was dreaming. She says, ‘Abhay Raichand, just get out of my head!’ She then receives a call from Misha who informs her that Danish proposed to Panchi and that they are having a party at home the next day. She thinks of her dream again and tells, ‘What happened Pia…Come to your senses!’
Scene moves to Mount College campus. Misha and Tracker see T and her friends at the Canteen and inform them of Panchi and Danish engagement Party. Misha makes fun of T on the basis of T’s performance as sweeper in the Play.

Scene moves to Piya at a Clothes Store. She is searching in the jacket rack. Then a store assistant comes near and asks her if he can help her.
Piya: Yeah! Actually I was looking for a jacket…but it is not there. I had seen it with my friend. It is a woolen jacket with a wings design…like this (she shows the video)
Shop Guy: Oh Yes! But this jacket is made on Order
Piya: Actually I would like to Order this one. But I want to see the jacket before ordering it. Can you tell me before this who ordered?
Shop Guy: Yes, Please come! We made 3 such jackets, 2 for tourists and one for a local of Dehradun whose name is Chand Raichand.
Piya thinks, ‘I got the proof Abhay that your Dad got the jacket made for you. Now let me catch you once wearing the jacket and that is it!’

Scene moves to Danish and Chand at Office. Chand congratulates Danish showing the Party invite card and tells that Panchi and he would look good together. Chand initially refuses to attend the Party but when Danish forces agree to go.

Scene moves to Piya coming out of a Building. She thinks, ‘Abhay, At the Party my eyes would be on you!’ As she walks out suddenly a car comes and stops in front of her. Danish and Kabir comes out of the Car and tells that they need her help. They go to a Jewelry Shop to choose ring for Panchi and likes the same ring. Danish goes to the counter to pay while Piya and Kabir get outside the shop. Kabir playfully goes on his knees and proposes to Pia. T who passes by in her Car sees it and decides to go for the Party.

Scene moves to Raichand House where Haseena receives a call from Chand. She tells Abhay that Danish and Panchi is getting engaged and Chand wants them to go with him for the Party. Abhay refuses to go for the party. The door bell rings and Haseena opens the door. T comes inside.

Scene moves to Kabir, Danish and Piya in the Car. Kabir asks about Maya and Pia says she does not want to talk about it. Kabir drops Piya at the Hostel. She says thanks and goes from there. Seeing the heavy snow fall Kabir calls out to her telling to take his jacket with her which is the same jacket Piya had recorded in the video but Pia had gone already. When he puts the jacket back a ring falls to the ground which is the same ruby ring on the video too. Kabir picks up the ring with a smile and wipes it and puts it back to the coat pocket. Episode ends.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

29th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 32) Romeo and Juliet wins First Prize

Episode 32 starts with Abhay walking through the Hospital corridor. He stops for a second in front of the Blood Bank in the Hospital. Then he closes his eyes for a moment and then walks forward.

Scene moves to Mount College. Misha is ready is Romeo costume and asks Pia how her hero looks. Pia tells her that she is looking good and should have born as a boy. Pia tries to call Maya but could not get through her. Misha tells her that maybe Maya’s uncle would have taken to his home and Maya could be on the way where network is not available.

Scene moves to Kabir who is still stuck up at the landslide spot. He informs Panchi that he is trying to reach soon.
Scene moves to the Hall where people are sitting. Arnab and Madhu are among the viewers. Madhu tells Arnab that she is so proud to see Panchi’s name as Director of the Play. She complaints that and Misha always creating problems. Arnab tells that both the girls personalities are different and not to compare. Madhu tells that she is not comparing Misha with Panchi but comparing with any ordinary girl. Ruhi’s mother is happy that she is playing the role of Mother Nature. At the back room Angad tells Misha and Pia that they need team spirit as they do not have a villain like Ravan in their play and the biggest disadvantage is that the hero is a gender confuse. Misha also makes fun of Angad. Panchi comes there and asks Misha to handle her role well and not to make up any dialogues.

The Play begins and Piya is standing on top her balcony. She says her lines, ‘Romeo, where are you?’ Panchi pushes Misha to the stage who goes to her knees and says, ‘I have come Darling, the bus was a little late…’ Panchi and Danish look at each other. Arnab and Madhu are surprised to see Misha as Romeo. Piya repeats the dialogue, ‘Romeo, Romeo where are you’ Misha tells, ‘I already told you I have come, Bus was late?’ The crowd laughs.
Piya: Romeo without you every moment was like a jail
Misha: Sorry friend…I was without memory too and donkey ate my brains and I was out… With two legs I came out here. (Panchi is pulling her hair and T thinks, ‘You are telling the lines written by me’. Misha sees T and understands that the problem was created by her. Seeing Misha walking out of the stage Pia asks Misha, ‘Romeo…where are you going?’ Misha replies, ‘I will be back baby!’ Ruhi and her friend who are acting as trees laugh.
Piya: Romeo, Romeo without you what will I do? (The audience laughs) Romeo, the trees are shaking and the climate is getting bad… (Panchi asks Misha what is happening and Misha tells her that T has changed her cue cards. Misha walks into the stage and goes to the other end. Pia, ‘Where are you going?’ Misha answers, ‘I would be right back baby’ The audience is in splits. Misha drags T to the stage and pointing to her tells that ‘I have bought a servant for you. How much dirty she looks she does that much better cleaning’
Misha: Don’t keep your flower like feet on this dirty floor. Let her clean this for you. (She gives the broom to T for cleaning) Clean! (T starts cleaning. Panchi enters the stage to stop the nonsense and pats on Misha’s shoulder. Pia is further confused seeing Panchi) who are you nobody?
Panchi: (slaps Misha) you forgot your Mother in this Juliet’s love? (The audience burst into laughter)
Misha: Ma??? Mother… (falls on her feet)
Panchi: (catches T on her ears) Where are the papers?
Misha: What papers mother?
Panchi: The letters you wrote to Juliet out of love… (T signals at her friend who show sthe papers) This big cheating? My son’s letters are on that table… (signals Danish who seizes the papers and runs towards the stage. He hits the stage by mistake and Ruhi falls on the ground)
Piya: Oh my God Romeo… this cyclone…in our love even trees are falling. (Ruhi gets up and says ‘Hi’ to her Mom-Dad. She then goes back to her act as Tree. Danish gives the script to Angad who is dressed as Ram and asks him to go and give it to Panchi. When he refuses Danish pushes him to the stage with the script. Audience burst into laughter seeing Ram’s entry in Romeo and Juliet. In the meantime Kabir reaches the back stage. Angad show a bless sign with his hands and Misha dressed up as Romeo falls on his feet saying, ‘Hey Ram!’
Angad: I have come to give you your story of love (gives the script to Misha and panchi grabs it)
Misha: Thank you Ram! (Angad makes and exit. T seizes the papers from Panchi and runs from there too. T and her friend gets into the washroom and hide. Danish sees Kabir and before he could stop Kabir gets to the stage. Kabir goes on his knees and says, ‘Dear I have come!’ He then sees Misha and asks her, ‘Who are you?’
Misha: I am Romeo,who are you?
Kabir: I am Romeo… (Panchi goes to Kabir and says, ‘Son’. Panchi scolds Kabir for being late and then asks Misha to leave but she refuses. Kabir and Misha fights for Juliet)
Misha: I will not leave my Juliet and go… you have to accept her as Bride…
Piya: You are rejecting me…I am rejecting them both…
Panchi; Stop it! I will kill you first!
Pia: Don’t kill my lover! (Misha throws flying kisses at Pia. Panchi says, ‘Oh shut up and that’s not your line, okay’ Misha and Panchi fights) Shut up! Stop all these! I don’t want to get married to any Romeo… Please get me down from here…
Misha: No…Juli don’t say like that. I love you…I love you…I love you Julie (shakes the balcony prop and continues doing so) I will die without you Julie…I will never leave you and go… (There is a thud sound and every one on stage closes their eyes. They open to see Misha and Piya getting up from the ground. Panchi closes her eyes with both hands and cries) At least now say yes… (Pia goes from the stage) She left me…
Panchi: Cut it! (The curtain closes and the audience claps. Misha peeps through the curtain and sees that the audience is giving them a standing ovation. Misha goes to a Panchi who is sitting and crying and tells her that the crowd liked their play and gave a standing ovation. Panchi and others are surprised.

The curtain rises again and Ms Protima comes to the stage.
Protima: Excellent Performance! So natural! Big hand to the director Panchi Dobriyal! Welcome to our cast! (Everyone comes to stage following Panchi) Who wrote the show?
Panchi: It was a team effort…creativity does not come from just one person!
Protima: And now…the results! Second place goes to the Ramayana (Angad comes and takes the Trophy) and the first place goes to the Committee of Romeo and Juliet! (Panchi receives the Trophy and everyone jumps in happiness.

Pia sees 14 miss calls in her cell phone and calls back. The call was from Hospital and she tells that she would reach fast. Piya reaches Hospital.
Pia: Doctor, Maya…
Doctor: She is alright now. But if we would have been little late even for a second then…
Pia: But she was supposed to go to her uncle’s place…and this all suddenly?
Doctor: She tried to commit suicide…She cut her wrist! Once she regains consciousness you have to talk to her. She needs a friend. (The Doctor goes from there)
Pia walks to Maya’s room. She hears Maya talking with someone.
Maya: What Proof have you come to take away from me? I wish I had proof how bad a person you are…what have you done with me? I thought that this was enough for you that I love you so much… (Pia thinks, ‘I will accumulate proof. Talk Abhay! Today I will go with proof!’ Pia records a video as Maya continues talking. But the face of the man is not visible. She could only see the long Coat with a design and a ring on the finger. Suddenly the nurse comes near Pia and gives her a chit and tells her to get medicines. Piya looks at the room again to find that the Guy has gone. She thinks, ‘Your face is not in this video…but I have captured your clothes and ring. The day I see you with his clothes and ring your truth will come in front of me Abhay Raichand!’ She looks at Maya sleeping and says, ‘Maya, you are not alone! I would get you justice! From today I will keep a watchful eye on Abhay. One wrong move and… Abhay Raichaind you will get caught fast!’

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27th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 31) Maya gets a threatening Phone Call

Episode 31 starts with Misha called out to Panchi and asking if they should use red or yellow flowers. Panchi is worried and does not answer. Misha goes to her and tells Panchi not to show attitude and give an answer. Panchi gives the mobile in Misha’s hand saying ‘don’t have a Romeo’ and goes from there. Misha and Panchi are angry. Panchi tells that she would go and talk to the Principal.
Scene moves to Maya at the Hospital. The nurse tells Maya to take rest and goes from there. Maya suddenly gets a call and she picks it up. Maya asks, ‘You are calling me now? You left me to die and remembered me now? Our baby is dead…damn it! Our baby is dead...what? Whatever happened happened for good? How can you say like that? Oh right! What happened happened for good…this was good for you, right? Everything ended on its own and you do not need to do anything now, right? Because whatever you wanted to do…you did it! You used me and then threw me out of your life! Just to save your reputation. But I want to ask you one thing now…where was your reputation when you were pursuing me? Where was your reputation when you did those terrific things on me? And Pia was so right…I should not have saved you…I should have exposed you long time back! It is never too late…I am not going to save you…I am going to expose you… Are you threatening me? Yeah? Come here once and see…the cops will be here before you…shut up!’ She throws the phone to the bed and cries. She says, ‘He knows that I cannot expose him. I will always save him. Oh God! Why didn’t I also die? Why didn’t I also die…’ She covers her face with her hand and cries.

Scene moves to Panchi who is walking to and fro worried because of Abhay backing out the Play at the last minute. Danish tries to calms her down. She calls Abhay again and he picks the phone and tells her that he cannot make it for the play. Danish clears the misunderstandings with Panchi and tells her that he called her control freak and behaved the way he did only to surprise her later. Danish suggests that they ask Kabir to play the part of Romeo as he was there during the rehearsal and knows the lines too. Panchi is relieved and asks Misha to call Kabir and get back to the preparations for the play. Kabir informs Danish that he is stuck up because of the land slide and that he is trying to come as fast as possible with the props. He tells that he forgot some lines of Romeo but if someone prompts it can be managed.

Scene moves to Pia and Misha talking. Pia feels bad about the situation and tells Misha that she feels that Abhay is taking his revenge on her by opting out last minute and putting them into problem. Misha tells her not to worry as Kabir is coming. Piya tells her that but Abhay was a good actor. Misha tells her that any idiot could play the role of Romeo and says a dialogue. Panchi who overhears it gets impressed by her act.

Abhay reaches Mount Hospital. When he gets out of his car his mobile phone rings and he sees that the call is from Pia. He cuts the phone and walks into the Hospital. Pia is frustrated seeing Abhay cut the call.

People are talking about Mr Raichand. Rumors about Mr. Raichand roaming about in the jungle spread like wild fire. Chand wonders how the matter spread when Abhay had told him that he would handle Piya (Flash back shows Kabir talking to Angad about it and T overhearing and the news spreading from one person to other) Chand says, ‘Abhay, by not handling this girl you made this problem big. I have to step in now. Pia Jaiswal has to be stopped!’

Panchi convinces Misha to be a back-up as a Romeo if Kabir doesn't turn up as she remembers all the lines of the play. Misha puts some terms in front of Panchi to play the role and Panchi agrees. Panchi gets frustrated and says that she hates Abhay Raichand and because of him her sister is blackmailing her. T is happy that Misha would play the role of a boy and gets insulted in front of the whole city.
Abhay at the Hospital Reception asks the nurse which is Maya Singh’s room. She gives him the details.

Scene moves to Mount College where T changes Misha’s dialogue sheet while Panchi and Misha goes from there. Misha looks at her script and gets frustrated and tells that, ‘Abhay, Dobriyal sisters would kill you!’

Scene moves to Abhay who is cleaning the blood in a knife at the washroom. He looks at the mirror and wipes the blood on his cheek with his hand.

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26th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 30) Abhay and Haseena insults Piya at the Police Station

Episode 30 starts with Piya at the Hospital room. The Doctor tells Pia that Maya is unconscious and asks Pia if she is a relative. Pia tells her that Maya is her roommate and good friend. The Doctor informs her that they could not save Maya’s baby. Maya opens her eyes and the Police arrive there to take her statement. Maya tells the Police that she slipped and banged her head. The Police go from there and Pia asks why she is protecting the Guy who hurt her. Maya cries in front of Pia telling that she lost the baby.
As the Police goes off, T stops them and asks about Maya. When the Police informs that it was an accident case and Maya has given statement that she fell and got hurt, T tells the Police that Pia named Abhay because of her personal rivalry with him. T poisons the Police against Piya and convinces him that Abhay is not guilty of the crime. Misha hears T speaking to the Inspector. Hearing T telling that the Police would take action against Pia for misleading the Police, Misha calls her father Arnab Dobriyal.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Chand tells Hasina that the Principal has called him and informed that Abhay has been arrested.
Scene moves to Panchi talking to someone on phone at the Hospital corridor. Danish comes in running and asks if everything is alright. Panchi tells him that it is not and that the Guy will escape even today as Maya is scared and protecting him still. Panchi tells that Maya has given a false statement. Danish tells her that may be it is the truth. Panchi tells him that it cannot be the truth as she herself has seen the proofs on Maya’s body that she was been abused. Panchi tells him that her NGO would fight for Maya and get justice for her.

Scene moves to Abhay and Pia at the Police Station.
Police: So Mr Abhay Raichand…when the incident happened with Maya, where were you?
Abhay: I don’t know!
Police: So, you don’t know?
Abhay: No, I don’t know. I don’t know when that incident with Maya happened.
Police: And you think it as a joke? This is not a game! (Chand and Hasina comes there along with Danish)
Hasina: You are right Inspector! It’s not a game. Then how could you arrest Abhay without proof? Abhay has not done anything.
Police: The name of the girl who was hurt has been connected with him
Haseena: Really? How?
Police: Pia Jaiswal has given testimony that there was something between Abhay and Maya and that Abhay has treated Maya like that before too.
Hasina: Pia Jaiswal! I don’t believe that you trusted on that stupid girl’s words and arrested Abhay.
Inspector: As per Tanushree Ambolker Pia and Abhay have some problems between them and that’s why Pia is trying to trap Abhay. Mr Raichand, what do you have to say about this?
Abhay: Yes, Inspector! Pia always had some problem or the other with me. Today also she created a Drama at the Boy’s Locker Room knowing that if anyone in the Management sees us together I might be thrown out of the college. But she did not succeed in her plans. And she created this new drama.
Pia: What? Abhay how can you think like that? First time I saw humanity in you when you allowed Kabir to win the match. And I came to tell you thanks and you are talking about it in front of everyone in this manner…why?
Chand: Inspector, Just look at us! Do you think the son from this family could do such a thing because of which we have to come to the Police Station? I think you check that girl’s background…who is she…where is she from…where is she staying…before inquiring with Abhay…Don’t you think?
Haseena: Such girls do everything to gain attention. Who is she? She is a no body! (Arnab walks in followed by Madhu)
Arnab: Wrong! She is somebody
Police: Mr Dobriyal? You know her
Arnab: I know her. She is like my daughter. I would like to clear this matter to everyone here that she is neither alone nor an orphan. She is a part of my family. Mr Varma… I am taking Piya from here. I think she has suffered enough…Madhu…you take Pia from here (Piya goes with Madhu) whatever you want to ask… ask Abhay! (Arnab also turns to go away but Chand stops him)
Chand: Excuse me Mr Dobrial! I don’t think there is any fault of Abhay in this!
Arnab: Nor Piya’s…
Danish: Uncle, There is no fault of anyone. Maya told that she fell and got hurt. So I think we should end the matter here.
Arnab: Might be…still Abhay attacked Pia
Chand: Maybe she attacked him!
Arnab: This is a small city. What you speak about whom you should think before. Danish…let’s go!
Chand: Danish! We have some business to discuss.
Arnab: There is a big difference between keeping someone job and buying someone. Danish, See you at home for Dinner. (Arnab goes off. Arnab comes near Piya and Madhu who are waiting for him.)
Arnab: Pia, you don’t get afraid from such people. I am with you!
Piya: Thank you so much Uncle! But no need to take this much troubles for me!
Arnab: Why not necessary! Our loving daughter is in trouble and we don’t do anything? Nobody dares touch my family! And you are part of my family. Right, Madhu?
Madhu: Of course! Of course Arnab! Let’s leave her for some time…I think she needs some time alone.
Pia: You are right Auntie! I need to spend some time alone and I need to meet Maya. (Piya thanks Arnab and says Bye and goes from there. Arnab praises Pia for being a strong girl and tells Madhu that in such a circumstance her father should have been with her. He adds that he is happy that he could do something for her and wonders what is it that is special about her that he feels close to Pia.

Piya comes back to the Hostel room and sees Misha sitting there. Pia tells her that Maya is better now. Piya talks about what a weird family Abhay has. Seeing Misha immersed in thought Pia asks her what the matter is. Misha tells Piya that her visit to the hospital was scary and she realized how protected a life she leads. Misha asks Piya how she could be so strong and handle the entire situation. Pia tells her that during her last 20 days of life her Mom was very sick and was hospitalized. Misha asks her if she did not get scared being in the Hospital with her Mom and if she did not think of her father them. Piya tells her that she was barely 11 years old then and that her Dad was never hers to think of him. Piya adds that her Dad had left her Mom long back. Seeing Pia getting gloomy Misha lightens the moment by cracking a joke about how T used Maya’s injury to take revenge on Pia. Misha tells that T did everything to make Pia front page news and now it is her turn to become one.

Pia meets Misha and Tracker at the College Canteen. Piya tells them that Maya is well now and her uncle is taking her home for a few days. Everybody is getting ready for the play. Suddenly a guy comes with news paper and Misha goes and takes 2 newspapers from him and asks him to distribute the rest among students. She then goes to T and tells that she has become a star and gives her the newspaper. T sees the picture of herself getting ready to kiss an ugly looking guy with the caption ‘Waiting for her Frog Prince’. T is shocked. Misha then comes to her table where Pia and Tracker are sitting and makes fun of T by reading the paper. A Guy also comes near T and makes fun of her and everyone laughs. Panchi then comes there and tells them to do practice for the play. They are all getting ready for the play and Panchi asks where Abhay is. Panchi then receives a message from Abhay that he cannot do the play. Panchi is shocked and wonders what she would do.

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25th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 29) Piya gets Abhay Raichand arrested by the Police

Episode 29 starts with Misha instructing the photographer something by whispering in his ear and pointing to T’s stall. Misha then sees Protima Dasgupta walking in the College Campus. Misha goes to her and walks with her talking to her.
Misha: madam, you are thinking so wrong about T. She is doing so much hard work for this college and charity. We should reward her. (Ms Protima looks at Misha) Yes Mam, I am serious. Please come with me, I will show you something. Mam, this way! (Misha takes Ms Protima to the stall)
T who was applying lip gloss to her lips look up and is shocked to see college watchman, janitors, drivers and peons standing in line in front of her kissing stall. T gets up and says, ‘Yuck! Brothers this stall is closed’ Misha then brings Protima there telling, ‘Yes, Mam I am telling the truth. See Mam, How much T is doing for charity. See our watchman, janitors, drivers and peons here…T is so charitable. T and friends smile.
Protima: Misha, you are right! T is doing so much for the college. I am speechless! (She goes from there. The camera man comes running and takes photos of T and her friends and tells her that her photo would come in college magazine. Seeing a toothless old guy coming towards her for a kiss , T faints)

Scene moves to Misha and Tracker who are happy with the prank they played on T. They go to Misha’s stall. A Body builder sort of Guy tries to hit the bull’s eye at Misha’s stall but fails. Misha sees Panchi coming towards the stall and she goes to Tracker and removes her watch, shoes etc and tells her that in the college only Panchi is the sharp shooter and it looks like she would take her revenge of years together today. Panchi signals Misha to climb on the wall and she hits the bulls eye every time making Misha fall into the water below. Panchi asks her if she can play one more time. Misha tells her not to waste her money and declares that Panchi won. Panchi goes from there. Misha is angry with Panchi. She says, ‘Why is she behaving like this as if I am not her sister but neighbors … ‘

Scene moves to Madhu coming to see Piya at the college. Madhu tells her that she is aware that Pia is Suganth’s daughter. Piya assures her that she would not let Panchi and Misha know about her truth. Madhu is happy hearing that and goes from there.

Piya sees Misha drenched and thinks that somebody might have hit the bull’s eye. She goes to him. Tracker starts telling about it and Pia gets confused.
Piya: Who hit the bull’s eye?
Misha: My sister! Panchi Dobriyal proved today that my Mother lifted her from the dust bin. She took the revenge of her entire life on me. What did I do? You know what? I am going to kill her…(Misha throws her shoes)
Piya: Ok,okay! I think Panchi is a little angry on you which maybe why she might have reacted like that.
Misha: but what did I do?
Pia: Misha,I think it is my fault.
Misha: Yours? What did you do?
Piya: Actually when I saw Panchi very upset I told her that Danish is doing fake fights with her and…
Misha: And she feels that I took Danish’s side instead of hers…that’s why she is angry, right? (Pia nods)

Scene moves to Panchi flirting with Angad as Danish watches. Danish is shocked to see Panchi’s behavior. Misha comes to Danish and tells him that now Panchi knows the truth. Kabir comes there with the ring. Then they hear someone shouting and they run hearing it. Misha, Panchi, Piya, Kabir, Tracker, Angad, Danish and many other students reach the spot and see Maya in a pool of blood. The Principal comes there and Misha informs him that she has already called the Ambulance. Piya thinks, ‘This time you have crossed all limits Abhay! This has to stop. Because of Maya I did not tell anyone but today I will get you punished. This time you will not get away with this’ Piya calls the Police. The Ambulance comes and takes Maya to the Hospital while all students stand there and watch. As the Ambulance goes away Police people arrives at the Campus. The Inspector tells that they got a phone call. Piya goes to him and tells him that it is she who called them and tells him that Maya was in an abusive relationship and has been hurt before also. Inspector asks Piya who beat Maya. Piya tells him that he is from a very powerful and influential family and has threatened Maya several times too. The Inspector asks Pia to name the culprit. Abhay comes to the spot then and Pia tells his name, ‘Abhay, Abhay Raichand’. The Police arrests Abhay and takes him away.

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24th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 28) Abhay lets Kabir win in the Boxing match because of Piya

Episode starts with Kabir sitting at Pia’s beads stall. Angad comes near him and provokes Kabir to fight against his enemy number one Abhay Raichand in the boxing match. Kabir is happy to know that no one else has come to fight against Abhay. Angad tells him to go easy on Abhay as he is a fresher and Kabir is a 2 years State Level Boxing Champion. Kabir tells him that everything is fair in love and war. Kabir asks Angad to take care of the stall and goes from there.

Students are talking about Abhay and Kabir Boxing match. Piya hears about it too. T tells her friends, ‘See Abhay, Kabir told this and that to me and Abhay challenged him for a match. Boys! Don’t know when they will stop fighting for T’ Piya comes near Kabir and asks him what he is doing. Kabir replies, ‘Charity babes…College spirit!’ The fight between Kabir and Abhay begins. . Abhay punches Kabir several times and Kabir falls on the ground bleeding. Kabir tries to defend and punch but could not keep up with Abhay and loses in the first round to Abhay. In the next round Kabir is again punched by Abhay several times and Kabir is on the verge of losing. But suddenly Abhay stops beating Kabir when Piya gestures him not to. Kabir takes the opportunity and punches Abhay and he falls on the ground. Misha is surprised to hear Piya saying Abhay’s name on seeing him falling instead of rejoicing for Kabir who wins the match. Piya goes from there.
Kabir asks about Pia to Misha. Misha tells him that she does not know. Kabir tells her that since she is sentimental she could not bear seeing her boyfriend being beaten up and might have gone from there. Piya is walking in the campus looking around and remembering Kabir hitting Abhay.

Abhay is taking a shower. He remembers Piya gesturing him not to punch Kabir and being hit by Kabir. He thinks, ‘I lost today because of my emotions. She is not Maithili. Still she played with my emotions. Why does it matter to me when she comes near me? ‘ (He remembers Piya falling into his arms while dancing with Kabir and his imagining her as Maithili for some time. Pia calls for Abhay, ‘Abhay where are you? Abhay!’ She walks into the Boys locker room. She asks a Guy if he has seen Abhay. The Guy tells him that Abhay is taking a Shower. Abhay comes out wearing a towel on his waist and a towel around his neck. He sees Pia sitting on a bench.)
Piya: Abhay! Abhay… (She goes near him) Are you hurt? (He goes closer to her and she asks him again if he is hurt)
Abhay: What difference does it make to you? You need to celebrate… is it not? You also wanted your boyfriend to win the match…is it not?
Piya: No!
Abhay: No?
Piya: I mean …when I saw you punching him I did not want anyone to get hurt…
Abhay: Mission accomplished! He is okay! No hurt…no lose…
Piya: But you might have got hurt…Kabir punched you…I was worried… (Abhay smiles)
Abhay: You feel that your sissy Boyfriend hit me? I allowed him to win! Otherwise he would have been in hospital this time.
Piya: Really? Why did you allow him to win? You could have let him go to hospital. Why did you let him win Abhay? Tell me…
Abhay: Get out! This is boy’s locker room. Go from here…
Piya: No! We will talk…now and here
Abhay: What I wanted to tell…I have told you outside. Go away from here. Leave me alone!
Pia: I will! But first tell me why you lost a winning match? You wanted to hit Kabir…then why did you let him win Abhay? (Abhay just stares at her)I am asking you something.
Abhay: And I don’t think I need to answer…especially you. I don’t have anything to do with you. (Abhay tells in mind, ‘Hate me Piya…hate me…despise me…but don’t look at me the way you are looking at me now’
Piya: Don’t make any difference to you? But because of me you lost the match?
Abhay: You think that I did this for you?
Piya: I know it (Abhay holds her arm with his hand forcefully and tells her, ‘get one thing clear…I will never do anything for you…understand?’ He holds on her other arm too and shakes her, ‘Look at me…do you understand?’ The power goes off and Piya looks at Abhay and his expression changes for a minute. Then they hear Misha calling out for Piya. Abhay tightens his grip on Piya’s arms and tells her, ‘You belong to those losers…so get back to reality and get lost!’ The power comes and Pia looks around. Abhay is nowhere to be seen.

Misha comes inside and tells her that she does not want to see Pia or Kabir hurt and asks her why she is running behind Abhay. Piya tells her that she is not running behind Abhay.
Misha : That’s why after the match instead of giving your Boyfriend victory hug you came here to talk to that loser. Come on Piya! Wake up and tell me what is happening!
Piya: I don’t know Misha! Oh God…I wish I knew!
Misha: Babes…You really need to clear your head. You know that Guy is trouble. He is no good for you!
Pia: I know Misha…I know very well…but!
Misha: But? What do you not understand? He always keeps insulting you…He tells you to keep away from him…At least now understand babes
Piya: I don’t know Misha
Misha: Pia…I don’t give anyone lecture… I am allergic to it…But you deserve better than that loser…Life has given a sweet and cool Guy like Kabir gift wrapped to you…So please…keep him safely or let him go! What are you thinking this much? Snap out of it… (Snaps her fingers)Go and talk to him … he is looking for you! Anyway, I have a lot of work to do…
Piya: Work?
Misha: Yeah…my stall… Now come on go okay? (Misha goes off. Pia remembers her confrontation with Abhay at the locker room and his harsh words)

Scene moves to Misha at the Campus. She sees a big line of people standing and is happy thinking how popular she is to get such a crowd in her stall. But she soon finds that the crowd is for T’s Kissing stall waiting for her to kiss them. Ms Dasgupta comes there then and scolds Tanushree. Principal comes there and asks Ms Dasgupta what the problem is. Ms Dasgupta complaints to the Principal about T. But the Principal tells her that it is a student thing and they should not interfere. T tells the Principal that her stall has earned Rs 5200 where as Misha’s stall has not even earned a Rupee and occupies so much space. Ms Dasgupta and Principal go from there. Misha is angry and tells, ‘T Darling!you earn more money…lots of money…but Babe..You will have to work for it!’ Misha whispers something into Trackers ears and Ruhi goes from there laughing.

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23rd November 2010 Written Update (Episode 27) Abhay decides to participate in the Boxing Match

Episode 27 starts with Abhay noticing Piya at her Beads Stall at the College Fest. Abhay remembers his conversation with his father that Piya has to be stopped as it is the question of their survival and him assuring his father that he would handle Pia. He moves towards Piya but suddenly Maya comes to Pia and Abhay goes from there. Maya tells Pia that she is late because she missed her bus. Maya thank Pia and hugs her for supporting her through her problems and being an amazing friend to her despite of her rudeness towards Piya. Maya gifts Piya her birthstone topaz and asks her to make something really nice for herself. She then takes out a sapphire stone which is the birthstone of her lover and asks Pia to make a bracelet for him. Maya tells Piya that her boyfriend would leave his girlfriend and accept her in front of everyone. Piya asks her what type of bracelet to make and Maya tells her to make a black bead bracelet with sapphire at the center as black is his favorite color. Maya gets a call and Maya goes off. Piya proceeds to making the Bracelet. Piya thinks, ‘What happened Pia? Why are you feeling bad? You wanted Abhay to take the responsibility of Maya. Now when they are together why are you feeling bad? Abhay…why are you in my life? My heart is telling something and by brain says something else. I know that you are bad…but why does my heart keep beating when I see you? Why do I wish to be yours? Why my heart used to pain when you were with T? Why do I forget everyone when I am near you? (She remembers her dance with Kabir and Abhay dancing with T on the same dance floor) Piya…you are silly! Why don’t you forget him? He does not think about you. He hates you Pia. He has chosen Maya and you should feel happy for her. Focus Pia…focus on your life. Focus on Kabir…you won’t get a better Guy than him. He is very sweet, loving and caring… and he loves you! Forget Abhay and focus on Kabir’
Pia is standing in front of the stall immersed in her thoughts and Kabir comes in front of her. Kabir waves his hand in front of her to bring her back from her thoughts and tells in mind, ‘Please tell me that you were thinking about me’
Pia: You know what? I was thinking about you.
Kabir: I knew it! Finally you thought about me at least! (Kabir sees the bracelet Piya made for Maya’s boyfriend and asks if he can buy it as it is made by Piya. She tells him that it made for someone else on Order. Piya tells Kabir that dark colors do not suit him… and that warm and happy colors suit him. (Piya thinks, ‘Come on Piya, You yourself said it…Kabir is a warm and happy Guy…wherever he goes he makes others happy. He is not like Abhay. Come on…give him a chance’ Kabir notices that Pia is thinking again and tells her, ‘hey! You are thinking of me even now? I am right in front of you’ some guys come and tell Kabir that he is needed somewhere else. Kabir remarks, ‘see everyone wants me’ and go from there.

Piya goes to the wash room and stands in front of the mirror and thinks, ‘Why Kabir, why can’t I fell in love with you?’ She then imagines Abhay behind her. She closes her ears and shouts, ‘Abhay Raichand! Get out of my life!’ She then sees Panchi crying and cursing herself. Piya seeing the plight of Panchi tells her about Danish’s surprise. Panchi tells that she would teach Danish a lesson. She gets further angered when she comes to know that even Misha knew about Danish’s plan of proposal and vows to teach Misha a lesson.

Piya is standing on a chair and arranging her bead necklaces in her stall when Abhay comes there. Piya sees Abhay coming towards her. Pia thinks, ‘Oh God! He is coming towards me’ Pia gets distracted and loses her balance falling in front of Abhay who walks away from there with a smile. Misha and tracker comes running and helps her up. Pia assures them that she is fine and the girls go away. Pia thinks that how could she think that Abhay would save her always. She thinks of all the times Abhay saved her. She thinks when he has always saved her why did he not save her from falling. She closes her eyes and says, ‘I hate you Abhay Raichand!’ She opens her eyes hearing Abhay’s voice ‘Same to you, Piya Jaiswal’ and sees him standing in front of her.
Piya: Then why don’t you go away from here? You could have helped me but you let me fall.
Abhay: Now I will help you
Pia: Really? I think you are late!
Abhay: No…Not at all! I will help you and give you an advice also. Keep away from me and my family. Stop spreading rumors about me and my Dad, understand?
Pia: What did I say about your Dad?
Abhay: Did you really see my Dad? (Pia tries to remember) Not really…right? People like you only spread rumors without knowing anything.
Pia: Excuse me! I know what I saw and you cannot stop me from saying anything.
Abhay: Try and see! What I can do you would know on your own. And don’t test my limits of tolerating you. (Abhay places both hands on her arms and presses harshly. Kabir notices it from a distance.)
Pia: You are hurting me!
Abhay: I have not done anything till now (He then leaves her and goes off from there while Pia rubs her arms. Kabir comes to Piya)
Kabir: What happened Piya? What was he saying?
Pia: Nothing!
Kabir: See Pia, I am always with you…whatever it is…
Piya thank her and asks him to be at her stall for some time.

Scene moves to Raichand House where Hasina receives a call from Abhay. Abhay tells her that he is participating in Boxing Match. Hasina is shocked and scolds Abhay as he can be dangerous to a human being. Abhay tells her that he would keep his control. Hasina thinks, ‘No Abhay …you do not know to control’.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

22nd November 2010 Written Update (Episode 26) Abhay Raichand breaks up with T

Episode 26 starts with madhu Dobrial looking inside Pia’s book and finding a picture of Suganth and a small girl’s picture. Madhu realises that Piya is the small girl in the picture and that she is Sugandh and Arnab's daughter.
Scene moves to Piya on Misha’s Bike. Misha drops Piya at the back gate and tells not to tell mama that she is with her. Piya comes in. She tells that Misha had send her book along with hers and that she has come to get her book back. Arnab tells that he would drop her and goes to the room to take his laptop. Madhu talks to Piya indirectly regarding her past and tells her that she should not allow the shadows of the past to invade her present or future. Piya understands that Madhu has seen the picture and now knows the truth about her. Pia promises that she would never let it happen. Madhu is happy hearing that. She tells Piya to tell Misha to wear the helmet while riding the bike and bids Pia bye.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus where students are setting up stalls for the College Fest. Misha tells Tracker to hurry as Panchi has called everyone for a meeting regarding the stalls. Pia notices Maya standing alone. She goes to Maya and touches on her shoulder. Maya turns around and wipes her tears.
Piya: Maya, you need help!
Maya: What help can you do Pia? The person who should help me is not doing anything at all. But he has to take a firm decision today. He has to choose between one of us today.
Piya: Decision? Choose? What are you saying Maya?
Maya: Piya he has a girlfriend and she is from a very influential family (Pia imagines Abhay with T). It is not going to be easy. (Pia thinks, ‘even if Abhay leaves T, it is not enough. I need to find a proper solution to this’) Today I am going to give him an ultimatum. He has to make a decision today. And if he does not stand by me, then I am going to expose him. I will tell everyone that he is the father of my baby. And this time I am not scared Pia, I am not scared.
Piya: You have taken the right decision Maya. And you do not worry. You are not alone. I am with you, Okay!
Maya: Thank you!

Scene moves to Mount College Canteen. T notices Abhay sitting alone. She goes and sits on his lap and says, ‘Hi Abhay’ Abhay gets up making T fall on the ground.
T: What the… what is this you did?
Abhay: I showed you your place
T: What do you mean?
Abhay: I was just reminding you that we only have a business arrangement between us and nothing more. So keep a distance from me and keep the Public Display of Affection limited to Piya and Kabir.
T: Who the hell do you think you are? Just because our enemy is one…it does not mean you can talk to T like that. And stop treating me like trash.
Abhay: And you stop behaving like trash. This is a business arrangement and do not make it personal.
T: Me? T? Do you know who I am? I am Mount College’s hottest girl. I only have to snap my fingers and guys will queue up to be my slaves.
Abhay: Not me! I don’t have anything to do with you, I am done!(Abhay walks from there).
T: Whatever!

Scene moves to Panchi assigning stalls to students. Tracker tells Misha that Abhay broke up with T. Pia is happy hearing it.
Danish plans to propose Panchi the same evening and distracts her by behaving differently. Later, Maya tells Piya that her love has accepted her and the child. Piya thinks, ‘Finally he chose Maya…’. Danish plans to propose Panchi the same evening and distracts her by behaving differently and irritating her by telling her that she is bossy and dominating. Kabir also is siding Danish in his plans. After seeing Danish and Panchi fighting Pia tells Misha that she has never seen them like that. Misha tells Pia about Danish’s plan. T comes and asks Panchi which is the biggest stall and Danish suddenly comes there and tells that it is stall no 6. Panchi tells that the coolest and money making stall would go there and the money would go to the Rural Development Project. T tells that she is not interested in the project but her stall would earn the maximum. Panchi asks which art she is good and T replies that in the ‘art of kissing’. She is going to sell a kiss for Rs 100. Danish cuts Panchi and tells T that the stall is hers. Later, Maya tells Piya that her love has accepted her and the child.

Piya sees Maya hugging Abhay and telling something to him. Maya sees Piya and runs to her.
Maya: I am so happy. Guess what? He chose me Piya! He chose us (keeping her hand on tummy) I love him so much! Today he accepted me. (Maya notices that Piya is not happy) What happened Piya? Look…I know that you never used to like him but that was when he used to treat me bad…Now please be happy for me. (Maya goes away. Piya notices Abhay. She thinks, ‘ I am feeling scared! God! I feel sick’).

Scene moves to Chand and Haseena in conversation at the Raichand House.
Haseena: Piya is asking a lot of questions. Today she asked Abhay also. She won’t forget this so easily. Moreover, Abhay and she do not have a good relationship. And I don’t trust her! She may tell anything in front of anyone.
Chand: She has already told. I did not tell you. Danish has already asked me this question. So far all he has is suspicion that she saw me in jungle. She is not sure! But the point is today 2 people asked tomorrow 4 people would and after that the entire city. This has to stop!
Haseena: How?
Chand: I will stop her.
Abhay: No! You will not stop her. I will handle her.
Chand: (Laughs) this is not a joke. This is serious. This is the question of our survival. And there is no room for error! You know this very well.
Abhay: I already told you…I will handle her. (Abhay goes off)
Chand: He feels that he would say and I would believe! Abhay will stop Piya?
Haseena: keep trust Chand!
Chand: Are you Naïve Hasina? Don’t you know that he sees Maithili in Piya? Once he is heartbroken. He is thinking that he has a second chance. He thinks he would be able to handle Pia but he does not know that it is not capable of that.
Haseena: So… what to do? (Chand pours his drink on fire)
Chand: She has to be stopped! Whatever Abhay says, he would never harm Piya.
Scene ends.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

19th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 25) Madhu finds out that Pia is Arnab and Suganth’s Daughter

Scene starts with Maya on her cot crying. Piya goes near her and sits on the cot.
Maya: How stupid Girls can be Piya. I felt that he would stand by me… Marry me… I am so stupid…so silly! What all I did for him but why did he do this to me? Why did he cheat me Piya? (Maya cries) I am getting very scared Pia. I am so scared! (Pia remembers her mother Suganth telling her, ‘Piya, I am feeling so scared’. She goes and sits on her bed and takes a box from the side table. She opens it and looks at her gold medals and pictures with her Mom Suganth. She then watches a sleeping maya. She thinks, ‘Maya, you are telling the truth! You are not the first girl who was cheated by a man. I have seen the same happening with my Mom too’.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House, Arnab and Madhu’s Bedroom. Madhu is awake while Arnab is sleeping. Madhu looks at the bed side table and sees the time in the timepiece is 1’o’clock. She then notices a man’s shadow moving towards Misha’s room. She wakes up Arnab and tells about it to him. He gives the phone to Madhu and asks her to call the police and goes to Misha’s room and knocks the door.
Arnab: Misha, Open the door!
Misha: Wait Papa, One second! (Arnab opens the door and enters inside with a Hockey stick in hand)
Arnab: Misha, where are you?
Misha: Oh God what? Why are you shouting at this time of the night? And this Hockey stick…what is with this hockey stick Papa? (Arnab looks around and Madhu comes into the room too. Misha goes and sits on her cot)
Arnab: Nobody is inside. (Asks MIsha) Where is he?
Misha: Who?
Arnab: Your Mom saw someone coming to the side of your room. I want to know where he is.
Misha: Man? In my room? What are you taking Papa? This daring…
Arnab: Look Misha, I don’t tell you anything does not mean that you sit on my head.
Madhu: (to Arnab) this is all your fault! You give her more space and she is getting out of hand (Arnab checks under the cot) Arnab, today she bought a man inside her room.
Arnab: Stop! You don’t blame me. I only trusted her!
Misha: Hello! Talk about me to me!
Madhu: (Crying) what did you do Misha? I believed you so much and you…(Misha keeps her hand on her head) and this is what you do! This is what we taught you?
Misha: Mom! Before sleeping did you watch any Karan Johar film? What is with this drama dude?
Madhu: keep Quiet! Where is that Guy? Tell me! (Arnab looks around again).
Misha: Which Guy?
Madhu: I saw a guy coming into your room. (Misha remembers something. Panchi comes into the room)
Misha: There is no Guy here. It was me!
Panchi: What happened Mamma?
Misha: Mama got your illness of over reacting! She saw me coming into the room wearing man clothes and she feels that I am hiding some loser boy in my room. So please tell her that it was me wearing those clothes, please! (Panchi confirms that it was Misha dressed as a man and tells Madhu that she came to the Restaurant opening dressed as man. Arnab comes from inside with man’s clothes in hand).
Arnab: Wow Madhu! See my new Business Suit which from London bought on special order. (Asks Misha) You did not find any other suit to steal? You could have taken some old suit. (Panchi laughs)
Madhu: She went in front of everyone in man’s clothes? Why? (Cries. Arnab tries to console her).
Misha: For that stupid Restaurent Opening. They said it’s only couples entry… So I am Ruhi went as couple.
Madhu: What?
Misha: The Pasta there was yummy mama! (Arnab and Panchi laughs)
Madhu: This is the problem! Whatever she does she does not even get a scolding. What will happen to this house? Children should not be pampered this much. (To Arnab)You are laughing…? You will sleep in the drawing room today.
Misha: Oops (Madhu goes away)
Arnab: The fault is yours and I am the one suffering.

Scene moves to Mount College. Ms Protima is walking down the corridor wearing yellow Saree and yellow flower on hair. Students wish her Good morning)
Protima: Good Morning! Bright and Shining! (She notices T wearing a Hat to hide her hair)
T: All this happened because of Misha! I don’t know how she did it. But Misha will get an answer for this! All this is because of Piya… It’s about time Misha!
Protima: Tanushree Ambolker!
T: Yes, Mam!
Protima: Ask your Parents to come here today!
T: But Why Mam?
Protima: Because their daughter crossed all limits of fashion today! Green hair! Weird Tanushree… Use your brains sometimes in life. Don’t you think so? Today you came in this color and tomorrow juniors would copy you. I cannot tolerate all this!
T: But Mam, It is not my fault!
Protima: Of course not! It is your Parent’s fault. They do not tell you anything. You have already failed once in class. You have come from Panchi’s batch to Kabir’s batch. If it goes like this you will fail this year also.
T: It is not my fault! This was done by Misha. What do you feel Mam? Will I torture my hair this much? That too green hair? This is all because of Misha to show Kabir and Piya as a happening couple. She wanted me to look not so happening in front of them so that they can be the best couple Mam. (Protima imagines Kabir and Piya together and is shattered)
Protima: Piya and Kabir? (Protima asks the girls to go to class)
Scene moves to classroom. Students are disappointed that while everyone is preparing for the Annual Fest they are in the class. Protima Dasgupta comes into the class. She asks everyone to submit their assignments. She tells that she is sure that the star student of the class Piya Jaiswal would have completed the assignment. When Piya says that she did not do it Ms Dasgupta tells her that she needs Piya to submit the assignment before lunch break.
Protima: Kabir!
Kabir: Protima!
Protima: My name is Ms DasGupta! Have you forgotten your manners at home? Assignment by lunch break! Is that clear to you? Good! (Protima tells the students that whoever does not submit the assignment by lunch break would be made failed in finals and go from the class. Tracker is worried because she did not even start her assignment. Misha tells that she did not even bring her book to college. Piya gives her book to Misha and asks her to meet her at the Canteen and goes out of the class).

Piya walks down the corridor and suddenly she sees Abhay walking in front of her
Abhay: You came again? Don’t try coming close to me. It is not going to work!
Piya: Me? Closer to you? Please! (Abhay pulls Piya to the back of a pillar)
Abhay: Don’t be this innocent! Yesterday night you did a lot of drama. Was your boyfriend not enough that you came and fell into my arms?
Piya: You are such a… I got disbalanced. Otherwise I have no interest to get into your arms, Okay? And what is your expression? Don’t give yourself so much importance. (Abhay holds Pia by her shoulders and pins her to the pillar. He looks at her and brings his face closer to hers. Pia closes her eyes).
Abhay: This is what I wanted to prove… that you do not leave any opportunity to come near me. (Abhay leaves Piya and walks off. Piya follows him)
Piya: You know what? I think you have lost your senses. There is some problem with you. No…your entire family is weird. That night I saw your Papa in the jungle roaming at night. I think your whole family has some problem. (Abhay looks at her and catches her on her shoulder pinning her to the pillar again).
Abhay: Stay away from my family! If not…
Piya: If not what will you do? (Abhay goes from there)
Piya is walking down the corridor and Misha sees that she is worried. She asks Piya what the matter is and Piya says that it is Abhay. Misha tells that what is with Abhay and her that she is not able to ignore him. She asks Piya what it was when she was dancing with Kabir.
Piya: How do you know? You were not in the Party? Kabir told you?
Misha: I was there my friend. I and Tracker colored T’s hair green. How could we miss that show so we came there as couple.
Scene moves to Arnab coming there with Misha’s books and Misha hugging him. She takes the required book from there and hands over the other books to him telling that he can take that all home. She by mistake also keeps Piya’s book which has Suganth’s and Pia’s photograph in it.

Scene moves to Piya, Tracker and Misha. Piya tells Misha she is helping her the last time and asks where her book is. Misha tells that she gave it to Arnab along with her books. Pia remembers her keeping a picture of her and her Mom in the book. Piya tells her that she needs the book immediately and Misha tells her that they would go home and pick the book.
At Dobriyal House Madhu is angry with Misha for going to college without books and scolds Arnab for pampering her too much. Arnab talks about Misha’s childhood and how now she is. Madhu tells, ‘Let me see her marks’ she opens a book and see 76 and 80% marks. She turns another page and sees the picture of Suganth and Pia. She wonders what Suganth’s photo is doing in Misha’s book. She closes the book and sees the name written on it as ‘Pia’.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

18th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 24) Piya falls into Abhay’s arms while dancing with Kabir

Episode 24 starts with Kabir and Piya entering the Restaurant. Piya is looking gorgeous and wearing a beautiful red dress. Kabir looks at Piya while she is looking into the menu card. He thanks her for coming with him and tells her that every guy in the room is thinking what a beautiful angle like her is doing with him. Abhay and T then enter the Restaurant with T wearing a short black dress and clinging on to Abhay’s arm. Maya goes to them and greets them. T insults her. Maya gives them a table near Kabir and Piya. Kabir is sitting with his back toward the table while Piya is facing that table. Piya and Kabir notices T and Abhay.Abhay take a white rose from the table and gives it to T who takes it. He then kisses on her cheek and pulls the chair for her to sit. While T sits with her back to Piya, Abhay sits on the chair facing Piya. Kabir extends his hand to Piya and Piya place her hand in his smiling at him. Kabir covers her hand with his other hand on top. Abhay looks jealous and does not like it. Piya notices Abhay and feels uncomfortable. She excuses herself telling that she wants to use the washroom. When Piya goes, Abhay follow her. Piya sits outside the washroom in a sofa when she sees that someone is in the washroom. The guy who was sitting in the sofa tries to make a pass on Piya. He holds her hand and Piya resists. Abhay interferes and tells the Guy that there are better girls outside and asks him to meet them. Piya goes from there.

Scene moves to Misha disguised as a man and Tracker wearing a wig making an entrance to the restaurant. Tracker comments that T is looking pretty. Misha tells her to wait and watch at night. Kabir notices Piya upset and asks her what is the matter and Piya tells him there is nothing. Kabir snaps his finger and 2 men come to the table and plays instrument music. Piya smiles and asks Kabir what it is. Kabir tells her that he is trying to impress her with his style. A waiter comes and places glasses and champagne on their table. Abhay gets up from his chair and offers that champagne for every one as it is a very special day for him as someone special has come into his life and that he wants to celebrate it with all. Piya and Kabir both refuses when champagne when it is offered to them so the waiter takes their glasses away. Kabir then asks Piya if she would dance with him and Piya nods. They move to the dance floor. Abhay asks T if she would like to dance with him and they to go to the dance floor and the couples dance to the song ‘Pyar ki ye kahani suno, ek ladka tha – ek ladki thi’. Danish and Panchi enter the restaurant and notice both the couples on the dance floor. They then go occupy a table and watch the couples dance. Panchi then notices Misha and Tracker couple and remarks that her Dad has the sort of jacket the Guy is wearing. Tracker is jealous seeing T dance with Abhay. The smoke machine is used in between the dance and Misha tells that now the effect of chemical would show. Abhay and T comes out of the smoke with T have weird type of color on her hair.
T: Abhay, you are so lucky! See how people are looking at me (Abhay sees her hair and remove his hand from her waist) because I am one in a million, right? (Misha and Tracker busts into laughter seeing T. People go near T and Abhay and starts laughing. Abhay says, ‘True’ and walks away leaving T there. Abhay goes and watches Kabir and Piya still dancing to the song. Misha and Tracker go near T too and greet her.
Misha: Hello Madam! You don’t know me. But I am your biggest fan. I am looking at you for so long, you are so pretty!
T: Thank you!
Misha: I want to make friendship with you. No…? If you don’t mind, one photo please…
T: Of course, Sure! (T poses for the photo; Misha takes a picture using her Mobile) Can I see that picture? (Misha shows the picture on Mobile from a distance and T is shocked to see how her hair looks)
Misha: Youtube community would like to thank you. Every week you do something new for our entertainment (Misha lifts her specs and T recognizes her) what are you thinking?
T: You Idiot!
Ruhi: Mrs Ruhi and Mr Misha… (Misha removes her mustache)
T: Misha!(T goes away. Panchi comes there and holds Misha’s ears)
Panchi: What is all this?
Danish: Come on Panchi!(releases Misha)
Misha: Your date was so boring that you came here to spoil my fun? And Danish… It is written in my birth certificate that I have to tolerate her but you…still have time…go away if you wish to live.
Panchi: You shut up! This is Papa’s jacket what you are wearing.
Misha: So…? My work is over! (Runs away from there with Tracker)
Panchi: This girl is a beast. (Danish puts his hand around Panchi’s shoulder)
Danish: its okay baby, relax!
Panchi: It is not okay!
Danish: She is a child! (Piya and Kabir are still dancing and Abhay watching them by standing at some distance from them. Kabir twirls Piya and she loses her hold. She falls straight into Abhay’s arms and put her hands around his neck while he holds on her waist. Kabir is hurt to see this. They look into each other’s eyes and Abhay imagines him dancing to the same song with her wearing Victorian Era clothes. Suddenly Abhay comes to his senses and steadies Piya. She moves away from him, looks at Kabir and then Abhay. Piya thinks, ‘What is happening to me? Why am I not able to keep myself away from Abhay? Kabir…How bad he might have felt’. Kabir walks away and Piya follows him while Abhay looks.

Scene moves to Abhay driving the car. He remembers what happened at the restaurant at the dance floor. He says to himself, ‘Come on Abhay! Control yourself. Don’t you have even a little control on yourself? She is not Maithili…She can never be Maithili’.

Scene moves to Kabir and Piya on car. They almost have an accident with the car coming from the opposite side almost losing control. Kabir stops the car. Piya says in mind, ‘really sorry Kabir, I did not want to hurt you’.
Piya: Kabir? I am sorry Kabir…
Kabir: For what?
Piya: Kabir, I know that you are angry.
Kabir: With you? Not possible! In fact I am not angry with you but with Abhay. Don’t know what his problem is. He behaves with you always like this. When he comes near you he behaves strangely. And in all that what is your fault? You do not like him, is it not? Piya, you do not like him, right?
Piya: Of course…Kabir. As a fact, I hate that Guy! (Kabir thinks, ‘I hope it is hatred Piya! But from where I was looking it was not hatred. What I saw for Abhay in your eyes… what’s going to happen Piya? Am I going to lose you?’ Piya smiles at Kabir and he starts the car again. Kabir stops the car in front of the hostel. Kabir leans towards Piya to kiss her. Piya remembers Misha asking if she feels that the relationship is moving too fast and needs time, she needs to tell Kabir about it. Kabir almost touches Piya’s hair and she then says, ‘no’. Kabir is disappointed but he hides it by removing a glitter from her hair and telling her that ‘There was something on your hair, I was removing it. What did you think?’
Piya: Actually I saw someone in the jungle.
Kabir: It’s okay Pia. I understand that you need some time. And I really don’t mind. We will give our relationship time to develop. (Pia smiles) The whole life is there, right? Goodnight!
Pia: Right! Goodnight…Bye! (Pia gets out of the car and waves at him by standing in front of the gate. Kabir drives away and Pia thinks, ‘How good Kabir is… But why am I not feeling love for him? What am I doing?’ she turns to go back to the Hostel when she hears a girl speaking and she sees Maya talking to a Man.
Maya: It’s too much! I cannot do this anymore. I cannot face every one alone! You have to support me! If you don’t I will expose you and tell everyone that you are the father of my child. And trust me…This time I am not lying! Piya calls, ‘Abhay!’ and the man go from there. Maya also turns and walks when Piya comes near her.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

17th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 23) Arnab Dobriyal Suspects Haseena Raichand

Episode 23 starts with Piya watching Abhay and T together. Kabir comes near Piya and looks at them too. Tanushree gives a victorious smile.
Kabir: Piya, We don’t need to see all this Drama. Let’s go babes. Anyways these two make a perfect couple and they deserve each other! (Piya and Kabir go from there)
Scene moves to the Dinner table at Dobriyal House. Danish is having Dinner with the Dobriyals. Danish appreciates the food. Arnab asks Danish how his new job is. Danish says that it’s going very well and that he is going with Mr Raichand to Delhi regarding land deal. Arnab tells that he is also going to Delhi regarding the same deal and that the deal is very important to him. Madhu is worried thinking if Danish’s new job would cause differences between Arnab and Danish.

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. Piya, Misha and Tracker are talking when they see T and Abhay coming with T clinging on to his arm. When Abhay sees Piya he hugs T closes and shows some PDA in front of her and says in mind, ‘See this Piya,Go away from me,Go away from my life…I need you to go…’ T tells him, ‘let’s go Abhay’ and they walk from there. Piya tells in mind, ‘I know why you are doing this. To escape from Maya’s problem you are showing that you have a girlfriend.But when people will find out they will know how disgusting you are’.
Scene moves to Piya in the Locker room. She sees Maya there and asks where she was and if she is not coming to the class. Maya tells that she had gone for a job interview at an Italian Restaurant which is opening on that day and that she got a part time job there as a waitress. Piya is happy for her and leaves from there.
Scene moves to Kabir and his father. Kabir’s father tells him that he would drop Kabir when he says that he is getting late and that his car is in the garage. Kabir asks his Dad advice regarding where to take Piya for a date and Kabir’s Dad suggests candle light dinner at the new restaurant which is opening for customers in the evening an dgives him invites for the same.

Scene moves to Mount College where Piya refuses to go with Kabir to the Restaurant on a date. She tells him that she has two assignments to complete and that she would see him later. She goes away from there and Kabir is disappointed. Kabir sees Misha and asks for her help to find out about Piya’s feelings for him.
T and Abhay are walking together with T clinging on to Abhay’s arm. T asks, ‘How was your day Abhay?’ Abhay removes T’s hand from his arm and tells her, ‘Stop touching me, now nobody is seeing us’.
T: Whatever, Anyways,what is your favorite color?
Abhay: Why?
T: Because tonight I want to go color cordinated.
Abhay: Tonight?
T: Yes, Restaurent Opening. Only couples are allowed. So I thought…
Abhay: You thought wrong! I won’t come there.
T: What do you mean? I heard Piya and Kabir talking that they are going. So why can’t we go? We won’t get a better opportunity than that to make them jealous.
Abhay: Okay, we will go! (He walks from there and T jumps in joy)

Scene moves to Danish and Panchi who have an argument as Danish refuses to go with Panchi for the Restaurant Opening. Panchi tells him that there are things which are important to his life apart from the job including her. He then apologizes to her and tells her that he would try to make it.

Scene moves to Misha confronting Piya at the locker room. Misha tells her that if she needs to give more thought regarding the relationship she should talk to Kabir. T comes there and informs regarding her date with Abhay and insults Misha. She tells them that tonight every one in the city would talk about her and Abhay. When T and her friends go Misha tells, ‘You are right Tanushree Ambolker, the whole city would talk’. Maya comes there and Piya tells her that on her first day of job she is going to get a bad customer, T.Maya tells them about the details of the restaurant opening party and invites them.

Scene moves to Beauty Parlor where T is highlighting her hair. Misha adds some liquid to the hair color to be used on T. Misha tells tracker to wait for some fun which would happen in the night at the Restaurant. Tracker si disappointe dthat they cannot go as they do not have partners. Misha tells her that they would go and that she has a plan. They go away from there.
Scene moves to Piya talking to kabir on phone. Kabir tells her that he understands that she needs some time. Piya tells him that she likes him but things are happening to fast and that they should give each other some time. She suggests him that they could go on for the restaurant opening. Kabir is happy and tells her that he would pick her at 8’o’clock.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab shares his suspicions regarding the Raichand’s with Madhu. He feels that it is strange that Mr Raichand gave such a big position for Danish in the Company and is also taking Danish him for the bid. The driver comes there and Arnab asks him about a particular book he always reads. The Driver gives him a half burned book telling that he found it in the fire. Arnab tells that he saw that book last in Mrs Raichand’s hand and that she would have put it on fire. Arnab tells that the book is priceless and he is looking for some answers from the book regarding something he saw on the jungle.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

16th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 22) Abhay announces that he and T are a couple

Episode 22 starts with Kabir announcing in front of everyone that he loves Piya. Abhay pushes Piya into accepting Kabir’s proposal by telling that he is a rich guy and that she should accept him before any one else grabs him. Piya agrees to be Kabir’s girlfriend.

Scene moves to Panchi dropping Piya in the Car in front of her Hostel. She gets out of the car and walks to the Hostel. Kabir gets out of the car and tells her, ‘Piya don’t get angry. Piya I understand that sometimes you see things that are actually not there. But you won’t believe that it happens with me too’. Piya asks, ‘Really?’ Kabir replies, ‘Yeah, from the time I saw you, I only see you around’. Kabir goes off after bidding her bye and telling her that he would see her the next day.

Scene moves to Misha calling Piya and teasing her regarding Kabir and telling her that she would stard getting weird phone calls from him here after. True to Misha’s words Kabir calls Piya to inquire if she reached the hostel room safely. Maya comes into the room. Piya asks her if she is okay for which Maya tells her to be left alone. Piya sees marks on Maya’s hands. Piya tells her, ‘You had a fight with him…? Maya I know who that guy is’ Maya asks her, ‘How do you know’ Piya replies, ‘He told me’. Maya is shocked to hear it.
Maya: He told you? But he told me not to tell anyone. He does not want anyone to know about it.
Piya: Maya, He does not care about you. He does not bother about your reputation.
Maya: But he is concerned about his reputation. That is why he want the truth to be hidden.
Piya: But he told me. Don’t worry Maya, I am with you. I will not permit him to behave with you like that.
Maya: No Piya, This is my life. And I don’t want anyone to interfere. It is my problem and I will deal with it.
Piya: Maya , You need help. You are alone, in problem and scared. And more over, he is hurting you so much. If you don’t want me to, I will not interfere in your life. But you are not alone. If you need help anytime, I am there.Okay? (Maya nods)

Scene moves to next day at Mount College. T’s friends tell her that till T and Abhay does not become a couple, Kabir-Piya would be the hottest couple in college. Misha also comes there and makes fun of T who gets frustrated and goes away from there. Kabir sees Piya coming and walks towards her. Abhay who also was coming from the opposite side of Piya comes in front of her at the same time. Abhay and Kabir exchange looks. Kabir goes to Piya and puts his hand on Pia’s waist, stares at Abhay with a sarcastic smile and walks away from there with Piya. Abhay turns and looks at them and Piya too turns and looks at Abhay. T comes and keep her hand on Abhay’s shoulder but till Pia is out of sight he neither breaks the eye contact with her nor speaks to T. When Pia is out of sight, Abhay turns and angrily talks to T, ‘You don’t feel bad or you do not hear properly? In what language should I make you understand that I am not interested in you? Next time you do any such thing, I will not insult you but do something that you would not dare to come close to me’.
T: Please don’t flatter yourself Abhay! What do you think? I am interested in you? I am behind you? T will never go behind anyone… By the way, you will only play a short part in my revenge Drama. Kabir and Piya – I hate to see them! You know what? I and Kabir used to be the hottest couple in the college before. But now Kabir is roaming around with that tacky charity case. I want to insult them and that is possible only if you and I become a couple.So what do you think? Deal?
Abhay: What do you think? I will take your side in your stupid childish games? Sorry, No deal!
T : Oh Come on! Are you a 200 year old man? I mean you and I both know how you look at Pia. And you want to teach that Kabir a lesson. So why are you fighting this plan? Just go with it.
Abhay: My answer is a big No. If you have any other deal email me.I will put it in spa*. Stay away from me! (Abhay walks away and Misha comes towards T. Misha says in mind, ‘T Darling! It’s time to teach you lesson number 2’.)
Scene moves to Danish and Chand Raichand.
Danish:I don’t believe this Sir! You made profit in every Business. In one shot you bought a lot of Companies and those companies are not even in problem. How did they sell?
Chand: Every man has a value and everything has a price. And it is important to know the price. If you know that half your battle is won! After that it is possible to buy anything. (Danish smiles. Chand signs the file Danish gives him) Danish Singh, Tomorrow we are going to Delhi. I have a business deal that and my competitor would be Arnab Dobriyal, your father in law. So, are you ready young man?
Danish: Yes Sir! Like I told you earlier, my professional life and personal life are two different things. Mr Dobriyal also wants that.
Chand: Good!(Danish notices the reddish color on Mr Raichand’s hand while he is signing the papers.
Danish: Your hand… (Chand takes a tissue and wipes the mark) Sir, yesterday night did you go to the jungle side?
Chand: No,why?
Danish: No, Our car broke up near the jungle yesterday and Piya felt as if she saw you
Chand: No, not at all! She might have seen someone else. (Chand hands over the file back to Danish. Danish says thanks and leave from there. Chand lifts the cuffs of his shirt to reveal marks on his skin and he touches them to make it vanish.

Scene moves to Piya noticing Abhay following Maya to the locker room. Piya follows them and eavesdrops.
Maya: Pia is asking me lots of questions. I just don’t know what to tell
Abhay: Her job is to interfere with other people’s life. You are not answerable to her. You don’t have to tell her anything. She is a horrible girl. (Abhay walks towards where Pia is hiding) Neither does she have any class nor does she have any taste or brains. I hate her! (He pulls Piya by hand from behind the cupboard and tells her, ‘See! This is why I hate you. Why were you listening to us? What the hell do you want?’
Piya: I wish you treat her fairly. You have behaved very badly with her. You have hurt her. And Maya, What happened to you? Till when will you tell lies? You told me that you do not know any Abhay Raichand. And now what were you talking? And yes, I was listening to you! (Look at Maya) only to help you. So that I can expose him! Maya, I thought you would come to your senses and tell me everything…But you did not tell me. I know this is the Guy who made you pregnant and left you. Don’t come into his trap. Don’t listen to him. He is just a sick Guy!
Abhay: I am sick… and bad… what does it have to do with you? Why are you chasing me everywhere?
Piya: Mr Abhay Raichand, I do not need to chase you. I have a boyfriend. But I feel that it is not me who is doing the chasing but you. You spoiled one girl’s life and you are trying on other girls? But I am sorry! I know you very well. And I am not impressed with you!
Abhay: oh really?
Pia: Yes, and please excuse me now! My Boyfriend is waiting for me and luckily he is not a jerk like you! (She goes to Maya and places her hand on shoulder) Maya, I beg of you. Expose him… please don’t allow him to exploit you. Maya, I understand your pain. Don’t allow what happened to you to happen with other girls. Don’t let him exploit the other girls. I know he will do the same thing with other girls too. Because that’s the kind of Guy he is! (Piya walks away and Abhay says ,’Thank you’ loudly.

Scene moves to Misha who is sitting in the college canteen. She thinks, ‘Today Godzila Raichand is in really bad mood. Misha sees that T has forgotten her phone and Misha takes it. She remembers that Abhay rejected T’s deal and that he had asked T to stay away from him. Misha sends a message to Abhay from T's phone thinking he will insult T. Misha is surprised when Abhay declares that T and he are a couple in front of everyone. Piya also sees Abhay making the announcement. Abhay hugs a clinging T in front of all. The scene ends.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

15th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 21) Piya agrees to be Kabir’s Girlfriend

Danish tells Kabir to drink to gather the courage to propose to Piya. Kabir gets drunk and proposes Piya in the party. Abhay encourages Piya telling that Kabir is rich and before someone else grabs him she should accept him. Piya accepts Kabir’s Proposal. The Raichands find the book 'The Living Dead' in Arnab's collection of rare books. They destroy the book later. Piya notices May atrying to talk to someone on her mobile outside the Dobriyal House. Piya tells Maya now 3 people know about your pregnancy but tomorrow everyone would know about it. She tells her that Maya’s Pregnancy is not just her problem and that she should make the father of the child aware of his responsibilities.

Panchi and Piya have to drop Danish and Kabir as they are drunk. The car breaks down in the middle of the forest. While the Guys go in search of a mechanic Piya sees Mr.Raichand in weird attire in the forest running fast. She is shocked. Panchi notices that Piya was silent during the drive and asks her what the problem is. On Kabir’s insistence she tells that she saw Chand at the forest running in weird attire. The guys make a joke of it and do not believe her. At the Raichand House Haseena tells Abhay that she and Chand have decided not to stay there anymore. She tells him that Piya saw Chand at the jungle and might be suspicious about them.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

12th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 20) Abhay tells Piya that he is responsible for Maya’s Pregnancy

Everybody laughs at Tanushree seeing her dressed in traditional attire at Misha's birthday party. T is embarrassed. Confusion is created because of Kabir's letter. Misha, Ruhi and T end up in a fight due to that. Kabir reveals that the letter was meant for Piya and Misha is re leaved. Kabir looks at Pia and she walks away from there. Piya overhears Maya arguing with Abhay and finds out that Abhay has been ignoring Maya. She hears Maya pleading with Abhay. Piya asks Maya if she knows Abhay Raichand. Maya tells her that she does not know him. Piya tells her that she knows who the father is and goes from there. Mr Arnab Dobriyal tells Chand Raichand that he wanted his to be son in law Danish to work with him but now he is happy that he is working in a better company. Maya faints and Panchi offers her low BP tablets. But Maya tells her that she cannot take it as she is pregnant. Panchi, Misha and Piya are shocked to hear it. Panchi offers her the help of her NGO and asks her who the father is. Maya tells that she needs some fresh air and goes out. Piya and Abhay is about to go too when Haseena stops them. Haseena compliments Piya on her dress and looks. Abhay tells Haseena that he needs some fresh air and goes out. Piya also takes her leave from Haseena and follow Abhay.

Piya confronts Abhay and yells at him for not taking up Maya's responsibility. He confesses that he is the father of Maya's child but is unaffected by Piya's accusations. Piya asks him how he did that. Abhay asks her if she wants a demonstration. Pia says that he is disgusting and must have given Maya false promises to her and then left her. She tells him that she would expose Abhay in front of all. Abhay tells her to go and tell everyone that an unmarried college going girl is pregnant and tarnish your friend’s image. Piya says that at first she used to hate him but know she feels disgusted of him and says that he is a disgusting animal and Abhay tells her that he would take it as a compliment.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

11th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 19) Misha’s Haloween Themed Birthday Party

Piya and Panchi wishes Misha on her birthday. Piya forces Maya to attend Misha’s party and she reluctantly agrees. Mr Raichand warns Abhay not to lose his control when Piya is around. Ruhi, Tanushree and Panchi get ready for the party. Madhu is furious at Misha for throwing a Halloween party and ruining the interiors of the house. The gang is in awe looking at the party decorations. Piya and Kabir fight with each other for stealing the idea of their pirate costume. The Dobriyal treat the Raichand’s well for the sake of Danish who had invited them to the Party. Everyone celebrates Misha’s birthday and Arnab plays old videos of Misha’s birthday parties. Misha is embarrassed. Mrs Raichand reminds Abhay of his plan and asks him not to fail in it. Misha tells Piya there is a surprise. Piya is curious to know about Misha’s surprise. Everyone laughs at Tanushree when they see T wearing traditional attire for a costume party.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 18) Abhay stops himself from killing Piya

Misha decides to teach Tanushree a lesson for humiliating her and lies to her that the party theme for Misha’s Birthday Party at the Dobriyal’s is traditional attire. Panchi and Madhu decorate the house for Misha’s birthday party and they decide the theme to be Halloween. She is irritated when Danish tells her that the Raichands are invited to the party. Panchi is happy to know that Danish has bought a new house. Piya is stunned to see Maya and Abhay alone in the locker room. Misha tells that Panchi would give a lift for them to the house when Panchi sees Abhay. She stops Abhay and asks him to sort out his differences with Piya as she does not want her Play to be affected. At the jungle Abhay tells Piya that they have decided to be strangers and there is nothing he wants to talk to her. Piya tells him that she wants to talk to him and that strangers does not act the way they do. She asks him why she is affected by him and tells him that he is scared by her. Abhay tells her that he is not scared of her and pushes her. Piya falls down and her hand starts bleeding. Piya notices the change in Abhay and asks him what happened. Abhay tries to control his instincts when he sees Piya’s hand bleeding and asks her to go. Piya runs off.

Misha creates a fuss as Panchi forces her to wear a face pack. Misha reveals the truth about Kabir’s love letter to her. The girls are surprised to know that Kabir has written the same love letter for both Misha and Ruhi. Arnab meets Piya in his library. She is happy to hear the ancient history of Dehradhun from Arnab. Piya talks about her past with Arnab but does not reveal that he is her father.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 17) Abhay is mesmerised by Piya while rehearsing for the Play Romeo and Juliet

Misha is stunned to see Ruhi, Tanushree and Prof Protima wearing yellow coloured dresses. Misha wears bandages to avoid assignment in the class. Kabir is embarrassed when the normally strict Prof Protima talks about romance in the class and asks him to sing a song. Misha is worried when Kabir plans to declare his love in front of everyone. Abhay comes to the Drama Club. Panchi asks why he not wearing costume for the rehearsal for which he replies that it is tight. Panchi asks him if he has put on weight and says that she want her actors to go on diet. Abhay tells Panchi that he would not rehearse with Piya. Panchi is irritated but practices the lines with her. Panchi asks Kabir where Piya is. Kabir tells her she might be trying her costume for the Rehersal. Panchi asks a girl to ask Piya to go to the stage for the rehersal. The girl tells her that Abhay refused to reherse with Piya. Panchi says that she is the Director and instructs the girl to do as she says. Abhay tells his lines in the play and then the spot light falls on Piya who is dressed in the Juliet’s costume. Piya says her lines and Abhay is mesmerised at the sight of her. He moves towards Piya and touches her face. The students are surprised to see this. After some time Abhay comes to his senses and leaves the club.

Abhay is furious at himself for showing his emotions in front of Piya. Panchi and Piya are surprised to know that someone likes Misha. Abhay confesses to Haseena Raichand that he cannot tolerate being around humans. She tells him about the Party at the Dobriyal House and tells him to teach Piya a lesson in the Dobriyal’s party. Tanushree gets irritated when Kabir ignores her and makes fun of her when she tries to flirt with him. Misha by mistake hits T but she jokes about it. Tanushree humiliates Misha on her looks and calls her ugly and a sloppy dresser. Tracker comes to Misha’s rescue but T insults her too. Misha is hurt by T’s words.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

8th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 16) Confusion reigns in Mount College over Kabir’s Love Letter to Piya

Misha is shocked to see Kabir’s letter and thinks what you have done Kabir… You have spoiled it all … I thought you liked Piya. T comes to the Girls Locker room and Misha hides Kabir’s love letter in Tanushree’s locker and T thinks that the letter is for her and feels happy. She drops the letter and the letter also passes on to Ruhi and Prof Protima and both of them thinks that Kabir wrote it for them. Confusion is created in the college. Kabir gets surprised to see Misha avoiding him at the college. Piya sees bruises on Maya’s body and questions her about it.

The next day Danish asks Kabir for his car for his first day at work. He teases Kabir for writing a song for Piya. The scene shifts to Raichand House where Haseena asks Abhay if he sorted out the problems with Piya. Abhay tells Mrs Haseena Raichand that he has solved all problems between him and Piya and that they were giving undue importance to her. Haseena tells that she looks exactly like Maithali. Anhay gets angry and tells Haseena that Piya is not Maithili and can never be like her and storms out of the House. Abhay’s and Danish’s car is about to clash when Danish stops the car and comes out from it to see Abhay has already left. Haseena sees this from window and thinks abhay needs to be careful.

As per Kabir’s request in the love letter, Ruhi wears yellow colored anarkali suit to college as an acceptation for Kabir’s love and flirts with him. Kabir is shocked to see Ruhi in her new avatar and avoids her. At Mount College Misha is trying to hide from Kabir. When Pia comes and scares her, the drink spills on Misha. Misha’s top gets spoiled but she refuses to wear the yellow colored shirt Piya offers her to wear thinking of Kabir’s request. Misha tells Piya that she can’t wear it today. Kabir is again surprised when he sees Tanushree and Prof Protima wearing yellow colored dresses. Both of them flirt with Kabir. He is stunned to realize that Prof Protima has read his first draft of the love letter which he had kept along with his assignment. Kabir then notices Misha and Piya walking and notices that Piya is wearing a yellow skirt. He is happy and calls up Danish to tell him that Piya has worn yellow and has accepted his proposal. Abhay overhears the conversation and becomes furious and bends the rod with which he was repairing his car.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

5th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 15) Abhay clears the misunderstandings between Piya and Misha

Episode 15 starts with Kabir writing a love letter for Piya to express his feelings for her. He writes in the letter asking Piya to wear yellow the next day if his feelings are reciprocated.He is happy to know that Danish is planning to join a job. Piya is hurt when Misha avoids her in the college. But she gets surprised when Abhay comes and reveals the truth to Misha about Piya’s birthday incident. He tells her that it is not Piya’s fault and he and Kabir are both at fault. He tells her that Kabir tricked her to go to the Restaurant by making a call and Abhay on his part though he knew the full truth he only told Misha the half truth. Piya asks Abhay now why he is doing all this. He created the problem for her and is now solving it. Abhay tells her that ‘You ask too many Questions’ and walks off from there. Misha apologizes to Piya for not trusting her. Panchi is happy to know that Danish is attending an interview and hopes for a better future with him.

Danish meets Mr Raichand for his interview and is surprised when he gives him the job. Panchi is happy to know that her Boyfriend Danish had got a job at Mr Raichand’s company. Kabir searches for Piya’s locker in the locker room. Misha teases Kabir for writing a love letter for his special girl. Kabir mistakes Misha’s locker to be Piya’s when she sees Piya keeping stuff into it and keeps the letter in it. Misha is shocked to read Kabir’s love letter and is embarrassed. Piya meets Abhay outside near a Tea stall and questions him the reason behind him being rude to her. She asks him what he wants from her. Abhay tells her that he expect nothing from her, neither friendship and nor enmity, he just wants them to be like strangers. Abhay and Piya makes a decision to stay away from each other.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

4th November 2010 Written Update (Episode 14) Misha Dobriyal breaks friendship with Piya Jaiswal

Kabir asks Piya for a Lunch date with him to celebrate her Birthday but Piya refuses. Misha also offers to throw a Party at the House to celebrate but Piya says that she does not want to celebrate her Birthday. Kabir tricks Piya to coming into the Restaurant telling that he is in trouble. Piya comes to the Restaurant and is angry for tricking her to come to the restaurant. Misha arrives there and fights with Piya for celebrating her birthday with Kabir instead of her. After Misha goes Abhay comes there and tells Kabir and Piya that it is him who revealed her Birthday Plans to Misha as he wanted to test how strong their friendship is. Kabir tells Abhay that Misha is her childhood friend and she would not break her friendship with him over a petty fight. Kabir Pushes Abhay and he hurt his hand when he holds on to the glass decoration bangles. Abhay tells Kabir that he feels like laughing at the stupidity of Kabir and walks off. Piya vows that she would get even with Abhay.

Abhay reveals tells Mr Raichand how much he hates Piya. The door bell rings and Chand Raichand opens the door. Abhay is stunned to see Piya. She tells Mr Chand Raichand that she came to give the Birthday Cake and celebrate her Birthday with Abhay as she could not find him when she was cutting the cake. She takes leave of them telling that she stays in a Hostel and would not want to have problems by going late. Mr Raichand is amazed to know that Piya is a lookalike of Maithli. Once she is out of the house she tries to call Misha who does not pick up her call. Piya is hurt with Abhay’s hatred towards her and her fights with Misha. Arnab notices That Misha is upset and not picking up her calls. He tries to console Misha but she continues to avoid Piya’s calls.

Piya reaches her Hostel room and meets a new roommate Maya. Piya is happy and both the girls get along well. At the Raichand House Mrs Raichand is worried about Abhay not being in control. Mr Raichand is worried about their truth being exposed in front of the humans as it is a question of their survival. Abhay heals the injury he got when Kabir pushes him away with his hands.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3rd November 2010 Written Update (Episode 13) Abhay takes a drunken Piya to Hostel

Episode 13 starts with Abhay catching Piya. She is happy to see Abhay and talks merrily with him. She asks him ‘You came again to save me Abhay?’ and tells him that whenever she is in trouble Abhay is always there to save her and that he is her Hero. Piya then corrects herself and say that no… ‘You are my Angel but khadooswali'. She asks him if he does not smile and if his eyes change colors. She tells him that she has never seen any eyes like that of him. Abhay tells her to stop the chit chat or he would leave her in the forest in the midst of wolves. Piya keeps her fingers to her lips showing no talk sign and then nodding no to him. Abhay carries Piya who faints on his arms out of the jungle to the car. Piya regains conscious when they come near the car and asks Abhay to drop her at Misha’s House. She tells him that the warden of the Hostel would rusticate her if she finds Piya like that. Abhay says okay and drives the car to the Hostel.

Misha looks around to find that Piya is missing. Just then Kabir comes back after dropping Danish to pick Misha and Piya. Kabir, Misha and Tracker search for Piya. Tracker finds Piya’s bracelet near the bushes. Kabir gets news that Abhay was seen taking Piya to the road leading to the Hostel and hurries to the Hostel. Abhay stops the car in front of the Hostel and helps Piya out of the car. When Piya sees that he bought her to the Hostel instead of Misha’s House she asks him not to touch her. They have an eye lock and both get lost in each other’s eyes when the warden comes and sees Piya. Abhay tells the warden that Piya was drunk so he came to drop her. While the warden is taking Piya inside Kabir, Misha and Tracker reach the hostel. Kabir scolds Abhay for getting Piya into trouble with the warden for which Abhay tells him to hurry and help his friend packing as the warden would rusticate her. Kabir tries to defend Piya's actions with the warden but she refuses to listen to him.

In the warden discusses with Piya about her future and her circle of friends. Kabir is talking with Angad and is worried about Piya. Abhay comes and puts a bet of Rs 10000 and tells Kabir that Piya will be kicked out of hostel. Just then Piya comes in and hands over the money to Kabir telling him to enjoy it. She lambastes Abhay for putting her into trouble with the warden and asks him what she has done to deserve such treatment from him. Piya tells him that he did not expect such a behavior from even a Guy like him and Abhay says not to keep any expectations and walks off. Piya is surprised when Misha and Kabir wishes her happy birthday. Misha is hurt when Piya refuses to allow her to celebrate her birthday. The scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal who goes to the graveyard to celebrate Piya's birthday thinking that she and her mother Sugandh are dead. He remembers his friend telling him about Piya and her mother's death in a car accident.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2nd November 2010 Written Update (Episode 12) Tanushree spikes Piya’s Drink at the Raichand’s Party

Kabir is angry at Abhay and follows him and threatens him to unmask his family’s truth. Abhay catch holds of Kabir’s neck and pins him to the wall hurting him and leaves. Chand Raichand tells Abhay to control his temper and asks him to keep a low profile among his college friends. Kabir meets Danish outside the Raichand House and shows the marks on his neck to him and Piya. Piya gets worried and goes to find a medicine kit. Danish advices Kabir to show a hurt face in front of Piya and girls normally give attention and care to men in such cases. He adds that he is telling it on the basis of his own experience with Panchi. Misha overhears Danish giving love advice to Kabir and tells about it to Panchi and they decide to play a prank on Kabir. Abhay is irritated when Tanushree again tries to flirt with him. She asks Abhay to dance with her but Abhay refuses. Tanushree and her friends go to the stage and perform a dance for Abhay.

Tanushree who is jealous at Piya and Abhay’s closeness spikes Piya’s drink to teach her a lesson. Kabir unknowingly takes the drink to Piya and she drinks it. Tanushree pulls Piya to the stage and announces that Piya is going to give a solo performance at the Party. Piya feels dizzy and is about to fall when Misha comes there and rescues her. Danish overhears women talking cheaply about his relationship with Panchi. He gets upset and fights with Panchi. Kabir decides to drop Danish before Misha and Piya. While Piya and Misha are waiting out Tracker comes and talks to Misha. While Misha gets distracted Piya wanders off to the forest talking that she is special and all and falls from a height. But Abhay who sensed Piya in danger runs fast like wind and catches her when she fells. Piya is happy to see Abhay.

Precap : Piya in Abhay’s arms tells him that whenever she is in danger Abhay saves her and that he is her Hero.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

1st November 2010 Written Update (Episode 11) Abhay tells Sorry to Piya and asks her for a Dance

On the way out of Raichand House Piya sees Kabir and she has tears in her eyes. Kabir asks what happened to her and Pia tells him that Abhay insulted her. Kabir tells her that he too could skip the Party and take Piya out for dinner. Just then Abhay’s mom comes there and calls Kabir and his father inside. Kabir complains against Abhay for insulting Piya to Haseena Raichand. On Mrs Raichand’s insistence Abhay apologizes to Piya. Haseena invites Pia to join the Party. Kabir’s father also insists that she go inside with them. Piya tells Kabir about the dress torn at the back and Kabir tells her not to worry he would stand beside her. Abhay is angry with his Mom for letting Pia inside the Party. Haseena tells him that it is all because of him. If he had not saved her that night they did not have to throw the party and now if they wanted to stay among humans they have to be careful. T insults Piya at the Party but Kabir supports her and answers back.

Kabir leaves Piya’s side to bring Misha to help her fix the dress. He sees Mts Dobriyal scolding her and rescues Misha from there. Kabir informs Misha that Piya is looking for her. Abhay is irritated when Tanushree tries to flirt with him. Abhay takes the mike and says sorry to Piya. Piya is stunned when Abhay apologizes to her in front of everyone. Chand leaves the Party to deal with some urgent Business and asks Haseena to take care of the Party. Abhay asks Piya to forgive him and honor him with the first dance with him. When he comes near her she refuses to dance saying that her dress is torn. When Abhay asks where she shows him the small tear at the back. Abhay covers the torn part with his hands and say problem solved. Both of them move to the dance floor and dance to the song ‘Kuch Khas hai’. T is jealous seeing Piya dance with Abhay. Kabir and Misha are also stunned to see her dancing with him. After the dance Misha fixes Piya’s dress and Piya says that she hates Abhay. She tells Misha that Abhay is ill mannered and arrogant and reminds her of the Cobra in jungle book. While they are making fun of Abhay, Kabir comes and tells them to come out of the washroom and join the party. When Abhay sees the three of the together he stops and asks Kabir that you told me to say sorry now did you get it?? He further tells that be careful when you ask something because you may get it fast and leaves. Kabir gets angry and tells to Misha that he would make Abhay pay for his deeds.

Mrs Raichand is unable to control her instincts for Blood and tells to Chand that all humans are enjoying the Party but there is nothing for them. Mr Raichand asks her to control her instincts for another day.

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