Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yash Gera Exclusive Interview

Many of us know Yash Gera as an Actor or Model. There is much more to him than that. Here is an exclusive Interview from me, Anamika, with the handsome hunk Yash Gera who played Shankar Menon in Pyaar kii ye Ek Kahaani.

Q: Tell me something about you Yash… What Background you are from and what made you choose what you are doing now?
A: Being a Gemini and a Punjabi, I am a very lovable and outspoken person. I get attached to people easily without giving a second thought how it will hamper my decisions in the near future. However being a Punjabi munda I handle worse situations in a very tactful manner. My Dad taught me to survive and struggle for the needs of the man despite running a fully fledged family business as he wanted me to be stronger, independent, financially sound and respectable in the society. Likewise my brothers also started at a very young age in their businesses, as my Dad passed away when I was 13 and my eldest brother 19. Hence I started a little late than them, at a very tender age of 20 with my Djing as my only 1st step to attain my passion. I started doing modeling when I started getting offers at the parties where I go to play DJ. My instincts made me sense the opportunities coming my way as my family was not at all supportive at the beginning for me to grab my passion and desire for modeling. Slowly and steadily along with the entire city my family also noticed my talents and gave me wings to take off my career with my passion. After doing Modeling for 2 years I shifted my base to Mumbai to grew. Acting took a role within a span of one and a half months of me migrating to Mumbai with Palampur Express on Sony Entertainment Channel, in a parallel lead as PAAJi and since then there was no looking back.

Q: Have you acted in any other Serial other than Palampur Express and Pyaar kii ye ek Kahaani? 
 A: Yes i have done Bairi Piya as "Prateek". It was also a Parallel track opposite to Amoli's younger sister Ankita.

Q: What were your dreams of future when you were a kid? 
A: As a kid I always wanted to be a part of Indian Army to safe guard my motherland and protect it from ruthless enemies. And especially I get driven by the army man’s uniforms and their disciplined looks grabbing all the attention they get from their countrymen...

Q: What do you enjoy most? Being an Actor or a DJ?
A: Acting being my passion and Music being my soul, I enjoy acting when it comes to work and music soothes my nerves off the camera. As a DJ I love playing and mixing music and making people grove on my beats. And of course, I do not want to detach from my base from which I started and also can’t let go off my Passion.

Q: What would you have done if you were not an Actor or a DJ? 
A: If I would not have been an Actor or DJ then I would have been helping my brothers out in our family business. I also would have joined some NGO to help people and society for the upliftment of the Poor and the needy.

Q: Are you involved with any NGO now? 
A: Yeah, I support CHILD FUND INDIA, which is an International NGO across the globe, helping poor children and their families to overcome their crises by sponsoring children for their lifetime.

Q: What was your experience acting in Pyaar kii ye ek Kahaani? 

A: The atmosphere in the sets was a chilled out one due to the college ambiance. As we belong to almost same age groups sharing experiences were also energizing. It was a great experience. I had nice co stars and I enjoyed a lot working with them and also learned a lot. And last but not the least; one has to be fortunate enough to get such a team like I had… cheers :).

Q: So, No chances of you coming back to Pyaar kii ye ek Kahaani? 
A: No…

Q: What did you think of the Shaurya and Shankar love track? Have you had such experiences before? 
A: It was my first experience and I was thrilled to play such a character which helped me in grooming as an Actor. Gautham Gulati who played Shaurya is one of my good friends from my modeling time. It was embarrassing and shocking for him to see me on set on the very 1st day of the shoot opposite him. Still we managed to pull off the track very well. No, it was my first experience.

Q: What do you think of the Casting Couch? Does it exist? 
A: Though every industry has certain pros and cons, unfortunately in our industry casting couch exists which not only blow up the majority of ample talent existing in our industry but also ruins the young and more promising talent. However, being a part of this industry I followed my Path of hard work and determination by declining such unethical offers. As this industry has a much larger scope of employment, I would propose the young and aspiring talents to be more confident and determined to achieve their goals.
DJ Yash Gera in Action
Q: What are your current Projects? 
A: Talking of Music, I am about to release my new remixes promotional CD ‘Rhythamatics Vol.2’ remixed by MUSIC STRINGS and which will be available on all networking sites free of cost. As far as Acting is concerned, I am working on few projects which are different from the ones I have done earlier. I can’t disclose much about them now but it would definitely add to my genre of Acting.

Q: If I ask you to sing your favorite song for me, which one would you sing?
A: Hmm… I would like to sing Davit Guetta song, ‘Summer Moon Summer moon on your face for the wind blows so sweet Come away, come away Dance with me... :)’

Q: You have any message for your Fans? 
A: First of all I would like to thank all my fans who have supported and admired me. Because of them I am charged and much more determined towards my passion. The way they have liked and loved my performance throughout was incredible. I was always loaded with appreciations and blessings from them. I want them to continue pouring such love and support forever. I will try my level best to exceed their expectations towards my work and come out in flying colors.

Anamika: Thanks for your time Yash!

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