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31st December 2010 Written Update (Episode 60) Piya is locked inside the Pander Palace Fort

Episode 60 starts with Misha telling Tracker that she did not know that Tracker would experiment the advice she gave for T instead of her. Abhay thinks why Tracker was kidnapped. Danish says to himself, ‘Tomorrow night Piya, your story would end’. Piya thinks about Abhay, ‘yesterday night I saw love in your eyes for me’. Scene moves to Danish in the Fort. Abhay is in the Bus and thinking, ‘Something is going to happen, something’.

Scene moves to Danish in the Fort looking around. The Bus reaches Pander Palace Fort and the students get down. Danish runs upstairs to hide on hearing the Bus. Abhay gets down from the Bis and sees the Palace.
Panchi: Abhay, let’s go!
Abhay: What are we doing here?
Panchi: Didn’t you listen to me what I said in the Bus? We changed our location.
Abhay: But why here?
Panchi: Because I also forgot about this Fort… Are you alright?
Abhay: No! I am not feeling well.I am going back.
Panchi: Wait! It is not possible. We all have to stay together.
Abhay: It is not my problem. (Abhay walks off and gets into the Bus)
Panchi: What happens to him suddenly?

Scene moves to Dobriyal House where Madhu forces Arnab to finish the juice. Madhu tells Arnab that Panchi had called and instead of Museum they are going to see the 18th Century Pander Fort. Arnab receives a call which is from an Advocate called Jethani. He informs Arnab that he need to meet in person regarding Suganth’s Will. Arnab tells him that he would inform when they can meet. Madhu asks whose phone it was and Arnab tells her it is regarding some Union problems and go away from there.

Scene moves to the caretaker welcoming the students in. The care taker asks the students to assemble together and tells them that it is an old placed and ruined to a greater extent. He then proceeds to tell the History of Pander and the love story of the Pander Princess Rajkumari Gayatri Singhi Shivarangini Maithili Gaurima Pander. Instead of joining the other students Kabir and Piya wander off in the fort on their own. While the Caretaker tells the story of the Princess to the gathered students, Kabir also narrates what he knows about Maithili to Piya. Danish watches them from his hiding place.

Scene moves to Abhay running and then stopping. He hears the voice of the caretaker telling the story to students. Abhay says, ‘Some love stories does not end even after ages. I can come here Maithili. But I cannot face these memories. I should not have come here’ He runs from there again.
Scene moves to Kabir telling Angad that his father is sending a car for him and that he is thinking of taking Piya along with him in an attempt to win Piya’s heart. Angad tells him to go ahead and that he would handle everything. Tracker tells Misha that the Fort looks familiar to her and that she feels that she was the Pander Princess in her last birth and shows her room. The caretaker hears it and tells that it is the servant quarters and that she could have been the Princess maid. Panchi tells everyone that they need to go and the students get out of there. Upstairs Kabir tries to convince Piya to go in the Car his father is sending along with him. But Piya refuses to go with him. They both end up arguing and Kabir goes from there in anger leaving Piya there alone. Piya tries to find her way out of the fort but she gets lost inside. In the meanwhile the Caretaker locks the Fort from outside after the students get out of there.
Scene moves to Piya who gets locked in the Fort calling out for help to get out of there. She tries to call but the battery of her phone is low. She sits down thinking of a way to get out.
Scene moves to Arnab in conversation with Suganth’s Lawyer.Arnab tells that we was not aware that suganth died of Cancer. He recalls his friend telling him that Suganth and Piyali died in a car accident. The lawyer tells him that Piyali is alive.

Scene moves to Piya in the Fort as the evening sets calling for help. Abhay is then shown reaching a grave in the forest. Abhay walks towards the grave of Maithili and kneels in front of it and touches her name on it. Piya is still calling for help at the Fort. She then sees a figure walking down the stairs and gets scared. The scene ends.

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30th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 59) Danish reaches Pander Fort to harm Piya

Piya, Misha and Tracker during the College Trip
Episode 59 starts with Ruhi applying the Cow dung mixture on her face as told by the old lady to get Abhay Raichand as man in her life. Misha sees this through the window. She waits for Tracker to sleep off. Tracker goes to sleep. Misha gets into the tent and sticks the blanket with glue. She then goes out and makes sounds. Tracker gets up but the blanket sticks to her. She calls for help and hops outside the tent. Misha goes behind Tracker and makes sound. When she turns Misha clicks a picture. She tells Tracker that she would put the photo in friend book. Tracker asks Misha if she feels it is a joke. Misha talks in the old woman’s tone. Panchi comes there and tells that the Old Woman was Misha in disguise. Tracker asks Misha how she could do it with a friend. Misha tells Tracker that she did it to trap T and did not know that Tracker would get desperate. Tracker is unhappy thinking that she would not get true love after what she did and goes to wash off the cow dung from her face.

Panchi tells the Group that they cannot take the risk of staying one more day in the place and that they would be leaving from there early morning at 6.
Misha: This early?
Panchi : Yes, sleeping beauty
Misha: The real sleeping beauty is inside there…madame Tracker… She is telling everyone she got kidnapped because she is so pretty
Panchi: Shut up Misha! It is not funny. I don’t understand who kidnapped Tracker. Why? Anyways, let us call it a night. I will see you all at 6 AM. Be ready.
Abhay thinks, ‘Why Tracker? I am not able to understand why the kidnapper kidnapped Tracker’

The Driver of the Bus gets out of the bus. He goes to the hooded guy standing outside the Bus. The guy gives the Driver some money. The Driver tells the guy that if they leave at 6 AM they should reach there at least by 9 AM and goes into the Bus. The hooded Guy turns and it is Danish. He removes the hood from his head and says,’Tomorrow night Pia…your story would end. It is over for you’

Next day morning the Group is waiting outside the Bus. Misha makes fun of Tracker. Tracker sees Abhay. Abhay walks towards the girls and comes to stand in front of Tracker. Misha and Piya looks at him.
Abhay: Hi Tracker! (Tracker smiles at him) I don’t think after yesterday night’s Trauma you should be lifting those bags. (Abhay smiles at her again and then lifts the bags and throws it on top of the Bus)
Tracker: Misha, In college’s history Abhay Raichand would have smiled at someone for the first time. And that is me…I can’t believe it Misha…I think the herb is working…
Misha: Again Herbs? Told that it was me…But that is weird…Why is Abhay talking so nicely to you? (Piya looks at Abhay and thinks, ‘No Abhay! It is not going to affect me…I know that you are doing this intentionally.(Abhay turns and looks at Pia) So that I hate you…I go away from you… But not now Abhay…Yesterday night I saw fear for me in your eyes. At least a small one… but a feeling of love’ (Kabir watches them)
Kabir: He is playing with Pia’s heart…Does Pia not understand?
Angad: No dude! Love is Blind…
Kabir: That I see…Angad, Do one thing…somehow make me sit next to Piya. It is a long journey and if I sit next to her…at least she would talk something to me…
Angad: Do I look like a Bus Conductor to you? How am I suppose to decide who sits where…
Kabir: Angad, My friend…please do it for me… (Angad goes of telling, ‘Okay, take advantage of friendship…’ Kabir then gets a call from his Dad who inquires about Pia. Kabir tells him that he did not get to spend time with Pia. Kabir’s dad tells him that he would send a Car with Driver to Kabir and asks him to convince her to go back with him so that they can talk all the way back. Kabir agrees and puts the phone down.

Panchi asks everyone to get into the Bus and the group gets into the bus one by one. Tracker asks Panchi where T. Panchi tells her that the Drama Queen was bitten by a mosquito and left last night from there by Car. Abahy gets into the Bus and Abhiya look at each other. Angad pushes Abhay from behind and comes and sits next to Piya. Pia is surprised and asks Angad if he is alright. Abhay walks past Pia’s seat and occupies a seat on the opposite side a few seats behind Piya. Tracker comes there and asks Angad to get up from next to Piya and they get into a funny chit chat. Angad refuses to vacate the seat for Ruha and Ruhi goes to another seat and sits there. Kabir comes inside the Bus and Angad vacates the seat for him. Piya asks Kabir if his friend was reserving the seat for him.

In the Bus Angad is sitting next to Tracker. Tracker is impressed knowing that Angad was reserving the seat for Kabir to sit next to Piya and tells, ‘How romantic’. Angad tells that romance is in his mind too. Ruhi turns and looks at Abhay and Angad looks at Misha. After that Angad and Tracker looks at each other.
Tracker: So sad…right? How does it not happen that whom we love loves us back too?
Panchi asks the driver to go and the bus starts. Piya recalls the romantic moments with Abhay at the forest after he rescued her from wolves and the 2 hooded people. Piya thinks, ‘Why Abhay, why everything is so difficult?’ Abhay recalls Piya asking him if they can stay a little more time there and that she feels safe with him. He mentally answers her, ‘It is not easy…I am scared’ Piya asks in mind, ‘What are you scared off?’ Abhay answers in mind, ‘I am scared of my past. I am scared of myself. What I am …I am scared of that…and what can happen, I am scared of that Pia’ He recalls his dance with Maithili and thinks, ‘If you knew my truth then you would have run away from me. You will hate me’. In the Bus Abhay closes his eyes and sleeps off. Panchi gets a call. After talking on the phone she informs the students that the trip to Museum is canceled due to some damages there due to the earth quake and they would instead go to the Pander Fort. Abhay does not hear the announcement as he is sleeping.

The driver of the Bus gets a call from Danish. The Driver informs Danish about the change of plans.

Danish reaches Pander Fort and the care taker lets him in. The caretaker informs him that he is waiting for some college students to come. Danish tells him that he was passing that way and came to have a look at the Fort which he had seen several years ago. The care taker grants permission and Danish walks in looking around.

In the Bus Abhay wakes up. He thinks, ‘Something is going to happen…something!'

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29th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 58) Abhay rescues Tracker and Piya from the Forest

Abhay and Pia romantic moments at the Forest
Episode 58 starts with the wolves surrounding Abhay and Piya. Tracker is still inside the sack. Piya is scared and holds on to Abhay from behind. Abhay makes her tightly hold on to him and goes on a defensive mode Vampire faced with blue eyes and making faces and sound which scares the wolves away. Piya is even more scared seeing this. Piya thinks, ‘ Who are you Abhay? What are you? Who are you?’ Piya runs away from there. Abhay comes to his normal form and turns and call Piya. But she does not stop.

At the forest the Group calls for Piya and Tracker. Misha tells Kabir that if Pia had gone to the jungle alone because of their fight she would kill him and throw his body to wolves. Kabir tells Misha that he did not tell anything to Piya. The group hears scary sounds in the jungle. Misha tells that she won’t go anywhere without finding Pia. The group resumes the search. Kabir thinks, ‘Where are you Pia? Are you upset? Are you hurt?’ Kabir shouts Pia’s name.

At the jungle Abhay is walking carrying Tracker in his arms. Tracker opens her eyes. She thinks, ‘Abhay! He kidnapped me. OMG…that old lady was telling the truth…because of her herbs Abhay became crazy for me…Ruhi, Congrats baby!’
Abhay: Are you alright?
Ruhi: Yeah, I am alright…Why did you kidnap me…I would have come just like that…
Abhay: I did not kidnap you…
Ruhi: Wow! So you saved me? (Ruhi puts both hands around Abhay’s neck) My hero! (Abhay puts Ruhi down. Ruhi cribs and Abhay lifts her cave man style and walks. Tracker sings some funny song)

Scene moves to the Camp Site. The Group has stopped searching for Tracker and Piya and are back to the Camp. They are sitting near the fire when Abhay comes there carrying Tracker. The students are happy to see Tracker. Panchi thanks Abhay and tells him that now they have to find Piya. Abhay is worried hearing it.

At the Jungle Piya is running. She recalls their encounter with wolves. Pia hears some scary sounds in the jungle and resumes running. Suddenly wolves appear in front of her and she shouts for help. Two hooded figures in black covered from head to toe who were behind her walks past her. Piya is scared seeing them. They scare the wolves with fire. Piya thinks, ‘Who are they…seeing whom the wolves are getting scared? Are they human? Where am I trapped?’ The wolves vanish and the hooded figures walk towards Pia. Before they could reach Pia, Abhay comes in between them. Abhay stares at them with Vampire blue eyes.
Abhay: Let’s go…Come with me! (Abhay takes her along with him from there. Abhay and Pia comes near two big rocks. Abhay sits on one rock and makes Pia sit on the other)
Pia: Abhay!
Abhay: That’s okay Piya… You are alright! Everything is fine.
Piya: Abhay this all I… (Abhay keeps his finger on Pia’s lips)
Abhay: Sshhh…No Pia! Not today… (Abhay thinks, ‘I spend the whole night saving Tracker but when I heard that you are in danger I was never so scared in my life as I got scared for you today Piya. If something would have happened to you I…’ Piya thinks, ‘Abhay, Once again you…but what I saw that…What strange story is this Abhay? Once again…I and you are together. I don’t want this to change…you, me and this time…we stay here forever…with each other…’ Abhay who was looking at Pia closes his eyes and thinks, ‘I have to move…Abhay…gather your courage…leave Pia…get up from here…you know that you are becoming a danger for Piya. Open your eyes Abhay…open your eyes…and leave Pia’ Abhay opens his eyes and gets up. He moves his hand and touches Pia’s forehead. He then gently tucks her hair and withdraws his hand.
Abhay: Don’t look at me like that Piya. Come on…we have to go! (Abhay turns to walk)
Pia: Abhay, Can’t we stay here for some more time? (Abhay’s looks at Pia) I feel safe…here…with you…
Abhay: No! Let’s go! Let’s go from here. (He holds her hand and helps her to get up from the rock)

Scene moves to Piya sitting at the Camp site with Panchi, Tracker and Misha. Panchi insists that Pia eat something but she refuses. Misha asks Piya about the wolves. Abhay looks at Piya from a distance and Piya looks back at him. They recall the romantic moments at Abhay’s bedroom and their first dance. Piya looks at him with dreamy eyes and Abhay walks from there.
Abhay is confronted by Kabir and Angad.
Kabir: How did you find Pia? Where did you find her? Is she unconscious?
Abhay: In the jungle.
Kabir: Jungle? Is she hurt?
Abhay: She is fine…
Kabir: You know what Abhay? I was thinking that I would say thanks to you. You saved Tracker’s life and Pia’s too…but when I look at your face, thanks do not come out of my mouth.
Abhay: I didn’t ask for it!
Kabir: Damn right you didn’t… You know what? You are so arrogant that it does not matter whose life you saved…You are still a jerk man…
Angad: Hey Dude, Come on let’s go! (Kabir and Angad goes)
Abhay: Thank you!

Piya is shivering and Misha is holding her. Misha asks Pia if the wolves frightened her that much. Pia tells that it is not the wolves she got scared of but she says that she got scared of something or someone who was there. Piya describes the 2 people with hood and Abhay cuts her.
Abhay: Hallucination…It’s called trauma…When humans get shocked their minds start making stories… It’s good that you saw 2 people…Otherwise you would have been talking about aliens. Go…get some sleep!
Misha: Piya…I think you need to sleep. Come with me! (Misha takes Piya to tent)
Scene moves to Panchi, Kabir and Angad.
Panchi: Kabir, Is it not strange that wolves were in the jungle…then who kidnapped Tracker? And who were the 2 masked people Pia saw? What were they doing in the jungle…?

At the jungle the 2 hooded figures are walking. Abhay runs and comes to them. Haseena and Chand remove their hoods and come to human form.
Abhay: What was the necessity to come here? I told you that I would be fine…
Haseena: How are you going to be fine Abhay? They have come to know that we have come to stay here. They have seen you and recognized you. You have given those wolves our address.
Chand: Are you out of your mind? Because of that girl you are losing control over yourself.
Abhay: I am not losing control. I am in control.
Chand: You are going to come with us…right now!
Abhay: No! I am not going anywhere… (Abhay turns and walks off)

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28th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 57) Tracker gets kidnapped

Abhay and Pia surrounded by Wolves
Episode 57 starts with Ruhi wandering out of the Camp Site. She recalls the Old lady telling to go to jungle alone to a specific tree there and apply a paste of the tree leaves along with cow dung to get a dream prince. Ruhi thinks that more than T she is in need of true love and assures herself that she can do it.
Piya bumps into the Old lady.
Piya: I am sorry Auntie (Misha takes her wig and reveals herself. Piya is surprised and asks what she did. Misha tells that she did the marriage of Tracker with a Sherpa and applied cow dung on T’s face. Misha goes to the bus to change her costume)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Three of Madhu’s Club friends are sitting and chatting with her. They talk about Danish-Panchi relationship. They talk about the consequences of giving freedom to girls. They gossip about how someone had to get their daughter married fast as she was pregnant. One lady tells her that once a relationship is broken it is difficult to get a good one after that. Madhu feels bad that people are pointing fingers at Panchi and thinks of what would happen if people come to know about Pia. She decides that she would not allow such a thing to happen.

Scene moves to the Camp Site. Misha sees T’s friends and go and chat with them. T’s friend tells her that T is in the tent applying her special beauty creams. Misha asks why she has gone and done what the old lady said. The girls inform that T overheard the conversation between Misha and Piya and knows that the Old lady was Misha in disguise. T’s friends tell Misha to watch out. Misha tells them that T won’t always get a chance to overhear her plans so she should watch out instead.
Misha comes out from there and Panchi catch hold of her. Panchi tells Misha that because of her Tracker has gone to the jungle alone. Angad takes Misha’s side and tell Panchi that it is because of the Old lady Tracker has done that so that she gets some Guy for herself. Angad is shocked when Panchi reveals that the Old lady was Misha in disguise. Panchi tells that they will all go together and look for Tracker.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Haseena is calling Abhay on phone.
Hasina: Come on Abhay, Pick up the Phone!
Chand: Stop! We should have stopped him then. And now he has gone to such a jungle where we cannot go. There he is surrounded by wolves. He is trapped! If he has to save himself he has to expose his identity. To protect himself he has to expose us and that is not a good sign Hasina.
Haseena: Do something Chand…Just d something!
Chand: yeah…

The students are in a group and searching for Tracker in the Forest by shouting her name. Kabir tells Panchi that they would divide into 3 groups headed by Kabir, Panchi and Misha and search. Pia gets into Panchi’s group while Angad goes with Misha.

Misha and Angad are searching for Tracker. When Misha sees that Angad is not calling out for Tracker , Misha asks him to shout Tracker’s name. Angad asks Misha if really she was the Old lady. Misha speaks in the Old lady’s tone. Angad is embarresed.
Misha: Have you gone mad?
Angad: No, why?
Misha: Dude! How could you even think about it… that I and you…yuck!
Angad: But Misha…
Misha : Even if my brain was fully out and if I wa sdeaf, blind or mute …then also no! I and you… you have lost it! And what happened to you? Why you are hitting on your friends? Your neighbours daughters are dead? Go for them!
Angad: Misha, I don’t love them. I love…
Misha: Shh please…Don’t use such bad words in front of me…I mean what is wrong with you. Have you become a loser? Is this what I taught you? (Hits on Angad’s head lightly) Come on let us look for Tracker! (Misha and Angad shouts for Tracker)
At the Forest, Tracker is walking. Tracker is thinking, ‘Where is that magic tree? Green leaves…brown trunk…’ She then sees a tree and is convinced that it is the tree the old lady mentioned. Tracker runs to the tree. She goes near the tree and says, ‘Long live Gypsy Mother. Long live Gypsy mother!’. She then plucks some leaves of the tree. Someone watches Tracker. He covers his face and goes near Tracker. He puts the sack he was carrying over Trackers head. Tracker cries for help.

Kabir’s Group is calling out Trackers name. Kabir spots Abhay standing underneath a tree. Abhay has his eyes closed. Kabir says, ‘Surprising! He can only roam around at College as dude…coward! Let’s go!’ Kabir’s Group goes away from there.

Scene moves to the stranger carrying Ruhi over the shoulder tied in a sack. Ruhi is crying. Panchi’s group is calling out Tracker’s name and searching for her. Piya who was walking last hears Tracker’s cries and wanders away from the group following the voice. Panchi looks around and sees that Piya is not with them. Panchi’s group calls out for Pia and Tracker and all the Groups come near the tree where Abhay is standing with his eyes closed. Panchi asks the other Group if they have seen Pia. Abhay gets alerted hearing that Pia is lost. Abhay rushes from there. He runs through the jungle. He stops in between and tries to sense Piya and then runs again.

Kabir notices that Abhay is not underneath the tree and says, ‘He was standing here now’. The group shouts Pia and Tracker’s name.

The kidnapper stands under a tree with the sack on his shoulder. Abhay is sitting on one of the branches of the tree. Abhay jumps from the tree and stands in front of the hooded and masked stranger. The stranger puts the sack down and Abhay fights with him. Pia comes there then and sees them fighting. Abhay hits the guy badly. The stranger takes a knife out and charges at Abhay but Abhay makes him to drop the knife. Abhay holds the guy’s hand with one hand and tries to lift the mask with the other but the stranger manages to escape.

At the Dobriyal House, Arnab notices Madhu is gloomy and asks her what the reason is. Madhu informs that people are gossiping about Panchi. Madhu tells him that she is worried about their daughter’s future. Just then Arnab gets a call and he attends it. The person on the other side informs Arnab Dobriyal that he is Mr Jethani, the lawyer of Suganth Jaiswal. He tells Arnab that he wanted to get a time from Arnab for reading Suganth’s will. Arnab is shocked. Madhu asks him what the matter is and Arnab tells him it is a phone regarding some office matter. Arnab tells Jethani to call him at Office the next day.

Abhay sits near the sack and unties it. Piya also comes near him.
Piya: Tracker…How is she Abhay? (While Abhay is trying to get Tracker out of the sack Piya hears a sound and she is shocked seeing wolves standing at a distance. Abhay gets up too. Both of then looks around and find them surrounded by wolves. Piya is scared and she goes behind Abhay. Abhay makes Piya hold on to him tightly from the back and comes to his Vampire form with blue eyes but no fangs. He makes some sounds.

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27th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 56) Panchi informs students that wolves are being spotted near the Forest Area

Kabir insults Abhay
Episode 56 starts with Abhay getting out of the tent. He remembers Pia telling that she is falling in love with him and that she is unable to stay away from him. Abhay is angry. He runs like wind through the forest and then stops. Then he shouts, ‘Yaaaaaaaa’. He hits one tree after the other with his bare hands and both falls down. He then kneels to the grounds and says, ‘Why Pia why?’ He shouts, ‘Why?’

At the tent Pia is crying, ‘Why Abhay…why?’

Kabir comes to the tent Misha is sleeping and wakes her up telling that he want to talk something to her. Misha tells that she doesn’t want to hear him talking of Pia anymore. Kabir tells Misha that he heard Piya telling Abhay that she is in love with him. Kabir tells Misha that they have to stop it. Misha tells that Piya is a grownup girl and can take care of herself. Kabir reasons with Misha telling that it is a wrong decision and would put Pia into trouble. Kabir tells that Abhay is a dangerous guy and at the end Pia would be hurt. Kabir tells Misha that they should keep an eye on Pia so that if Abhay breaks her heart they would be there for her.

Some students are outside near the camp fire. Angad and Tracker are talking regarding some film they want to see. Suddenly and old lady comes there and tracker is scared to see her. Panchi also comes there.
Old Lady: What are you doing here? Go away from here. This place is very dangerous. For ages no one has come here. Go away, Go away!
Panchi: Who are you? Are you lost? Can I help you?
Old Lady: I am no one child. This entire world is my home. I am Ramtha Jogi. But here someone is calling me. Here I am seeing something.
Panchi: What?
Old Lady: That in between you there is a girl whose name her parents kept something else but everyone calls her something else.
Tracker: Me…! My name is Ruhi but these people call me Tracker. Isn’t it funny?
Old Lady: There is a message for you.
Ruhi: What is that?
Old Lady: You have not left any guy in the city and every guy left you. I came to tell you that in this city your tricks won’t work. For you a man would come from Distance Mountains. (Ruhi is happy and takes blessings from the Old lady. T and friends also come there) Is there anyone who want to ask anything from me?
Angad: Me…
Old Lady: tell me Child
Angad: I love a girl. She is my very good friend. But till now I could not tell her that I love her.
Old Lady: What is her name? Till now why did you not tell? (Angad goes near the Old lady and whispers ‘Misha Dobriyal’ in her ears.) This cannot happen… (The old lady slaps Angad) How dare you? To confess your love to Misha means calling for your own death. Stay away from her, stay away! (The Old lady sees T and calls her near. Tanushree tells that she is not interested. The Old lady tells her that her name is T) Tanushree Ambolker?
T: How did you know?
Old Lady: You are this city’s most beautiful girl.
T: Yes.
Old Lady: Not only Dehradun but of this whole area…
T: Tell me more
Old Lady: Do sit ups! (T does sit-ups while the Old Woman Meditates) You did not get your dream Prince so far because in this city every guy is scared of you and nobody is of your level. (The old lady throws something in blue cloth telling that is her grandmother’s home remedy and asks T to go to jungle alone with a bowl in hand to a specific tree. The lady tells T that she has to sit underneath the tree and make a paste of the tree leaves with cow dung and apply on the face. She tells T that whoever sees T first would become hers and she his…happily ever after!
T: My first love…Thank you! (Panchi looks at the Old lady and the Old lady goes from there. Panchi then gets a call and she attends it)

Scene moves to Danish’s mother coming to Raichand House and inquiring about Danish. She tells Chand and Haseena that Danish has not reached home after being bailed from the Police Station. Chand tells her to give Danish sometime and tells her that he might be preparing himself to face everyone. Danish’s mother request Chand to inform her if they get any news of Danish. She goes from there. Haseena asks Chand if Abhay might have done something to Danish. Chand tells her that Abhay won’t do such a big mistake. Chand and Haseena see the news on Television that there are some strange incidents happening in the jungle across the river. The reporter tells that people have been vanishing and wolves have being seen in the area. Chand and Haseena look at each other. Haseena tells Chand that the wolves are there for Abhay.

Scene moves to the Camp Site. Panchi calls everyone and tells them about the call from Principal. She tells the students that some wolves have been seen in the jungle and ask them to be together. Abhay looks around. He is alert as he knows that the wolves are coming for him. The students are sitting around the fire.
Abhay: There is no use of lighting the fire in middle and sitting around. We can be attacked from behind. Sit in the middle at light fire at 4 sides. Then we will be safe.
Kabir: Keep your expertise with you. We are staying here from childhood and know this area better than you. These wolves are here for ages and won’t do anything to us.
Abhay: Just listen to what I am saying
Kabir: You listen to me. I don’t want to hear to any coward. See your face…because of fear you are sweating. And if you are so scared… hide yourself behind any girl. Don’t give your knowledge to us. Abhay goes out of the camp site and turns to look at Kabir. He tells, ‘You are not understanding Kabir. Before today they never attacked you. But today they are coming…for someone. They are coming for me’.

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25th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 55) Abhay insults Pia after hearing her confession of feelings for him

Abhay insults Piya after hearing her confession of love
Episode 55 starts with Danish’s Mother coming to the Police Station along with lawyer to get him on Bail. The Inspector tells them that he has already been granted bail. Danish’s mother asks him who got Danish out of bail and the Inspector replies that Mr Raichand’s son got him out on bail the previous night. Danish’s Mom is worried thinking why Danish has still not come home if he has got bail.
Scene moves to the Bus stopping before the river. Abhay gets alerted remembering his Mom saying that they cannot go to the other side of the river and that they would recognize him by smell. Panchi informs the students that they have a flat tire and there is no spare. She informs the students that they would camp there for the night. Students get down from the bus and Abhay gets out last. He remembers Haseena warning him and tells in mind, ‘Sorry Mom, I was helpless…I had to come…I had to come’ He looks around. Someone calls out to Abhay and ask him to come. Abhay thinks, ‘Nothing will happen, everything looks alright’

Scene moves to the Camp sight. The students have set up the tents and now sitting around the fire. They decide to play the game of truth or Dare. The first victim Tracker opts for Truth. Misha asks her who the hottest Boy in college is and tracker tells that it is Abhay. Abhay turns his face to the other side. Piya wonders what happened to Abhay. In the next spin of the bottle Kabir becomes the victim. Kabir opts for truth and he is asked what is going in his heart. Kabir replies, ‘Piya…Piya and only Pia’
Kabir: Piya, from the time I have seen you…I am in love with you. Guys, I knew that love is blind but now I came to know that love is stupid. Okay Pia, seriously, I did not trust you. When you needed me I was not there for you. I am so sorry for that. Will I get your love back? (Piya keeps silence. T is annoyed by the PDA and display of emotions. Kabir spins the bottle again. The bottle points to Abhay who is standing. A girl asks Abhay truth or dare. Abhay says truth then changes it. Abhay is asked to kiss a girl. Abhay passes Pia and go and kneels beside T. He kisses T on the cheek and T hugs him. Piya watches it and is not happy.

Scene moves to Piya stopping Abhay who is walking.
Piya: Abhay, I want to talk to you.
Abhay: Not interested! (He walks away.T’s friends come there asking where Abhay was and tells him that they were looking for him. When Abhay is about to go with them Panchi stops them and tells them that nobody would go out of the camp site and that they all have to stay together. Abhay tells her that he can take care of himself. Piya interferes and tells, ‘Abhay, you cannot talk to Panchi like this’ Abhay turns and looks at Piya.
Piya: She is appointed by college authorities. So you better listen to her and respect her.
Abhay: Just a minute. Who are you? This is between me and Panchi. Oh yeah…You are Pia Jaiswal who finds it necessary to interfere in everyone’s life. Don’t interfere in my plans. Take your helpless looks and I am lost attitude somewhere else, get that?
Pia: Abhay, How rudely you are talking. Can’t you talk properly? I had enough from you…Now no more! I wish I was dead. I hate you Abhay, I hate you! (Pia goes from there and Panchi follows her. Abhay thinks, ‘what is this you are telling Pia…don’t do anything stupid’ Abhay refuses to go with the girls and walk away from there)

Inside the tent Misha is sitting and drinking. She asks T’s friend where T is and her friend replies that T is correcting her makeup.

T is inside the bus doing makeup to impress Abhay. She suddenly sees a hand with blood on the window. She screams for help and tries to get down but the door gets locked. T is terrified seeing a beast outside and hides under the seat. Outside the bus, Misha who is wearing the beast’s mask on face laughs. Tracker comes there calling for Misha. When she sees Misha with the mask she tries to run away. Misha takes the mask out and calls Tracker. Tracker asks what she is doing there and Misha replies that she did a makeover for T who was doing make up inside the Bus. The girls laugh. Tracker asks Misha how much she drank and takes Misha from there.
Scene moves to Tracker coming out of the first tent. Piya comes and asks Tracker for Misha. Tracker tells that Misha is drunk and sleeping in the tent. Piya gets into the second tent which is unlit and sits by the lantern.
Piya: Misha, I know that you are sleeping. But if I don’t tell what is in my heart to someone I will go mad. I am dying Misha. I don’t know what is happening between me and Abhay. What is in him that he can hurt me so much…why do I allow him to break my heart again and again Misha? I fight with him so that I can talk to him. I am normal with everyone but when it comes to him I become so irrational Misha. I don’t know what is it that I am not able to stay away from him… When he treats me badly tears flow from my eyes. When he talks nicely to me, my heart starts beating Misha… Misha, what is happening? Am I…Am I falling in love Misha? But I should hate Abhay, Misha… But why Misha…why can’t I hate him? Why am I not able to hate? Misha why…why do I love him so much? Tell me Misha…why do I love him so much? Why Misha? (Pia raises the flame of the lantern and is shocked to see Abhay sitting there) Abhay! (Abhay gets up from where he was sitting and Pia gets up too. Abhay goes closer to her.

Outside the tent Kabir sees the shadows of Abhay and Piya together in embrace and kissing and goes from there.

Inside the tent Abhay and Piya are standing closer.
Abhay: I think I should leave you alone for some time. I mean it is very embarrassing for you, is it not? Throwing yourself on some boy like this is not easy. There is no difference between you and any other girl. Throwing yourself at me? In fact if you change your voice a little you are like T or Tracker. Or like any girl who run after me…You are highly mistaken Ms Piya Jaiswal…that you took my pity as love. Till now I have always shown pity on you thinking that you are helpless…alone…and orphan…Like Maya you are someone who always land into problems. And you…you thought of that pity as love? Don’t worry Pia, when you sit and think alone you would understand how silly you are…how much misunderstandings you have…in fact the mistake is mine! I helped you a little too much. I am sorry Ms Pia Jaiswal I am sorry. I am extremely sorry! (Abhay goes from the tent and Piya stands there crying)

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Friday, December 24, 2010

24th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 54) Piya forgives Kabir but tells him that she cannot be his Girlfriend

Haseena warns Abahy against going for the College Trip
Episode 54 starts with Kabir entering the Dobriyal House and calling out for Misha. Misha comes down from the stairs. Kabir asks her if Pia is there and Misha replies that Piya is in the house but she may not want to talk to him. Misha goes and sits by the fire side in the hall and Kabir also sits across her on the arm of a chair. Kabir tells Misha that Piya has forgiven everyone and at least permit him to say sorry to Pia.
Misha: Kabir , You were her Boyfriend and relationships are based on trust. If you loved her, where did the love go? Where did the trust go? It vanished on hearing someone saying something?
Kabir: Mish, someone? Danish was my Brother! Who would have thought that he would do something like that? Even my heart was not permitting me to believe. Tou tell me Mish…is that my fault?
Misha: I know Kabir, I know! But I don’t think talking to Pia would be that easy. (Kabir lowers his head. He then sees Piya coming down the stairs)
Kabir: Piya…(Piya reaches the hall and Kabir gets up from where he was sitting and walks toward Pia) Piya, I am sorry! I know it is difficult but will you be able to forgive me?
Pia: It’s okay Kabir, I am not angry with you. (Kabir looks at Misha and then back to Pia)
Kabir: Wow! That’s great…That means…
Pia: So…
Kabir: I mean you…me…
Pia: Kabir, I have forgiven you. But I can’t have relationship with you…I am sorry! Kabir, the basis of any relationship is trust…and when that is not there what relationship…what love…
Kabir: I know Piya, But…you know what Danish did that time…
Piya: I know, he blinded you all. But Kabir you…you should have trusted me. Didn't you even listen to your heart once? You did not think of supporting me? You could have at least thought once that the girl whom you love would ever do something like that. No Kabir, all you had to do was trust me.
Kabir: I am sorry Piya. I know I hurt you. But whatever happened then I am really sorry. (Piya goes and sits on a sofa)
Piya: It’s okay Kabir, I already told you that we can still be friends. And don’t keep more hopes than that.
Kabir: Friends?
Pia: Yeah…(Kabir goes and sit next to her on a chair) Just friends.
Kabir: And you know Piya I don’t deserve even that, Thank you! I will be friend…but I will wait…to win your trust…
Misha: Kabir, will you be able to do that?
Kabir: Yes Misha, If that is the way to keep Pia in life…I will do it! Fine Pia…Let’s take it your way! I will be your friend. I will stay your friend always. But this time I promise I will not break your trust. (Misha sits next to Kabir on the Sofa)
Misha: Great! So all is cool, right? (Pia smiles) Peace?
Pia: Peace!

Scene moves to Abhay driving the car with Danish next to him.
Danish: Thanks Abhay, for getting me out of there. But I can’t believe that Piya ruined my life. For many years I have been trying to be part of the Dobriyal family. They were the more powerful family in Dehradun before the arrival of Raichands. But that Piya ended everything for me in a minute. I should have killed her. I should have killed that *. (Abhay is angry) I got opportunity in the Hostel but she escaped. Anyway thanks to you and your dad that you people are doing this much for me. I owe you dude! Thanks again! But Piya would have to pay a price for this…(Abhay controls his temper) I will not leave her! She does not know what I can do.(Abhay stops the Car)
Abhay: Get off the Car…
Danish: What?
Abhay: There is some problem in the Car. Let’s get out and see…
Danish: Okay (He gets out of the car and opens the Car bonnet (Abhay gets out of the car and goes towards Danish who is looking inside with his head underneath the bonnet. He is angry)
Abhay: Check near the battery! (Abhay recalls Danish telling that he should have killed Piya. Abhay shuts the bonnet with force) You will teach Piya a lesson? Remember this Danish…If you even touch Piya you will have to answer me. I am Piya’s shadow! If you even lift your eyes and look at Piya you cannot imagine what the consequences would be.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Abhay enters the house. Haseena and Chand are on the hall.
Chand: Where is Danish?
Abhay: He did not come.
Chand: Did not come?
Abhay: I got him bail but I think he wants to spend some time alone. He said that so much has happened with him that he needs some time off. Maybe he does not wish to face anyone, so I also did not force him.
Chand: If he needs time then it is alright. But if Danish does not come there would be problem in office.
Haseena: What sort of Problem?
Chand: Danish was working in a new outstation project. If he does not come to Office, I am afraid Abhay you will have to be there.
Abhay: You know that I have to attend the college. There is a trip organized by our college for 2 days to visit some Museum. (Haseena gets up from the chair)
Haseena: Museum? Which museum?
Abhay: Some Pritviraj Museum.
Haseena: Abhay, You cannot go to that Museum. No way!
Abhay: Mom you know I…
Haseena: That Museum is on the other side of the river. We won’t be able to even keep our feet there. You cannot go there…they will smell and find you…
Abhay: Mom, you are worrying for no reason. I will be fine…I will handle them. Don’t worry! (Abhay goes from the hall. Haseena and Chand look at each other)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House, Misha’s room. Misha and Piya are packing for their College trip. Panchi is sitting on the bed and crying. Panchi gets emotional thinking of her relationship with Danish. Piya handles Panchi nicely and motivates her to forget and throw Danish out of her life. Madhu sees this and is touched by Pia’s help.

Scene moves to the College campus where the students are getting into the College Bus parked in the campus. Misha is on top of the bus helping with the baggage. Misha throws T’s bag down. Piya is about to get into the bus when she sees Abhay who comes and stands behind T. Abhay compliments T and Piya gets into the bus and takes the side seat in one of the front seats in the bus. Abhay comes inside the bus. He looks at Piya and then goes and sits on the last row in the Bus. Outside the Bus Kabir catch hold of Misha and asks for her support to impress Piya. Kabir gets into the Bus and sits next to Pia and tries to flirt with her. Pia tells him that his cheesy lines would not work on her and Abhay watches them. Kabir asks Pia what the S she is wearing stands for and Pia tells him that it stands for the first alphabet in her mother’s name. Kabir tells Piya that he has something for her and gives her a P Alphabet pendant telling that she can now wear the P next to her Mom. Piya accepts the gift telling that it is nice and thank Kabir.

T gets into the Bus and is happy to see Abhay sitting alone in the last seat. Misha and Panchi enter the bus. Panchi informs the students about the Camping rules, ‘Nobody goes anywhere alone. And everyone would listen to me because I am the Boss and the boss is always right’ the students jointly say, ‘Yes teacher’. Panchi instructs the Driver to start the Bus. The students sing and have fun in the Bus. Pia senses Abhay looking at her and she looks back at him. T gets up from her seat and goes and sits next to Abhay hugging him.

It is night time and the Bus is supposed to cross the river. But the Bus stops suddenly. Abhay gets alert and remembers Haseena saying that they would smell and recognize Abhay.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

23rd December 2010 Written Update (Episode 53) Maithili’s Ghost tells Piya that Abhay is her Destiny

Danish, Abhay and Arnab at the Police Station
Episode 53 starts with the girls (Misha, Pia, Ruhi and Panchi ) calling on the spirits for answering their Questions. Tracker is excited and saying maybe some old ghost would introduce her to his handsome son. Misha tells that maybe he might decide to call his son to him instead. Misha asks Piya if she wants to talk to any boy ghost. Pia tells her that she want to talk to a girl Ghost called Maithili. Misha asks Piya who Maithili is but she does not reply. Misha tells that Tracker can try first as she has already tried all the guys who are alive in the city and only the dead ones remain now. They switch off the lights and burn the candles. Misha, Pia, Ruhi and Panchi keep the hand on the coin and Misha calls the spirits.

Scene moves to Madhu giving tea to Arnab who is sitting in their bedroom. Arnab tells her that Piya has done so much for them despite of their bad treatment. Madhu tells Arnab that Piya is the daughter of Suganth. Arnab is shocked and asks Madhu how she knows. Madhu tells him that she saw their pictures in Pia’s book and Pia also had told her. Arnab tells Madhu that he is going to bring Pia from the Hostel. Madhu tells him not to as it would affect the lives of their daughter and would result in a scandal. The phone bell rings and Madhu wakes up realizing that it was a dream and not reality. Arnab attends the phone call. Arnab attends the call. He tells Madhu that someone has arranged bail for Danish and that he has to go to the Police Station. Arnab goes from there.

At Misha’s room the coin under the girl’s finger move and Tracker asks the Ghost what his name is and the Coin moves on the alphabets ‘Venkitesh’. Piya tells that it sound like he is a South Indian Ghost. Tracker asks the Ghost to tell the name of the Guy with whom she would fall in love in this life. The coin moves to A and then B and Tracker tell that she knew that it would be Abhay. But the coin further moves to C,D,E and F and Misha, Panchi and Piya laughs. Misha tells Tracker, ‘Not Abhay you idiot. All Boys…any boys’ Misha tells tracker that there was no need to ask Venky she could have said that. Misha then asks the ghost, ‘So Venky dude, which joker is written in my fate?’ Panchi tells that no one would dare to spend his life with Misha. The Ghost answers, ‘Pintoo’. Panchi and Pia laugh. Tracker makes fun of Misha. Panchi then tells that it is her turn to ask. She asks the Ghost if Danish would be punished and gets the reply as ‘Yes’. Pia tells that she would now ask the Question.
Piya: Maithili, are you here? Can you hear our voice? (Suddenly there is a lightening and the candles go off. Misha tells that it is an indication that Maithili is here and asks Tracker to close the windows. Misha lights the candle again and tells Piya to ask the Question) Maithili, are you here? Can you hear my voice? Do you know Abhay? (Suddenly there is a Thunder sound and the girls lift their fingers from the coin. But the coin starts moving on its own asking ‘who is he to you?’ Pia asks, ‘Who are you talking about?’ The coin moves again and Misha runs and fetches a notebook and starts scribbling which reads, ‘Abhay is your destiny’ the girls are shocked.

Scene moves to Kabir’s House. Kabir’s father comes and switch on the light.
Mr Rathore: You are sitting in the darkness? Are you thinking of Danish? I can understand…But don’t blame yourself. Who could have thought that a son of this family would turn out to be like that? I brought him up with my own hands. But maybe we could not understand part of his life. Now Kabir, you only have to take care of your uncle and aunt. God knows how they may be feeling now. They must be very heart broken. In this age if a son turn out to be like that…
Kabir: Dad, I am not worried for Danish dad. He got what he deserved.
Mr Rathore: Then what is the problem?
Kabir: Pia, dad. I behaved so badly with her believing whatever Danish said. I even told her that she is a loose character and god…I was so horrid to her. Because of whatever Brother did with Maya she also got into problem. Dad, she was asking justice for someone else and for that she did not bother about her own reputation. She was almost thrown out of the College. Dad…this is the girl…and I lost her. And I am sure that Pia would not take me back.
Mr Rathore: Why are you thinking like that?
Kabir: I know it Dad. I and Piya were in a relationship and I did not trust her. I was a bad boyfriend Dad. When she needed me I was not even there for her.
Mr Rathore: And then be there for her now! Yes, Go and ask sorry to her.
Kabir: Pia will not forgive me Dad!
Mr Rathore: She will! Now you told that Piya has a big heart and that she is a very nice girl. Go and ask sorry to her. I am sure she has it in her to forgive you.

Scene moves to the Police station. Danish is signing a paper. Arnab comes there.
Arnab: I want to know what Danish Singh is doing outside the jail.
Inspector: Sir, He has got bail.
Arnab: Who got him bail? (Abhay walks in)
Abhay: Me! (Abhay comes in front of Arnab)
Arnab: You? Knowing that what he did? What is wrong with you?
Abhay: I did not give Danish’s bail…but my Dad did. He is an employee of our Company. And I am here because Dad sent me…
Arnab: I know what your Dad wants to achieve by supporting Danish. I know exactly what he is getting at. This is not business rivalry…it is personal. And I will definitely give an answer to this…
Abhay: Oh really? So you will give us an answer? (Arnab smiles)
Arnab: What do you think…That Mr Raichand can do anything because of his money power? The Dobriyal family name is there for a long time…our reach is much bigger than him…It is not very easy to fight us and be in this city. (Abhay turns to say something but Danish stops him but catching his hand)
Danish: Abhay, let’s go!
Arnab: Danish what you did with Panchi…what you did with us…I will not forget that very easily. You spoiled Maya’s life. You hurt Panchi so much. You caused problems for Piya…I will not forget anything! What is shocking is that even after doing all this you are standing in front of me like this. You are looking at my eyes and talking. I will never forgive you!
Danish: And I don’t want to ask you sorry also.
Abhay: Danish, let’s go! (Abhay turns and walks. Danish follows him)

Scene moves to Misha’s room.
Panchi confronts Misha. Misha admits that she and Ruhi were playing a prank by using magnets for calling the spirits. Piya gets angry and asks Misha even after knowing how complicated Abhay is why did she write that Abhay is her Destiny. Misha confesses that the coin was moving on its own, when Maithali's spirit was called. The girls are shocked to realize that Maithili might have answered herself. (Episode ends)

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22nd December 2010 Written Update (Episode 52) Chand Raichand instructs Abhay to get Danish out on Bail

Abhay tells Piya that she cannot be Maithali
Episode 52 starts with Abhay looking at the cut and then placing his other hand on the wound and wiping it. His cut vanishes and he walks from there. Piya sees Abhay and calls him. She then sees Abhay’s blood on the ground and Piya is shocked to see the blood evaporating in front of her eyes. She calls for Abhay and go after him.

Misha and Panchi are sitting with Maya. Maya talks about her abusive relationship with Danish and tells Panchi because of the courage she gave her Maya could tell everything to her parents.

In the forest Abhay walks and Piya follows him. Abhay stops in front of a grave and sits there. Piya watches him by standing at a distance. Abhay then walks away from there and Piya comes near the grave. She wipes the dust and sees the name Maithali written on it. She remembers Abhay calling her Maithali when she slapped him. Pia is shocked to know that the girl she thought is there in Abhay’s life is dead. Piya wonders what the story is.

Scene moves to the constable bringing Danish to the Inspector. Inspector offers Danish pen to sign on the paper. Danish signs and then asks him permission to make a call. Danish talks to Chand Raichand and tells him that Piya Jaiswal got him arrested for the same issue for which she tries to trap Abhay. Danish informs Chand that Pia is behind Abhay and warns him regarding Pia.

Scene moves to Arnab coming into the house with Misha and Panchi. They are surprised to see that Madhu is back after the wedding shopping from Delhi. Madhu notices the three of them unhappy and asks what the matter is. Madhu is taken aback when Arnab tells about Danish’s betrayal. Panchi tells her that they should thank Pia. Arnab tells Madhu how Danish turned everybody against Piya when she attempted to tell the truth of Danish. He tells Madhu that despite of behaving badly with Piya, she did not keep any grudges and join hands with Misha to expose Danish. Madhu consoles Panchi. Panchi tells that it is not easy. Misha tells that cheating is in Danish’s genes and asks if she would be able to live with someone who keeps an affair after marriage. Madhu looks at Arnab. Misha assures Madhu that Panchi would forget Danish in one day. Misha comes up with the idea of pajama party for the girlie gang to cheer up Panchi.

Piya gets up from the front of Maithili’s grave. She thinks that she needs to find out who Maithili is. When she turns she finds Abhay in front of her.
Abhay: What are you doing here? Why are you interfering in my life? Why can’t you mind your own business? Why are you here?
Pia: I have a reason to be here Abhay!
Abhay: Oh really? You wanted us to be strangers…You wanted us to be away from each other…
Pia: If you want to stay away from me then why are you roaming around with my photograph? (Abhay turns away from Pia. Pia comes in front of him) Answer me Abhay! Is that my Picture? You do not have to answer. Because I know that it is not mine but Maithili’s picture. You want to stay away from me because I remind you of Maithili? Is it not Abhay…say it! (Abhay catches Piya on her arms)
Abhay: No! You are not Maithili. You can never be Maithili.
Piya: Tell the truth Abhay!
Abhay: Yeah! I am telling the truth. You are not Maithili. You can never be Maithili. (He shouts) You cannot be Maithili (Abhay tries to control his temper. Piya’s mobile rings and she takes the call from Misha. Misha asks Piya to come to Dobriyal House. Piya agrees and turns to look at Abhay. She looks around to find that Abhay is gone.

Scene moves to Madhu handing over the mocktails to Tracker. Piya comes there. She is happy to see Madhu and asks her how she is. Madhu thanks her and tells that Panchi is lucky to have a sister like Piya. Piya tells her that she did not do it because she has any relationship with Panchi but would have done for any girl. Piya goes up to the girl’s room.

Scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Chand and Haseena are in conversation.
Chand: Thanks to Piya that Danish is being arrested by Police and now she is focusing on Abhay. Not a good sign! We have to stop her.
Haseena: What will we do? How much we tried to reason with Abhay…but neither does he stay away from Pia nor does Pia stay away from him.
Chand: We have to stop her! This can’t go on…
Haseena: And Danish…what about him?
Chand: We will get him out on bail.
Haseena: What? Bail for Danish…Are you sure?
Chand: I want to show the Dobriyals that we are against them and that the whole city’s decision won’t be according to their will. That’s all!
Haseena: So you will go to Police Station?
Chand: No, Abhay will go! (Haseena gives a sarcastic smile)
Haseena: Abhay? He is not going to listen to you. He will not go to the Police Station to get bail for Danish.
Chand: He will! (Abhay walks into the House) Abhay!
Abhay: Yes!
Chand: You will have to go to the Police Station…to get Danish out on bail.
Abhay: Okay, I will go now (Abhay turns and go from there)

Scene moves to Misha’s room where the girls are lying on the cot. Misha comes up with the idea of Ouija Game where they would call upon spirits so that they could asks questions to friendly spirits and get the answer. Tracker is excited that some old ghost may introduce her to his handsome son. Misha asks Piya whom she wants to talk to. Piya tells her that she wants to talk to the Ghost of Maithali.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21st December 2010 Written Update (Episode 51) Maya exposes Danish in front of Panchi

Piya and Maya dances at Danish's Bachelor’s Party
Episode 51 starts with Abhay sensing Piya as one of the girls in the Belly dancers dress and pulling her towards him.
Abhay: What’s wrong with you Piya? (Abhay removes the cloth covering her face. Piya turns her face away) what happened? Are you feeling shame? Where you are going in these clothes you won’t feel shame. Why are you wearing this shit?
Pia: This is not your Business, okay?
Abhay: Oh! You are defending yourself in these clothes? In this dirty party! in between so many males! You are worse than T Pia… You are worse! I never even thought that you would stoop this low… (Pia slaps him)
Piya: How dare you Abhay?
Abhay: Maithili… (Piya turns and walks away)

Scene moves to the Bachelor’s party. Kabir makes the announcement, ‘Excuse me everybody! I have an announcement to make. Tonight is the last day of my Brother Danish’s life as a Bachelor. And I promise you all that this night would be a night to remember. To my brother, my friend…this one is for you’ Piya and Maya comes to the room with their face covered with only eyes visible and wearing belly dancers costume and dance in front of the guys.

After the performance is over when Pia is going a drunkard comes and misbehaves with her. Abhay then comes there and saves Piya from the Guy. Kabir comes there and takes Piya to one side of the room. Danish comes there and catches the guy saying that the girls have come there only to dance and asks how he dared to touch the girl. The guy tells Danish that Abhay hit him. Danish tells the Guy that if he had not Danish would himself have broken his face. After seeing Danish’s behavior with the Guy, kabir asks Piya if it is possible for Danish to do such a thing with Maya. He tells Pia that he cannot see his Brother fall in his eyes. Kabir gets a call from Misha and he informs them that they would be there in 5 minutes.
Scene moves to Panchi and Misha. Misha tells that they need to catch Danish red handed. Misha informs Panchi that Danish is going to get a private lap dance session and Panchi is shocked to hear it. Misha guides Panchi to the place.

Scene moves to Arnab Dobriyal in House sitting on a sofa and looking into the picture of the childhood photo of his 3 children. He then gets a call from Misha. She tells Arnab that she and Panchi are at Danish’s Party and asks him to come back there immediately.

Scene moves to Danish’s Party where Kabir tells her that everything is set and asks Pia if she is ready. She nods her head and Kabir goes from there. Piya asks Maya if she is ready. Maya tells Piya that she is ready and that she is doing it for Panchi. She goes from there. Piya sees Abhay and stops him.
Pia: Abhay, Thank you very much!
Abhay: No problem!
Piya: Why did you do this? Why did you fight for me again?
Abhay: You ask too many questions (He goes from there)

Scene moves to Kabir convincing Danish for the special lap dance session. Danish reluctantly agrees and goes from there. Danish enters the room where Maya is standing with her back on him. Misha also comes there and calls Panchi near her. Maya turns to Danish and removes the covering from her face. Danish is shocked to find that Maya was one of the belly dancers. Panchi is also shocked to see Maya there. Danish goes and closes the door. Danish asks what she is doing there and she replies that she has come to expose him. Maya tells Danish that Panchi cannot marry him and that she does not deserve someone like him. Danish without knowing that Panchi is watching him unknowingly blurts out about his affair with Maya and her pregnancy and tells that it is not his problem. He threatens Maya that he would tell everything to her Parents. Maya tells him that she has already told her parents and that they have forgiven her. She tells him that all that happened because of Panchi who had told her that never to underestimate Parent’s love and that they have the strength to forgive and bear all the wrong doings of the children. Danish is shocked to hear this. Maya tells him that Panchi has treated her like a sister and she would not allow anything wrong to happen to her. Danish raises his hand to hit Maya. Just then Misha and Panchi enter the room. Danish is shocked to see them and move towards Panchi. Panchi walks to him and slaps him twice.

Scene moves to Arnab getting out of his Car. He sees Danish’s parents there and asks him why they are there. Arnab’s father tells him that Kabir called them and asked them to come immediately. The three of them walk towards the Party room.

At the room Panchi asks Danish how he could do that to her. She tells him that instead of taking responsibility for his mistake he opted to hide it and played such a dirty game. Panchi tells him that what he did to Maya not even a monster would do. Danish tries to keep his hand on Panchi’s shoulder and Misha pushes him away. Misha tells him that he had gone to Pia’s room to kill her and that he dropped Pia’s phone in water and asks if it is a lie. Misha tells that Technology helped her in finding the truth and she got the phone repaired and saw everything. Misha asks her how he could give 6th November cheque to Maya when she got admitted in the Hospital on 1st December. Piya comes to the room followed by Arnab, Danish’s parents and Kabir. Danish looks at Pia with anger.
Danish: This is all your game, is it not? What did you get doing all this? You were behind me… Tell me Pia…what did you get by doing all this?
Pia: You are disgusting Danish! First you hurt Maya…then you killed her baby…and now you are giving explanations?
Danish’s Mothers: Danish, tell that this is not truth. My son can’t be like this!
Danish: Kabir, You are my Brother… listen to me
Kabir: One more word Danish…I swear I will kill you with my own hands. You are not my Brother. I don’t have any brother! (Kabir makes a call)
Danish: What are you doing?
Kabir: I am calling the Police… (Kabir goes out of the room)
Danish: Kabir…
Arnab: For this many years we thought of you as one of our own. We kept our home and family open for you. To see this day…? Pia tried to tell the truth and we opted to believe you and not her. On you… We behaved rudely with her because of you…You played such a big game…
Danish’s Father: Enough! Enough Danish and no more…You killed as…you killed your Parent’s alive… You cannot be my blood Danish! You are no one to us! No one! Let’s go! (Danish’s Parents go from there. Danish looks at Pia in anger)
Danish: You ruined my life Piya… (Danish sees the knife in the fruit tray. He grabs the knife fast and moves towards Piya) I will not leave you… (Abhay comes in between Piya and Danish and holds on to the knife. Abhay throws the knife away and looks at his hand which is bleeding. (Kabir comes there with the Inspector and the Police take Danish away. Kabir also follows him. Abhay also walks away from there followed by Maya. Arnab and Misha stands by Panchi supporting her. Pia thinks of how Abhay saved her from being stabbed by Danish and the blood on Abhay’s hand. Arnab looks at Piya. Pia thinks, ‘Abhay is hurt…Where did he go?’

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Monday, December 20, 2010

20th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 50) Misha and Piya join hands to expose Danish

Abhay asks Piya to stay away from him
Episode 50 starts with Abhay telling Piya that he does not have a heart and if she comes near him he would break her heart also. He keeps her hand on his heart.
Abhay: You saw? I don’t have a heart! Forget me Piya… Forget me! You don’t know who I am. If you come near me you would burn. Make this story end here (Abhay turns and goes from there. Misha comes there calling for Piya)
Misha: Superb acting man! Everybody feels that we are not friends. (Misha notices that Piya is looking dull) Hey, what’s wrong?
Piya: I was thinking…That day what happened with you?
Misha: I also do not remember anything well. One minute I was fine and the next minute everything started shaking. It was so scary and I was not able to see anything well. The smoke…the dust…I could not even breathe…I just saw a shadowed figure…He broke the wall…saved me…and brought me out. That’s all I know… (Misha gets a call and she attends it. She tells Pia that Danish and Panchi are waiting for her and that they would talk later. Pia thinks, ‘Who are you Abhay Raichand? What are you hiding from me? Who is that girl in the picture? I need to know your truth. I need to know the truth Abhay!’

At the Mount College Campus Danish makes a call to Maya. Her uncle informs him that she's missing from home after they had an argument. This worries Danish.

Abhay is walking on the College Campus and T comes and clings to his arm.
T: Hi baby! Please clear my confusion. If we go to the Masquerade Party at 8’o’clock and then to the Mehra’s Party there would be enough time to change? I was thinking that in the fancy dress party you can dress up like Dracula and I can be you sexy hot victim. How hot we would look! (Abhay removes her hand from his arm and faces T)
Abhay: What is this you are saying?
T: New year’s Party Baby! We have to attend 5 parties and by the way we will be the busiest couple.
Abhay: Since when? I think I have told you…You and me…we are not going to happen…so take it easy! (Abhay walks from there. T says, ‘Oh Abhay! What happens to you? Some time you are super hot and sometimes fully cool… T, I think Abhay likes to play with you. I love…I like…So hot!’)

Misha comes out of the classroom. Kabir stops her and asks about the fight in the class. When Misha tells that Pia threw ink at her Kabir tells her not to give Pia any importance. Kabir tells that it is better to keep a distance from girls like her and that she is just rubbish. He continues telling bad things about Pia and asks Misha to stay away from Pia. Piya who was in the classroom hears everything.
Scene moves to Piya entering the Library. She sees Abhay there and they look at each other. Abhay goes and sits on a chair. Piya asks the librarian if she can use the computer to do some research. Piya sits in front of the computer. Abhay and Piya look at each other. Piya thinks, ‘Let’s see what power has fast reflexes…what power can break walls…God! I am being stupid…’ She types on Google search ‘Abhay Raichand’ and the screen becomes blank. She looks and sees the power plug fallen on ground and Abhay walking away. She takes the bag and follows him. Piya pulls Abhay by hand by standing near a pillar.
Pia: How dare you?
Abhay: Excuse me!
Pia: You only removed the plug from my computer, right? What the hell do you think is going on?
Abhay: Whatever, you again started making stories?
Pia: really? What do you think? By removing the plug from a silly computer you can stop me from finding the truth?
Abhay: Go…Go find the truth1 Do whatever you feel.
Piya: Abhay, Someone is there to whom I am very closer…
Abhay: When will you stop interfering in other people’s lives? Stop interfering in my life!
Piya: Everything will not work the way you want. When I wish I will come near if I don’t wish I won’t, okay? (Abhay catches Piya on her arms)
Abhay: I will teach you to stay away…
Piya: Really? Then teach me… Come on! (Abhy pulls Piya closer and she closes her eyes. He then leaves her and walks away. Misha goes near Piya and Abhay overhears their conversation regarding Danish’s Bachelor party and Misha’s plan.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Danish invites Chand Raichand for the Bachelor’s party. Abhay too comes there and apologizes to Danish for misunderstanding him. Danish invites Abhay also for the Party.
Scene moves to Danish’s Bachelor party. Lots of Guys are there. Arnab asks Danish where the glamor is. Danish tells him that Kabir is bringing the glamour. Chand comes to the venue and Danish welcomes him. Kabir sees Misha and Piya getting into a room together and follows them.

In the room, Piya is happy to see Maya. Maya apologizes to Pia and tells her that she did wrong with Pia. Maya tells them that Danish had threatened her that he would tell everything to her Mom-dad if she tells anyone anything. Maya tells them that while she was at her uncle’s place she realized she did wrong with Pia and also remembered Panchi’s words that Parents have the strength to bear and forgive the mistakes of their children. Maya tells them that she told her Parents everything and finally they forgave her. Maya apologizes to Pia again for causing her bad name and troubles. Maya tells that she needs to ask for forgiveness to Abhay also. Misha is shocked to hear this. Maya tells,’What all I said against him and all was lie…and he never said anything. You know what? He is my angel!’ Misha asks how come the demon is angel for Maya. Piya tells Misha that Maya is telling the truth and that Abhay is a nice guy. She adds that he has got a big heart. Misha tells them that now they need to work on their plan to expose Danish. Maya tells them that she is ready and not scared anymore. She asks Misha if she has a plan. Misha opens her bag and gives black belly dancers costumes for Maya and Pia. Kabir barges into the room and is surprised to see the 3 girls together. He demands to know what is going on. Misha tells everything to Kabir and he is shocked. Kabir gets a phone call from Danish and Pia stops Kabir from telling him anything. Kabir also teams up with the girls in their plan to expose Danish.
Scene moves to Misha talking to Panchi regarding gatecrashing for Danish’s bachelor party. Panchi initially refuses but when she tells Panchi about belly dancers coming to Danish's bachelor party and that Danish Panchi agrees to go with Misha.

Scene moves to Abhay standing outside in the snow. Piya and Maya dressed as Belly dancers pass him. Abhay senses Piya dressed up as the dancer and stops her by holding her hand. He pulls her close to him and asks, ‘What’s wrong with you?’

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

18th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 49) Misha and Piya join hands to expose Danish

Abhay brings Piya to Medical Room
Episode 49 starts with Misha sitting on her cot recalling what Piya said about Danish and the date on the Annual Fete Poster. Misha thinks, ‘When Danish did not know Maya how did he make a cheque for Maya. What if Piya is telling the truth and Danish is a bloody creep? Think Misha think! ’ Misha opens the cupboard and takes Piya’s phone and try to make it work. When she could not make it work, she calls her friend Gagan. Suddenly Danish comes inside and greets Misha. Misha cuts the phone.
Danish: How are you feeling? You got everybody in the house scared! (Danish gets a call a he attends it. Misha thinks, ‘Pia, whose truth should I believe? My mind tells me that you are not speaking the truth. If you are telling the truth this Danish…Oh God! I hope Piya you are wrong!’

Scene moves to Piya at the College Campus walking. The Sports Coach stops her. She asks Piya to turn around and then asks her weight. Piya tells that she is 46 kilos. The teacher tells her that they need a light weight girl for the pyramid they are making.
T: Coach! We would not do cheer leading with this loser!
Teacher: Look! Keep your Opinion and attitude with you. (Tanushree is angry.The Coach asks Piya to go and change at the locker room. She tells that her costumes are in locker number 5 and that she should come back in 5 minutes. T goe sto Piya.)
T: You loser, why don’t you go away from this college? Nobody needs you…Nobody wants you! (Abhay then comes there with a girl and kisses on her cheek in the open. T sees him and greets him) Hi Abhay!
Abhay: Hi T! (T goes an hugs him. Abhay keeps his hand on her waist) I heard that you saved Misha’s life? Wow T! I have become your fan!
T: Well, Yeah…I was thinking that I would take flowers for Misha but I am scared that the press won’t follow me. I mean gosh…they love me Abhay!
Abhay: yeah! (Abhay kisses on T’s cheek and Piya goes from there)

Scene moves to Misha sitting with her friend Gagan.
Gagan: Yeah, I can do that!
Misha: That is great! Now go and fix this and come back…
Gagan: Misha, if I repair this phone will you go with me to the video game parlor as my date?
Misha: Hey Giggy Guy, what is your age?
Gagan: I am 14.
Misha: Dude! Just go out with someone your own size, okay…
Gagan: Misha you know that I like you!
Misha: Do what I said…Otherwise I would lock you up in that video parlor. Come on…shoo…shoo… (Misha pushes Gagan out of the room. Misha thinks, ‘Now let me see Pia who is telling the truth…Danish or you…’ Danish then comes to the room carrying Panchi. He tells Misha, ‘hey Misha save me’ Panchi laughs)
Danish: Misha, before marriage I got to build some muscles. Otherwise carrying the bride to home ritual is going to be tough.
Panchi: You shut up! How mean! Am I that fat? (Danish hugs Panchi)
Danish: Of course not baby! You are light weight like a flower!
Panchi: Stop it!
Danish: So champ! What say? After all anyone can mess with Dobriyal sisters? No ways!
Misha: Any news of Pia?
Danish: Misha, why you are spoiling your mood by taking her name? Just forget her!
Misha: Yeah! Anyway

Scene moves to Mount College Campus. The Coach asks the 4 girls to stand in a line. The Coach tells that she wants to check Pia’s balance. Abhay sees Piya among the cheer leading girls wearing cheer leading dress. He looks at her. Piya climbs up but loses her balance and falls down. She sprains her angle. Seeing this Abhay is about to go from there but the coach stops him and asks him to take Piya to the medical room. Piya resists but Abhay picks her up. T complains to the coach what sort of drama queen she has taken in the team to show college spirits. The Coach does not pay attention to T’s grumbling and goes from there. As Abhay carries Pia through the college corridor, Piya looks at him. Abhay tells her, ‘Don’t look at me. If the coach would not have told me I would have left you there. I am not desperate to come near you’. They reach the medical room and the sister instructs to put Piya down. Abhay dumps her into the bed and goes from there. While going out Abhay’s wallet falls down and the sister picks it up. She opens the wallet.
Sister: Boyfriend-girlfriend problem…
Piya: What? No way!
Sister; Wow! Your photo is so nice! Is it painted?
Piya: What? Can I see it? (Piya looks at the picture in the wallet)
Scene moves to Piya at the Hostel Room. She is looking at the picture in Abhay’s Wallet. She thinks, ‘How did Abhay get this Picture? I never took a picture like this. Is this me or someone else? Oh God! What are you hiding Abhay? Who is this? How is it possible…that 2 peoples face are the same?’ She looks at her hair in the mirror.

Scene moves to Gagan coming to Misha’s room. He gives a CD to Misha. Misha chases him away. She then plays the CD on her laptop. Misha sees the video clip and curses herself for not believing Pia. Misha is shcked to find that whatever Piya told was true and hopes that she forgives her. Misha says, ‘Danish, I never thought you would turn out to be like this. You did a big mistake. You underestimated Pia and Maya and thought of them as weak. But you underestimated me as well. I will take revenge on you for your cheating and you cannot win with me. I am going to kill you dude…I am going to kill you…’

Scene moves to next day morning at Mount College Girls Hostel. Misha comes to Pia’s Hostel room.
Misha: Pia I want to…I want to talk to you (Pia is wearing a scarf on her head)
Pia: Misha, you are here? And your health!
Misha: Forget my health! I am super strong! I only lack brains… I don’t know how I believed that you were cheating on us all…I am so sorry Pia! (Pia smiles at her) I am sorry I did not believe you…But I was blinded with love for my own sister. And that Danish…what amazing game he played with us all! He knew that we will blindly believe him. After all, we have known him for years! But my heart knew that you would not do any such thing with Kabir and Danish. But still I believed in what Danish told. I should have believed in our friendship. I am such a terrible friend.
Pia: Come on Misha, it is over now! Anyways, for me the entire world is in one side and you are on the other. You came to know the truth and believed it…that is more than enough for me. By the way, how did you come to know?
Misha: Remember, on the day of earthquake I went to the locker room…There I saw the flyer of Fete and the date was that of 1st December…
Piya: So?
Misha: Dumbo! If Danish did not know Maya till Panchi bought her home, how did he give a cheque to her with the date 6th November?
Pia: Oh yeah! How did this detail escape from my head?
Misha: Because I am smarter than you. (Pia smiles) And that’s not all! Remember your phone which fell into the water? I got it repaired from Gigi Gagan and he brought the footage from it also. I saw it all! Whatever you told was all there Piya…
Piya: Misha, you are a genius!
Misha: I know! Now with this genius I will trap Danish. He turned us all against you. He removed Maya from the pictures. He played the game well and now it is our turn. I have a plan!
Piya: Come on Misha, let us go to the class. We will discuss it there.
Misha: No, we won’t go to class together.
Pia: Why?
Misha: Because I want everyone to think that Misha and Piya’s friendship has broken, especially Mr Danish.
Piya: Very good idea, very cool!
Misha: Let’s go! I will leave you to the gate and after that you would be on your way and I would be on my way. (Pia nods) By the way, I am sorry okay! (Misha and Pia share a hug)

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Panchi comes down the stairs with cards in hand and asks Danish to come fast. Danish asks Panchi to go to the car and that he would join her after making an urgent call. Panchi goes from there. He dials Maya’s number and wonders why Maya is not picking up his phone.

Scene moves the Abhay walking through the college corridor and Pia comes from the opposite side. As Abhay looks on Pia removes her scarf showing her straightened hair. Both walk towards each other slowly. Abhay recalls him touching Maithili’s hair while in bed and then touching Pia’s hair and comes to his senses. They stop and look at each other when they come near.
Abhay: This new look does not suit you. Bad choice! (Pia thinks, ‘What? You don’t like this? Then what is the meaning of the picture? You do not want to see me like this? I was thinking that you would look at me and say something. I will know the truth…but nothing! )
Pia: Don’t you think that you are being a little rude?
Abhay: And you are becoming more stupid…
Piya: Really? I am being stupid and you (Pia takes the wallet out from her bag showing the picture in the wallet) are keeping my photo on your wallet? (Abhay looks at her and seizes the wallet. Piya goes from there. She enters the class room and goes to her bench. Misha is already in the class)
Misha: Look everybody! Here is the traitor! Please let us sit away from her otherwise we might catch an infection… (All the students go to the back seats. T is happy seeing Misha insulting Piya. Pia stares at Misha) What? Why are you looking like that? If you care about people don’t tell lies. (Pia sits on the first bench)
Pia: Whatever you want to say, come and say it to me on my face. (Misha goes near Pia)
Misha: What do you think? I am scared of you…whatever dude…Firstly you are such a big liar and you are showing attitude? Everyone knows here what sort of a girl you are and that we are not friends. So you better stop pretending, okay? (Ink falls from Pia’s pen to Misha’s t-shirt and Misha shouts) You Psycho! You threw ink on me?
Pia: No, it was not intentional…
Misha: You did it intentionally (The girls fight by keeping their hands on each other’s shoulders. Danish and Panchi come there. Panchi asks Misha to stop and she leaves Piya. Danish tells Misha not to waste her time fighting with Pia. Ms Dasgupta enters the class and is happy to see Panchi and Danish. Panchi tells her that they have come to invite Ms Dasgupta for the wedding. Ms Dasgupta tells them that they are a made for each other couple. Misha gives a chit to Piya while no one notices. Pia reads the chit in which it was written to meet Misha outside the locker room. Panchi and Danish go from there. Piya and Misha push each other before occupying their seats.)

Scene moves to Piya inside the locker room looking around. She wonders how Abhay broke the wall alone and save Misha. Abhay comes there and pulls her close by holding on her arms.
Abhay: What do you think of me? Yesterday you only told me that you don’t want to keep any relationship with me. You hate me…and today…
Piya: What did I do today? (Abhay touches her hair)
Abhay: What is this? What is this? Why have you come making your hair like this?
Piya: And you…You are keeping my photo in the wallet and roaming around…that…
Abhay: I don’t need to give you an explanation. I only wish that you to stay away from me. You forgot what you said…that you want to stay away from me…there is nothing between you and me…you hate me…is that not what you said? You remember or shall I remind you?
Piya: I remember!
Abhay: Good! This is what I wish…that you don’t interfere in my life…Just stay out of my life… (Abhay presses her shoulders hurting Piya) What happened? It’s paining you? Good! Then maybe you would understand that how dangerous I am…that you need to stay away from me…you need to fear me…(Abhay leaves Piya’s shoulders)
Pia: Everyday you wear a new costume. One day you are a friend other day you are an animal…what do you want from me? Why are you carrying my photograph? I will go from your life Abhay! But you…what are you doing?
Abhay: I also wish the same from you and that photograph is not yours. I want to keep you away from me. That is better for you. Don’t come near me Pia… I don’t have a heart. If you come near me I would also break your heart. (Abhay pulls her hand and keeps it on his heart) You saw…I don’t have a heart. Episode ends.

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Friday, December 17, 2010

17th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 48) T takes the Credit of saving Misha from the Locker Room after the Earthquake

Abhay dating random girls
Episode 48 starts with Tracker sitting and crying at the College Canteen and her friends consoling her. Pia sees Tracker crying and asks her the reason. Tracker tells Piya that she is worried for Misha and is really missing her absence. Piya assures her that Misha is alright and nothing would happen to her. Tracker tells Piya about T Gang’s plans and that T has called the news channel at 8’o’clock. Piya thinks, ‘T cannot do that, I have to stop her’.

Scene moves to the Mount College Campus. T and her friends are coming through the corridor talking about how they would become popular after the news comes out. She tells that Manmohan Singh, the President of India, might also give her a Param Veer Chakra. Her friend corrects that it is Pratibha Patel who is the President and T gets angry and tells the girl how lousy her makeup is. T then stumbles and falls on the ground. T tells them that 3 of her finger nails have broken and she cannot go like that on TV and needs to fix it. She goes to fix her makeup and nails telling her friends that T is a star and the news channel people would have to wait for her to come back. Piya comes there and looks around. Abhay suddenly pulls her and pins her to the back of a pillar.
Piya: Abhay, I was coming to you…
Abhay: I don’t want to hear anything! Your words are fake like you. You told that you would not tell anyone. You promised me… But it does not make any difference to you. You don’t give a damn Piya! I did so much for you…I supported you in your fight…I saved your life…But you…no! You want to become good in front of everyone…right? You want to tell everyone that I saved Misha’s life.
Piya: You? I knew you saved Misha’s life!
Abhay: I did a mistake I saved Misha’s life…and you made a drama out of it. What is wrong with you? I told you to respect other people’s privacy. But you…No! Why you want to interfere in everything? Why Pia? Why can’t you leave me alone? I wish I never met you. (Abhay leaves Pia’s shoulders and turn away from her)
Piya: Great! Lock yourself from everyone. Don’t allow anyone to know you. Don’t allow anyone to see how much goodness is there in you.
Abhay: There is no goodness in me!
Piya: Why you want everyone’s hatred?
Abhay: Because I only deserve hatred. I am dangerous than a blood sucking animal. I have no humanity in me. I don’t have a heart. I am darkness, you will get lost. I am fire, you would get burned. If you come near me you would not be able to find yourself. I regret that I met you. I regret that I talked to you. I regret that I saved your life. I don’t ever want to see your face (Abhay turns his face away from Pia). Never! (Pia cries and runs away from there. Abhay hears the clapping in the Background behind and sees T taking the credit of saving Misha. Abhay looks for Pia. He gets angry at himself for hurting Pia with his words).

Piya is running through the forest and Abhay stops her by calling her name.
Abhay: Why didn’t you even tell me once that you did not call the media? Why didn’t you tell me that you did not spread the news?
Piya: Just forget it Abhay! Enough…I don’t want to hear anything else… You regret that I met you? So go away! Go away from my life…then you will not regret…of meeting me and saving me…Abhay, I extended my hands for friendship towards you…but now I won’t do even that! Go away from my life and never come back! (Piya walks away and Abhay stands there watching her. Piya stands near a tree and cries by keeping her hand on her mouth. Abhay suddenly senses danger for Pia and notices a tree branch falling to where Pia is standing. Abhay moves fast and pulls Piya to safety before the tree branch hits the ground) Why are you doing all this? You said you don’t have a heart and that you are a heartless animal. So why did you save me? You should have let me get hurt and die.
Abhay: No Piya, I cannot leave you! Whatever there is in my heart for you, it is not hatred. I cannot hate you Piya…I cannot hate you! (They look at each other and Pia get’s lost looking at Abhay) You are alright? (Pia moves away from Abhay)
Piya: What are you Abhay? And why disd you save me again? And how did you know that the branch was going to fall on me? Whenever something bad is going to happen how do you know?
Abhay: I just saw the branch falling…that’s all!
Piya: Really? and that earthquake… and when I fell from the mountain? Abhay there is something you are not telling me. I don’t know what is it…but you are not telling me. Why you want to be this mysterious? Why don’t you tell me the truth?
Abhay: Come, I will leave you to the Hostel… (He starts walking)
Piya: No Abhay! I will go on my own. And I am serious. You please go away from my life. I cannot bear all this. When you wish you call me near and when you wish you go away from me…I am not a toy. Whether there is something between us or not…I cannot bear all these. Please go away from my life. I hate you!
Abhay: Wish if it was true! Wish you hated me?
Pia: You got what you want. I am going! (Pia walks from there. Abhay thinks, ‘Why I feel so troubled seeing you walk away from me. How can I tell you what I am? How can I tell you that I am not even a human? If you know my truth…no Pia…I can’t make you understand that our story is different from others. How can I make you part of my story Pia? I have to stay away from you… You hate me? Hate me…!’ Piya thinks, ‘I know that staying away from you is good for me. Then why my heart beats stop when I am away from you? Why I feel restless when I am away from you? Why does it hurt to hate you?’ Pia walks away as Abhay stands there watching.

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Panchi is happy seeing Misha opening her eyes. Misha sees Tanushree claiming on TV that she saved Misha’s life. T tells Panchi that it is not T but some boy who saved her. Misha tells Panchi that she don’t remember anything about the guy who saved her. Misha recalls Pia talking regarding Danish that he tried to buy Maya by offering money and that Danish damaged Pia’s phone. Misha remembers that the date of the cheque signed by Danish and the date of the annual fete were different. She decides to find out if Piya was indeed telling the truth.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Haseena tells Abhay that some girl has taken credit for Abhay’s foolishness.
Abhay: You saw Mom! I told you and you just got upset like that. (Two girls, Sonia and Shalini, then comes there to meet Abhay) I am going to college with these pretty ladies. You also wanted that, right? Happy? (Abhay goes near the girls and keep his hand on their waists. He thinks, ‘Piya, to keep me away from you…I will do anything! I hope you hate me! Hate me so much that you would never come near me. Please hate me Pia! Please hate me…’) let’s go girls! (Abhay and the girls go from there. Haseena is happy to see Abhay’s change and thinks that finally he is moving out)

At the washroom the girls who came to meet Abhay at his house talks about their dates with him. Pia hears this. Ruhi comes there wearing cheerleaders dress and the girls tell her that Abhay is dating them and several other random girls. Ruhi is happy that she has a chance to date Abhay and go from there. One girl asks the other if the rumor about Abhay and Pia is true. The other girl tells that Pia is desperate and making stories. The girls go from there. Piya who overhears the conversation thinks that Abhay is doing this to hurt her and tells in mind that he can be with whomever he want. The episode ends.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

16th December 2010 Written Update (Episode 47) Panchi asks Piya to stay away from Misha and Dobriyal Family

Episode 47 starts with an unconscious Misha being brought home by Kabir and some other students. Students tell Arnab and Panchi that the East Wing of the College crashed and how they rescued Misha who was there because of Piya. Kabir tells them that the Doctor has already checked Misha and she is fine and only unconscious. The students go from there but as Pia was about to go Panchi stops her and thank her for helping Misha. Panchi tells Pia to stay away from Misha and her house.

Scene moves to the damaged locker room where the experts are checking the damage. A lot of students are standing around. T’s friend tells T how lucky Misha is to be rescued by a hero. T tells her that Misha might be making up stories. T’s friend tells her that Misha was unconscious and she saw a cool guy coming and lifting Misha in his arms. Another girl tells that it might be Abhay because he even predicted the earth quake. Pia hears all this. T tells the students that it is not Abhay Raichand and if it was him he would have taken the credit for saving Misha. T asks the students who is such an idiot to save someone’s life by risking his life and not take the credit of it. Piya recalls Abhay saving her from falling from the mountain, balcony and from being hit by the truck. Piya thinks, ‘Abhay, you saved Misha? You only can do this…save someone’s life and not take the credit of it!’
Scene moves to Danish and Panchi talking to Doctor. The Doctor tells them that Misha is fine and for safety purpose he has put her into a medically induced coma as she has neck and spinal injuries. The Doctor goes from there. Panchi gets emotional because of Misha’s plight and Danish consoles her. Panchi tells Danish that it is because of Pia Misha could be saved and she has done a favor to them. Danish tells Panchi that she is being emotional and that they should keep Pia away from their family. Danish asks Panchi to promise him that she would stay away from Pia at least till their marriage and Panchi agrees.

Scene moves to Pia in the damaged locker room. She looks around. She gets Abhay’s pen from the ground. She thinks, ‘Abhay Raichand, You only saved Misha…’
Scene moves to Piya talking to the Administration Madam that she wants the Camera footage of the East wing which collapsed so that the journalism students could know how the area collapsed and to take some photo prints from it to use in the magazine. The Madam asks the Peon to give Pia the CC TV footage of the Locker Area. The Guy gives the footage and the madam tells her to return it once her work is over. Pia goes from there after thanking the madam.

Scene moves to Abhay walking through the College corridor. Some students approach him and ask him to sign a petition. Abhay checks for his pen in the pocket and finds it missing. He realizes that he might have dropped it in the locker room while saving Misha. The girl gives pen and Abhay signs the petition. Abhay tells the Peon that he lost something very important in the locker room and if he has seen it. The Peon tells Abhay that Piya Madam might know as she has taken the CCTV footage for the locker room to watch. Abhay goes to Pia who is sitting in the library with a laptop in front of her. Abhay keeps his hand on the Computer screen.
Abhay: What are you doing?
Piya: I am seeing who the Hero is who saved Misha.
Abhay: Why?
Piya: Because I want to know!
Abhay: Why?
Piya: Why not?
Abhay: Can’t you respect anyone’s privacy?
Piya: What is the question of privacy here? I want to know who saved my friend. And I am seeing. What is the harm?
Abhay: If he wanted to tell, he would have told already and become hero in front of everyone. Obviously he did not want that to happen. Why do you want to interfere? Just forget it! (Abhay closes the laptop)
Piya: Why? But why you don’t want me to see?
Abhay: Just…Do not wish!
Piya: Okay, I will go and return this to Office.
Abhay: Give it to me…I will return it! (Pia looks at him) You don’t trust me? (Piya gives the CD to Abhay) Me too! (Keeps his hand on her shoulder) Don’t break this trust! (Abhay goes from there)

Scene moves to Raichand House. Abhay enters his house. Haseena gets angry at Abhay for saving Misha Dobriyal by breaking the wall. Haseena scolds him telling that in order to stay in the city they have to stay like normal human beings. Abhay tells her that Misha would have died if he would not have saved her. Haseena reminds him that it is not his work to save people and that he is a monster. Abhay asks Haseena not to worry as no one knows that he saved Misha. Haseena hopes that Abhay’s goodness does not put them into problem.

Scene moves to next day at Mount College. T and her friends are at the College Campus. T’s friend asks why the Guy who saved Misha is not coming in front of everyone and tells that if it would have been she who saved Misha, she would have announced to the entire world. They go and sit in the college canteen. T tells the girls that she has an idea to get the stardom in the College and asks them to do as she says. T tells them that they have to tell everyone that it is T who saved Misha Dobriyal and their gang would become famous. Tracker overhears the conversation. Tracker confronts T but she insults Tracker. T makes a call to a news Channel.

Scene moves to Raichand House. Abhay and Haseena are sitting and watching the news. The news reporter announces that they have got details of the hero who saved the girl at Mount College and that a girl at the College has informed them that she would tell the name of the person at 8 in the night.
Haseena: Are you sure Abhay that no one would come to know about this? You are going to fix this! And I am warning you that this should not come in the news. And whatever you do…you will do like a normal human. Nobody should know anything about your powers and strength. Is that clear? (Abhay switches off the TV. He is angry thinking that it is Piya who leaked the news of his saving Misha. He thinks, ‘Piya…I told you not to break my trust. You have done a big mistake Piya. Now I will fix this. I will not allow you to do this’ Episode ends.

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