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13th August 2011 Maha Episode Written Update (Episode 242) Abhay kills Dipanita Khurana and saves Hasina Raichand

Jeh falls on the ground and screams seeing Dipanita dead
Episode 242 starts with Abhay Raichand saving his mother Hasina from being exposed as a Vampire in front of Arnab Dobriyal by breaking the mirror. Abhay appologizes for his mistake. Dipanita is annoyed that her plan has failed and says in mind, 'Smart Move Abhay! Very smartly you hidden the truth of your mother'. Pia asks Arnab where Panchi is. Arnab tells her that Panchi is getting ready and that she is taking a lot of time. Pia tells him that then she has to drag and bring her and goes upstairs looking for Panchi. Arnab is upset. He tells Ramsingh to clean the floor fast and set the Dinner. Abhay goes and sits on the Sofa where Dipanita is sitting. He asks her about Jeh and Neil. Dipanita tells him that she spoke to them on phone and that they would be coming any time.
Jeh and Neel are worried for Alina
A Car stops in front of the Dobriyal House gate. Neil gets out of the driving seat.
Neil: Let's go Brother. ( Jeh gets out of the front passenger seat and stands leaning to the Car. Neil walks a few steps towards Dobriyal House and then realizes that Jeh is not with him) Jeh... what happened? Come on...
Jay: I don't know why Mom kept this plan. I am getting a weird feeling... I just don't know... I am not able to understand anything (Neil comes near Jay)
Neil: What happened? You had a fight with Pia?
Jeh: No... it's Alina...I am just worried... really worried...
Neil: Now what happened?
Jeh: Mom locked her in the room...
Neil: Man... this is not done...Mom should realize that she is not a 2 year old kid. She cannot do that to her...
Jeh: That is not it... You are right but when I went to the room to give her food she was not in the room. Don't know where she goes off... She just doesn't understand...
Neil: What? You told Mom?
Jeh: Obviously not... You know Mom's anger...I can't take the risk...
Neel: exactly! And anyways I am not getting involved in this. As far as I am concerned I don't want to face Mom's anger. So please keep me out of it. I am sorry but...
Jeh: yeah.. I know!
Neel: Anyways... Come..., let's go... (Jeh and Neil turns to walk to the Dobriyal House. They stop suddenly) Jeh... Isn't this Raichand's Car?
Jeh: yeah, yes!
Neel: What are they doing here?
Jay: I don't believe Mom did not tell did not tell this also. What is wrong with Mom man?
Neel: Jeh I promise you if something happens today I will break his see...
Jeh: relax! (Neil turns and walks to Dobriyal House. Jeh stands there leaning to the Car. He thinks, 'I am sure something is surely going to go wrong. I am not bothered about the Raichands. I am sure Mom knows how to handle them. But Alina...I am really worried... My baby sister... wherever you are please come back. This time if you take any step against Mom stopping her anger would not be in our control. Just come back, please!' Jeh also walks towards Dobriyal House).

Pia opens the door of Panchi's room and walks in. She goes near Panchi and calls her name. She sees Panchi sitting and day dreaming in front of the mirror.
Pia: Panchi... Where are you lost? What are you thinking?
Panchi: Oh Nothing... just generally... (Panchi starts combing her hair)
Pia: Panchi, Your to be in laws have need to get ready. And Abhay has also come... (Panchi's facial expression changes to happy and she turns to face Pia)
Panchi: Abhay has come?
Pia: Panchi, you really like Abhay, don't you?
Panchi: Of course... I do...
Pia: Are you sure?
Panchi: Yeah Pia... I love him very much...And today everyone will know... I got a plan...
Pia: Plan? What plan?
Panchi: Wait and watch Pia... In front of the Khurana's I will make my feelings for Abhay so obvious that they will feel ashamed and break the relationship on their own. And I will get free of that stupid Neil. (Panchi turns and goes to the wash room. Pia thinks, 'What Panchi is going to do today... Papa will feel very said.I hope she is doing the right thing'. Panchi peeps her head out of the washroom and asks for the top which is on her bed. Pia goes and gives the top to Panchi.  Panchi takes the top from Piya and asks her, 'Piya, will you support me?')
Piya: Of course Panchi... You are my sister. I am happy with whatever you are happy (Panchi smiles)
Panchi: Thank you!
Piya: Don't worry!
Panchi: I just get ready... (Panchi closes the washroom door. Pia is upset)

Pia and Panchi comes down the stairs.
Arnab: There they are... Panchi finally has got ready and come... (Abhay gets up from the seat)
Panchi: Hello everyone! Hi Abhay! (Panchi gives a one sided hug to Abhay)
Abhay: Hi Panchi...
Panchi: How are you?
Abhay: Very well...
Panchi: Looking very nice...
Abhay: Thank you! (Jeh and Neil walks into the room)
Pia: Hi Jeh... (Arnab gets up)
Arnab: Ah... The boys are here. We were waiting for you. So let us proceed for dinner... Come! (Dipanita also gets up)
Abhay: No Mr Dobriyal...Now all has not come. (Chand and Hasina are also standing now)
Arnab: meaning?
Abhay: Meaning... Mrs Khurana's daughter is not here.
Arnab: One minute Abhay... You don't know the Khurana's well. They don't have a daughter.
Abhay: Mrs Khurana has a daughter. I have met her. In fact Pia's accident happened with her Car. What was her name?
Pia: Alina... Alina did not come?
Dipanita: Yes dear...She just came for one day... Anyways since she had some work in Delhi... she went back...
Abhay: But you told that she studies in London? Then what has she gone to Delhi for?
Dipanita: Abhay till now you have not got so close to our family... So may be you don't know that Alina has gone for further studies there after finishing her studies in London. Maybe you heard wrong... (Arnab is confused. He thinks, 'Why did she not tell about her daughter? Strange!')
Panchi: Anyways, Come! (Panchi takes Abhay from there by holding on to his arm. Jeh and Neel looks at them as they pass by. Arnab is further upset seeing it. He says in mind, 'Panchi, Waht are you doing? I told you that staying with Abhay is not good for you... nor for our family... Why are you doing this?' Dipanita looks at Panchi and Abhay chatting. She thinks, ' What this Panchi is doing with Raichand? And why Neil is not telling anything to her?' Arnab takes Chand Raichand from there telling that he has a book to show him. Panchi and Abhay is standing near the bar counter. Abhay's hand is on Panchi's waist and Panchi is running her hands on Abhay's shoulder and chest. Abahy is lost in thoughts. Abhay thinks, 'Dipanita is lying about her daughter, I am sure...Neither has she gone to Delhi nor London. She is here! I have to go out of this party and search. I have to at any cost bring Dipanita's daughter in front of the Dobriyals... But how?' Abhay excuses himself from Panchi telling that he needs to make a phone call. Abhay goes to the other side of the room and makes a call to Danish).

Danish is driving the Car. His mobile rings. He stops the Car and picks up the call from Abhay.
Danish: yes Abhay!
Abhay: I want you to go to Khurana House. Go there and find out if their daughter is in the house or not...
Danish: Daughter?
Abhay: yeah... They have a daughter... Alina...These people have not told anything about her to anyone... And I feel that she is somewhere in her house in hiding... Go there and find all you can...
Danish: Okay... (Abhay cuts the call. He says in mind, ' Dipanita Khurana... tonight it is not my Mom's turn but your turn for secrets to be revealed').

Danish gets out of his Car with a file in hand in front of Khurana House. He walks in and rings the calling bell. A servant comes and opens the door. He informs the servant that he is Jeh's friend and tells him that he will wait for Jeh to be back. The servant asks Danish to sit and goes from there. Danish looks around and then climbs the stairs up. He wonders why the place is so scary.  He reaches up and checks the rooms one by one.

Chand asks Dipanita if he can take Hasina away for a moment
Arnab is standing at one corner with Chand. He invites Chand to the dinner table and calls for Ram Singh. Chand and Abhay walk towards each other. Dipanita and Hasina are sitting in the hall.
Dipanita: So Mrs Raichand... How is it going? How is your work going on?
Hasina: Great! But don't you feel a little strange that you are taking an interest on our work...
Dipanita: Is it? But I thought that we are rivals...In fact you have confirmed the rivalry by buying our nearby land. So I guess it is okay to be curious to know how you are and how your work is going on...
Hasina: Don't you worry... Everything is fine... We are just making a studio...
Dipanita: Interesting! Like we were making...
Hasina: Oh Come on Mrs Khurana... It's just a studio and not some rocket science... What you can do we also can do... anyone can make a studio, right? And anyways, our land was much bigger than yours... Approach road is also better...Basically it is a better enterprise... And no one can reach your studio, right? Because the way to there goes through our land... So obviously your business is not going good. (Dipanita thinks, ' She think she is very smart. But she did a very big mistake today'. Chand comes and stands behind Hasina).
Chand: Excuse me! If you don't mind... Can I take Hasina away for a moment please?
Dipannita: Sure! Haseena, please! I will wait for you... (Hasina and Chand goes from there. Dipanita sips her drink and thinks, ' Hasina Raichand, If you will live to see your Business till tomorrow morning, you don't even know that...Not if I can help it! Today what mistake you have done... got out of your hiouse with out protection... there cannot be a more perfect opportunity for me than that... Tonight is your last night Hasina...'

Hasina and Chand comes near Abhay.
Abhay: Mom... Dipanita knows that you have got out of the House without protection... You know that, right?
Chand: And she was about to take advantage of this opportunity... What is wrong with you Hasina? Be grateful that Abhay came on time and he broke that mirror. How can you forget who you are?
Hasina: It was a mistake...
Abhay: Dad...Now there is no point in discussing all these. I think we need to take Mom home. (Dipanita comes to their view a raises her glass as if raising a toast and goes from there)... Far from Dipanita... (Chand nods)
Panchi and Abhay Raichand at the Dinner table
Panchi and Abhay public display of affection
Arnab leads the Guests to the Dinner table.
Arnab: Please come... Make your self comfortable... (Panchi sits next to Abhay and starts her PDA in front of every one. Pia is sitting in between Dipanita and Jeh. Panchi puts her hand on Abhay's arm. The Khurana's are uncomfortable seeing it. Even Arnab is embarrassed. Jeh suddenly takes a spoon on bangs on the glass to get everyone's attention.
Jeh: Well... I have a confession to make.  Uncle, now since we are family I think it is important for everyone to know all truth about me... Well... Uncle, There was a girl in my life. (Panchi holds on to Abhay's arm and puts her head on his shoulder) Very cute... and very much hot...and used to love me so much... but I had to leave her... So pleaded with me a lot that I stay with her but I left her...because of some reasons... So I thought you all should know about this...
Pia: Who was it? Who was the girl?
Jay: That girls name is Angie...
Pia: Angie...
Jeh: But you all know her as Angelina Jolie... (Panchi, Pia and Arnab laughs while Neel shows a 'he is gone mad sign')
Arnab: You are marvelous Jeh... you got me scared...
Jeh: Well Uncle... no body in this table talked in the last 17 minutes ... so I thought I should take the initiative...
Arnab: Then what happened to Angie? You broke her heart...
Jeh: Well Uncle I am glad at least some one liked my joke... Everyone at least laughs... But I see that Abhay is not smiling at all... I think may be he forgot his sense of humor at home...
Neel: After all, human identity is based on sense of humor...  I mean..My fiancee looks mine less and your more... (Abhay holds Panchi's hand)

Abhay tells Neel that Panchi is his
Abhay: You are right Neel... After all Panchi is mine... (Every one at the dinner table is lost for words) What happened Neil? Where is your sense of humor? (Panchi puts her hand on Abhay's arm and leans to him with a smile) Didn't you tell that the identification of a human being is based on his sense of humor... Right?

Danish breaks the wall to save Alina
Alina is shouting from the room, 'Please get me out of her Mom... I am very scared here... Let me out of here Mom... Please!' . Danish hears it.
Danish: Who is it?
Alina: Who is that? Please help me get out of here... (Danish looks around)
Danish: I hear your voice... but where are you?
Alina: I am here... behind the wall... (Danish goes near the wall)
Danish: Wall? Here there are only paintings. You are behind which wall?
Alina: Behind the Painting...
Danish: There are three paintings here... You are behind which one?
Alina: The biggest of it... Please get me out of here...
Danish: One minute...I am removing... Wait for a minute...
(Danish tries to move the painting)
Alina: Please get me out of here... Please... (Danish removes the painting and keeps it aside) Are you there? Are you there?
Danish: yeah...yeah... I have removed the painting... but I see no way... from where I will get you out from?
Alina: Please push the brick on the middle... (Danish pushes the bricks) Please get me out of here... Please! (Finally Danish could push the brick. Alina coughs. Danish looks through the gap and sees Alina)
Danish: Are you okay?
Alina: yeah...
Danish: I will remove... please wait... (Aleena continuously keep pleading to get her out of there. Danish pushes away the bricks making a square big enough for a person to get through. He gets into the other room through the gap he made)
Alina: Thank you so much!
Danish: Who are you? Who locked you here?
Alina: I don't know... I came here and don't remember anything...I got closed here...At home also no one is there. Please let's go out of here... I am scared...please! (Alina holds on to Danish's hand. Danish looks towards the coffin in the room. Alina gets out through the space and Danish also follows her).

The Dobriyal's, Raichand's and the Khuranas are still sitting at the Dining table.
Abhay: Excuse me! I need to make a phone call... (Abhay gets up and goes from there. Pia who was eating wipes her mouth)
Pia: excuse me! I need to use the wash room... (Arnab nods and Pia goes from there. Jeh looks at her direction. Pia climbs the stairs up and comes near Abhay who is looking at his phone)
Pia: Abhay... I am worried because of you and now you are involving my family also... What are you trying to do with Panchi? Now I am telling you... If you are playing around with Panchi it is not going to be good for you.
Abhay: You are over reacting without any reason...I am not playing any games with Panchi...
Piya: Really? Abhay, Don't you know that Panchi has really fallen in love with you? (Abhay keeps silence) Of course... How could I forget that love is a temporary distraction for you? Last year you were in love with me... this year you are in love with Panchi... and a little while ago you were in love with Misha... If you leave Panchi and go with anyone else... Panchi is going to be very hurt... If you really love Panchi... Please... Tell in front of every one... Otherwise you are hurting me... Panchi... and my family... I am not going to take it, okay? (Pia goes from there)
Alina remembers Dipanita forcefully taking her from the Forest
Danish and Alina in the Car
Danish is driving the Car with Alina sitting on the front passenger seat. Alina remembers Dipanita dragging her from the forest. Dipanita shouts at her for coming there and tells Alina that she would not let her do the mistake again. She tells that Alina's rightful place is in the dark room.
Alina: No! (Danish stops the Car)
Danish: You are alright?
Alina: Yeah... I am fine... Just remembered something...
Danish: I will take you to the Dobriyals. A Dinner Party is going on there... may be you will like it!
Alina: Mom send you?
Danish: No, Abhay send me... So, tell me one thing... How you reached behind that wall?
Alina: Don't know... I got trapped... No body was at home... I don't know... I got trapped... (Danish thinks that it is strange and drives the Car from there. He stops the Car in front of Dobriyal House gate. Alina gets down from the Car and walks towards the House. Danish is still sitting on the Car.

At the Dining Table, Arnab finishes his dinner and wipes his mouth.
Arnab: Mr Raichand, I was doing some research now ... I mean I though the opportunity is good that I will ask your opinion...regarding some supernatural things... (Neil pats on jeh's shoulder and goes from there)
Chand: Ah... You mean Ghosts....Vampires...
Arnab: I have heard that there are some creatures whose reflection does not appear in the mirror. (Hasina becomes alert) Have you heard of such creatures? What is the meaning of this? (Chand, Dipanita and Jeh also finishes dinner and wipes their mouths)
Chand: These things remain only in stories now... Ah... Books! ... In books I read a very interesting matter... about the werewolves.... half human... half wolf... They like to stay in between humans... very cunning... What do you think of these animals Dipanitaji?
Dipanita: Mr you said it is all old stories...and I also have heard about the enmity between the werewolves and the vampires.
Chand: Possible! Vampires stay in the Forests... Forest is their home... And Werewolves...they belong neither here nor there...They are like fleas...who capture other peoples life and everything to live their life... I have heard like that...

Alina enters the room. She looks around and sees her family at the Dinner table.
Alina: Mom! (Arnab looks at her. The Raichand's smile while Jeh and Dipanita are startled to see Alina there)
Danish and Neil fights
Neil comes out of the Dobriyal House Gate and is about to get into his Car.  He sees Danish standing at a distance leaning on to his Car and picks a fight with him. Neel asks Danish what he is doing there. Danish tells him that he has not come for Neil and that he wishes Panchi's good. Danish tells that a person like Neil is not right for Panchi so he would protect Panchi from Neil. Neil pushes Danish and pins him on his Car.
Neil: You will protect Panchi from me? How much I love her no one can love to that extent. (Danish pushes Neil back. They have a fight. Neil punches Danish and he bangs his head on the mirror on the Car. Danish falls down unconscious with a wound on his forehead. Neil is angry. He drags Danish from there).

Abhay Raichand climbs down the stairs and comes to the Hall.
Abhay: Hi Alina! (Pia also comes down. Abhay goes near Alina followed by Pia. Everyone has finished dinner and comes near Alina) Welcome! Everyone was remembering you...(Alina smiles) But you had gone to Delhi, right?
Alina: No... I was at the house only... (Jeh and Dipanita are taken aback. Arnab thinks, ' What is Dipanita hiding? If this girl is her daughter why did she lie to us?'  Dipanita and Jeh look at each other. Dipanita whispers to Jeh that they have to get out of there. Arnab walks to Alina followed by Panchi)
Arnab: How are you? (Alina smiles) Nice meeting you...
Pia: Ah... Alina... Come have dinner with us... Get to know us! (Jeh walks towards Alina)
Jeh: Well I think Alina we should go home...It is too late... (Alina nods) And anyways Uncle... Mom has to go for an important meeting... So I think we should leave... Hey Ms Pia... you can make friends with her later...
Arnab: That's Okay... if the work is important I won't stop...
Dipanita: Yes Alina... I think we should go. Anyways, now that you have not gone to Delhi you can meet them tomorrow... Now you have plenty of time... right? Let's go!
Jeh: See you Uncle! (Jeh, Dipanita and Alina goes from there)
Hasina: Mr Dobriyal, we will also take your leave...
Arnab: So nice of you to come... I will leave you outside... please come... (All of them gets out of the House.

Panchi and Abhay are walking followed by the Raichands. Panchi is clinging on to Abhay's arm.
Panchi: Abhay, I wanted to talk to you...
Abhay: Panchi... We will talk tomorrow...
Panchi: Very important... I have to talk to you now...
Abhay: Mom- Dad... I will meet you at home... (Abhay and Panchi goes into the Garden holding hands)

Raichands come out of the Dobriyal's gate followed by Arnab, Dipanita, Jeh, Alina and Pia. Chand Raichand is leaning on to his Car. When Dipanita comes near he remarks, 'Cold night'. Dipanita turns to Arnab and tells him, 'Thanks for the lovely evening Mr Dobriyal... The Dinner was very good'. Neil also comes near and say thanks. Dipanita asks Jeh, Neil and Alina to go home and tells them that she will come later. Chand and Hasina looks at each other. Jeh and Neil bids bye to Arnab and goes to their Car with Alina. Arnab bids bye to Chand and Hasina. The Raichands get into the Car and Chand drives the Car from there. Dipanita follows them in her Car. Pia and Arnab are standing together after seeing off the Guests.
Pia: Papa...let's go!
Arnab: You go... I will come... (Arnab thinks, 'Today evening what was happening? There was a strange tension in between all this...What could it be? I could not understand'. Arnab then sees Panchi and Abhay together talking at a distance. He is unhappy seeing it and walks from there).

Chand Raichand is driving the Car. Suddenly Dipanita overtakes the Car and stops the Car in front blocking their way. Dipanita gets out of the Car and walks towards the Raichands. The Raichands also get out. Dipanita looks at Hasina and says in mind, ' I will end the story now... Who know when will I get another opportunity'.

Panchi is talking to Abhay.
Panchi: Abhay, what I want to tell you is just that I ... I love you...(Abhay looks at her. Panchi nods) I really love you a lot... I do not know when it happened... how it happened or why it happened... it just happened...And today when Pia told that you have come for dinner I was so happy... I couldn't control my joy.
Abhay: One minute Panchi...What are you talking? You did this drama because you wanted to break the engagement with Neel. And I... so that I can stay away from Piya... When did this get serious?

Chand whispers to Hasina that he knew that Dipanita will take advantage of the opportunity. He tells Hasina, 'She knows that you are without cover. Hasina, today I am also weak but never mind... she is alone and we are two. Not here...' Chand and Hasina swiftly vanishes from there. Dipanita looks around and then she too vanishes from there.

Abhay  suddenly gets an uneasy feeling. He closes his eyes and concentrates. Abhay again looks at Panchi.
Panchi: But I feel that when we are together every thing is perfect...
Abhay: Just stop it Panchi! I don't feel anything like that. I played the drama of being your boyfriend so that I can stay away from Pia. Is is never possible, that's all... (Panchi nods her head. Abhay again feels alerted and this time he sees Dipanita and his Parents at the forest) Listen Panchi... Now I have to go... And you should stop thinking all this. There is no us, okay? (Abhay goes from there. Panchi also turns and go from there. Pia is standing near by and had overheard the conversation between Abhay and Panchi. Pia thinks, 'I knew it... I knew it Abhay was playing a game. It is all a game. After what happened with us tonight I was convinced that Abhay does not love Panchi. Abhay, What are you doing? What is this mess? You have to give me an answer. You need to tell me what is going on... Why you had to take Misha and Panchi's help to stay away from me? Why do you wish to run away from me? What are you hiding? And why are you hiding? Today you have to tell me'. Pia turns and walks from there)
Dipanita screams after Abhay pierces her heart with a wooden stake
At the Forest Dipanita attacks Hasina. Hasina falls on the ground. (Abhay is running through the Forest) Dipanita has blood dripping from her finger nails. Chand is in his vampire avatar.
Dipanita: Foolish Vampires...(Hasina is struggling to get up)What did you think... you will come in front of me without protection and I will leave you? I will finish you. (Abhay is running through the forest in super sonic speed. Hasina raises her head. She has scratch marks on her face which is given by Dipanita. Chand gets ready to charge at Dipanita while she looks at him in anger. Suddenly Abhay comes there and stands in front of Chand)
Abhay: Not so easy Dipanita... You have to first fight with me.
Dipanita: I will kill you... (Abhay and Dipanita moves towards each other. On his way Abhay picks up a wooden stake which was on the ground and stabs Dipanita who charges at him. Dipanita screams and falls on the ground).

Pia stops her Car near Dipanita and the Raichand's Cars. She gets down and runs towards the Forest.
Piya sees Abhay driving a stake into Dipanita's heart and killing her
Dipanita is screaming in pain. Abhay comes near her but runs to his Parents when he hears Chand talking.
Chand: Hasina...
Abhay: Mom... (Abhay and Chand together helps Hasina to get up from the ground)
Chand: We have to go from here...Because we have killed one... and the whole pack will be here...let's go! (Dipanita screams)
Abhay: Mom...Dad... you go home... I will handle her...(Dipanita is screaming. Chand and Hasina goes from there. Abhay walks towards Dipanita. Pia reaches near and is standing behind a tree looking. Dipanita screams.  Pia watches in fear Abhay advancing towards Dipanita who is lying on the ground with the wooden stake on her heart. Abhay removes the stake in one swift pull and thrusts it again on Dipanita's heart. Dipanita screams. Pia closes her eyes with her hands. Dipanita's blood has fallen all over Abhay's face. Dipanita's body becomes still. Pia thinks, 'God! Oh No... Abhay... Abhay  killed Jeh's Mom...I don't believe this. I will have to tell him that Abhay is a murderer. Where is he? God...' Pia makes a call to Jeh).

Jeh picks up the call and happily starts talking to Pia. Pia then tells him that she is in the Forest and that Abhay has killed his Mom. Jeh is shocked and asks her where she is. Pia tells the location. Jeh tells Pia that the place is not safe for her and instructs her to go from there immediately. Pia tries to argue but Jeh firmly tells her to leave from there and  that he will handle everything.  Pia runs from there.
Jeh's anger and agony seeing Dipanita dead
Jeh screams seeing Dipannita dead
Dipanita is lying still on the ground. Jeh comes there running shouting, 'Mom'. He sits near her and shakes her. He screams and writhes seeing her still body with a wooden stake piercing her heart. He then runs away from there.
Jeh transforming to Werewolf
Jeh Khurana fully transformed as werewolf
Jeh is standing in the forest and shouting. He then starts transforming into a werewolf. He screams throughout the process of transformation. And finally he completely gets transformed as a werewolf and howls.

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