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12th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 328) Alina cleverly informs Abhay that Jeh has kept Pia in Pander Palace

Jeh and Pia are at the Pander Palace Fort. Pia is sitting on the floor and looking at her hands. Jeh comes near Pia and tries to hold her hand to look. Pia pulls her hand away.
Pia: Jeh... please! Please stay away from me...
Jeh: Piya... I have not come here to hurt you just show me where you have hurt...
Pia: Jeh ...please stay away from me...
Jeh: I am not here to hurt you... I really love you. Just show (He tries to hold her hand again and Pia pulls back from him)
Pia: Jeh please... Stay away from me... I don't want to see your face. I hate you... (Pia turns her face away from Jeh. Jeh gets up and walks. He looks hurt. He thinks, 'God! I have made a mistake. Till the time I see Pia in pain I will feel weak. I should not have kidnapped Piya. I should have straightaway attacked Abhay'. Jeh calls Kashyap and tells him that he want Abhay at any cost. Jeh tells Kashyap that he is waiting at the Pander Palace and Kashyap has just one hour to do the job. Pia is distraught hearing it. As Jeh is talking Alina sneaks into the room).

3 Girls enters the Poison Ivy Club where Danish's Bachelor Party is going on. The Guys happily welcomes the girls. Kabir and Angad takes the girls from there.

Ruhi opens the door and Misha walks in expecting a grand Party. Misha is disappointed seeing the arrangements. The girls get disappointed further when then see Charlie who is a middle aged man instead of the hot and handsome Dancer they were expecting. Charlie dances with the girls while the 3 girls dance at the Poison Ivy Club. The Guys are having fun dancing and drinking. Charlie sprains his back while dancing and falls down. Danish asks Kabir why he is not drinking or dancing with girls as he is single. Kabir tells Danish that he is not drinking or dancing as he is the host of the Party. Danish tells that it is a good excuse to hide the pain in his heart. In order to convince Danish that he is happy Kabir takes the drink from the Waiter and drinks it. Angad also drinks. After drinking Kabir realizes that he drank from the glass in which he had mixed the intoxication drug which was meant for Danish.

Alina stealthily goes near Pia as Jeh is talking to Mr Kashyap on the other side of the room. Pia is surprised to see Jeh. As Alina tries to untie the rope in Pia's hand, her mobile phone rings. Alina switches on the phone and keeps it down.  Jeh sees Alina and cuts the call.

Arnab Dobriyal is driving the Car with Abhay sitting on the front seat and the Raichands on the back. Abhay has his mobile on his ear.
Chand: Abhay, What happened? Alina told something?
Arnab: Pia told something?
Abhay: One minute Mr Dobriyal! Alina wants to tell me something without talking. We have to meet.
Hasina: But Abhay... what if something happens there...
Abhay: Mr Dobriyal... You are a Vampire and Jeh is a werewolf. You can use your powers and find her. When I was a Vampire I could read what is in Pia's mind. Concentrate! And you do it... (Arnab closes his eyes. Abhay hears Jeh's voice over the phone, 'My sweet dear little sister...'. Abhay informs the Raichands that both Alina and Pia are with Jeh)

Misha and the girls assists Charlie to sit on the sofa. Charlie starts crying. Misha asks why he is crying. He starts telling his story. Tracker encourages him to tell his story. The Girls including Misha starts sleeping as he narrates his story. Ruhi wakes Misha up. Charlie gets ready to go. Ruhi stops him telling that she would bring him food and he should eat and go.  Charlie is happy and says that all the girls there are very good.

Jeh walks towards the girls.
Alina: Jeh... I heard everything!
Jeh: Thank you Alina... How can I forget that I have a traitor in my own house. My Brother would never take my side... Isn't it?
Alina: Jeh... I have not come behind you. I only want to tell you to not come in between Pia and Abhay... Stop this...
Jeh: Will you please shut up? You don't know anything what is happening here Alina so... you just shut up...
Alina: I know everything! My Brother bought someone elses love to Pander Palace. (The phone on the ground is on) Why? What do you wish to do with Pia? What do you think? You will bring her here to Pander Palace... you will be able to find Abhay? Why have you bought her to this Pander Palace?
Jeh: Why are you shouting like that... Just shut up... (Jeh walks to the girls and take them from there forcefully. Alina's mobile is lying on the floor).

Chand: Mr Dobriyal... Any luck? (Abhay is still listening to the conversation at the Pander palace).
Arnab: It is a strange matter... I am not able to find Pia... I can't find her! (Abhay cuts the call)
Abhay: I know where they are...
Arnab: Where?
Abhay: Pander Palace... Alina is a smart girl. She kept the phone on while talking to Jeh and told me that they are at Pander Palace. Let's go! (Arnab drives the Car from there. Abhay thinks, 'To reach Pia... first time I had to take someones help. By being a human have I put myself and Pia in trouble? Without my powers... will I be able to keep Pia safe? Mom and Dad cannot handle Jeh. And Mr Dobriyal alone would not be able to fight with Jeh and the Werewolves').

Ruhi gives a food packet to Charlie. Charlie thank the girls and go from there. A girl tells how boring the Party was. Ruhi is sad hearing it. Misha notices it and tells the girls that at least Ruhi tried doing her duty as a best friend. Misha thanks Tracker. Another girl grumbles and Ruhi asks her to stop complaining in life. Ruhi suggests that  they play games. The girls refuse. Misha interferes and tells that they will play 'the spooky game for the spooky night'. Misha thinks, ' God knows when I will get this chance again to have fun with my girlfriends. I need to make this fun'.

At the Club, Kabir and Angad are intoxicated.  Kabir is sitting on a sofa. He sees a girl and calls her Misha.
Kabir : Where are you going? (Kabir stumbles and goes near the girl. He puts his hands on the girls shoulders)
Girl: Who is this Misha? If you wish I can change my name...
Kabir: Why are you joking... You only are my Misha... Please don't leave me and go... Please...
Girl: Okay... Who is this Misha whom you are remembering so much? (Kabir holds the girls hand and asks not to go. Angad interferes and sends the girl from there. Kabir is angry with Angad for sending the girl away. He falls down and Angad helps him to sit upright and sits with him)
Angad: I am your Brother, right?
Kabir: I have no Brother... Everyone is trying to distance me from Misha...
Angad: Oh no no...
Kabir: I love her very much. Please bring her  to me... Please... Go... Tell Misha whatever she tells I will do like that. Wherever she says I will go... I will be the way she want... please bring Misha (Angad hugs Kabir)
Angad: I will fight with the World... but will bring Misha.  Misha is my sister in law... okay? You love Misha... Misha loves you... (Danish hears the conversation. He says in mind, 'I saw Kabir... You and your pain... Today you will look into my eyes and tell the truth'). Episode ends.

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