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30th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 163) Abhay supports Danish against Siddharth

Abhay, Piya and Danish outside Dobriyal House
Episode 163 starts with the door bell ringing at Dobriyal House. Madhu goes and opens the door. She is surprised to see Danish. Danish barges into the room and goes to where Siddharth is standing with Panchi.
Danish: Siddharth, Your game has ended and this time you would not be spared. Because I have seen everything and I know everything… (Siddharth gives an innocent look. Piya comes to the room) Tell me what is your plan…tell me…
Panchi: Just shut up… What are you doing here and what nonsense are you speaking?
Danish: Siddharth joined hands with Malhothra and voted for Weavers College…He deliberately made Mount College lose…It was his plan…
Siddharth: It is really loud… What an imagination. I am a Trustee of Mount College. I will make my college lose? What would I get by doing that?
Danish: I don’t know what
Abhay: Panchi, trust Danish on this. Siddharth is not a good person…he is not good for you… Danish is telling the truth. (Piya thinks, ‘What is Abhay saying? Will Siddharth make his own College lose? Is it all a game by Danish? But Abhay…he is blindly trusting Danish…because he does not like Siddharth? God…Am I standing against my family?’ Danish tries to tell Panchi that Siddharth is not a nice man and touches her. Panchi slaps him)
Panchi: Don’t touch me! I have not seen a loser like you till now. Whenever I am happy you come to spoil my happiness. I love Siddharth. Siddharth has asked for my hand in marriage from Papa. I am marring him (Panchi holds to Sid’s arm), You get it?
Danish: Panchi, How can I wish bad for you? I am still suffering because of the one mistake I did. Even by being away from you…by heart is still yours…and that is not why I am asking you to stay away from Siddharth. He is not a nice man Panchi…he is really not a nice man…he is evil…he is a devil in human form. (Madhu interferes)
Madhu: Enough Danish…enough! That’s enough of your nonsense…now stop it! (Madhu turns to Piya) And you Pia…What are you doing here with him (pointing to Danish)? You only showed his real colors… and what are you doing with him here today? What happened to you?
Abhay: Panchi, Danish has done a lot of mistakes. But this time he is telling the Truth. Whatever he said…he has seen with his own eyes.
Panchi: Abhay, you stay away from this. Because of you my family has faced enough problems. We don’t need this. We are only tolerating you because of Piya…You forgot that Danish cheated me and made that girl pregnant …abused her…attacked Piya…and you are taking his side? (Danish goes to Arnab)
Danish: Uncle…Uncle, Why are you silent? Please tell them what you heard…what Siddharth was talking to Malhothra…and to make you silent Malhothra had kidnapped you in his vehicle…Uncle tell something… Uncle please tell something!
Panchi: Danish, I think you are sick! You need a Doctor. Piya, Call Kabir and tell him to take him home…You need treatment…
Danish: Panchi, Ask your father? Ask what is his truth? (Arnab is drinking at the bar counter) Uncle…Please tell them…Uncle please… (Arnab turns to face the family. Siddharth keeps his hand on Panchi’s shoulder and signals Arnab with finger not to tell anything) Uncle, Why are you not telling anything? Please tell them what the truth is.
Arnab: Danish, Don’t involve me in your imaginary dramatic story. Nobody kidnapped me. What you are talking about Siddharth I don’t understand. All is nonsense. You go from here (Danish looks at Panchi) Now!
Panchi: Just get out Danish…Didn’t you hear? Get out! (Danish leave the room) What is his problem? Why? (Abhay also leaves the room) Why is all these happening with me? Whenever I am happy…he comes back…(Piya follows Abhay. Siddharth is hugging Panchi) …to spoil my happiness… (Madhu goes to Panchi to console her. Siddharth gives a victor’s smile to Arnab)

Scene moves to Pia coming outside the gate with Abhay and Danish on either side.
Danish: I have to go. Too much have happened today…maybe I should not have come here. I am going home…
Piya: Bye!
Danish: Bye! (He walks from there)
Abhay: And you Pia?
Pia: Now this is my family…I have to be there!
Abhay: Piya…You cannot trust Siddharth like this. You don’t know him!
Pia: Come on Abhay! If I do not trust in Siddharth…whom will I trust? Danish? Abhay you forgot what Danish did with me? Panchi… He betrayed Panchi. You know what Abahy? I think you have some problem with Siddharth…
Abahy: Piya, You just have to remember one thing…that Siddharth is not a good human.
Piya: Okay…Siddharth is not a good human…there should be some reason for that…So you tell me… (Abhay says in mind, ‘I cannot tell you Pia. If only I could tell you…’)
Abhay: whatever be the reason…Do you trust me?
Piya: Come on Abhay…You don’t tell me anything…You keep secrets from me and you feel I should trust you…For what? But you know what? But I feel that you have made an opinion about Siddharth…that is why you think only like that… And Danish! I can never trust Danish… I made Danish confront in front of Papa…and Papa rubbished his claims. Now you tell me…Should I trust Danish or should I trust Papa? And talking of Siddharth…Abhay, you give me a reason to dislike him. Otherwise you keep your Philosophy with you…
Abhay: I am going! (Abhay walks from there)
Piya: Abhay, Please don’t go! Abhay, Please tell me what the problem is in Siddharth that you hate him so much.
Abhay: You will regret!
Piya: Then that would be my problem…
Abhay: Okay, Goodnight! (Abhay resumes walking and Piya watches him with a frustrated look on face)

Piya gets back to the House. She goes near Arnab who is standing near the bar counter and drinking.
Pia: Papa... (Arnab looks around) I am sorry Papa... I also broke Panchi's trust by believing in Danish. When I heard about your kidnapping I became so worried and confused...Now I stupid I could I think that Siddharth would do something like that? He is so gentle papa...he is so caring...He can never think of hurting anyone. Papa, He really cares for Panchi...he really loves her...I have seen with my own eyes. Now I understand...Danish is just trying to stop Panchi's marriage...Papa, he is such a lair... (Pia sees Siddharth) Siddharth...(Piya walks to Siddharth) Siddharth...Thank you so much for being there. You are becoming a part of our family. Thank you so much for making Panchi happy. You are the best!
Siddharth: Thank you! It's been a pleasure. Now I will go...
Piya: I will see you outside...
Siddharth: Ahhh...That's kind of you...After you...(Siddharth comes near Arnab) I will see you later...Papa...

Scene moves to Misha sitting on the Cot thinking. She remembers seeing Arnab hugging Panchi and Madhu. She thinks,' God! What all has happened Papa...Everything changed in a minute...Why?' She sees the CD on the Bed side Table. She puts the CD into the Player and sits on the Cot watching it. She sees her childhood moments with Arnab and smiles. Misha suddenly feel sad thinking of the present and switches off the DVD Player.
Siddharth and Piya plans to surprise Panchi
Scene moves to Pia and Siddharth outside the House.
Siddharth:Tonight you supported me...Thanks! It meant a lot to me. Tonight was weird, isn't it? So much of Drama...
Pia: It is okay Siddharth...Drama's happen in every family.
Siddharth: So I wish some good Drama. But I need your help Piya. I have searched for a good house for me and Panchi. It is absolutely perfect. After marriage I wish to stay there with her. Problem is that it is being locked for a long time and is quite an old mansion. It needs redecoration and I was thinking...
Piya: So you were thinking that I help you do the interiors...right?
Siddharth: Pia, Can you read my mind or what? (Piya laughs) Are you a mind reader?
Piya: Of course I will help you Siddharth! It is going to be so much fun!
Siddharth: Great! Thank you Piya...Really appreciate it.
Pia: I will see you then...Bye!
Siddharth: Our secret should remain a secret...
Piya: Okay...Lips sealed!
Siddharth: Good...Great! I will pick up up after College...We will go there...
Piya: I think that is perfect...Bye...Goodnight!
Siddharth: Bye Bye! (Piya walks back to house. Siddharth thinks, 'Good girl Pia...Keep a secret. Tomorrow finally my journey would come to an end...and yours too! Tomorrow I and you will go to the same place where this story started' He says,'Piya...Tomorrow you will go there from where the story started...Home sweet home...' Siddharth walks to his Car with his hands extended on either side. He gets into the Car and drives away. Abhay who was hidden comes out. He says in mind, 'If you want you can go there from where this story started but Siddharth I can say this with confidence that you will not write the end of the story'.

Scene moves to next day at Mount College. Misha comes in her bike to the College Campus. Piya sees her. Misha also looks at her. Piya thinks, 'Seeing Misha... it looks like she cried all night...' Piya starts walking towards Misha but she turns and walks from there. Piya then gets a message from Abahy asking her to meet him behind the College.
Abhay and Piya hugs
Piya meets Abhay who was waiting for her behind the College.
Abhay: Pia, I am sorry...Yesterday I hurt you...I should not have talked to you like that.
Piya: Yeah Abhay, You should not have talked to me like that! But why are these secrets between us? Abhay, Are you keeping these secrets because you want to protect me? Abhay, You don't need to protect me. I have the courage to hear the truth. OS if there is any such matter about Siddharth you wish to tell me...please tell me now...but later don't tell me that you were trying to protect me.
Abhay: Piya, I am not hiding anything! I just don't like is a gut feeling.
Pia: So your hatred towards Siddharth is personal?
Abhay: Yeah!
Piya: And you want to tell sorry to me? (Abhay smiles) Abhay! Actually I am also sorry. I also should not have talked to you like that. (They hug)
Abhay: Let's spend some quality time together! (Piya nods) I want to take you out for dinner (Piya thinks, 'Today I have to go with Siddharth to see Panchi's House') Abhay actually I wanted to study for the I
Abhay: Which test?
Pia: Which test? Abhay ...there is a test...Why are you questioning me like this? Okay now...Come on... It is getting late for me for the Class...Bye! I will see you later...Bye...

Pia walks through the College Campus. Pia thinks, 'I hate this! I don't like to tell lie to Abhay. But if he comes to know that I am going with Siddharth he will again get angry. Waht should I do?' Abhay comes out from behind the Pillar. He says in mind, 'Piya...for whom you are telling me lies is fooling everyone. How will I tell you who he is...' Abhay comes in front of Piya.
Abhay: You would do the preparations of the test with Siddharth?
Piya: What?
Abhay: You know Pia...Don't tell lie to me. after all these happening you are hiding the truth from me?
Pia: Abhay, If you knew then why did you ask me make me tell the truth? You could have asked me straight Abhay...And if I would have told you that I am going with Siddharth...what would you have done? How would you have reacted? Would you have let me go? We would have fought again Abhay! Abhay, The point is that I am going with Siddharth because he has purchased a new house for Panchi and he wants my help regarding the interiors. Panchi is my sister Abhay...I love her...Siddharth is supposed to marry her...and the matter ends there!
Abhay: Are you justifying your lie? And you feel that you are right?
Piya: This is not a lie! It is just that you are hot headed about Siddharth. This is really unfair... Who I will make my friend or not should I be asking you?
Abhay: Really? That is why you are telling lies to me...You are going to meet him?
Piya: You know what Abhay? I had enough! I am just done with this... (Piya walks away from there. Abhay is frustrated and angry. Episode ends.

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29th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 162) Siddharth asks Arnab Dobriyal Panchi’s hand in Marriage

Siddharth tells Panchi, 'I shall love you till death'
Piya walks through the Forest to meet Abhay. Abhay is standing underneath a tree. Piya stealthily goes and hugs him from behind. He smiles and turns to her. He cups her face with his hands and kisses on her forehead and whispers ‘I love you’. They hug.
Abhay and Piya Romantic moments
Abhay kisses Piya on forehead
 Piya and Abhay share some romantic moments seated under the tree with Piya leaning on to Abhay and Abhay holding her hand.
Pia: Abhay, here with you…far from the world…it feels like we both are in a bubble…just you and me… You know something? When in front of everyone I see love for me in your eyes for me I feel very happy.
Abhay: Piya…(He touches the side of her face with his fingers) You are very cute and very romantic…
Piya: Maybe a little too much Abhay… But may be this is called love…to give all your heart. Abhay nobody would be able to separate us, is it not? No one? Nothing?
Abhay: No one Piya…Nobody can separate us. You are mine and I am yours forever… (He kisses on her forehead) I love you Pia…I love you! (Abhay and Piya remembers their many romantic moments together and shares kisses and hugs)
Scene moves to Danish running through the forest. He falls down. Before he becomes unconscious he calls Abhay and Piya.

Scene moves to Madhu walking to and fro in the room worried.
Madhu: He is not in the Club, is he not? (Madhu nearly collapses. Panchi comes running to her. She consoles Madhu and makes her sit on the Sofa. Panchi then sees Arnab getting into the house looking worried. Panchi runs to him and hugs him.Arnab goes and sits on the Sofa. Panchi continuously asks him questions as to where he was and if he is okay but Arnab does not answer. Panchi tells him that she was about to go to Siddahrth’s house to take his help in searching Arnab. Madhu tells him he could have at least made a call.

Misha comes in front of Dobriyal ride riding on her bike. Misha peeps into the room and sees Arnab safe. Arnab hugs Panchi and Madhu. Misha thinks, ‘Now the family has become complete. Thank God Papa is alright. But I guess they don’t need me.’ Misha turns and walks away. She gets into her bike parked in front of the house. Inside the House Madhu tells that she was so scared. Arnab instantly becomes alert when he hears Panchi talking to Siddharth on Phone and informing him that Arnab has reached home. Arnab is worried looking at Panchi who says ‘I love you ‘ to Sid and happily chats with him. Arnab remembers Siddharth’s conversation to him and threat to keep the secret. Madhu goes upstairs calling Ramsingh. Arnab thinks, ‘Oh No Panchi…You did not see what I saw in Siddharth’s eyes. Siddharth is not an ordinary man. I saw a monster in him similar to what I saw in the jungle of Dehradun several years ago. He has a devil in him. He is very cruel. If I try to tell you anything he would kill you. How to tell you? What to do? How to save you from him? Someone should be there who could help us. Some one…’

Scene moves to Danish sitting underneath the tree and Piya and Abhay stands near by.
Danish: Siddharth has kidnapped uncle.
Piya: Abhay, How can that happen? Why should Siddharth kidnap Papa? What does he have to do with all this…Oh God! Abhay, do something…Abhay just please help us…I don’t know…

Scene moves to Dobriyal House. Arnab is seated on the Sofa and Madhu comes down the stairs. Panchi tells Madhu that Siddharth is so relieved that Arnab has come back home.
Panchi: Mom, Siddharth is coming to meet Papa. I hope it is okay with you. (Arnab is immersed in thoughts)
Madhu: Of course dear ! That is perfectly fine… Now he is a part of our family. Of course you can call him. Go ahead!
Panchi: Thank you so much. By the way Papa…(She comes and sits on the arm of the Sofa) you made us all scared today. You know Papa…In this whole situation only Siddharth was calm. He made me understand that maybe your father want to be left alone and should be given time to think. But you know Papa…we became so tensed…Mama was so worried… (Panchi keeps her head on Arnabs head hugs him leaning on to him) You know Papa…I am so lucky to have Siddharth in my life. He is such a blessing! (Arnab remembers Siddharth telling him to watch his step failing which Panchi would become Tandhoori Panchi. Arnab holds Panchi’s hand and gives a fake smile)

Piya, Abhay and Danish are at the Jungle.
Abhay: Danish, we need to go and search for Mr Dobriyal.
Piya: Don’t know where Papa would be… (Piya keeps her hand on her forehead in worry. Abhay comforts her by keeping his hand on her shoulder and telling, ‘Pia relax…don’t worry!’) You know what? We need to call Panchi. Maybe she knows something. I don’t even know if she is aware of this… (Abhay takes the phone from his Pocket and gives to Pia after dialing Panchi’s number) Hello Panchi Papa… (Panchi answers the phone and tells Pia that Arnab is at home. Piya looks at Danish. Panchi tells that there was a great deal of tension at home as Arnab has gone somewhere without informing. Panchi adds that maybe he was upset because of Misha. Panchi informs that Siddharth is going to come home and asks Pia to home. She tells that Arnab would feel better in the family scene) okay! (Piya cuts the phone)
Abhay: What happened?
Piya: Abhay! (She then looks at Danish and then back to Abhay) Panchi is telling that Papa is at home. I think we made a mistake in understanding.
Abhay: No Pia… The matter is something else… Come on…Let’s go home and see!
Piya: Okay! (Abhay walks followed by Piya and Danish)

At Dobriyal House the bells rings. Panchi is happy to see Siddharth and hugs him. Arnab sees this and is unhappy. Siddharth smiles.
Siddharth: I told you that Papa would come back home…You were worrying without reason. You need to trust me more.
Panchi: I do trust you…more than myself…more than life… (Siddharth has a ‘look at this’ look on his face as he watches Arnab’s expressions)
Siddaharth: Mr Dobriyal, (Siddharth leave Panchi and walks to Arnab) So good to see you Sir! These two were so stressed as if someone has kidnapped you… Silly, right? (Siddharth hugs Arnab while the ladies watch on) Good Papa! Remember…silence…!) Dobriyals, I have something to tell you… (Arnab and Siddharth are standing with wine glass in hand while the ladies are seated on the Sofa) As you all know I love Panchi a lot…no secrets there…and my foster parents also likes her very much. So I feel we should take it to the next level. Mr Dobriyal, I ask you your daughter’s hand in marriage to me. Allow me to make her happy till death… (Panchi is shy and smiling. Arnab has a blank expression on his face. Madhu is excited and walks towards Arnab that things are happening so fast and there are a lot of arrangements to do)
Arnab: Why the hurry? First let’s get the Engagement done and after…
Siddharth: Whay wait Mr Dobriyal? We both love each other a lot. (Siddharth extents his hand for Panchi and she comes and stands near Sid) By the way, You know everything about me. I am well settled…and I can give Panchi that lifestyle which she is used to. So why the delay?
Madhu: Siddharth, Actually it is not his fault. He loves his daughters so much that he cannot think of being away from them (Madhu talks to Arnab) Mr Dobriyal, Your daughters have become big…at least now let them go!
Siddharth: So... (He faces Panchi) To Panchi…I shall love you till death (They touches their glasses together. Arnab has an odd expression on his face.) Episode ends.

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28th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 161) Siddharth threatens Arnab to harm his daughters if he does not keep the Secret

Angad and Ruhi - Public Display of Affection
Episode 161 starts with Piya telling Misha to take out her frustration once for all and get over with it. Piya tells Misha not to keep her feelings inside. She tells, 'You want to hit me? Hit me now! Hit me on my face...But please...please get over this!' When Misha is about to drink again Pia tries to stop her. Misha asks Pia to leave her alone. Piya forcefully tries to take Misha away from the Bar Counter. Misha suddenly feels sick and Pia takes Misha upstairs from there.

Piya supports Misha as they walk through the Corridor. They come to the washroom but finds it locked. They knock the door. A staff member of Siddharth comes there and Pia asks if there is any other washroom. The Guy says that they can use the one in Sir's room and shows them the way. Piya tries to open the door. Arnab hears her voice and tries to get her attention by making sound but voice would not come out as his mouth is tied up. Piya tells Misha, 'Looks like someone is inside'.She again tries to open the door. Siddharth suddenly comes there running and stops her. Piya tells him that Misha is sick and want to puke. Siddharth tells that he would help them and assists Misha along with Piya and goes from there.

Scene moves to Danish walking through the Jungle. He then gets into the road from there and is hit by a speeding Car. Haseena stops the Car and gets out. She is surprised to see that she hit Danish.

Haseena is driving the Car with Danish sitting in the front seat.
Hasina: What happened Danish? Why were you running?
Danish: I don't know Mam! Siddharth is planning something. But I don't understand what. I have tried. I tried my level best to find out but I really don't know Mam I...
Haseena: Just calm down...Calm down... and tell me exactly what the matter is.
Danish: (Danish speaks with great difficulty) Siddharth Mehra...He is hiding something...I don't know what but something is there. These Business...College Trust...all is a show...there is something behind all an illegal or underground activity. But definitely I would find out. And on top of it he kidnapped Mr Dobriyal... (Danish becomes unconscious. Haseena is shocked to hear about Arnab being kidnapped by Sid. She thinks,'I have changed...I have forgotten Maithili... You fooled me Siddharth! Chand was right...You used me! You made me part of your plan. You tried to enter my house. No way Siddharth! I will not let you win in your plan. No way!')

The students are leaving the Party one by one. Ruhi complaints how hot Dehradun is. Angad reminds her of their Horror Movie Date on Friday and tells her that he will hold her close when she gets scared. Kabir interferes in their romance and scolds Angad. Angad tells Kabir that after so many months a horror film has come which they can watch with girlfriends. He tells Kabir the more the girl gets scared the more she would come closer to them. Kabir pushes Angad back to tracker and he continues his public display of affection. Piya watches the couple. Angad tells Ruhi that the entire time of the Movie he would hold her hand. He then tells her that if she wishes he would hug her and hugs her. Piya looks at them smiling. She then looks at Abhay who is standing alone. She goes to him and tells him to meet her after the Party as she needs to talk to him. He nods and walks from there. Ruhi sees Piya and offers her a lift. Piya refuses telling that she has to help Sid with the the Post Party clean up. Ruhi and Angad leaves the party. The 2 Girls who are still there asks Kabir if he would go with them to watch the Horror Film. Kabir tells them, 'Girls! Now you are scaring me...just relax, Okay?' Kabir walks from there and the girls follow. Piya stands near the door thinking, 'Love by hiding from everyone is so exciting...there is so much fun...' She smiles and gets out of the House.
Siddharth threatens Arnab Dobriyal
Scene moves to Siddharth entering his room. He says, 'Ahh Mr Dobriyal... Good Morning! Mr Dobriyal, You are awake? (Siddharth unties the ropes. Arnab makes a sound. As soon as Siddharth unties the rope in the hand Arnab gets up and removes the cloth tied on his face. Siddharth sits on a chair)
Arnab: You cheating #$&*, How dare you? (Siddharth looks at him in amusement) Do you know with whom you did this deed? I will get you thrown out of the city. Do you know who I am?
Siddharth: Uhhh... I am so scared! (Siddharth gets up and faces Arnab) Mr Dobriyal you don't know who is standing before you. You like to eavesdrop, don't you? Those who know the secrets does not live enough to tell the secrets. (Siddharth goes closer to Arnab) Next time instead of you it would be your daughter. (Siddharth moves back) So watch your step Mr Dobriyal...because we don't want a helpless, innocent Panchi's life to end. And we don't want that...Do we Mr Dobriyal? one word...One word and Panchi would become Tandhoori Panchi...So Mr Dobriyal...Now what do I do with you? I could...I can kill you...but my clothes would become dirty. And moreover, I am not in mood. (Siddharth removes his coat)Tell you what? You can go...Please carry on!(Siddharth lies down on the Bed. Arnab moves towards the door) And Father in Law...Please remember,our small need to involve anyone...You may go! I am tired...(Arnab thinks, 'There is something wrong about him...something very wrong' He walks away from there)

Panchi comes back to the House after the Party and finds Madhu worried as Arnab has not returned. Panchi consoles her and calls Misha. When Panchi informs Misha that Arnab has not returned home she gets angry and keeps the phone down after saying, 'So what do I do? Call your loving sister Pia...she has knowledge of everything' Panchi feels sad that in her anger misha has forgotten about her family. Panchi tells Madhu that she is going to pick up Misha and together they would search for Arnab. Panchi leaves from there after consoling Madhu. Misha gets up and sits in her bed thinking.

Haseena stops the Car in front of Siddharth Mehra's residence. She looks at Danish who is unconscious. She gets down from the Car and pushes open the door to Sid's House. Siddharth appears on the top of the stairs. Haseena comes near him revealing her fangs and blue Vampire eyes. She then returns back to normal.
Siddharth: Mom, what happened? Are you alright?
Haseena: You cheated me! You are a traitor! I should have listened to Chand and Abhay. But I was a fool...I felt that you have changed...But not! But now I am taking Danish along with me to Chand. He is in the Car and he will tell Chand what you are doing...You kidnapped Arnab Dobriyal...what were you thinking? What will you get doing all these? Where is he? Did you kill him? You know what would be the outcome of this? Do you know how important he is in this city? (Siddharth justs looks at Haseena and keeps silence)

Danish regains consciousness in the Car and looks around. He sees the name plate of Siddharth Mehra on the house. Danish thinks, 'This is Siddharth's House. And Hasina Madam...Why did she bring me here? Does she know Siddharth? There is something seriously wrong'

Scene moves to hasina and Siddharth.
Siddharth: Oh Mother, You are spending too much time with these humans. You have become so dramatic...doesn't suit you...But as of now have to do damage control...or should I say Danish-control? (Sid moves fast from there and peeps into the Car. He does not find Danish there. Siddharth comes to his Vampire form. Haseena also gets of the House. Sid thinks, 'Radish...You do not know who you are fighting against. lad... You have signed on your own death certificate. Now run! Run baby run!' Haseena is worried)

PreCap: Abhay and Piya romantic moments in the Forest.

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27th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 160) Horror Theme Party at Siddharth Mehra’s House

Panchi excitedly hugs Siddharth after seeing the Horror Theme party arrangements
Episode 160 starts with Siddharth Mehra stopping his Car in front of his House. Panchi gets out of the Car without waiting for Siddharth to open the Car door. Siddharth also gets out of the Car and asks Panchi what happened to her. She replies that she does not want to talk to Siddharth. Sid tells her, ‘I did not say you anything’. Panchi replies, ‘Exactly! I was watching you all way and you were busy with you phone calls as if I don’t even exist. You didn’t even talk to me!’
Siddharth: You are amazing! First, without asking me you invited your entire gang to my House for the Party…the arrangements of which I only have to do, right?
Panchi: really? How much arrangements are there? Why are you getting so tensed? You know what? We will Order the food from outside and I am sure there would be a lot of drinks in your fridge. And don’t be so formal…they just are our friends…
Siddharth: Listen! The Party is supposed to be at Siddharth Mehra’s House, Okay? It’s going to be stylish…
Panchi: Oh! So what are you going to do? What have you planned?
Siddharth: Ahh…You just wait and watch! (Siddharth smiles at Panchi. He lifts his eyes and sees Piya walking. Panchi also sees Pia)
Panchi: Hey Pia… (Pia goes to them and greets them) You came here so early?
Pia: I thought I would not give a very starry act. Also I did not need to change…so came in this dress itself…
Panchi: But it’s such a beautiful dress!
Pia: Thank You! (Panchi looks around with a sad face)
Panchi: Where is Misha?
Piya: Don’t know (The sisters look sad while Sid looks uninterested in the conversation) Mr Dobriyal…I mean where is Papa?
Panchi: Papa went home…Misha was very rude to him. I think he is very upset.
Pia : Okay! (Pia thinks,’So what was Danish saying? I am sure he was telling lie. I feel he was trying to say something’)
Siddharth: Piya, Where you talking to someone there?
Pia: Ahh…No one was there…
Siddharth: I thought I saw that you were with somebody…
Pia: No…nobody…
Siddharth: Must have been my imagination… Anyways, ladies… let’s go inside? (The girls walk towards the door. Siddharth thinks, ‘Twist in the tale’ He follows the girls)

Scene moves to Dobriyal house. Madhu is looking worried and pacing in the Hall continuously trying to call Arnab on the phone. She says, Arnab…Arnab what happened? Please lift the Phone…why are you not lifting the phone? Oh God!’ Madhu goes and sits on the Sofa. She thinks, ‘Sid had told me that I need to give some time to Arnab…and he wants to stay alone for some time. But it does not take much to call on phone or leave a message. Arnab is not like that. He would not leave me alone in the midst of a function and go(She looks into the mobile). And now it is 11:30 and there is no news of him’.

Scene moves to Siddharth’s House. A servant with makeup like a Ghost comes and opens the door for Siddharth and the Ladies. Siddharth enters the house first and welcomes the ladies in his unique style. The girls are amazed to see the arrangement and looks around at the Ghost Theme arrangements in the Hall with skeletons and masks etc.
Panchi: Wow Sid! What is this?
Siddharth: Surprise…Horror Theme Party…
Panchi: My God! In such a short time this good arrangements…(Siddharth gives a proud ‘that’s me’ look) I must say that your staff are well trained.
Siddharth: Just wait and watch…There is much more to come!
Piya: This is superb!
Panchi: Arrangements are so awesome! You are the best-est (She blows a flying kiss to Sid and runs to him and gives him a hug) I just loved everything…amazing! (Siddharth then calls a Guy from his staff, Mr Gautham, and introduces Panchi to him. Sid tells the Guy that whatever and however she says to follow her Orders. Piya looks at the couple with admiration)
Siddharth: Panchi, all yours…If you want to change anything or add anything…go ahead. (He holds her both hands) Consider it your home because one day this is going to be your home (Panchi bows her head shyly and Pia watches them with a smile. Siddharth then speaks in an accent) Now Ladies…I need to retire to my Chambers to change… (Siddharth climbs the stairs and goes. Piya comes near Panchi and they chat on)

Siddharth enters his room removing his coat. Arnab is tied and seated in a chair looking unconscious. Siddharth says, ‘Ahh…Mr Dobriyal…I hope you are comfortable (Sid removes his earlier tie and ties another one) Today all your 3 daughters would be here in my house. Wow! Such fun…And you are…Well, You are all tied up (Sid wears the coat)…So helpless… (Sid goes and stands in front of Arnab) So if you would excuse me… I have a very rocking Party to attend to…Bye Sir!’ Sid leaves from there and Arnab lifts his face.
Piya defends Abhay against Siddharth
One by one people enter the room. Ruhi and Angad come together. Kabir and Misha also come. Misha sees Panchi and Kabir looking at the Skeleton. Panchi sees her too and is happy. Panchi moves towards Misha and Misha is also about to move when Pia comes and holds Panchi’s hands turning her to show something. Misha’s smile fades and she stops. Piya also turn and looks at Misha. Misha walks away. Pia and Panchi stands there looking sad. Angad and Ruhi are walking in the Hall and Ruhi tells that it is so scary. Kabir scares them with a Skeleton. Siddharth comes down the stairs.
Siddharth: Attention everyone! Welcome to my Horror Theme Party! Today we will play a game…’Spin the Bottle’ but with another spin to it. (Misha looks uninterested) The name of the Game is ‘Truth or Horror Stories’…The person in front of whom the bottle stops should either tell a truth about them or tell us a Horror Story… So…the game begins! (Everyone sits in a circle on the floor while Misha goes to the Bar counter obviously not interested in the game. Siddharth is in the middle and spins the bottle. The Bottle points to Piya. A girl urges Pia to tell the truth and asks her if she is in love with Abhay. Piya tells them that she would tell a Story instead and narrates a Ghost Story. Siddharth spins the bottle and it points to him (Misha is drinking at the Bar Counter). Panchi asks Siddharth what him truth is. Siddharth says, ‘My truth is very uninteresting. But I will tell you all a Horror Story…a true story…a Vampire Story…’ Siddharth gets up and says, ’effects!’ Smoke fills the place where the group is sitting.
Siddharth: One time I met a Vampire…truly! He was not a comic book Vampire. No…He did not have Dracula like fangs. His eyes were not blue. He did not have blood in his mouth. He was an ordinary looking Guy. And that was the scariest thing (Pia feels uneasy) that he was an ordinary looking guy. He actually was a Vampire. Think about it…How ordinary we all look. Look around you…one of us is a Vampire…blood sucking creature… Maybe you… (Sid points at Angad. Angad tells that it is not possible as he vomits at the sight of blood. Ruhi gives him clean chit) It can be anyone…You… (Sid points at Panchi. Panchi tells, ‘Yeah Babe…I am the Vampire. I will suck your blood’ Abhay enters the Party) or you… (Sid says signaling at Abhay) Abhay, you really look like a Vampire, right? (A girl says, ‘No way!’) Really? How do you know? Vampires do not put nameplate on their chest and roam around (Abhay stares at Sid) and Abhay won’t take his fangs out and drink blood in front of all of us. Oh no…no…no…He would stop…will wait…earn everyone’s trust…and when we least expect it he will (Sid opens his mouth and shows a ‘will eat’ sign. Angad and Ruhi are scared) so let’s just say that Abhay is our friendly neighborhood Vampire for the day. Look! Already he got into the skin of the Character. See how he is staring at me…like he will eat me now!
Ruhi: God…He looks like a dangerous type to me…Look…he always is in black…I feel he could be the Vampire… (Another girl says, ‘yeah exactly! Whenever I pass his way I feel like he would pounce on me now’ Siddharth hears the comments with a smile. Pia thinks, ‘What are these people saying? These stupid comments…Abhay will feel very bad. This has to stop!’ Piya gets up and goes and stands next to Abhay)
Piya: Abhay…Hi! Ahh…Siddharth…I heard that Vampires does not have a heart.
Siddharth: Yeah…It is true! They are heartless creatures.
Piya: If they are heartless then (Piya looks at Abhay. He looks at her too.)How can they love someone? (Ruhi claps and says, ‘you said right…Abhay has a heart and it beats for someone’ Abhay and Pia look at each other. Misha who is seated at the Bar counter exclaims,’ Boring… boring… boring…How intolerable you all are… Come on Sid…Enough of your Horror Stories…Music please…So that the stupid people’s voices won’t be heard…’)

Siddharth: DJ… Rock the beat! (The Music starts. Pia tells Abhay, ‘I will just come’ and walks towards the Bar Counter where Misha is seated and drinking)
Misha: Why are you following me?
Pia: Why are you drinking so much Misha? You will get sick…you are already very high!
Misha: That is not your problem. You are my problem, okay?
Piya: It is my problem Misha… I love you and I cannot see you sick… (Misha laughs)
Misha: You know Pia…Talk this all somewhere else…not before me!
Pia: You know what Misha…Just stop it Okay? This anger…this arrogance…just stop it! If you want to take it out…take it once for all. What do you want to do? Shout…throw abuses…hit… Just do it and get over with it. Don’t keep your feelings inside like this. You wish that nobody knows here that there are problems in your family… Fine…Let us go to a lonely place and you say whatever you want to say to me and get over it. But Please Misha, I can’t hear these snide comments and indirect beatings. You want to hit me, right? Hit me now…hit on my face…but please…Please get over this! (Misha lifts her head and looks at Pia) Episode ends.

Precap: Piya is helping a fully drunk Misha go to the Washroom upstairs. They reach Siddharth's Bedroom where Arnab is kept and tries to open the door. Arnab hears his daughters voice and tries to catch their attention.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

26th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 159) Danish Singh files a Police Complaint against Siddharth Mehra for kidnapping Arnab Dobriyal

Panchi hugs Siddharth
Episode 159 starts with Siddharth Mehra sensing the presence of 2 people in the room overhearing his conversation with Mr Malhothra. Siddharth says, 'I smell 2 rats'. Danish pulls Arnab by hand and urges him to go with him from there. Arnab tells that he wants to speak with Siddharth. Danish tells him to speak later but Arnab does not agree. Danish escapes from there through the Window. While Arnab is still looking at the direction of the window Siddharth comes from behind and presses on Arnab's shoulder. Arnab falls unconscious on the floor.
Siddharth looks at Arnab and says, ‘How fragile these humans are’. Mr Malhotra comes from behind and sees Arnab on the floor.
Mr Malhothra: Oh my God! What have you done Sir? What is happening? (Siddharth turns to face him and stares at him. He then walks from there with Mr Malhothra following)
Siddharth: Clearly I have to do some damage control. Mr Malhothra, Put Mr Dobriyal in your Car and leave him at my house.
Mr Malhothra: Sir, What are you trying to make me do? I can’t do that! He is a big man in the city. Everyone knows him…Arnab Dobriyal. My task was to vote as you said which I have done… my work ended there
Siddharth: Mr Malhothra…(Siddharth starts fixing Mr. Malhothra's tie) How easily I have made Mr Dobriyal unconscious that easily I could…(Siddharth pulls the ties knot making the tie tighten on Mr Malhothra’s neck causing him to choke. Sid then takes his hands off and Mr Malhothra loosens his tie and collar) do that to you. Now leave Mr Dobriyal at my House and lock him at my Bathroom. Phone me after that…Mr Malhothra…Mr Dobriyal is waiting for you.
Mr Malhothra: Okay Sir! (He goes from there)

Scene moves to Panchi coming to the Dressing room where Mount College students are there in a cheerful mood. She tells the students, ‘What if you did not get the Trophy…the Party is still on at my place’. Siddharth comes to the room and asks, ‘What Party?’ and Panchi tells him that she is throwing a Party for the entire Team as they worked hard and deserve a chilled out evening. Tracker complaints that there is very less time for her to get ready for the Party. Misha tells her that thankfully she does not have a problem as she would not be attending the Party at all. Panchi goes to Siddharth and tells him that Misha does not want to come for the party. Siddharth tells her that if Misha wishes to be alone then they should let her. Panchi tells him, ‘I know that she does not want to stay alone. She is just trying to teach us a lesson…she is punishing us!’ Siddharth thinks, ‘Now this only was left…now I have to play the stupid consolation games. I wish I could eat them all…the Chapter would have closed’ Abhay stares at Siddharth. Panchi suddenly jumps in excitement. She tells him, ‘Sid…I have an idea! Let’s keep the Party at your place…then she does not have to come home…and she will come for the Party. Isn’t that a great idea? Yeah…! So cool…’ Panchi hugs Siddharth.
Panchi: Everybody…Listen up! There is a slight change. The Party is not at Dobriyal House but at Siddharth’s House and everybody is welcome. So please get yourself there… (Panchi clings on to Sid’s arm…)
Siddharth: Yeah…Please come… (Panchi keeps her head on Siddharth’s shoulders. Siddharth thinks, ‘Party time for the kids and their father would be inside my room lying unconscious. It could get tricky even for me’

Scene moves to Danish who is standing near the Mount College Basket ball Court. He sees a Car reversing and notices Mr. Malhothra getting out. Danish hides himself and watches what he is doing. Mr. Malhothra opens the back seat and then brings Arnab by dragging him towards the Car and puts him on the back seat. Danish thinks, ‘What is this Malhothra doing with Uncle?’ Mr Malhothra gets into the driving seat and drives the Car from there. Danish runs towards the Car but the Car passes him. Danish thinks, ‘What did Siddharth do with Uncle? What to do now? Don’t know where that Malhothra is taking Uncle to…I hope Uncle is okay. What will happen now?’ Danish rushes from there.

Scene moves to the Mount College student’s gang.
Pia: How good Panchi and Siddharth are (Pia looks at Panchi and Siddharth talking). We lost still they are keeping a Party to cheer us up. Nobody is blaming us. I think it is going to be a very special Party. (Abhay thinks, ‘Even I hope so Pia…Because what I have seen…no one else have seen’ Abhay looks at Panchi chatting cheerfully and Siddharth looking gloomy. Panchi excitedly keeps her head on Sid’s shoulder laughing and Siddharth gives her a made up smile. Abhay thinks, ‘Why is Siddharth worried? What has he done? Or is he going to do something? Tonight something strange is going to happen…’ Panchi tells them all, ‘I hope you guys are all coming…the party is on…’ Pia tells her, ‘We will definitely come’ Madhu comes to the room calling out for Panchi. Panchi excitedly tells Madhu that Siddharth is throwing a Party for everyone and that is sweet of him. Madhu ignores it and asks Panchi where Arnab is. Misha suddenly becomes alert. Panchi tells, ‘Till now he has not come? That’s strange’. Madhu tells her, ‘That is what…He so far never did anything like that. He has always told and gone. Today don’t know what happened’ Siddharth comes there and asks them if everything is okay. Panchi tells that they are not finding Arnab. Piya and Abhay also look on.
Siddharth: Maybe he wants to be left alone…Last few days a lot of things happened…Misha’s attitude…Piya coming home…All the pressure is on him. I think he just snapped seeing his daughters fight. Maybe that is why he is feeling different. I think he should be left alone. When he becomes okay he will return home on his own. Moreover, you have other things to be tensed about.
Madhu: What tensions?
Siddharth: You have to come to my House…come to our Party…You needs to go home…get dressed…Come on, let’s go…
Madhu: No…no…Sid, Not me…What will I do in a Teenager’s Party?
Siddharth: Mrs. Dobriyal… You are no less than a teenager. You are young at heart and give these youngsters a run for their money… Come now…
Panchi: Buttering my mother, ehhh?
Siddharth: That is necessary sometimes. Come on, I will drop you two at home.
Panchi: Okay! (Misha looks at Panchi and Madhu who are looking sad and then to Abhay and Pia. Misha then gets up and walks from there. Madhu and Panchi leave along with Siddharth)

Scene moves to Danish at the Police Station. The Inspector is looking at Danish with a smile on his face.
Danish: Sir, You are not understanding what I am saying. Siddharth Mehra has kidnapped Mr. Dobriyal. I saw him. He was unconscious.
Inspector: You are telling that Mr. Dobriyal’s would be son in law Siddharth Mehra kidnapped him? You have made a very nice story. In that case you also may be aware why Mr. Mehra did that.
Danish: I know. It may sound a little strange. But I know…Siddharth is not a good man.
Inspector: Yeah…You are the good man Mr. Singh…just 2-3 cases only are there on your name like blackmailing Mr. Dobriyal, making a minor girl pregnant and then abusing her etc… etc… If after knowing all these things if we do not believe you then whom will we believe in?
Danish: Look Sir that is a different matter. Tomorrow if you come to know that anything bad happened with Mr. Dobriyal you be seated.
Inspector: Meaning…You saw with your own eyes that Mr. D K Malhothra putting Mr Dobriyal in his vehicle. And Mr. Dobriyal was unconscious at that time…correct?
Danish: Yes!
Inspector: Mr. Singh, we take every complaint seriously and do inquiries also. Whatever you said we would definitely take action on that but remember one thing, if you are proven wrong I would not keep quiet. I will put you behind bars for misguiding the Police, Correct?
Danish: Correct! (A Constable comes there and informs that they have traced the vehicle)

Scene moves to Siddharth’s Car entering Dobriyal House. Madhu comes inside calling for Ram Singh and asks him if Arnab has come. The servant tells her that he had gone out with them only. Siddharth comes in. Madhu asks the servant if Arnab called and he says, ’No’.
Siddharth: Don’t worry Mrs. Dobriyal! I am sure he is fine. May be he got stuck up with some work. Or maybe would have gone for a long drive. I will phone him…
Madhu: But I called him many times and he did not even lift the phone…
Siddharth: Oh! Still I will try… (Mr. Malhothra is driving the Car with Arnab lying unconscious in the back seat. His Phone rings and he picks up the call from Siddharth) Hello…Mr.Dobriyal…Sir, Siddharth Mehra here…Okay Sir! (Siddharth then asks Mr. Malhothra in hushed tone where he is. Mr. Malhothra tells him that he is going towards Siddharth’s house. Sid asks him if Arnab is with him. Mr. Malhothra tells that Arnab is with him and is unconscious) Okay Sir…Sir you come home fast! Here everyone is worried about you (Siddharth cuts the Phone and informs Madhu and Panchi that Arnab would be coming soon and did not want to talk to anyone. Madhu excuses herself from going for the Party and tells him that Panchi would go with him. Panchi goes to change and asks Siddharth to wait for some time. He agrees telling, ‘that’s what I am here for’)

Scene moves to the Police Team stopping Mr. Malhotra’s Car. Danish and the Senior Official are along with the Inspector and Constables. The Inspector asks Mr Malhothra to come out. He gets out of the Car.
Mr Malhothra: Inspector, what happened? Why have you stopped me? You know who I am?
Official: Yes Sir, We know that you are Mr. D K Malhothra. But sorry Sir, We got news that Mr. Arnab Dobriyal was kidnapped using this vehicle.
Mr. Malhothra: Kidnap? Have you gone mad? I only gave him a lift. I will kidnap Mr Dobriyal? He is my good friend. What is wrong with you Inspector? Half an hour before I dropped him at Mall Road.
Officer: Sorry to bother you Sir, You may go! (He signals Inspector to leave Mr. Malhotra. Mr. Malhothra gets into the Car and drives off. The Officer then asks Danish to leave failing which he would put him in jail. Danish looks worried)

Scene moves to Siddharth Mehra’s residence. Piya is walking around alone. She thinks, ‘How lucky Panchi is…she loves an amazing Guy. And he loves her. Papa and Madhu aunty likes him and his Parents like Panchi. Wow! How uncomplicated relationship is this…not like mine! Shut up Pia… Your’s and Abhay’s relationship is no less. It is all good (She smiles). Today evening is going to be very cool’ Piya is thinking of something and smiling when a hand grabs her hand. Some one forcefully takes her to a corner. Danish closes her face with his hand and Pia struggles.
Danish: Piya please…Don’t make noise…I am removing my hand…okay? Say yes! (Pia nods) Okay…(Danish removes his hand)
Piya: What are you doing here Danish?
Danish: Nobody is ready to understand what I say…I did not know what I should do. Please try to understand me…He has become such a big part in the family that nobody would be willing to believe me. And Mr. Dobriyal came to know about the truth…and now I do not know where he is…what is going to be done with him…
Piya: What are you telling?
Danish: Pia, Try to understand what I say…Please think of Uncle. I do not know where he is. And some man… (A Car light falls on Danish’s face and a Car passes by) Please…I am true…I will be in touch with you. Please do not tell anyone…I can’t believe anybody… (Danish jumps the wall and flees from there)
Pia: But…where is Papa? (Episode Ends)

PreCap: Madhu is worried and trying to call Arnab on Phone.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

25th April 2011 Written Update (Episode 158) Mount College loses in the Dance Competition because of Siddharth Mehra

Siddharth tells Panchi that his lips are sealed
Episode 158 starts with Siddharth Mehra talking with a Guy. Siddharth tells him, 'You have to do this for me Mr Malhotra...they have to lose' Danish Singh is spying on them out side the Office. The other Guy says, 'My Vote is always for you Mr Mehra...But I don't understand...' Siddharth cuts him telling, 'There is no need for you to understand. I have my' Mr Malhothra tells Siddharth, 'It's a deal!'Both shake hands and Mr Malhothra leaves the room. Siddharth also follows him. Danish thinks, 'What are your reasons Siddharth? And what are you planning? Who is this man?' Danish leaves from there.

Scene moves to the Stage of the Inter Collegiate dance Competition. A Guy announces, 'Please Welcome Mr Siddharth Mehra' The Dobriyal's are surprised and happy to hear Siddharth's name. Chand and Haseena too looked happy to see Sid there. Siddharth comes to the stage and greets everyone. He tells the Audience that that the performances were great and it is very tough for judges including him to pick the winner. He concludes telling, 'May the best team win, Thank you!'Every one including the Raichands clap. Panchi excuses herself from the Auditorium after informing her Parents.

Panchi walks through the corridor looking for Siddharth. Sid pats her shoulder from behind. Panchi is happy to see him and asks him where he was and tells him that she was looking for him.
Siddharth: This People are keeping the judging system so fact even I don't know who the other judges are. Everything is so secret secret... In fact I feel like a secret agent. Look! I am dressed for the occasion...007...
Panchi: Oh really? If looks could kill, right? (Sid makes a face and both of them laughs)Okay, Anyways...How did you like Abhay-Pia performance? You will give vote to Mount College, right? (Siddharth pulls Panchi closer)
Siddharth: You are taking advantages of being very close to the judge?
Panchi: My Parents are here...
Siddharth:...Okay call them...
Panchi: Okay tell me...Who have you given vote to?
Siddharth: I will tell you but tell me Kabir and Piya were suppose to dance and how come Abhay and Piya danced together?
Panchi: You are right! You know what? Kabir is so sweet...He backed off...He knew if Abhay and Pia dances the chances to win are more. You know what? He is so right! Abhay and Piya chemistry is so amazing. Their pair is made in heaven. They are just unreal.
Siddharth: So unreal and nonsense...
Panchi: Sorry?
Siddharth: So unreal and unbelievable that how perfect they are for each other.
Panchi: Really! Please tell me...whom did you vote for?
Siddharth: My lips are sealed...unless you want to open it up...(Panchi pushes him)
Panchi: Not now...
Siddharth: Maybe later! (Siddharth goes from there and Panchi laughs)

Scene moves to a Guy who collects the Score sheets from 2 Gentlemen seated in a room one of whom is Mr Malhotra. Danish is overhearing the conversation. The Guy says, 'Thanks! So now your votes would be tallied with the votes of Mr Mehra. So Thanks Mr Malhotra and Mr Kishore Wadwa Sir, Okay? (Danish thinks, 'What does Siddharth want? If I understand his Plan I can finally show Uncle on what type of person they are putting their trust on' Danish enters the room)
Danish: You give the votes to me. I came to tally it.
Guy: Are you from the Organizers?
Danish: Yes!
Guys: Oh Sure! Take it...
Danish: Thank you!
Guy: Welcome! (Danish looks at the Score sheets. He thinks, 'I don't believe this...Siddharth voted for Weavers College?')I don't believe this...he voted against Mount College. But their team was better!
Danish: I also don't understand...Judges decisions are final. You please go and announce the Winners.I will take care of these papers (Danish goes from there)

Scene moves to the Stage. The Curtains are drawn. The Judges and Guy are on the Stage.
Guy: So Friends! Your Waiting is over...The results have come! (Panchi comes and takes her seat)Mr Mehra...You all know him...(Audience clap)our Chief Guest and Judge...(Siddharth bows)and now is time to introduce the rest of the two judges... Mr Malhotra from Malhotra Industries (Mr Malhotra waves to the audience)...he also runs schools...Mr Kishore Wadwa, Head of Wadva Dance Academy...(Mr Wadva greets Audience Indian Style with Namaste. One Guy comes and gives the results to the Guy)

Mount College students are assembled together including Abhay, Piya, Kabir, Angad and Tracker. Tracker tells that she is feeling tensed up and is eating. A Guy from the competitor team comes and shakes hands with Abhay telling, 'Congrats! You only would win...our performance was very good. All the Best' They go from there.
Tracker: Wow! How sportive they are...
Kabir: Thanks for everything Guys...Best of luck to you also... (Misha and Piya are standing on either side of Abhay. Piya looks at Misha who ignores her. She then looks at Abhay who looks back at her)

Scene moves to the Stage.
Guys: So friends...the Team which win with 2 votes to 1 is for the 3rd time in a row...Weavers College...(The Dobriyals are shocked. Siddharth acts gloomy and ignorant. Chand has a knowing look on his face. The Weavers College Team are happy. They jump up and give high fives and goes to collect their Trophy. The Mount College group are disappointed and sad. Arnab talks to Madhu and tell that the Mount College team was much better)
Arnab: Siddharth would definitely have voted for Mount College. But the other 2 judges, how come they did not give even a single vote? (Siddharth congratulates the Winning team and gives away the Trophy. The Audience claps. the Winners shakes hand with the judges. Danish comes near the door and tries to get Mr Arnab Dobriyal's attention. Arnab notices him. Danish calls him. Arnab gets up from the seat and goes to Danish. Madhu notices that Arnab is not near. Panchi goes and sits on Arnab's seat. Danish gives the scores sheets to Arnab and tells him, 'maybe you will get the answers from this!' Arnab is shocked to see that Siddharth voted against Mount College. He thinks that if that is the case why he told Panchi that he voted for Mount College. Arnab also recalls that Siddharth looked confused when the results were announced. Arnab thinks, 'What Danish is telling about Siddharth is right? No!')
Arnab: Danish! You cheated on us. I have no reason to believe you... These fake papers you can get from anywhere...What's the big deal?
Danish: Uncle Please...Please wait for 2 minutes here...all your doubts would be cleared...
Arnab: Okay Danish...This is the last time. If you cannot prove anything this time please do not bother me again.
Danish: You want proof, right? Just give me 5 minutes...I'll just come (Danish goes away from there. Arnab looks into the score sheet confused. Siddharth goes to Madhu and Panchi and says 'hello'. When Panchi asks about hs vote Siddharth tells that he tried his best)

The Mount College students are assembled together. They are looking sad and disappointed because of losing out in the dance competition. The opposite team members throw glitters on them and dance in jumps in front of them celebrating their victory. Piya goes to them and Congratulates them. Ruhi is angry and tells Angad that there has been injustice against Mount College and that she wants to go on a Hunger Strike. Angad shows her a gift hamper and tells that he has it and more as gift for Ruhi but as she is on hunger strike he would distribute it. Ruhi tells that she would keep his advice that during failures one should not be sad and grabs the goodies hamper from Angad.
Misha slaps T for insulting Piya
T and friends come to the Room. She sees Abhay and Pia walking together. She speaks to them from behind.
T: You people lost? How could you? (Abhay and Pia faces T)You did many sacrifice to reach up to here, right? You could not do even this much for the college? How losers People can be? And Abhay...You had the best Option...We were the winning combo...But you decided that you will reject me and will dance with this loser Piya. And look at the results...You lost! You bought shame on the whole College...(T walks towards Piya. Misha comes to the room and hears the conversation) And you Charity case...What did you do? You took bribe from Weavers College? Fixed the Contest? You bloody freak...How could... (Misha comes to T and turning her with one hand delivers a hard slap on her face)
Misha: You know T...You are such a loser. You are here for 2 years...Why did you not win so far? Maybe you took money from the Weavers. Now stop being such a @#$% and get lost!
T: You bloody... (T charges at Misha but her friends take her away from there forcefully. Piya is happy seeing Misha defending her and looks at her)
Misha: Abhay, Well done! You gave your best performance...So what if we didn't win? In our loss also there is a victory...well done!
Abhay: Thanks Misha! (Piya looks at Misha with a slight smile expecting that she would speak something. Misha's smile fades and she walks away from there. Abhay looks at Pia who is looking sad)Piya... Misha is in anger right now. But she loves you..
Piya: She hates me Abhay! Didn't you see...She did not even speak one word to me... (Abhay turns Piya towards him)
Abhay: Piya, It will take some time for Misha to cool down her anger. She doesn't hate you. Do you know that T had given Misha itching powder to put on your dress...T thought that she would take advantage of your and Misha's fight. But Misha...Misha put that itching powder on T's dress...Why? Because she loves you...Now she is too angry... but she will understand. You just need to give her some time (Piya nods)She loves you Piya (Abhay touches the side of her face with his hand) I will just go get some water for you...Relax! (Abhay goes, Pia smiles)

Scene moves to Danish running behind Mr Malhothra who is about to get into his Car.
Danish: Mr Malhothra...Mr Malhothra...
Malhothra: Yes?
Danish: Mr Mehra wants to meet you...Maybe it's something urgent. He is waiting for you in the Common Room.He was trying your phone but there seems to be a problem of network here. (Danish looks into his mobile) There is no network in my phone also...and I want to send an urgent message. Can I use your phone please?
Malhothra: Is that important?
Danish: yeah...kind off (Mr Malhotra gives the phone to Danish. Danish sends a message for Siddharth from the phone asking to meet at Common Room and gives the phone back thanking him. Mr Malhotra goes to the Common Room. (Danish says, 'Now let's see Mr Mehra!')

Siddharth gets the message. He reads the message and thinks, 'Now what does this Malhothra need? More money? What is the matter with these humans? How greedy they are...' He says, 'Bloody blood sucking creatures!'

Piya sees Misha at the Dressing room and walks to her.
Pia: Misha...I just wanted to thank...
Misha: Listen Ms Jaiswal...oh wait a minute...Is it Ms Dobriyal now? T was always your enemy...and she felt that she could take advantage of our problems. But she forgot...Misha is not so petty. Oh Come on Man! Itching Powder? How childish...If I want to insult you I won't do so with such small things...Wait for it Piya...You won't get such a small punishment. You are dead for me now. You and I don't exist! Do you get that? (Piya feels sad. Misha turns her face away. She has tears in her eyes. She goes away. Misha turns and looks after Piya goes. she is looking sad too.

Abhay asks Siddharth to stay away from Pia
Piya walks through the corridor. Siddharth sees her and calls her.
Siddharth:What happened? Why so sad?
Piya: Nothing Siddharth...I am...I am just very upset. (She keeps a hand on her forehead covering her eyes for a minute and then removes) Don't know what happened...
Siddharth: Look Piya...Victory and loses do happen...It is not about winning it is about participating...doing the best...and you were so great...(Siddharth thinks, 'Oh Pia...You are crying and I am here to comfort you. How good is that?'Siddharth hugs her.)
Siddharth: Come on...Relax! There is always next step (Abhay sees them)
Piya: Thanks! Please excuse me...
Siddharth: Yes... (Piya walks from there. Abhay confronts Siddharth)
Abhay: What were you doing there? (Siddharth thinks in his mind,'Just like the good old days little a shoulder to cry on for Maithili...')
Siddharth: Piya was crying. I was just making her understand that winning and losing is part of the game. You guys were great. I was just being nice to her.
Abhay: were being nice to her...I trust you...completely! I know you and your evil intentions very well. Stay away from Piya...
Siddharth: Abhay...
Abhay: Stay away...Is that clear? (Abhay walks off from there in anger. Siddharth thinks, 'Little Brother is feeling jealous...What else is new? Burn baby burn...)

Scene moves to Danish and Arnab waiting in a room. Arnab complaints to Danish that he has wasted enough time and is about to go when he sees Mr Malhotra coming to the adjoining room. Arnab signals Danish to be quiet. Siddharth also comes there.
Siddharth: Mr Malhothra...What do you think...I will meet all your demands? I have purchased your vote for which I gave you a big price... Don't even try to extract more money from me...We had a deal. I paid you already for voting against Mount College.
Malhotra: But Sir...I did not say anything. You called me here...
Siddharth: What?
Malhothra: You send that person to call me...That person told me that you would meet me here.
Siddharth: I smell a rat...(Siddharth turns and closes his eyes and then opens them) I smell two rats... (Arnab and Danish hears it) Episode ends.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

23rd April 2011 Written Update (Episode 157) Abhay and Piya become Dance Partners for Inter Collegiate Dance Competition

Ruhi tells Kabir that he is the Super Real hero of the College
Episode 157 starts with Chand and Haseena Raichand arriving to watch the Inter Collegiate dance Competition. One Guy welcomes them at the door then shows them their seats. They sit on their seats.
Chand: Along with Pia, Abhay is also taking part in the Dance Competition...Interesting!
Hasina: You only wished that Abhay stays in the city like a normal college boy. That is exactly what he is doing.
Chand: Normal? Sure...Abhay and Piya...They are like a ticking time bomb. It is a matter of time Pia would open her mouth and tell our secrets to everyone. After all she is only human...weak...and once she says the secret to everyone we will end...
Haseena:I don't think so. Piya would not do that. She is not that weak.
Chand : I like your confidence but it's only a matter of time...Let's see what will happen next.
Haseena: I will go and talk to her.

Tracker is busy supervising the arrangements for the Competition. Haseena comes to the dressing room. Piya is happy to see her.
Haseena: How are you?
Piya: I am fine...How are you doing? Please Come... (Piya leads Haseena to a corner where T's friends are sitting and chatting. Piya asks them to excuse them for a minute and the girls leave from there. Piya and Haseena sits)
Haseena: Chand is very worried about you. You know too much about us that...
Piya: You need not worry. I know that you people put a lot of trust on me. Your secrets are Abhay's secrets and this life is given to me by Abhay. I can never do that to him. Keeping his secrets is very important to me...more than my life! It is a very small price for what he is done for me.
Haseena: I trust you.
Piya: Thank you so much! (Tracker comes and tell that there is only 5 minutes and asks Pia to hurry up) You don't worry! Please excuse me! (Piya gets up from her seat and goes. Haseena nods. She thinks, 'Pia, You don't know how big the truth is. You are the biggest secret because you are having our own blood...a Vampires Blood).

Ruhi peeps trough the curtain. She then runs from there on bumps on Misha. Ruhi tells Misha that her Parents have come and that she is excited. Tracker asks Misha if the Dobriyals have not come yet. Misha tells her that they would definitely come to see their lovely daughters dance. Trackers tells Misha that she is not dancing but she is the Organizer and goes from there. Misha has a dull look on her face and says, 'You won't understand Tracker'.

Scene moves to the Arnab, Madhu and Panchi coming to the Venue. They are shown their seats. Arnab and Madhu sits on the front seat while Panchi sits behind them one row behind.
Arnab: I hope Misha's anger has become cool. I really wanted her to talk to us. (Panchi turns to the back and sees Misha talking with some girls. Panchi calls out her name but Misha initially ignores it but later goes to them)
Misha: Welcome ...welcome...the entire Dobriyal Family has come to see their @#$ child on the stage...
Panchi: Misha...What the hell are you saying? (Arnab keeps his hand on Panchi's shoulder stopping her)
Arnab: How are you Misha? When are you coming home?
Misha: I am sorry sir...I don't have any home. I stay alone and I am fine...But you don't worry. It is a very happy day for it not? Your daughter would dance and her new Mom and sister would clap for her. Happy Family!
Madhu: Misha!
Misha: Momma...don't even try. You hurt me more than Papa by hiding his truth. my papa lied to me...My Best friend lied to me...And you did not do anything...You made a mockery out of me.
Panchi: Misha...Just Shut up!
Misha: Ohh Madame Birdie...You finally got a well mannered perfect sister, is it not? So where is she staying? In my room?
Panchi: Misha...Stop it! You are talking nonsense...Enough now!
Misha: Yes, You are right...Enough is enough...Good Bye! (Misha turns and walks from there. Another girl bump on her and Arnab calls Piya's name) My name is Misha... (She walks away)
Arnab: I said it by mistake Misha... (Someone announces over the Mike that the Inter Collegiate Dance Competition is about to start and asks the Guests to sit on their seats. The Dance Competition starts and the audience cheer the students and clap for them)

Misha comes to the Dressing Room and informs that they have just 10 minutes and goes from there. Piya is dressed in a long black gown. She looks in to the mirror and do touch up of her make up. T is dressed in a short shining black dress. She thinks, 'Finally Pia Jaiswal...Today you will learn a lesson. Today in front of everyone you would be insulted ... just like you deserve...and best part is that this prank on you would be played by Misha...your BFF...I can see now...the entire college is laughing on would itch so much that you would not be able to dance. Everyone would laugh at you and again would come to T because only T would be able to save this College. T goes to Piya who is checking her make up in the Mirror.
T: Hi Pia! Are you Okay?
Piya: Hi...Just feeling tensed...Excuse me! (Piya goes from there and go and talk to some other girls in the room. T stands in front of the mirror observing Piya through the Mirror and says in mind, 'Just some more time Piya...and then let it begin! T suddenly gets an itching sensation and starts scratching her back. She then feels itching all over and starts screaming and jumping)
T: What the hell is wrong with you? You are not feeling anything?
Piya: What should I have felt? (T runs off from there followed by her friends. Ruhi tells that T is like that and asks Pia to get ready. She comes into the room where Abhay was practicing his dance steps and bumps on him)
T: I am so sorry Abhay!Oh this itching... (Her friends help in scratching the itch)
Abhay: T, I am going and telling Misha that we are not performing.
T: What?
Abhay: Look at your condition. You cannot go into the stage like this...
T: What? But I have to go into the stage. I want to dance. I will just manage it some how. I will change my costume...
Abhay: T...You are a joke! (Abhay smiles and leaves from there. T thinks, 'How can this happen? Misha is so dumb that she put powder in the wrong costume. Oh my God I am dying!')

Abhay sees Misha and stops her.
Abhay: Misha...I and T cannot perform. You have to remove us from the competition.
Misha: What? Okay...whatever! (Misha is about to walk)
Abhay: SO you could not do bad with Pia...Misha, I know everything! T wanted to do bad to Piya...but you double crossed her...and could not do bad with your sister...
Misha: There is no need for anyone to interfere with my Sister and my problems...Okay? (Misha walks off, Abhay smiles)

Scene moves to Kabir who comes running to the Mirror saying,'All is well...all is well...all is well...'
Kabir: Kabir, You are going to win the Trophy for the College...Is that clear? (Angad comes near him)
Angad: All is well? All is not well...
Kabir: Why are you taking tension dude...Everything is fit Boss...
Angad: I came for the same thing...there is a big tension (Kabir walks from there and Angad follows. They both sit)Kabir you don't know... Do you know that someone put itching powder in T's clothes. Now if she does not dance...what would happen to our College? What I am saying is that Brother that now the entire competition depends on you and Piya. Look Kabir...Now I just saw our Competitors well they dance...Kabir, I think you should do some magic...some magic to win the Trophy for our College?
Kabir: What are you trying to tell? To to magic...there should be a magical couple on stage (Ruhi listens)
Angad: Ahh...You understood?
Kabir: And according to you more than me...Abhay and Piya stand a chance to win, right? You know Angad, just @#$% ! I am not going to sacrifice again and again to make their love story move ahead...Understand? (Kabir gets up and walks from there. He sits on top of the dressing table)
Ruhi: Oh Come on Kabir...You and Piya were never together! I mean to say that Abhay and Piya...they are made for each other. I mean the whole College knows that. Please...Keep your personal matters aside. I am talking about the College...Let the College win...So let's try to make it together...Come on Kabir, Please understand!
Kabir: No Tracker...I don't want to understand.(Ruhi and Angad look at each other) I am fed up of becoming Mr Nice Guy. And today I am not Mr Nice Guy, okay? Again and again why should I sacrifice myself for both of them? This time I would not give my sacrifice...No way! And that Abhay Raichand...he can just go to hell. Piya is my partner and this time I would dance with that understood? Is that understood Angad? (Kabir gets up and goes. Angad tells Ruhi that let the hope for the best)
Abhay and Piya dance
Abhay and Piya dancing
Abhay and Piya at the Inter Collegiate Dance Competition
A Guy comes to the stage and announces, 'And now our next participants ...Please welcome Mount College...Give them a big hand. the Audience claps. Piya comes to the stage and stands in the dim light where the faces are not visible. Her partner comes and stands behind her. The stage spot light comes up to reveal Abhay and Piya on stage. The Dobriyal's and Raichand's look on. The Couple starts dancing and Misha looks at them with a smile. Kabir has a hurt and sad expression plastered on his face.Misha comes and places a hand on Kabir's shoulder. The audience claps when Abhay performs lifts and nice dance moments. The audience clap and cheer when the performance is over. Even Misha and Kabir claps for them. Abhay and Piya take a bow hand in hand then leave the stage. Arnab is proud and happy seeing Pia dancing.

Scene moves to Kabir sitting on a Chair and several students gathered around him.
Ruhi: Kabir, actually you told the Truth. You are a nice Guy and more than that I think you are this College's Super True Hero. Ask why?
Kabir: Why?
Ruhi: Because you think of not yourself but of the Team. The Entire College knows that because of the sacrifice you did today our College could win. You are a Hero! Come on give me a hug! (Kabir hugs Ruhi and the others including Angad clap)
Angad: Okay, okay...stop...stop! You tell me one did you do this all at the last moment?
Kabir: Look! I knew that this time we had to win at any cost. And secondly, You know Pia... She sees me as her friend and nothing else...and it is just me who love her like a fool. And unfortunately I could not create love in her heart for me...I just couldn't Angad! Maybe Abhay and Piya are not together but if Pia is not with him it doesn't mean that she is interested in me. You know...I have seen her...Pia cares for Abhay. Though I hate him but he also loves her as much and care for her... from the heart! And Guys if something happens between the two of them I do not wish that it spoils because of me. After all I am Kabir...Guys, I don't want to be the Bad Guy!
Angad: Yes! Kabir, That is what I wanted to say...My Ruhi also says the same thing...You are not a Hero...You are a Super Real Hero (Kabir has a lost and sad expression on his face. Angad playfully pulls Kabir's cheek and Ruhi hugs him and ask him to smile. Kabir asks them to shut up) Episode ends.

Precap: Siddharth is talking to one Mr Malhotra. Sid says, 'You have to do this for me Mr Malhotra...We have to lose' Danish is spying on them out side the Office. The other Guy says, 'My Vote is always for you Mr Mehra...But I don't understand...' Siddharth cuts him telling, 'There is no need for you to understand. I have my' They shake hands and the Guy goes from there.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

22nd April 2011 Written Update (Episode 156) T join hands with Misha to seek revenge on Piya

Abhay confronts Misha after she puts itching powder in T's Dress
Episode 156 starts with Misha walking through the College Corridor and Piya following her trying to talk with her.
Pia: Misha, Please listen to me Misha. Misha just listen to me! I did not do all this to hurt you. Misha you know that I cannot do that. Misha listen to me...(Piya hold on Misha's hands and stops her. Misha removes her hand) I did all this because I did not want to be a problem in your life. By the time I came to know whose daughter you are in had become too late. I was already in love with you. You are my friend and this relationship is very important to me.
Misha: Piya please! I don't want to hear anything. I am not interested. I mean you hurt me. You are my Dad's daughter is reason enough for me to hurt you. And yes, You did not have any control where you were born but you lied to me. You hided such a big thing from your best friend. And what you want now Pia...what you wanted you family! Now just leave me alone... (Piya holds on Misha's hand)
Piya: Misha, Do you truly feel that I did all these to hurt you? I wish all that never happened. I had thought that I will never tell you about this. But maybe I became weak (Pia turns Misha toward her) I love you. You are my sister and my best friend.
Misha: Please! Neither do I want to be your sister nor any friend. I can never forgive you Pia. Just leave me alone! (Misha walks away)
Pia: Misha...Misha (Piya looks sad and gloomy. Abhay comes near her and keeps his hands on her shoulders)
Abhay: Piya...You just relax! I will talk to Misha
Piya: No Abhay don't...You have already done so much for me...don't (Abhay lifts her face with his hand)
Abhay: No Pia...Listen! Misha is very stubborn and this time is in in anger...She will be fine, I promise! I will bring her back...(Piya nods) Don't worry! (Pia keeps her head on Abhay's shoulders and he hugs her (They then go from there together. T comes out of her hiding place. She thinks, 'Oh my God! This Pia and Abhay are in love with each other? And kept this secret till now from all of us. How tacky! Till now they were acting the drama of enmity and all these while they were having a dirty little affair? And Piya...You are Misha's sister! I would enjoy telling Pia's dirty little secrets to the entire College. But wait wait wait. Maybe this time the smartness is in keeping the secret. Maybe Pia's secret can get in the hands of someone mistake...maybe someone else can ruin Piya's pretty little world...someone who is very angry with Piya...)

Scene moves to Siddharth's Office. Danish is standing near the reception.
Receptionist: You have to wait for some time. (Danish goes and sits on the Sofa. He looks at the name plate of Siddharth Mehra on his Office door. Danish thinks, 'Siddharth Mehra, I know you are hiding something and I will definitely find out. I know there is something wrong with you. You got Panchi but if you play any game with her then there will not be anyone as bad as me.' The Receptionist goes from the room with some files. Danish starts checking the Reception table an drawers in hope that he may get some proof against Siddharth. Danish finds a brown envelope in the name of Siddharth Mehra with Confidential written on it. Danish folds it and puts it inside his shirt. He then goes back to where he was sitting. The Receptionist comes near him and informs that Siddharth is in the lift and would be coming any moment. Danish hides his face with a Magazine when he sees Siddharth. Siddharth walks into the Office talking on his cell, 'I need that Tenders to be passed today, no excuses' He then gets inside his cabin. The girl again comes near him and tell him to wait for a while and goes from there. Danish puts the magazine back on the table and thinks, 'Oh that was close. Maybe I will get some information against Siddharth from this envelope')

Scene moves to the Students cheering up for the College.
Teacher: Guys...guys...This year the name of Mount College should be on that Dance Trophy, Okay? And all these depends on you 4 people (pointing to Kabir-Pia and Abhay-T pairs). Like last year this time if Woman's College win they will be winning the Trophy a third time. So Guys,We have to get the cup home! (The students cheer again) Okay! There is no use of just shouting. We have to prove it. We have to win the Trophy, Okay? Now from the side of Mount College the Producer for this Competition Misha would talk to the team members. (Misha goes to the front to address the students.)
Misha: Abhay and T, You are the best couple of this College...the best dancers...And T, Your grace...your style...your dance will get us a Trophy. Go for it Girl! Kabir, All the best! You need it...
Kabir: Thank you! (Pia looks at Misha with a sad expression as she passes by)
Piya: Kabir, I think Misha . I think she is right. I have been quite distracted for some time. I didn't even come for the practice. Kabir, still there is time. You can change your Partner. I will not feel bad at all...
Kabir: Come on Pia! You are the best dancer of this College. You can give a tough competition to T even without practice. So just chill okay! Moreover, What are you scared off? I am your Partner...Kabir! All the girls in College dies to be my Partner. Where will you get a cool,handsome hot and sexy dancer? Just relax...This time we will win the Trophy and bring it here...because this time you are taking part in the competition.(T overhears the conversation and thinks, 'Oh no no no Kabir, Pia will not win this contest. Piya's name won't come in that Trophy. No bloody way!'

Misha is walking through the College corridor. T calls her from behind but Misha continues walking.
T: Hey Misha...wait...wait...
Misha: What happened?
T: I really appreciate whatever you told on the stage. You said such nice things...
Misha: Whatever T...I was just telling the truth.
T: minute (They stand facing each other)I know you are upset but I also came to know about Piya's truth. Oh my God! She is such a user type. She took advantage of your friendship. Such a gold digger! I was so shocked. I feel so sad for you Misha. I feel that we rich kids should be in one side. These charity cases...they only try to get ahead...and they won't leave anyone! I am so sorry for you Misha...You got! Such a loser...But I am glad that you recognized her real face! But the worst thing is that tomorrow your Parents would come to support her. They should be supporting you instead...And the sad part is that she will be living in your house and would stay in that Tracker's house? And Do you think your Parents gave your room also to Pia?
Misha: How do you know all these T?
T: That is not important Misha. What is important is that we should show Pia her place. We need to show her where she stands...from where she has come and where she should be...And I feel that she can be taught this lesson only by T and Misha's super combo because she cannot make our combined genius lose. So I have a plan. I will call you tomorrow and tell about the Plan. And you don't worry Misha...this gold digger would be sorted.
Abhay practices dance steps with Piya
Scene moves to the Auditorium. Kabir and Piya are practicing their steps. Abahy stands in one corner and watches. The Teacher asks to stop the Music and tells Kabir and Piya that they are doing very good. The Teacher asks where Tanushree is and remarks, 'She thinks she is a Diva or what?'. The Teacher asks Kabir to take a break for sometime and asks Piya to practice the steps with Abhay. Abhay and Piya practice the dance steps together and 2 girls look at them admiringly. Kabir also looks at them but this time it is not hatred or anger in his face but a lost feeling. One girl tells, 'They are so good I tell you. They should be partners' The other girl says, Yeah man, I will go with Kabir but only if Pia goes with Abhay'. Kabir hears this. Abhay and Piya dances closely looking into each other's eyes intensely. Pia and Abhay is having an intimate moment together when T walks into the Auditorium and sees them together. T goes to the couple and pulls Pia away from Abhay telling 'excuse me'. T brings Piya to another corner to talk to her.
T: Miss Pia Jaiswal, You will never be satisfied, right? You have got this habit of eying on and seizing other peoples things.Can't you be happy with what you get? You want little bit more always? You are not satisfied with one Guy that you jumped to another? How sick! Abhay Darling! (T goes from there)
T interferes between the Dancing Couple
Scene moves to Ruhi's room. Misha is throwing her clothes from the suitcase to the Bed. Ruhi is sitting on the Cot and applying nail polish.Tracker takes her clothes and puts in the cupboard. She then sees the CD Panchi had hidden in the Clothes. Tracker puts the CD which was of the Misha's Birthday Party with the Halloween Theme during which Kabir had proposed Pia. The CD had a few family scenes of Misha with Arnab, Madhu and Panchi during the party. After that Misha sees the scene where Arnab is taking pictures of Misha and Pia where Piya is holding the Trophy Misha had given her after winning the Fashion Show. Misha goes and switches off the TV. Ruhi tells her to put it on but Misha tells her that she does not want to see it and throws away the remote control. Tracker is annoyed with Misha and complains. Misha tells that she is giving her a head ache. Misha then receives an SMS from T asking her to meet at the Coffee Shop in 15 minutes regarding the Plan. Misha rushes off from there.

Misha meets T at the Coffee Shop.T tells Misha that she has a fool proof plan to put Pia down in front of everyone and shows a packet of Itching Powder. T tells that Pia would dance in the competition and that Itching powder would make her dance. She tells Misha to put the itching powder in Piya's dress. T reasons with Misha, 'Think...our rivalry in college was good fun...But now we are in the same team. And together we can easily make Pia lose. So what do you think? It is a good Plan... The Charity case played the drama of poor girl and has taken the entire college to her side... Even Panchi is impressed with her...' Misha tells T, 'Give me the powder T and leave the rest to me!' Misha grabs the packet and goes from there. T thinks,' You are a genius T! Piya would get insulted in front of the whole city...and T as usual would save the Colleges name... And if anyone suspects the blame will come on Misha because she put the powder. T does not know anything'.

Scene moves to Mount College. Misha comes to the Costume Room and asks the girl if that is the final costume list. The girl says yes. Misha asks which one are Pia's and T's Costumes. the girl shows the costumes to Misha and goes from there. Misha picks up the Costume meant for T. Misha takes the costume to a Table and puts itching powder on it. Misha thinks, 'Only you can think of something stupid like that T. My fight with Piya is just mine and in that there is no place for Bimbos like you to take advantage. Your tacky bitchiness is welcome to you!' Abhay stands at the door watching Misha with a smile. He thinks, 'Let me see Misha till when your anger won't get cold because I feel that somewhere in your heart you have given Pia a sister's place' (Misha puts back T's Costume on the rack. Abhay goes to her)
Abhay: What are you doing?
Misha: Mind your own Business (Misha walks away)
Abhay: I asked you what you are doing (Misha turns back)
Misha: I said mind your own business. How much will you interfere?...Everyone takes that Pia's side...poor Pia...orphan Pia...oh not so orphan Piya...I am fed up seeing her helpless face...Everybody behaves as if the world's weight is on her shoulders. I mean... whatever Dude..(She turns to go away but stops as if she remembered something) By the way, who are you to ask me all this? (Abhay turns to face Misha. He has a slight smile on his face)
Abhay: Misha, You put itching powder on T's dress, why?
Misha: Abhay, get your eyes checked. I did not do any such thing. Just leave me alone! (Misha walks away. Abhay thinks, 'You could not do anything bad with Pia...You know why Misha? because Pia is very important to you. You are angry and shocked. But your anger will cool down fast and you would also realize soon that you are not angry with Piya but with the situation. Misha, You love Pia too much to hurt her!') Episode ends.

Precap: Arnab asks Misha, 'When are you coming home?' Misha replies, 'I am sorry Sir, I don't have a home. I stay alone and I am fine. But you don't worry. It is a very happy day for you today, is it not? Your daughter would dance.Her new Mom and new Sister would clap for her, Happy Family' Madhu says, 'Misha...' Misha stops her telling, 'Momma don't even try. You hurt me more than hiding his truth. My father lied to best friend lied to me...and you did not do made a mockery of me' Panchi cuts in but Misha takes her frustration on her too by telling, 'Oh...madame Birdie...You finally got a well mannered perfect sister, right? So where is she staying? In my room?'

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