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30th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 320) Jeh sends Alina to College with Bodyguards for her protection

Episode 320 starts with Alina applying lipstick standing in front of the mirror. Jeh enters the room. Alina is wearing a camisole and a miniskirt. Jeh disapproves her dressing and asks her to change. Alina refuses and tells that he has no knowledge of fashion. Jeh tells her that he would tell what to wear and what not to wear. Alina picks her book and starts to go from the room.
Jeh: Wait! Where are you going?
Alina: College...
Jeh: In this clothes?
Alina: Yeah! (Jay asks her to wait and tells her some other people will go with her. He calls for guards and two guys come to the room. Jeh tells her that she is Jeh Khurana's sister who is the most powerful and wealthy in the city and that he does not wish anyone behave ill mannerly towards her. He tells her that the bodyguards would take care of her) Okay... If these jokers are coming with me... I have a condition...
Jeh: What?
Alina: You would not comment about my clothes... Okay?
Jeh: Okay! (Alina goes from there followed by her bodyguards).

Abhay and Pia comes back home after their shopping. Pia puts the Shopping bags down and sits looking gloomy. Abhay sits at her feet on the floor.
Abhay: Pia... I know that you are very upset. And you are angry at me also... But Pia what will I do? I am helpless... I cannot take you there. And this you also know. If we go there... they will kill us.
Pia: I know Abhay... There is no need to feel bad about that. I also do not want to do anything which will cause you or me any harm. Abhay, I am trying to be strong. I will try to make myself understand... It's just that sometimes I remember Mom and Misha a lot. And when I think of Panchi... I just feel like crying. (Abhay keeps his hand on her arm)
Abhay: Pia...relax! You just need time... The time to heal your wounds... And as far as Misha is concerned... You can talk to her by phone also... You can listen to her problems and share her burdens...
Pia: Yeah Abhay... I also thought like that... First I thought that let her call me... But no! I will call her today itself...
Abhay: Alright!

Misha is walking through the Mount College Campus. A girl stops her and talks about the Party. The girl looks at Misha's mehendi and compliments her too. Misha excuses herself from there and resumes walking. She sees Angad and stops him. She asks him why Ruhi has gone to her relatives place when it is her engagement day.
Misha: Today is my engagement and she is in Chennai... I just hate her man...
Angad: Misha... Actually she is gone for some important work... Her family needed her...
Misha: And I am not her family? Don't I need her?
Angad: You are thinking wrong. Before your marriage Ruhi will come back all fit and fine. (Kabir comes there and Misha's expression changes for a minute)
Kabir: Hi... What happened?
Angad: Nothing! We were talking about the party...
Kabir: Oh yeah...The Party would be rocking, right? (Misha smiles) Danish's suit is also ready and it is looking very nice... (Misha smiles. Kabir looks at Angad) Let's go to class?
Angad: yeah!
Misha: Bye! (The Guys say Bye to her. Misha goes from there. Kabir also walks from there. Angad catches up with him and stops him)
Angad: Kabir...At least tell the truth now...
Kabir: What are you talking about?
Angad: You love Misha...and you are not liking it that she is marrying someone else...
Kabir: She is not marrying someone else... but my own Brother... She is getting married to Danish.Angad... There is nothing like what you are thinking. I only told her that I do not love her. And I only convinced her to marry Danish. You chill... Okay? (Kabir pats on Angad's shoulder and goes from there. Angad tells that Kabir does not know to hide his feelings but he can understand Kabir's pain)

Pia is doing painting on a pot. She is irritated that she is not doing a good job. Abhay comes to the room and kneels beside Piya.
Abhay: Can I help you?
Pia: Abhay, Everything is damaged... I am doing everything wrong... (Abhay keeps his hand on her shoulder)
Abhay: Pia... You are doing the painting to remove your stress, right? (Pia nods) So then why are you taking stress about the painting. Relax... Calm down!
Pia: Okay...
Abhay: Let's do it together... (The jointly starts painting and finishes drawing and painting a peacock on the pot. Abhay and Pia reaches for the brush at the same time. Abhay picks her hand and kisses on it. they resume doing the painting and finishes it) Finally! It's not that bad... (Pia makes a joke and they both laugh. Abhay kisses on her forehead and they hug).

Alina is walking through the College Campus followed by her bodyguards. Misha sees her and goes near Alina laughing.
Alina: What happened? Why are you laughing? Is my hair not alright?
Misha: Your hair is alright... But why are you roaming around with these two?
Alina: Don't even ask...Jeh feels that I need bodyguards...
Misha: has Jeh gone mad?
Alina: Yeah... He is gone mad... Anytime he is angry... (Alina tells to Misha that her freedom is gone. Even when she goes to the loo the Guys don't leave her alone)
Misha: You want freedom from this Guys for some time?
Alina: Yeah... Is it possible?
Misha: Wait and watch... Just follow me... Body Guards let's go... (Alina and Misha walks from there followed by the bodyguards.

Misha is near Angad and she whispers something to him. Angad refuses but Misha forces him. Angad comes near Misha and Alina with cool drinks.
Misha: Which one?
Angad: The front two black (Misha picks up the two glasses in the front) Distribute it to others (Angad goes with the tray)
Misha: Everybody treat from me... Cool drinks (Misha goes to the guards and offer the cool drinks) This for you...
Guard: No Madam... We are on duty...
Misha: Alina... look... Your bodyguards are not drinking... just tell them...
Alina: If you people insult my friend, I will tell Brother... Drink!
Misha: Come on... Don't think too much... (The Guys takes the cool drinks from Misha and drinks it. Alina, Misha and Angad watches them with a smile. Kabir comes there and asks what the matter is. Misha tells that some entertainment is going to happen and points to Alina's bodyguards. Misha tells them taht the guys will be sitting in the loo for whole day and laughs. Angad takes credit for it and Misha catches his neck telling that the idea was hers. Angad runs from there. Alina also walks from there. Kabir watches Misha laughing)
Kabir: It's good to see you laughing after so many days.
Misha: Actually today I did something like Misha... See ya... (Misha walks from there)

Abhay comes to the House with a box is hand. He hides it behind him and comes near Pia.
Abhay: I got something for you... a favorite of yours...
Pia: What? (Abhay shows the box)
Abhay: Chocolate cake...
Pia: cake? For what happy occasion?
Abhay: Happiness? Sorrow... You were sad... Your mood was bad... So I thought I will get you chocolate cake... (Pia smiles) And anyways... hearing the word chocolate a smile comes on your face... (Pia smiles. Abhay keeps the box in front of Pia and goes from there to fetch plates. Pia is calling , 'Birdy... Birdy... Panchi...Don't know where she is gone' Misha comes there. She says, 'Pia... Birdy is gone... She is no more!' Pia comes back to senses. She thinks, 'What is happening with me? I heard the call of Misha and Birdie... Is God trying to tell me something? What does God want of me? Does my sister need me? What do I do?' Pia touches the Cake Box. She says in mind, 'I miss you Panchi... I am remembering you a lot... Wish you were here. I cannot handle Misha alone... Whatever is happening... why is it happening? But what can I do? Should I go back to Mom and my sister... or be here and ignore everything which reminds me of you'. Abhay comes back and sees Pia gloomy. He thinks, 'For the past few days you have become so silent Pia...Maybe you are missing your family a lot'.
Abhay: Pia... (He keeps the plates on the table and kneels on the floor. He takes the Cake out of the Box and gives Pia the knife to cut the cake. Pia cuts a small piece and feeds Abhay. Abhay takes a small bite and offers the rest to Pia who eats it).
Pia: Thank you so much Abhay... This really was a very nice surprise. (Abhay keeps his hand on Pia's shoulder)
Abhay: Pia... You are alright?
Pia: yeah...I am perfectly fine...
Abhay: You look lost...
Pia: No actually the pressure at College for studies is too much... I just get tired...
Abhay: Are you sure?
Pia: yeah... Abhay...I have to go and study... I have lot of work to do... Exams are also near... So I will just go...yeah?
Abhay: okay...
Piya: And Thank you so much... It was lovely! (Pia gets up and goes from there. Abhay thinks, 'Exams are after 3 months... You are worried about some other thing. I can't see you like this. But what you wish we both know that it is not possible. I am sorry Pia... You are worried because of me... But what can I do? I am helpless... I cannot do anything. Please forgive me!')

At the Khurana House, Jeh is sitting near the fire place looking into a file. A Guy comes near him.
Jeh: Come... I was waiting for you... Please sit... (The Guy sits on the chair) And I hope you have got some information this time...
Guy: I am sorry Sir till now...
Jeh: Till now what?
Guy: Till now we have not got any news...
Jeh: No news? (Jeh shouts at the Guy for not been able to find anything )
Guy: But Sir... The person whom you are searching... That person has vanished in such a manner... He does not have a Bank Card... or ration card...
Jeh: Listen!If it would have been that easy I would not have been paying lakhs of Rupees to your Company. (Jeh gets up) Three days... I am giving you 3 days...I am going out of town for 3 days... and by the time I return I want all information about Abhay. (The Guys gets up and nods) I want to know everything! How much ever money is needed... How much ever persons is needed... I need the information... by hook or crook.
Guy: Yes Sir! (The Guy goes from there. Jeh is determined to find Abhay and finish him).

Danish is looking at Panchi's photo and talking to her, ' Panchi... I do not know what ever is happening is right or if you will be happy. But after you went...and after Uncle went... your Mom or Misha needed support. I don't know Panchi if I am coming in between Misha and Kabir by saying yes to marriage... Kabir is saying that he does not love Misha... but I am not able to understand what he is saying...What has happened Panchi? Where have you gone? I know I am ruining three lives by saying yes to marriage. Will I and Misha be able to be happy ever? We will spend all life in your memories and remembrance... How can I forget you Panchi? You are my first and last love'. Danish kisses on the Photo.

Pia is sitting alone lost in thoughts. Abhay looks her from the door and feels sad. Abhay goes from there. Pia suddenly hears the sound of shattering glass. She gets up from the chair and runs to the Kitchen calling Abhay's name. Abhay is lying on the floor writhing in pain holding on to one arm. Pia goes near him and tries to lift him up.
Pia: Oh my God... Abhay... what happened? What will I do? Shall I call the Doctor?
Abhay: Pia... Just 5 more days... after that I will become a human fully... This is my pain... I will bear it... Just go Pia...
Pia: No Abhay...It is the same for 3 months... I cannot see you in pain like this...
Abhay: Pia... Just go...This pain I will have to bear... There is no need for you to see me in pain like this...Go
Pia: Abhay...
Abhay: Pia, Go! (Abhay pushes her. Pia goes from there) Just go... (Abhay grinds his teeth in pain) Episode ends.

PreCap: Misha is talking to Alina over phone. She tells Alina that she should come to the Engagement Party.

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29th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 319) Madhu informs Pia that Misha is getting Engaged to Danish Singh

Jeh fires his Personal Assistant
Episode 319 starts with Madhu Dobriyal sitting at the Dobriyal House Hall looking into a photo of herself with Arnab, Danish and Panchi. She has tears in her eyes. She says in mind, 'It is 3 months now. Where have you gone Arnab? You know... You did not do good by leaving me alone like this. Today I have to take the biggest and difficult decision of my family. Am I doing wrong? Am I right? Who will make me understand? Who will tell me? I need you today Arnab. Where are you? Where have you gone?' Madhu's mobile phone rings and she attends the call from Piya.
Madhu: Hello!
Pia: Hi Momma...
Madhu: Hi Pia... (Pia is sitting on a Sofa)
Pia: Momma... Today I am very very happy. And if you hear the news you also will be very happy.
Madhu: Really? What happened dear?
Pia: Momma... Momma, Today Abhay and I have decided to get married...
Madhu: What?
Pia: Momma... You know he proposed me...very very cutely...
Madhu: Dear... By giving this news you have given me a lot of happiness... I also want to give you a happy news...
Pia: Really? What is it Momma?
Madhu: Dear...Misha has agreed for the engagement (Pia is surprised and happy)
Pia: Oh my God...Really? I don't believe it Momma... Misha and my marriage together... I am so happy!
Madhu: Pia... Misha has agreed to marry Danish... (Pia is shocked hearing it)
Pia: What?

Abhay tells Piya that they cannot go to Dehradun
It is night. Pia enters a room.
Pia: Abhay, Misha is getting married... (Abhay is sitting at the Dining Table)
Abhay: That is great news. Finally Misha and Kabir is getting married...
Pia: Danish... Misha is getting married to Danish... (Abhay is shocked)
Abhay: Danish? (Abhay gets up from the chair and goes near Pia) Misha is getting married to Danish... but why?
Pia: I don't know... Misha loves Kabir... They were meant for each other... There is definitely some reason otherwise Misha would never do it... I don't think everything is alright at home... I want to go to Dehradun... I want to go...
Abhay: Pia... Pia listen! If Misha has taken the decision there is some reason behind it. You speak to Misha over phone... Ask her...
Pia: No... She would never tell me the truth over phone... Of course there is some reason why she is doing this... I need to talk to her. Abhay, We will have to go to Dehradun. Please... I want to go there... (Abhay places his hands on Pia's shoulder)
Abhay: Pia... Pia... Pia, you know that Dehradun is not safe for us. It is too dangerous for us. We cannot go there even if we wish to...
Pia: I know Abhay... Going to Dehradun is very dangerous for you...
Abhay: I am sorry Pia but from the time I have become human dangers have increased there for us. And I along with myself do not wish to put your life in danger again and again.
Pia: I understand Abhay...
Abhay: I am sorry Pia...
Pia: It's okay... Abhay... Now I am going to sleep... Tomorrow I have to reach College early.
Abhay: Goodnight!
Pia: Goodnight (Pia goes from there. Abhay thinks, 'I am sorry Pia. I know that you want to go to Misha. But no... I cannot take you there...I cannot put you in danger Piya... Please forgive me!')

Chand and Haseena are standing in the middle of a triangle made with candle lights around them. A hooded Vampire comes there.
Vampire: How are our cheating friends?
Chand: We are with you... How can you do this to us?
Vampire: What did you think? That we will forget your betrayal? You joined with our enemies and attacked against our leader... You gave life to your son with the potion... and you did not think even once that you have some responsibilities towards us also... And after that you gave the opportunity to your son to run away from us...
Haseena: What ever happened... there are reasons behind that. You have just kept us captured like this... Just let us go please...
Vampire: No! Without hunting... without blood... you two will become weak... Slowly your thirst would finish you...This is what we wish... (The Vampire goes from there)
Chand: Haseena... We did good by sending Abhay away from here...These people were never with us. If Abhay would have been here they would have killed him...

At the Dobriyal House the preparations for Engagement are going on. Misha is standing on a corner wearing a pretty salwar kammez. A girl comes to Misha and tells her to start putting Mehendi as it is her engagement. Misha shows a dot of mehendi on her hand and tells that she has already put it. The girl argues that it is not enough. Misha tells her that she has put the 'shagun ka mehendi' and asks the girl not to eat her brains. The girl goes from there. Madhu who was talking to guests goes near Misha.
Madhu: Mish... There is still time... You want to get engaged or not... If you do not want to do... I will handle the situation and send all this people home... But why are you giving me pain by doing all this? Everyone is seeing your behavior and asking me if Misha is not happy with the marriage...
Misha: Everyone knows how Misha is... It is nothing new...If you do not add fuel to the fire... It will stop there.
Madhu: Misha dear... Now I am even more alone than earlier... Don't talk to me like this... have pity on me... For my sake please cheer up... Please Misha...(Madhu goes from there. Misha recalls Panchi regaining consciousness and saying her last wish to Misha that she should never leave Danish's side if anything happens to Panchi before dying. Misha goes to the girls who are putting Mehendi and shows her hands. She tells them to put bridal mehendi for her on full hands. Madhu is happy seeing this).

Khurana Industries Office. A Car comes and stops. Security Guy opens the back door. A Guy gets out dressed in Business suit. The sunlight blinds the view of his face. The Guy confidently walks from there. The Receptionist wish the Guy Good Morning. It is Jeh. He wishes her back and tells her that he wants his PA in the conference room in five minutes. Jeh walks into the Office. A Guy enters the room and wishes him. Jeh asks him about his schedule. The Guy looks into a file and tells Jeh about his schedule. Jeh informs him that all his appointments for the day are cancelled. He tells him that a client personally called and informed him. Jeh: If Mehra does your work... Who will do your work? Get out! You are fired... (Jeh sits on the chair)
Guy: Sir...
Jeh: I said you are fired... (Jeh looks into the file in front of him)
Guy: But Sir I... (Jeh points his fingers to the door without looking at the Guy)
Jeh: Get out Abhay!
Guy: Sir my name is Rahul (Jeh realizes that he unconsciously took Abhay's name)
Jeh: Whoever you are... I said Get out... (The Guy goes from there. Jeh calls someone on the intercom and tells that he needs a new PA. He then throws the file on the table down in anger).

College... The Teacher enters the Classroom. Everyone wishes her. Abhay and Pia are sitting in the front row but different benches. The Teacher asks if they all have done their assignments. Pia puts her head down. the Teacher asks her where her papers are. Pia gets up.
Pia: Mam...
Teacher: You did not get time... That is your excuse, right? What rubbish!
Abhay: Mam... One minute... (Abhay gets up with a bunch of papers and goes to the teacher. He gives the paper to the Teacher) This is Pia's assignment. She forgot to take the print out.
Teacher: Okay... (Pia smiles. Abhay goes back to his seat. On his way back he smiles at Pia and winks at her. They both sit on their benches)

Danish is sitting in the bed. Kabir comes in calling his name. Kabir shows a Sherwani to Danish and informs him that it is the Sherwani for his engagement. He asks Danish how it is.
Kabir: Tell...
Danish: Come here... Sit with me (Kabir puts the Sherwani aside and sits near Danish)
Kabir: What is it dear?
Danish: Are you happy with this engagement?
Kabir: Of course I am happy. Why won't I be happy... It is my Brothers engagement. I have to be happy, right?
Danish: Look Kabir! I know that you love Misha so much...
Kabir: No dear... Who told you? I use to love Misha... What do you say... It was an infatuation... it ended... You are... Get ready fast... Your fiancee is waiting for you... (Kabir gets up and walks from there. He stops without turning. He has a sad expression on his face) I have lot of work. I will have to arrange the Party after the engagement also...)
Danish: I hope you are telling me the truth...
Kabir: Of course! (Kabir wipes his eye) Why will I tell you lie? Okay... I will see you in a while... (Kabir goes from the room.

Abhay and Pia enters their house.
Pia: I will make something for you... (Abhay recalls Pia's cooking efforts)

Abhay looks at Pia's burnt Pasta
Flashback: Something is burning and Abhay goes to the Kitchen.
Abhay: Pia...(Abhay looks at the burnt food and smiles)
Pia: One thing I am making food for you and you are laughing at me? (Abhay keeps his hand on Pia's shoulders)
Abhay: What are you making?
Pia: Pasta... But it has burned... (Abhay takes a spoon and tries to taste. Pia stops him) You can't eat it... It is burned. You can't eat... (Pia looks gloomy. Abhay turns her towards him)
Abhay: Pia... Pia... Maybe you are forgetting that I have not eaten human food for ages. Whatever you give... I will eat without complaining... (Pia smiles) I will feel good also...
Pia: Really?
Abhay: Yeah!
Pia: Abhay... How sweet you are...
Abhay: That I am... (Pia hugs him and he hugs her back with a smile)

Abhay is sitting at the Table. Pia keeps a plate with Bread in front of him. Abhay looks at her.
Pia: Sorry Abhay... I was not feeling like making anything...
Abhay: No Pia... You made with your own hands... It will be good... (Pia smiles. Abhay holds her hand) Sit... eat with me...
Pia: No Abhay... I have to prepare for the test... I am not hungry... (Pia withdraws her hand and goes from there. Abhay thinks, 'Pia if you do not eat, how can I eat? No Pia... I cannot see you sad like this... But what you wish... I cannot do that... Going back to that city means embracing death...'. Abhay gets lost in thought)

Abhay and Pia comes to a Cloth Shop. Abhay tells that he has plenty of clothes. Pia asks the Shop keeper for bright color shirts.
Pia: I am fed up of seeing you in black clothes. Now I will take those clothes which a fiancee will buy... All the bright colors... (Abhay smiles. Pia hears a conversation between a Mother and daughter. Hearing the small girl's name ... Misha... Pia says in mind, 'Misha, Forgive me! I am so far from you... I miss you...' Abhay taps on her shoulder and shows two shirts )
Abhay: Pia... Which one? This or this?
Pia: Both... (Abhay puts the shirts on the counter)
Abhay: Give Both!

Jeh is in the Office sitting with eyes closed. Some one knocks.
Jeh: Come in! (A Guy enters and informs Jeh of his appointments) 5'o'clock? What is the date today?
Guy: Sir... November 29...
Jeh: November 29... (Jeh signals the Guy to go and he goes off. Jeh says, 'Five more days... and 6th full moon day...That day will be your end Abhay... The day you will become an ordinary human... I want to see your end...' Jeh looks determined and angry). Episode ends

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28th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 318) Abhay proposes to Pia

Piya agrees to marry Abhay
Episode 318 starts with Pia and Abhay in the Jungle hugging.
Abhay: Pia, This Jungle knows everything about me. Every secret of truth... (Pia withdraws from the hug)... Every part of my life...everything! And you remember? (Abhay cups her face with his hand) I met you for the first time in this Jungle... (Pia smiles) And many ages ago my Parents...Chand and Hasina Raichand... gave me a new life. They gave a dying human a new life. And I... like a coward... is leaving them in the midst of enemies and going...
Pia: No Abhay... Abhay, There is a big wall between you and your Parents. And you cannot go there...
Abhay: No Pia...There is no wall... They have brought me up like a son for these many years... ages... And in return I cheated them. No Piya... I cannot go without meeting them. I will have to see them... I have to meet them...
Pia: No Abhay... Abhay, You are a human and they are monsters. Your place is not there Abhay... You cannot go!
Abhay: No! No Pia... I have to meet them one time...
Pia: No Abhay...
Abhay: Pia... I need to go... I have to meet them...
Pia: Abhay you... (Abhay rushes from there. Pia goes behind calling his name)

A Car stops suddenly. Chand and Hasina are on it.
Hasina: What happened Chand?
Chand: Abhay... (Hasina closes her eyes and sees Abhay running. She telepathically communicates with him)
Hasina: Abhay... (Abhay stops. Hasina opens her eyes) To save you from human death... We made you like us. But now you have become a human and... (Abhay communicates to her telepathically)
Abhay: No Mom... Don't say like that... (Chand closes his eyes and communicates to Abhay)
Chand: You have now gone away from us Abhay... Now you cannot come back to our World. (Abhay answers)
Abhay: I am your son... and that is my truth... I cannot leave you and go...
Haseena: You have to go Abhay... You have to go... Pia and you have waited long to be one... And now when you are together you cannot turn back.
Chand: Abhay... You will always stay Abhay Raichand... the son of Chand and Hasina... Abhay... (Chand looks at Hasina with a slight smile. Hasina smiles too. Chand drives the Car from there).

Pia comes near Abhay who is standing with a gloomy face.
Pia: Abhay... Abhay...
Abhay: Pia... They have gone!
Pia: I am sorry... I am sorry Abhay...
Abhay: We will have to go Pia...
Pia: Abhay you go... I have some important work... I will meet you where we met the first the four way street (Abhay walks from there)

Alina is looking into a paper.
Jeh: Alina, What is in it? Alina tell... what is written in it? What can this potion do?
Alina: This Potion can give human life only to a monster... a new and clear life. But in his human life also he can feel his powers...but only till some time.
Jeh: Alina... How much time? And what powers?
Alina: Abhay will not lose his Vampire powers...Till the next 6 full moon days he will feel his vampire powers in his life... (Jeh smiles)
Jeh: Abhay... you can do nothing to me with your powers... I am sure Abhay Raichand is feeling his death near him. Six full moon nights and the end of Abhay Raichand... (Jeh grinds his teeth)

Pia comes out of the City Care Hospital followed by Misha.
Pia: Misha... (Pia shakes her) Misha... What happened?
Misha: Panchi...
Piya: What happened to Panchi... What happened?
Misha: Pia... Panchi is dead... She is gone...
Pia: What? Panchi is dead... (Pia closes her eyes with her hand)
Misha: Pia please... You don't cry... I need you Pia... Mom needs you... (The sisters hug and cry)
Pia: Misha... I am very bad...This much happened and I was not with you...I am so bad Misha... I came to say you that... Misha... The Potion worked... Abhay is like us now... a human... But Misha ... I was so engrossed in my world that I forgot that I have a family... I feel so bad that I did not do anything for Panchi... I am a bad sister Misha... (Pia cries)
Misha: Pia please... Don't be so hard on yourself... You were trying to save him... I know that...
Pia: No Misha...I will go and tell him that I am not going with him... I am with you... (Pia turns to go. Misha stops her)
Misha: Listen to me... Just listen okay? Pia... I never thought that my life will change... I never thought that I will have to stay without my family... When everything goes on alright we feel that life will continue being like that... But see... Panchi died... and in a minute our life changed...
Misha: No! Pia, Life is unpredictable. We cannot say what happens next. You don't know what is going to happen. Life is too short. And you finally got your love...You guys are finally together... Please Pia... Don't let this happiness go... Just hold on to it, okay? Just don't give it up...
Misha: No Pia... I am not going to listen to you... I have already lost one sister... I want to see my second sister happy... Abhay and you belong together. And seeing you people together maybe we will be also happy... We need that Pia...Please... And as far as the family is concerned... I am here... I am super strong... I will handle everything... You will see that when you come back... everything is fine...But please Pia... Don't give this up. Just go live your life... Please!
Pia: Misha... Misha... I am really going to miss you.
Misha: Don't worry... You can phone me and we can chat non stop... (The sisters hug again. Pia leaves from there as Misha looks on)

Abhay is waiting for Pia. He recalls their meeting the first time. Pia walks towards him. They recall their moments together. Both of them meet in front of the tea shop where they have met and parted earlier.
Abhay: Let's go!
Pia: Together... (They hold hands and walk from there)
Tea Shop Guy: Someone has told the truth... What is written cannot be changed... Years before two of them where destined to meet... years ago both chose their separate paths... and today both have reached the same destination... (The Guys sitting around nods their heads) It was written in destiny...

Three months later in Mumbai... Pia is walking with books in hand. She thinks, 'It is three months since we reached Mumbai. And first time I have spend the whole day without you...' She walks into a building and comes near the lift. She thinks, 'From morning I have not even talked to you on phone. Where are you Abhay?' She drops her book and picks it up. Pia gets into the lift and then comes out. She gets into a room calling Abhay's name.
Pia: Abhay... Abhay, Where are you? (She thinks, 'What happened to me? I cannot tolerate even one moment spend without Abhay... (She drops next text book on the table and goes to a Bedroom calling his name. Suddenly rose petals fall on her head. Abhay comes and stands in front of her) Abhay, What was all this? (Abhay makes her sit on the Cot and kneels on the ground with the ring to propose her. Pia smiles)
Abhay: I wanted to ask a Question...
Piya: What Question Abhay? (Abhay shows her the ring in the box)
Abhay: Will you marry me?
Pia: No... (Abhay closes the box)
Abhay: Why?
Pia: Because you did not come to College with me... And in the College some very handsome Guys proposed to me... So now I have very good choice...
Abhay: Who are those Guys?
Pia: What do you want to do? You are also in that list... Don't be gloomy...
Abhay: Gloomy? (He urns to go. Pia catches his hand) Abhay... Go after marriage... Don't go now... (Abhay smiles) You saved those Guys otherwise...
Pia: Sssshh! Now only I told you that I will marry you... So don't ruin this moments by talking about hitting and killing. Don't you know Abhay? I can never love anyone else other than you... (Abahy nods no) I love you Abhay... I will marry you... (Abhay makes Pia wear the ring. Pia smiles)
Abhay: I love you Pia... (They hug)

At the Dobriyal House Misha is sitting on the sofa texting someone.  Madhu is sitting next to her. A Jeweler is also there are there are many jewelry sets displayed on the table. Madhu shows a set to Misha and tells that she might like it. Misha does not look at the jewelry and answers with no interest.
Misha: Mom... You buy what you want to buy.
Madhu: How can that be son? The engagement is yours... Jewelry you should be selecting...
Misha: Momma... You know that I have no interest in buying Jewelry. I will happily get engaged like this... in shirt and pant... What you want to do you do... I am okay with your choice... I am totally okay with it... Seriously! (Misha's mobile rings) Excuse me! (She goes from there. Madhu thinks, ' Wish I could understand your heart Misha').

Kabir is looking at some sherwani's. He asks the Guy who was showing him the Sherwani's to keep it there. The Guy goes from the room. Kabir's father enters the room.
Kabir's Dad: Kabir... son... I want to talk something to you...
Kabir: Tell me Dad...
Kabir's Dad: Are you happy with this engagement? Do you think you have taken the right decision?
Kabir: I told you earlier also... The decision is mine... So there is nothing to think in it...
Kabir's Dad: Look son... I am your Dad... I will have to ask you...
kabir: Dad... dad... I know what you are trying to tell me... But now the decision is made... and the engagement would happen...I will see you in a while... I have lot of work... I will see you... (Kabir leaves the room. Mr Rathore thinks, 'Wish I know what is going on in his mind.

Pia tells Abhay that she wants to inform Madhu and Misha about their decision to marry
Pia is sitting with a smile on her face. Abhay enters the room.
Abhay: Pia... What are you thinking?
Pia: Abhay... I was remembering that day when we came here first time... It is 3 months since we came here... (Flashback: Abhay and Pia gets down from an Auto with there luggage. They open a door and Abhay is about to step inside. Pia tells him,' No... first put the right foot forward... it is auspicious'... Abhay picks Pia up and walks into the room where furniture is kept all covered. He puts her down and cups her face with his hand and tells her, 'This is our new house... meaning your house...' She replies, 'Abhay you know... I am so happy... Before this I was never in any place which is just yours and mine... This is our small world'. Abhay cups her face with both hands and kisses on her forehead. They hug. They together makes the house livable) Abhay... I will call Mom and Misha and tell them that we have decided to get married. They will be very happy hearing it.
Abhay: yes Piya... They will be very happy to hear this (Pia holds on to Abhay's arm and leans on to his shoulder) Episode ends

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yash Gera makes his Bollywood Debut with Ussey Kya ho Jayega

Yash Gera in Ussey Kya ho Jayega
Yash Gera, whom many of the Pyar ki yeh ek Kahani viewers, fondly refer to as 'Shankar' or 'Pintoo' has made his Bollywood Debut as lead actor in the Movie 'Ussey Kya ho Jayega' which is based on a novel of the same name written by Ashesh Sharma. The Actor on an Interview with me for Bollygraph, a site which reports latest Bollywood news admitted that he auditioned for the role of the film while he was still acting in PKYEK. So, Is the Movie reason why the Actor quit Pyaar kii ye ek Kahaani? Check out my Interview with Yash Gera where he talks in detail about his Bollywood Debut. Let's wish this Actor all Success!

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Friday, November 25, 2011

25th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 317) Arnab Dobriyal bids Good Bye to his Family

Episode 317 starts with the Vampire superior informing Abhay Raicahnd that he is no more a Vampire like us but a weak human. Abhay, Pia, Chand, Haseena, Jeh and Alina are shocked by the revelation. Alina breaks free of the Vampire who was holding her and runs to Jeh. She holds on his arm.
Alina: Brother... We have to go from here...Come fast... Please! (Alina and Jay runs from there)
Vampire Superior: Catch her! Alina has the potion... Catch... Surrender that potion to us! (All the hooded Vampires including the Vampire Superior runs from there. Chand and Hasina comes near Abhay and Pia)
Chand: Pia... You take Abhay and go from here...
Pia: And both of you?
Hasina: We are here... Go! (Abhay and Pia goes from there)

Arnab comes to the City Care Hospital followed by the Vampire.
Vampire: Go and meet your family... Remember if you don't come out in 5 minutes then... (Arnab nods. He thinks that after catching one glimpse of his family he is willing to even die. Arnab goes inside as the Vampire waits outside the gate. Arnab stands at the door of Panchi's room and looks at her lying on the bed with life support systems connected to her. Madhu is sitting near the bed and Misha is standing next to her consoling her. Arnab says in mind, 'Mish...I know that you are my daring daughter... You will handle everyone... your sisters and your Mother... Panchi, Nothing will happen to you. I know Pia and Abhay will save you...Just you won't be able to see your father a last time. Madhu...I am leaving you once again and going without telling you...You should forgive me... I know that your heart is very big... Your will forgive me and forget my mistakes... Just remember my love...I love you all... I love you...'. The Vampire keeps his hands on Arnab's shoulder and takes him from there).

Abhay and Piya are running. They stop.
Pia: Abhay, I know you are tired Abhay... You are a human Abhay... Abhay... I know what happened today... Today between us...
Abhay: Between us... (Abahy keeps his hands on Pia's shoulders)the boundaries are gone but...
Pia: But what Abhay? Now no more... Now you cannot make any excuse to stay away from me... No body will separate us... No body...
Abhay: Yeah Pia... I have become worthy of you... But I have cheated on my people and family... I am standing here as a human but I have left them to live their cursed lives... in between enemies...
Pia: But now you are a human Abhay...Now you do not have the strength to face them all. You are a human and you have human weaknesses also...
Abhay: But Pia... They are my Parents... I was dead several ages ago... They have given me a new life... And I... I cheated on them... I left them there to fight with that enemies. And after doing this all... how can I face them Pia?
Pia: Abhay, as a son you have always done your responsibilities... But Abhay now that is not your life... Now this is your life... And you have to live this life Abhay...
Abhay: Pia... You are my all...
Pia: And you mine Abhay...
Abhay: I love you Pia
Piya: I love you too! (They hug)

The Vampires come in front of Jeh and Alina. The Werewolves are standing behind Jeh and Alina.
Vampire Superior: Catch them! And capture the potion from Alina... (Jeh stands in front of Alina. The Vampires and Werewolves have a fight. Chand and Hasina looks on. Maithili is enjoying the fight. Jeh falls down and is surrounded by Vampires. Alina interferes.
Alina: Stop it! Stop this fight! (Chand lifts his hand.)
Chand: Stop! (The Vampires stop but they still have their hands on Jeh's neck) There is nop use fighting with each other (Jeh pushes the Vampires away)
Vampire Superior: These are werewolves Chand... our sworn enemies...
Chand: You are talking of which time? It is all in the past... How much they are our enemy we are theirs too... We stole the potion, right? (Maithili is annoyed by the lecture and turns her face) We were always powerful than them. We were always more powerful...
Haseena: This is all happening because of Maithili... She has awaken the enmity again by coming back. She joined with Siddharth and got your Brother killed.
Maithili: I wished this only...
Chand: If anyone goes that is Maithili... She broke all the laws of our clan. Man eater... killed our people... So if anyone has to go... it is Maithili...
Maithili: And Maithili is so powerful that none among you can do anything to me...I am Maithili... the most powerful of all... (Vampire Superior laughs)
Vampire Superior: This is your misunderstanding Maithili...

Abhay and Pia are standing near Panchi's bed in the Hospital.
Abhay: Pia... Panchi is in a very bad condition...
Pia: Abhay... please do something...please!
Abhay: No Piya... I cannot do anything. My Vampire powers have gone...
Pia: Don't tell like that... For the sake of Panchi... Please at least try... Abhay please... Try... please Abhay...
Abhay: Okay... Maybe I could do something...(Abhay goes near Panchi and runs his hand above her face by closing his eyes trying to evoke his powers. Nothing happens and Abhay withdraws his hands). Forgive me Piya! I cannot do anything. All my powers are gone. Now I am just a human. (Pia sits by Panchi and cries)
Pia: I thought that I would save and after that you would make Panchi alright. But I was so wrong. I could not do anything for Panchi. (Pia cries)
Abhay: Pia...Forgive me!
Pia: No Abhay... It's not your fault... You are very good. I could not do anything for my sister. Sorry Panchi... I am really sorry! (Abhay looks around)
Abhay: Pia... Pia, We have to go from here...
Pia: No! Panchi?
Abhay: Before someone sees us... Come! (Abhay and Pia goes from there)

Chand: Jeh... now you people can go...
Vampire Superior: Now this battle is amongst us... We will handle Maithili by ourselves. You can take your people and go from here. (Jeh, Alina and the werewolves walk from the room. Maithili stops them)
Maithili: No! No one will go from here... Till I am here I will not let anyone go from here...
Jeh: Brother fast...The potion is with me... we can win over her...
Vampire Superior: No need to listen to her...You can go from here... Go! (Jeh and gang goes from there as Maithili looks angrily)

Kabir, Misha, Danish and Madhu are sitting on the chairs in the Hospital corridor. Misha gets up and goes to drink water. The Doctor comes there and all of them get up.
Danish: Doctor... How is Panchi...
Doctor: I am sorry... We tried a lot... But we could not save Panchi... (Glass falls from Misha's hands and breaks. Madhu sits on the chair in shock. Kabir runs to Misha)
Danish: Lies! You are telling lies (Doctor puts his hand on Danish's shoulder. Kabir goes and keeps a hand on Misha's shoulder. Madhu is sitting still as if she have lost her senses).
Doctor: I am sorry. I could not do any thing. I could not save Panchi's life... I am sorry! (The Doctor taps on Danish's shoulder. Tears fall from Madhu's eyes. The Doctor goes from there. Danish recalls his happy times with Panchi. He remembers Panchi feeding him soup. He recalls him telling her that he loves her and Panchi telling him that she loves him too. Danish recalls them dancing at their engagement party and his vow to her after making her wear the engagement ring. The hospital attendants bring Panchi's body in front of them. All of them go close to her dead body. Madhu hugs Panchi and cries).
Misha: Birdie... Birdie wake up! Birdie get up birdie... (Misha continues to urge Panchi to get up. Misha is in a denial mode and tells them all that Panchi is alright. Danish also keeps calling Panchi's name).

Jeh stops near a tree and keeps his hand on the tree. Alina keeps her hand on Jeh's shoulder.
Alina: What happened Brother?
Jeh: Everything has ended Alina...
Alina: What are you saying Brother?
Jeh: Pia... She is with Abhay... and he is also a human like her... He is not a monster like me... No body could separate them...
Alina: Brother... Pia was always Abhay's . It is we who came in between.
Jeh: And we lost a lot of things... our Mom... our Brother... and everything because of Abhay... I will not let him go that easily...He has to pay for everything... I will not let him go...
Alina: Brother... Please don't tell like that...Everyone would burn in this fire of revenge... and you yourself made an understanding with the vampires...
Jeh: I did not make any understanding with them... There was no pact... If I got out of there it was only to save you all... Abhay and my enmity is of yours... Which was always there... is there and will remain. I will not let him go that easily. I will not let this story end that fast.

Maithili: You can do nothing to me. I will finish you all. I am Princess Maithili. (The Vampires move towards Mythili. Maithili reveals her Vampire eyes and fangs. Chand and Hasina just watches them. The Vampires extend their hands and stakes appear in their hands. They aim the stakes towards her. Maithili is shocked. She thinks, 'This people have tantrik weapons in their hands...No... It cannot happen... The Vampire superior throws a stake towards Maithili and it gets stuck on her stomach. Chand has a calm expression on his face while Hasina smiles. Maithili falls on the floor holding on to the stake on her stomach)
Maithili: Abhayendre... (Chand and Hasina looks at each other. Maithili's head falls back on the ground. After some time Maithili's body vanishes from there leaving the stake on the ground).

Abhay and Pia are at the Jungle.
Abhay: Pia... Today really I got a new life... and from today I am going to start a new life forgetting everything. (Abhay walks towards Pia). And in that new life only you will be there (Abhay cups Pia's face with his hands)...I will be there and our love... and other than that no body would be there...(They hug again)
Pia: Abhay... and now will start
Abhay and Pia : Pyar ki yeh ek Kahani... (Episode ends)

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

24th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 316) Abhay Raichand loses his Vampire powers and becomes human

Episode 316 starts with Abhay moving his hand and feet as he lay inside the coffin. Maithili and Jeh comes near the Raichand House. They see a bunch of Vampires standing outside Raichand House.
Jeh: Maithili... Here a lot of Vampires are together. We cannot face them alone.
Maithili: No Jeh... We will have to go inside. I cannot let that Pia win. I am going inside. They cannot do anything to me. I need that potion.
Jeh: Alright Maithili... Ten minutes... If you do not come out in 10 minutes I will come inside.
Maithili: Alright! Ten minutes...(Maithili goes near the Vampires. Jeh hides himself)
Vampire Superior: Maithili... What are you doing outside? You were inside...
Maithili: And that girl made a fool of you all... The girl who is inside is not me...but Pia... A human who loves Abhayendre...
Vampire Superior: You are telling Lies! This is some game of you...
Mythili: My games are not this childish. You all have left Abhayendre inside with a human... such a human who loves Abhayendre. That girl has the potion and if Abhayendre wakes up today who will finish us all.
Vampire Superior: That cannot happen! Break the door... Finish that girl! (The Vampires go from there)

Inside the room, Alina and Pia are standing.
Alina: Pia, I feel that people has come. You go near Abahy. I will stand near the door and stop them.
Piya: Okay! (She rushes to Abhay's side) Abhay... Get up! Abhay we need you... Abhay! (The Vampires knocks on the door).
Alina: Piya... They have come here... (The Vampires knock the door continuously) Pia... They are coming...
Pia: Abhay... Get up! (Alina pushes the door from inside to stop the Vampires from coming in) Abhay...
Alina: Pia... They have come... (Vampires pushes open the door and gets inside the room along with Maithili)
Vampire Superior: Surround this place from all the four sides... (The Vampires catch hold of Alina and she struggles to free herself) This human should not be able to escape from here.
Pia: Abhay... (Maithili looks at Pia in anger. Pia is shaking Abhay. Maithili briskly walks to Pia and pushes her)
Maithili: I should have killed you earlier itself. You are responsible for everything. I got Abhayendra killed. What do you think? You will come here and make him alive?
Vampire Superior: Alina is our enemy. She dared to come here. Today we will not let her go alive from here... (Alina is struggling to free herself from the hold of the Vampires. She has the potion in her hand. Maithili looks at Alina rudely. Pia keeps her hand on Abhay's forehead)
Pia: Abhay... Get up! Abhay please...
Maithili: Shut up! I hate this stubbornness of yours... What do you think of yourself? You are a normal human... You are nothing in front of me...
Alina: Leave me!
Pia: Abhay... Get up! Please Abhay... For me... (Maithili sends daggers with her eyes to Pia. Alina's face suddenly lights up)
Alina: Pia... Abhay... (Pia sees Abhay regaining consciousness)
Pia: Abhay... (Abhay opens his eyes slowly. Pia cups his face. Maithili is angry)

Jeh is waiting outside. He comes out from behind the bushes. He says, 'It's more than 10 minutes since Maithili has gone inside... I will have to go inside before you finish the entire game...' Jeh telepathically communicates to his gang and they all join him.
Jeh: The time has come. We will have to enter the house of the Raichands and attack them. Otherwise that potion will go out of our hands forever. We will ahve to kill them all. No one should escape.
Werewolf: Pia? (Jeh recalls Pia's betrayal)
Jeh: Pia too! (Jeh walks towards the Raichand House followed by his gang of werewolves)

Arnab Dobriyal is kept captive in a room. He is sitting on a chair and his hands are tied with ropes to the arm of the chair.  The door opens and a hooded Vampire enters whose silhouette is only seen.
Arnab: Leave me! Please... Please leave me... What have I done to you? What enmity do I and you have?
Vampire: You should not have dared to face us. You are a human. You have come to our house to spy on us? I have heard that you are with those tantriks. You have always worked against us Vampires. You have tries to know our every secret. Now we will have to do the same thing with you about which you have been reading for years. Today we will fulfill all your interests.
Arnab: What? What are you going to do with me? (The Vampire goes close to him)
Vampire: We will also make you a Vampire like us... A blood sucking monster... A Vampire... (The Vampire catches on Arnab's neck).

Abhay looks at Pia.
Abhay: Pia...
Piya: Abhay... (Abhay holds Pia's hands.Maithili grinds her teeth in anger)
Maithili: Kill him!
Abhay: Why? You wanted to kill me? Leader... you... Why you want to kill me? I am one of your own...
Maithili: Kill him!
Vampire Superior: Kill him! What are you looking at? (The Vampires rush to Abhay and Pia. A Vampire pulls Pia aside and two vampires hold Abhay. Abhay jumps out of the coffin. The Vampire brings Pia near Alina)
Alina: Pia... (Abahy falls on the ground face down)
Vampire Superior: We do not need you Abhay... We wanted your powerful soul. Your soul would have given us immense powers. But because of this girl it would not be possible now. ( Abhay tells the Vampire superior that his own people has tried to cheat on him and that they cannot do anything to him. Alina and Pia tries to free themselves. Vampire Superior orders again to kill Abhay. The Vampires pick Abahy up and throws him against the wall. Abhay falls down again).

Jeh and gang enters a room and find Chand and Hasina struck to the wall and caged using magic powers.
Jeh: What are you people doing here...
Chand: Our people has made us captives. Alina and that potion both are with them. We don't want them to have the soul of Abhay. And you can help us...
Jeh: Me? How can I help you? And why should I help you?
Chand: You need your sister Alina... and we need Abhay... I think it is a fair deal...
Jeh: Raichand... I only need that potion and nothing else... And anyways...I do not need you... I alone is enough to kill Abhay and get the potion.
Hasina: You will do that? There is lot of difference between you and Maithili... You are not a monster like her. You will give your enemy equal chance to lose or win... I know about you Jeh...
Jeh: Stop your nonsense Hasina! I hate Abhay...
Hasina: That you have already shown. He is there lying dead... He is dead... Please do not distance ourselves from his body... Please! (Jeh turns and looks at his gang)
Jeh: Alright... From now on you are our side... But remember... If you try to cheat on me this time even no potion would be able to save Abhay from me... Is that clear? (Chand and Hasina looks at each other)
Chand: That is a promise! We are with you...

Abhay is lying on the floor. He tries hard to get up but falls again. Two Vampires lift him up.
Maithili: Leave him! (The Vampire leave Abhay and steps aside) I will kill him... (Maithili walks to Abhay)
Maithili: Abhayendre... I will finish you...forever!
Abhay: No Maithili... You cannot do that...
Pia: Leave Abhay... leave! (Maithili and Abahy looks at Piya)
Maithili: Shut up girl! And Abhayendre... And stop looking at her... She is a normal human...
Abhay: No Maithili... Piya is no ordinary girl... There is a lot of strength in her love... (Maithili is annoyed and angry) Come... Step ahead... I am ready to face you... (Maithili laughs)
Maithili: Abhayendre... How innocent you are... Today you cannot fight the war with anyone... (Maithili catches on Abhay's neck)
Piya: No! leave Abhay... Leave!
Alina: Leave him! (Maithili lifts him with her hand and throws him against the wall. Abhay falls down. Maithili looks at him with disgust. Abhay thinks, 'What happened to me? Why am I not having the strength to fight Maithili and the other Vampires? What is happening?' Abhay looks at himself).

The Vampire is dragging Arnab along with him.
Arnab: Leave me! Where are you taking me? (The Vampire stops and looks at Arnab) I have a request... Please! I have one last wish... Please let me... After that whatever you want to do with me you can do... It's my last wish... please!
Vampire: Tell... What is it that you want to say? Let me see my family once... 2 seconds... But once... I wish to see them. After that I will not refuse anything...
Vampire: Hmm... Human! Human emotions make you this weak. Love... Family... all this has no value in our life...
Arnab: Don't say like that... Please do not say like that... I know that you were also a human once... You also had feelings... Some monster would have made you a prey also...and gave you a cursed life... For the sake of your family... for the sake of that life you wanted to live... allow me to see my family once... Please!
Vampire: Alright! Okay I will let you fulfill your last wish.
Arnab: Thank you! (Arnab walks from there. The Vampire follows)

Jeh enters the room with Chand and Hasina. Abhay looks at his Parents. Everyone sees them.
Vampire Superior: Hasina... You people turned big traitors! You got our biggest enemies here...
Hasina: Abhay! (Hasina goes to Abhay and kneels by him) Abhay! Abhay you are okay... You have come back? I am so happy Abhay... (Jeh is shocked. He thinks, 'Abhay is alive? It means Alina and Pia has used the potion on him'. Alina is happy seeing Jeh).
Alina: Brother! Leave me... Brother please help me...
Vampire Superior: What has happened to you Haseena? Abhay is not your son... You are forgetting that he was a human whom you gave the life of a monster. What son? What is your relationship with him? You are forgetting that you are not a human but a living dead who has no relations...
Hasina: Chand and me has given Abhay this life. Whatever he is... whoever he is... he is our son...
Vampire Superior: Stop your nonsense!
Pia: Mythili... Please leave Abhay... Maithili I am your culprit...Please... punish me... but leave Abhay...
Abhay: No Piya...
Maithili: This girl is right... The real culprit is her. She seized Abhayendre from me. She seized my love... And now she has made him alive... I will not leave you. I will cut you into pieces... (Maithili goes to Pia. Abhay and Hasina gets up)
Abhay: Maithili... (Maithili goes and stands in front of Piya looking at her in anger) Maithili...leave Pia... (Maithili turns into her Vampire form and is about to bite Pia)
Jeh: Maithili (Maithili stops and looks at Jeh. Jeh goes near them) Leave her!
Maithili: I forgot... You also love this girl very much... So what now? You will now save her? (Maithili catches Piya. Jeh pushes her)
Jeh: Maithili... I said... Leave her! (Pia falls down)
Abhay: Pia... (Abhay goes to Piya and helps her up)
Vampire Superior: Catch Piya... She is the reason for everything... (Abhay stands in front of Pia protecting her. A Vampire rushes to Abhay. Abhay tries to get into his Vampire form but fails. Alina is shocked. The Vampire extends his hand towards Abhay)
Vampire: Abhay Raichand... You cannot win over us. You cannot do anything in front of us... You are weak Abhay Raichand... Because this girl was given you life... but that of a human... You are not a dead human like us any more... You are alive Abhay... a weak human... (Pia and Abhay look at each other. Hasina is shocked. Chand and Hasina looks at each other. Abhay looks shocked) Episode ends

PreCap: Alina breaks free from the Vampire and runs to Jeh, She tells Jeh that they should get out of there and they both runs from there. The Vampire Superior says, 'Catch them! Alina has the potion. Surrender the potion to us!' The Vampires runs after them. Chand and Haseena walks to Abhay and Pia. Chand asks Pia to go from there.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

23rd November 2011 Written Update (Episode 315) Pia convinces Jeh to leave Maithili's side and support Alina

Episode 315 starts with Arnab Dobriyal informing the Raichands about the real intentions of the Vampire Superiors. Hasina tells Chand that she would not let them have Abhay's soul and that they have to fight to save him. Chand tells her that they should not fight as they would end up weak in front of the Vampire superiors but have to look for some other way.
Arnab: One minute... There is a way... Come with me... Come... (Arnab gets out of the room. Chand and Hasina follows him).

In the Forest, Jeh is annoyed that the potion is not working.
Jeh: Why is it not working Alina? I am not feeling anything...
Maithili: Alina, Are you not following my orders? Why is the potion not working? (Pia who is sitting underneath the tree thinks, 'Why is the potion not working? How can that happen?' Pia looks at Alina. Alina communicates with her eyes to Pia not to worry. Pia thinks, 'Alina is playing the drama in front of them. Maithili could not hypnotize her. Thank God! I really got scared'. Pia weakly leans against the tree).

At the Raichand House, The Vampire Superior says, 'After getting Abhay's soul I will become very powerful. Tell Chand and Hasina that we need 7 people for this mantra. They do not need to say anything'. One hooded Vampire goes from the room. The Vampires in the room extends and withdraws their hands simultaneously towards Abhay's coffin doing some ritual. The Vampire comes back and informs that Chand and Hasina are not at home. The Vampire superior asks him where they have gone.

Chand is driving the Car with Hasina seated on the front passenger seat and Arnab seated on the back.
Arnab: For the mantra they are going to chant they will need 7 Vampires. How many are they?
Hasina: Five...
Arnab: That means they cannot do anything without you both. And this time they would be looking for you.
Hasina: In that case we should not go back. They would not be able to do anything without us.
Chand: Don't be a fool Hasina. If they wish they can find us...any where... any time... How long can we hide from them?
Arnab: That means we have to do something else... (Arnab looks into his book)

Pia: Jeh... I have to talk to you...
Jeh: Now what is remaining to talk Pia?
Pia: Jeh... Jeh please... If you have ever loved me... for the sake of that love... please talk to me Jeh...please... (Maithili looks at Piya angrily. Jeh looks at Maithili. Jeh goes near Pia)
Jeh: Come on... What do you want to say?
Pia: Jeh... Today seeing you I am feeling pity...
Jeh: What do you mean?
Pia: Jeh you are so strong and powerful... and you are the leader of your clan... Jeh, How did you do such a big mistake? You joined hands with Maithili?
Jeh: Why should that bother you? Come straight to the point!
Pia: Maithili is a monster. She is not worthy of your trust Jeh...
Jeh: Who is worthy of my trust Pia? Whom should I trust?
Pia: Jeh... Maithili is very selfish. Her aim was to reach the potion. Now that potion is with her. Now she is with us because her aim is not fulfilled. Jeh think... When the potion is with her... how powerful she would become... She will not listen to anyone Jeh... She will kill you all one by one... (Jeh looks at Maithili)
Jeh: How do you know this all?
Pia: Jeh... I heard Maithili talking that once she get the potion she would finish you all.
Jeh: I will not let any such thing happen Pia...

Chand stops the Car.
Chand: What can be another way?
Arnab: There is only one way...
Hasina: Whatever it is... We are ready.
Arnab: Then you people go and be in their group. They should not get suspicious that you are not with them. Whatever ritual they do... fulfill it. But whatever mantra they chant... chant the counter mantra. By doing that a red smoke will spread in the room and their plan will fail.
Chand: Mr Dobriyal... Thank you! Whatever you have done for us we would never forget.
Arnab: Mr Raichand... Whatever I am doing I am doing for my daughter. If Abhay will get revived... he will save my daughter.
Hasina: Don't worry Mr Dobriyal... I promise... Abhay will make Panchi alright.
Chand: Well then... We should not waste time... Let's go home... (Chand resumes driving)

Pia: Jeh... Now also things have not ruined. You have Alina and the potion. Jeh... just leave Maithili's side.
Jeh: And trust Alina? Pia, Alina has always cheated on me. She is not worthy of trust.
Pia: Jeh... You never tried to understand your sister... She is not a cheater... She only wanted the potion...That is why she took Abhay's side... because Abhay also wants the same thing. She knows that in the fight between Vampires and the Werewolves there is only destruction on both sides. Jeh... Leaving this all... You want to be with Maithili Jeh... who is not anybody's... who is so selfish... Jeh... you don't want to be on the side of your sister? Jeh... Leave Maithili's side and support Alina... She will stay by your side... (Jeh looks at Maithili who is looking at them)

Chand stops the Car in front of the Raichand's gate. Chand and Hasina walks towards the House. Chand signals Arnab Dobriyal who also gets out of the car to follow them to stay there. Chand and Hasina enters the room where Abahy's coffin is kept.
Vampire Superior: Where where you?
Chand: Hasina was feeling uneasy... so we went out for some time...
Vampire Superior: Start the Mantra... If you wish to revive Abhay, Read the mantra with us. (Chand and Hasina looks at each other. The Vampires start the ritual. The Vampire superior tells another Vampire that a smell of human is coming from Chand and Hasina and asks him to go and find that human. The Vampire goes out. The Vampire Superior orders to read the mantras aloud. Chand and Hasina is doing a mental recitation. Arnab Dobriyal is standing near the Car. He says in mind, 'I hope everything is alright inside. Abhay is my last hope... If anything happens to him nobody can save Panchi'. The Vampire who was send out in search of the human closes Arnab's mouth and takes him from there).

Abhay is lying in his coffin and the Vampires are standing around him. The Vampire throws Arnab into the room.
Vampire Superior: My suspicion was correct. You were trying to mislead me. By bringing this human in between... what were you trying to prove?
Chand: You don't know him... He is...
Vampire Superior: Enough! I smell cheating. You have made a big mistake by bringing this human in between us. And he will get the punishment for this... (Arnab looks at Chand)
Arnab: Who are you people? Waht do you wish from me?

Jeh: Pia... You do not know Maithili Pia... Maithili would not let me have that potion so easily. Pia... We have to think of something else... It is not that easy Pia...
Maithili: Jeh... You are wasting our time...
Jeh: I told you Pia... It is not that easy...
Pia: But we will have to do it... I don't know how but we will have to defeat Maithili. Jeh... If we join together we can do it... Nobody can defeat us... (Jeh gets up and helps Pia to get up. He holds Pia's hand and walks slowly towards Maithili. He communicates to his gang telepathically, ' When I signal attack Maithili. All of you will have to stay together. Alone we cannot do anything'.)
Jeh: Maithili... You cannot order me like that. We both are equal partners in this. We both had an understanding. You should not be ordering me.
Maithili: So you also got influenced by this human's talks... She also got you trapped with her talks. I thought that you are not that weak Jeh. Then how did you forget your aim hearing her sweet talk? Pia just wants that potion so that she can save Abhayendre... whom she loves. She does not love you Jeh...
Jeh: Then what do you wish Maithili? You also wish the same... that you make Abahyendre alive and you become most powerful... right? (The Werewolves are keeping a watch on them. Maithili turns her face to other side as if guilty).
Pia: I have not come here to instigate anyone... But I know that you are wrong. I only told Jeh how wrong you are.
Maithili: Now you will tell me what is right and wrong? (Maithili charges towards Pia. Jeh over powers Maithili and throws her on the ground. He orders the werewolves to attack. The werewolves surround Maithili and catches her).
Maithili: Leave me... I said leave me... Jeh, you are doing a big mistake...
Jeh: You have done the mistake thinking of all of us as weak. (Pia stealthily goes near Alina and they both go from there) What did you think? You will kill us all that easily after getting the potion... You forgot Maithili... that you cannot fight with us all alone... (Maithili struggles to free herself).

Vampire Superior: Now Chand and Hasina are not with us. We need 7 vampires to capture Abhay's soul. But we are only 5. More will come... As we keep reciting the mantras... more Vampires will join us. Now no one can stop us. (They start the rituals again. After some time they turn to look. Pia dressed as Maithili enters and goes and stands near them)
Vampire Superior: Maithili...
Pia: You need 2 more Vampires to finish this mantras. I alone is so powerful that you can finish this mantra with me.
Vampire Supirior: How did you think that we will take you our side?
Pia: You do not have any other option. I am more powerful than all of you. So need me...
Vampire Superior: You got your powers the wrong way Mythili... You have broken the law of Vampires. We cannot let you join us.
Pia: Abhayendre was killed because of me. In front of my powers you all would be weak. You know that today this mantra can only be completed with 7 vampires.
Vampire Superior: Alright Maithili... Come here and support us.
Pia: But before that I have a condition.
Vampire Superior: Your condition is not acceptable to us...
Pia: You are forgetting that you need me...not the other way...
Vampire Superior: What do you wish?
Pia: I have loved Abhayendre for ages... I gave my life for him...Even after dying I wandered around in this earth as a Vampire. Today when you people are separating Abhayendre's soul from his body forever... I wish to spend 5 minutes alone with him. Only me and my love...
Vampire Superior: 5 minute... (The Vampires go from the room)

In the Forest Mythili is struggling to free herself from the werewolves as Jeh looks on. Maithili throws them all.
Jeh: I am still left to be dealt with Maithili... (Maithili reveals her fangs and her eyes turn blue. Jeh and Mythili fights. One minutes Maithili is overpowering jay and the next minute he overpowers her)
Jeh: You are forgetting Maithili... It's not that easy (Maithili laughs) Why are you laughing? (Maithili tells him that he has already lost and that a human has fooled him. She asks him where Pia and Alina are. Jeh looks around. He leaves his hold on Maithili) Piya...
Maithili: Now Piya has the potion and Alina also... Once again you failed in love Jeh... (Jeh shouts for Pia. He is angry)

Pia: Abhay...(Pia runs her hand on Abahy's hair) I have come... I have come to save you... The time is very less. I will have to call Alina... (Pia lets Alina in through the window) Alina... Come fast! We have very less time... Come... (Alina and Pia comes near Abhay) Make it fast... We have very less time... (Alina takes some potion and springles on Abhay chanting some mantras. She then kneals on the ground and runs her hand above Abhay's face. Pia holds her hand in a prayer and says in mind, 'Get up Abhay... Wake up! For my sake... Don't leave me alone and go Abhay... Please wake up Abhay...please!' Pia looks at Abhay who is still unconscious why the potion is not working. Alina tells Pia to calm down and informs her that she has chanted the mantras. Alina goes to the window and sprinkles some potion).
Pia: Alina... What are you doing?
Alina: I am doing what I did with you... otherwise the vampires would smell us. Now just Abhy has to wake up...
Pia: Alina... Abhay would be alright?
Alina: Yeah...Pia, of course! Just little more time...
Pia: Okay... (In the coffin. Abhay moves his fingers and feet). Episode ends

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

22nd November 2011 Written Update (Episode 314) Arnab Dobriyal reveals the intention of Vampire Superiors to Chand and Hasina

Episode 314 starts with Pia calling out for Alina loudly. She wonders where Alina has gone. Pia runs drom there calling Alina's name.

Alina is standing near a bush. Maithili closes her mouth with her hand from behind. Alina is thrown to the ground.
Alina: Maithili?
Maithili: Alina... What did you think? I forgot you? I went away? Or I accepted defeat? Your Brother had kept a promise with me... Pia in return to potion... But it looks like he forgot his promise. Your Brother feels that I cannot see him... I do not recognize him... You are the key to that potion Alina... and now you are under my custody...
Alina: No Maithili... I will never let you reach that potion. (Alina gets up)
Maithili: Stop! (Maithili applies some power on Alina and she falls back by keeping her hand on her neck) I will kill you all one by one... And then... And then that potion would be mine... I will not accept defeat from a weak wolf.  (Maithili walks towards Alina)

Chand and Hasina are standing near Abhay's coffin. Four hooded Vampires come there. One of them tells Chand and Hasina to leave them alone in the room.
Chand: Come Hasina... They know what they are doing... (Chand and Hasina goes from the room. The hooded vampires takes position at either side of the coffin)
Voice 1: And what now?
Voice 2: Now we would have to wait... for Abhay's soul...

Jeh is at the Forest. He looks at the potion and thinks, 'Now the potion is with me... I will have to call Alina here some way or the other. This time I will not let her to run away'.

Alina is lying on the ground. Maithili thinks, 'Now Alina is with me. It would not take me long to reach to the potion'. Maithili communicates with Jeh telepathically, 'Alina is with me'. Jeh replies, 'And the potion is with me'. Maithili tells him, 'So now we will need each other'.

Jeh is standing along with his bunch of followers.
Jeh: Maithili should be coming anytime... You people go from here. (The Guys go from there. Maithili forcefully brings Alina there by holding her hand and then throws her on the ground)
Maithili: Here... Here is your key...
Alina: Brother... Brother save me! Brother, What are you doing? (Mythili looks angrily) You are taking her side? She is a Vampire...
Jeh: Do I have to learn from you whom to make a friend and whom to make an enemy? At least she does not cheat like you Alina... And whatever is between her and me is just an understanding...
Maithili: Stop your nonsense! I need the potion. (Jeh goes near her and shows the potion)
Jeh: Here is the potion... (Maithili's eyes brightens up)
Maithili: Here is the potion... I am longing to touch that potion. My thirst would quench after drinking the potion. I will get immense powers with this potion.
Alina: I will not let you get that potion Maithili. It is the right of Pia and she wants it for Abhay. (Maithili goes to Alina and pushes her)
Maithili: Shut up! Do not take the name of that human in front of me.
Jeh: Maithili! Leave her...
Maithili: Jeh... You did not have any human emotions. So now where did this love come from?
Jeh: Maithili... This is not about Pia or Alina... Our understanding was only regarding the potion. I have not given you the right to touch my sister or anyone from my family. Here is the potion.(Maithili extends her hand to take the potion from Jeh)
Alina: I will not let you have the potion.
Jeh: You are my sister and that is why you are still alive. Otherwise she would have killed you long back. And from today you will do what I say. Understood?
Alina: I will not let you win! never!
Jeh: Alina...(Maithili stops him)
Maithili: Jeh... I have other ways to handle her.

Chand and Hasina comes out of their house.
Hasina: Chand... Why have these people send us out of the house? Theyb are trying to revive our son. Then what such thing they are doing that we cannot see?
Chand: Don't Question... Without their powers we are nothing. They are just trying to help us.
Hasina: I know Chand. But I do not want to keep Abhay away from my eyes.
Chand: Hasina... They are trying to revive Abhay... They have promised... They have come here on the instructions of our leader and in our world a promise is valuable.
Hasina: That people have come. But Abhay is having a very deep sleep inside. And to revive him we just have few hours. I cannot hand him over to anyone nor can I trust anyone with him. Chand please... For my sake... for me...please look inside what is happening. Please! (Chand peeps inside and then comes out) What is happening inside?
Chand: Hasina...I have no seen this much energy together at one place. They have made a symbol on the ground and are reciting the mantras to revive him.
Hasina: There is something wrong. To revive Abhay we need the potion... Chand... There is something really wrong going inside...
Chand: There is nothing wrong Hasina... They are trying to revive him.
Hasina: I am not convinced... Something wrong is happening otherwise this mantras... (Hasina thinks) That symbol...

Jeh: What are you trying to say?
Maithili: I have immense powers Jeh. There is no need for Alina to say yes to me. I will get control of her and then she will not say no for anything I say... (Alina nods no)
Jeh: Maithili... whatever you want to do... Do fast...
Alina: Don't do anything to me... Brother, stop her! (Maithili walks to Elina) Maithili... don't do anything to me... No... (Maithili kneels on the ground)
Maithili: Ssshhh! (Maithili stares at Alina with her blue eyes to mesmerize her. Alina thinks, ' Maithili, you are forgetting in your pride that along with this secret immense powers have also been given to me. Maybe I do not have the strength to attack like you but I have the strength to defend myself from any attack. Do whatever... But I am not going to get into your control. Now I will get you into my control'.) Alina...
Alina: Yes Leader... (Maithili smiles. She then goes and stands near Jeh)

Hasina: Chand... You were talking of some symbol. How is it? I want to see it. (Chand turns to face Hasina)
Chand: Haseena... Imagine! (Hasina closes her eyes and Chand keeps his hands on either side of her head. Hasina sees the hooded vampires vanish. She sees a symbol made around the coffin. Hasina opens her eyes)
Hasina: Chand... This symbol is wrong. This is black magic. This is born from the dark.
Chand: No Hasina... If it would have been something like that we would have known about it.
Hasina: No Chand... You do not know about everything. Chand... We have to go to someone who knows about this... We have to consult that person... Chand...
Chand: Alright! I know where I can get the answer.

Maithili: Come on... Let's start!
Jeh: Maithili... This potion would not work till Alina gives it to us with her own hands... (Alina gets up and is about to take the potion from Jeh's hands).
Pia: Just stop it! (Jeh rushes to Pia and stops her) Stop using Alina...
Jeh: What are you doing here?
Pia: Give me that potion...
Jeh: Not that easy...
Maithili: Tell that girl... Otherwise I will forget my promise...
Pia: Alina... Run away from here... Go!
Maithili: Shut up! This girl is under my control...
Pia: Just leave her, okay?
Maithili: You know... How much I hate you... How much angry I get just seeing you... I will just kill you like that... and you... You could not wait? You walked and came to your death? (Maithili lifts her hand and sends some powers. Pia falls on the ground holding her stomach).
Jeh: Pia... (Jeh kneels beside Pia and asks her to save herself. Pia nods no)
Maithili: Jeh... Make it fast... Otherwise this girl will come in between us. We need the potion... fast!
Pia: No! (Jeh goes near Maithili and gives the potion to Alina. Alina opens the bottle and puts some liquid on Maithili's hands. She then chants some mantras by closing her eyes and running a hand above Maithili's hand. Maithili is happy and thinks that she would be immortal now and stronger than all. Alina does the same ritual with Jeh also).
Pia: Alina... Don't do like that. Alina... (Jeh and Maithili looks at their hands)
Maithili: I am not feeling anything Jay...
Jeh: Alina, Why is it not working? Alina... I do not feel anything... What is this? (Pia is happy that the potion is not working for them)

Chand and Hasina rings the door bell of Dobriyal House. A House staff opens the door and Chand asks for Arnab Dobriyal. The staff tells him that Arnab will not meet anyone at this time. Chand and Hasina ignores the staff and walks inside straight to Arnab.
Arnab: Mr Raichand?
Chand: Dobriyal... (Arnab asks the staff to go from there)
Arnab: Tell me!
Chand: We have to talk to you about something very important... and we do not have time... This is about Abhay... We have put him in a situation... We want to know if what we are doing is wrong...
Arnab: I can do anything to save my daughter... Tell me! (Hasina gives a paper to Arnab in which the symbol is drawn)
Hasina: This symbol... Have is seen this anywhere? (Arnab looks at the symbol and then invites them to his study. Arnab takes a book and shows the symbol to them)
Arnab: Look at this... Is this the sign?
Hasina: Yeah!
Chand: I had told Hasina that this symbol is very ancient. With the help of this they can bring Abhay back to us. She wanted to confirm. (Arnab looks at the book and then back at Chand)
Arnab: No Mr Raichand... In that case I am sorry... You are wrong... This symbol is not made to bring back a Vampire or dead human to existence...
Hasina: Then what is this?
Arnab: This is a devil's symbol... to bring a soul under control... They want to get Abhay's soul to increase their powers... They have no interest in reviving Abhay... They just want his soul... (Chand and Hasina are shocked)
Chand: We have to stop them... This job is not that easy... With the help of Abhay's soul they will be the most powerful Vampire in this World...
Hasina: Chand... I will not let Abhay's soul get into their hands... We have to save Abhay... we have to fight!
Chand: No Hasina... We must not fight... We will become smaller in front of them... We must think of another way... (Arnab looks into the book)
Arnab: One minute... There is a way...

A hooded Vampire enters the room and opens Abhay's coffin. He says, 'The time has come!'. (Episode ends)

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Monday, November 21, 2011

21st November 2011 Written Update (Episode 313) Pia finds the magic potion

Episode 313 starts with Chand and Hasina Raichand  coming in front of the Vampire superior. The Vampire superior is seated on a chair and is wearing the Vampire attire of black cloak and hood covering his face. There are many hooded vampires in the room. Chand and Hasina bows in front of him vampire style.
Chand: Leader, We need your help... (The Vampire superior nods)
Hasina: That wolves have killed Abhay. We need to find that portion... and for that we need your help.The wolves have a very big power on their side... Mythili...
Chand: We know that Mythili has become a monster. She has broken all the rules of our clan. We are helpless. If we do not get that potion within 10 hours maybe we will never be able to save Abhay. (Hasina kneels on the floor in front of the Vampire Superior)
Hasina: Abhay is just not my son but the hope of all of us. We all are weak without him. Please help us in getting that potion. (Chand thinks, 'These people does not understand emotions. Hasina is wasting her time. But for Abhay I will have to convince him. He is not only our breathe but a very powerful part of the Vampire clan. Without him we all are weak')

Panchi is on the bed with life supports systems attached to her. Madhu is crying. Arnab comes into the room and places his hands on her shoulders comforting her.
Arnab: Calm down Madhu...
Madhu: Arnab... (She hugs him)
Arnab: Calm down... Danish has got a big shock... Control yourself... (Arnab keeps a hand on Danish's shoulder. Misha comes to the room followed by Kabir)
Misha: Papa... What happened?
Arnab: Misha... You take Madhu and Danish outside...
Misha: Okay...
Arnab: Go Danish... (Madhu and Danish goes outside with Kabir and Misha. Arnab looks at Panchi and then goes and sits near her. He says, 'What would I do? Tell me Panchi... What should I do? I will not accept defeat. How will I accept defeat? I know you are fighting... You are fighting, right? So how can I accept defeat? One sign Panchi... Give me one sign my daughter... Give me one sign that I understand that you would come back. You will come... right? Tell me...' Arnab is shattered. He closes his eyes in distress. He thinks, 'What will I do Panchi? What will I do?' He looks at the life support system monitor. He says in mind, 'Oh God! Give me the strength!' He covers his eyes with his hand).

Jeh and his group are at the cemetery. They are searching for the potion. Alina and Pia sees them.
Alina: Pia, Jeh is already here...and that too with the full clan... Now what will we do?
Pia: Alina, We have very little time... We have to find that potion to save Abhay...
Alina: But Piya... What will we do? How will we go near Jeh?
Pia: Don't know... Look... Jeh is standing there... near that flowers... Maybe the potion would be there... (Jeh moves from there revealing the forget me not flowers near the grave)
Alina: But if I go near Jeh he will kill me...
Pia: But I can go in front of Jeh... He will not say anything to me...
Alina: Pia... It's dangerous...
Pia: No Alina... To save Abhay I am willing to face any danger. I will have to go... (Pia goes towards jeh and the gang as Alina looks on) Jeh...
Jeh: Piya... What are you doing here?
Pia: Jeh... I want to talk to you...
Jeh: What do you want to talk to me Piya? And why? Because you do not have Abhay to talk to you now?
Pia: Jeh... You are my friend... I care for you... I am worried for you...
Jeh: I know that you are worried for me... but not as much as you are worried for Abhay. You love him more... right Pia?
Pia: Do you love me Jeh? (The werewolves gang is standing and watching them abandoning their search)
Jeh: How much I have loved you probably no one would ever have... And all this what I am doing is my helplessness. I cannot change it for you. (Now the werewolves are standing near them)
Piya: Alright Jay... If your duty is bigger than me... If your clan is important than me... then kill me! (The leader type Guy among the wolves charges at Pia asking Jeh to finish Pia. Jeh blocks the way while Pia falls near the forget me not flowers. Pia lifts the potion from there and puts it into the pocket of her gown)
Jeh: Nobody would come forward... (Jeh goes to Pia and helps her to get up) Pia... (Pia thinks, 'The potion has now come into my hands... Now I will have to just get out of here'). Pia... Don't force me to do this...please!
Pia: Jeh I know that you would never hurt me...
Jeh: No Pia... (His tone changes) I do not want to waste my time hurting you...
Pia: When our feelings for each other are only this much... then please give me that potion. I want to save Abhay.
Jeh: Potion? Pia... What nonsense are you talking?
Pia: Of course it is with you... Jeh please... Give me that for Abhay ... I want to save Abhay's life...
Jeh: Pia... that potion... How will it be with me? I don't have it!
Pia: Jeh... I felt that you are here and the potion is with you but... Jeh please... If the potion is with you please give me...
Jeh: Pia... You feel that if the potion is with me I would be here? What do you think Piya? (Alina looks at Pia worried) That you ask me the potion and I will give you to go and save that Abhay. Pia, You don't understand... Their's and our enmity is age old which I ended today. And to tell you the truth... even if I had that potion... I would not have given you.
Pia: Alright Jay...Then I am going away from you... Away from you... away from your world... (Pia turns to go)
Werewolf: Don't let her go... (Jeh stops his gang)
Jeh: Nobody would come forward... We cannot get anything by killing her. (Pia walks from there slowly. She thinks, 'It's good that nobody saw the potion') Pia... (Pia stops)

At the room, Arnab looks at the life support systems and says in mind, 'Forgive me Panchi... Forgive me! I cannot see you like this...'. Arnab extends his hand to switch off the system. Misha stops him by holding his hand.
Misha: No Papa... What are you doing? Have you gone crazy Papa? This is Panchi... your daughter... my sister... And you are killing her? God... I don't believe you... I just don't believe you... So what Papa if Doctors have given up... But we are family... we have to stick together... And have faith...
Arnab: Nothing can be done Misha...
Misha: Why not Papa? Abhay... Abhay is the answer to this... Pia was telling that Abhay can make Panchi alright.
Arnab: Abhay is dead...
Misha: I know that... But before dying Abhay told Pia some secret... about some potion... Once Pia gets the potion then it can make Panchi and Abhay both alright. Just have faith!
Arnab: Can that happen?
Misha: Yes Papa... Please don't lose hope right now Papa...
Arnab: Panchi will be alright?
Misha: Yes!
Arnab: Oh God! What was I doing?
Misha: Papa... It's okay... I understand... You did not know about the potion... And I know it sounds crazy. We feel how it can happen ... we can't believe it but that's the only chance Papa... Don't lose hope... This is our last hope... (Arnab nods and holds Misha's hand. They look at Panchi on the bed) She will be alright... (Misha wipes Arnab's tears and they share a one sided hug looking at Panchi).

Chand and Hasina are still in front of the Vampire superior. Hasina is kneeling on the floor.
Chand: Hasina... You are filled with human emotions... and you know that is not common among Vampires... (Hasina gets up) We will have to show them that if anyone can fight Mythili and the Werewolves... It is him... Abhay... (Vampire Superior nods. A voice says, 'The leader has taken his decision. We will help you in waking Abhay').
Chand: Thanks!
Voice: By killing the leader of our oldest enemy... Abhay has proved that how valuable he is to us Vampires... Dipanita's son would get the punishment for the crime he has done... He has attacked not Abhay but all of us... We will have to wake up Abhay... It is very important for us too...
Hasina: Thank you! (The Vampire superior nods. Chand and Hasina once again bows in front of the superior and goes from there)
Chand: I am sure that now no one can stop Abhay from waking up.
Hasina: Maybe he knows that without Abhay we are weak in front of the werewolves...

A nurse checks up Kabir and goes from the room. Kabir tries to joke with Misha and finds her crying. He goes near her.
Kabir: Hey Champ... Why are you crying? Come on Mish... Panchi will be alright...
Misha: When? When she will be alright Kabir? Momma is feeling that Panchi is gone... Papa has lost faith... Danish is unable to control himself... and Pia is in danger... And in front of all I am showing a fake smile and roaming around... But till when Kabir? Till when? (Kabir keeps his hands on Misha's arms)
Kabir: Champ... Just relax... Everything will be alright... I promise!
Misha: How will everything be alright Kabir? I am scared for Danish... I mean... He is not able to control himself... God forbid that we lose Danish before Panchi becomes alright. I mean... He is behaving as if he is out of his mind...
Kabir: Mish... Mish... Mish... Danish loves Panchi... He is in shock...
Misha: I know Kabir... I understand... I was thinking if anything would have happened to you maybe I would also have behaved like that... (Kabir smiles) But I am worried for him...
Kabir: Hey Champ... If any such thing would have happened to me would you have behaved like that? (Kabir lifts his eyebrows teasing Misha)
Misha: Thakur... You don't give that much importance to yourself... okay?
Kabir: Where dear? These girls give me so much importance that...
Misha: Hey hold on... No girls... only me... okay? Otherwise a lot of violence will happen.
Kabir: Can I tell you one thing? The color of jealousy on your face suits you very much...
Misha: Really? And the color of slap would suit on your face... (Misha lifts her hand in a mock slap)
Kabir: Misha... For you I will not only give my cheeks but my life also...
Misha: Shut up Kabir... Nobody will give life...No one is dying... Everything is going to be fine okay? Everything is going to be fine... right Kabir? Everything is going to be fine... right?
Kabir: Of course... (They smile and hug)

The Vampire Superior and others vampires are talking.
Voice: Leader... Are we really going to wake up Abhay? Why?
VS: No... we will not wake up Abhay... We just want to gain Chand and Hasina's trust. If Abhay does not live within 12 hours his soul would leave him.  (The VS gets up) And I will get that soul under my control. I will increase my power with the help of his soul. The strength of Abhay can be of great help against those wolves.
Voice: So you lied to Chand and Hasina?
VS: They are not our own. They have always stayed with the humans...With their own rules and regulations... today also they showed us their human weakness. She pleaded like a normal mother. I hate such weakness... There is no use in saving Abhay... Let him finish... Capture his soul... This is my order.... (The vampires nods and go from there)

Pia turns to face Jeh. Jeh thinks, 'Pia gives up that easily? That can't happen... She loves him... I understand that... She would fight till last... She is not among the ones who give up that easily'.  Alina who is watching them thinks, 'Oh No... Why is Brother stopping her? Pia has the potion and if Brother catches her... We cannot lose now... We have to save Abhay... We are so close to saving Abhay... We cannot accept defeat now...' Jeh walks towards Pia. He thinks, 'You have given up? What is the truth? What are you hiding? I will not leave you that easily...'
Pia: What happened Jeh?
Jeh: Nothing Pia... I was seeing you for the last time... (He keeps his hand on Pia's shoulder) I wanted to say bye to you from near for the last time... I wanted to see you from close by... Pia...(Jey runs his hand down her hands. His hands reaches near the pocket and he lifts the potion from there. He looks at the potion. He thinks, 'This potion... Pia cheated on me... She lied to me...') You again cheated on me Piya...
Pia: Jeh... I need this potion to save Abhay's life... please! Please return this potion to me Jeh... please!
Jeh: You are a cheat Piya... Not just love you are not even worthy of friendship...
Pia: I have to save Abhay's life... (Pia holds on Jeh's hands) please...
Jeh: No Piya... What do you think Pia? I will give you this potion that easily so that you save Abhay's life? (The werewolves charge at Pia telling to finish her but Jeh stops them) Go away from here Pia before these people do something to you... Go! (Pia thinks, 'I don't believe this... Now what will I do? How will I save Abhay?')
Pia: Jeh...
Jeh: I said go Pia... (Pia walks from there. Jeh thinks, 'I will never be happy giving you sorrow. But I do not have the strength to share your love'). Episode ends...

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