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29th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 231) Pia gets suspicious of Panchi’s relationship with Abhay Raichand

Jeh asks Pia what is happening as Abhay watches on
Episode 231 starts with Chand Raichand standing and talking to the Mount College Principal. Hasina is also standing beside him. Abhay and Pia are also in the room.
Chand: Have you taken the decision on the basis of a student gossip? I would like to know. Who was the caller? The anonymous caller? Are you saying that I don't know my son? Or are you saying that I do not know Piya Dobriyal? A best student of this College and that girl is the daughter of a respectful person in this city... She comes to do these things at College? I am little confused. Please try and explain it to me.
Hasina: You are new here. You don't know this place Mr...
Principal: Mr Sharma...
Hasina: Sharma... Have you given Pia and Abhay a chance to explain? No...You just took your decision. Pia... tell us all what happened. I want to hear it from you.
Pia: Actually Aunty I went to the library and Abhay also was there. Suddenly the library got closed. We called the Peon a lot but he did not hear. And after that when the Peon came he opened the door and we both came out. That's it!
Hasina: That's all... happy?
Principal: No mam! The Peon has seen them in such a condition that I am ashamed to even tell about it.
Pia: Actuallly nothing like that happened. Actually there was 2-3 pigeons there and I got scared in the darkness. I started running and my top got torn by a nail.
Abhay: And Pia was about to fall and I saved her. And when I went to save Pia the Peon came inside. Peon was half asleep and obviously he would feel everything wrong.
Hasina: Mr Sharma... Perhaps you should verify your story. And you should ask the Peon why he was sleeping on duty. If something would have happened to Pia who would be responsible?
Principal: Look Sir...
Chand: Excuse me Mr Sharma...Do you know what it means to accuse these children? You are accusing the respectful families they belong to - the Raichands and Dobriyals ( Arnab and Panchi comes to the Principal's Office door. The Mount College Students and the Press Reporters are standing at the door over hearing the conversation at the Principal's Office. Arnab stops when he hears Chand Raichand talking). Pia Dobriyal is the daughter of a big and respectful Businessman. So hereafter if you want to say anything think before you speak carelessly.
Principal: Look Mr Raichand. Maybe there was a misunderstanding... I will question the Peon properly.
Haseena: You do that! And after that you will issue a statement in which it would be written that the accusations on Pia and Abhay are false. Is that clear? Abhay, we will see you at home.

The students are standing outside the Principal's office door.
Ruhi: This is really rubbish... I don't believe it!
Kabir: I don't understand it... why people spread false rumors. Tanushree is unhappy that her plan backfired. She thinks, 'I need to make this lie a truth. I won't let this go so easily'.
Hasina Raichand suggest Arnab Dobriyal that they should take legal action against the Principal
Chand Raichand and Hasina comes out of the Principal's office.
Arnab: Mr Raichand... Thank you so much. Thank you for talking for Pia to the Principal. It was very nice of you.
Chand: It is alright! I was only telling what was the truth. I was not doing any favor on you...(The Raichands walk from there. Arnab and Panchi also walks along with them)
Arnab: Of course! But you know this Principal... Is it not very strange on his part that without any proof he has put the allegations... and these are very serious allegations... And here what is see is that the press people are been called... This does not suit the Principal of Mount College.
Haseena: You are right! We have to take legal action against this Principal... together!
Arnab: I agree! We shall... ( Arnab, Chand, Hasina and Panchi goes towards their Cars parked at the Car parking lot. The Press people surround them trying to get a statement but the Raichand's and Dobriyal's drive away from there. The students also go from there one by one).

T's friends make fun of her
T is walking through the Campus with her friends Barbie and Skipper. Barbie says, 'Babe this time T's Gossip turned to be a full waste'. Skipper responds, ' Really! Made a mountain out of a molehill...Silly! I thought that will make a very hot video of Pia and Abhay... T, don't become a journalist!' Tanushree thinks, 'Oh No! Everyone is making fun of me instead'
T: No Babes I saw them... I am telling you! If I had a camera... Damn! Oh my phone had a camera... I did not record it... otherwise I would have shown you. You know what? Abhay and Pia are hiding the truth and lying. I am telling you... Abhay pulled her shirt so hard that it torn... (The girls are shocked) It was so wild! I saw them with my own eyes... I saw them kissing... and then they put the blame on someone else... Barbie asks, 'Really T? I mean... wild and all?'
T: I swear babe... I am telling you! Pia removed Abhay's jacket in a pull... and then the watchman came there. That Guy was so embarrassed... If it would have been 1-2 minute here and there... you know what... Let's go!  (T's friends laugh. T and friends go from there)
Jeh asks Pia if she is alright
Jeh who overhears the entire conversation between Tanushree and her friends is confused. He sees Abhay and Pia walking towards Abhay's Car. He sees Pia's top torn on the back. He calls Pia by her name. Pia stops and turns to face him. Jeh goes near Pia.
Jeh: What is all this?
Pia: Jeh... Nothing at all! Somebody made a small thing a big issue... and blew it out of proportions. It was just nothing you know. I think it is just somebody who wanted some gossip. I was in the library and nothing happened Jeh... I and Abhay was at the Library and we got trapped...nothing happened Jeh...
Jeh: Relax! Why are you giving so many explanations?
Pia: Sorry?
Jeh: You said once nothing happened means nothing happened. I won't listen to other people's talk (Jeh looks at Abhay) and not trust you. I trust you that much, okay? (Pia nods. Jeh keeps his hand on Pia's shoulder) You okay?
Pia: Yeah!
Abhay: Pia... Anyways, we had a bad day... Let's go home?
Jeh: It's okay! I will drop Pia home... (Pia looks at Jeh... Abhay looks at Pia. Abhay thinks, 'Pia... You won't go home with him. Trust me Pia...'. Pia thinks, 'Whom to trust and who not to. What will I do?' Jeh snaps his finger in front of Pia bringing her out of her thoughts). Let's go!
Pia: Jeh actually...
Abhay: Pia is my responsibility. I will drop her home. Pia... Shall we? (Jeh and Pia look at each other)
Pia: I'll see you! (Jay nods with disappointment clearly written on his face)
Jeh: Okay!
Pia: Bye!
Jeh: Okay (Pia gets into the Car. Abhay drives the Car from there. Jeh walks through the empty Mount College Campus looking unhappy. He recalls Abhay and Piya coming together to the Car and Pia going with Abhay in his Car).

Danish makes a call to a Guy at St Theresa Orphanage and asks him details of an adoption which happened 20 years ago. At first the Guy mocks at him but when Danish offers him bribe for the information he tells Danish to meet him the next day during the mass time. He tells Danish that if anyone asks him he can say that he is a relative of him. The Guy tells Danish that his name is Ramesh Mishra. Danish thanks the Guy and cuts the phone. He thinks, ' I will get this information of the Khuranas at a cheap price...because whatever price is not more valuable than this information'.
Tanushree talks bad of Pia to Jeh
Jay warns Tanushree
Jeh Khurana is walking through the Mount College Campus. Tanushree comes there.
T: Jeh... (T comes near Jeh) You might have heard this hot news... I am so shocked...
Jeh: T... Not interested! Please... (Jeh tries to go away from there. T stops him)
T: One second darling! T is also not interested in talking to you. But I was just wondering how long will you run away from the truth... How long will you ignore? The truth is that Pia Dobriyal is a very cunning girl... You were not here... But I was here. I know her for a long time. She looks very innocent from outside but inside she is something else... I use to feel that she was only interested in others boyfriends... Now now she has started a new hobby... Interesting! First she dated Kabir...and then when I was with Abhay she started with him also... and now... Now it's you! Along with others boyfriend she is playing with own boyfriend also. Interesting! ehh? (Jeh turns to walk from there) He caught your hand (Jeh turns to face T again) because she wanted to make Abhay jealous...(Jeh is irritated and is about to walk from there again) It is amazing who all she plays with (Jeh walks two steps away from there. T stops him again). One second Jeh. If you wish you can ignore me... But how long will you ignore what Pia does? Run if you want Jay Khurana because the truth will not run behind you. And Pia Dobriyal...
Jeh: Shut up T... Enough! One more word and you will regret! If your delicate image is important to you...Out! Stay away from me! And Pia's name should not come in your dirty mouth... Get it?
T: Oh! Scary... ehh? But don't coming running to me the day you would be convinced that your precious princess Pia is some other type of girl... Good luck! (T goes from there. Jeh looks confused and angry. He thinks, ' In this War the Raichands are bringing Pia in between. In the fight between the Khuranas and Raichands... Pia is in the middle. I am ready for it!')
Piya sees Panchi and Abhay picture on Mobile
Panchi is sitting on a cot and reading some magazine. She looks at Pia who is standing in front of the mirror and smiles.
Pia: What are you reading Panchi?
Panchi: Nothing... Just like that... time pass... reading a magazine...
Pia: I was thinking... Last time when did you and Abhay go on a date?
Panchi: We went recently...
Pia: Where?
Panchi: Just for Coffee... Just around the corner...
Pia: Okay... You and Abhay like each other so much... I mean... you guys are in love...But I have not seen you going out with him and I never see you chat with him on the phone or net... Or going on drives... I mean is it not a little weird? Isn't it odd?
Panchi: No Pia... Relax! You are thinking too much. There is nothing like that. We both are not teens... We are adults. He is busy and I am also busy with the and most are forgetting Pia that I have a fake Fiance... (Pia goes and sits on the Cot)
Pia: Really? Panchi... Abhay dropped me from the College till here and he did not talk about you even once. and you came back from the College with Papa... when your boyfriend dropped me... I mean... How strange is it that your boyfriend who loves you so much does not even talk much to you... It's so weird... I don't understand...
Panchi: Pia if you don't believe... here (Panchi gives her phone to Pia) Dial Abhay... Speed dial 2. (Pia takes the phone and dials. She sees a picture of Abhay and Panchi together on the mobile screen. Panchi seizes the phone from Pia)

Abhay's mobile phone rings. He sits on a chair and picks up the call from Panchi.
Panchi: Hello!
Abhay: Yes Panchi!
Panchi: Hi Babe... How are you?
Abhay: What happened to you?
Panchi: Nothing! Pia and I were just sitting at the house... Pia felt that you dropped her at the house and could not meet me... so she was getting a little suspicious.
Abhay: Alright! I understand! She is near by... What you want to tell, you tell... But don't expect me to participate... (Panchi laughs)
Panchi: Oh! You are so cute! I love you too... 3, 4, 5...infinite! Anyways... I am going... You keep the phone down...No no no you keep... You keep... (Pia is irritated. She seizes the phone and disconnects the call) What?
Pia: I felt that you asked me to disconnect the call... (Pia goes from there)
Danish bribes Orphanage Clerk to extract Information about Khurana's adoption
Danish is sitting and talking to the Orphanage Clerk.
Clerk: There is lot of information. But it depends on you what you want and how urgently you want it. (The Clerk signals Danish for Money using his fingers. Danish takes 2000 Rupees from his shirt pocket and keeps in front of the Guy who looks unhappy with the amount) Sir... Are you making fun of me? (Danish takes a bunch of notes from his Jeans pocket and keeps it in front of the Guy. The Clerk looks around and then takes the money. He then gets up and fetches a file. He gives the file to Danish and sits down on his chair again). Sir... All the information is here... which child was adopted by whom... when the adoption happened...etc etc... You look into it... (Danish turns the pages of the file one by one and comes across an application form of Jeh. Danish looks at it and thinks, 'So my doubt was right!' Danish thanks the Clerk and goes from there).
Chand tells Abhay that the werewolves does not get wounded above the neck
Abhay is about to climb the stairs down. Chand calls him from behind and they walk down together.
Chand: Abhay, What happened? You did not go to college?
Abhay: No!
Chand: Why? Don't worry! I have spoken to the Principal... Everything will be alright!
Abhay: That is not it... Dad, I am doing a research. Is it possible for a werewolf to get an injury on the head?
Chand: Why you are asking?
Abhay: It is just a research. I have read it. I just want to clear the doubt. (Chand faces Abhay)
Chand: Vampires... Werewolves... are ancient creatures. They are ancient creatures. In today's world this is only in books and stories. You have read right. Werewolves cannot be injured above neck. This is the truth! (Chand goes from there. Abhay remembers Neil's injuries above the neck. Abhay then realizes and says in mind, 'So Neil is not that werewolf... That means that werewolf is Jeh. I was right! I have to keep Pia away from Jeh at any condition') Episode ends.

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28th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 230) Abhay and Pia get locked in the Library

T sees Abhay and Pia's Library Romance
Episode 230 starts with Abhay and Pia lost in each others eyes. Someone locking the library door from outside saying, ‘ Today I have become a little late to close the library’. He locks the door and goes from there. Abhay thinks, ‘Pia, This is not right…but it feels so right. With you in my arms why am I feeling like the world has become right’. Abhay embraces Piya. With his face over Pia’s shoulder Abhay tells her, ‘Pia, break the relationship with Jeh’.
Pia: What?
Abhay: Do you trust me? (Pia lifts her face from Abhay’s shoulder and looks at him. Abhay fondly removes a strand of hair from her face).

Tanushree is walking through the College Campus talking on her mobile phone. She tells that her assignments are the most tough as she is the most brilliant student of the college. She comes near the library and finds it closed. She wonders how to get inside.

Abhay and Pia are still lost in each others eyes. Abhay asks, ‘Do you trust me?’ Pia replies, ‘I don’t know why Abhay… But yes I trust you… More than myself… more than life Abhay!’.
Abhay: So trust me Pia… Staying away from Jeh is better for you… He is not the right Guy.
Pia: But how do you know? And how do I believe? Abhay why in everything there are two sides? With you one truth and your truth… Which one should I believe? And Abhay... after telling only half matter you wish that I blindly follow you? Why?
Abhay: This is called trust Pia. (Abhay thinks, 'How will I tell you Jeh's truth? You have even forgotten my truth. With your memories I have also distanced my truth from you. I had only decided that you knowing about my life is dangerous for you. I cannot tell you anything') Pia... You have to trust me. You have to keep your trust on me. Pia... We cannot stay here all night. let's leave! (Pia nods and walks to the door. She tries to pull open the door but it does not open)
Pia: Abhay... This door is locked. I think someone closed the door from outside (Abhay is standing near another door)
Abhay: This door is also locked. You do one thing look at that door. I will look there. Piya walks towards the door and suddenly some pigeons flies away from there. Pia gets scared and screams. Her back of the top gets caught in the window sill and tears. In an instant Abhay comes near her and they are in each others arms again. Pia turns and looks over her shoulder and sees that the top is torn. Abhay runs his fingers through the naked flesh which is now exposed by the torn cloth. He recalls the intimate moments with Pia.

T puts the papers through the gap on the door. She thinks, 'I will put the papers through here so that I can tells Ms D that I have submitted my assignment'. Tanushree looks through the gap and is surprised to see Abhay standing there embracing a girl. She thinks that it could make a good gossip. Suddenly Pia turns her face and T recognizes her. T thinks, 'This is Pia...' T sees that Pia's top is torn and Abhay's hand over it. Abhay and Pia look at each other.
Tanushree informs Media about Abhay and Pia
T is walking through the College Corridor. T thinks, 'Whenever I feel that the story has ended these people start again. Poor Jeh ... so sad. Does he know that his dear darling Pia is spending her time in somebody else arms? Oh my God... This is too good. This news has to be given to every body'. Tanushree calls the media and informs them that she has a gossip for their society column, news of a sex scandal between the children of the two powerful Business family's - the Dobriyals and the Raichands. She tells them that they can come to the Mount College Library and see for themselves. T cuts the call and says, 'This was Page 3 news. And for more... just keep watching babe... because real gossip is on its way'.

T makes a conference call to her friends and informs them that Abhay Raichand and Pia Dobriyal are locked in an embrace at the College Library. She tells her friends that such things should not be kept private and asks them to spread the news because 'knowledge is power'. T cuts the call. She says, ' This is going to be fun! I have never enjoyed so much...'

Tracker is at her house with her eyes closed and a face pack on her face and saying, Say you love me... say you love me...' . Suddenly her mobile phone rings and someone talks to her about Abhay and Pia. Ruhi is surprised. She calls and informs Angad of the news. Angad tells that that is what he wanted. He tells Ruhi that Abhay and Pia should be together. He tells that he will be there fast. Angad calls Kabir and informs him to reach college fast. The students spread the news like wild fire by sharing the news with their friends.

T sees the Peon sleeping on a desk. She tries to wake him up by telling that she has to go to the library. He asks her to go and allow him to sleep. T informs him that the Library is locked from outside and someone is inside. The Peon gets up.
Peon: Some body is inside? You be here... I will go and see... (The Peon runs through the corridor)
Abhay comforts Pia telling that they will sort out the misunderstanding
Abhay and Pia are still locked in each others arms.
Abhay: What happened? You got scared? (Pia nods) It's okay. I am here with you (Piya nods. The Peon looks through the gap in the door and sees Abhay and Pia in an embrace. Abhay and Pia turn and looks). Someone has come. (The Peon opens the door)
Peon: What is happening here? This is College... this all cannot be done here (Abhay and Pia looks at each other). Your Parents send you here to study and you are doing romance here. You should be ashamed of yourself. I will tell Principal Sir now.
Pia: Brother... please listen! We were not doing any such thing...
Peon: I do not want to listen anything. Whatever you want to tell... tell Principal Sir.
Pia: God I.... (Abhay puts his hands around her shoulder)
Abhay: Sshhh...Pia... Pia... relax! This is just a misunderstanding. We will sort this out.
Pia: yeah!
Abhay: Don't worry!
Pia: God! (She keeps her hand on her forehead)
Abhay gets violent at the Media people
Abhay takes Piya away from the Press
Abhay and Piya comes out followed by the Peon. A good amount of people are standing out including people from the media and Mount college students. The media asks questions at Abhay. Suddenly Abhay gets violent and shouts, 'Stop it! Don't you people have any other news that you come here and trouble College Students?'
Reporter: But Sir... (Abhay takes the mike from the Reporter and throws it on the floor)
Abhay: Don't you understand when I say once? (The media people move out of the way seeing Abhay violent. Some one comments, 'What a Guy... this sort of behavior with Press people?'. Abhay puts his hand around Pia's shoulders and leads her out of there).

T is standing along with some girls.
T: My God! Who does that? Making out at the College Library... so tacky! Some people never change

The media people and students are now standing at the Principals Office door.
Principal: Please you people go from here. Who gave you permission to come here? This is a College and not some fashion show. Please... Go from here! Throw them out of here... (The Peon controls the media people outside from barging into the Office room. The Principal gets into the room and closes the door. The Principal looks at Abhay and Pia who is standing inside the room)
Principal: And you people... What is the problem with you? And Pia you are from such a good family...
Abhay: There is not fault of Pia in this... I know everything what happened there. (The Principal sits on his chair)
Principal: So Abhay Raichand knows everything?
Abhay: Exactly!
Principal: And I know everything about you. I know the last Principal was removed from here only because of you. I also know what is your reputation in this College. You better stay out of it! Your problems list is already very long Abhay! Keep your eyes down Abhay! Not all Principal here would be your purchased servant. And hereafter when I talk to any student you do not have the permission to talk in between. What you people have done I have to inform that to your Parents. Let them also know what you people are here (The Principal is making a Phone Call)
Piya: Sir... Sir please... Nothing like that...Please give us a chance to explain. Sir...

Jeh supports Neil and gets him seated. Panchi and Arnab comes to the Khurana's House. Dipanita greets them.
Arnab: Heard about Neil. We got worried. So we thought will come and see...
Dipanita: Now he is much better. He is improving rather. There... he is here... (Neil is sitting on a chair and Jeh is standing by his side)
Arnab: Neel... How are you feeling?
Neil: I am okay Uncle! After seeing Panchi I am feeling even better now.
Jeh: I think Uncle... The effect of the wound is a little too much. He is sitting at home and reading romantic novels. I think he is gone mad! May God be with you!
Arnab: Well...Real men are not afraid to show their emotions.
Dipanita: Yeah... Arnab is right! And Jeh...
Jay: Yeah?
Dipanita: You don't trouble Neil at all...
Jeh: Okay Mom!
Dipanita: After all, Neil loves Panchi so much.So he might be taking some tips from the Novel, right Neil? Arnab, We should leave these love birds alone...
Arnab: Oh YesDipanita: Jeh come... Join us!
Jeh: Yes Mom! (Jeh follows Arnab and Dipanita)

Panchi asks Neil how he is
Arnab asks Panchi to help Neil

Panchi comes near Neil and stands by his side.
Panchi: How are you feeling now?
Neil: I am okay!
Panchi: That's good! (Arnab, Dipanita are sitting and talking at the Hall. Jeh gets up and goes from there. Neil asks for medicine and water. Panchi first says no and then irritatedly gets medicine and water for Neil) Here... take!
Neil: Panchi...Are you making fun of my sickness?
Panchi: What?
Neil: You know that I can't take it on my own. You have to feed me Panchi. (Panchi takes the tablet and feeds to Neil and he drinks water after that).

Neil tells Panchi that he is enjoying pestering her
Neil asks Panchi for the phone and she gets angry. Neil tells that he will take it on his own. Arnab notices Neil trying to get up and ask Panchi to help him. Panchi gets the phone and gives to Neil. Neil catches her hand. Panchi asks him to stop the drama. Neil tells her that he is enjoying pestering her. Dipanita gets a call and goes from there to attend it. Arnab's mobile phone also rings. Arnab picks up the call from the Principal. Arnab is shocked to hear the news from the other side and tells that he would be there. Panchi comes near him. Arnab tells Panchi that the call was from the Principal who informed him that Abhay and Piya were caught together at the College library alone in a compromising position. Panchi insists that she go along with Arnab and tells that the Khurana's would understand. Panchi and Arnab leaves from there in a hurry).

Jeh comes near Neil and tell that he is about to leave. Neel tells Jeh that Pia was caught along with someone in a room.
Jeh: What?
Neil: Son... I told you... These Dobriyal sisters are very fast. I felt that Pia was a little slow. But No! She turned out to be very fast... and that too with Abhay Raichand...
Jeh: What?

PreCap:Pia and Abhay are walking towards the Car. Jeh is watching them and notice Pia's blouse torn on the back. Pia is about to open the Car door. Jeh calls her, 'Pia'. Pia stops and Jeh walks towards her.
Jeh: What is all this? (Pia does not answer. Jeh looks at Abhay who stares back at him)

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27th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 229) Abhay realizes that Pia has started loving the wrong man again

Pia and Abhay romance in the Library
Episode 229 starts with Chand Raichand telling Abhay, 'If Dipanita is the mother of the werewolf you killed Abhay... that means that her two sons and whole family... they are werewolves. I am sure they have some agenda which is why they are together... a pack of wolves! How dangerous they are you know very well. And how difficult it would be to fight with them... you know that Hasina... Therefore we have no choice but to kill them'.
Hasina: You are right Chand! It is either them or us... We have to finish them for our own survival.
Abhay: Dipanita Khurana's two sons are very clever...they do not let anyone get suspicious that they are different. Before attacking them we have to make a fool proof plan.
Chand: What kind of plan? (Abhay thinks, 'The plan is very easy...but don't know why I did not think of this before. If the whole Khurana family is Werewolves Pia is still in danger. Pia has once again loved the wrong person. And I can imagine that Jeh would have gone closer to her only to reach me. Pia... I have to keep you away from Jay... I did not realize when i kept you away from me that I am putting you into more danger instead. You have to stay away from Jeh' . Hasina keeps her hand on Abhay's shoulder).
Hasina: Abhay... Chand is talking to you... Say something!
Abhay: Mom! I cannot tell you that plan now. But I promise that what ever I think... what ever plan I make... I would make after thinking properly. (Abhay goes from there. Hasina turns and looks at Chand)

Abhay is talking to someone on the phone, 'Hello... I need to talk to you!'
Abhay manipulates Ruhi
At the Mount College Tracker is standing surrounded by some Girls and talking. Tracker tells that she thought that it would be the last day in her life and starts narrating the previous days incident. Pia reaches there. Ruhi tells that she saw a man killing 2 people by hiding behind a tree. She tells them the man was Abhay Raichand and everyone is shocked to hear this. Abhay taps on Ruhi's shoulder and she turns and sees Abhay in front of her.
Abhay: What happened after that Ruhi? Tell...Every one wants to know... What happened after that?
Ruhi: Then I ran away from there... I don't know what happened... You were killing those people... How would I be able to keep sitting there?
Abhay: You say a murder being committed... and you ran away from there? Why? Are you not a good citizen? Then why did you not inform the police? Because you felt that you will tell half baked stories and become the Gossip Queen of College. No need to get into facts... You don't even know what actually happened there. I went there to handle the two Guys who attacked Neil. I am Misha had taken Neil to his house in an injured state. And after that I came back there to teach them a lesson (Ruhi puts her head down in guilt). You stupid girl... Don't you understand the difference between unconscious and dead? Next time give your audience not sensation but news... (Abhay goes from there. Every one including Ruhi clap for him. Pia also look at him as he passes through the College corridor. One girl remarks, 'Wow! We thought of him as villain and he is a hero'. Piya thinks, 'Why would Abhay do this much for Neil... such a person who treated him so bad... Abhay, I don't understand you... What are you? I mean the Hero or the Villain? And why should it matter to me? He is with Panchi... with my sister! He does not have any relation with me. He is Panchi's Boyfriend. For me my sister's happiness is the most important'. Pia walks from there).
Abhay tells Danish that he needs full information about Khuranas
Abhay is walking to and fro at the Car Parking lot. Danish Singh comes there.
Danish: What happened Abhay? Why did you call me in a hurry?
Abhay: I want to find everything regarding the Khurana's. They are becoming dangerous day by day. Not only for us but for others too! They have taken this matter a little too far...
Danish: Sure Abhay! I can do anything for your family... Your enemy is my enemy... You don't worry! I will find out about the Khuranas what they are doing in Dehradun. (Abhay turns and walks from there. Danish thinks, ' There is only one place to find out details about them... Asia Library... Dehradun's oldest library')

Danish is standing in an Old Library and talking to an Old Guy there.
Danish: Sir, I want some books...
Librarian: Okay...
Danish: Old... historical...In fact the Old Stories which may be true...
Librarian: This place is very old son! Here you will get age old books, essays, records and everything. You have to search... truth or myth! (Danish looks around in the library. He says in mind, 'I want to find the truth of a myth... how much is story... how much is truth... I have come here to find out that.' Danish pulls out a book on the Khurana's from the book shelf and sits on a bench looking at the details. He scans through the History of the Khurana's and find out that they are actually from Punjab. He sees the picture of the actual Dipanita Khurana in the book. Danish wonders, 'Dipanita Khurana has an adopted son? Does Abhay know about this?'

Abhay Raichand is walking through the College Corridor. Abhay comes to the class and looks around. He thinks, 'I have to directly talk to Jeh. There is no use talking to Pia. She would never listen to me. But Jay... I will handle him'. He sits on a benth and writes on a note book, 'Meet me at the Library at evening 7 PM'. He takes the paper out and folds it. Misha suddenly comes there and pulls Abhay from there by holding on his hand.
Misha: Abhay!
Abhay: Misha... What?
Misha: No Abhay No! No arguments... no questions... just come with me, okay? (Abhay throws the chit down)
Misha takes Abhay to Panchi
Misha extends her hands to give a final hug for her fake boyfriend
Misha holds Abhays hands and bring him to the College corridor where Panchi is waiting. Misha pushes Abhay towards Panchi.
Misha: Here Panchi... here is Abhay... Talk to him... (Abhay faces Panchi)
Abhay: What is happening here?
Panchi: Abhay...I have to talk an important matter to you... (Abhay looks at Misha)
Abhay: To me?
Panchi: yeah...
Abhay: What is it that you have to talk to me?
Misha: Listen what she says... have some patience...
Panchi: Look Abhay! Misha told me everything... the stupid boyfriend girlfriend drama... What do you Guys think? That Pia is a fool? It's so silly...She knows it all! And Misha does not even behave like a girl... So how can she be anyone's girlfriend?
Misha: hey... hey fatty... Insults to the bare minimum, okay?
Abhay: Okay... I get it! But do you have a solution to this?
Panchi: Look! Misha told me everything over the phone but Pia was standing behind her... she heard everything. And you know Misha she cannot hide anything... So then I need to come on the middle.
Abhay: I don't get it... I don't understand anything!
Panchi: And I told Pia that Misha is not your girlfriend... I am your girlfriend... (Abhay is shocked and confused)
Abhay: What? But why?
Panchi: Because Pia heard everything Misha talked. She heard that Misha is doing all the drama to protect her sister. So to confuse her I said that sister is me. And we both are hiding our relationship because my engagement has happened with a Guy whom I don't love...
Abhay: That means you people have made the matter even more confusing (Misha comes near them)
Misha: Yaar... Agree to her... I mean Panchi is more experienced than me in all this. And if you had kissed or hugged me once more... I would have fainted.
Panchi: Look Abhay! We both will get benefit from this game... Look, I wish that Neil breaks the engagement and this can happen only if he sees me with someone. And you also can stay away from Pia. We both have benefit from this game... Think about it!
Abhay: Alright! If this is a solution... then I am cool with it.
Panchi: Wow! Really? Great! (Misha is also happy) And listen! I have not told Pia exact details... How it happened...when it happened... I have not told her anything... Just told her that circumstances got us together and some crap, okay?
Abhay: Okay!
Misha: So the deal is made... No one is changing their mind, okay? So fake Boyfriend for the last time (Misha gives Abhay for a hug)... Bye Bye! I am free.... I am free... (Misha runs away from there. Panchi smiles at Abhay)

Pia comes to the class room looking at her watch. She goes and sits on a bench. She picks up the note Abhay had thrown from the floor. She opens and reads it, 'Meet me at the library at 7 PM'. She thinks, 'So strange... Who wrote this?'
Khurana Brothers Neil and Jeh playing a Game
Neel is sitting at his room and reading Victoria Alexander. Jeh comes there.
Jeh: Hey Neil...What's up? How are you feeling?
Neel: Good Bro... (Jeh sits on a chair in the room)
Jeh: So what are you doing? Hmmm Neil? ( Jeh sees Neil smiling and goes closer to him and takes the Book. He then checks temperature by keeping his hands on Neel's neck) What? You are reading a love novel? You are alright? I am with you brother I am ... (Neil takes the novel back)
Neil: It's just a time pass. I asked Mom for a novel and she gave me this as if I am a teenage girl (Jay goes and sits on the chair again). Then I thought that I will read and see what is in the book that girls become so crazy. That's it!
Jeh: Nice! It is a good excuse to read this soapy stuff...
Neil: Mind your tongue
Jeh: Okay
Neil: And by the way there is one such thing in this book which I want to try with you. (Jeh becomes uncomfortable)
Jeh: excuse me... I am not getting into all that... keep me out of all this...(Jeh turns himself away from Neil)
Neil: Jay... Who is elder? (Jay points to Neil) Who should be obeyed?
Jeh: That is unfair!
Neil: Shut up! (Jeh faces Neil)
Jeh: Let's try!
Neil: I will tell you a word... and hearing that word you have to tell the first thing that comes into your mind... an associate word...
Jeh: Something is happening...
Neel: It's not funny Jay...
Jay: Okay... it's boring!
Neil: You got the game?
Jeh: More or less...
Neil: water
Jay: River
Neil: Chicken
Jay: tandoori
Neil: Hot legs
Jeh: Chicks
Neil: Jey...
Jeh: Sorry!
Neil: Love
Jeh: Pia...(Neil looks at Jeh. Jeh looks embarrassed being caught red handed. He composes himself) Next question? (Neel teases him)
Neil: Love? Pia... Love... Pia?
Jeh: yeah.. Stop your love Pia... love Pia...Okay? It's a game... Nothing else!
Neil: You wanted to stay away from soapy stuff... What happened Brother? Finally you got into the Paris return Pia Dobriyal's love... What happened?
Jeh: Sshh Shut up Neil... It's not like that. You are thinking too much. We are just playing a game...that's it!
Neil: Dude... This is a game for just namesake...the truth has come out. Look at your face man... It is written on your face how much you love her. I have seen you with her, okay? Who are you making fool of? You elder Brother? It's okay if you make me fool but what about yourself? Stop fooling around Bro... 9Jeh recalls Pia kissing him and the public display of affection at the dinner table. He recalls him thanking her for considering him her good friend)
Jeh: No! Excuse me... Pia Dobriyal and me... it's not happening... At least not in this life.
Neil: I believe you Jeh
Jeh: You better do...
Neil: I do!
Jeh: You know what? Shut up! read the book (Neil smiles. Jey get up from there)
Neil: I am...
Jeh: Shut up!
Piya and Abhay romance in the Library
Pia and Abhay Library love Scene
Pia opens the Library door and walks in. She sees Abhay standing there with his back faced towards her.
Pia: Abhay! (Abhay turns and looks at her)
Abhay: What are you doing here?
Pia: That is none of your business. Some one put a note for me on my bench... I came to meet that person at the library.
Abhay: I left that note... not for you but for Jeh...
Pia: Why?
Abhay: None of your business... (They stare at each other. Pia forgets herself and moves towards Abhay. Pia thinks, 'Don't bring this thought to mind. Pia just forget him. Abhay is with your sister Panchi.(She takes a step backwards) He has no interest in you'. She composes herself and walks to the door. When she reaches the door it gets closed by the breeze and papers fly in. Pia gets scared and runs to Abhay.She stand there with her hands on Abhay's shoulder while Abhay's hands are on her waist. They look at each other almost mesmerized. Abhay thinks, 'Pia this is not right...But with you in my arms why do I feel that the word has become right...' He embraces her.
Abhay: Pia... Break your relationship with Jeh...
Pia: What?
Abhay: Do you trust me? (Pia looks at Abhay. Abhay removes a stand of hair from her face fondly) Episode ends

PreCap: Abhay and Pia and walking through the College corridor. News Reporters are trying to talk to them and photographs have been taken.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

26th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 228) Panchi tells Pia that she is dating Abhay Raichand

Pia says thanks to Jeh
Episode 228 starts with Dipanita Khurana looking at the Coffin and saying, 'My Child... It is now time for you to come back. Your killer's death has revived the hopes of a Mother. You will live again and I am so happy'. Dipanita gets out of the room and locks the door from outside. She then says, 'Your story has ended Abhay Raichand...'
Jeh Khurana with Arnab and the Dobriyal Sisters
The Door bell rings at the Dobriyal House and Arnab goes and opens the door. He says to Pia and Misha, 'Come inside! You got time to come home?' He then sees Jeh.
Arnab: Jeh... Come in... come in... (Jeh, Misha and Pia gets inside the house) How come you are late?
Jeh: Uncle... Some one attacked Neil at the Jungle.
Arnab: What?
Jay: yeah...
Arnab: If there was any such matter you could have phoned me and I would have come there.
Jeh: Uncle! Everything is fine. The Doctors have asked him to take rest. In fact Misha got him at the house at the right time so everything was just fine...
Arnab: Oh Thank God Misha...But Jeh I hope he is okay. I mean...Neil is our to be son in law...amd if there is anything we could do, please tell us!
Jeh: Thank you... Thank you so much Uncle... I know. But everything is just under control. He is just going to be fine...
Arnab: I hope he is going to be okay (Jay nods. Panchi comes there)
Panchi: What happened? Is he okay? (Everyone looks at her)
Jeh: Panchi, Just relax! Actually I did not tell you earlier because you would get tensed up unnecessarily.
Panchi: But you could have told me. I will come and meet him tomorrow. What happened? Is it an attack?
Pia: Panchi...I will tell you the full matter later. Actually Jeh needs to go home. His Mom is alone at home. So I will go and drop him.
Jeh: Just take care Panchi and come and see Neil tomorrow. Yeah? He is going to be fine! I will see you Uncle... (Jeh shake hands with Arnab Dobriyal) Bye Misha! (Jeh and Piya goes out of the house)
Arnab: You people go and sleep... It's very late... (Misha and Panchi goes from there. Arnab thinks, ' What is this? Someone attacked Neel? Once again why is there ups and downs in Panchi's life? Why? No Panchi! This time I will not let anything happen to you. I am going to be there for you dear. I will protect you!')
Abhay threatens Dipanita Khurana
Dipanita attends the phone call from Abhay
Dipanita Khurana is walking through the Jungle. She thinks, 'One year Abhay! For one year I have wanted to take revenge for my son's death. One year I have waited for this moment. And that moment has come....' Dipannita suddenly sees the dead bodies of the wolves on the ground.She says, 'What is this?' She kneels beside them and touches them. She says, 'Oh No! No... Such a big cheating...Abhay Raichand...'. Dipanita's mobile phone rings and she picks up the call from Abhay.
Dipanita: hello...
Abhay: How are you? (Dipanita gets up) How are you doing? (Abhay is at the Raichand House talking to Dipanita over phone) By now you would have understood that who is responsible for the plight of your hired wolves. That so sad... Not even one survived... Listen Dipanita! You can never make me lose. I will kill you all one by one. Each and every one of you will be dead!' (Abhay cuts the Call. Dipanita is angry. She shouts, 'Abhay Raichand! You did not do good by challenging me. You took away my last hope of my son's life Abhay! You will have to pay for this... You will have to pay a price for this Abhay! You wait and watch Abhay!'
Chand tells Abhay and Hasina that defeating Werewolves is not easy
At the Raichand House Chand and Hasina comes near Abhay.
Chand: I don't know how much you know about werewolves. All I can tell you is that they are dangerous. With a wolf face they are that humans who has the strength of wolves, their strategical mind and swiftness. They are our enemies for ages. Hot blood and our cold blood! This is a battle of power... supremacy...
Abhay: No Dad! This is not the fight between a vampire and a werewolf. It is personal. It's about me! The werewolf I killed while fighting with Siddharth belong to that family. He belongs to the family of Dipanita Khurana. He is Dipannita Khurana's son! That means this fight is not between their clan and our clan. This fight and plan are made by them. Just for me! She wants to take revenge for her son's blood by my blood. She wants to give her son whom I killed while fighting with Siddharth a new life with my blood...
Hasina: She won't do that! Before she does anything we will kill her!
Chand: It is just not going to be easy... If we are swift...they are powerful!
Abhay: I have it in me to be victorious over them. I alone is enough for all of them. Dipanita Khurana will have to face me. And I promise that it would be her biggest defeat in her life. I will kill them!
Ruhi hugs Angad
Ruhi is running out of the Jungle and reaches the spot where she had left Angad after telling, 'statue!'. She comes running to Angad calling his name and hugs Angad. She tells him not to leave her alone and kisses him. Angad wonders what happened to Ruhi.
Piya tells Jeh that she wants to talk to him
Pia sees Jeh off
  Jeh and Pia are coming out of the Dobriyal's gate to the Car.
Piya: Jeh... I want to talk something to you...
Jeh: Hmm... Tell me... what happened?
Pia: Jeh...Actually I heard Misha talking on the phone and she was telling that she was playing a girlfriend boyfriend drama with Abhay. And you know she is trying to save me...
Jeh: What? When did this happen? When?
Pia: Today Jeh! And from what she is trying to save me? I mean what is she trying to prove? Jeh... All my memories are gone... i don't remember anything. I don't know anything about my past life. What is that in my past that they are all trying to hide it from me? What are they trying to save me from? I don't understand anything... This is... (Jeh keeps his hands on Pia's shoulders)
Jeh: hey... relax... relax! I think I can help you.
Pia: meaning?
Jeh: Okay...all your memories... your past life questions... everything!
Pia: But how?
Jeh: Okay! Have you heard about past life regression?
Pia: Yeah!
Jeh: Good! It is quite tricky...What they do is that after hypnotizing you they will ask you some questions and answers of your questions would be found out.
Pia: You mean they will hypnotize me and command them and I could try to bring back my forgotten memories? Is that possible?
Jeh: Well, yes... And you just have to try...And I think I know one such Guy who can help you with that (Pia smiles)
Pia: Really?
Jeh: yeah!
Pia: Wow! This is so good...
Jeh: Anyways, for now you just go back home and have a nice sleep. We will look into your memories tomorrow. (Piya nods. Jey turns to go)
Pia: Jay... (Jay turns and faces her again)
Jeh: Hmm?
Pia: Jeh... You are a very good friend.
Jeh: ha thanks! Everyone knows! I am so cool... Am I not?
Pia: yeah... And fool also... a big bloody fool... self loving fool!
Jeh: Hey Come on... I am fool? Girls come and tell me that they love me... I love me too... I am so cool! Thank you God! (Jeh sends flying kisses upwards)
Pia: Jeh... That's enough! Bye... Goodnight! (Pia turns and walks back to the house. Jeh is leaning to his Car)
Jeh: Pia... (Piya turns and looks at him) Thanks!
Pia: Not at all Jeh! I need to thank you... Thanks!
Jeh: No! I meant thanks for trusting in me. You told me that I am a good friend and I am really happy...
Pia: Goodnight! Bye! (Pia turns and walks towards the house)
Jeh: Happy... and I am super cool!
Piya: yeah are a bloody fool... Bye!
Jeh: Good night! (He gets into the driving seat of his Car)

Misha is lying on her Cot. She tells, 'Misha baby sleep... If Pia comes she will take you to task... Come on sleep sleep...' Misha closes her eyes. She suddenly hears Pia calling her name. She pulls the blanket over the body and ptetends to sleep. Piya comes to the room.
Pia: Misha... just get up okay? I know that you are not sleeping. Just get up right now! (Pia goes and stands near the Cot)
Misha: Oh God Pia... Please allow me to sleep...there is class in the morning!
Pia: Since when you have started attending classes? Just get up! You know what I am asking... I want my answers right now... (Misha pushes her blanket aside and sits upright on the cot)
Misha: You know what Pia...I don't want to answer your silly questions. What will you do? I mean... You need to be set up as exam paper... Miss Question Mark...
Pia: You don't want to fail, right? Start answering...
Misha: Is it some compulsion? I am not telling... What will you do?
Pia: Misha you know what... (Pia lifts her hand to hit Misha but stops)
Misha: Oh my God! Now you will hit me? You know nothing is solved by violence...
Pia: Misha... Answer straight... Why are you doing all these? Who are you protecting? Him or me? (Misha gets up from the bed and faces Pia)
Misha: You are playing the games... and that too alone... He is not interested... it's broken. And you know what? You can't stand it that the Guy left you and went away. Pia the truth is that Abhay does not love you. It does not make a difference if I or anyone else interferes. Why are you behind him? Just leave him alone and I mean... Just leave him!
Pia: Misha! (Pia slaps her. Misha pushes Pia aside and walks out of the room)

Panchi is walking to and fro in her room. She thinks, ' I was about to break the relationship with Neil and he became a victim on his own. How will I leave him at this time? I need to play the role of a good fiancee. No Panchi... He is a horrible man who only has hurt you in life. So chill out and work on the plan. You have to get rid off Neel... and he himself has to dump you. May be you can show that you are with someone else...But who? With whom?' Piya comes to the room in a hurry.
Pia: Panchi... listen! Misha and I had a fight and she left the house and gone... I don't know where... Please help!
Panchi: what? What is this childishness?
Pia: If Papa comes to know he will...
Panchi: Okay come... let's go fast! (Panchi and Pia gets out of the room)
Pia tells that she is happy for Panchi if she is in a relationship with Abhay
Panchi is driving the Car with Pia sitting on the front passenger seat.
Panchi: Pia... What is this between the two of you?
Pia: Misha is hiding something from me. She wants to keep Abhay away from me. And from the time I cam back she has been trying to poison my mind against Abhay. She has told everyone that she and Abhay are boyfriend girlfriend...
Panchi: What? No way!
Pia: yeah Panchi...You know that they two are in a fake relationship... to make me jealous...They show in front of me that they are together. You know what? Today I heard her talking on phone... She was telling somebody that she can't do all this love stuff. I heard her... Panchi... What is she trying to protect me off? What is she trying to prove? What is she trying to save her sister from? I really want to know... I need some answers! (Panchi thinks, 'Piya does not know that Misha was talking to me'.)
Panchi: Don't worry Pia! I promise you that you will get the answers to your questions today, okay? (They see Misha walking through the middle of the road) Misha... Misha listen! Misha...
Pia: Misha, please stop! (Misha stops. Pia and Panchi gets out of the Car and comes near her)
Panchi: What are you doing?
Pia: Stop okay? You listen to me... (Pia turns Misha towards her)
Panchi: Misha, listen! Please... Enough of these games and enough of all these lies... It is time to tell the truth!
Pia: Exactly! The truth... Now come on tell me...Why are you doing all this Misha? What are you doing/ What are you protecting your sister from? What is all this drama... Just tell me...
Panchi: Pia... Misha is not protecting you... but me...(Misha and Pia looks at Panchi) I am that sister!
Pia: But what... Panchi you...
Panchi: Pia you know that I did the engagement with Neil because of the pressure from Mom and Dad. You know how Neel is... and I don't love him... I do not wish to get married to him. And that time Abhay supported me... He made my life worth it... otherwise I would have gone to depression by now. I love Abhay ( Misha silently says, 'What?') And Misha did all these drama for me so that we both get an excuse to meet. She was protecting me... not you! I am dating Abhay Raichand! (Pia looks shocked and unable to believe what she is hearing) Yes! I am with Abhay...
Pia: Panchi, How did this happen?
Panchi: Pia you know that 2 of my engagements have broken and after that my reputation in this city became bad. And how sad was Mom and Dad. And when my engagement with Neel happened I was in a very bad situation. And I know how Neel is...and what all problems happened between us...
Pia: yeah... I know Panchi but... How did Abhay come in between this? Why did you not tell me earlier?
Panchi: How would I have told you and what would I have told you? This all happened suddenly. I needed a companion and Abhay was there for me. When I had so much pressure on me... and Neel's behavior...Mom and Dad's pressure... I could not handle it. And Abhay gave me the courage to live. And Misha helped me because she knew that I am very serious about Abhay. And in fact she has been helping me from the time my engagement happened with Neil. And Pia you know how much tension is there between the Khuranas and the Raichands. So I felt that it is not the right time to come out with everything. And Pia... How would I have told you... You and Abhay has a past... which he is still trying to forget... Yours and Abhay's relationship was over more than a year ago. So we had to hide... we were not sure how you would react. Because of that Abhay had to stay away from the college and city. But when he came back we thought that we will use some other strategy. You know even now there are some questions the answers of which are not clear. We need time... (Pia walks to Panchi and holds her hand)
Pia: Panchi... You know what? I understand! If Abhay and you are together then I am happy for you... I am with you, okay? In everything... what ever you need... I am with you! Alright?
Panchi: Thank you so much Pia... I knew that you would understand... I love you! (Pia and Panchi shares a hug) Come! (The Dobriyal sisters go back to their Car)

Panchi is driving the Car with Misha sitting and sleeping on the front seat and Pia seated on the back. Panchi sees Misha sleeping and pinches her. Misha opens her eyes wide and yawns. Pia thinks, ' Panchi and Abhay... I am not able to believe this. Panchi is so good... so perfect... She is lovely! Guys would stand on line for her. I can understand why Abhay loves Panchi. I should be happy for Panchi. And I am happy...' . Pia looks sad and lost. Pia thinks, 'But why am I feeling that my heart is aching? Why am I feeling so bad? Panchi is my sister and I should be happy (Pia recalls moments with Abhay) Why am I thinking of Abhay now? Piya... Just stop it! There is no relationship between you and Abhay. You have lost him! What ever it is... It is all for Panchi') Episode ends

PreCap: Abhay and Pia are in the Mount college Library. Pia walks to the door and suddenly the door opens and papers fly in. Pia gets scared and runs to Abhay. They look at each other and moves closer.

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25th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 227) Abhay Raichand saves his parents by killing the Werewolves

Pia confronts Misha
Episode 227 starts with Pia overhearing Misha's telephonic conversation with Panchi telling that she is playing the role of Abhay's fake girlfriend for the sake of Pia. Misha suddenly sees Pia  standing in front of the wash room door looking at her and cuts the call. Pia gets into the Washroom and closes the door behind her.
Pia: Misha Dobriyal... Now it's enough! You have to give me a lot of answers... (Misha thinks, 'Oh God! Pia came to know. I wish a tsunami comes now and drown me. God...Man... Where have I got trapped? I wish I become invisible like Mr India'. Pia comes and holds Misha on her hand and then pushes her)
Pia: Misha... Who the hell are you? You played these games with me? Tell me... I heard everything Misha. You did this to me...You mislead me that Abhay is your boyfriend? To keep him away from me forever you played the drama of love with him? You know what this says Misha? Do you know the meaning of love? Do you know what it means to lose a love? You know how is it to lose all the memories? Misha, You wanted to keep Abhay away from me... That was what you wanted? If you would have told me once... I would have let him go...But why Misha? You hurt me... You joined with Abhay and played this dirty games! (Misha turns to go but Pia stops his by holding her hand) Misha... Listen to me! Who are you trying to save? me or Abhay? (They hear Dipanita's voice from outside, 'Pia...Misha... Is everything alright?' )
Misha: yeah Aunty we are fine! Okay... Listen Pia... please okay... What ever you want to say we can talk at home. Right now we are at someone else house... So please... Can we talk after reaching home?
Pia: Fine! truce... But Misha... I want the answers to my questions. No excuse would do...okay? (Misha nods) And you... have hurt me the most! No body so far did like this to me...(Pia turns and walks away from there. Misha is also angry and frustrated by what happened. She too gets out of the washroom)
Hasina is worried for Abhay
At the forest area in front of the Khurana Mansion Chand and Hasina is keeping a watch on the house.Hasina: Chand, Abhay is taking a lot of time inside.
Chand: Hasina, Don't worry! He knows what he is doing. The only thing is that he needs to stay careful... very careful (Hasina nods)
Hasina: I have full trust on Abhay. By saving you he has proved himself capable of handling this!
Chand: I can smell danger! (Chand and Hasina looks around)
The Werewolves arrive to finish Abhay Raichand
A Car comes and stops on the Road. There are two Guys in the Car. One Guy says, 'There it is not only Abhay but more people...more than one vampires... I can feel them!' The Guys get out of the Car and runs towards Chand and Hasina. Before they could do anything werewolves attack Chand and Hasina with silver chains.
Abhay asks Jeh where he studied
Abhay asks Dipanita about Jeh's likes
Abhay comes along Jeh to the Hall where Dipanita, Misha and Pia are sitting. Abhay asks Jeh were he did his studies and he tells that he was in St Lords Boarding School. But Dipanita tells some other name when Abhay asks about Jeh. Dipanita excuses herself from there after that.
Abhay: Alright! Your Mom does not know which school you were? That's strange...
Jey: Nice try! By the way, the entire city knows that Dipanita Khurana is a business oriented women. I wonder how you did not know.If you concentration would have been on important things and not useless things you might have known. Our Mom was not with us because he work always use to keep her busy. Ans as far as I know you... you will now ask that if our hostel matrons and nannies brought us up. You are very polite Abhay. Coming at someones house and looking at their negatives... very nice! In fact, You are too good at being ridiculous...
Abhay: Thanks for the compliment!
Jeh: Welcome!
Pia: Jeh... I think your Mom is a wonderful lady and some people does not know to appreciate anything. So it is okay...Just forget about it, Okay? (Suddenly Abhay senses danger and hears Hasina's voice, 'Abhay, we are in danger! We need you here' Abhay gets glimpses of Chand and Hasina surrounded by silver chains).

The Calling bell rings at Angad's House. Angad goes and opens the door and finds a Bouquet on the door step. He takes the Bouquet and reads the note inside which says, ' I like you... and i am sure you will like me. If you want to find out come and meet me at Hillview Road in 20 minutes. Come come will be fun fun fun'. Angad is happy and excited. He says, ' Coming coming coming... it will be funning funning funning... got a lottery...' He puts the note inside his T Shirt and rushes outside.

Angad comes to his Car with the Bouquet and puts the bouquet on the back seat of the Car. He then gets into the driving seat of the Car.

Ruhi is in a Car keeping a watch on Angad. She lifts her head up and says, 'Ahh... I don't believe this! Come on... a girl wrote a note and he is running after her. Whatever, I am not going to forgive you... I don't believe this... I mean what is this? I am going to catch him red handed....Yeah! I will bring out your true colors Angad...' Ruhi dials Angad's number. Angad who is driving the car stops the Car when his mobile rings. He looks at the Caller ID and sees that the call is from Ruhi. He picks up the call.
Angad: hello!
Ruhi: Hello...
Angad: Hi Ruhi... How are you?
Ruhi: What are you doing?
Angad: Ruhi... I am studying... You will talk to me tomorrow?
Ruhi: Ahhh sure! You study... I will not disturb you.
Angad: Okay...Thank you Ruhi... Take Care...Good night! Bye bye...
Ruhi: yeah... Bye! (Angad cuts the call and resumes driving. Ruhi is sitting in her Car. She is angry. She says, 'You cheat! You are trying to make me a fool? I will kill you! No! I will make small small fasionable peices of you and feed to dogs. Yeah that serves you right... you bloody idiot! I will make Baingan ka Bhartha out of you. No... I will make Sushi out of you...yeah! Bloody Angad...'

Chand and Hasina are standing inside the area fenced by silver chains. Abhay visualizes his Parents.
Abhay: Guys...Excuse me... I have to go...There is an emergency... (Abahy gets up to go)
Pia: Oh! You mean the girl you came here with... I mean you came with your girlfriend... won't you go to leave her? Somebody told it right! Chivalry is dead...
Abhay: Yes, It is... Happy? (Abhay goes from there)
Pia: Whatever!

Abhay is running through the forest in his supersonic speed. At the Forest, Haseena and Chand looks at the Chains around them. Abhay is still running.
Hasina: What do you want?
Guy: This time you are a mere pawn. We want to bring our prey here by keeping you in our custody. (Abhay is running. The Guy makes a call to Dipanita Khurana, 'We have caught them both!'
Dipanita: What? Two of them? Who are you talking about?
Guy: His Parents! He would be on his way. And then his death... (Haseena is angry hearing the conversation)

Dipanita thinks, 'So the Raichand's were outside my house keeping an eye on their son. They have done a big mistake. They have to pay a big price for this... with Abhay's death!'
Ruhi fights with Angad
Angad gets out of his Car. Ruhi is standing with her back on Angad covered by a shawl. Angad walks towards her carrying the bouquet in hand. Ruhi says in mind, 'I can hear him. He is coming here. Angad... today I will not leave you!' Angad says, 'Angad! You got a lottery... Go!'. Angad runs towards Ruhi and stops behind her.
Angad: Excuse me... I have come! (Ruhi does not look at him) I have come...excuse me... Hello! hello... (Ruhi suddenly removes the shawl from her head and turns towards Angad. Angad is shocked seeing her)
Ruhi: What happened? You did not like my face?
Angad: Ruhi...
Ruhi: yeah This is Ruhi... Jerk! You came here to meet some other girl...You cheater! How could you do that on me?
Angad: Mother's promise... I was sitting and studying. You phone my Mom and ask her. Suddenly the bell rang and I opened the door and saw the bouquet which said come fast to meet me. Ruhi... promise on you. Trust me Ruhi...
Ruhi: There is not even a T of trust. I don't want to be a fool. I am not born bloody hell. You have been caught red hand.
Angad: Ruhi, It is not red hand but red handed...
Ruhi: Shut up! You cheat... I don't want to talk to you! (Ruhi goes from there after saying, 'Statue' to Angad and he stands there).
Jeh Khurana dropping Pia and Misha home
Jeh is driving Misha and Pia home. Pia is sitting on the front passenger seat while Misha is sitting on the back. Pia turns and looks at Misha. Misha thinks, 'This Pia has declared war. As soon as we reach home World War 3 will start. I should warn Panchi... You know...She should be prepared (Misha types a message on her mobile).
Pia: What a strange thing it is, right Misha? Your Boyfriend did not insist to even take you home...
Jeh: Pia... relax! There is no fault of her in that...Just let it be! I am here... I am dropping her... Ssshh relax! (Misha keeps her finger on the head showing 'kill me by passing a bullet on my head' sign)
Chand and Hasina capured by the Werewolves
Abhay kills the Werewolves after a fight
Abhay rescues Chand and Hasina
At the Jungle Abhay is running and reaches near the area where Chand and Hasina are kept prisoners by the werewolves. Hasina senses Abhay's presence.
Hasina: He is here. (Abhay comes running and stops near the silver fence. The two wolves runs towards him. Abhay turns into his Vampire form and fights with the werewolves. After a tough fight he kills the werewolves one after the other by biting on their necks. Chand and Hasina proudly looks at Abhay fighting and killing their enemies. After dropping the second Guy on the ground Abhay straightens up with blood on his fangs and mouth. He then comes to his human form. He takes a wooden stick and hits on the silver chain breaking them and freeing his Parents. Chand and Hasina comes out of there)
Chand: Abhay!
Hasina: Are you alright?
Abhay: Mom Dad...
Hasina: Are you alright?
Abhay: Yeah! (They hear the mobile phone ringing. The Raichand's notice a mobile phone on the ground near the dead body of a werewolf. Abhay looks at Chand who signals him to pick up the phone. Abhay goes near the werewolf and picks up the phone and brings it near his ears. Dipanita Khurana asks, 'Did you kill him?' Abhay replies, ' Yeah! Killed the three of them!' Dipanita cuts the call. (Ruhi is hiding behind a tree. She thinks, 'Is this Abhay or a demon? How is he speaking of this people. Like Chirag he also beaten up these people. Poor things.... They are unconscious!' She goes from there).
Dipanita fondly touches the coffin of her son
Dipanita Khurana is climbing the stairs up. She says, 'Today Abhay Raichand is finished!' Dipanita reaches up and opens a door. She walks inside a room where there is a coffin and many candles lighted there. She keeps her hands on top of the coffin and touches the surface fondly. She says, 'Today I have killed the one who killed you. I have killed him! My child...your killer today became our prey on his own. And his death is your life! And very soon I will return you your life. You will live again... and it's a promise!' (Episode ends)

PreCap: Abhay is sitting at his house and speaking to Dipanita Khurana on phone, 'By now you would have understood that who is responsible for your hired wolves plight. (Dipanita Khurana is standing at the jungle with the phone on her ears. She looks at the ground) That's so sad. Not even one survived! Listen Dipanita... You can never make me lose. I will kill all of you one by one. Each and every one of you will be dead!'

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Friday, July 22, 2011

22nd July 2011 Written Update (Episode 226) Jeh Khurana brings Pia home to meet Dipanita

Pia kisses Jeh
Episode 226 starts with Abhay seeing the Photos on the Wall of Khurana Mansion and realizing that the Khuranas belong to the family of the werewolf he killed while fighting with Mythili and Siddharth. As Abhay is looking at the Photos Dipanita Khurana comes down the stairs to the hall where Abhay is standing. Abhay thinks, ' So these people belong to the family of the werewolf I killed while fighting with Mythili and Siddharth. So this is not just the enmity between the werewolf and vampire. This is a War for revenge. And the consequences of it is going to be high... very high!' Abhay touches the picture of Neil with the werewolf he killed in the fight'. Dipannita goes closer to Abhay.
Danish tries to talk about Neil to Panchi
A Car stops in front of a medical store. Panchi gets out of the Car and goes to the Shop counter. She buys head ache tablets and turns to walk back to the Car. She sees Danish in front of her. She is annoyed.
Panchi: Not again! (Panchi walks to her Car)
Danish : Panchi please... How long will you ignore me?
Panchi: Danish, What is it? Please let it be... I am not in a mood for this...
Danish: Before you go listen to me...
Panchi: What is it... tell me... just speak up okay? (Danish goes near her)
Danish: You are very beautiful now also...
Panchi: Danish you said you wanted to talk to me... So just speak up!
Danish: Look Panchi... I really care for you. I know that you will not believe in my words. But I really do! I still love you that much so I do not wish that you do mistakes in life like Neil. And... he is not the right Guy for you Panchi. I know that he is hiding the reality from all of you. And I will bring the truth out. All I need is some real proof. I do not wish that anyone cheats you and your family in any way.
Panchi: Really? You are telling this? You Danish who cheated on me... Today the condition I am in is because of you.(Danish looks guilty) The beginning was with you. My engagement happened with you Danish. And what did you do? You kept me and my family in the dark. Neil... Siddharth and now you... the beginning of all this started with you. And what do you think? By saying love you and sorry the past year would come back? You lied... you cheated...and you tried to hurt Pia... I know that Neil is not a good Guy. I know how he is. But I do not have any other choice. This and all is bullshit.You did not leave me in a way to deserve anyone's love... not yours or not anyone elses... (Panchi gets into the Car)
Danish: Panchi...please... Panchi...listen to me! (Danish looks at her through the Car window) Panchi...please listen to me... I never stopped loving you. I made a mistake and to hide that one mistake i continued making mistakes. But I did not want to lose you Panchi. (Panchi wipes her tears) And at the end that only happened. I am going through the punishment of that one mistake for 3 years. I told you lie Panchi... but because of the fear of losing you! But I lost you... (Danish walks from there. Panchi thinks, ' My this condition is because of you Danish. If you would not have cheated me like that in life I would not have been in this much a bad condition'. Panchi drives the Car from there).

Dipanita goes near Abhay.
Dipanita: You wanted something Abhay? I think Abhay... You should wash your hands.
Abhay: Yeah (Abhay goes from there. Dipanita thinks, ' Why did he come here? What does he want? What was he searching? Here everything is right. Maybe he did not come here to take anything. I need to keep an eye on him. It is better to keep an eye on the Raichands.
Arnab tells Panchi that he is her friend also
Arnab tells Panchi that nothing is more important to him than her happiness

Arnab Dobriyal comes to Panchi's room. He sees the light and wonders why the light is on. He sees the bed and says, 'Panchi has not gone to sleep till now? Where is she?' Panchi comes to the room wiping her face with a towel. She goes and sits on the bed. Arnab goes and sits near her.
Arnab: Panchi... It's late... you have not slept?
Panchi: Papa...I am not feeling sleepy. (Arnab puts his hand around Panchi's shoulders)
Arnab: Listen Panchi! I am your Dad. But I am also like your friend...right?
Panchi: Yeah!
Arnab: If you have any problem you can tell me... anything! (Panchi gets up and walks towards the bed)
Panchi: Nothing like that Papa... You don't worry! You go to sleep Papa... Good night! (Panchi stands near the Bed and looks into her mobile. Arnab gets up and go near Panchi. He keeps his hands on her shoulders).
Arnab: Panchi... Look...Dear if you are not happy with Neil you can tell me... There is nothing important to us than your happiness.
Panchi: Yeah Papa...I know... But don't worry...I am fine!
Arnab: You keep telling me that everything is okay and fine. But don't know why I feel that you have some problem which you are not telling me. Tell me Panchi... tell me! (Panchi turns to face Arnab)
Panchi: Don't worry papa... I am fine! I just got a slight headache... I am alright!
Arnab: Are you sure? (Panchi nods) Well then... I think you need a Hot Chocolate. I will bring it for you. have that and you will sleep like a baby. (Panchi smiles)
Panchi: yeah! (Arnab goes from there. Panchi thinks, 'I hope this problem got solved Papa...but this is too messed up. And what is there I cannot tell you. How will I tell you that Neil is taking revenge on me... because I broke up with him... What does it say about me?

A Car comes and stops in front of Khurana Mansion. Jeh and Pia is sitting in the Car. Jeh releases the seat bet and says, 'let's go!'. He sees Pia lost in thoughts and snaps his fingers in front of her. Pia looks at him.
Jeh: Where have you got lost? You okay?
Pia: No... Actually yeah... I am fine!
Jeh: Well thank God! Otherwise I thought are you not thinking of that Abhay again...
Pia: Jay!
Jeh: Anyways...let's go! I have to talk to Mom...
Pia: Oh yeah... Thank you so much Jeh... I didn't think that you will help me in this matter.
Jeh: Technically the problem is not solved so far... and when the problem gets solved I will take your thank you...
Pia: But anyway... I am telling you thanks in advance.
Jeh: Just... just don't mind Pia but I am not doing this for you...I am doing this for my stupid Brother. He is not realizing that whatever he is doing is very wrong. And I think he needs Panchi in his life. Anyways, let's go! (Jeh and Pia gets out of the Car and walks towards the House)

Chand and Hasina who are keeping a watch on the Khurana House sees them.
Chand: Pia...
Hasina: What is she doing here? She always reaches where Abhay is... Is there fate tied up together?
Chand: No Hasina... Not fate... but trouble got her here. I don't like it!
Hasina: No Chand! Pia can never be trouble for Abhay... She is the light of his dark life.
Chand: I hope you are right Hasina...

Abhay and Misha is coming along with Dipanita Khurana to the hall.
Dipanita: You both will have Dinner with me and go... In fact I have organized also...
Misha: Thanks Aunties... Cat sized rats are running inside my stomach (Misha occupies a chair in front of the Table and turns the plate in front of her)
Dipanita: Abhay... You might also be hungry... Come on Join us! (Abhay thinks, 'No Mrs Khurana... You won't be able to catch me that fast...') Abhay... join us! (Abhay sits in a chair next to Misha. Dipanita thinks, 'Come on let us play this game and see also... Let's see if you will be able to eat human food or not' Dipanita sits on a chair on the table too and turns her plate to serve food).
Madhu asks Panchi how her relationship with Neil is going

Madhu comes into Panchi's room. She sees clothes thrown here and there. She picks it up.
Madhu: What is this? Panchi dear... You are not a child...
Panchi: Mom! You came.... (Panchi goes and hugs Madhu)
Madhu: It's so good to see you... Tell me... how are you? Everything is going well between you and Neil ? (Panchi nods No) What is the matter? Tell me! (Panchi sits on the cot)
Panchi: Momma... Momma... (She looks as if she is about to cry. Madhu sits next to her on the cot).
Madhu: What happened dear?
Panchi: Mom... Everything is going wrong again... And Neil is not a good guy. He got engaged to me because he wants to put our family down. He want to take revenge on me... I will never be able to stay happy with him Mom...
Madhu: You will have to stay Panchi!
Panchi: What?
Madhu: Panchi... I don't wish to hear another word from you. Your engagement has broken twice. And now you want another bad name on our family? Do you even know what would be the effects of this on our family? Your Dad thinks that you are still his school going kid. But I see the world... Look! Do you even have an idea how important the reputation is for a girl? May be you are not able to understand Panchi... but I have to look at all that. You tell me... Which family would like to be associated with us? No family would want to associate with us. And after that who will marry you? Tell me...You don't understand the gravity of this at all Panchi... But you have to understand. Neel is a good guy... He is from a good family... He earns well... If you have a disagreement on some silly issue... you have to forget it... you understand? (Arnab comes to the room with hot chocolate)
Arnab: Hot Chocolate on its way... here you go... you guys are finished with you love meeting?Take this and drink fast (Arnab give the Hot Chocolate to Panchi)
Panchi: Thank you!
Arnab: And go to sleep. It's late... Come on Madhu...let's go!
Madhu: Yeah... (To Panchi) Good night!
Panchi: Goodnight! (Madhu goes from the room. Panchi thinks, ' You are telling right Momma... I cannot break my engagement with Neil. But I can do something so that he himself will break the relationship with me'.
Pia, Jeh, Dipannita, Misha and Abhay at the Dinner Table

Abhay feeding Khichadi to Misha
At the Khurana House Jeh opens the door for Pia and she walks inside. Jeh is about to close the door when he sees Abhay and Misha on the dinner table.
Dipanita: Jey! Come... Dinner is ready... Pia you also come... (Pia and Jeh looks at Abhay)
Jey: Hey Mom! What are they doing here?
Dipanita: Jeh... They brought Neil here. Someone attacked him at the jungle.
Jay: What? Neel was attacked... How?
Dipanita: But he is okay now...Please come... You guys come and start eating... (Jay walks to the dinner table followed by Pia)
Jay: Mom... How is he now ? (Jeh pulls a chair for Piya) Come sit Pia... Where is he? How is he doing? (Pia and Jeh sits next to each other)
Dipannita: He is in the room Jeh. He should be fine by morning. Doctor has given him injection. Anyway... you start eating...
Jeh: How did this happen?
Misha: I really don't know but someone attacked on Neil at the Jungle. He was bleeding so Abhay and I brought him here.
Dipanita: Abhay... You are not eating anything?
Abhay: No Auntie! Mom is very particular about food. I will go home and eat...
Dipanita: No problem! Will get Khichdi for you...Mishra ji get Khichadi for Abhay.
Misha: Thank God you are not eating anything Abhay... I will eat the whole food... (The servent keeps the Khichadi in front of Abhay)
Dipanita: Abhay... Khichadi for you. I am sure there won't be a problem for you eating Khichadi.(Abhay looks at the food and Dipanita smiles)
Abhay: I am so sorry Aunty (Jay looks at him) but I don't eat Khichadi. I am allergic to pulses. No worries... I will go home and eat. (Dipanita thinks, ' Make excuses Abhay... I know the truth' Dipanita's mobile phone rings. jeh and Dipanita looks at each other)
Dipanita: Ah...excuse me! (Dipanita gets up and goes from there to attend the call)

Dipanita is talking to someone on the phone. She says, 'Yeah... He is here at home in between us. Today I will write the end of his story. he the the reason for us to come to this city. For that I need your help. Come here as fast as possible.
Misha says, 'My Boyfriend is the best'
Jey says that Pia and he loves PDA
Abhay takes a spoon on Khichadi and brings it near Misha's mouth to feed her. She looks at the Khichadi in disgust and looks at Abhay questioningly.
Abhay: That's for you... my love! (Misha smiles and catches and eats the Khichadi)
Misha: yeah yeah sweetie... I will eat even Khichadi from your hands (Pia looks at them.Pia and Misha looks at each other. Pia without looking on the plate or offers Jeh a chilly on her fork. Jey sees the chilli and catches the fork)
Jeh: Excuse me... Now what have I done that you want to make me eat this? (Abhay and Misha watches her with interest)
Pia: Sorry! (She puts the fork back to the plate. Jeh talks to her in hushed tone, 'You could have told earlier that you are making him jealous. Okay... I get it...So you are using me? Go ahead... We will have fun!') Good! (Pia kisses on Jay's cheek. Jeh looks at her lovingly and then continues eating. Pia looks at Abhay with a smile. Abhay puts his hand over Misha's shoulders and kisses Misha on her hairs instead of cheeks taking her by surprise. Misha notices Pia is looking and gives a fake kiss to Abhay. Pia looks at them unhappy. Jey notices it)
Jeh: You know what Abhay my girlfriend is so hot (Pia looks at Jey) More than hot she is cute... Oh my God... (Jeh smells Pia's hairs) You smell so good... I love you! (Jeh puts his hand on Pia's shoulder) Pia loves me so much, right? (Pia nods) I mean it is kind of embarrassing but it does not bother me because I cannot stay away from Pia for even 2 minutes. I want to come close to you (Jeh pushes his chair closer to Pia and sits with a hand around Piya) We both like we? We love it!
Pia: Of course I like it...
Jeh: I know! (Abhay puts his hand around Misha and pulls her closer) Everyone has a different outlook. Look at me and Misha (Abhay fondly touches the side of Misha's face with the back of his hand)... How close we are to each other... (Misha smiles. Jey goes back to eating) that we don't need to show it off. It is a matter of each others comfort level, right Misha? (Misha smiles and then talks in hushed tone to Abhay, ' Dude... I told you... don't get this clingy with me... I hate it!' She then looks at Piya and Jeh and smiles)
Misha: My boyfriend is the best! (Pia looks serious and unhappy seeing the public display of affection. Jeh is busy eating. Abhay holds Misha closer. Misha is uncomfortable with Abhay's man handling. Dipanita comes back to the dinner table. Abhay immediately takes his hand from Misha's shoulder)
Dipanita: Sorry Guys! Hey... you people have not eaten anything... (Misha's mobile rings and she excuses from there telling that she needs to go to the loo)

Misha gets into the washroom and takes Panchi's call
Panchi: Misha... where are you? You met Neil? What did you tell him? You know a lot of problems here...
Misha: Whoa whoa... Birdy calm down. You know by trying to solve your problem I landed into further trouble...
Panchi: What? What trouble? What are you talking about?
Misha: Birdy, I am not able to do this...
Panchi: What you can't do?
Misha: All this boyfriend girlfriend acting (Pia comes and stands in front of the wash room) I mean...all this hugging kissing is so yuck yaar. You know that I am roaming around as Abhay's fake girlfriend. I am doing this all for Pia... because she is my sister i am doing this but it is yuck... it is horrible... (Misha then sees Pia standing outside the wash room with a serious look on her face) Episode ends.

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