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8th December 2011 Written Update (Episode 326) Abhay asks for Arnab’s help to save Pia Dobriyal from Jeh Khurana

Episode 326 starts with Alina Khurana finding Pia's chain from underneath the door. Alina knocks at the door and calls Pia's name but she does not respond. Alina thinks that she have to see what is inside. Alina goes to the backyard and tries to open the windows of the store room but fails. She looks through the glass but does not see anyone inside. She thinks, 'Nobody is here. Maybe I am just suspecting. Maybe Jeh is telling right... I don't have trust for my family. Jeh is hot tempered but he would not do anything like this. After all he cares so much for me... How can I doubt him?'

The Servant wearing Vampire attire enters the room where Arnab is sitting. He goes to Arnab and handovers the Card.
Servant: Here is the Card Sir...
Arnab: So some human has come to their place. That means someone is trying to get in touch with them. We will have to do something.
Servant: There is no need to do anything. It was just a Guy who worked in their company who had come to give the invitation for the wedding. (Arnab looks into the Card Cover and touches the name of Misha Dobriyal. Blood tears fall on the Card).

Misha is looking at her wedding Card. Ruhi and Angad enters the room happily. But Misha keeps looking into the Card. Angad notices that Misha is crying.
Angad: Ruhi... Misha is crying. (Angad and Ruhi starts crying)
Ruhi: Misha... I know how you are feeling. Wish I could do something...
Misha: Tracker... Why this drama? (Angad keeps crying)
Angad: Misha... No! Don't stop yourself. Today allow your costly tears to flow... Misha, It will take time to forget this hurt...
Misha: Hold on! What? Have you Guys gone mad... (Misha gets up from the cot) Stop it guys...What is wrong with both of you? I am only crying because my wedding dress is a freak show. wish I could get married wearing a jeans. (Angad stops crying. Ruhi goes to Misha)
Ruhi: What? You are crying because you don't want to wear this pretty lehenga but want to wear jeans?
Misha: Obviously!
Ruhi: Misha... Really? You are sad because of this dress only?
Misha: Yeah man...Look at this dress. Anyone will feel sad seeing this... I don't look like a bride... but like a Christmas Tree... One minute... Why are you Guys crying?
Ruhi: Because you were crying... (Angad starts crying again)
Angad: Yeah...Leave it... We both are fools.
Ruhi: Yeah Angad... You are telling the truth... We both are fools... Because of Misha we both cried... that too for no reason...and my make up also got ruined...
Angad: Yeah look!
Misha: One minute... Silence please!(Misha looks at Ruhi's face carefully) This is bad make up?
Angad: Yeah!
Misha: I thought her face is like that... Come on Guys... Don't do drama... (Ruhi looks angrily at Misha) This melodrama is too much for you also... Go to the room and wash your face (Misha turns to Angad) You too! Come on! (Ruhi and Angad goes from there) You Guys have gone mad... Go, Wash your face... Everything is fine... (Madhu watches Misha from the door. Misha says in mind, 'I hate tears! How can I become so weak? Misha... Come on... Be strong!' Misha wipes her tears. Madhu thinks, 'Misha, You can hide from your friends... but not from me. I know your heart is breaking. I am sorry my child. But Kabir does not love you'. Madhu goes from there).

Jeh is sitting and drinkling at the Bar Counter. Alina keeps her hand on his shoulder.
Alina: Jeh...
Jeh: ummm...
Alina: You are telling right! I am really sorry...
Jeh: What for?
Alina: I fought with you... I am really sorry. Jeh... I know that you get very angry these days... But I also know that we both have no one else other than each other. I know I am stupid I am silly.... But the way you got me out of the store room... and you won't let me stay over there... To tell you the truth, I felt that you are hiding something from me. So when you went from there, I went there again.
Jeh: You went there again? (Jeh gets up) Why Alina?
Alina: I got this from there (Alina shows Jay Pia's chain and locket) Pia's locket! (Jeh takes it) To tell you the truth, seeing this locket I started doubting you again... (Jeh looks at Alina for a second and immediately looks down as if guilty) I felt that you have bought Pia here... I did not want to shout at you so I went and looked through the window... But I did not get anything there Jeh..(Jeh thinks, 'Pia is not there? Then where is she?') I am so silly... This locket could have been there earlier also...
Jeh: Maybe...You are right! See Alina... I know that our relationship is very strange.  And the way you suspect me... It just... I am really sorry... I know that my anger has increased a lot these days... But Alina... You have to trust me... And please don't spy at me...
Alina: I am sorry... I know you are right... Okay, I will do one thing... I will give this locket to Misha... She would get it to Piya...
Jeh: It's okay... No problem... I will take care of it...
Alina: Anyways Jeh... I am going there... I will give to Misha... (Jeh pats on Alina's shoulder)
Jeh: Baby, It's okay... It's someone's keepsake...It is with us for a long time... I will get it polished... You go!
Alina: Fine...(Alina goes from there. Jeh wonders where Pia has gone).

Abhay is standing in front of a Building. He thinks, 'How will I reach to him? I need help. I cannot defeat Jeh alone'. Abhay says, 'I will have to meet the Superior... He only can help me'. Abhay goes nearer to the house but gets thrown away. He says, ' I will have to pass through the shield' Abhay tries again but almost falls back. A Vampire keeps his hand on Abhay's shoulder. Abhay turns and sees 2 Vampires in front of him.
Vampire: What are you doing?
Abhay: I have to see the Superior.
Vampire: Why?
Abhay: I  have such a deal after hearing which the Superior would not say no to me for anything.
Vampire: Come with us... (The Vampires walk ahead. Abhay follows)

Jeh opens the door and gets into the store room. He goes near Piya who is lying on the floor and calls her name.
Jeh: Pia... Get up? (Pia opens her eyes. Jeh pulls her up to sitting position). We have to go from here
Pia: Jeh... Where are you taking me?
Jeh: Where ever I am taking you... I am taking you far from here...
Pia: Jeh please... If you take me from here... Abhay will definitely come here. Jeh... You used to love me... What happened to your love?
Jeh: I used to love you? And who made me do all this? You! Did you love me? No! You only used me Pia... always for your benefit... for Abhay... You thought of everything... But you did not think of my heart even once... Then you did not remember all this?
Pia: loved me... At least for the sake of it have some pity on me...
Jeh: Pity? What pity are you talking about? Did you have any pity on me when I loved you like crazy... I was willing to do everything... And what did you do Pia? You only used me... for your benefit and for Abhay... Then you did not have pity on me... So don't talk about pity Pia... let's go from here... (Jeh pulls Pia up and leads her out from there)
Pia: Jeh please...

Abhay Raichand walks into the Vampire Superior's room along with the 2 Vampires. Abahy goes and stands in front of the Vampire Superior.
Arnab: Abhay Raichand...So you have come here... Tell...What made you come here?
Abhay: I wish a favor from you...
Arnab: Why do you think that I will do any favor for you? For a traitor... a human...?
Abhay: The Werewolves have made a human captive. And I wish that you help me in rescuing that human...
Arnab: Who is that?
Abhay: Pia... Dobriyal... (Arnab's fingers on the chair starts shaking) I am weak... I cannot fight them... So I wish that you help me...
Vampire: And why would we do that?
Abhay: I will give you a deal... You help me to save Pia... and I will give you my soul.

Jeh is pulling Pia along with him.
Pia: Jeh please leave me... Jeh you cannot take me from here... Jeh leave me... You will never be able to separate me and Abhay...
Jeh: What do you think Pia? I am interested in yours and Abhay's love story? You are wrong Pia... Not this time... (Jeh rashly holds on both her arms) And what do you think? You will be able to cheat on me like always? That's not done Pia... Just come with me... (Jeh walks from there pulling Pia's hand)
Pia: Jeh... leave me... Leave me! (Alina is watching them stealthily. She thinks, 'Nothing has changed Brother. I knew that you cannot change... I should not have trusted you. This time you have cheated your sister. You hurt my friends... And now I will show you... Like you I have immense powers... I am the superior of our clan... the leader... If I wish I can use those powers which you are using in the wrong way... I will not let you destroy Abhay and Pia... Never!' Alina walks from there)

Kabir organizes a Bachelors Party for Danish. He informs Angad and Danish about it. Angad is excited while Danish does not show any interest at all. Danish thinks, 'What sadness are you hiding behind your smile Kabir? Your lies is affecting 3 lives'.

Jeh is driving the car. Pia is lying on the back seat of the Car. Her hands are tied together with a rope.
Pia: Jeh... Please leave me... Please! Why are you doing all this? Just leave me... Jeh... Please... What are you doing Jeh? Leave me Jeh... (Pia tries to untie her hands. Jeh keeps driving the Car rashly. He thinks, 'I will also see Abhay...till when you will not come to me... Sorry Pia...' Alina is lying on the boot of the Car. She thinks, 'I knew Jeh... that you are doing all this for revenge. And I will never let that happen. Your fight with Abhay and Pia is only yours... nobody else is there in it with you... In the fight of revenge you are forgetting that you are fighting this battle alone. Pia and Abhay always belonged to each other and will remain the same way. And your hatred can never change that. In the battle of Vampires and Werewolves, you won Jeh... but you forgot that you would only lose in this family fight... I am more powerful than you... And this time... I will fight for my friends...') Episode ends.

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