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1st December 2011 Written Update (Episode 321) Misha puts the engagement ring on Kabir's finger

Episode 321 starts with Kabir instructing the servants to work on the decorations fast as it is going to be time for the engagement party guests to come. Kabir helps one guy to put the lighting. Madhu looks at him and thinks, 'Kabir...What you have done for me and my family, I can never forget that...this will remain a debt... By forgetting your love you are taking the responsibility of a Brother and friend'. Kabir tells the guy that he willo take care of the lighting arrangements and asks him to go upstairs. The Guy goes from there.
Madhu: Kabir... (Madhu goes near Kabir)
Kabir: Aunty...
Madhu: You have done a lot of work already... Now go Home and take rest... I will handle this...
Kabir: Aunty... This is my work. Why will you do it? By the way you are the Mother of the Bride... You get ready and enjoy... Just relax! Leave everything to me!
Madhu: You are a very nice Guy... You took all my responsibilities. (Kabir pushes Madhu from there asking her to go and get ready fast. Madhu goes from there with a smile. Kabir looks around with a helpless expression on her face).

Alina is sitting a reading a magazine. Her mobile rings and she happily picks up the call from Misha.
Alina: Hello!
Misha: What Hello... Misha calling...
Alina: Sorry I thought some hot dude from College is calling.
Misha: Oh God Alina ... When I gave you the make over I did not think that you will become such a big bimbo.
Alina: Okay I am sorry... Tell me why did you call me?
Misha: Bring yourself to my engagement party... no excuses...
Alina: Misha I won't be able to come. Misha... you know... Jeh will never permit me.
Misha: Hey... Tell your Brother not to make me too angry... If I get mad I will beat him up. You will have to come to my engagement Party... that's all... I don't want to hear anything.
Alina: But Misha I won't be able to come...
Misha: Why are you showing so much attitude... Fine! It is really sad...We both are friends... and cannot participate in each others  happiness or sadness...
Alina: Misha...
Misha: Bye! (Alina feels bad for Misha. She thinks that Misha needs her and she should try talking to Jeh for permission. She goes looking for Jeh and overhears him talking to the Guards)
Jeh: I am going out of town for three days. You Guys should take care of Alina in my absence. Don't allow her friends to come near her. And yes... that day what happened in College should not happen a second time. Is that clear? (Jeh goes from there. Alina thinks, 'When Jeh won't be in the town it would be very difficult to keep an eye on Alina. Sorry Brother... Your stupid and dumb bodyguards would not be able to stop me from going to Misha's place. Alina calls Misha and gives her the news that she would come for the engagement party as Jeh is not there to stop her. She tells Misha that the bodyguards would be with her. Misha tells Alina that they will fool the bodyguards. Alina is happy)

Pia comes to the room ready to go to College.
Pia: Abhay... Are you ready to go to College? (She sees Abhay lying down looking sick and in pain) Abhay... (Pia goes near him. She is worried seeing him like that and asks him if was suffering whole night. Abhay tells her that it is alright and after 5 more days he will become a human. Pia tells him that she would not go to College leaving him in that condition. Abhay tells her that a guest lecturer is coming and that she should attend the lecture so that she can tell Abhay. He tells her that he would keep calling her. Pia agrees and goes from there after giving Abhay's phone in his hands. Abhay is in pain and suffering).

Jeh arrives at Mumbai by flight. He is traveling by Car and talking to the Dictative Agency Guy. The Car is at a Traffic Signal. Jeh asks if they got any information. He tells that if they cannot get any details of Abhay, get the details of the girl who is with him. Jeh asks the Driver why it is taking so much time. The Driver tells him that the traffic is so much. An auto comes and stops at the side of the Car. Jeh looks towards the auto with a change in his expression. Pia is inside the Auto texting on her mobile. He signals a Guy selling newspaper and buys a paper from him. The Auto goes from there. Jeh looks at the front page which has his picture on the front page as the 'top new entrepreneur of the year'. Jeh is proud of himself.

Abhay's mobile beeps. Abhay is in pain and he thinks if he picks up the call Pia will find out. He composes himself and picks up the phone. Pia asks him the reason for the delay in picking up the call. She asks him if he is alright. Abhay tells her that he is alright. Pia asks him if he is telling lies. Abhay reassures her that he is alright. Pia cuts the call after telling him to take care of himself. Abhay writhes in pain.

In the College, the girls are gossiping about the Guest Lecturer. They tell that the Guy is of their age and now is handling a big business empire. The girls tell that the guy is very hot. Pia passes that way after which they tell the name of the Guy as 'Jeh Khurana'.

A Car stops in front of St Ignatius College and Jeh gets down. He walks into the College. Pia asks one Guy if the Guest lecturer has come. The Guy tells him that he is coming. Pia goes from there but bumps into a girl. The books of the girl falls down and Pia helps the girl in picking up the books. Jeh passes them from the opposite side. Pia says sorry to the girl and walks from there. Jeh turns and looks back for a minute before walking again.

Alina is dressed in Indian attire comes to the Hall. Her Bodyguards stops her.
BG: Excuse me... (Alina stops) Mam... where are you going?
Alina: I am going to my friends house to get some books.
BG: Dressed up like that?
Alina: meaning? Should I be going to my friends house in house clothes? You people are my bodyguards... Don't try to be my Brother... What I wear or not wear is none of your business.
BG: Jeh Sir said...
Alina: Jeh sir told you to stop me from going to the wrong places... Where I am going is my friends house... Her mother is there and entire family is there. Alright... Follow me! (Alina walks from there followed by her Bodyguards).

Alina comes to the Dobriyal House Hall which is decorated and full of guests. Alina goes to Misha and compliments on her looks. She tells Misha that the Bodyguards are with her. Misha tells that the plan is on and takes Alina from there. Misha comes with a plate full of sweets and offer it to the Bodyguards. The BG refuses telling that they are on duty. Misha tells that it is prasad and that they cannot refuse. Alina tells them that they cannot insult anyones religion like that and asks them to have it. The BG tells Misha to have the sweet first after which they would eat. Misha wonders in which sweet she mixed the sleeping pills. She takes one sweet and eats in front of them. Misha tells them that she has eaten and asks them to eat too. The Guys take the sweet and eats it. Misha eats the sweet happily.

Pia enters the classroom. Teacher and students are already in the class.
Teacher: You are late Piya...
Pia: Sorry Mam...
Teacher: You are late today? Don't you know that a Guest Lecturer is coming to college today? (Pia nods) Come on... Take your seat... (Pia drops her book on the way and bends to pick it up. Jeh enters the class. Everyone gets up. Jeh goes and stands next to the Teacher) Hello Sir welcome to our class... (Jeh asks the students to sit. Pia also sits down)
Jeh: How are you all? I would like to introduce myself... I am Jeh... Jeh Khurana... (Pia is startled and looks at Jeh) The CEO of Khurana Industries... (Jeh starts his lecture. Pia hides her face with her hand. He tells the students that he recently got the Award for the Young Businessman. He tells that all of them have a Businessman in them. Jeh turns to give his presentation with visuals)

Abhay gets up and goes to the dining table with difficulty. He pours some water in a glass from the Jug and is about to drink it. He suddenly sees a vision of Jeh Khurana. He tries to concentrate and sees Pia sitting in the class trying to hide her face and Jeh standing in front of the class. Abhay says, 'Jeh... I will have to talk to Piya... Something is not alright'. Jeh is giving the lecture. Suddenly Pia's mobile rings and Jeh get distracted. Jeh asks to switch off the phone. Pia switches off the phone and hides her face behind a file. Abhay is worried seeing that Pia cut his phone and thinks that there is some problem. He says, 'I will have to go there... I will have to go to College'.

Misha is sitting and sleeping. She yawns. Madhu comes to the room. Kabir goes near her. Madhu points out to Misha and tells that she is sleeping on engagement day. Madhu asks Kabir if Misha had drinks. Kabir tells her that she did not have any drinks. Kabir asks Madhu to relax and tells that he will go and wake Misha up. Madhu tells that she will handle the guests. She gives the ring box to Kabir and tells him to give it to Misha when she regains consciousness. Kabir goes and sits next to Misha and hits on her shoulders waking her up.
Kabir: Champ... What are you doing? It is your engagement... You are sleeping?
Misha: Kabir... (Misha laughs. Danish comes near Madhu)
Danish: What happened to her?
Madhu: Look what this girl is doing in front of everyone... (Misha yawns again) She is making a drama. I don't understand...
Danish: You don't worry... Kabir will handle her...
Madhu: I hope so... (Kabir looks at Misha who is sleepy and yawning. Kabir asks Misha to look at him. She looks at him sheepishly. Kabir shows the ring and tell that it is her engagement ring. He tells her that Danish is near by and asks her to go and put the ring to him. Kabir again insists Misha to go and put the rings. Misha who is sleepy gets irritated and take the ring and puts it on Kabir's finger. Everyone is startled. Angad is happy seeing it. Misha leans on Kabir's shoulder and goes to sleep).

Jeh finishes his presentation. The lights get switched on. Jeh tells the students that he hopes that they got benefited from his presentation and proceeds to ask questions. Pia covers her face with a file. Jeh notices her and asks her to answer. Jeh asks her to stand up.

PreCap: Abhay gets out of the Auto and is paying the driver. Jeh is sitting in the Car and smells Abhay. Abhay walks from there. Jeh asks the driver to stop and gets out of the Car. He looks at Abhay who is walking towards the College.

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