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30th November 2011 Written Update (Episode 320) Jeh sends Alina to College with Bodyguards for her protection

Episode 320 starts with Alina applying lipstick standing in front of the mirror. Jeh enters the room. Alina is wearing a camisole and a miniskirt. Jeh disapproves her dressing and asks her to change. Alina refuses and tells that he has no knowledge of fashion. Jeh tells her that he would tell what to wear and what not to wear. Alina picks her book and starts to go from the room.
Jeh: Wait! Where are you going?
Alina: College...
Jeh: In this clothes?
Alina: Yeah! (Jay asks her to wait and tells her some other people will go with her. He calls for guards and two guys come to the room. Jeh tells her that she is Jeh Khurana's sister who is the most powerful and wealthy in the city and that he does not wish anyone behave ill mannerly towards her. He tells her that the bodyguards would take care of her) Okay... If these jokers are coming with me... I have a condition...
Jeh: What?
Alina: You would not comment about my clothes... Okay?
Jeh: Okay! (Alina goes from there followed by her bodyguards).

Abhay and Pia comes back home after their shopping. Pia puts the Shopping bags down and sits looking gloomy. Abhay sits at her feet on the floor.
Abhay: Pia... I know that you are very upset. And you are angry at me also... But Pia what will I do? I am helpless... I cannot take you there. And this you also know. If we go there... they will kill us.
Pia: I know Abhay... There is no need to feel bad about that. I also do not want to do anything which will cause you or me any harm. Abhay, I am trying to be strong. I will try to make myself understand... It's just that sometimes I remember Mom and Misha a lot. And when I think of Panchi... I just feel like crying. (Abhay keeps his hand on her arm)
Abhay: Pia...relax! You just need time... The time to heal your wounds... And as far as Misha is concerned... You can talk to her by phone also... You can listen to her problems and share her burdens...
Pia: Yeah Abhay... I also thought like that... First I thought that let her call me... But no! I will call her today itself...
Abhay: Alright!

Misha is walking through the Mount College Campus. A girl stops her and talks about the Party. The girl looks at Misha's mehendi and compliments her too. Misha excuses herself from there and resumes walking. She sees Angad and stops him. She asks him why Ruhi has gone to her relatives place when it is her engagement day.
Misha: Today is my engagement and she is in Chennai... I just hate her man...
Angad: Misha... Actually she is gone for some important work... Her family needed her...
Misha: And I am not her family? Don't I need her?
Angad: You are thinking wrong. Before your marriage Ruhi will come back all fit and fine. (Kabir comes there and Misha's expression changes for a minute)
Kabir: Hi... What happened?
Angad: Nothing! We were talking about the party...
Kabir: Oh yeah...The Party would be rocking, right? (Misha smiles) Danish's suit is also ready and it is looking very nice... (Misha smiles. Kabir looks at Angad) Let's go to class?
Angad: yeah!
Misha: Bye! (The Guys say Bye to her. Misha goes from there. Kabir also walks from there. Angad catches up with him and stops him)
Angad: Kabir...At least tell the truth now...
Kabir: What are you talking about?
Angad: You love Misha...and you are not liking it that she is marrying someone else...
Kabir: She is not marrying someone else... but my own Brother... She is getting married to Danish.Angad... There is nothing like what you are thinking. I only told her that I do not love her. And I only convinced her to marry Danish. You chill... Okay? (Kabir pats on Angad's shoulder and goes from there. Angad tells that Kabir does not know to hide his feelings but he can understand Kabir's pain)

Pia is doing painting on a pot. She is irritated that she is not doing a good job. Abhay comes to the room and kneels beside Piya.
Abhay: Can I help you?
Pia: Abhay, Everything is damaged... I am doing everything wrong... (Abhay keeps his hand on her shoulder)
Abhay: Pia... You are doing the painting to remove your stress, right? (Pia nods) So then why are you taking stress about the painting. Relax... Calm down!
Pia: Okay...
Abhay: Let's do it together... (The jointly starts painting and finishes drawing and painting a peacock on the pot. Abhay and Pia reaches for the brush at the same time. Abhay picks her hand and kisses on it. they resume doing the painting and finishes it) Finally! It's not that bad... (Pia makes a joke and they both laugh. Abhay kisses on her forehead and they hug).

Alina is walking through the College Campus followed by her bodyguards. Misha sees her and goes near Alina laughing.
Alina: What happened? Why are you laughing? Is my hair not alright?
Misha: Your hair is alright... But why are you roaming around with these two?
Alina: Don't even ask...Jeh feels that I need bodyguards...
Misha: has Jeh gone mad?
Alina: Yeah... He is gone mad... Anytime he is angry... (Alina tells to Misha that her freedom is gone. Even when she goes to the loo the Guys don't leave her alone)
Misha: You want freedom from this Guys for some time?
Alina: Yeah... Is it possible?
Misha: Wait and watch... Just follow me... Body Guards let's go... (Alina and Misha walks from there followed by the bodyguards.

Misha is near Angad and she whispers something to him. Angad refuses but Misha forces him. Angad comes near Misha and Alina with cool drinks.
Misha: Which one?
Angad: The front two black (Misha picks up the two glasses in the front) Distribute it to others (Angad goes with the tray)
Misha: Everybody treat from me... Cool drinks (Misha goes to the guards and offer the cool drinks) This for you...
Guard: No Madam... We are on duty...
Misha: Alina... look... Your bodyguards are not drinking... just tell them...
Alina: If you people insult my friend, I will tell Brother... Drink!
Misha: Come on... Don't think too much... (The Guys takes the cool drinks from Misha and drinks it. Alina, Misha and Angad watches them with a smile. Kabir comes there and asks what the matter is. Misha tells that some entertainment is going to happen and points to Alina's bodyguards. Misha tells them taht the guys will be sitting in the loo for whole day and laughs. Angad takes credit for it and Misha catches his neck telling that the idea was hers. Angad runs from there. Alina also walks from there. Kabir watches Misha laughing)
Kabir: It's good to see you laughing after so many days.
Misha: Actually today I did something like Misha... See ya... (Misha walks from there)

Abhay comes to the House with a box is hand. He hides it behind him and comes near Pia.
Abhay: I got something for you... a favorite of yours...
Pia: What? (Abhay shows the box)
Abhay: Chocolate cake...
Pia: cake? For what happy occasion?
Abhay: Happiness? Sorrow... You were sad... Your mood was bad... So I thought I will get you chocolate cake... (Pia smiles) And anyways... hearing the word chocolate a smile comes on your face... (Pia smiles. Abhay keeps the box in front of Pia and goes from there to fetch plates. Pia is calling , 'Birdy... Birdy... Panchi...Don't know where she is gone' Misha comes there. She says, 'Pia... Birdy is gone... She is no more!' Pia comes back to senses. She thinks, 'What is happening with me? I heard the call of Misha and Birdie... Is God trying to tell me something? What does God want of me? Does my sister need me? What do I do?' Pia touches the Cake Box. She says in mind, 'I miss you Panchi... I am remembering you a lot... Wish you were here. I cannot handle Misha alone... Whatever is happening... why is it happening? But what can I do? Should I go back to Mom and my sister... or be here and ignore everything which reminds me of you'. Abhay comes back and sees Pia gloomy. He thinks, 'For the past few days you have become so silent Pia...Maybe you are missing your family a lot'.
Abhay: Pia... (He keeps the plates on the table and kneels on the floor. He takes the Cake out of the Box and gives Pia the knife to cut the cake. Pia cuts a small piece and feeds Abhay. Abhay takes a small bite and offers the rest to Pia who eats it).
Pia: Thank you so much Abhay... This really was a very nice surprise. (Abhay keeps his hand on Pia's shoulder)
Abhay: Pia... You are alright?
Pia: yeah...I am perfectly fine...
Abhay: You look lost...
Pia: No actually the pressure at College for studies is too much... I just get tired...
Abhay: Are you sure?
Pia: yeah... Abhay...I have to go and study... I have lot of work to do... Exams are also near... So I will just go...yeah?
Abhay: okay...
Piya: And Thank you so much... It was lovely! (Pia gets up and goes from there. Abhay thinks, 'Exams are after 3 months... You are worried about some other thing. I can't see you like this. But what you wish we both know that it is not possible. I am sorry Pia... You are worried because of me... But what can I do? I am helpless... I cannot do anything. Please forgive me!')

At the Khurana House, Jeh is sitting near the fire place looking into a file. A Guy comes near him.
Jeh: Come... I was waiting for you... Please sit... (The Guy sits on the chair) And I hope you have got some information this time...
Guy: I am sorry Sir till now...
Jeh: Till now what?
Guy: Till now we have not got any news...
Jeh: No news? (Jeh shouts at the Guy for not been able to find anything )
Guy: But Sir... The person whom you are searching... That person has vanished in such a manner... He does not have a Bank Card... or ration card...
Jeh: Listen!If it would have been that easy I would not have been paying lakhs of Rupees to your Company. (Jeh gets up) Three days... I am giving you 3 days...I am going out of town for 3 days... and by the time I return I want all information about Abhay. (The Guys gets up and nods) I want to know everything! How much ever money is needed... How much ever persons is needed... I need the information... by hook or crook.
Guy: Yes Sir! (The Guy goes from there. Jeh is determined to find Abhay and finish him).

Danish is looking at Panchi's photo and talking to her, ' Panchi... I do not know what ever is happening is right or if you will be happy. But after you went...and after Uncle went... your Mom or Misha needed support. I don't know Panchi if I am coming in between Misha and Kabir by saying yes to marriage... Kabir is saying that he does not love Misha... but I am not able to understand what he is saying...What has happened Panchi? Where have you gone? I know I am ruining three lives by saying yes to marriage. Will I and Misha be able to be happy ever? We will spend all life in your memories and remembrance... How can I forget you Panchi? You are my first and last love'. Danish kisses on the Photo.

Pia is sitting alone lost in thoughts. Abhay looks her from the door and feels sad. Abhay goes from there. Pia suddenly hears the sound of shattering glass. She gets up from the chair and runs to the Kitchen calling Abhay's name. Abhay is lying on the floor writhing in pain holding on to one arm. Pia goes near him and tries to lift him up.
Pia: Oh my God... Abhay... what happened? What will I do? Shall I call the Doctor?
Abhay: Pia... Just 5 more days... after that I will become a human fully... This is my pain... I will bear it... Just go Pia...
Pia: No Abhay...It is the same for 3 months... I cannot see you in pain like this...
Abhay: Pia... Just go...This pain I will have to bear... There is no need for you to see me in pain like this...Go
Pia: Abhay...
Abhay: Pia, Go! (Abhay pushes her. Pia goes from there) Just go... (Abhay grinds his teeth in pain) Episode ends.

PreCap: Misha is talking to Alina over phone. She tells Alina that she should come to the Engagement Party.

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