Monday, October 18, 2010

18th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 1) Piya's Entry to Mount College

Piya with her Mom Suganth Jaiswal
The Episode starts with Piya watching the fireworks on Diwali Night and thinking of her Mom. Piya touches the S Initial Locket her mom Suganth Jaiswal gave her as a child and recalls the time spent with her mother and father in childhood.  Piya remembers her Mom telling her when she was a child that she is a special child born out of love and no matter where she would be she would be loved and protected.

The story then fast forwards to Piya leaving the St Mary’s Orphanage where she was brought up from childhood to join Mount College at Dehradun after procuring a Scholarship to pursue her Degree. Pia gets down at the railway station at Dehradun with luggage in her hand and asks for directions to mount college to a kid. He tells her that she can get a Bus to the college if she waits till morning. But Piya tells that she is in a hurry and asks if there is any other way. The kid says that there is shortcut through the forest but it is dangerous to go that way. Piya ignores the warning and takes the short cut through the jungle.  Suddenly she notices the change in weather and the presence of someone but thinks that could be her imagination.

On reaching the college Piya asks for directions to the Principals Office. In the meanwhile some of the fellow students of the college are introduced in the serial (Tanushree Ambolker (T), Ruhi (Tracker), Kabir and Misha Dobriyal). As a part of ragging the junior Tanushree asks points out at Piya and asks Misha to slap her. Misha goes and slaps Piya who was taken by surprise.

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