Thursday, October 21, 2010

21st October 2010 Written Update (Episode 4) Piya Jaiswal arrested by Police for selling Drugs in the College

Piya sings at the Drama Club Auditioning
Piya runs into the forest and overhears a Guy and a girl talking. She recognizes the Guy as the stranger who saved her. The Guy on spotting her asks her to leave and she runs off. After running for a while she stops and thinks that she lost him and turns around to find Abhay standing in front of her.He hold Pia's arms and Pins her to the tree and questions her on what she was doing in the forest. He warns her not to come closer to him and vanishes into the forest. She runs out of the forest.

Scene shifts to the party where Misha comes looking for Pia and asks T about her. T tells Misha that I opened Pia's eyes and showed her the way out as she should not be here. Misha grabs T and Kabir comes and separates them. Misha tells Kabir that Piya left the Party after being insulted by T and that Piya does not know the way to the Hostel. Kabir calms Misha and offers to go in search of Piya. Piya reaches the road when a car approaches her. Kabir gets out of the car and asks her is she is alright. Kabir offers to take her to the hostel and on the way he flirts with her again. When they reach the hostel Pia thanks Kabir and is about to leave when Kabir says that she should not change herself for anybody and she is very special the way she is. Pia says Good Night and goes in. When she returns to her hostel room Pia finds her seniors drinking and doing drugs.

The next morning Misha comes to Piya's room and realizes about the drugs part. Misha asks Piya to be careful and complain to the warden. Piya and Misha goes to the College Arts Club. Piya sings a song from Titanic while auditioning for the arts club. T tells her that she has to sing a song in Hindi. Piya was given the song kaanta laga and when she sings and dances everyone else cheers for Pia. Just then the police comes and asks who is Piya Jaiswal and Pia comes forward. The police says that we are here to arrest her for selling drugs in college. Kabir says that they cant as she is just a student and that cannot be true. Pia says that she has not done anything. Police says that they have talked to College authorities and she should come with them to Police Station for further investigation without any drama.

Precap: The stranger (Abhay Raichand) is shown with a man who says that you are my son, the only son to a millionaire father. Abhay comes to the college in a luxurious car and Pia sees him.

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