Tuesday, October 19, 2010

19th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 2) Piya saved by Stranger when she falls down while Rappelling

Piya and Misha at Rappelling Point
Episode 2 starts with Piya slapping Misha back and they introduce themselves. While Misha is talking to Piya her childhood friend Kabir comes to talk to her but she gets rid of him fast and continues talking with Piya. Pia is excited to see the show fall in Dehradun as she is seeing it for the first time. Misha says this is hill station its usual here. While Piya and Misha are walking a stranger with a tattoo (face not shown) bumps into Piya, Misha calls him an idiot and tells him to watch where he's going. Piya wonders who the stranger is and he disappears by then.

The scene shifts to a college classroom for Journalism where there are seniors and juniors in the class as it is a combined class for both. The professor asks the students to introduce themselves and Kabir and T introduce themselves in the class. When Pia gets up to introduce herself, T and her friends makes fun of her by calling her an orphan. But the professor sides Piya and tells everyone that she is a brilliant student who got a full scholarship and the college is proud to have her. Piya tells the class that she is from an orphanage and that she is here to make a new life and new friends.

Pia goes to her Hostel room and her roommates try to intimidate her. But Misha comes to her rescue. Misha takes Piya for adventure sports where they see Kabir and T. Piya gets paired up with Kabir for rappelling because of Misha’s mischief. Piya's rope breaks while rappelling. Pia is scared and Kabir tries to flirt with her while they go down the rope. Pia’s rope breaks and she falls. Though she catches on to Kabir's hand she soon loses his grip and ends up falling down from the mountain. Everyone in the group tries to get down fast to reach Piya. But before she hits the ground a stranger catches her. Piya closes her eyes as she falls into the man’s arms but slowly opens them and stares at his eyes as if she is mesmerized. The stranger puts her down. Piya calls out for him but the stranger with the tattoo on his back walks away.

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