Thursday, October 28, 2010

28th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 9) Abhay catches Piya when she falls from the Balcony

Episode 9 starts with Piya telling Misha and Panchi that Abhay saved her from being hit by the truck using his hands and both do not believe her. Misha tells Piya that she is a great storyteller and jokes that if Abhay is a superman his red underpants are not seen. Panchi asks Piya if she is falling in love with Abhay to which she says that she cannot fall in love with a spoilt brat like Abhay. Misha teases Panchi and both of them start fighting. Their mom comes to stop them and both are still fighting. Madhu asks Piya to stay for dinner when she sees that Piya is ready to leave. Piya refuses saying that she does not want to reach the hostel late and needs to go. She comes to the hall and sees some old pictures of Dobriyal family. She goes for a closer look and Mr. Dobriyal comes from back and tells about the memories attached to each picture. Then he asks that there must be some childhood memories with her also and she says there are some faint memories with my mom. Arnab Dobriyal offers her lift to the Hostel but Piya rejects it. She goes to the door and turn around to see a happy Dobriyal family teasing each other.

The next day at the class the students are having fun in the class when the history teacher comes and asks them about INA. She asks Kabir and T and another girl who could not answer. Abhay comes to the classroom door then and teacher tells him that he is late. Abhay enters the class and proceeds to the bench to sit without giving an explanation. The teacher asks him that you have attitude only or do you have brain also? Abhay then answers the question by giving a brief history of Ina and everyone looks at him in disbelieve. Misha is impressed and says that he has drunk the Wikipedia. Teacher says Good and he goes and sits beside Pia. Piya asks him why he is sitting near her. Abhay replies that if he does not sit with her he has to sit with that girl who will eat his brain (T) and by sitting with Piya he is safe as she is not interested in talking with him. The Class gets over and all of them get out. Abhay also is about to get out when he hears Tracker telling another girl that Abhay saved Piya. Abhay gets mad. The class is empty with only Abhay and Pia in the class. Abhay blasts at Piya as to why she told everyone about how he saved her and why is she making stories about him. He warns Piya of the consequences when he finds out that the students are talking about him saving Piya's life. Piya says that if it is his tactics to talk to her then talk like a normal human being for which Abhay replies that he is not normal and that he saved her life and leaves the class.

At the Drama Club Kabir talks to Panchi and tells her that he has no differences with Panchi over choosing Abhay for the role of Romeo. Tanushree informs everyone that she's attending the Raichands party where charity cases are not allowed hitting at Piya. Abhay comes late for the rehearsal. Piya and Abhay rehearse for the play. They use an alternative balcony as Misha forgot to bring the prop from home. Piya tells Kabir that his balcony is shaky and he assures her that he is there to catch her in case she falls. Pia gets up on the balcony structure and Abhay says his lines. Pia looks deep into his eyes and forgets her lines. Abhay reminds her that she forgot her lines. Just then the Balcony shakes and Piya loses her balance and falls down. Kabir move towards Piya but Abhay catches her from falling and they stare into each other’s eyes.

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