Wednesday, October 27, 2010

27th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 8) Abhay saves Piya from being hit by the Truck

Everyone is angry with T for choosing Abhay to play the part of romeo. While Kabir and Piya is chit chatting Abhay comes and says that they are blocking his way. Abhay comes to the Drama Club and tells Panchi that he heard that she had a problem with him for which Kabir replies that it is not only her but all of them have a problem with him. Abhay asks Kabir to come and talk from front and not the back. Kabir and Abhay have a tiff and Panchi stops them and asks both of them to enact a part of the play so that she can decide who will play the role of Romeo. Abhay insists on letting only Panchi decide about the casting of Romeo. Kabir and Abhay both play their parts as Romeo. The Drama Club members are impressed by Abhay’s acting skills and he wins by 70% votes. But still Abhay insists that it would be Panchi’s decision as to who would play Romeo. Panchi tells that her vote is for Abhay hearing which Danish and Kabir walks off. Piya gets angry at Abhay and accuses him of creating conflict between 3 friends. She asks him what sort of guy he is. For which Abhay replies,'the kind of Man you would never get’.

At Dobriyal House Danish is upset as Panchi's father is trying to help him by setting up a business for him. Danish tells Panchi that he wants to prove himself and doesn't need help. The scene moves to Misha and Piya. Piya is angry and irritated and is jogging with Misha late at night through the forest road. Misha then receives a call from Kabir and asks Piya to carry on but not divert from the main road. Piya is attracted by the bird’s voices and moves into the forest and loses her way. Piya just comes out of the road and was about to be hit by a truck when Abhay comes like wind and stops the truck with his hands. Piya is shocked and asks him how he did it. Abhay replies that he did not do anything he only pulled her out of the way. Piya tells him that she saw it. Abhay tells her that he would not come every time to save her and that she is in shock and imagining things. Abhay asks the driver to leave. As the truck goes away Piya almost faints and Abhay catches her. By then Misha comes and pulls Piya from Abhay. Abhay warns Misha not to touch him again or beware of the consequences and leaves. Misha asks Piya what happened. Piya tells her that she would tell later but first need to get out of there.

Abhay reaches his home and Haseena questions him on why he went to the river side. Abhay replies that if he would not have saved her she would have died. Haseena tells him that by saving Piya he created problem for them and his mistake would cost them dearly.

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