Friday, October 22, 2010

22nd October 2010 Written Update (Episode 5) Abhay Raichand enters Mount College

Abhay's entry to Mount College
Episode 5 starts with the Police taking Piya away. Misha assures her not to worry about anything. Misha calls her father Arnab Dobriyal to speak to the hostel warden. Arnav Dobrial calls the Warden of hostel and asks her to check Pia’s room for proof against seniors. In the meanwhile Piya is questioned at the Police Station and is put inside the prison. The sister gets the proof from the room and comes to the police station with the real culprits. She informs the Police that Pia is innocent. Arnab Dobriyal comes to the Police Station to take Piya away. Pia is shocked to see that Misha’s father is her own father whom she has seen in the childhood.

Arnab asks Piya if she is alright but Pia keeps quite. While on car Arnav tells her that Misha is so worried about her and that she should come to Dobriyal House with him. He tells her that she should think of his family as her own and reach out whenever there is a need. Piya insists that she wants to stay in the Hostel and Abnab says that Misha told him that she is stubborn. They reach the Hostel and Piya thanks Mr Dobriyal. Just then the phone rings and Arnab picks up Misha’s call. While Arnab is talking Pia goes into the Hostel. At the Hostel room Pia thinks about her mom yelling at Arnab for ruining everything. Pia looks at the sky and asks her mom that why she sends her here and Piya where her destiny is taking her. The scene moves to Raichand Mansion where Chand Raichand is talking to his wife Haseena that things are set for them and they have purchased properties like tea estates and hotels in Dehradun. Abhay then walks in and asks ‘What am I?’ for which Chand replies he is Abhay Raichand, the only son of wealthy father. Abhay too like Piya goes to his room and watches the sky.

Next day at college Pia is still thinking of the Guy who saves her. Misha asks her what she is thinking for which Piya replies that she is unable to forget the Guy and his eyes. Misha calls out to Tracker aka Ruhi and tells Piya that Tracker would know who the Guy is. When Tracker comes Piya gives her Abhay’s description and tells her that he has Hypnotic eyes. Just then Abhay enters the College in a Luxury car. When he gets out of the car and walks to the college all the girls are like ‘wow’. Piya sees Abhay and is shocked to see that it is the same stranger who saved her life.

Precap: Pia tries to talk to Abhay. He asks her if she wants to say thanks and Piya smiles.

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