Tuesday, October 26, 2010

26th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 7) The influence of the Raichands

Episode 7 starts with Piya at the door of Raichand’s House to return Abhay’s Mobile phone which he had dropped in the college. Abhay tries to close the door on Piya when she says mobile phone. He seizes the mobile phone from her and is about to close the door on her again when Haseena Raichand asks who it is. Abhay opens the door and Haseena hides her momentary shock on seeing Piya and talks nicely to her. She asks Abhay to see Piya out of the house. Abhay behaves rudely to Piya and tells her that she can now leave. Piya gets irritated by Abhay’s attitude and Abhay tells her that she could have returned the phone at the college and maybe she came to his house to spy on him. Piya replies that if she wanted to spy on her she would have gone though his phone and Abhay gets angry.

The next day Abhay comes to the drama club and says that he will play the role of Romeo. Panchi says that all the parts are been given for which Abhay says that he will be Romeo and takes the script and sits down on the chair. Panchi tells him that you can't get everything because of your power. May be you could get the principal suspended but the drama club is not under the management but governed by Students Body Association so your influence would not work here. Abhay repeats that he will be Romeo. Danish tries to calm him by saying not to stretch the matter as the casting is already done and it is best for Abhay to leave. Abhay replies, ‘Tomorrow same place, same time I'll be ready with my lines’ and leaves. The scene moves to Raichand Mansion. Abhay's parents asks the new Principal who is their friend to make sure Abhay adjusts in the college and he says not to worry I'll make him this year’s best student even if he doesnt try. Haseena asks Abhay if he went to the Drama Club. Abhay replies that he went there and said that he was going to play the part of Romeo but the students were not too happy. The Principal assures Abhay’s Parents that Abhay will play the role of the Romeo.

Next day Principal calls Panchi to his office and tells her that Abhay would play the role. Panchi tells the drama club students that they would not do the play until management says sorry to them. The new principal comes and says that there is no need for that and reminds her that if there is a difference of opinion regarding the role from her side the other President of the Drama Club gets to choose. Principal asks for Tanushree’s opinion and T tells him that Abhay would play Romeo.

Precap : Piya is about to get hit by a truck and Abhay comes and stops the truck with his hands. (Do I need to say that it reminded me of Edward saving Isebella Swan from getting hit by the truck in Twilight?)

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