Monday, October 25, 2010

25 October 2010 Written Update (Episode 6) Abhay Raichand at Principal's Office

Episode 6 starts with Abhay Raichand making an entry at the Mount College. The girls are happy at the sight of a hot guy joining college and starts talking about him. Tanushree says that nobody stands a chance in front of her to woo the Guy. T follows Abhay and asks him for a date which he ignores. Abhay enters the Principal's room and sits on a chair opposite him. Principal asks him what he wants and tells him that he did not ask Abhay to sit nor has he called him for a meeting. He asks for Abhay’s marksheet for which Abhay rudely replies that you can ask questions and nothing else. The principal get furious at Abhay's arrogant behavior and attitude. He tells to present his papers and starts shouting while many girls are watching from outside. Abhay turns aside and Principal says you do not deserve to stay here and takes the name plate of the principal in his hands and leaves.

T tries to stop Abhay again telling that she has seen him somewhere and she never forgets a face. Abhay replies that your face is easy to forget. T tells Abhay that he is being rude for which Abhay replies that she is too fast and walks off. Hearing Abhay’s reply Ruhi starts laughing and T says he does not know that he is going to follow me. Ruhi says ‘in your dreams’. Abhay is walking towards his Car when Piya who was standing near it asks if he is the one who saved her life and is about to thank him. But Abhay gets into the car and leaves from there without even talking to her. Piya thinks that he is too rude and mean as well. As Piya was about to walk off she notices Abhay’s mobile fallen on the ground. She picks it out and reads the name on display which is Abhay Raichand.

Students are discussing Abhay’s rude behaviour. Panchi Dobriyal tells them that the Raichands have bought several properties in Dehradun. T tells that he is so handsome and kabir ask if he is a competitor against me?? T says no way. Piya then comes there. She looks upset and Kabir tries to flirt with her to cheer her up. When Kabir asks what happened Piya says Abhay. T asks if the new guy’s name is abhay? Pia says yes and T starts praising him. Kabir asks Piya if he is sweet for which Piya tells he is the most nastiest, rude and arrogant man she has ever seen. Kabir’s Brother Danish informs him that he has been chosen to play the role of Romeo. Panchi tells Piya that she is selected to play the part of Juliet. T is jealous and angry at Piya and walks out. Misha tells T that Kabir’s sister’s role is empty so T can play the part. Kabir says ‘no’ and T thanks him for supporting her. Kabir laughs at her. Just then Ruhi comes and informs the drama club members that the Principal has been fired for denying admission to Abhay. Panchi tells the students that may be Abhay can rule Management but he definitely cannot rule the students and they should boycott him. The scene moves on to Raichand Mansion where Abhay tells his hot and super sexy Mom Haseena Raichand that he does not like to go to the college and the Principal. Hasina tells that the Principal is taken care of and the next Principal is their friend. Abhay asks why we have to do all this. Hasina replies that it is the Question of their survival. Just then the door bell rings and Abhay opens the door. He is shocked to see Piya and tries to close the door.

Precap: Haseena Raichand self thoughts about Piya - this girl can be problem for us. How can be she exactly same like that girl.

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