Friday, October 29, 2010

29th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 10) Abhay insults Piya for Gate Crashing without an Invite to the Raichands Party

Episode 10 starts with Abhay catching Piya from falling to the ground. They keep staring into each other’s eyes. All are worried and come running to check to see if Piya is alright. They all see Abhay and Piya eyelock. Then the light comes on and Piya gets out of Abhay's hands. Panchi asks Piya if she is alright. Piya says she lost balance but she is fine and asks for a 2 minute break which Panchi gives her. Misha makes Piya sit on a chair and offers her water. Tanushree accuses Piya of throwing tantrums and offers to help Abhay in rehearsing the scene. She climbs the Balcony and then starts her fainting act saying "Abhay I'm going to faint, Abhay I’m going to faint" and falls from the Balcony with a thud and Abhay walks away without giving a damn. Misha comes near T who is acting senseless with her dirty socks in her hand and puts it up to T's nose and T gets up.

The scene moves to Raichand Mansion where Haseena is ensuring that the arrangements are complete by ordering the servants. Abhay tells her that he thought they are supposed to keep a low profile and now why they are throwing the party. She replies that the people in Dehradun likes to talk about things and that they are going to give them a topic to talk on by giving a perfect party. The scene moves to the Dobriyal House where Misha’s father convinces his family to attend Raichand’s party. Misha and Panchi are getting ready for the party. Piya refuses to go with them. Kabir calls Piya to attend the Raichand’s party as his date which she politely refuses. Kabir asks her for a date the next day and Pia agrees. Madhu and Panchi leave to the party seeing that Misha would be late and asks her to come with the driver. Misha asks Piya to select one of her dresses for the date with Kabir the next day and she agrees. Misha gets ready and leaves for the Party but she forgets her invitation for the party at home. The watchman refuses to let Misha in without an invite so she calls Piya to come give her the invitation so she can get in the party and her mom will not yell at her for not remembering to bring the invitation. Piya who was trying the dress for the date with Kabir immediately leaves the house with the invite for Misha. But in a hurry to get out she does not notice the invitation falling out of the cover and reaches Raichands house with an empty envelope. Since Misha did not want her mother to know that she forgot the invite at home Misha decides to gate crash for the party with the help of Piya. While they are getting in Piya dress gets torn at the back. Abhay catches Piya and Misha sneaking into the party and insults Piya for gate-crashing into it. He asks her what she doing all is dressed up when she is not invited for the Party. Piya tells him that she came to help Misha and that she is not interested in the stupid party. Abhay does not believe her and tells her if she wants to attend the party she can but do not tell lies. Piya goes back to where she came from with Misha and is confronted by Abhay who further insults her and asks her to get lost.

Precap: Haseena asks Abhay what he was doing. She tells him that she only looks like her but she is not her. She further tells him that if he cannot stop himself then he should try to keep a distance from her. Abhay tells her that he understands and that is why he did not invite her to the party. He adds that he does not even like to see her face. Haseena asks him if that is so what he was doing with her. She tells him that everyone watched it and if such things keeps on happening then everyone are going to start asking questions.

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