Wednesday, October 20, 2010

20th October 2010 Written Update (Episode 3) Piya at Misha Dobriyal's House

Kabir carries Piya after Abhay saves her from falling
Episode 3 starts with Piya falling into the strangers arms. Piya closes her eyes as she falls into the man’s arms but slowly opens them and stares at his eyes as if she is mesmerized. The stranger puts her down. Piya calls out for him but the stranger with the tattoo on his back walks away and disappears into the forest. Kabir and Misha reach the bottom and call out for Pia. Misha is happy to see her safe and hugs Piya. Piya tells them that a man saved her and keeps staring at the place to where the stranger disappeared. Misha tells Kabir that Piya is in shock and eyes him to carry her. Kabir carries Piya and they leave the place.

The scene moves to the canteen where Piya is sitting along with Misha and Kabir. Kabir again tries to flirt with Pia. Misha invites Piya to her house for a her dad's surprise birthday party and both of them leave to the Dobriyal House in Misha’s Bike. While on the bike Misha tells Pia that Kabir is a good friend to her but she does not want Piya to be his flavor of the week as her changes his girlfriend every week. She also compliments Piya that she does not waste her time decorating herself like the useless bimbos and she is really beautiful the way she is. Once they reach Dobriyal House, Piya is touched by Misha's mother's hospitality. Misha’s mother Madhu Dobriyal dresses up Piya’s wound. She also asks Piya to stay the night in the house and not go back to the Hostel.

Misha's sister Panchi also is nice to Piya and offers her a dress to wear for Misha's father's birthday party. Misha gives one of her dresses to Piya. She is amused to see so many dresses in Misha's wardrobe. After getting dressed Piya goes downstairs where the party is. Misha shows her Panchi's boyfriend Danish. When Misha is not around Tanushree insults Piya and she runs out of the house crying. She is out in the dark forest all by herself.

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