Monday, November 1, 2010

1st November 2010 Written Update (Episode 11) Abhay tells Sorry to Piya and asks her for a Dance

On the way out of Raichand House Piya sees Kabir and she has tears in her eyes. Kabir asks what happened to her and Pia tells him that Abhay insulted her. Kabir tells her that he too could skip the Party and take Piya out for dinner. Just then Abhay’s mom comes there and calls Kabir and his father inside. Kabir complains against Abhay for insulting Piya to Haseena Raichand. On Mrs Raichand’s insistence Abhay apologizes to Piya. Haseena invites Pia to join the Party. Kabir’s father also insists that she go inside with them. Piya tells Kabir about the dress torn at the back and Kabir tells her not to worry he would stand beside her. Abhay is angry with his Mom for letting Pia inside the Party. Haseena tells him that it is all because of him. If he had not saved her that night they did not have to throw the party and now if they wanted to stay among humans they have to be careful. T insults Piya at the Party but Kabir supports her and answers back.

Kabir leaves Piya’s side to bring Misha to help her fix the dress. He sees Mts Dobriyal scolding her and rescues Misha from there. Kabir informs Misha that Piya is looking for her. Abhay is irritated when Tanushree tries to flirt with him. Abhay takes the mike and says sorry to Piya. Piya is stunned when Abhay apologizes to her in front of everyone. Chand leaves the Party to deal with some urgent Business and asks Haseena to take care of the Party. Abhay asks Piya to forgive him and honor him with the first dance with him. When he comes near her she refuses to dance saying that her dress is torn. When Abhay asks where she shows him the small tear at the back. Abhay covers the torn part with his hands and say problem solved. Both of them move to the dance floor and dance to the song ‘Kuch Khas hai’. T is jealous seeing Piya dance with Abhay. Kabir and Misha are also stunned to see her dancing with him. After the dance Misha fixes Piya’s dress and Piya says that she hates Abhay. She tells Misha that Abhay is ill mannered and arrogant and reminds her of the Cobra in jungle book. While they are making fun of Abhay, Kabir comes and tells them to come out of the washroom and join the party. When Abhay sees the three of the together he stops and asks Kabir that you told me to say sorry now did you get it?? He further tells that be careful when you ask something because you may get it fast and leaves. Kabir gets angry and tells to Misha that he would make Abhay pay for his deeds.

Mrs Raichand is unable to control her instincts for Blood and tells to Chand that all humans are enjoying the Party but there is nothing for them. Mr Raichand asks her to control her instincts for another day.

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