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10th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 283) Abhay senses Dipanita’s presence in Khurana House

Ruhi asks Kabir whom he is in love with
Episode 283 starts with Misha reaching Tanushree's room and screaming. Kabir and the servant rushes to her. Kabir : What happened? (Misha points to T is is standing near the mirror with face pack on her face) This is T...
Misha: She is Ghost...
Kabir: Look carefully... This is T...
T: How dare you? Daya, How dare you let them inside my room? And loser... How dare you? Misha, What's your issue man? Misha, Are you stalking me?
Kabir: This is confirm T... I told you... (Misha goes near T and touches on her face)
T: Hey Misha...
Misha: This is you... Psycho why have you put the face pack? (Misha touches on t's arm)
T: Don't touch me... Do you ever wash your dirty hands nicely? Dirty messy girl... And on top of that you put all my pictures in College. What are you doing in my house? You insulted me so much in your house... And that pictures... Look I am T, I look beautiful in all that pictures. And that doesn't mean... Seriously get a life!
Kabir: Misha, It is confirmed... She just proved it... She is T...
T: Loser you? One minute... The hottest girl in the College dumped you and you are (points to Misha) roaming with this dustbin? (Kabir charges at T)
Kabir: I will kill you now T... (Misha stops him)
Misha: No... Kabir.... Hold on! You are right! This is T...because only T can give me such dumb comments.
T: Misha, You know what I am losing it. You don't waste my time... Just go... get out of my house...
Misha: You know T... Usually when I see you I get a yucky feeling but today I am damn happy... I am so happy... so always stay the same and do things like this... Thank you... Thank you! (Misha places her hand on T's both shoulders. T wipes her shoulders) Come on Thakur let's go... (Misha walks towards Kabir. T watches them in irritation)
Kabir: How strange T is... We were worried for her and how rudely she is behaving...
Misha: Thakur, Leave it... She is alive... (Misha and Kabir leaves from there)

Haseena bows twice. And the shiloutte of a lady appears.
Hasina: Tell me what is your Order for me... What can I do for you?
Voice: What you are doing... continue doing the same way... (The lady vanishes from there)

Misha is walking through the College Campus.
Misha: Dude... This Dandiya is boring... I still have not understood why people become so enthusiastic and roam around wearing colorful clothes. Seriously Tracker ...thinking of Dandiya... I can hit random people intentionally and then say sorry I made a mistake...
Ruhi: You were born seeing 70's action film or what? Come on Misha...why you always talk about hitting and killing? Misha, Dandiya is a season of love... It is an occasion of love... Imagine how much nice clothes we will wear... and we will get a chance to dance with our partners... It's so nice... (Kabir and Angad comes there. Angad and Ruhi sees each other and sends flying kisses to each other. They then run to each other as Kabir amd Misha watches. They hug each other. Angad compliments Ruhi on her looks and they do some public display of affection. Misha starts to walk from there and Kabir joins her. Misha asks Kabir to look at the couple and tells him that normally Angad and Ruhi keeps fighting but when some festival or occasion comes they have an overdose on love. Misha suddenly notices that Kabir is looking at her and tells him that she asked to look at them and not at her. Both of them look at Angad and Tracker who are still busy with their PDA.Misha walks from there. Kabir thinks, 'If only Misha I could tell much I love you. I am fan of your unique thinking and carefree style. Tonight some how I am going to tell you even if I get hanged after that. It would be acceptable for me. Because babes... I love you too much'. Kabir waves at Angad and Ruhi and goes from there).

Abhay enters Khurana House with a small gift packet in hand. Jeh comes down the stairs to the Hall.
Jeh: Hi Abhay... How come you forgot the way to our house today? Welcome! What brings you here? (Alina comes to the Hall and is happy to see Abhay. Abhay says in mind, 'I have come to seek the way to save my Mom Jeh')
Abhay: I have come to meet Alina... (Abhay walks to Alina and offers a wrapped gift to her) For you! (Alina looks at Jeh seeking his approval. Jeh signals her to accept the gift)
Alina: Thanks! That is so sweet of you...
Abhay: In return you have to give me a date...You and me tonight at College's Dandiya Night...
Alina: Ofcourse I will go with you Abhay... Thank you so much!
Jeh: Well, I think you take care of my sister very well... Thank you! So Alina, just go and see what you are going to wear...Otherwise like always you will pester at the last minute to go for shopping. So just go and check...
Alina: Thanks Brother...I will go and check... But if you are going for shopping then...
Jeh: First go and check...
Alina: Okay... (Alina goes upstairs. Jeh leads Abhay to the Sofa)
Jeh: Have a seat Abhay! Feel at home... (Abhay sits. Suddenly he senses someone else apart from them. Abhay thinks, 'Here we both are not alone. There is also a third person here whose presence I can feel. I can smell that person. whom have you kept hidden Jeh? How is that possible?') So Abhay... what happened? Is everything okay?
Abhay: Yeah!
Jeh: So will you have something to drink? Someones... I mean any drink? Something specific to drink?
Abhay: Thanks!
jeh: Do you mind if I get something for myself? You know I have no restrictions in eating and drinking...Free to eat anything I want... (Jeh smiles) Just kidding! Excuse me! (Jeh goes to get himself a drink. Abhay thinks, 'This is definitely Dipanita. She has come back. Jeh is protecting his Mom and that is why is he is behaving innocently in front of me. Dipanita being here is not right. Dipinata will never let the potion Alina has to reach me. I will have to do something... very fast!' Alina comes near Jeh)
Alina: Brother... I will have to do shopping. I don't have anything to wear.
Jeh: Your last moment's shopping... I am not going to go...
Abhay: Jeh...If you don't mind... I can take Alina for shopping (Alina is happy)
Alina: That's great Abhay... I will purchase the dress of your choice...
Jeh: Problem solved! Thanks Abhay! You have once again saved my life... (Jeh and Abhay looks at each other. Jeh signals Alina to go)
Alina: Come Abhay... let's go! (Abhay holds Alina's hand and leaves from there. He turns and looks at Jeh. He thinks, 'This game has become even more dangerous. Dipanita has come back and she would not let that potion reach me'. Alina turns and waves at Jeh who waves back at her.Abhay and Alina goes from there).

Kabir is sitting on a wall in Mount College. He looks at a blue card in which I love you is written with several hearts and  says, 'I love you Misha... I love you... What foolishness is this... She will definitely hit me seeing this many hearts. In any case... She is allergic of this sort of stuff... Kabir... Whom did you fall in love with? With the enemy of love... You have gone son... you have gone'. Kabir crumbles the paper and throws it down.  Ruhi who comes there picks it up and assumes that Kabir is in love. She goes near him and pesters him to tell the name of the girl. Kabir tells her that he is so unlucky in his love and that the girl would never tell yes to him. She tells him that she would help him and motivates him. She gets angry when she comes to know that Angad is aware of Kabir's lady love. As Kabir starts to tell the name they see T coming along with her butterflies through the corridor. Ruhi thinks that Tanushree is Kabir's love and pleads with him, 'No T'. Tracker pulls him and hides behind a pillar. T looks at them and walks from there along with her butterflies.

At the Dobriyal House Panchi comes to Pia's room and asks for her silver necklace. Pia gives it to her. Panchi wears it and looks at the mirror.Misha comes there and makes fun of Panchi telling her to hang some big spoons also around her neck. Pia asks Misha what she is going to wear. Misha tells her that she is going in her usual attire. Pia and Panchi forcefully sends her to dress up in a Chaniya Choli. Misha reluctantly goes and comes out wearing it. Panchi and Pia are happy to see her dressed up and compliments Misha. Madhu comes there and she is also happy to see Misha in traditional dress. All the 3 ladies forcefully starts preparing Misha by applying make up and accessories to go with the dress. The ladies are happy with their handy work but Misha is irritated. Madhu applies a beauty spot on Misha to ward off evil eyes. Pia excitedly tells that they got their third sister. Panchi tells Misha that so far she felt that she had a brother and now is happy to get back her lost sister.

Kabir is standing and writing on some card. T comes near him.
T: K... You think I don't know what is going on... If T dumps some one she does not take him back... (She turns to go but Kabir stops her)
Kabir: Hey T... You are mistaken! Whatever I am doing it is not for you. You know T this time I got true love...and that too with a real girl... who is nothing like you. Neither is she fond of make up nor is she obsessed with heels like you. She does not wear fashionable clothes like you... but how ever she is... she is perfect. You know what? By looking at your expressions I don't think you are happy. Anyways for T only her happiness matters, right? You know what? You never deserved my love... (Tanushree throws the Cards away) What the... What's wrong with you? (T slaps Kabir. Ruhi, T's Butterflies and some others students look at them)
T: You do not deserve anyone's love... (T goes from there)

Abhay and Alina are in a Garment Shop. Alina shows some dresses to Abhay.
Alina: Abhay, Which one to take? I feel that I should try this dresses out.
Abhay: Alina...Whatever you wear... You will look good.
Alina: Really? Still I feel that I should try out the dresses. I will try them and come. (Alina goes from there with the dresses and gets into a trial room. Hasina enters the Shop. Abhay spots her. Hasina looks at a girl selecting a dress as if she wants to drink that girl's blood. The girl goes to the trial room and Hasina follows her) Episode ends.

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