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11th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 284) Abhay Raichand declares his love for Alina Khurana during the Mount College Dandiya Celebrations

Episode  284 starts with Abhay seeing Haseena moving towards a girl who is going to the Trial room with the motive of  attacking the girl. Abhay swiftly blocks Hasina's way and takes her into the trial room. Haseena does not seem to be in her senses. Abhay shakes her and calls her name repeatedly. Hasina comes to her senses and looks around.
Hasina: Abhay, What am I doing here? Where are we? What is going on?
Abhay: Mom... You are not in your senses...
Hasina: Abhay, Please help me... please help me Abhay...Just save me Abhay...
Abhay: Mom... Where did you go? How much I searched for you... You cannot be alone... You are in danger...I have to protect you... Mom, Don't cry... I will not let anything happen to you... I am with you...I will help you... I promise!
Hasina: Abhay, I have tried a lot and seen. But I feel I am not in my senses. I feel like something... some force is controlling me. This all someone else is doing ...not me Abhay... I want this to stop Abhay...just
Abhay: Mom... Mom...relax! (Someone knocks on the door) I know... But how you will do this alone? How long will you fight alone? For all this to stop you have to come home with me. (Hasina nods)
Hasina: Alina...Abhay, Alina has the potion for my salvation. Abhay, You have to get that for me... Once we get that potion in our hands... everything would be fine and I am going to be okay. Abhay, you have to bring that potion.
Abhay: I know Mom... That's why I am doing all this. That's why I am with Alina... So tonight at Dandiya night I would do something because of which that potion would straight away come to me. I promise you Mom... I will get you back to normal. (Hasina nods)

Arnab is restless. He thinks, 'How can it happen? Which such animal is there who does not touch the flesh of its prey after the hunt but just drink the blood? No... There is no such animal...It is the work of some Vampire. And I saw the same type of mark on Neil's neck also which is mentioned in this book... the mark of a Vampire's teeth... I am sure... I know my fear is turning into reality. Once again the forests are covered by darkness. Once again in this forest there is such a monster which has to be finished. And this time the darkness would be removed forever'.

Abhay and Hasina are in the Trial room.
Abhay: Just wait for me... Don't go anywhere... Please! (Abhay sneaks out of the room and sees Alina in a pretty ghagra choli. He walks to her.
Alina: Abhay, Where were you? How long I have been looking for you. And what were you doing in this changing room?
Abhay: Alina, I got a phone from Office. It was too noisy outside so I went to the changing room and talked.
Alina: I love you so much Abhay that if you are not in front of my eyes even for a moment I become tensed up.
Abhay: What is the need to fear Alina... I am here... near you... (Alina nods)
Alina: Anyways, How am I looking?
Abhay: Perfect!
Alina: But what color dress to choose? Tell me...
Abhay: What ever color dress you wear you will look perfect. (Alina smiles)
Alina: You know Abhay... By getting you I have got all the happiness in my life. I can't believe that anyone could love me this much Abhay...
Abhay: Don't even think for a minute that I am not yours... Go and change... I am buying this dress for you. It's a gift... (Alina smiles) I have to go to office urgently... (Alina's smile fades) I am really sorry... Dad has call me to Office immediately for some important work... But later... today evening... in your name!
Alina: Yeah, I will change and come (Alina goes from there. As soon as Alina goes Abhay calls Hasina who is standing in the trial room. Hasina comes and they both go from there).

Kabir is standing in front of the mirror. He is looking shabby and dressed up in siimple clothes. He thinks that Misha should like his look as she does not like dressing up. Angad comes there wearing vibrant clothes and scolds him on his looks. Angad asks Kabir if he would do anything to propose Misha. Kabir tells him that he has a solid plan and shows him 2 dandhiya sticks wrapped in a cloth in which he has written, 'Misha  I love you meet me outside the College'. Angad is impressed and compliments him.

Mount College Campus is beautifully decorated for the Dandiya Night Celebration. Many students are there. Angad and Tracker makes an entry wearing similar colored attires. They join Kabir. Tracker asks Kabir if he did not change as his dress looks like a night suit. Kabir tells her that he is wearing simple clothes. Tracker asks him if he would not wear anything fancy. Kabir tells her that hereafter he would wear only simple. Kabir asks where Panchi and the other girls are.  Angad tells him that Misha would come soon. As he finishes saying it the Dobriyal sisters make an entry to the venue wearing Ghagra Choli's. Kabir keeps staring at Misha. Misha feels awkward in her dress and tries to run away from there by Pia and Panchi does not let her go. Pia waves at Kabir. The sisters come near Kabir.
Pia: I have been waving at you and you were not looking... What is wrong with you? (Misha also waves at Kabir)
Kabir: Sorry Pia... actually... Your dress is very good. You are looking nice!
Pia: Thanks! (Kabir stares at Misha and she feels awkward)
Misha: Thakur, Don't even think of making fun of me...okay? (Kabir nods no) My stupid sisters and cruel Mom made me a Cartoon and send me here.
Panchi: Yeah Kabir... Mom is so cruel that is why first time Misha is dressed up like a girl. You are looking so pretty...(Tracker and Misha makes fun of each other. Kabir whispers to Angad that Misha is dressed up so nicely that he looks like a servant in front of her. Alina makes an entry to the venue with Abhay by clinging on to him arm. Tracker and Panchi seems to be happy seeing the couple. Misha is indifferent and Pia looks unhappy. Abhay and Pia looks at each other. Alini greets them and the group greets her back).
Alina: Hi Pia...
Piya: Hi Alina...
Alina: Pia, I feel that I do not need your makeover anymore... You know why? Because I got a new stylist... Abhay... Pia, You know? Abhay selected this outfit for me... How is it?
Pia: You are looking very pretty Alina...
Alina: Thanks! (Kabir and Angad goes from there. Misha and Pia also excuses themselves from there. The Principal and Teachers enter the venue. Jeh bumps into Pia)
Jeh: How is my dear little Princess? And my Princess looks beautiful...
Misha: And me?
Jeh: You too!
Misha: Whatever... (Misha goes from there).
Jeh: Well...
Pia: There is no compulsion to compliment...please...
Jeh: Have I ever lied to you? You look every nice...
Pia: Thank you!
Jeh: Come! (They both goes from there together)

Alina, Panchi, Tracker, Misha and Abhay are standing together.
Ruhi: No...no... She is back again... T... (Everyone looks at T making an entry with her Butterflies. T is dressed in black and has a different look in her eyes. Abhay senses something different about T).

Kabir tries to practice with Angad on how to propose Misha. Angad interrupts him in between with his opinion and Kabir is irritated.

Abhay is standing with a mic in hand.
Abhay: I have an announcement to make... (Everyone goes near him. Kabir goes and stands beside Misha) Today I want to confess something in front of everyone...(Pia and Jeh are standing together) One such thing which I have kept hidden in my heart till now...which is very important to me... I wish to tell that in front of you all (Alina is standing behind Pia. Abhay walks towards Pia looking at her. Pia looks at him hopefully with a smile. He reaches near her) I cannot hide this matter anymore... Pia smiles shyly as Abhay comes close to her. But Abhay passes her and goes near Alina.(Pia turns and looks at him almost shattered. Jeh looks at Abhay suspiciously. Abhay goes near Alina and  bends on his knees in front of her. Abhay looks into Alina's eyes) Alina, I am in love with you... (Alina is shocked by his declaration in front of everyone and looks around. Pia is heartbroken). Episode ends

PreCap: Pia questions Abhay about breaking her heart. She asks him if he has thought how Alina will feel when she finds the truth.

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