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4th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 279) Kabir and Angad spots Abhay Raichand carrying the dead body of a girl

Episode 279 starts with Haseena Raichand entering the house and closing the door. She looks around and walks. She suddenly finds Chand standing in front of her.
Chand: Why did you do what you should not have done Hasina?  (Hasina turns her face from Chand)
Hasina: What are you saying?
Chand: You know very well what I am saying. I can smell human blood on you.

Haseena: That's not possible.
Chand: Don't try to lie to me. I know you very well. I saved a life many years back, I saved you. I made you a Vampire. I understand every thoughts of you and every thirst of you. (Hasina looks guilty and does not look at Chand)  I made you understand the difference between darkness and light. Then how come you got lost in this dark Hasina? Why?
Hasina: I don't know! I don't know how this all happened. Chand...I cannot control my thirst. I was feeling restless for quite sometime and I had to do this. These many years I stayed with you in this form but this thirst... I never felt before. This human form is killing me. I know Chand that by drinking human blood I will feel contented in heart. And I can't control... (Flashback of Hasina biting T)
Chand: I know very well that you have not learned to control youself. I can understand... but Abhay... When he finds out he will not forgive you Hasina... (Haseena is shocked)

Abhay gets out of his Car parked in front of Dobriyal House gate. Pia looks from the window and spots Abhay standing down and goes near him. 
Pia: What happened? Why have you come to meet me? You could have gone to meet your girlfriend.
Abhay: Pia, I know I have hurt you so much... but no more... I want to tell you the entire truth. 
Pia: Tell me... I am listening!
Abhay: Piya... It is Dad's orders to stay with Alina... He wishes that I stay near Alina.
Pia: So... I have heard this before too... 
Abhay: Piya... Alina can save me and my family. She can save our entire clan. We have some enemies and to safeguard us from that enemies we need a weapon. And Alina has that weapon.
Pia: Then why don't you ask for that from Alina?
Abhay: Because she knows nothing of it. She does not know that she can help me and my family. She does not know that she is the reason for the survival of me and my family. Pia, Alina has inherited some powers from her family but she is not aware of her true value. That is why I will have to stay with Alina. And I cannot say about this to Jeh because Jeh hates me...
Pia: But Abhay, you are using Alina for your own selfish reason...but Alina loves you for real. Abhay... If she finds out she is going to be very hurt. What about her?  (Abhay goes closer to Pia and keeps his hand on her arms)
Abhay: That's why Pia ... That's why Pia I love you so much. You care for Alina... that's you. Had there been some other girl in your place, then she would have hated Alina.  That is why I love you Piya... I love you... I am only yours... I am only yours!
Pia: I love you too Abhay!  (They hug)

Kabir is driving the Car with Angad sitting beside him. Kabir gives a paper on which an address is written and asks Angad to guide him. Angad smells him and asks him if he is drunk to search address in the forest.Kabir tells him that they are going to meet Baba so that he can get closer to Misha. Angad first makes sarcastic remarks at Kabir and then guides him. Angad starts talking to Ruhi and guides Kabir the wrong way that they reach the same point where they were earlier. Kabir stops the Car and Angad thinks that they have reached their destination. He tells Kabir to wait  2 minutes so that he can fiish his talk with Ruhi. Kabir gets angry and throws Angad's phone outside. Angad goes out and picks his phone. When Angad comes back and sits in the Car Kabir requests him nicely to guide him and tells him that it is the question of his love.

Misha is sitting on her Cot and doing something on her laptop. Panchi walks into the room and says that she has planned a Birthday Party on Misha's Birthday. Panchi sees that Misha is not interested in her conversation and asks what is the matter. Misha tells that she is trying to track T using the tracking device in the social networking site as T is the type who gives out status updates. Misha is shocked to find that T is in the cemetery and wonders what she is doing there. Panchi gets irritated by Misha and goes from the room.

Pia notices Misha ready to go out and questions her. Misha tells her that she is going to the cemetery to look for T. Pia tells her that she will also go with her and insists that she would drive the Car. The girls go from the room. 

Abhay is waiting in his Car outside Khurana House and blows his car's horn. Alina looks from the balcony and Abhay puts his head out of the Car and waves at her. Alina tells him that she is coming down. Abhay recalls Pia telling him that Alina really loves him and would be hurt when she finds the truth. Abhay thinks that he should not play with Alina's heart even if she is his enemy and vows to tell Alina the truth that he only loves Piya. He decides to leave from there. 

Alina comes down calling Abhay's name and does not find him there. She thinks that Abhay's presence was her imagination and thinks that she has gone crazy in love.

Abhay is driving his Car and smells human blood. He thinks that it should be the doing of the bad Vampire. He stops his Car and gets out. He then tries to sense the location of the blood and runs through the forest in his supersonic speed. He reaches the cemetery where T's body is lying on the ground. T's face is mutilated and beyond recognition. Abhay feels guilty that one human is dead because of his inability to trace the bad Vampire and kill him.

Angad and Kabir reaches their destination. Angad takes a torch in hand and both the Guys walk towards the Jungle.

Abhay kneels down and sees that the girls hands is tied with a rope. He thinks, 'Who? Who did this to you?' He sees that there is something in the  girls hands and looks at it. He sees an earring and thinks that he has seen it before. He puts it in his pocket. He then unties T's hands and feet. He carries her and walks from there.

Angad and Kabir is walking through the forest and reaches the cemetery. Angad calls Baba's name.  Suddenly Angad spots Abhay walking carrying a girl and points out to Kabir also. They recognize Abhay.
Kabir: What is he doing here this time and whose body is in his hands? (Abhay stops and looks at them) Episode ends.

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