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13th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 286) Pia confronts Abhay regarding the truth behind Misha’s condition

Episode 286 starts with Misha waiting outside the College for the person who has written the love note for her. Suddenly Hasina attacks her from behind and bites Misha on her neck. Misha struggles and screams but becomes still after some time. Abhay hears Misha's screams and rushes here. He pushes Hasina away from Misha and supports her before she falls down.
Abhay: Mom... What have you done? Have you lost it? (Hasina wipes the blood from her mouth. She comes back to her senses) Mom... you go from here... Just leave! (Abhay raises his voice) Leave! Leave... (Hasina puts her hands on her head and sheds blood tears)
Hasina: Abhay... Abhay, What have I done? Abhay, I don't know what happened to me. Don't know what sort of monster I have become. I can't think of anything other than my thirst Abhay...
Abhay: Just leave! Go! I will handle everything... You just leave... (Hasina falls on her knees)
Hasina: Sorry! I am sorry Abhay... Please forgive me... Please forgive me...
Abhay: Mom... Go! Go from here... Go! (Hasina gets up)
Hasina: I am Sorry... (She goes from there with blood tears flowing from her eyes. Abhay looks at Misha who is in his arms. He thinks, 'What will I do? How will I save Misha?' He steadies Misha and makes her lean on him by holding on her waist by one hand and the other on her arm. He thinks, 'There is only one way to save Misha. I have to put my blood on Misha's wound'. Abhay turns into his Vampire avatar and bites on his wrist. He then rubs the wrist on Misha's wound on the neck)

Kabir and Angad comes near Tracker.
Kabir: What's wrong with you? You have a world record in match making... You keep doing match making for everyone and could not do anything for your friend?
Tracker: Kabir Boy... Don't say that to me. You know, For me match making is like morning breakfast. It is like my breath. Don't you worry about Misha... I have told her...
Angad: You were doubting her and she did your work without telling you...
Ruhi: I am the best darling! (Angad comes behind Ruhi and hugs her)
Kabir: Just shut up! What help have you done? You have done such help that my love story would have a full stop. You could have tell me babe... she is out and I am here...
Ruhi: So then what are you doing here? You go... Misha should be waiting for you...
Kabir: You will get me killed... You know Misha does not like to wait...Angad... I am dead!
Angad: Brother surprise element... Look! Misha would not be expecting that you are going to come... You go there first and be like a friend first and then slowly look for an opportunity and tell her. Kabir, If you don't tell today... you would not be able to tell any time.
Kabir: No no dude... No more waiting... Today I will tell her at any cost... (Angad and Ruhi urges him to go) But what if Misha slaps me?
Angad: So have it! How enjoyable it is... you ask me... (Ruhi slaps Angad. Angad keeps his hand on cheek) You saw how nice I felt...
Ruhi: Stupid! (Ruhi playfully hits Angad and they continue with their PDA. Kabir thinks, 'God! My life is in your hands' Kabir goes from there. Angad and Ruhi starts dancing. They are happy seeing Kabir go and hugs)

Pia is thinking of Abhay's declaration of love to Alina. She recalls him telling Alina that she has changed his life and taught him to love. She recalls Abhay asking Alina to share her whole life with him. Jeh comes behind Pia.
Jeh: Pia... (Pia wipes her eyes and turns to face Jeh) What happened? Is everything okay?
Piya: Yeah
Jeh: But everything does not seem to be alright...For how long you are looking lost and dull... Is anything wrong Pia? Tell me!
Pia: No Jeh...Everything is fine... (Pia lowers her eyes. Jeh goes closer to Pia and keeps his hands on her arms)
Jeh: Pia, Don't you trust me? Don't you trust my love? Listen Pia... What is there for you in my heart... no one can change...Pia, I love you very much. What ever is worrying you... whatever is in your heart... just tell me... I will solve it... I am here... I am right here Pia just tell me... (Pia says in mind, 'I am losing my belief in love Jeh. On one side you are there whom I am cheating and on the other side is Abhay who is losing my trust. What will I do Jeh? Whom will I believe on?')
Pia: Jeh... I know that you love me very much. (Jeh catches Pia's both hands)
Jeh: Thank God! I felt that you got fed up with me...
Pia: Nothing like that Jeh
Jeh: And I hope nothing like that ever happens... because I really love you Pia... (Jeh hugs her. Pia hugs him back. Pia thinks, 'Why am I doing this? Why is this all happening?')

Kabir is coming down the stairs. He is talking to himself and trying to boost his confidence. He thinks that even if Misha slaps him he will bear it for the sake of his love for her. Kabir looks around for Misha and sees Abhay holding an unconscious Misha who is bleeding from her neck and bending towards her neck. Kabir rushes to them shouting at Abhay and asks him to leave Misha. Kabir pushes Abhay who has blood on his lips and holds Misha before she falls. Abhay wipes his lips. Kabir sits on the ground with Misha's head on his lap.
Kabir: Misha, Open your eyes Misha... What happened to you Misha? Misha, Open your eyes...Misha, Say something... Misha... I will kill you Abhay... I will kill you... Misha, Open your eyes... Say something man... Say! (Kabir takes his mobile and calls Angad. He asks him to come outside along with the others fast. Abhay stands there helplessly) Misha...Open your eyes Misha... Misha, Please...Misha open your eyes... open it! Misha...

Arnab Dobriyal is driving the Car with Inspector sitting beside him.

Inspector: Mr Dobriyal, I do not understand how a person like you could talk of such superstitious things... like all the murders are committed by some Draculla in stories...or some animal...Mr Dobriyal, Isn't it strange?
Arnab: If this sounds strange to you and you cannot believe... I don't have an answer to it. The girl who was attacked... the condition we got her... and now that girl is alive...And the sort of attack happened... Can you explain that?
Inspector: You let us do our work. That dead body was not of that girl. She did not become alive again. In fact that dead body is still in the lab. You had a misunderstanding. Please... You do not create any confusion. Yes, Tanushree is alive... the proof of which we will get when we reach college. And that dead body is of some one else... the proof of which you got from the DNA test. So then this is not your problem. You let us find out who that victim is...

The students run to Kabir and Misha.
Kabir: Open your eyes... Say something Misha... Misha, Open your eyes Misha... (Panchi and Piya kneels beside them)
Pia: Kabir, What happened to Misha? Misha... (Jeh and Alina looks at the scene in confusion)
Kabir: Ask this Abhay... When I came he was near her. He was doing something to her. Just ask him! (Pia and Panchi are shocked. Jeh, Alina and Angad looks at Abhay who still has some blood at the corner of his lips. Tracker sits near Misha)
Ruhi: Get up Misha...Please get up I say... (Ruhi looks at Abhay) What is that blood on you? (Abhay wipes his mouth. Pia and Jeh also looks at him) That is Misha's blood, right? What did you do with her? (Everyone looks at Abhay in shock and disgust) Get up Misha... please Misha... (Ruhi cries. Pia looks at Abhay who nods no)
Pia: Abhay you... (Panchi, Pia and Kabir calls Misha continuously. Arnab and the Inspector reaches there. Arnab sees Misha and runs to her. He kneels beside her and pats her face)
Arbnab: Misha... What happened to Misha? Misha, Get up! Someone tell me what happened to Misha...
Panchi: Papa we don't know...
Kabir: Uncle... Whatever happened happened because of Abhay... (Arnab turns and looks at Abhay who still has blood on his face) When I came out he was near her. He was holding Misha...Don't know Misha was unconscious and he did something with her... Just ask...what he did with her... Misha... (Pia gets up)
Pia: Abhay... You did this all? You did this to Misha? Tell me Abhay... tell...(Abhay looks at her helplessly. Jeh is happy. He thinks, 'Abhay Raichand... How easy you made everything for me. I only have to wait and these people on their own would see your reality.
Jeh: Abhay did this? Very strange... He was near every dead body... It cannot be a coincidence always... But... No no no... Abahy won't do like that... No way.... He is good... He is a nice Guy!
Angad: I have even heard that 14 dead bodies was found and Abhay had some connection with all of them. Serial Killer types...
Skipper: Abhay was always like that...
Barbie: I heard last year also something happened because of which he left the city and gone... Is he not hiding anything? (Pia listens. Jeh is happy that he has added fuel to the fire. He thinks, 'Poor Abhay... I got my revenge today. You have become a serial killer in front of people's eyes'. Arnab gets up  and looks at Abhay)
Arnab: Abhay... What is all this? What did you do to Misha? All the fingers are pointing towards you... Answer me... Damn it! If anything happens to Misha I will not leave you...
Inspector: Mr Raichand... What were you doing with this girl here alone? And this blood... How it came...
Abhay: Mr Dobriyal... A snake has bitten Misha (Jeh is startled. Every one looks in shock)
Arnab: What nonsense! What nonsense are you talking? How did a snake come here? And snake bite on the neck?
Inspector: One minute Mr Dobriyal... Let him speak..
Abhay: When I reached here Misha was lying under the tree. I saw snake bites on her neck. I only was trying to remove the venom. That is the basic of first aid. First help the victim... then inform the authorities... Misha was my friend. I was helping her... If I had to harm Misha, I would not be standing in front of you all... I would have run away from here long back... I was just helping...
Arnab: Oh Please... You leave it! You are telling some story... What do you think? We all will believe in it? Listen! I need the truth... and I need some answers now... okay?
Inspector: Mr Dobriyal... That's enough! You take care of your daughter and what I need to do... let me to do... Abhay Raichand... Come to the Police Station tomorrow and give the testimony.
Abhay: Sure Inspector! (Arnab sees the bite mark on Misha's neck and looks at Abhay. Kabir gets up)
Kabir: Uncle, We are wasting our time... Let's take Misha to the Hospital...
Arnab: My daughter will not go to the Hospital. Will call the Doctor at home. (Kabir puts Misha into the Car. Abhay turns to go)
Pia: Abhay! Not so soon! You will have to answer my Questions... (The Car goes from there and the students go back to the campus leaving Pia and Abhay alone)
Abhay: Pia, I told... I told in front of everyone... That is the truth... Other than that I have nothing else to say.
Pia: Abhay Raichand... This is about my sister... This is about my family... I don't know whom you are protecting and why... and I don't care! I want to know what happened with Misha. What did you do with her Abhay... What did you do with her? What is this all happening in this city? If you have not done this... who did it? Abhay, How many like you are there in this city? Have they become man eaters? Have they become thirsty for human blood? Is it one of your own who did this to Misha? If you have not done it, who did it? Who has done this? Who did this... tell me!
Abhay: Pia, A snake has bitten Misha and that is the truth... Believe me, please!
Pia: Abhay... This is about my sister... and I will find out the truth. I don't buy it Abhay. Misha was not bitten by any snake... It is very obvious.
Abhay: Pia, I cannot tell you this...
Pia: Abhay... I would not asked you this question. I do not wish to know your secret...but this is about my sister. Abhay, I wish to trust you...but how can I take your side when it about my sister Abhay... Abhay, I have seen you and known you... How can I ignore all that? I cannot put my family on risk...I need to know... I need to know what happened with Misha... Abhay, put yourself in my place... If your Mom was at Misha's place...If someone did this to your Mom won't you try to find out what happened with your Mom...who did it... Abhay, I am also doing that... That's what I am doing! (Abhay goes closer to Pia and keeps his hands on her arms)
Abhay: Pia, What do you wish? What do you mean? (Pia pushes his hands away)
Pia: I want to know the truth Abhay... After what I have seen today I can't believe in you... Either you tell me the truth... or this is over! (Pia turns and walks from there as Abhay looks on helplessly)  Episode ends.

PreCap: Jeh talks to Alina regarding the potion which is inherited by her.

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