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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 285) Hasina Raichand attacks Misha Dobriyal

Episode 285 starts with Arnab Dobriyal thinking, 'T is alive? Then whose dead body was it? What is all this happening?' Arnab makes a call to the Inspector. The Inspector picks up the phone.
Arnab: Inspector Sir, I am Arnab Dobriyal speaking...
Inspector: Yes Mr Dobriyal... Tell me...
Arnab: You know the latest news? The dead body was not of that girl whom we thought of...
Inspector: Tanushree Ambolker... Yes, We know... She is alive...
Arnab: You know? And what have you done about it? You declare one girl dead and then she turns out to be alive... And you do not have an answer for that?
Inspector: Sir, We are inquiring...
Arnab: What inquiry are you doing...You people will keep on inquiring and you will find out nothing...till you think on the right path. I told you... This is not an animal attack... It is a Vampire attack. Why don't you understand?
Inspector: Look Mr Dobriyal... I am fed up with this...You people are important citizens of this city. Please allow us to do our work. We don't have that much time to get into all nonsense. And yes... Please keep your ghost and vampire stories with you... Please allow us to investigate the murder our way, Okay? (Inspector cuts the call. Arnab is angry and annoyed. He thinks, 'I will not accept defeat so fast. I have to find on my own what is the truth. How did T come back? Who is she? If she is T... who was that who is dead?' Arnab gets up from the sofa.

At the Mount College Campus Abhay kneels in front of Alina as Jeh, Pia and the other students look on. Abhay looks into Alina's eyes.
Abhay: Alina, You have changed my life by coming into my life. You taught me to love and that's why I wish that we both become one forever. (Jeh looks on with a smile while Pia is shattered. Alina is happy) Would you wish to spend your entire life with me? (Abhay extends his hand to Alina. She places her hand on his hand. Abhay gets up and Alina hugs him)
Alina: I love you Abhay... I love you... (All the students clap except Piya).
Misha: Oh my God! These two has become serious types... (Jeh claps and comes near them)
Alina: I told you Brother that Abhay is a great Guy...
Jeh: Well I can see that for sure... But Abhay... Alina is my only sister... my family...Don't hurt her even by mistake.
Abhay: Don't worry Jeh... I will take care of Alina fully... Well... I am only doing the responsibility of being a Brother, that's it! But two rules Alina... No cuchikoo in public... and bringing home not allowed...
Alina: Brother, Stop embarrassing me...
Jeh: Okay...I will leave... (Jeh goes from there. Alina hugs Abhay again. Abhay hugs her back. Pia sends daggers with eyes his way and Abhay looks at her helplessly.  Kabir comes near Misha).
Kabir: Hey Babes...What was that?
Misha: Abhay confessed his love in front of everyone...
Ruhi: Angad... You never did like that for me...
Angad: How much foolishness I had done for you... that much no one can do in this Universe... You always like other peoples things... Have I done some crime or what?
Kabir: Abhay loves Alina? Really? I was thinking that these two were passing time with each other.
Misha: Dude that is exactly what I said... I am shocked!

Arnab Dobriyal is driving the Car with another gentleman (Mr Kashyap)sitting beside him.
Kashyap: How can you say so surely Mr Dobriyal that the girl is not Tanushree but someone else pretending as her?
Arnab:Look Mr Kashyap... All clues point to that ... The dead body not able to be identified...the blood been drained out of the dead body... you know who does such deeds...
Kashyap: Yeah, I know! But do you have any way to expose this secret?
Arnab: Well yes... We could do a DNA test of Tanushree...
Kashyap: But what could happen?
Arbnab: I want to know that if that girl who is alive is not Tanushree then who it is... whose is that dead body... and what could be the reason to kill her...

Arnab and Mr Kashyap are at Tanushree's house. The servant informs that Tanushree is not at home.
Arnab: Actually we have not come to meet Tanushree. Actually a murder has happened and we want to know something. Don't be scared... Nothing will happen to her. We want to check the house for her safety.
Servant: Okay Sir... You see... I do not know anything...
Arnab: Where is her room?
Servant: Upstairs Sir... (Arnab and Kashyap searches the room. Arnab gets some hairs on the hair brush which could be used for the DNA test. They leave from there)

At the Mount College Campus the students start the Dandiya Raas. Angad and Ruhi goes and gives the Dandiya sticks respectfully to the Principal and Teacher. All starts dancing. Angad and Ruhi is having a lot of fun dancing. Abhay and Piya looks at each other while dancing. Pia is upset with Abhay. Kabir looks at Misha who is dancing happily. He calls her name and throws the Dandiya sticks with the love note towards her. Misha catches it and starts playing using that Dandiya sticks. After some time she calls Kabir's name and throws back the Dandiya sticks to him. Kabir catches it. Pia and Abhay looks at each other. Pia excuses herself from there and sends a message to Abhay to meet her outside the College immediately.  Abhay gets the message and reads it. He sneaks from there.

A Doctor is examining some sample through the microscope and noting some details. There is a knock on the door and he asks to come in. Arnab and Mr Kashyap enters the room.
Arnab: Doctor... We had some urgent work with you... (The Doctor continues doing his work and does not look at his visitors)
Doctor: You people sit... Give me a minute please... (Arnab and Kashyap sits. The Doctor goes and sits on his seat) Yeah tell me... (Arnab takes the hair sample and gives it to the Doctor)
Arnab: Doctor... this sample... I want you do do a DNA test on this...and tell that if it is the same as that of the girl whom we got at the Forest. (The Doctor nods)
Doctor: Okay! (He gets up)

Pia comes out of the College and waits near Abhay's Car. Abhay comes near her.
Abhay: Pia...
Pia: Abhay... You made pieces of my heart in one shot... You didn't even think how I will feel?
Abhay: Pia you...
Pia: You told me lies Abhay... You cheated me... I don't trust you... And now you are doing the same thing with Alina... What did you gain by proposing to her in front of everyone like that? When she will find out what is the truth how is she going to feel? Have you ever... have you thought of that? We have to hide our love... I can understand that...but this! I can't forgive you for this... Why are you doing this all? Why do you do? What have you gained? (Pia catches Abhay's shirt and pushes him) What did you get/ Tell me that...
Abhay: Pia you know...I have no other option.
Pia: What sort of helplessness? I know that your parents like Alina... They want you to be with her... But here no one was there. What was your helplessness that you had to openly propose to her in front of all?
Abhay: Pia... You have to keep your trust on me... on our love... I cannot tell you anything this time... And I love you... This is my biggest truth...
Pia: This truth is not enough for me... I have to know the complete truth... (Abhay places his hands on Pia's shoulders)
Abhay: Pia, You want to know the truth? Look into my eyes! What is there in my eyes? You! You are my biggest truth Pia...only you!
Pia: Don't know Abhay... maybe I am weak... I do not have the strength to bear this lie... (Pia goes from there as Abhay looks on)

At the College Campus Angad and Kabir are talking about Kabir's plan failure. Ruhi comes there and takes Kabir's Dandiya sticks with the love note and goes to play Dandiya. She reads the love note and is happy. She comes and hugs Kabir and tells him that she would set everything right for her. Angad supports Ruhi and tells that she is the match making champion of the College. Ruhi goes back to dance. She puts her phone on top of the dandiya stick and goes near Misha dancing. Tracker bumps on Misha and acts as if she injured her foot. Ruhi tells Misha that she has a sprain. She points to the phone and asks Misha to bring it. Misha reluctantly goes and picks up the phone along with the Dandiya stick note which opens. Misha reads the note. Tracker is happy that her plan worked.

Doctor: Mr Dobriyal, This hair is not of the dead body. DNA report does not match.
Arnab: What are you talking Doctor? Then who is this girl? What is her reality?
Kashyap: You were telling right Mr Dobriyal. If Tanushree is there and if her DNA does not match with the dead body... then who is this girl? And how did Tanushree abscond and then come back? Is this just a coincidence that Tanushree absconded in that girl's place? Or... is there a game plan behind it?
Arnab: Doctor, We need to know more about this... We need to know the truth (Doctors nods) Before that there is some such questions the answers of which I need to find out...

Misha comes out of the College. She reads the note, 'Meet me outside the college...' She says, 'Well, I am outside College. Hello... Anybody there? Hey lover boy... Are you there? Who is this who has silently given me this note... Some guts!... Lover boy... Are you there? Hello! Excuse me! (Misha looks around. Hasina Raichand stands behind the bushes behind Misha looking at her revealing her fangs) Meet me outside College...I am outside College man... (Hasina moves towards Misha from behind) Hello! Someone there? (Misha raises her voice) Someone is there? Hello! (Suddenly Hasina bites on her neck and Misha screams) Episode ends.

PreCap: Kabir is sitting on the ground with Misha's head on his lap. 
Kabir: Misha, open your eyes... Misha... (The students rushes to them)
Pia: What happened to Misha?
Kabir: Open your eyes... Say something...Misha....
Pia: Kabir, What happened to Misha?
Ruhi: Misha, Get up Misha... Please Misha... (Ruhi cries. Arnab and Mr Kashyap comes there)
Arnab: Misha... What happened to Misha? Misha get up! Someone tell me what happened to Misha...

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