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24th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 293) Pia Dobriyal stalks Chand Raichand and finds out about Hasina

Episode 293 starts with Dipanita asking Maithili who has taken Tanushree's body, 'You did all this for Abhayendra's love?'
Maithili: Yeah, I have burned in that love and now it is Abhayendra's turn.I got Hasina under my control because I knew that it is impossible to bring Chand and Abhayendra under my control. Hasina was weak. She was unable to quench her thirst for human blood... and I took advantage of it... I awoke her human blood thirst and this way I got this human form. Hasina is weak. I finally accomplished my goal... I saw Hasina alone and gained control over her. Now she has become a puppet in my hands... But I needed a new body... and that could be only the body of a human. And then...

Abhay stops his Car in front of the Khurana House and gets out. He walks towards the House. Abhay gets into the House stealthily through a door. He goes and pushes the big photo on the wall which is the secret entrance in the map and gets in. Through the gap on the side of the picture Abhay sees Jeh who comes to the Hall. The door bell rings and Jeh opens the door. A bunch of Guys who were standing at the door step walks inside along with Jay. One of the werewolves take a deep breathe and informs Jeh that Abhay is somewhere in the house and that he can get the smell of the Vampire. Jeh turns and looks. Abhay hides himself.
Jeh: Yeah, He was in this house till some time back... but not now! Forget him and listen to me... You people know very well why I called you all here. That potion which our ancestors have given us... because of which we never became weak in front of the Vampires...the Vampires have come to know about it. They know now that the potion is with us. And one out of that Vampires have become a man eater... thirsty of human blood... And to save that Vampire, they will need this potion. And remember! To reach this potion they can do anything! They can go to any extent... We have to stay cautious in any condition...
Werewolf: But by then they would finish that Vampire... That is their law if anyone gets lost in darkness. If they get the potion they can save that Vampire but they would not want to save...
Jeh: Nah Not this time... Because this time the culprit is bigger than law... or may be away from the law... Hasina Raichand! (Abhay is listening) Abhay Raichand is the leader of the clan. He makes the rules... for his Mom he can break the rules also... (Alina Khurana  opens the door and looks down from upstairs) Even after being a monster, he knows the meaning of love... he has all the weaknesses an emotional human has. For his mother this weakness will force him to break the law.(Alina is looking from upstairs. She thinks, 'So that is why you are looking for this potion... Abhay, you are doing all this for your Mom? Oh Abhay!')

Pia is stalking Chand who is walking through the Forest.Pia says to herself, 'Why everyone is lying to me? Who are they protecting? If Abhay is trying to save the person who bit Misha, I will never forgive him. He can't do it!  For you has your clan become important than your love and my sisters life?Abhay, why are you doing this? Whom are you trying to protect?'

Abhay is standing behind the wall. He says in mind, 'Every werewolf is united outside the door. Jey knows that I need to reach the map. And to reach the map I need Alina's help.And he won't let me reach Alina. I will have to reach Alina at any cost. Without her I will not be able to reach that potion.  I will have to reach Alina by escaping from these Werewolves. Jay is behind me but I won't be in his hand. I will have tofind another way. Why does every door close before me? Maybe it is the magic of this stone. I will have to get to Alina. Only with her help I can get to the potion. I have no other option. It is either death or survival. I will have to fight with these wolves (Abhay's eyes turn blue). I will have to reach to Alina for Mom's sake. I have to fight them!'

Jeh is talking to the Werewolves. Alina is looking at them from upstairs.
Jeh: This time our leader is not present in between us. Mom is not here... but Alina is here, Alina... The caretaker of this potion and my Moms heir... It is not possible to reach the portion without Alina. Abhay also will need Alina in order to reach the portion. Understand? (Suddenly Jeh closes his eye and senses Abhay's presence. He orders the werewolves to find Abhay and finish him. Alina gets into a room and closes the door. Jeh and the werewolves run here and there looking for Abhay but does not find him. Abhay is seeing everything from behind the wall. Abhay tries to get out of his hiding place to fight the werewolves but suddenly stops himself when he remembers what Chand said to him. Chand's voice over: ' Remember one thing Abhay... No need to rush. Don't put yourself in danger... let the danger come towards you and then fight it! You will never lose'.

Maithili is talking to Dipanita.
Maithili: I was looking for a prey. I came to the Dobriyal House for the Party. I saw all the drama there. And I needed a weak link... which I this form... alone... (Flashback: Some one puts a black cloth over T's head and kidnaps her) I ordered Haseena. And she kidnapped this girl. She had become so crazy for human blood. Haseena does not even know what she has done. (Flashback: Haseena biting T and Tanushree falling on the ground dead) And before anyone could find out I and Haseena  together drank all the blood of that girl... and put my soul into her body. Now, it's my time to take a revenge. (Maithali's eyes turn blue and she gives an evil look towards Dipanita who looks scared)

Pia is stalking Chand who is walking through the forest. Chand reaches the sport were Hasina is imprisoned with silver chains tied around the trees surrounding her. Pia hides behind a tree and watches. Hasina is looking drained. She and Chand interlinks theirs fingers through the gap between silver chains.
Chand: I have come... Abhay has gone to get that potion for you. But...
Hasina: But... Those people have safeguarded the potion in such a way that we Vampires could not reach that potion or map in ages.So now what is that Abhay will do that he would get to it?
Chand: Trust Abhay, Haseena... He will definitely come. (Chand and Hasina leaves their hand hold)
Hasina: But when will he come Chand? This chains... this silver... is bothering me Chand. I can't take this anymore. Get me out of here Chand. Do it fast... please Chand... (Pia who is hiding behind the tree feels guilty. She says in mind, 'I am so sorry Abhay... In my sisters love I became so blind that I did not think why you are doing all this. Of course your Mom comes before me... I am sorry!' Pia wipes her tears and looks at Chand and Hasina)
Chand: Hasina, Try to remember...Who was that? What power was it who forced you to do all this?
Hasina: I don't remember anything. I have not even seen her face. But I can remember the voice... That power wants to help me Chand...
Chand: Oh come on Hasina... She wants to help you? What are you saying? See... what has see made you... She forced you to drink human blood. Hasina... That power has used you...
Hasina: That all I do not know but I am not able to control my mind. Just get me out of here please....just get me out of here...
Chand: Don't worry! Abhay and I will not let you die like this... I am worried about Abhay. I think he needs my help. I will come back Hasina... I will be back... (Chand lifts his hand bidding bye and goes from there. Haseena sits on the ground. Piya looks on)

Maithili is talking to Dipanita.
Maithili: I had to do it. I knew that to get Abhayendra I have to play this game. I cannot see him with that Pia. And that Pia... What is that Pia? Just an ordinary human... And I... I am Abhayendra's love... I cannot see him with anybody else... with no one! But in this game there is only one problem... and that is you! What to do with you? I have not reached my destination...and you blocked my way...What do I do with you? What do I do? (Maithili looks at Dipanita and mesmerizes her)
Dipanita: Whatever you wish! (Episode ends)

PreCap: Maithili and Dipanita reaches the place where Hasina was kept captive and finds the place empty. They look at each other.
Maithili: Where is Hasina? Tell me where is Hasina...
Dipanita: She is not here?
Maithili: I will not let them finish Hasina...
Dipanita: Kill her? Who wishes to kill her?

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