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17th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 288) Alina invites Abhay Raichand for lunch to Khurana House

Episode 288 starts with Abhay calling Chand who is lost in thoughts.
Chand: Hasina... The decision is been made. The orders have come from the higher ups to finish Hasina. They say... She has become dangerous. They would finish Hasina the day after full moon day. They would pierce her heart and kill her using the weapon for killing Vampires... a sandal wood stake (Chand laughs). My family.... Chand... Hasina and Abhay... the Vampires who stay in the territory of humans... the Raichands... That weapon has come... the irony is that the weapon with which we killed many bad vampires will break our family today... So do you see Abhay... I have failed...
Abhay: No Dad... You have not failed...
Chand: So then we have only one way...
Abhay: I know Dad... what is that way... I know it!

Misha is lying on the cot in coma. Pia is sitting on the Cot holding her hand and crying. Arnab and Panchi are standing while Madhu is sitting on the Cot. Panchi has Misha's clothes in hand.
Panchi: Misha, I am talking to you...Misha.... (Panchi sits on the cot near Madhu) Momma, Why is she not talking to us? We talked to her so much... She is just not reacting. Misha, Please talk to me... Misha please chatter... fight with me... I would not tell anything to you Misha but don't be silent. Misha please... Momma, tell her something... (Madhu has tears flowing from her eyes) Momma.... Misha... (Arnab is looking at Misha with a gloomy face) Misha, Are you listening? Misha, Please talk...Misha, Momma tell her Momma... (Kabir enters the room. He wipes his eyes and goes near Panchi) Pia, You tell something. I cannot see her like this... (Panchi weeps)
Kabir: Please don't cry! You only told that we have to talk nice nice things with Misha. If we cry she will feel bad and get angry (Kabir places his hand on Panchi's shoulder) . Please smile... (Panchi wipes her tears) Piya... Please smile... please!
Pia: yeah Kabir!
Madhu: I will set the food for all of you down... (Panchi nods. Madhu goes from the room. Arnab tells Kabir that he has to make an important call and goes from the room)
Kabir: This is all my fault... This happened because of me... If I would not have called her outside the Campus to meet she would not have been waiting there alone. Pia... I just wanted to tell her that I love her very much... (Panchi who was putting Misha's clothes back to the cupboard also hears it) I could not tell her... I did not have the courage... I was scared of her anger. I just wrote a note and asked her to meet me outside the campus. By the time I reached there she... (Kabir keeps his hand on his eyes and cries)
Piya: Kabir... Kabir, You love Misha?
Kabir: yeah Pia... (Panchi and Piya are happy hearing it. Kabir sits near Misha) Maybe from forever... But the friendship was so deep that I would not recognize the love. Misha has to get up. She has to wake up because I have not told her so far how much I love her Pia ... (Pia nods) She has to get up... Misha, Open your eyes... Please open your eyes... Wake up for me... Come on dude! Misha, How much you want to beat me beat me...tell me loser Thakur you love me...whatever... Say whatever man say whatever... but open your eyes man... (Kabir and Pia has tears in their eyes)

At the Khurana House, Alina is sitting on the rocking chair. She recalls Abhay's proposal to her on the Dandiya Night and smiles. She recalls Abhay asking her if she would wish to spend her entire life with him. She says in mind, 'Abhay I love you! You don't know how difficult my life has been. A mother who never thought me deserving and who put the responsibility of inheritance always on my shoulders. This family has broken in all ways. If there is some hope in my life today that is you Abhay...I wish to spend every moment with you. I want to do something special for you. But what to do? God... Please give me some idea... What will I do?'. Suddenly she gets some idea and smiles. She makes a call to Abhay.

Abhay who is in the Hall with Chand picks up Alina's call.
Alina: hello Abhay...
Abhay: Alina...
Alina: Abhay, I wish to make lunch for you... with my own hands (Chand watches Abhay)... You will come, right?
Abhay: Lunch? At your home?
Alina: yeah!
Abhay: Yes!
Alina: Oh Great Abhay... Thanks... So see you in a while...Okay? Bye! (Alina cuts the call.At the Raichand house Abhay looks at Chand who communicates a go ahead with his head movement).

Alina is busy at the Kitchen along with a cook. Jeh comes to the Kitchen and Alina tells that she is making Cake and Italian food from the scratch for Abhay. Jeh reminds her that Abhay is a Vampire and that he does not eat human food.
Alina: Brother, What a stupid girl I am. I lost myself so much in Abhay's love that I forgot that how different he is from us. But Brother... You know what? It is so sweet of Abhay that I invited him for lunch and he sweetly agreed. That shows how much he loves me...isn't it?
Jeh: yeah Yeah... He loves you! (Alina gives instructions for the cook to remove the cake from the oven when it is ready. Jeh is happy hearing that she has made a cake also. But Alina warns him not to touch her food and cake as she has made it for Abhay. Jeh grumbles. Alina asks Jeh to ask his girlfriend to make food for him. Alina goes from there to get ready. Jeh thinks, ' Abhay... when you can't eat anything why did you say yes to Alina? I am sure you are coming to this house with some other purpose.What is that you are trying to get to? Whatever it is... the game is on...').

Arnab Dobriyal is standing at the study with a book in his hand.  But is is lost in thoughts. Pia comes to the room with a cup of tea for him. She keeps the cup on the table and notices that Arnab is lost in thoughts. She touches him.
Piya: Papa... tea...
Arnab: yeah... (Arnab keeps the book back to the book shelf) You know Pia I am having this feeling that Abhay is involved in all this. In the last murder also Abhay was near the dead body and also near Misha... What was he doing? It is good that Kabir reached there in time otherwise do not know what would have happened.
Piya: But Papa, Abhay proved his innocence... I mean he told that he was trying to save her life...
Arnab: He would tell that... Afterall, He was caught red handed... But to tell you the truth... there is something wrong about him. I don't trust him... he is too dangerous... You stay away from him...
Pia: Papa, Don't worry! I do not talk to him much....
Arnab: How will I not worry? Wherever I look... all evidence points to him... I need to confirm my doubt... I will tell the Police to keep an eye on him...
Pia: Whatever you feel right Papa... Have your tea... See you Papa... (Pia goes from there dialing someones number. Arnab sips his tea and also dials someones number).

Alina ids dressed up and comes to the Kitchen to look at the arrangements for lunch. She looks at the Pasta and is happy that it smells lovely. She opens the microwave oven to look at the cake but does not find it there. She looks at the refrigerator also but does not find it there. She comes to the conclusion that Jeh has taken it despite of her warning and calls out for Jeh.

Pia is driving the Car. She recalls Abhay telling her that she would have to trust him and their love. She recalls him telling her that he cannot tell anything to her at the moment but he loves her. She recalls him telling her that they have to hide their love as it can put her into danger. Pia recalls Abhay telling her the reason why he is playing the love game with Alina. Pia thinks, 'Abhay, how did this happen? Even after knowing your truth I loved you? Because I saw the human behind the monster... But today... papa is telling that you are involved in the 2 murders. And if it is not so... why don't you tell me? What are you hiding? Who are you trying to save? You saved Danish's life... Neil's life and why are you not  doing it for my sister? You would have to tell me who is that you are protecting. You have to tell me Abhay'. Pia stops the Car and makes a call to Abhay. Chand lifts the phone and informs her that Abhay is not at home and that he has left the phone at home. Pia is angry and thinks that Abhay deliberately did it. She starts the Car. She says in mind, 'I am not going to give up so easily. I would find out what he is hiding. I need answers Abhay... and you would have to give me the answer'.

Jeh is feeding the Cake to Dipanita.
Jeh: I could only bring the Cake because Alina was making food with her own hands...
Dipanita: But doesn't she know about Abhay?
Jeh: She knows everything Mom. And Abhay has played a good game that Alina is convinced that he loves her. And the enmity between the two clans now mean nothing to her.
Dipanita: Alina has always been the weak link. She has never supported us.
Jeh: No Mom... It's not like that... In fact this time I have only encouraged her. And there is someone among the Vampires who has become a man eater... and it is very important for me to know who that is...and till I do not find out I have to play the drama of friendship with Abhay... We have to work on our plan. Before Abhay reaches us through Alina we will have to reach him.
Dipanita: Jeh... Do not consider Abhay weak... He is very cunning. Alina is our weakness... so now we will have to look for Abhay's weakness... you understand?
Jeh: I know Mom... (Jeh and Dipanita hears Alina calling Jeh and looks at each other).

Pia is sitting in the Car outside Raichand's House Gate. She thinks, 'So much time has passed, Abhay has not come back...' She calls Abhay again. Abhay lifts the call. Pia asks him where he is and tells him that she wanted to meet him.
Abhay:I am at home ... with Mom... She is not well... I cannot leave her at home alone... (Pia cuts the call. She thinks, 'If Abhay is at home why did his Dad tell me that he is not at home...' She then sees Abhay driving out of the gate in his Car).

Alina climbs the stairs up calling Jeh. She sees him standing there with the Cake plate in hand. She scolds him for taking the cake.
Alina: I know Abhay can't eat the cake but I could have showed him how lovingly I made the cake for him... (Dipanita is in the room and is angry hearing the conversation)
Jeh: You know what? relax! I will tell Abhay that this cake was so yummy that I ate it...
Alina: It is not funny man... seriously (Jeh makes  a sad face)
Jeh: Okay! Fine... (Alina looks at the lock on the door behind Jeh. Jeh also looks)
Alina: And what are you doing here?
Jeh: I was hiding from you and eating cake... so that you don't catch me... (Jeh takes a bite of the cake)
Alina: Whatever Brother... Now you go to the market and get me cake and ice cream... Go!
Jeh: Alina, Abhay does not eat all this... Then why are you troubling me?
Alina: Brother, I don't know... Just go! (Jeh hands over the plate to Alina)
Jeh: You go to the Kitchen... I am bringing... (Alina goes from there. Jeh thinks that in any condition Alina should not see Dipanita. Dipanita looks at the open windows)

Abhay gets down from the Car and walks to Khurana House. Pia who was stalking him in her Car sees him going. She wonders why Abhay told her lies.

PreCap : Jeh tells Abhay that Alina made a lot of food for him and is now sending him out for getting Ice cream for him. Abhay tells that it is sweet of her.

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