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20th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 291) Misha Dobriyal regains consciousness

Episode 291 starts with Abhay running back to his Car parked in front of Khurana House. He gets in and drives the Car from there. After driving for sometime he stops the car. He takes a pen and paper from the Dashboard and starts drawing the map from his memory by closing his eyes. He says in mind, 'Vampires have photographic memory. That map is by heart for me Jeh. I am two steps ahead of you. I have memorized this map now'. Abhay opens his eyes and looks at the map. He says in mind, 'I am sorry Alina... I broke your trust but getting this map is very important to me. I wish to save my Mom before the full moon'. Abhay recalls Hasina trying to attack a girl at the Cloth Store and also her attacking Misha Dobriyal. He thinks, 'I know you saved a dying man's life. More than a son you brought me up like a son... You cannot be bad at mind at all. I have to finish that power which has influenced Mom. I have to remind Mom what is her truth. And once Mom becomes alright with this potion  I will end up all the lies... After that no one can come in between Pia and me... no Jeh... no Alina... no family... no one! I cannot give pain to Pia any more. She loved me knowing what I am. Now I wish to honor that love... I want to see her happy always. And now after doing the duty of a son now I will do the duty of my love. Wait for me... just wait for me...'. Abhay recalls Jeh offering to drop Pia home and her refusing saying that she would go on her own and does not need anybody. He says in mind, 'Pia... I gave you a lot of pain today... but no more! I need you to know that I am only yours... only yours!' Abhay drives the Car from there.

Hasina is in the forest in a silver chain cage. She thinks, 'What happened to me? What am I doing? What all has happened? Save me... someone save me!' Hasina sees Chand coming towards where she is imprisoned.
Hasina: Chand, I am here... Save me please! Chand, Please come here and save me Chand... (Chand stops in front of the silver chain enclosure)
Chand: Ssshhhh! No one should know that I am here... (Hasina nods)
Haseena: Chand, Please help me! Just save me... Just get me out of here Chand please! Just get me out of here...
Chand: After 24 hours... after the full moon night ... they will finish you Hasina...
Hasina: What? No Chand no! You can't let this happen Chand... This cannot happen... You have to stop them... You have to get me out of here... Please Chand please!
Chand: If anyone can save you, That is Abhay... And he has to bring that potion Hasina... Once we get that potion, then we would win! But the important thing is that he must get that potion.
Hasina: But  Chand... why are they against me? What did I do?
Chand: You cheated on your clan Hasina... I tried to stop you... But you did not stop. You have broken all the rules by drinking human blood... you went against every one... (Hasina sheds blood tears) These many ages with which rules we have stayed among humans... you have broken all those rules...
Hasina: Chand, trust me! I did not do anything... I have stayed with you for ages in this human form... I won't do anything like that... I have not done anything... Just trust me... There is someone... some power which is controlling me... something... (Hasina keeps her hands on her head)
Chand: If some power is controlling you... where is it now? Why doesn't she come and save you?
Hasina: Chand... Maybe I am not needed any more... Chand please... just save me Chand! Please save me please... (Chand moves closer to the enclosure)
Chand: You will have to trust Abhay... Abhay only can save you... Hasina, You have to trust him... (Chand extends his hand towards Hasina through the gap in between the silver chains and Haseena interlocks her fingers with his taking strength from him).

At the Dobriyal House, Misha is lying unconscious on the bed. Madhu and Kabir are sitting near her. Kabir is holding one hand of Misha in his hand and with the other hand he is fondly touching her head. Arnab and Panchi are also in the room. Suddenly Misha moves her fingers and opens her eyes slowly. Every one is happy seeing her regaining consciousness.
Arnab: Misha!
Misha: Why is everyone in this room? (Panchi and Madhu hugs her)
Arnab: Madhu what are you doing? She just became conscious. She will get suffocated...
Misha: No... I am loving this daily soap drama... (Panchi laughs. Kabir smiles) I feel like I have gotten up after many years...
Arnab: We also feel like you have regained consciousness.
Misha: Thakur, What are you doing here?
Panchi: Mish, Kabir only bought you home... You know... from the time you are unwell he has not even moved from your side...
Misha: Good... He is my friend... High five Thakur?
Kabir: High five Champ! (They high five. Madhu hugs Misha. Panchi talks in hushed tones to Kabir)
Panchi: When she becomes fully alright ...then tell her!
Kabir: What?
Panchi: What do you think? I am dumb? The whole city knows how much you love Misha...
Kabir: Everyone knows how much I love her... except her... (Arnab goes from there to inform the Doctor that Misha has gained consciousness. Kabir and Misha smiles at each other).

At the Khurana House, Jeh goes and sits on a chair near the fire place and looks at the map. He is angry seeing the black map. Jeh says, ' Mom told that the heir can see what is written in it... That means Alina...' Jeh gets up and shouts Alina's name. He says, 'You did not do right! Once again you cheated... You broke my trust. Not again... I will have to tell Mom'. Jeh dials Dipanita's number.
Jeh: Mom... Mom listen... There is a big...
Dipanita: Jeh... Listen to me... It is very important! I have come to know who is controlling Hasina... what is such power who has made her a man eater... Jeh , we need that woman... With her help we can reach our enemies...
Jeh: But Mom... This all...
Dipanita: Jeh do not interrupt me... listen what I say... I have to follow her... I have to know all her game... You talk to Alina... We need that potion immediately... Take it from her, got that?
Jeh: Okay Mom! (Jeh cuts the call and shouts Alina's name. Dipanita looks around in the Forest)

The Doctor comes to Misha's room and declares that she is alright. Danish comes to the room and he is also happy to see Misha alright. The Doctor asks Misha what had happened to her.
Misha: Well, At the Party I got a which it was written that I come out and meet him... (Kabir lowers his head) I went out and a woman attacked me... and I went blank...
Doctor: Woman? Are you sure?
Misha: Yeah 100%. But why are you all looking surprised?
Arnab: Because we all felt that Abhay attacked you...
Misha: Abhay? No Papa... Abhay saved my life! (Every one look at each other)
Arnab: Abhay?
Misha: yeah! I don't remember everything clearly but I remember... I felt a terrible pain on my neck and suddenly Abhay came there. He was very angry. He pushed that woman and I fainted after that...
Doctor: So you did not see that woman's face?
Misha: No Doctor! I did not see her face... But I know this much that Abhay saved my life... That's all I know!
Arnab: Mr Dobriyal... You come with me for a while...
Arnab: Excuse me! Arnab and Doctor goes from the room
Madhu: Thank God ... my child is alright!
Misha: Oh God Mom... enough of this drama.. (Danish gets up from the Cot and goes to stand near Panchi) I am fed up! And you Thakur... Come and sit here... I want to talk to you... Come on... sit here! (Kabir sits near Misha)I want to speak to you... See your face... It looks like you are acting in a bad play.(Madhu smiles)
Madhu: Don't talk like that Misha... He was so concerned about you... If something would have happened to you...
Misha: Of course Momma... Kabir would be more concerned about me than anyone...It is obvious. I mean I am his bodyguard... If something happens to me who will save him at the College from Bimbos? (Everyone smiles)

At Khurana House Jeh shouts Alina's name. Alina comes down the stairs and stands in front of him. Jeh lifts the blank paper and shows it to her.
Jeh: What is this? (Jeh walks towards and Alina backs off climbing the stairs backwards). Alina, think 10 times before you lie... what you are saying... What the hell is this?
Alina: I don't know!
Jeh: Really? If you do not know what it is... what was it doing with Abhay?
Alina: I don't know! Why don't you ask Abhay?
Jeh: You don't know about this? Let me make it easier for you Alina. This is the map to reach to that potion about which you only know Alina... What it was doing with Abhay... let me tell... My sister gave it as gift on her sweet and romantic date... Why did you do it Alina? Tell me! (Jeh pushes her)
Alina: This is not your Map Jeh... What I want I can do with this...
Jeh: You can do anything? For your kind information this belongs top our ancestors... Mom has entrusted the map with you not for you to handle it to anyone in your foolishness.
Alina: Abhay loves me... I was...
Jeh: What love Alina? Abhay is only playing with you... we all are playing with you... That's it! He does not love you. What do you think? Because of your childish love he will forget our age old enmity? Abhay has come here only for this Map... only for this potion... because he wants to get even with me... He want to win over everybody... Who let him reach that potion? You! Thanks to my sister... Alina, I am asking you one final time... You showed this map to Abhay or not?
Alina: No! (Jeh shows the blank map to her)
Jeh: What is this? Why is this not visible?
Alina: This map... Jeh you cannot see it without my help...
Jeh: So be it! Come!

Jeh and Alina is sitting on the chairs by the fireside. Alina closes her eyes and chants something. She runs her hand above the Map chanting continuously. Suddenly the map becomes visible. Jeh takes the map and looks at it and then at Alina. (Episode ends)

PreCap: Dipanita is held captive by the mysterious lady Vampire.

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