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19th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 290) Alina and Abhay goes on an Adventure Trip in search of the Magic Potion

Episode 290 starts with Jeh driving the Car with Pia sitting beside him. Jeh looks at Pia who is silent and gloomy.
Jeh: Pia, What happened? Pia, I am here with you. Come on tell me... What is it that is bothering you... I swear I understand Pia...
Pia: Jeh... Actually I do not want to disturb you ... I  just want to be quiet...
Jeh: Okay... But I love you Pia... I am here... Whatever it is just tell me...
Pia: Jeh... I was thinking how strange love is... When a person is in love that person sees every thing in own way. The person who loves feels that the other person is there ... whether the other person is there or not. What is the definition of love Jeh? Pain? One sided feeling?

At the forest Dipanita is hiding behind a tree and looking at the lady Vampire who was talking to Hasina. The vampire wearing the hood and gown turns and Dipanita moves from her view instantly. She thinks, 'Who is this who has kept Hasina under control? She definitely can be of use to me...' The mysterious Vampire walks from there and Dipanita stalks her.

Jeh mobile rings as he is driving. Jeh picks up the Call. Jeh listens to the caller and tells that he will call that person in a while.  Pia asks him what is the matter and Jeh tells that it is a call from the Office and after Dipanita has gone all responsibility is on him.
Pia: Jeh... How strange you might be feeling... handling every thing without your Mom... (Jeh keeps silent. He looks gloomy. Pia notices it) Jeh... Jeh I am really sorry... I didn't want to remind you... I am really sorry Jeh...
Jeh: Leave it! Why are we talking all this? My house has come. You come to my house for 2 minutes... I have a small work... After that I will leave you home... And on the way we will talk about everything... How lonely and boring your lover is... (Pia thinks, 'Abhay will be there with Alina. How will I face him?' Jeh stops the Car)

Abhay and Alina walks towards the picture on the wall holding hands. Alina takes the map from Abhay's hands and they touch the picture to find the secret passage. Alina pushes the paining from one side a secret passage appears in front of them. Alina takes a candle from the Hall and walks into the passage leading to another room followed by Abhay. They enter the room and pushes the picture back into position.
Alina: Abhay...How dark it is here... Can't see anything! (Abhay thinks, 'This was our old home. And how come we did not know that there is such a secret passage? That's strange!'  Alina lights the candles on the candle holder in the room using the lightened candle from the house.  They walk further and reaches jungle through the secret passage).
Abhay: Alina, From your house we reached this jungle?
Alina: I told you... Now do you understand how special I am?
Abhay: Yeah! (Abhay looks at a well in the forest and identifies it on the map. He points it to Alina and they go near it. They see an object inside the well)
Alina: Abhay, This is that magic stone with the help of which we could reach to the key. And that key could help us reach the magic potion. (Abhay jumps into the well though Alina tries to stop him. Abhay picks up the stone and gets a map from there which is part of the map they are having. Abhay joins the maps and looks at it).
Abhay: Alina... These two maps are joined. But there are more parts of this map we will have to find it. Otherwise we will not be able to reach the magic potion.
Alina: Not now! Now we have to go home Abhay. Brother will come any moment... Please... (Abahy gets out of the well. They hold hands and run back. They run through the passage. Alina and Abhay comes to the Hall by pushing the picture to a side. They get in and puts the picture back in position. Alina puts the candle which falls down from her hand to the candle holder and looks nervously.

Arnab Dobriyal is talking to Mr Kashyap over the phone.
Kashyap: Mr Dobriyal... We are trying to find out who attacked your daughter. If that is really a vampire bite we have to look at it and reach that Vampire.
Arnab: Mr Kashyap I only know this much that whatever we need to do... we need to do fast... Before they attack some other member in my family, we will have to reach them... I am unable to Misha's condition. And whoever is responsible for it I will finish them by burning them.
Kashyap: Mr Dobriyal... Be rest assured! Misha is your daughter...She is courageous just like you. Everything will be alright... Only after seeing we will get any clue what to do next.
Arnab: Okay... (Arnab cuts the call)

Dipanita is stalking the mysterious Vampire. Suddenly the Vampire stops. Dipanita looks around and when she looks again she finds that the Vampire has vanished from where she was standing. Dipanita thinks, 'Where has she gone? She was here. Dipanita looks around and is disappointed.

At the Khurana House, Jeh opens the door and walks in with Pia. She has a packet in his hands. They see Abhay and Alina coming to the hall. Jeh notices the candle stand which is still shaking.
Alina: Jeh...what are you doing here?
Jeh: What are you doing here?
Alina: I was showing  Abhay the paintings... You know that Abahy and I was having a date... so I was just showing him around. Ice cream! (Alina goes and takes the packet from Jeh) You know what Brother? You are super cool! (Alina kisses Jeh on his cheek and goes back and stands with Abhay) And anyways, without Ice cream the lunch was incomplete... (Pia thinks, 'How much pain have you given me? How much I loved you... more than me... more than life... still...that was not enough?' Alina has her head on Abhay's shoulder. Abhay responds to Piya's mind talk, ' Some more time Pia... Then everything will be over and I will come back to you. Trust me Pia!' Jeh thinks, 'What am I seeing Alina? You trusted Abhay with our biggest secret? What were you trying to do Alina?' Alina lifts her head from Abhay's shoulder).
Alina: You know Pia... How busy I was from morning... I prepared lunch for Abhay... When you love someone... how nice it feels to do things for them... It's just so beautiful... Okay, Is there such romantic moments between you and Jeh?
Piya: Jeh... Actually I want to leave... I want to go home... (Pia turns and walks from there. Jeh stops her)
Jeh: Pia... I will leave you home... Come!
Pia: No Jeh... I will go on my own... (Pia goes from there.Jeh walks towards Abhay)

Arnab comes to Misha's room with Mr Kashyap dressed as Doctor.  Kashyap asks to be left alone with the patient for some time. Madhu and Kabir leaves the room. Kashyap looks at the bite mark on Misha's neck and confirms that it is indeed a vampire bite. He tells Arnab that someone has already removed the poison from the bite and Misha is out of danger. Mr Kashyap assures Arnab that Misha will gain consciousness soon and then they would be able to find out about the real culprit.

At the Khurana House Alina, Abhay and Jeh are on the Hall.
Alina: Let's go Abhay!
Abhay: No Alina... I should also go home... Mom is not well and I know you will understand... I cannot leave Mom alone for so much time... (Jeh says in mind, 'What are you hiding Abhay?')
Alina: Be here some more time please!
Abhay: Alina...
Jeh: Let him go Alina... After all, Family comes first...right? Nothing is more important than family...right Alina?
Alina: Yeah! Abhay, You will meet me tomorrow? Please!
Abhay: yeah... sure!  (Abhay walks from there. He walks past Jeh and Jeh stops him by calling his name)
Jeh: Abhay! (Abhay and Jeh face each other) have you not forgotten something? (Jeh walks towards Abhay) I am talking to you. You are forgetting something. An important document of our family might be with you by mistake... Yeah? (Abhay takes the maps from his pocket and gives it to Jeh. Jeh says in mind, 'What did you think Abhay? It would be easy to know this secret?' Jeh smiles. Abhay goes from there and Jeh closes the door. Jeh looks at Alina in anger. Alina looks guilty. Jeh looks at the Map and finds nothing. Jeh shows the blank paper to Alina questioningly).

PreCap: Abhay is in the Car. He recalls the map from his memory and draws it on a piece of paper. He says in mind, 'Vampires have a photographic memory. I am two steps ahead of you'.

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