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25th October 2011 Written Update (Episode 294) Alina saves Abhay Raichand from Jeh Khurana

Episode 294 starts with Jeh entering Alina's room and closing the door. Alina in standing in the room with a book in her hand.
Jeh: what are you doing Alina?
Alina: Nothing!
Jeh: Are you alone here? Where is Abhay? (Jeh looks around)
Alina: You know that Abhay was with me for lunch and he is gone...
Jeh: Okay...So you want to play the game... Let's play! I know very well where you have kept Abhay hidden... Under the cot, isn't it?
Alina: What is wrong with you Brother? (Jeh goes near the cot and picks up Alina's mobile phone...)
Jeh: From now your phone would remain with me. So more chatting games...
Alina: What has happened to you? Give me my phone back (Alina takes back her phone from Jeh) You know Abhay needs to save his Mom in any condition. (Jeh forcefully takes the phone back from Alina)
Jeh: I do not have to learn from you how to behave with our enemies, get it? Stay here! (Jeh walks from there)
Alina: Brother! Brother I...
Jeh: I am locking from outside and going... (Jeh gets out of the room and closes the door)
Alina: Brother! (Alina goes near the door) Jeh please open the door! Jeh... Open the door please!

Pia comes near Hasina. Hasina is sitting on the ground looking tired.
Pia: Aunty... Aunty what happened? You are alright? (Hasina gets up)
Hasina: Pia... (Hasina touches the silver chain and withdraw her hand immediately)
Pia: Aunty...
Hasina: Pia, You go from here... Your being here is very dangerous... Pia just leave... just go!
Pia: No Aunty... I know your truth. (Blood tears flow from Hasina's eyes) I know who you are...I am here to help you...
Haseena: What? You know?
Pia: Yeah... I got my memory back. And I know who Abhay is and who you people are... I really want to help you out Auntie...
Hasina: You know that I am a Vampire? (Pia nods) You know everything and then also you accepted Abhay? I love Abhay Aunty... There is no conditions in love.
Hasina: Piya, Abhay is very very lucky... Our existence is cursed. We drink blood and stay alive... We can neither live nor die... And in all this... Abhay has gone against his people and made a new life with you. He found his real love in you. You are his true love Pia who even after knowing everything is not scared to be with him. Abhay is really very lucky.
Pia: I am also that much lucky Aunty. Not everyone gets a  love like Abhay. Auntie, Abhay is my life's biggest truth... and I am willing to accept him in any form. I really love him... and I know Aunty that you are not doing all this on your own... there is some power which is controlling you... and I have come here to free you from the control of that power. (Hasina becomes emotional) I want to help you... I need to free you Aunty...
Hasina: No Pia... This silver... it is a curse... We Vampires cannot touch it. And till I am bound with this silver chains I am helpless and weak. I cannot do anything!
Pia: But Aunty I can do! I am a human and I can touch these silver chains. I know that you can't get through this silver chains but I will get you out of here. (Pia unties a silver chain making some space for Hasina to get out. Hasina gets out and they both go from there)

Alina is in her room. She says in mind, 'Abhay, I will have to reach you at any condition. You do not know how angry Jeh and the other people are. They would not leave you. You are not my enemy. I agree that you are doing all this because you wish an end to this fight... just like me... I know Abahy where you are hiding. I cannot reach you through the painting because everyone is standing down. There is only one way... The secret door from the garden... But how do I get there?' Alina looks around and notices the window of the room.

At the Khurana House Hall, the Werewolves are searching for Abhay Raichand. Suddenly one werewolf stops and orders others to stop. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. Jeh asks him what happened and the werewolf replies that the smell is more in that area and Abhay is somewhere near.
Jeh: Here? There is no corridor or anything here... How can he be here?
Werewolf: No! He is here! (That werewolf and Jeh starts smelling the wall near the picture. They touch the painting. Jeh pushes one side of the painting. Abhay says, 'So the danger is here!' Jeh runs his hands through the opening in the wall. Abhay says, ' Today the decision would be made... Either you or me...' Jeh looks through the opening. He thinks, ' How many more secrets are hidden in this house about which I do not know anything?' Jeh forcefully pushes the painting. Alina comes near Abhay the same time and tells him, 'Abhay let's go!' Light from the hall suddenly falls on their face and they go from there. Jeh enters the room followed by the werewolves and look around).

Maithili is talking to Dipanita.
Maithili: Now I can use you. You can help free Hasina. But you are my enemy...one foul smelling animal... But you can be of help in finishing our people...because a wolf only can finish a dead human. I will use your powers.
Dipanita: As you wish!
Maithili: You are free! (Maithili goes near Dipanita and unties the ropes on her hands) We have to do a lot of work. Come with me! (Maithili and Dipanita walks from there)

Pia and Hasina are walking through the Forest. Hasina is tired. She stops and leans on a tree. Pia goes near her.
Pia: Aunty, keep courage! Aunty, I know that you are very weak... But you have to be brave...It's going to be okay...
Hasina: No Pia... Nothing is going to be okay... I have done bad with everyone. I told lie to Abhay... I let him down and then also he is playing with his life and trying to save me. Pia, I have broken the law of the Vampires. I have become a monster Pia...
Pia: No Aunty... Auntie you are not bad. It is just that you are not in your control but Aunty what happened?
Hasina: Pia, I really don't know... but there is some strength... power which is controlling me... And this power has made me in such a manner that I just can't get out of it... I can't control myself. And there is a strange thirst inside me... the thirst of human blood which is making me a monster. It's just driving me crazy and making me a monster Pia... And Abhay even after all this is trying to save me... (Pia thinks, 'Abhay... without thinking of yourself saving your own peoples life... You really love me Abhay! You know to love...') Pia, You don't know but I am your culprit too. I attacked your sister Misha. But trust me Pia... that time I was not myself... You have to believe me...
Pia: I know Aunty...
Hasina: And then also you helped me?
Pia: Aunty, Abhay has always stood by me. He was always with me against you all. He loved me... He taught me to love... Aunty, don't think of me separate from you... I am also your own... I know that was not you... It was someone who was controlling you...(Hasina nods) But Aunty... We will get you out of this. I am with you... Abhay is with you... We will help you...You will come out of this...  (Hasina touches on Pia's cheek fondly)
Hasina: Pia, Abhay is really very lucky to have you... He is very lucky that he got your love... (Pia smiles)
Pia: We need to go! (Hasina nods and they both walk from there)

At the Khurana House Jeh and the Werewolves are in the secret room.
Werewolf: Where is he gone?
Jeh: He was here... this place...seconds ago!
Werewolf: If he was here where has he gone... Nothing is ahead...
Jeh: One minute! (Jeh runs from there to Alina's room. The werewolves also gets outside. Jeh pushes the door open and shouts for Alina. He gets inside the room and looks around. He sees taht Alina has managed to escape through the window. He says in mind, 'Alina, You cheated on us again... Despite being our clan leader you once again saved our enemy. Why Alina? I trusted you so much and you broke my trust again'. Jeh is angry.

Abhay and Alina comes out of the secret passage holding hands. They look back and again run fun there. Abhay and Alina reaches near the well.
Abhay: Thank you so much Alina! Thank you so much for getting me out of there...
Alina: Abhay, I love you so much. For you I am willing to fight with not only Jeh but the whole world.
Abhay: Alina, I cannot lie to you any more...I need to confess and you deserve... Alina, I love Pia...I played the drama of love with you... I had got orders to stay near you and get that magical potion. Every one knew that the way to reach that magical potion is only you. So I played the drama of love with you. Please forgive me Alina... I caused pain to your heart...I am sorry! (Alina smiles)
Alina: You did not cause me pain Abhay! When I loved you Abhay... I kept no condition that you also love me that much. No, I didn't! Abhay, You remember... that you helped me first... Nobody stood by me... It was only you... You always helped me against my family... You gave me confidence... and so much happiness. For me there is no one more important than you...The happiness you have given me...that is enough for me...(Alina smiles)
Abhay: Alina, You are very nice!
Alina: Yeah, If you would have met me before Pia may be you would have loved me... But that can't happen... But anyways... I am happy... I am happy that you need my help... Like a good friend... I am with you...I love you so much Abhay! (Abhay looks guilty) Come... We have to reach to that potion... Let's go! (They go from there)

Maithili and Dipanita reaches the place where Hasina was kept captive and finds the place empty. They look at each other.
Maithili: Where is Hasina? Tell me where is Hasina...
Dipanita: She is not here?
Maithili: I will not let them finish Hasina...
Dipanita: Kill her? Who wishes to kill her?
Maithili: We have to find Hasina... now! Come with me...  (They go from there)

The hooded Vampires are coming through the Forest.
Voice: We have to take this step without Abhay. When his mother is finished the Raichand family would become weak. And we will stop considering Abhay as our leader. He is not worthy of being our leader. He is more concerned about his family and love. He is weak... (The Vampires reach the place Hasina was kept captive) Some one has freed Hasina Raichand... but whom? None of us can touch these silver ropes. But if the person who saved her is not a Vampire... then whom? Who is that? Who is that who has freed that dangerous man eater from here? She can be anywhere... She can attack anyone... Has Abhay got her out of here? No... It is some human... the smell is still here...
Another Voice: Human! Then it is a pity.  Then that human's life also should be ended along with Hasina. Thant human is also a danger for us and should be killed. (Episode ends)

Hasina: You don't get it... Don't you? You will never find who this people are and what they are...
Pia: Aunty... (Haseena walks to Dipanita. They look at each other. Hasina transforms into her Vampire avatar with fangs and blue eyes. Dipanita also gives her a killing look).

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