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21st October 2011 Written Update (Episode 292) Maithili returns as Tanushree to put an end to Abhay and Pia love Story

Abhay is sitting in the Car. He says in mind, ‘Mom, I have got the stone with the help of which I will be able to see the way ahead. Now I just have to wait for the twilight. Before the moon vanishes this stone will show me the way ahead’. Abhay turns his face sideways. He sees Pia sitting on the front passenger seat smiling at him.
Pia: Why are you looking at me like that Abhay?
Abhay: Pia… You are here? Are you really here? (Pia smiles)
Pia: Of course I am here Abhay… Touch and see! (Abhay cups her face with his hands)
Abhay: Pia… You love me…right?
Pia: I love you very much Abhay… I have forgotten the whole world in your love. The whole world is one side… and our love is one side… Just you get this potion and your Mom becomes alright… then we would never turn back and look. We will always stay together… no one can separate us Abhay… (Abhay cups her face again)
Abhay: Pia, I was only waiting for this moment… (Pia vanishes. Abhay realizes that she was his imagination. He says, ‘Focus Abhay… focus! Come out of your dream world. Concentrate on your goal! Focus!’)

At the Dobriyal House, Arnab and Mr Kashyap are talking.
Kashyap: So Misha did not see who attacked her… But that boy has seen… Abhay… (Arnab and Kashyap sit on the chairs in the Hall)
Arnab: No Mr Kashyap… he can’t be trusted… because if Abhay knew what happened there… why did he say a lie? Why did he say that it is a snake bite when it was not like that? He is involved in this… it is sure… But in what way… it is necessary to find out.
Kashyap: Mr Dobriyal, Misha knows that Abhay saved her life and you also should be grateful to him. (Arnab nods) Thank God! Abhay saved her… and it is possible that he only removed the entire poison from Misha’s body. If Abhay is not a Vampire then he definitely has seen that Vampire. What is Abhay’s truth I do not know. But I know this much that Abhay is that link who can help us reach that Vampire (Arnab nods). Arnab: But Misha told that she was attacked by a lady. Who is this lady? Why is Abhay lying? What is the connection?

Dipanita is tied in between two pillars using ropes. A lady Vampire wearing hooded gown is standing in front of a well opposite Dipanita and doing some ritual. The Vampire finishes her ritual and goes and lights the lanterns on the pillars. She then removes the hood from her head and it is Tanushree. T turns to face Dipanita who is trying to remove the rope from her hand.
Dipanita: Who are you? (Dipanita raises her voice) Who are you?
T: It’s a long story… an age old story…

At the Raichand’s House, Chand makes a call to Abhay. Abhay who is driving the Car picks up the call.
Chand: Abhay, Where have you reached? Abhay: Why? What happened? Mom is alright?
Chand: Just get home now… I cannot tell you over phone…
Abhay: Okay… (Abhay is driving the Car. He thinks, ‘Now what happened? Dad was never tensed up like this… How will we save Mom?’

At the Khurana House, Jeh is standing in the Hall facing the window. Alina is coming down the stairs to the Hall. Jeh thinks, ‘Mom, You were telling right! Alina cheated on us. Our family has scattered. You should have come back. If the Police search for you let them. But this time I need your help Mom. Protecting the secret is most important than anything. You will have to leave that Vampire. Whoever it is… this time it is not as important as saving the potion from Abhay’. Alina comes and stands behind Jeh…
Alina: Brother, listen to me…
Jeh: Alina… Go away from here… I do not want to talk to you… Leave!
Alina: But I… (Jeh raises his voice)
Jeh: I said leave… (Alina goes from there. Jeh calls Dipanita on her cell phone. The mobile rings but no one picks it up. Jeh tries again but gets no response. Jeh calls someone and tells that he needs their help. Jeh tells that Dipanita is not there and now the Vampires are in possession of the map. Jeh orders the person on the other end that he needs to see everyone immediately and cuts the call).

At the Raichand House, Abhay and Chand are talking. Chand is sitting on a chair near the fire place and Abhay is standing behind.
Abhay: Without asking me how can they take such a big decision? How Dad?
Chand: They gave you a lot of chances… and they knew that you take decisions sentimentally like humans. (Abhay is angry). You let your entire clan for the sake of Pia. And look where you are… You are standing by Hasina against the entire clan… I want you to realize Abhay with success come freedom… and with freedom come responsibility… You tell me… If a Vampire becomes sentimental like a human would you be able to tolerate?
Abhay: I know the laws change with time… and we have to change too! But I do not wish to argue about it now. (Abhay goes and sits on the chair near Chand) You know what Dad? We are running out of time… We will have to save Mom at any condition. But if you want to give it the name of human weakness… so be it! I alone am sufficient for those Vampires… (Chand laughs)
Chand: Just what I wanted to hear… I am proud of you Abhay… Now tell me… what is the plan? (Abhay places the map he drew on the table)
Abhay: This is that map with the help of which we can reach that potion. As soon as we get the remaining portion of this map we will be able to save Mom… After that no one would be able to reach Mom… neither our own people nor the werewolves… or any power… (Chand looks at the Map)
Chand: Are you sure this is the right map?
Abhay: Yes Dad! This map is divided into many pieces. We have two of it which I drew from my memory. Because the first piece of this map is with the Khuranas… and that is a magical one the secret of which only Alina knows. There are many pieces of this map. After finding all the pieces and joining it all a full map will form. And when the full map is formed with the help of this stone and whole map we will be able to reach that magical potion. And the key to reach that magical potion is with only Alina. She will help us reach there. (Chand lifts the stone and looks at it)

Pia enters Misha’s room.
Pia: Misha… (Pia runs and hugs Misha by sitting on her cot)
Misha: I got so many hugs that I feel like I should go to coma again.
Pia: You scared us all…
Misha: Oh Piya… Please don’t start. Now the Doctor has checked and gone. (Misha points to the bite marks on the neck) Only these marks are remaining… everything else is okay… (Pia looks at the mark) You understand the words coming out of my mouth? (Pia thinks, ‘I need to find out whether the poison inside Misha is fully gone or not. But if a Vampire has bitten her then…? No! I am sure nothing would happen to her. But I will have to find out who it is Abhay hiding from me… for whom he even lied to me…’ Misha looks at Pia) Hello! What happened? Have I developed horns on my head? Stop staring man! It’s me! And I am alright…
Pia: I wasn’t staring… I was thinking something…
Misha: About Abhay?
Piya: yeah!
Misha: Well Pia… when you meet him say thanks to him. I mean… seriously man… Abhay saved my life! If he would not have been there… I mean he reached there so fast and he saved me from that woman. Pia, If he would not have been there I would not have been alive. What all have I not talked of him and he was innocent.
Pia: You know what Misha… you are right… that’s enough!
Mish: Oh! So many Dialogues… Stop it now! What is the use of saying it again and again? Just be normal! Pia: Okay Psycho!
Misha: Okay Dumbo!
Pia and Misha together: Whatever! (They laugh. Misha takes a book and starts reading. Pia says in mind, ‘Abhay, What is the truth? If you do not want to tell then don’t tell. I will ask someone else. Like you they won’t lie to me for my safety. I will ask the person who knows the importance of the family’).

Dipanita: You have taken me under your control? How? Who are you? Tanushree: I am seeking revenge for 200 years… (Flashback: Mythili and Abhayendra love story. Abhayendra in imprisoned and Mythili saves him only to be set to fire by her father. Abhay tries to save her but Mythili dies in the fire).
Tanushree: But this story of love did not end there. I never stopped loving Abhayendra. For him I gave up my human life and became a dead human. And when I reached here to meet my love … my love had gone far away from me. Pia… Pia seized him from me. I had imprisoned Abhayendra in ice grave and only his real love could have got him out of there. But I made a promise to him…that I will return in every age and every form... to end the love story of him and Pia... And I will not let Pia's love story to succeed. Never! Never...

Chand comes down the stairs to the Hall. He says, 'Abhay is not at home'. Pia is standing in the Hall.
Pia: Uncle... I have come not to meet Abhay... but Hasina Aunty... (Chand thinks, 'Why has she come to meet Hasina? What does she know?')
Chand: How is your sister?
Piya: She is alright Uncle... She regained consciousness.
Chand: She told you anything? Who attacked her?
Pia: No Uncle... Actually I had some work with Hasina Aunty...
Chand: She is not in town now... She is out of town...
Pia: Okay Uncle... When she comes back ask her to phone me... Something important! (Pia walks from there. She thinks, 'Like Abhay Uncle also would not tell me the truth.. He also will only lie to protect his people... This time only Haseena Aunty can help me').

Chand is sitting on a chair and talking to Abhay on phone.
Chand: Abhay, Where have you reached?.... Okay! I feel Alina can help us. Pia had come here. She was asking a lot of Questions. I am going to Hasina (Pia is hiding outside the window and listening to the conversation) This is dangerous! You take care! I have to warn Hasina and I should be careful too! (Chand walks out of the House. Pia hides. She thinks, 'Haseena Aunty is here? What danger is he talking about?') Episode ends.

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